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Argument Mapping is concerned with producing graphical "boxes and arrows" maps of complex

debates. The result is a paper chart presenting an overview of the reasoning. Argument mapping
focuses on the inferential or evidential structure among claims and reasons to produce paper
charts and although similar to, it is important to distinguish argument mapping from other
techniques such as concept mapping, and decision analysis as the example below shows.

Very few No direct link Descendants of
examples of bird between the dinosaurs forming
fossils have been fossil birds & dead branches of
found modern birds evolution

The bird features have not evolved from one ancestor but from many. Tarsitano & Hecht
support Heilmann’s theory that birds evolved from a Triassic archisaur into the
Confuciusornis a magpie sized flying bird that flew more strongly than Archaeopteryx

Objections to proposition

Proposition: Birds are evolved from the dinosaurs through the Archaeopteryx

Reasons supporting proposition

Archaeopteryx a reptile with hallow bones, feathers for flight,
small stiff tail, horn tipped claws flew 150 mya.

Developed from Jurassic to Cretaceous a period of 138 million years and gave to a number of origins

Compsognathus Ovirapor egg Caudipteryx
Gallimimus a large Therizinosaurus a
a meat eating eating dinosaur bird-like
plant eating plant eating
dinosaur small with bird head dinosaur,
dinosaur had dinosaur with
with long hallow broods their eggs feathers, and
toothless beak in feathers, mimics
tail evolved into with lightweight a bird head
small bird-like head, an ostrich with
bird like skeleton chicken- with beak,
mimicked an ostrich scythe like claws
ornithopods like tail feather

Argument mapping expands an individual’s capacity to grasp complex debates by presenting the
argumentation in two-dimensional spatial layout. Because it translates abstract conceptual
structure into a simple spatial structure they are only really suitable for the gifted student and
gives them the following:

• A permanent record of thinking on a topic that contributes to a debate.
• Promote clarity and rigour in thinking by improving the sharing of knowledge in a group
leading to a deeper understanding of issues;
• Extremely efficient ways to present overviews, indicating the boundaries of current
knowledge or debate in complex argumentation to another student;
• Promote better decision making by ensuring that a higher proportion of relevant
considerations are taken into account;