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Elige el verbo correcto.

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1. He a 7. It a black
lovely red coffee with no sugar.
8. Our teacher
2. My sisters
lovely blue eyes.
9. My mum a
g at university.
clothes shop in Barcelona.
3. I Spanish.
10. We from Spain.
4. you like Jazz?
11. you know how to say it in
5. You something on your English?
12. your friend speak Spanish?
6. He the new iPhone.

Guess the Definition

Choose the correct definition for each word by ticking a box.

1. A mop is… 6. A flannel is…

something that you use to wash the floor something you use to carry shopping
something you use at the dinner table
something that you use to open the door something you use in the bath
something that you wear on your head when
it’s cold 7. A bully is…
a person who sells bedroom furniture
2. A chatterbox is…
a person who hurts weaker people
someone who lends you money
someone who gives interviews on television a person who talks too much

8. A pillow is…
someone who never stops talking something that you use for cutting the
3. A plumber is…
something that you keep your pills in
a person who works with horses
something that you rest your head on in
a person who repairs water pipes
a person who sells fruit
9. A spade is…
4. A vandal is…
something that you use in the garden
someone who drives a van or a lorry
someone who repairs coffee machines something that you use in operations
someone who damages buildings or objects something that boxers use to protect

5. A cot is… 10 Flip-flops are…

a place where a baby sleeps things that you use in a computer
a place where men go to socialise things that you wear on your feet on the
a place where a dog sleeps beach
things that you find in the kitchen
lorry (British English) - camión
to damage - dañar
to carry - llevar
to hurt – hacer daño
weak – débil
to wash - lavar
to cut - cortar
to wear – llevar, vestir
grass - césped
to lend – prestar, dejar
pills – pastillas
interviews – entrevistas
to rest – apoyar
to repair – arreglar, reparar
operation – intervención quirúrgica
pipes - tuberías
to protect - proteger
van – furgoneta, camioneta

Find one word that can be used to complete all three sentences.
Check your answers at the bottom of the page.

I applied for the of sales executive at my local Apple store.
She put me in a really difficult when she asked to borrow my new car for the
The Karma Sutra describes different ways to the body in order to enjoy sex.

The customer is to choose which model to buy, and the cost is the same for
each one.
The software is entirely of charge, although you can pay for the professional
edition which has more features.
I've been completely from pain since I started going to an acupuncturist.

Could you do me a and put those boxes in the car? I’ve got a really bad
backache and they’re a bit heavy.
We were asked to vote at the meeting, but not one person was in of the
proposal to ban dogs from going inside the social club..
After being out of fashion for years, speaking the student's native language in the
classroom is now back in with teachers.
Students in Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam seem to have more
for teachers than they do in Europe and North America.
With to your comments during last Friday’s meeting, I feel that we should
open the subject up for discussion again.
The concert has been cancelled out of for the tragic death of the lead singer’s

The police are going to the suspect with burglary and rape after he was
arrested in his house in central London last week.
Don’t forget to all of the video camera batteries before we go on holiday.
They’ve all gone flat.
I’m waiting to see how much he’s going to me for designing the web page
before I decide what to do.

When you go to London, don’t miss the opportunity of going up on the London
. It’s the big wheel next to the River Thames and there’s a great view of
London from the top.
Can you keep an on my rucksack while I go to the toilet?
We are looking for someone who has an for design and who will be able to
contribute creatively to the team.

How much does your mobile phone have?
This building was constructed in of Sir Craig Philip, who wrote some of his
most famous novels here in the late 20th century.
I think my is going. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night.

When we went to see Madonna, we had a lousy of the stage. All we could
see were the heads of the people in front of us.
During the meeting I was asked to give my of the new product line. I told
them I thought the company would lose a lot of money with it.
The hotel was great. It served wonderful food, had good service and a very well-
equipped gym. The only downside was the from the balcony. All we could see
was the wall of the hotel next door..

My cousin’s a lawyer, but she hasn’t got her own . She works for a big law
firm in the city.
I’ve read so many books on the technical side of camera work. I can’t wait to get out
on location and put all the theory into .
I haven't played snooker for years, so I'm probably a bit out of .

Can you pick me up at the hotel around 4 o’clock, and me off at the airport?
Look! Please let’s just the subject. It’s making me angry and I’d rather talk
about something else.
The weather forecast said that the temperature could as low as 6 degrees
below freezing tonight.


Check this list of 25 popular and often used verbs, nouns and adjectives. Find the
Spanish translation of words you don’t know.

25 Popular Verbs
be see ask
have come work
do think seem
say look feel
get want try
make give leave
go use call
know find
take tell

25 Popular Nouns
time hand point
person part government
year child company
way eye number
day woman group
thing place problem
man work fact
world week
life case

25 Popular Adjectives
good other next
new old early
first right young
last big important
long high few
great different public
little small bad
own large same
Source: Oxford English Dictionary ·

Free drinks for
One night, a drunk
(1)stumble = tropezar.
stumbling(1) into a
stumbling block = obstáculo
bar and says to the
(2) bartender = camarero (USA)
/ barman (UK).
"Drinks for all on
(Barman, barmaid (fem),
me including you,
bartender) son camareros que
bartender." So the bartender follows the mans orders
solo sirven bebidas,
and says: "That will be $36.50 please." The drunk
normalmente detras de la barra.
says he has no money so the bartender slaps(3) him
Waiter y waitress son camareros
around and throws(4) him out.
que trabajan en restaurantes y
locales donde se sirven comidas.
The next night the same drunk comes in again and
(3) slap = abofetear
orders(5) a drink for everyone in the bar including the
(4) throws = echar, expulsar
bartender. Again the bartender follows instructions
(5) order = pedir algo (comida,
and again the drunk says he has no money. So the
bebida, etc.)
bartender slaps him around and throws him out.
Have you ordered yet? = Habéis
pedido ya?
On the third night he comes in, the drunk orders
Are you ready to order? = Han
drinks for all except the bartender. "What, no drink
decidido ya que van a pedir?
for me?" replies the bartender. "Oh, no. You get
violent when you drink."
Answers - Nivel Básico

1. has
2. are
3. am
4. do
5. have
6. has
7. is
8. has
9. has
10. are
11. do
12. does

Answers - Nivel Intermedio

1. A mop is something that you use to wash the floor.
2. A chatterbox is someone who never stops talking.
3. A plumber is a person who repairs water pipes.
4. A vandal is someone who damages buildings or objects.
5. A cot is a place where a baby sleeps.
6. A flannel is something you use in the bath.
7. A bully is a person who hurts weaker people.
8. A pillow is something that you rest your head on in bed.
9. A spade is something that you use in the garden.
10 Flip-flops are things that you wear on your feet on the beach.
Answers - Nivel Avanzado
1. position
2. free
3. favour
4. respect
5. charge
6. eye
7. memory
8. view
9. practice
10. drop