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An Excerpt from: The False Prophet Azazel by John of the Gentiles

Chapter 7. The False Prophet Azazel

In Revelations 13:11, the beast with the “horns like a lamb” (the horned god) which
speaks “like a dragon” is the False Prophet. According to The Apocalypse of Abraham 29:3-7,
at the time when the President with the mortal wound that was healed begins to be worshipped,
the angel Azazel will be loosed from his prison within the earth, along with his cherub, by a great
earthquake (Azazel makes everyone worship him under penalty of death. See Revelations 13:12-
15 and Revelations 13:8 concerning this subject). This is why the False Prophet is said to speak
like a dragon. A dragon represents a cherub. An earthquake will in the future free Azazel‟s
cherub from its rocky prison within the earth. The great earthquake mentioned in Revelations
16:18 is the earthquake which releases Azazel‟s cherub from the igneous rock in which it is
encased. Azazel/Behemoth is also “the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit” as mentioned
in Revelations 11:7, being freed from the abyss of Tartarus by this great earthquake.
Azazel will be released along with three other angelic comrades (See Revelations 9:14-
15). The three other angels may be Jeqon, Asbeel and Semiazaz. These four angels seem to be
the four fallen angels identified by Cornelius Agrippa (1486 - 1535 A.D.)(Cornelius Agrippa,
Occult Philosophy), among whom is the angel Azael („Azael‟ is a contraction of Azazel). At
least one woman accompanies Azazel and his three angelic cohorts, the “night hag”
(etymologically originating from Ninharsag, a Sumerian title of the human wife of the angel
Azazel. She was known by the Hebrews as the night-hag Lilith) mentioned in Isaiah 34:14. This
woman is Astarte (Asherah/Inanna/Isis), the angel Azazel‟s human wife (as we may ascertain
from The Descent of Inanna, she is said to have “dark locks of hair,” while The Courtship of
Inanna and Dumuzi describes her vulva as being a “black boat.” In effect, we know she has
dark, most likely black, hair). It is possible there may be more individuals with them, such as the
human wives of the three other angels; these five individuals, though, have received special
mention. The following scripture from the book of Revelations describes their future release:

Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar
before God, saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are
bound (beneath the earth) at the great river Euphrates.” So the four angels were released…
Revelations 9:13-14,15

By the Numbers

Then the sixth (6) angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice from the four (4) horns of the
golden altar before God, (14) saying to the sixth (6) angel who had the trumpet, “Release the
four (4) angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates. (15) So the four (4) angels were
released, who were held ready for the hour, the day, the month, and the year, to kill a third of
mankind. Revelations 9:13-15 (as related in this scripture, a full 1/3 of surviving humankind will be killed in the weeks
following the release of Azazel and his angels. The angel Azazel is the Genesis serpent. The word „azi,‟ the root of the word
Azazel, is the Iranian Avestan word for „serpent.‟ In Iranian folklore, the Azi Dahaka, whose name roughly translates as
„manlike serpent,‟ is a reference to the incarnate angel/Genesis serpent Azazel. Azi Dahaka/Azazel was also known as „Dahag,‟
a cognate of „Dahaka.‟ According to Persian prophecy, at the time of the end of the world the imprisoned Dahag/Azazel will
finally burst his bonds and devastate the world, consuming one in three (a full 1/3) of all humans and livestock! The Persian
legend of Dahag/Azi Dahaka is a variant prophesy of the angel Azazel‟s future release)
The blowing of the Sixth Trumpet heralds the angel Azazel‟s release from the earth.
When we multiply out this scripture, we find it takes place in the year 2016 A.D.:
6X4X14X6=2016. Continuing, we find 4X15X4=240. When we subtract 240 from 2016, we
get 1776, the year of the birth of the United States of America. In 2016 A.D, Azazel is released
from his prison within the earth and joins forces with an American President who is possessed by
Satan. Once again this dynamic duo will deal in deception. The command to release Azazel is
given in Revelations 9:13-15. The action which releases him is described in Revelations 8:1-5.
Azazel‟s release is a much anticipated event amongst those humans who are currently in contact
with him.

