"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain!

Stop hitting me, Mom. You'll make me even more stupid." "You're the genius at being stupid." –Nara "Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein." H. Jackson Brown, Jr. A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ~I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is.~

Beggars can never be bankrupt. There are three kinds of people; those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those who don't know what's happening.
That would be me most of the time. The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have. "Love is... when you hold it, your arms hurt. But when you put it down, your heart hurts." (loveholic) You broke my heart, tissue won’t fix it” “He’s like a bright, shining star. When I receive that light, I feel brighter and also darker. When it’s bright I get my hopes up, and when it darkens I feel disappointment. I hate myself for this and feel ashamed.” – Mi Nam (You’re Beautiful) from my sassy girl (even though its a movie) the ten rules that gyeon woo told the man, then the man recited it to the girl man: he told me ten rules to follow, i have good memory, ill recite it man: first, don't ask her to be feminine. man: second, don't let her drink over three glasses, she'll beat someone then the voice changed to gyeon woo's voice(because a flash back was shown) gyeon woo:at a cafe, drink cofee instead of coke or juice gyeon woo:if she hits you act like it hurts gyeon woo:if it hurts act like it doesn't gyeon woo:On your 100th day together, give her a rose during her class gyeon woo: she'll like it a lot gyeon woo:make sure you'll learn fencing and squash gyeon woo: also, be prepared to go to prison sometimes gyeon woo: if she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly. you'll feel better gyeon woo:if her feet hurts exchange shoes with her gyeon woo: finally, she likes to write, encourage her this is a very touching part of the movie

.................................................................. when gyeon woo hugged the girl girl:who told you to hug me? then she punched her girl:dummy, youre supposed to dudge. that part made me laugh everytime i watch it ............................................................. last from my sassy girl girl:yah jugule?!

2nd from full house lee you jae:you mean nothing to me han ji eun: i know, and from now on lee you jae shi, you mean nothing to me... i can really feel their acting in that part and evertytime i watch it i feel sad .......................................... lee you jae:i love you lee you jae: so much that it feels like the univerese will explode, for as long as it takes for the oceans to dry up, so much that i don't care if my soul burns in to ashes. i love you that part was very touching ............................................. and of course han ji eun and lee you jae: aja aja fighting! 3rd from my girl YR: Seol Gong Chan knows that what i said were all lies GC: Ju Yoo Rin knows that i wont believe her lies YR: I am a good liar in the first place but falling for seol gong chan has made me stop lying GC: i've never told a lie but falling for Ju Yoo rin has made me lied often YR: the more i express my feelings truthfully, the harder things will be for seol gong chan GC: i went near her as i couldnt lie, but this has hurt ju yoo rin even more YR: now i want to use my lie to protect seol gong chan GC: i'll treat it as being lied to i want to leave for the time being and stop giving her anymore pains YR: my love is not a lie that was a very touching part he mother said after hitting "why are keep making me angry?" the sister said "i didn't want to make you angry, you just want to get angry." Eom Ki Joong: " Sometimes I want to run away as well. But the strange thing is, It's not when things aren't going smoothly and I've failed. It's when things are going

" kim sam soon: One day. There's just starting every new day together.. Dough made with yeast and one without. My way of healing is by making cake and cookies in the morning like right now. Maybe it's because of the uneasiness from being scared about a hidden enemy suddenly appearing. LOVE. Either way. releasing anger. the body asked the heart. Can there be another treatment as sweet as this one? Kim sam soon: "There once a time where in this world I was the main character. Even when my father suddenly passed away. Haewon: They can both be bitter and sweet. You start to become uneasy because you don't know when it will all end. Peculiar Man: Kiwoong's List Ten Things to Throw Away When Breaking Up 1.kim Samsoon Suh KangWook: To say goodbye. There's no conclusion. laughing.. but if you’re hurt then who will heal you? Then the heart said.. It felt as if I was walking on clouds. So before it ends. Love is like this as well. "Love is. and running in the marathon. even when a passionate relationship came to an end. singing. I think that's so cute. So there's no happily ever after either. your arms hurt.Once everything becomes beautiful... The reason why i'm crying right now is not because I lost him. you run away" "As long as one's alive. crying.When everything is going well. your heart have to forget your love for her.I actually have the urge to flee. as if our love filled up to the skies.. Memory of Love . One man came who gave me that happiness." -..smoothly." "There are two kinds of dough. that's how it is. I come to the kitchen to cook cake and I was healed from the smell of the baked cake. Dough made with yeast rises right away.. nothing has ended.. When I’m hurt the doctor heals it. I have to heal by myself.the thing that once was burning now lost and gone was unbelievable. going to trips with friends and talking with them. When it's not going well. suummer scent: Haewon: What does love and coffee have in common? Minwoo: .. I want to be a person without yeast. just ignoring that pain. Peculiar Woman. but like that he left. My heart always pounding. or the worst thing. when you hold it.. That feeling was good.You urgently hope. Is it because of that whenever someone is hurt they have their own special way of healing it? Drinking. But one without yeast takes its time to rise. your eyes have to forget her face your ears have to forget her voice your head have to forget her name and your heart .you hope for a happy ending.

