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Pupils play in pairs or in a group of three (the third person being the judge). The object of the game is to make a line of four
counters of the same colour (diagonal, vertical or horizontal.) Counters contain the answers to questions that are on the
squares on the board. If a pupil puts the wrong answer down then he can be challenged and loses his go.

The game can be played using gravity (i.e. counters placed at the bottom of the board first).

The game can be adapted to suit almost any topic and can be differentiated to any level. Topics that have been tired and
tested include.

• Solids, liquids and gases
• Waves and radiation
• Conduction, convection and radiation
• Bodies in motion
• Pollination
• Electrolysis of brine
• Rocks
• Health

All of these have been used effectively for revision as well as to reinforce work covered during the lesson as a summing up
Conduction, Convection and Radiation Connect 4

Light shiny surfaces Dark matt surfaces Metals are good Metals are good Non metals are Infra red radiation
are good_________ are good _______ conductors _________ of good ________ travels using this
because of these heat
This type of This type of The ways by which Energy transferred Liquids and gases This uses trapped
thermal energy energy can travel thermal energy can without the become this when air to reduce the
transfer does not through a vacuum be transferred substance moving is heated amount of heat lost
need particles called
This is put in Gases and liquids Travels through This state of These are in metals These types of
houses to reduce are very poor at space using waves matter is a good but not in non surfaces do not
the heat lost this conductor metals emit much
through the roof. radiation

This state of These types of Light shiny This type of The three ways by These are used in
matter is good surface do not surfaces are good energy travels which the thermal order to reduce
convection reflect radiation _________ using waves energy can be heat lost through
transferred doors

This uses trapped Metals are good A thermos flask Gases and liquids Paper is a good Hot air is
air in order to _____________ reduces these are good at this ____________ _____________
reduce heat loss Than cold air
Reflectors Absorbers Free electrons Insulators Conductors Electromagnetic

Conduction, Conduction Less Dense Double glazing
Radiation Infra-red radiation convection and

Loft insulation Solid Light, shiny Liquid Draught excluders Convection

Dark, matt