Sovereign:-Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: of the Doolittles’; “Private: john [doe] private”, real party in interest.
“Kanienke’haka; Ambassador-At-Large”, “Postmaster General”, in behalf of himself and all others similarly situated. […of the; Mohawk “Maquase c.1701” Nation of the Six Nations non-band] To:

Robert Douglas Nicholson; the private man acting as; de facto Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, [Registered Mail # 79 486 205 101] and, Chris Bentley; the private man acting as; de facto Minister of Justice The Attorney General of Ontario and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, [Registered Mail # 79 299 020 865] and, David Lloyd Johnston; the private man acting as; de facto Governor General of Canada, [Registered Mail # 79 486 197 436] and, David Charles Onley; the private man acting as; de facto Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, [Registered Mail # 79 486 197 440] and, William Montour; the private man acting as; de facto Chief Consoller, [Registered Mail # 79 486 205 089] and, Chris Friel; the private man acting as; de facto Mayor of Brantford, [Registered Mail # 79 486 205 092] and,
CHIEFS OF POLICE OF THE FOLLOWING FORCES: a) ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE; b) ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE; c) WATERLOO POLICE; d) BRANTFORD POLICE; e) SIX NATIONS POLICE Date: __________________ Re: NOTICE BY AFFIDAVIT; TO THE GLOBAL-MANKIND-COMMUNITY; COMMERCIAL AFFIDAVIT, AND DEMAND, FAIR-NOTICE BY WARNING OF THE COMMERCIAL-GRACE; FOR THE IN/EX-AQUA/TER RANATIONAL COMMERCIAL, NON-JUDICIAL, NON-COMMON LAW PROCESS; KANIENKE’HAKA NATIONAL DOCUMENT # BDAD-020900-SUPRA-32 “SUPRA 32” Please read the enclosed document thoroughly and carefully before responding It is a lawful Notice by Affidavit. It means what it says. For this reason it is important that you consider and respond in substance. The nearest official “form letter” will not suffice, and consequently is likely to be ignored by myself without any dishonour on my part. On the other hand there is a time-limit of thirty (30) days for reply. It is reasonable, and if it runs out then you and associated parties are in default, removing any and all lawful excuse for proceeding in this matter. Due to the sensitive and serious nature of this matter I must respectfully demand that your response be in your own words, not from an appointed agent or member of your staff, under oath and certified true and correct, and bound by the criminal code section 337 R.S., c. C-34, s. 297. I’m sure that you understand, after reading this notice, that the ramifications of error and dereliction of your duties have very serious consequences. I certainly appreciate the duty you have undertaken and would like to thank you for your kind assistance in this matter. Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity, With Peace, Strength and Righteousness.

by:__________________________________________ Sovereign:-Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: of the Doolittles’ Kanienke’haka; Ambassador-At-Large ***

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Affiants’ initial:_____

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