was so pretty but like it wasn't meant to be mine. Fate of loving 10.Han Ki Joo from Lovers in Paris " Human are creatures who cannot even recognize the truths that lay before their eyes." "Its only the person who hold on till the very end can say they let go of someone. you are so pretty but I don't think you were meant for me. Selfishness of being remembered 6. and then we get married. Conceit that you are the only one 4. But. but being discover when you're being real will make you feel embarrasing..." "I shouldn't have come back. When people meet who are not destined for each other.it was an accident after all. Your Heart "Yoo Jin's dress? That was a dress i originally bought first." shinwoo"Until someone will come to love her. Greed to stay friends 5. Because this is a love im happy to give and I wont expect anything in return.it's an accident.. Through me you enter the population of loss. Obsession for a second chance 8. My father called me to come down here to clean up the "traffic"." . Expectation of Getting Back Together 3. I will just stay like this beside her. Hope of not meeting someone 7.." . Regret of things you didn't do 9. just pick one: Option 1: You say yes and we get married right away Option 2: You say no." "May be. and we get married right away Option 3: If you need time to think about it. you don't get embarrased when you're discovered when you're being fake." "Through me you enter into the city of woes. I was abandoned like trash anyway.2. I should've lived like trash.. Through me you enter into eternal pain. I'll give you a day to think. That's how we met for the very first time. That dress. then I force you to say yes. And disappear quietly like trash.. Make your choice. I first thought that he meant an "accident" so I laughed." "I'll give you three choices.

you’ll realize that it wasn’t any big deal. Like the clouds. I think. let’s challenge many things.” – Haruto A A Game About Love “People who are too lazy to look for the truth have no right to blame the person who lies.” – Aya “Live on. wanting to do this and that. It has nothing to do with how much we love each other.” – Aya “Even now… sometimes… I want to hear her voice so badly. And when it happens.” – Ji Sung All About Eve “The clouds are passing by slowly as the moon appears.” – Aya “Suffer and suffer through. If you look up at the sky after falling down. You’ve listened to everything I couldn’t tell anyone else. 23 consecutive victories. there are certain things which will disappear with the passing of time. Doing silly things together won’t be such a bad idea. If that person doesn’t love me. you made me laugh.” [You would’ve had a 24th victory… . do not be greedy. Reality is too cruel.’ I recognize how I am right now.” – Sun Mi Atashinchi no Danshi “Don’t dissapoint the people who believe in you. When I was down. When I’m with you. the tears will come out again. You were always near me.” – Aya “Without hurrying. Arigatou Asou-kun.” – Chisato “I… up until now I’ve never failed to confess to anyone.” – Qi Xiang Air City “Just like how you love your job. because we all still have plenty of time from now. but I wanted to be useful to others. Do not rush it. you were always with me. the tears will come out. it doesn’t . That’s why… I give up. I don’t even have the right to dream. Don’t give up. I keep dreaming a dream that would never come true…” – Aya “What’s wrong with falling down? You can always stand up again. I don’t want to stop this winning streak… and there are other guys here.” – Aya “As I think about the past.Chisato] – Sho Autumn in My Heart “My next life I only want to love one person. or be absorbed in doing something. As I think about the future. Live on forever. I like mine too.” – Aya “It’s painful when I’m with you.# 1 Litre of Tears “I really don’t want to say things such as ‘I want to go back as how things were before.” – Aya “You’ve always encouraged me. and I will continue to live on. the blue sky is also today stretching limitlessly and smiles at me… I’m alive. It didn’t matter how insignificant. Whenever I was in pain. and there’s a rainbow colored happiness waiting on the other side. because everybody takes a step at a time. too brutal.

the world will become full of me. Aren’t couples supposed to be like that? If we are to be together for the rest of our lives. If true love really appeared in front of you now and you guys didn’t bother to chase after it. I want to make myself better for her because I believe that this world is not really that bad. Perhaps there are things in your heart that you don’t dare to tell me. For the first time.” – Hyunwoo [What do you want to reborn as? . baka!” *baka means idiot – Riko C Capital Scandal “What doesn’t kill me.Joon-suh] “A tree. If I long for mountains.matter. never move and can never be separated from the ones I love.” – Joon Soo Boys Over Flowers click here Bull Fighting “Keep smiling. I won’t bother.” – Guang Xi “Maybe I should have had more confidence and believed in you. Aren’t couples supposed to be like that? If we are to be together for the rest of our lives. Your smile is my strength. But as long as you have the courage to tell me. If I long for you. the world becomes you. we have to be honest to each other.” – Guang Xi “This is the first time I want to cherish a person. what a crappy response is that?” – Zi Cong Buzzer Beat “I’ve come! Since I’m your number 1 fan. If I long for the sea. no matter what…” – Guang Xi B Bittersweet Life “The world changes into what I long for. that way I can plant my roots down.” – Eun-suh Autumn’s Concerto “Then just go. the world becomes mountains. I’ll be waiting for you to come back… waiting for you to come back into my life. if you give your hands to the other person it means that your life is in his hands? I said that I will hold on to you so that means I promise to protect you. will only make me stronger.” – Joon-suh “It’s times like these that you need to be strong. we have to be honest to each other. no matter how many times you restart it. Let’s stuff ourselves. the world becomes the sea. But as long as you have the courage to tell me. Besides. If our lives were a game of monopoly. Perhaps there are things in your heart that you don’t dare to tell me. the outcome should be the same… because you are my destiny. I can accompany her and strive for the best.” – Ruo He “True love will not wait for you. I came to seriously support you! So make sure you win.” – Mu Cheng “Maybe I should have had more confidence and believed in you. I will believe it. I just wish that I can see that person everyday. I will believe it.” – Guang Xi “Did you know that in the skating ring.” – Soohyun . If you long for me.