Many pagan holy-days were Christianized by the Roman Catholic Church to ease the
process of the conversion of pagans to Christianity. These were later secularized as a response to
the American restrictions concerning the separation of church and state. Some of these were
pagan festivals which centered around the predicted future release of Azazel and his angelic
cohorts. This is very true of Lughnasad (August 1), a festival celebrated in the Southern
Hemisphere whose Northern Hemisphere opposite is Imbolc (February 2; Imbolc translates from
the Old Irish as “in the belly,” as in the belly of Mother Earth, where Azazel and his cohorts are
imprisoned), the Christianized version being Lammas Day (August 1 on the Julian Calendar,
which is July 19 on the Gregorian Calendar). The Lughnasad festival celebrates Azazel‟s release
from his earthen imprisonment. There‟s even a Scottish Gaelic proverb about Azazel‟s release at
Imbolc: “The serpent (Azazel) will come from the hole (will be released from his earthen
imprisonment) on the brown Day of Bride” (Bride being the Celtic goddess Brigid, the name by
which the Celts worshipped Azazel‟s human wife). How irresistibly quaint.
The secularized version of Imbolc is Groundhog Day (February 2). Groundhog Day
features an underground-dwelling creature whose emergence from his lair within the earth is also
awaited with much anticipation, a beast esoterically representing the angel Azazel. In 1899
A.D., members of a Masonic lodge called the Slumbering Groundhog Lodge of Quarryville,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, composed a song about Groundhog Day, betraying the true
hidden reason for its observance, with lyrics including: “We hail the King of Prophets…Today
the Groundhog comes! Glory! Glory! To the Groundhog…Today the Prophet comes.” And with
a weather predicting accuracy rate of 37%, the Groundhog, too, like the False Prophet Azazel, is
most certainly a false prophet. One could better predict the weather by flipping a coin! Why
then, the celebration of Groundhog Day? It is in anticipation of the future release of the angel
Azazel. Because of the American restrictions concerning the separation of church and state,
some Christianized pagan holy-days (from whence comes our word, holidays) were secularized.
High-level magic-practicing Freemasonry is in essence a secularized version of an ancient
mystery religious organization. Honorary members of the Slumbering Groundhog Lodge
included British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Harry S. Truman. An
article in the January 31, 1955 A.D. edition of Sports Illustrated Magazine by John O‟Reilly
describes the adherence of Groundhog Day by Freemasons of the Slumbering Groundhog Lodge
as being part of a “mystic rite” which is another way of saying a magic ritual.

The Deluge occurring as it did in 4340 B.C., it is likely that the Egyptian calendar based
upon the heliacal rising of the star Sirius first came into use in 4243 B.C. The heliacal rising of
Sirius (Sabt is the Egyptian name for the star Sirius) in Egypt occurred on July 19th in 4243 B.C.
The beginning of the Egyptian year (1/1) was in 4243 B.C. pegged to (and prophesied) the future
date of Azazel‟s release on July 19th of 2016. In Egypt, Azazel‟s human wife, represented by
Isis, was a goddess linked to the Dog Star, Sirius, the brightest star in the nighttime sky.
According to the Isis Aretalogy from Cyme, Isis was “she that riseth in the Dog Star,” which is to
say, Azazel‟s human wife, known as Isis by the Egyptians, was to resurface at the time of the
heliacal rising of the star Sirius, also known as the Dog Star. In fact, the Festival of Sirius
honoring Azazel‟s human wife was linked to the date of the heliacal rising of Sirius for this very
reason. Related to this was the Festival of Sokar (Seker). The Egyptian god Sokar (-kar means
„hunter‟), also spelled Seker, was one of a mariad of names by which the angel Azazel was
known. His festival coincided with the beginning of the Season of the Inundation, called Akhet,
the season beginning the Egyptian New Year commencing on the date of the heliacal rising of
Sirius (July 19). This season marked the season of the rising of the Nile flood waters and
consisted of four 30-day months, the first month (beginning on 1/1 (Thoth 1) on the Egyptian
calendar) named Thoth after the god of the same name, this date corresponding to our current
July 19th, and began on the day of the heliacal rising of Sirius (a single year between heliacal
risings of Sirius constitutes a Sothic year. According to Chapter LXI of On Isis and Osiris from
Plutarch‟s Morals, the god the Greeks called Apollo (a god who represented Azazel‟s cherub
Behemoth) was also known as Osiris, Serapis and Sothi in the language of the Egyptians. From
the word „Sothi‟ comes the word „Sothic.‟ The word „Sirius‟ is a cognate of „Osiris). „Thoth‟
was yet another name for the angel Azazel, and the month was so named because it was at the
beginning of this month and on this date of Thoth 1 on the Egyptian calendar that Azazel in the
future was expected to later be released.

