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Intermediate level

For students at intermediate level

All the books suitable for your level are marked with a pink sticker

To improve your grammar, look for Conversation 1 Lower Intermediate

An A-Z of English Grammar and Usage
Talking in Pairs Intermediate
English Basics 1
Write It
English Basics 2
Express Yourself
English Basics 3
Practise Writing
English Grammar in Use
Making Polite Noises
English Grammar in Use Supplementary
Just listening and speaking
Grammar and Practice
Better English Pronunciation
Grammar and Vocabulary
How English Works
English Pronunciation in Use
Intermediate Language Practice
Listen Here Intermediate listening activities
Test it, fix it 2
New Headway Pronunciation Course
Test your Grammar and Usage
To improve your vocabulary, look for Ship or Sheep?

Boost your vocabulary 3 For business and professional

Build your Vocabulary 2 students, look for
Build your Vocabulary 3
English Idioms Organiser Business Idioms International
English Vocabulary in Use Pre-Intermediate and Business Language Practice
Intermediate Business Listening and Speaking
English Vocabulary Organiser Business Listening Tasks
Improve your Wordpower Business Opportunities
Intermediate Vocabulary Business Reports in English
Key Words for Fluency Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate
More than words Book 1 Business Words
Phrasal Verb Organiser Cambridge Business English Activities
Red Herrings Check your vocabulary for Business
Target Vocabulary Decisionmaker
Test your English Vocabulary in Use Effective Presentations
Test your Vocabulary 2 Effective Socialising
Test your Vocabulary 3 Effective Telephoning
Vocabulary in Practice 4 Executive Listening
Word for Word Goldman Sachs: the culture of success
In at the Deep End
To improve your reading, writing, In Print
speaking and listening, look for International Express Intermediate
Presenting in English
Widely Read Skills for Business English Level 2
Just reading and writing Speaking Effectively
Take it as read Test your Business English Intermediate
Creative Writing Skills Test your Business English: General Usage
Effective Writing The Language of Meetings
Intermediate level

For students at intermediate level

All the books suitable for your level are marked with a pink sticker

Writing for Business IELTS Tutor

Instant IELTS
Management Gurus Prepare for IELTS ≠ Academic Module
Management and Marketing Prepare for IELTS ≠ General Training Module
Test your Business English: Marketing 202 Useful Exercises for IELTS

Test your Business English: Finance And on the computers you will find:
Test your Business English: Accounting
Check your vocabulary for banking and Network English 2 Intermediate
finance Tense Buster Intermediate
English for Banking Mind Games Intermediate

Test your business English: Secretarial


Check your vocabulary for medicine

English in Medicine

English for International Tourism

Test your hotel and catering English

Vocabulary for Law

Oxford English for Computing

Check your vocabulary for computing
Technical Contacts
Oxford English for Electrical & Mechanical

For the IELTS exam, look for

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS academic
101 Helpful Hints for IELTS general
A book for IELTS
Academic Writing Practice for IELTS
Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS
Check your Vocabulary for IELTS
How to Prepare for IELTS
IELTS Strategies for Study
IELTS Testbuilder

And for reading for pleasure, look at the readers with a pink sticker. Some of the books
(marked: Cassette available) have an accompanying cassette so you can listen while you
are reading.