” – Choi Cinderella’s Sister “Your enemy is not her. You pushed me off the edge of a cliff.Chuno “Even though you met.” – Ki Hoon “This house is…arduous.” – Jo Gook “You can hide yourself in as many people as possible. you wouldn’t want to look at me even for a second. till the day you officially rejected me… while you were scolding me for being childish. or whether he’s not. from the day you came here. thankful for your grace. Because you’re mine. protect it. so what can I do? Even if you get mad at me. Make it on your own. As long as I don’t disappear into the earth. And what you make on your own.” – Eun-jo “Don’t talk so sweetly to me. Jung-woo. For now I’m stuck because of my mother but I will leave. Don’t give your heart to me. I’m an unbelievably horrible person. that means your choice is at fault. Whether I repay my debt to you or marry that man my lab sunbae wants me to meet. just because you trust in me. If you don’t do that. whether you think I’m an embarrassment and put me down… but I like you so much. ignore me. Even if the world crumbles. being here is better. It hurts whether he’s here. I want to dance with my wife at the inauguration. don’t think I’m good enough. or smiles at someone else. are you satisfied now. If you knew the thoughts I live with every day.” – Jo Gook “If you haven’t accomplished what you can in life. then you have nothing to say even if it’s taken away from you. When I become the President. scold me. and then you’re being sweet to me again — you can’t do that. but still. We call that fate — something that won’t happen just because you want it to. I’m not very smart so it really. scornfully laugh at me. So don’t dote on me. I’m not the kind of kid who will stay here forever. you son of a bitch!?” – Mi Rae . take it back. or doesn’t. do you know what is so difficult that you might fail even if you die trying? It is the act of giving someone your heart. the feeling that if I held onto you everything would be okay… you did that.” – Mi Rae “After you hoped and hoped that my heart would be torn to pieces. Will you dance with me then?” – Jo Gook “In this world. How awful… you can’t even imagine. I will leave. Being able to see him and hate him is better than him not being here. I’ll still be able to see you. you never really separated. and when I do. If I think about it. telling me not to lean on you… you were exactly as sweet to me as you’ve always been. If you’ve given it. Hurts whether he calls my name.” – Eun-jo “I like you so much. But do you know what is even more difficult to deal with than that? It is when you give someone your heart. How can anybody not find what’s theirs?” – Jo Gook “I have a dream now. you never really met. and nothing is returned to you. Hurts whether he smiles at me.” – Hyo-sun “It hurts when I don’t see him. What do I do then?” – Hyo-sun City Hall “A woman should know how valuable she is. really confuses me. I think I’ll continue to feel hurt. so even though you separated. are ashamed of me.

You clumsily spill soda on me. There’s plenty of gray areas. autumn and winter… all rolled into one rainy day. we still would’ve met. in any possible corner. we would meet because I would find you. And I will never let you go. We were destined to meet.” – Mi Rae “I… admit defeat.” – Yuan Yi “I’ll let you be the angel who makes the devil repent. summer.” – Ah Meng ”Whether the connection between her and I are lovers or siblings. We’d rent the same manga set. but there are also people who get hurt because you are hurt. for keeping me so dry the entire time. but… as it turns out. It could be kind of like or kind of dislike.” – Mi Rae “I’m not letting go of you. it’s not important to me. Your seat next to mine and you fell asleep and drooled on me. I beg you not to touch that person any more. We would definitely meet.” – Mi Rae “Because in here. because no matter how other people see me. and for her dreams to come true. Or at Qing Zi’s part time job. you and I will grow old together. If something doesn’t belong to you.” – Mi Rae Corner of Love “Let her go. Only you can make me right. leave her alone from now on. That person. Maybe it would’ve been at a manga rental store.” – Chun-hyang Devil Beside You “I think I will love you for the rest of my life. Until I breathe my last breath. so I’d be unlucky enough to know you. please.” – Ah Meng . I was underneath the biggest umbrella in the world the entire time. no matter where you live or who you are with. In this world. Just thought you should know. and I was all alone getting hit by all the rain in the world. I beg you.” – Jo Gook “You want me to just forget you? You want me to just eat well and live well from now on? Don’t even dream of that happening. you will always have two homes.” – Ah Meng “How is it possible that one rainfall can make the shadow and the memories be washed away? And why would you agree to go out with someone who has another person’s shadow inside?” – Yuan Yi “Wrong. But even after you leave me. You can go if you wish. you won’t be happy even if you get it.” – Ah Meng “There are people that intend to hurt you. Why is everything black or white with you? It’s not as simple as like or dislike. Or it might have been at a movie theater. Inside my heart here… you have a room. no matter where you go. so we meet. Thank you. she has many dreams.“I thought so too. I’m not sending you out of my heart. In this room. Spring. Even without our parents.” – Grandma D Dae Jang Geum “I’ll tell you this: no one can ever persuade me to give up! I will never give up!” – Jang Geum Delightful Girl Choon Hyang “You’re such a simpleton. she is already in my heart.

