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Hellenic Army Order of Battle 6 April 1941

Compiled by Nikolaos Stamatopoulos

Contains the following Organisation Tables:

1. Highter Formations and their Component Formations and Units

2. Component units of Divisions and Brigades (Albanian Front)
3. Military Commands in the Zone under General-in-Chief (LoC Troops)
4. Component units of Divisions and Brigades (Bulgarian Front)
5. Task Organisation of West Macedonia Army Formations in Florina Corridor
6. Task Organisation of Central Macedonia Army in Vermion Position
7. Task Organisation of Evros Brigade
8. Task Organisation of East Macedonia Army

Introductionary Notes on the Tables

1. This is an Order of Battle of Greek forces only and does not contain information on the
Commonwealth forces. Tables 1 and 2 contain data of the “administrative” OOB. The rest of
the tables refer to the task organisation of the forces used to defend along the Greek-
Bulgarian and –Yugoslavian border as of 6 April, except table 3, which is dated 10 April, since
this is the date that any units were deployed on the western part of the Greek-Yugoslavian
2. Since the capture of great quantities of Italian equipment and the British aid, some changes
in TOE of units may have occurred, but there is no data about it on the sources, with the
exception of the 3” mortars of the Regiments of XII Division. Generally information contained
on the sources on the Greek-German war is far less detailed and more contradictory, than on
the OOB in the Greek-Italian War. Infantry units in the Albanian Front had many 45mm
captured mortars and Italian LMG (Breda 30) and HMG (Fiat and Breda) in addition to the
equipment according to TOE. Artillery TOEs of 1940 were the same in 1941.
3. On Air Force and Navy see relevant OOBs.
4. Notes on Numbers etc, found in previous OOB apply here also.

1. Highter Formations and their Component Formations and Units

Under immediate command of the GHQ of the Army (Athens, LtGen A. Papagos) were West
Macedonia Army, East Macedonia Army, Epirus Army, Greek-British Group “W” (The Greek
component of which was Central Macedonia Army), Evros Brigade, Thessaloniki Fortress
Command and several Military Commands in the Zone under General-in-Chief. All armies
were termed “Part of Field Army” (similar to German Armeeabteilung). Corps C, D and E HQ
had been disbanded during February-March 1941 to expand West and East Macedonia
Armies and to create HQ and Army Troops for Epirus Army and Central Macedonia Army.
Only A and B Corps remained under command of Epirus Army and “Group of Divisions”
(Corps level formation) under East Macedonia Army.

1a The Armies
Army HQ CO Corps and Artillery AA AT Engineers Other Units
Location Divisions Artillery Artillery a
under n
Command d

Epirus Ioannina, LtGen A Corps - - - S Signal Independent
Epirus I.Pitsikas B Corps Btln Epirus Inf
Central Kozani, LtGen XII and XX B1 FA 22nd AA - D 6th Static
Macedonia West (Res) Infantry Group, Group Engineer MG Btln, X
Macedonia I. Kotoulas Divisions 85mm (prob 1 Btln Border
Bty/E 37mm Sector (4
HvArt Bty (4 outpost
Group, guns) companies)
B How and 1
Group 20mm
(Skoda Bty (4
149mm) guns)
East Thessaloniki LtGen K. XIX Mech - - - - -
Macedonia Bakopoulos Div (-),
VII Inf Div,
Nestos Brig
and Group
of Divisions
West Korytsa LtGen G. IX, X, XIII C FA Rgt 17th AA 4 AT C -
Macedonia (Korca), Tsolakoglou XVI and (-C3 FA Group Pltns Engineer
Albania Cavalry Group), (each Btln,
Divs and C3 HvArt with 2 C1 and C2
21st Group, 47mm Signals
Brigade S HvArt Italian) Cos,
Rgt E1 and E2
C Road
Note: The Howitzer Group S was expanded with captured Skoda 149mm howitzer to a two-
Group (Groups A and B) Howitzer Rgt. S Mnt Art Rgt is former VIII Mnt Art Rgt, while the
1941 VIII Mnt Art Rgt (VIII Divisional Art) is the October 1940 21st Mnt Art Rgt (with 2 Groups).

1b The Corps
Corps HQ CO Divisions Artillery AA AT Engineers Other Units
Location under Artillery Artillery and
Command Signals
Group of Strymonikon, LtGen P. XIV and C3 FA - - - 191
Divisions East Dedes XVIII Group, Mechanized
Macedonia Divisions 6” Bty E Rgt (from
and Krousia XIX Mech
Detachment Div)
A Army Dervitsani, LtGen P. II, III and A FA 15th AA 1 AT Pltn Engineer 1st and 2nd
Corps Albania Demestichas VIII Rgt, Group (with 2 Btlns A Mobile MG
Divisions A HvArt 75mm and S, Btlns
Rgt (+ Danglis A1 and A2
C2 as AT) Signals
HvArt Cos
S Mnt
Art Rgt
(with 3
How Rgt
B Army Pantelogia, MajGen G. I, IV, V, VI, B FA 16th AA 2 AT Btys Engineer B Recon
Corps Albania Bakos XI, XV and Rgt (-B1 Group 75mm Btlns B Group
XVII and B3 Danglis and E
Divisions FA (4guns
Groups), each),
B HvArt 3 AT
Group, Pltns
C HvArt 37mm
Rgt, Pak35/36,
D2 2 AT
HvArt Pltns
Group 47mm
(each Pltn
2 Guns)

