An Open Letter of Concern To Governor Bill Ritter About the Secure Communities Program

Governor Bill Ritter 136 State Capitol Denver, CO 80203‐1792 SENT VIA FACSIMILE 303‐866‐2003 CC: John Hickenlooper Dear Governor Bill Ritter: We are writing to you as concerned community members, human rights advocates, journalists, clergy, business owners, authors, political activists, labor union leaders, and educators who are committed to raising standards and building strong communities in Colorado. We believe that our civil liberties and protecting the rights of all people are the back¬bone of not only our state but our country as a whole. Many of us have been a part of community, student, faith, and labor coalitions because we support organizing and fighting for ALL people in our community. We are writing to express our deep concerns about the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency’s Secure Communities Program drain of much needed state resources and its potentially negative impact on civil liberties and public safety. We strongly urge you to take immediate action and repeal the executive order that made the Memorandum of Agreement to push the Secure Communities Program in Colorado before any state agency is permitted to participate. We will not tolerate such an undemocratic order which incentivizes racial profiling, condones authoritarianism, and potentially divides our communities. Allowing the implementation of the Secure Communities Program would send a very troubling message and be viewed, by many, as a sign that state democracy and human rights are not valued or tolerated within Colorado. In our view, this would have negative consequences for the families directly affected, the state of Colorado itself, and the United States as a whole. We strongly urge you to avoid such a tragedy. Sincerely, Solomon F J Juarez, LCLAA Denver Metro President Milton Rosado, LCLAA National President Hector Sanchez, LCLAA National Executive Director Ruthie Johnson, APRI Colorado President Nita J. Gonzales, Escuela TlatelolcoO President/CEO Jeremy Shaver, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado Executive Director Mateos Alvarez, SEIU Local 105 President Debra Brown, Syzygic, LLC Owner Magdalena Gallegos, Columnist for El Semanario Amber Tafoya John Fleck, Denver Area Labor Federation President Craig Svonkin, Assistant Professor of English, MSFF-AFT Colorado Steering Committee Debbie Olander, UFCW Local 7 Political Liaison, DALF Executive Board, Jobs with Justice Board of Directors, Mi Familia Advisory Zack Mischo, National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local 321, Colorado Labor against the War Member Esmeralda Santillano, Regis University Student Sara Kuntzler, Colorado Jobs with Justice Board of Directors Cecilia T. Flores, LCLAA Denver Metro Member Oscar Santillano, National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local 321 Member

Rev. Daniel Klawitter, Interfaith Worker Justice Committee of Colorado Chairperson Hon. Andrea Mérida, Board Member Denver Public Schools Board of Education, Director District 2, Southwest Denver Carmen Rhodes, FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities Executive Director Brenda Smith, AFT Colorado, AFL-CIO President Bernadette Jiron, Denver Federation of Paraprofessionals and Nutrition Service Employees President Jessie Ulibarrí, ACLU Colorado Public Policy Director Ken Riley, AFSCME Executive Director Council 76 Leah Bry, GreenLeaf Founder and Executive Director Tim Allport, LCLAA Denver Metro Trustee Lawrence Martinez, Retired International Vice President Graphic Communitions Conference/IBT John Evans, Professor of Political Science, MSFF-AFT Colorado Member Russell Bannan, AFT Colorado Organizing Director, LCLAA Denver Metro Communication Coordinator, Colorado Jobs with Justice Board of Directors Lew Ellingson, LCLAA Denver Metro Member, CWA District 7 Staff Ed Knox, LCLAA Denver Metro Member Scott Kwasny

ALL organizations listed above are for identification purposes only.

LCLAA National Office LCLAA Denver Metro

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