But they made it difficult for those less fortunate and less smart than them to even understand them. In this society.” – Suk Ho “Do you know what the biggest hurdle is when a person is facing a major event in his . with my spirit burst. you’ll be defeated. But I never thought this is the end. the wage system — smart guys made them up to suit their tastes. to make their lives comfortable.” Young Jae “I’m here today to tell you about a woman I love. you’re going to live your entire lives being cheated by others until you die.E F Fated to Love You “Life is like a gamble. It really hurt a lot.” – Young Jae “There are happy marriages and unhappy marriages. she is stupid. Loving someone is such a painful ordeal but I can’t stop myself from going to you. but it’s not something I can stop.” – Young Jae “As much as the entire universe exploding. there’s such a thing as rules. as much as it spreads outward… I love you very much. you will always have hope. Laws. in order to protect her. as much as the water in every ocean drying. the second time is inevitable. the educational system.” – Young Jae G God of Study “If you guys continue this way. For idiots like you. I’m sure you’re curious but I can’t reveal who she is now. You can’t win every game. Fighting until then. for fools who think using your brains is a hassle. Let’s do our best. I thought about you and worried about you constantly. Being with her brings me joy. you’ll live your entire lives conned or endlessly injured by those smart guys. the estate system. Some marriages with an unknown end.” – Ji-eun “Loving someone is tiring and it hurts. Because I really love her. I’m about to get a divorce.” – Cun Xi “I only know that the first time is accidental. because I’ll be taking care of you. I’m in love with someone right now. some with a known end. I thought I was going to go insane. But if the chip is in your hands. and in the end. But our marriage is a marriage too. But she is too naive if fooled for the second time. I missed you so much. I’m never coming back. But to me she’s the most important and special person. “ – Ji-eun “You can take care of her. taxes. and the third time is by fate…” – Cun Xi “A girl is just to innocent when she is fooled on the first time. You have to live by them. She’s a kind but ordinary person. I really love her. Live with energetic power until the day that we really do part ways. She’s the first person to teach me what happiness is.” – Xin Yi Full House “When I thought I couldn’t protect you. Smart guys use these rules to live the good life. She’s someone who can find joy and hope in little things. And if she is still fooled for the third time. I fought with you everyday and packed my bags a few times. Who do you think made these rules? Smart guys. finance.

life? Emotions. pride. I was scared of the result and couldn’t take a single step forward. Even though you’re obviously not the type of girl I would like.” – Takemoto Hotaru no Hikari “I’d rather lay around than fool around.” – Hotaru Hwang Jin Yi “I hope that the life you will live won’t be too much to handle. I like you liking Pink Panther like me and you know who his best friend is. OK? You don’t understand gay?!” – Xui Yi Hana Yori Dango “You only have one chance in a lifetime. I was just staring and did not even stretch my hand out. gay. I like that you sleep in class but you are very serious when writing a report. stubbornness. truly loves you… that’s enough. but I just like you.” – Nakatsu Hana Kimi (Taiwan) “Gay. I will definitely make you happy. I like you being drunk and me carrying you back home. I was jealously watcing the paths everyone found with effort.” – Suk Ho Goong click here H Hana Kimi (Japan) “Your smile gives me strength but your sadness always comes from Sano. I like you.” – Domyouji Hi! My Sweetheart “As long as you remember. I like the voice you have when you read English.” – Da Lung “I like you calling me ugly mushroom head. I will forever be the big idiot that truly. no matter if it’s Lin Da Lung or Xue Hai. One can get so lost in those emotions that he can’t see the food right in front of him to save his life.” – Sojirou “It’s not like a manga where you can say that you accidentally fell and your lips met” – Akira Hana Yori Dango 2 “We have the same fate with the wrong person. I was afraid of being hurt.” – Da Lung Honey & Clover (Japanese) “I wonder what I was doing. I was making an excuse for myself. G-Y-A. That worthless ego. I like you hitting me 800 times a day. And that you will be happy…” – Hwang Jini I Invincible Shan Bao Mei . By saying that I was different from everyone else.