The Word and Revelation of Esdras prophesies Azazel‟s future release:

“And God said: First I will make an earthquake (this is the earthquake by which Azazel is
released) for the fall of four-footed beasts and of men; and when you see that brother gives up
brother to death, and that children shall rise up against their parents, and that a woman forsakes
her own husband, and when nation shall rise up against nation in war, then will you know that
the end is near. For then neither brother pities brother, nor man wife, nor children parents, nor
friend‟s friends, nor a slave his master; for he (Azazel) who is the adversary of men shall come
up from Tartarus (from his prison within the earth), and shall show men many things.” - Word and
Revelation of Esdras 18,19

The following scripture also speaks of Azazel‟s release:

“…Behemoth (Azazel‟s cherub) will be revealed (released) from his place (from his prison
within the earth), and Leviathan (Satan‟s cherub) will ascend from the sea, those two great
monsters (cherubim) which I (God) created on the fifth day of creation…” The Apocalypse of Baruch

Satan and his angels who at this time reside in the sea and Azazel and the angels who
accompanied him to the Earth who are at this time imprisoned within the earth are the “eternal
sinners” mentioned in The Testament of Kohath, which speaks of: „…the eternal sinners…in the
depths of the sea and in all the hollows of the earth…‟ (See The Testament of Kohath (4Q542)).
The story of Azazel‟s entrapment within the earth spawned the Hollow Earth Theory.
The people of the world will marvel when they see Azazel in his cherub upon his release:

“The beast (Azazel) that you saw was, and is not, and is to ascend from the bottomless pit
(Azazel is released from his rocky prison within the earth) and goes to perdition (this act is
related in Revelations 19:20-21); and the dwellers on earth whose names have not been written
in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will marvel to behold the beast (Azazel),
because it was and is not and is to come (Azazel comes when he is released from his rocky
prison within the earth on July 18/19, 2016 as related in Revelations 6:7-8).” - Revelations 17:8

The angel Azazel is the False Prophet, the “beast which rose out of the earth” as related
in Revelations 13:11, rising out of the earth upon his release from an earthen imprisonment.
Azazel upon his release will be hailed as the long-awaited Jewish Messiah himself:

“…I know that you have not the love of God in you. I (Jesus) have come in my Father‟s name
(in God‟s name), and you do not receive me; if another (a reference to the angel Azazel) comes
in his own name, him you will receive (as the promised Messiah).” - John 5:42-43

The Didache, also known as The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, contains this related

“…when lawlessness increases, they shall hate and persecute and betray one another, and then
shall appear the world-deceiver (the False Prophet Azazel) as Son of God (as the Messiah), and
shall do signs and wonders (such as making fire come down from heaven. See Revelations
13:13), and the earth shall be delivered into his hands…” - The Didache

Azazel will emerge to rule once more. Isaiah 45:8 is an esoteric reference to the future
release of the False Messiah Azazel‟s release from his earthen prison:

“Let the earth open and bring forth the Saviour." Isaiah 45:8 (See also Part IV of the Rosicrucian work entitled
The Waterstone of the Wise which makes reference to this scripture, no doubt in reference to Azazel‟s anticipated release)

Azazel is in this regard known as the Ophis-Christos, the so-called serpent Christ of the
Gnostics. The word „Ophis‟ means „serpent.‟

Azazel upon his release will be thought to be the promised coming Messiah/Christ. But
Azazel is a false Christ, a False Prophet. Two facts we must remember are (1) Jesus was rejected
by the majority of the Jews who still fruitlessly await their Messiah‟s appearance to this day (this
is the very definition of “antichrist” as defined in 1John 2:22, 1John 4:3 and 2John 1:7) and (2)
Christians still await their Messiah‟s Second Coming. When Azazel makes his appearance, he
will be accepted as Christ come in the flesh by both Jews and Christians alike.

In the hymn “To Adonis,” the incarnate Adonis/Azazel is physically described as being
of “beauteous form” with “tender hair.” We learn from the Greek lyric poet Pindar in his 6 th and
7th Olympian Odes as well as from his 2nd Pythian Ode that Azazel has blond hair (in the Odes,
Apollo (Behemoth, and by extension, Azazel) is described as being a “golden-haired god.” For
this reason Azazel is also represented as the blond-haired serpent god Glycon. Azazel‟s symbol
is the serpent, and his incarnated body has blonde hair). When the handsome blonde-haired
angel Azazel (in reference to this fact, an extremely handsome man is at times referred to as an
“adonis” as an examination of its definition so attests) arises from his earthy prison one must not
mistake him to be Jesus who is said in Isaiah 53:2 to have “no form or comeliness that we should
look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him,” Jesus being physically, one might say,
ugly according to today‟s societal norms. When Azazel reappears in 2016 A.D. he will proffer
himself as the promised Messiah, though he is but a False Prophet and categorically the spirit of
antichrist spoken of in 1John 4:3, who denieth that Jesus Christ the Messiah had already come in
the flesh.

