Rishi Chebrolu Outline Freeing the Subaltern: Post-Colonial themes in The Pickup


What is post-colonialism o "Post-colonialism" loosely designates a set of theoretical approaches which focus on the direct effects and aftermaths of colonization. It also represents an attempt at transcending the historical definition of its primary object of study toward an extension of the historic and political notion of "colonizing" to other forms of human exploitation, normalization, repression and dependency. Post-colonialism forms a composite but powerful intellectual and critical movement which renews the perception and understanding of modern history, cultural studies, literary criticism, and political economy. o Important Note: Just as other social and philosophical theories that use post, such as post-structuralism, post-colonialism does not mean after colonialism- colonization does not stop and has no beginning. o o Jeffrey Cohen- a discourse of oppositionality which colonialism brings into being. Notable contributors      Edward Said Gayatri Spivak Homi Babha Fanon, Frantz Hardt and Negri

Said . and it also opens the Arab world to unusually nuanced perception Edward W.y Details of Post-colonial theory o East/West dichotomy    o Otherization How otherization affects us Domination of the east Subaltern    Letting the Subaltern Speak Oppression of subaltern Charity and the Subaltern o Paternalism   Empire! By Hardt and Negri Global South o Examples      Hindu Temple Hippies Indiana Jones Making fun of Chinese people Idea of the exotic East y Connections to Text o Nadine Gordimer s encounters with po-co  Quote on back of book y The Pickup is a masterpiece of creative empathy a gripping tale of contemporary desire.

then as true assimilation Very important in terms of this Her transformation is the central theme of the book y Bibliography o Gurukkal. hipster Then as source of the Orient First as colonizer (Abdu phase)." Semioticon. Alka.semioticon.com. 07 Dec. 2010. Web. <http://www." Semioticon. o Kumar. he rejects it But in broader sense.o The Table     Biggest source of colonization Attempts to co-opt a removed lifestyle See the outings as adventures And they told him about his country o Ibrahim s role      Recognizes colonization In terms of people to people contact. he accepts this new world paradigm Attempts to assimilate into po-co society Name change-Abdu to Ibrahim o Julie s role  Both Colonizer and source of rebellion y y    First as Bohemian .htm>. <http://www. Rajan.com. "POSTCOLONIALISM TODAY.com/virtuals/postcol/alkakumar.com/virtuals/postcol. Web.htm>.semioticon. 07 Dec. 2010. "POSTCOLONIAL FEMINISM AND THE TEXT. .

cord. 2010. Web. Dawn.html>.emory. 07 Dec." Emory University---English Department "Where Courageous Inquiry Leads" Emory University." Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature: An Overview. Web. 2010. Web.postcolonialweb. o Bahri. <http://english.edu/projects/murphy/Postcolonial Theory/>.html>. <http://www4. 07 Dec.edu/Bahri/Intro. . o Duncan.org/poldiscourse/themes/themes.o "Themes in Theories of Colonialism and Postcolonialism. 1996. 07 Dec. Deepika. "Postcolonial Theory. "IIntroduction to Postcolonial Studies. <http://www. 2010." Concordia.

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