” – Xiao Feng Lovers in Paris “Girls often dream about this.” – Zhi Shu “Actually. He will hear me from afar and I will know I am fortunate. I’ve never liked someone this much. one with emotion to feel love. I could fly there and beat him up. Where she feels like a withered flower surrounded by all these fabulous people. the rock will eventually turn into sand.” – Ah Ken “But I know that when I meet him. holds her shoulder. In fate. Can you tell me how to replace her in your heart?” – Hua Lan J K Koizora “I want to be the sky. A stone has no troubles and lives a simple life. The reason why I cant be gentle to you is because I dont want to lose you. gently touches her hair and walks her home. anger. I really like you. this prince on a white horse calls her name. But in front of her. sadness and happiness. You’ll become the wind. it doesn’t matter how much you hate him in the beginning. One with flesh and blood. Because you stole my heart. This way. As it blows.” – Kurosagi L Last Friends “Fateful meetings happen pretty coincidentally…” – Takeru “The reason why I look away from you is because I want to look at you forever.” – Mika Kurosagi “I will arrest you before I leave. You’re always well-mannered and polite in front of me. I want to be the sky. Then I will instantly know where you are. If there was someone hurting you. Sunset means you are embarrassed. moving it. the sand and wind can be together. what do you wanna be in your next life? I think I want to become a rock. The worst that could happen would be being stepped on.“For the person fated to be with you. You never raise your voice. I now realize that she is special to you. Then out of nowhere. Night will mean you are gently holding me. Moreover. Am I right? What about you? What are you thinking? I’ve already thought it over for you. Sand and wind are meant to be together.” – Xin Yi It Started With a Kiss “The one that you love is me. Because the wind is one of the world’s cleanest things. the wind can blow upon the rock. the chance of love is 100%.” – Ruka Love Contract “If you can reincarnate. Not a river.” – Tae-young . but that won’t hurt. I could protect you. he will exist in my heart silently and quietly.” – Hiro “Clear skies will mean you are happy. You’re not allowed to love anybody else. Rain will mean you’re crying. But that is too perfect. you’re human.

I’m sorry. How would I have felt asking another man to help you? Don’t you understand? You are in here.” – Dao Ming Si ”When I was young.. I’m over you. and I won’t offer words of congratulations. I always thought there was nothing to be terrified of in this world. One is losing the person you love.” – Lei Meteor Garden II “There are two types of regret in this world. If I die today. Do not cry either. because at that time I was only thinking I want to protect you. I’m leaving. I even like your amnesia.” – Ze Lei . Now what I’m afraid of most is when you sit on the back seat of my motorcycle. I think I made you this way. From now on. Your scent. I really like you and I hope you like me. There’s one more thing. your fingers. Be careful. I can’t lose you like that. If you want to see the other person’s face again.” – Tae Young “This is the first time I touch your face. I will lose.” – Young-woo M Mars “Before. don’t be sad. that’s how far it becomes. You were always smiling but you’re not anymore.” – Ling Mei-chan no Shitsuji “A person with no will to fight will never be happy. I like everything about you.” – Soo Hyuk “I’m sorry for making you lose your smile. your shadow.” – Soo Hyuk “Don’t you see me? Don’t you? Did you think about how I would feel? The girl I love cries before me. I’ve got a lot of things to be afraid of. But the first thing I touch is your tears.” – Soo Hyuk Lovers in Prague “Do you know how far the distance is between a couple when they sleep with their backs to each other? Once around the earth. That’s my reason. you can stand upside down. And I can’t do anything for her. How could someone love without a reason? I can tell you at least 100 reasons why I like you. It’s a lie. If you turn your back. But you are in here. the tears that would fall will stop. But I do not have a handkerchief now. In this way. Then there is no way I can protect you. The other is seeing your beloved lose happiness. You weren’t like this before. I don’t know who is in your heart. so please don’t cry.” – Mei Meteor Garden “You are so stupid. you have to go around the earth. You were crying too when I first saw you. You should know that because I plan of staying this way. I absolutely can’t make any mistake. I don’t know who you are thinking about but I only think of you. Taking care of them is easy but I just want to hold on and not fight back. But ever since I met you.“There’s a saying that there’s no reason for love. Your voice. If I fight back. there was a friend who told me that if you can’t hold back your tears.

I would think. either. they won’t eat. But without you. .” – Yoorin “You will be blessed!” – Yoorin “On snowy days. my love Mr.” – Tang Men Momo Love “I don’t understand girls – Happy.” – Yoorin “I’ll let her go. they won’t eat. I have to let her go. My words are true so just trust in them. Where are you? Did you follow me all the way to the hospital for my check-up? And how is someone like that going to disappear from my side? Don’t move a muscle and wait right there! I’ll come find you. unmarried. Handsome and nice men are married.” – Mi-ho “I can see really far and hear very well.” – Mi-ho “I like you so much that now. nice. Snowman may actually be thinking about me.” – Mi-ho “It’s not okay. ‘Just a little longer’ while the time passed really quickly. Handsome.” – Dae Woong “I’m going to give you what you really want. and now you’re going to make nothing but a phone call and disappear? You go ahead and TRY to disappear like this. I won’t let her go. Because I like you. It’s absurd and outrageous and crazy. unmarried. I think I’ll have to run really hard. ‘I miss you. While I was with you. nice.” – Dae Woong My Lovely Sam Soon “Nice men are ugly. we’ll be losing to ourselves. All I can do is not show you that I like you. nice and unmarried men are useless. Handsome men are not nice. Handsome. you must really be far away.” – Dae Woong “Don’t come back! Are you doing this because I didn’t say that I missed you? Last time you left without saying a word. Sad. but since I can’t see or hear you. rich men who are interested in us and faithful are homosexuals. I can let her go.” – Chen He My Girl “Whenever you have someone you love by your side. you can’t hear or see anything but them. I don’t… want to let her go. I can’t let her go. rich men who are interested in us are players . All I can do is keep from begging you to like me. unmarried and rich men are not interested in us. nice.Miss No Good “If we cheat. Handsome.” – Gong Chan My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox “Don’t listen to anyone else. I don’t like you because it’s okay to like you — it’s that because I like you. but after I met you my heart began to tell time. Handsome. I’ve been living for so long that I didn’t know how time flowed. I can’t pretend I don’t like you. time goes so slowly as I think. I can’t stop there. but I like you. If I’m going to slowly distance myself from you. everything’s okay.’ You know what? It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and counts time all on its own.