Theosophy and the World Teacher (World-Deceiver)

Some, such as the Theosophists, portray Azazel as being the Ascended Master, the World
Teacher, „Maitreya.‟ The Theosophical Society’s concept of the Maitreya is modeled upon the
Buddhist Matreya. Known as „Lord Maitreya‟ (the words „Baal‟ and „Adonis,‟ both titles of
ancient gods who represent the angel Azazel, means „lord‟), he is also referred to as the „Cosmic
Christ,‟ upon his return reigning as the spiritual leader of the Earth, returning, as it were, in the
words of the Theosophical Society President and occult writer Alice A. Bailey, from "the place
on Earth where He has been for many generations." In her book Initiation, Human and Solar
(1922 A.D.), Ms. Bailey expounds: “Group two (the devas/devils) has the World Teacher (who is
the false prophet Azazel) for its presiding Head. He is that Great Being Whom the Christian calls
the Christ; He is known also in the Orient as the Bodhisattva, and as the Lord Maitreya, and is
the One looked for by the devout Mohammedan, under the name of the Iman Madhi. He it is
Who has presided over the destinies of life…and He it is Who has come out among men before,
and Who is again looked for. He is the great Lord of Love and of Compassion, just as his
predecessor, the Buddha, was the Lord of Wisdom…He is the World Teacher, the Master of the
Masters, and the Instructor of the Angels, and to Him is committed the guidance of the spiritual
destinies of men.” Per Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation), Maitreya‟s Mission
(1993 A.D.) Volume Two (p.186): “Maitreya says: „The last time I came, as Jesus, it was written
in The Bible that when I appeared again the very elements of nature would be disturbed.‟"
(Author‟s Note: The name „Maitreya‟ is a cognate of the word „Mitra.‟ In fact, Azazel‟s cherub
Behemoth was the Mitra of the Indian Rigveda. It is also the Zoroastrian Mithra, the Roman
Mithras and the Persian Mehr/Mihr). According to a Dec 12, 2008 Share International
Foundation press release appearing in Rupert Murdoch‟s Marketwatch: “Awaited by all faiths
under different names, Maitreya is the Christ to Christians, the Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Krishna
to Hindus, the Messiah to Jews, and Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists.” According to the Share
International website, Maitreya “has been expected for generations by all the major
religions…Although the names differ, many believe that they all refer to the same individual: the
World Teacher, whose personal name is Maitreya.” It must be noted as Crème relates, Maitreya
is already here, now, upon this Earth! It must also be mentioned the Asala Festival associated
with the Great White Brotherhood and which is per Theosophical Society author C.W.
Leadbeater in The Masters And The Path (1925 A.D.) said to be “held in the private house of the
Lord Maitreya…is held on the full moon day of the month of Asala, (in Sanskrit Asâdha),
usually corresponding to the English July,” the date of the full moon in the month of July in
the the year 2016 A.D. being, incidentally, July 19th. (From the legends concerning Azazel and his
subterranean-based angels is derived the Buddhist concept of the subterranean world known as Agharta and of its capitol,
Shamballah, where was said to dwell its Supreme Ruler, a being who represented the angel Azazel. Maitreya Buddha is
associated with the legendary city of Shamballah) (For more detail, see also Hidden Truths: A History of the World from
Beginning to End by John of the Gentiles) (According to Theosophist author and one-time Chief of the Ancient Order of Druids
in England Gerald Massey in The Seven Souls of Man: “It is positively provable that the Christ is but a type identical with the
Horus, the Iao-Heptaktis, the Buddha or Pan of the prior cultus. According to Irenæus, the Valentinian Gnostics maintained the
identity of the Saviour with Pan, who is called Christum in the Latin text.” All of these are gods who represented the angel
Azazel, who is the False Christ who is to come)

Explains Freemason and Theosophical Society member C. W. Leadbeater in Glimpses of

