HOMAGE TO JFK and Cicero [their words, my plagiarism] John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy [May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963

] and [Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 B.C.], Roberta Kelly 01.10.11 WITH YOUR HELP, our human species can be free and independent: Government at all levels must meet its obligations to provide the fullest possible information, outside the narrowest limits of national security. News, recorders of the human being’s deeds are keepers of conscience, couriers of information, media food and we look for strength and assistance, confident that, a nation cannot survive treason from within. Secret thoughts-words-deeds are repugnant and even fools or the ambitious can be tolerated in a free and open society but, a nation cannot survive a plague, the traitor from within. Inherently, historically, secret oaths, proceedings are vehemently opposed in-by, WE THE PEOPLE and therefore, very grave is our immediate danger, government announces a need for increased security, when at the gate an enemy is less formidable than, Supreme Being Cultists as secret societies worshiping and idolizing first, trader hidden market hands, protected, monolithic ruthless walls are conspiracy traitorous digits moving, exchanging sly whispering and rustling, spreading, secret-overt opposition around the world. Amongst-within the gates twenty-four hours a day and three-hundred and sixty-five days a year, [24-7/365], relying primarily upon covert means the trader appears not a traitor, arguing their arguments its means, to the very limits of official censorship and concealment appealing to the, baseness deep, within the hearts of all, it lies, but I do not permit it, to the extent that it is in my control, the traitor rots the soul of a nation, infiltration instead of invasion, influential spheres expanding, their victims also anxious to expand, traders’ cease, speaking in traitorously familiar accents, wearing their faces and also working secretly, THE BODY POLITIC INFECTED. Unknown subversion instead foundations, intimidation, resist guerillas by night, fear — Its banners, flags, of election, undermining the cities pillar not genuinely free choices, it can no longer instead armies by day and a murderer is less to carried openly it is a conscripted system with,

vast human and material resources, a tightly knit built highly efficient machine combining military, diplomatic intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations; and, nuclear stockpiles unrevealed, weaponry preparations are all concealed not public, and its mistakes are buried not headlined. NO: expenditure questioned, rumor printed, secret revealed [JFK assassination]. Dissenters are silenced and not praised.
http://www.youtube.cf/watch?v=SOjChleVHI8 http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quote/marcus_tullius_cicero_quote_b6ea

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