the person’s hand that you hold. I think that’s so cute. faithful. don’t let go of that hand. rich men who are interested in us. straight and who would not lose interest in us even if we made the first move… those men must have problems!” – Sam Soon “There are two kinds of dough. that’s enough. every person has their own way of healing the pain in their hearts. Even when I was forced to suffer such indignities.” – Nobuta “Everything in the world is a game. I want to be a person without yeast. who is going to cure you? The heart replies. In the future.” – Zhi Xing N Nobuta wo Produce “People can change. but it’s not impossible.” – Sam Soon My Lucky Star “If I choose to be with him there’s only one possibility for me and that is pain. I suppose he must of changed me. unmarried. only I can cure myself. singing. No matter how far I run.” – *writing on the mirror* Nodame Cantabile “I will practice violin so hard that I won’t have any time left to cheat on you. There was nothing I could do. the chance of meeting that person is like a miracle. The worst thing to do is to ignore the pain in the heart. I was a fool who couldn’t even say a word in my defense. But no more of that now. traveling. talking to a friend. I was like that then. Drinking.” – Jin Ho “A person like you has never waited all day for a phone call from the person you like. am I gonna suddenly meet people like this? If so… it’s not so bad digging by myself. but if you are in pain. Dough made with yeast and one without. nice.” – Nobuta “If at least one person knows the truth.” – Shuji “I was digging for a long time on my own. I’m always in the same place. laughing.Handsome. throwing a tantrum. crying. The one who lasts till the end enjoying the game is the winner. I raced to the death.” – Mariko “It is difficult to take in the truth.” – Sam Soon “The body asks the heart. And then suddenly you two came up. You’re stupid. if I am in pain the doctor will cure me.” – Kae In “I raced to the death. Just a child hitting the wall. So unjust it makes me crazy. running a marathon. Or . A child who couldn’t do anything when his father died.” – Mariko “Right now. Maybe that’s why. thinking you lost if you give up in the middle. That’s probably the rules of this world. but I’m always just a child. Even when you go into the light.” – Mine O P Personal Taste “That’s right. Dough made with yeast rises right away. but if i choose to leave him I can have thousands of possibilities. hearing people call me crazy. but one without yeast takes its time to rise. like a mole underground.

Let’s Go to School “I’m sorry. never let go!” – Sang Doo Scrap Teacher “I’ll try my best even alone. Those who said that they’ll do things tomorrow are idiots. it’s a palm. I forgot for a moment how low my life was. it’s a fist. I believe someday you will open your fist by yourself. I could tell you my feelings anytime but it’s too late now. Please… become stronger. Your palm is the heart of your hand.” – Eun Soo R ROOKIES Hands are interesting indeed.” – Kusaka . But it’s still ahjusshi. I can’t be sure… but one thing that I can be sure of is that I like you” – Jun Hao Proposal Daisakusen “Humans don’t understand the reality of something until it’s over. Living is just like that. you’re going to end up in pain. Instead of running away.” – Ken-zou “If you keep on thinking tomorrows always going to come. I want to forget all about you. If you clench it.” – Jin Ho Prince Turns to Frog “Towards the past or the present. Don’t follow me… I said don’t follow me! Go while I’m letting you… run away! If you keep this up I’ll never. You could die and come back from the grave and never know. No matter how wrong he was. I never should have come back in your life. Don’t believe people so easily. I believe that this school is going to change.felt that your heart might burst. Don’t fall in love so easily. all the way to my fingertips. Sera “I like ahjusshi. so much. – Koichi S Sang Doo. The person who made me feel that way told me to come outside. What can I do? I’m just built like this.” – Yosei Prosecutor Princess “How many people are there who do it because they like it? They do these things to feed themselves. Don’t do this in the future. Who are you to do the things you like or find funny?” – In Woo Q Que Sera. it’s about protecting a person.” – Fairy “I always thought that because we are always together. just from looking at this person. Don’t forgive easily either. If you open it. that’s life. to live and not to die. I feel really bad. I want to hear him out. so what can I do?” – Kae In “Love does not ask you to discard your pride. I’ll keep trying my best. I don’t want to be like this. I like you so.