Masonic History: “Masonry must surely have a wonderful part to play in the civilization of the
future. Not for naught have the old hallowed rites been preserved in secret and the immemorial
powers of the Mysteries transmitted throughout the ages to our modern world of the twentieth
century; for we stand to-day on the threshold of a new era, which will be heralded by the coming
forth once more of the World Teacher…The coming of the World Teacher has always in the
past marked a revival or an inauguration of the Mysteries. Thoth in Egypt, Zoroaster in Persia,
Orpheus in Greece - each of these mighty Messengers (a play on the word „angel,‟ meaning,
„messenger‟) of the White Lodge (of the rebellious fallen angels), who were yet one Messenger
(the angel Azazel) appearing under different names and in different forms, left behind Him a
glorious rite of initiation to lead men to His feet after He had gone. That great Teacher of
mankind passed from human sight as Gautama the Lord Buddha; but the sceptre of the
Lord of Love was placed by the spiritual KING in the hands of His successor, whom to-day
we revere as the Lord Christ, whose coming we await with hearts filled with longing
love…He, too, will surely take the sacred vessels of the Mysteries and fill them anew with His
own wonderful life; He, too, will mould them according to the needs of His people and the age in
which they live. For the influence of the sixth ray, the ray of devotion which inspired the
Christian mystics and the glorious Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages is passing away, and
the seventh ray is beginning to dominate the world - the ray of ceremonial magic which brings
the especial cooperation of the Angelic hosts, of which Masonry itself with its many
coloured pageant of rites is a splendid manifestation.”

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley invoked the angel Azazel under the guise of Choronzon (also known as
Khoronzon, the Master of Form in the Enochian Magic system of Dr. John Dee), the Angel of
the Abyss and alternatively as Ra-Hoor-Khuit. One of Aleister Crowley‟s professed goals (and
hence of all practitioners of Magick) is the “establishment of the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit
(read: Azazel) upon the earth” (See De Arte Magica). Choronzon/Khoronzon is derived from the
name of the Greek god Chronos/Cronos/Kronos, a god who represented the angel Azazel.

The Ariosophic False Prophet

“Ahrimanic powers prepare the evolution of mankind in such a way that it can fall a prey to
Ahriman (Azazel) when he appears in human form within Western civilization…Ahriman
(Azazel) will appear in human form (as the False Prophet) and the only question is, how he will
find humanity prepared. Will his preparations have secured for him as followers the whole of
mankind that today calls itself civilized, or will he find a humanity that can offer resistance.” -
The Ahrimanic Deception (Rudolph Steiner, 1919 A.D.)

“…a great part of mankind today is already under the control…of Ahrimanic forces…the
Ahrimanic influence…will increase in strength until an actual incarnation of Ahriman (Azazel)
takes place among Western humanity.” - The Ahrimanic Deception (Rudolph Steiner, 1919 A.D.)

The Freemasonic Savior

“The (Freemasonic) worshippers of Lucifer…co-operate with him in order to insure his triumph,
and he communicates with them to encourage and strengthen them; they work to prepare his
kingdom, and he promises to raise up a Saviour among them, who is anti-Christ, their leader and
their king to come.” - Luciferian or Satanism in English Freemasonry (L. Fouquet, 1898 A.D.) Part II (The Freemasonic
legend concerning Hiram Abiff was yet another variation of the story of Azazel‟s entrapment within the earth, including his later
release, whereupon he is hailed as the false prophet/messiah. The Mysteries of Freemasonry (as written by Captain William
Morgan, by George R. Crafts), being an expose on Freemasonry for which Morgan met his death by enraged Freemasons,
sparking a national outcry, reveals: “Hiram Abiff represents…the Messiah.” The Freemasonic “Grand Master” Hiram Abiff is
but a false-messiah, representing the False Prophet who is to come: “…the legend of Hiram and his assassins is a Jewish
substitute for the Egyptian representation of the murder of Osiris; and…the legend of Hiram is an allegory of the Saviour; so that
the representation of the death of Hiram is a middle link, connecting the death of the Cross to the death of Osiris.” – Freemasonry
(“By a Master Mason,” New York, 1828 A.D.)) (As we learn from Hargrave Jennings in The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and
Mysteries (p.215), the Gnostic group known as the Ophites maintained the serpent of Genesis (who represented the angel Azazel)
was the Savior, and that the serpent was the emblem of the Destroyer, who is, as we learn, the angel in the pit/abyss mentioned in
Revelations 9:11) (“A very limited knowledge of the history of primitive worships and mysteries is necessary to enable any
person to recognize in the master mason Hiram, the Osiris of the Egyptians, the Mithras of the Persians the Bacchus of the
Greeks, the Atys of the Phrygians, of which these people celebrated the passion, death and resurrection, as Christians celebrate
to-day that of Jesus Christ.” - A General History of Freemasonry p. 392 (Rebold, 1879 A.D.))

Turn and be healed.