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hassan mustafa

CNIC # 35404-6187214-7
D.O.B: 25-07-1988
House # 620, Sector E-2, Street # 16,
Wapda Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Residence: 0423-6101559
Cell #: 0321-4828083


To work in an organization that offers a creative, dynamic and challenging working

environment and supplements existing knowledge and imparts advanced techniques by
working on a position commensurate to my present qualifications.

• National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, FAST, Pakistan

(2005-till Date)

• F.Sc. Pre Engineering from Forman Christian College, Lahore.


• Matriculation from Punjab Public School Housing Colony Lhr Road Skp.


 Certificates in Computer Basics (Duration 3 Months)

 Certificate in adobe Photoshop.
 Certificates in many games in SOFTEC.
Technical Skills

Internet Development: MS Front Page, xhtml, PHP, Js.

Operating Systems: WXP, Linux RedHat, Ubuntu, Windows7, Gentoo
MS Office: MS Office XP and Office 2003
Courses: object oriented programming, data structures,
analysis of algorithms, object oriented analysis and
design, assembly language and computer
architecture, operating system, computer networks,
artificial intelligence and database systems.
Degree Status: I am in final year, going through final year project
and few remaining courses to complete my degree
at FAST.
Languages: C++, C#, java (swing), java (applet), assembly
language, socket programming and oracle 9i
(database), OpenGL, PHP, JavaScript, and ASP.NET.
Softwares: VS C++, eclipse, Oracle, MySQL, CCNA network
simulator, adobe Photoshop, OPENVPN, Rational
Rose, MS Visio, MS access,
VMware,3dMax,DreamWeaver, Photoshop.
Projects Undertaken
⇒ Hospital Management System
This project was all about saving patients, doctors and equipments database into
system and assigning doctors to patients and nurses were also handled in that
project. This project was developed in C++.
⇒ RADIX System
In this project students data , teacher data, projects and seminars handled.
Students grading system also developed in this project and which teacher will be
assigned to which section, that part also done in this project. Funded projects
seminars and research work details and their related teachers and students data
was also saved in file system database. This project was developed in C++.

⇒ Solitaire Game
I designed a solitaire game in c++, that was pretty much alike the original game. I
used keyboard input from user and show graphical interface (MFC) in C++.

⇒ Database of CNG Station

This project was of database systems, I done this project using oracle 9i, in this
project daily sales, expenditures, employees data and user logon was handled.

I developed virtual private networks configuration on OPENPVN software, which was
quite handy. In the beginning I decided to do it in java using socket programming
but due to short time, it was not possible so, I configured OPENVPN which has
server and client configuration files. These files need to be written using specific
configuration rules present in OPENVPN.
I made a shell like command prompt in windows. I developed this project in Linux
GENTOO in C language. I handled signal handling, pipelining and all this is done
using threads and creating processes.

⇒ PAC-MAN Game
This project was taken in object oriented analysis and design and this was
developed in java (swing). I did all phases like inception, elaboration,
implementation and testing according to ooa&d rules and finally able to implement
PAC-MAN game in java which was fully functional, as I have also studied artificial
intelligence course so, I decided to implement AI on ghost to some extent as level

⇒ Tetris Game
This project was done in computer graphics course using OpenGL in C++. Game
was up to standards and controls were handled using keyboard and there are about
6 shapes I.e. L, O, T, I etc. if one line is fully occupied that line disappeared and
score was added to players account.

Personal Profile

• Good skills of understanding problems.

• Ability to work hard.
• Willing to accept challenges.
• Management and Leadership Skills


⇒ I was in the organizing team of SOFTEC in FAST.

⇒ I participated in many games in FAST.


 Will be furnished on demand.