There has never been a .” – Xiao Shi “If wishes do really come true… can love be forever?” – Xiao Shi Sorry I Love You “We’re not meant to be in this life. We have no answer. this was a passage that had long settled in my heart. Starry bodies are like that. So right now. If she witnesses someone’s purse being snatched. mom. Then I will definitely be a kindhearted son that you love. That… is my answer. they readily disappear – In the books that I’d read to find out what he’s really like. But… I thought that you would like it. the most common of women can become a queen. giving up the ending. It’s now that I realize it. And therefore. when I believe in you. I’ll be right next to you as if I am not there and disappear like foam.” – Joo Won Shining Inheritance “Who cares about all that. including this stupid act of waiting for someone in front of their house so you should do the same. I remember the boy whom I can never forget. You have no thoughts of becoming the little mermaid. mom. I love you. She’s that kind of woman. so that’s why I’ll be come the little mermaid instead. I am the one shamelessly hanging on to you. how beautiful a person he is. That’s why we’ll never work.Secret Garden “She drives like a car racer.” – Eun Chae “Mom… in my next life. like people do when they’re too beautiful. You only like things that I hate. It was he who gave me the best memories of my life. Let’s meet in the next life. Just as it is with people who are too beautiful.” – Ra-Im “Where on earth is a woman who’ll jump at the chance to happily and beautifully cultivate a love that’ll just turn to bubbles? Nowhere in the world is there a woman who will start a love. how far away he is from me.” – Hwan Silence “Everytime I look into the sky. She has no money and her body is covered in scars. and the most rarefied woman can become a maid – according to how she is treated by the person she loves. when I want to be with you. but she doesn’t want to spend even one second of one minute with people like us.” – Ra-Im “The thing about women is. I love you. I know I won’t lose you then. when I like you.” – Shen Shen Smiling Pasta “Just smile and there’s nothing you can’t overcome. she’ll throw fists. He’ll disappear someday.” – Joo Won “Since what age did you become so pretty?” – Joo Won “I’m thinking of doing everything now.” – Seul “Do you like decorating trees? I hate it – I hate making a ruckus on anyone’s birthday but my own. I have to be your son again. too. I’ve never seen a woman as cool as her. someone she’s never met in her life.” – Joo Won “There are things that are thought of as fantasies merely because they’re far away.

And after spending a few days like this.moment that thoughts of you left my mind. the people in love will surely meet again. our own scars. so please help me somehow. very simple and beautiful. thinking. No matter how far apart they are. They’ve fought enough for their love.” – Phillip “What am I supposed to do? I can’t force her to love me.” – Suk Hyun . then love can come again when you meet again. You should have hit me harder. I got rid of all the feelings I had carried for him. at least it’s better to have her around than not. Let them be. they’re meant for each other.” – Song-joo Stand Up!! “We are not virgins. I regretted it. But there’s no space for us. Those two. ok? Not 15 years ago. When I brought the children and came to live in this house. Yes.” – Hiroto Thank You “Good Morning.’” – Pal Kang “No. I wanna be with her. they will reunite in the end.” – Tae-hwa “People who love each other end up reuniting. ‘Why did I waste five years acting so stupid?’” – Pal Kang Summer Scent “When I look at her. I wanna make her smile. we are pure!” – Udayan Stars Falling From the Sky “You hit me every day for not knowing how to do anything. not today. Help me make him think. Mom… that you gave birth to me… thank you.” – Jung Jae T Tatta Hitotsu no Koi “The beginning of love is always like a baby. No matter how difficult and terrible the love grows into.” – Moo Hyuk Spring Waltz “We’re so busy thinking about our own bruises. Amid the countless chaos just like the sincere prayers of love. I’m not gonna beg for love. my heart brightens up. You made a mistake too. Love is something that returns. Just like playing hide and seek… no matter where it hides or even if you can’t see it.” – Eun-young Stairway to Heaven “You must want to see the one you love with such clear eyes. Let it be. I cannot avoid that faith. I love her. from the start there wasn’t even a 1% chance for me. so I would come to my senses.” – Phillip “If you love and miss that person. ‘Ah. it must be waiting at some place for me. But if we just take the time to peek into someone else’s world. Thank you for staying alive. even the unforgivable can be forgiven. I hope you can see all the beautiful things you want while you’re alive. we forget how to forgive. so I would know how to do something. I… I’ll become a blue sky and watch over you. She’s that kind of girl.

” – Xiang Qin “Normally. Also. I really like you a lot. Then I wouldn’t have anything more to wish for. you long for that person once more.” – Han Kyul “I want to live with you. talk together.” – Jia Sen Tree of Heaven “Oppa. I know I’m stupid. wouldn’t that be the same as the painting becoming longing? So… isn’t painting the same as expressing longing?” – Yoon Bok They Kiss Again “As long as there is love inside your heart. ‘Let’s preserve the last of my pride. I lost confidence. I won’t call you anymore and I’ll give up. I was so afraid of what would happen if you didn’t grab hold of me.” – Yoo Joo “The other day at work. Whether you’re a man or an alien. In this way. sleep together. that would be nice. you’re still pretty to me. our lives would never have never intersected. So I thought. I really forget how cold . do you really hate me?” – Min Yeop “The moment a man makes a woman his. Thus. happiness is just around the corner. you’re cute. your expressions… made my heart fall with a thump. I had this thought – Even if I could just be by his side. It’s funny that as my feelings for you grew. But if you truly hate me. the man wants that woman to live according to his wishes. maybe he won’t go. I walk barefoot sometimes too. even after you’ve forgotten.” – Sun Ki “I never thought I’d be left behind since you were always the one who loved me more. Longing turns into paintings. But just because he’s won her over. If you’re longing for someone. can he force her to do as he wants?” – Han Sung “Grab onto him. I want to eat together. you end up painting them. be together. Before I’m left. then because they keep coming to mind. I wouldn’t have known her. If it wasn’t for her efforts. That’s why I ran away. When my heart is cold… when I don’t feel like going on… when I miss mother… when I miss you. So tell me. who’s able to make up for all my flaws?” – Zhi Shu “The value of life does not depend on the physical but depends on what we have done in life. Who knows.The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince “I like you. every time you look at the painting. let’s leave first’.” – Zhi Shu “Where should I go to find her? Where should I go to find a hug as perfect as this? Where should I go to find someone as suitable as you.” – Zhi Shu ToGetHer “I know I’m dumb. Thus. and paintings become longing as well. but I know what love is.” – Eun Chan The Painter of the Wind “Painting is longing. I don’t care anymore. For the rest of my life. But seeing the small changes in your gaze. Even if you get mad and yell. and discovered her worth. your sighs. longing becomes a painting. fallen in love with her. He liked you even when he thought you were a guy. Do I need any other reason?” – Han Kyul “No matter how meanly you treat me.

