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Historical Society Incorporated

January—February 2011
Newsletter No. 49

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

St Ninians Update Auckland Regional Gathering 2011

As at the time of preparing this newsletter (January The Federation has approved that AWHS host the
11), St Ninians is still fenced off. Last I heard before Regional Gathering. At the moment, I’ve set 28
Christmas, the painting had fairly well been com- August as the date, to coincide with a Wurlitzer con-
pleted, but contractors were still working on landscap- cert that afternoon. The gathering would be held at St
ing at the front and rear of the building, to do with the Ninians (hopefully!). I’ve made enquiries already re-
lead contamination problems. garding the concert with the Wurlitzer Trust, and I’m
looking into catering options with the view to possible
Our first meeting this year is scheduled for 5 February. sponsorship. More details as they come to hand.
If St Ninians still isn’t available (but I hope it will be),
we’ll meet at Memorial Park if fine. News about members

Avondale Primary Swimming Pool Ida Kiss, a member of AWHS since January 2003,
died on 24 December 2010. She regularly attended our
The Principal, Greg Chalmers, has asked for a renewed meetings up until her final illness last year, and
letter of support from our Society. At our December 11 donated $200 towards the Rosebank Horticultural
meeting, it was moved by myself, seconded by Marga- Study (in progress). Ida will be missed by both AWHS
ret O’Connor, that the letter be prepared. members and the wider Avondale community.

Rosebank Trees AWHS member Bill Shears and his wife Royce cele-
brated their 60th wedding anniversary on 25 Novem-
ber 2010. Congratulations!
Well, the developer of the business site at 317-321
Rosebank Road (the old Connell place) has appealed Our Trading Table coordinator and AWHS member
the Commissioner’s decision not to approve his Dawn Moffatt was in hospital during Christmas.
application to take the tree down, so everything is back Thankfully, at the time of writing, she is back home,
to hearings and submissions. On behalf of the Society, and recovering. All the best to you, Dawn — get well
I attended the commissioners hearing late last year. soon!
NZ Federation of Historical Societies
Community Post
Tauranga Conference 2011
We received 1000 envelopes late last year, which will
My thanks to the Society for assistance towards travel,
save our Society $670 in postage and envelope costs.
accommodation and registration for the Annual
Our thanks, once again, to NZ Post for their continued
Conference at Tauranga in April this year. The Society
support and generosity.
also appointed me as the AWHS delegate.

The Conference runs from Friday 8th April to Sunday Next meeting:
10th April, held at the Historic Village, 17th Avenue Saturday 5 February 2011, 2.30 pm
West, Tauranga. If anyone is interested in coming
along (the Conference is open to all), let me know and
St Ninians Church
I’ll send you a copy of the registration and programme (hopefully!)
information. St Georges Road,
opposite Hollywood Cinema