let me leave with your love in my heart.my heart is. the horrible things I said.” – Huo Da Will It Snow At Christmas? “Do you often hear that you’re foolish? That you’re stupid. Can't you feel it? When we meet again. do you think you could hold onto him?” – Kang-jin “Please just forgive me this once. not telling you my heart – lying… please overlook it just once. tell me all the happiest memories you experienced from this life. If you can’t stand it. and pathetic? You must get that a lot. My rudeness to you. how I drove you nuts – forgive me this once. will he come to you? If you give up your life or beg. nor what your parents think. breaking your heart. How lonely you must have been. shut your eyes and go to sleep. How I was weak like an idiot and gave you heartache. Forgive me just this once. I can truly understand how you felt when your heart was cold.” – Namikiri Don't be so sad because of me. If you don’t like yourself even if the world loves you then you need to become a person whom you like. you'll meet someone who has a soul like mine. We'll meet again. how I hurt your feelings.. Why didn’t I embrace you with more warmth then?” – Hana U V W Winter Sonata “When someone dies.” – Ji-wan X Y You’re Beautiful click here Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge “It doesn’t matter what the world thinks.” – Hana “Now that I’m alone. Now. If you act like this. the world continues spinning but there’s one person less…” – Yujin Why Why Love “This is how I am.” – Mine Z Zettai Kareshi “Robbing him of his memories is the same as robbing hihim of his life. The heartache you must have felt. . And when you hear me whisper in the wind.

we'll still be together next time. the sky was getting dark. that's why we keep talking" (Worlds Within) Spring Waltz EY: I thought you were leaving. SH: I couldn't leave because of you I forgot where this is from. it would not stay in your hands forever. Do you know what it is? Things like fate. there is something that cannot be forced upon.. Everytime this happens I always thought of you.. Kim Sam Soon : "Do you like me? Don't think about anything.." (Sam Soon) "Unable to understand each other.. you can’t seem to grab hold of it. regardless of how hard you tried to grab.Don't do stuff like this.. not only in the next life.ll reunite in the next life Guy: How many circles must i draw so that it will come true? Girl: If we draw ceaselessly..” – Queen Phoenix What's that burning smell????..Calling a person up in the middle of the night.... If you don't have .. no one I knew. Even when I see you now I miss you.? Then I'll teach you one more thing..it's the smell From MNIKSS: Ep 16 Sam Shik : "Do you understand this feeling? When I got to the train station. Ep 11 Near Sam Soon's house after picking her bicycle..." (Goong) "Let's love like we have never been hurt before.just say what you feel.. but i wrote this down: Girl: I once heard that if you draw circles on your beloved's palm you.Do you like me? You never had just a slight feeling for me? Not even 1%. “In this world.. Guy: I'll grasp your circles tightly. And even if you grab hold of it."Every time I think of you I feel thirsty" (Goong) "I missed you. I was so lonely.Do you know what that means? I have feelings for you. There were no lodgings. I wanted to cry. I still want to be with you in the life times after the next....

. Even if my hormones full or empty. I want him to be the very first one to taste the most delicious cakes I make."of my heart BURNING for your love. Then the husband reads it before he goes to work.these feelings. I'm going to give Jun Hun (Samshik) the cakes that I make... haha!!! dara so lucky!!!!!!! but I love how woo young stares at her then suddenly glances away!! haha I can relate!! I also do person that I like!! haha >_< . This novelist write all night and at dawn she puts it on her husband's desk for him to see." Ep 3 Kim Sam Soon : (When Sam Shik's mom asked how much she love Samshik) "There is fragile novelist. When I start I contemplate whether I should start and when it ends." In the hotel bathroom ." Ep 4 Kim Sam Soon : "I have never taken love easily... love tae hwan in this vid!! so FANBOY!!!!!!!! he looks like my crush in school though. Kim Sam Soon to Sam Shik : "What do you take me for? Am I your toy? You BASTARD!!! i told you to stop saying things you don't mean!" Sam sShik :"I Like you!! I like you Sam Soon!!! I keep on thinking of you and it's driving me crazy! Why do you keep invading my head and why do you keep bothering me?! WHY?! Why can't you just leave me alone?!" Sam Soon : "Fine.. Truthfully.. i love him that much...." She then proceed to leave . I made an effort to do it truthfully. He'll be the very first to taste my cakes. "Cancel the last sentence .. I do the same. Every morning the husband becomes his wife first reader.. Sam Shik holds her hand .then don't do stupid things like this! Don't make girls confused...

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