2. Component units of Divisions and Brigades (Albanian Front)

2a Infantry Divisions

Division CO Location of HQ Infantry Rgts Notes

I MajGen V. Sleousa, Albania 4,5,16
II MajGen G. Doukati, Albania 3,34,36,39(Euz) #
III Col K. Kurtnesi, Albania 6,12,25,40(Euz) #
IV Col K. Boulalas Riba, Albania 8,9,11 #, only one Signals
Coy (IV Signals
V Col D. Potgorani, Albania 14,43,44
VI MajGen N. Pakomit, Albania 19,21,25 #
VIII MajGen Ch. Kardiki, Albania 15,85,42 (Euz) #, VIII Mnt Art Rgt
Katsimitros is former 21st Mnt
Art Rgt, 85th Inf
Rgt is former VIII
Border Sector
(with the 3 outpost
btln renamed inf
IX MajGen Ch. Dernousia, 27,32,53 #, and 3rd Mobile
Zygouris Albania MG Btln
X MajGen P. Popzisti, Albania 30,65,68 And 4th Mobile
Gazis MG Btln
XI Col S. Toliari, Albania 13,50,66
XIII MajGen S. Grabovitsa, Albania 18,22,23 #, and 2nd and 4th
Moutousis Static MG Btlns
XV Col P. Pakomiti, Albania 28,33,90 Former IV Brigade
XVI MajGen A. Postenani, Albania 1,20,72 Former XVI
Metaxas Brigade
XVII MajGen A. Roden, Albania 29,31,67
Notes : 1. Albanian location names are according to Greek pronunciation and may be
different on modern maps.
2. All Divisions have DivHQ, Div InfHQ, Div ArtHQ, Services and 3-4 Inf Rgts ech with 3 Inf
Btlns, 1 Recon Group, 1 Pioneer and 2 Signals Companies (IV only 1) and 1 Mnt Art Rgt with
3 Groups (a and b with 75mm, c with 105mm guns). Divisions marked # have a 2-Group-Mnt
Art Rgt (a Group with 75mm, b Group with 105mm guns).
3. All Divisions in Albanian Front were by then armed with Schneider 75mm and 105mm mod.
1919 mountain guns (older types given to formations in Bulgarian Front) and Hotchkiss mod.
1926 LMGs and MMGs (except all 3 Rgts of V Division and 15 th, 24th,40th (Euz) and 85th Rgts,
i.e. all Rgts that belonged to VIII Division according to the mobilization plan, which were
equipped with Chauchaut M.1915 LMG and Saint-Etienne M07T HMG).
4. This table can be compared with Table 7 in Mobilization Plan 1939b OOB.
5. III and V Brigades had been disbanded by April 1941, along with a few Infantry Regiments.

2b The Cavalry Division

(HQ Tsousemisti, Albania, CO MajGen G. Stanotas)
In April 1941 it was composed of Division HQ (Brigade HQ had been disbanded in 1-Jan-41),
1 Signals Troop, 1 Mounted Pioneer Pltn, 1st and 3rd Cav Rgts, Mounted MG Group and the
“Mountain Artillery Group of the Cavalry Division” (with 2 batteries each with 4 65mm M1906
mountain guns). The Mechanized Rgt was disbanded to form XIX Mechanized Division.

2c 21st Infantry Brigade

( HQ Biglitsa, Albania, CO Col Ch. Dedes)
It was composed of Brig HQ, 21st Signals Coy, 21st Pioneer Coy, 21st Recon Group and 88th
Infantry Rgt (3 Btlns). A 2-Group Mnt Art Rgt (21st) was to be formed, but was not ready in
April 1941.
3. Military Commands in the Zone under General-in-Chief (LoC Troops)

Note: GHQ commanded the Field Army divided in the “Parts of the Field Army” and the Zone
under General-in-Chief, i.e. Base and Line of Communications Troops for the whole Field
Army, that were not part of the Zone of the Interior (under “Minister of the Army”). That is the
reason why I related “Parts of Field Army” with the Armeeabteilung, because they both do not
have LoC and Base Troops, as in a typical Army. In this table are listed only those Military
Commands that included combat troops and on which any information as found in the

Military Command Combat units

B Highter Military Command (Larissa) Corps administration area command with B
AA Rgt and Larissa Security Btln
C Highter Military Command (Thessaloniki) Corps administration area command with C
AA Rgt and XI Border Section and
Thessaloniki Security Btln (both to XIX Div
after 7 April)
Korytsa Highter Military Command (Korca, with Korytsa Garrison Btln
Kozani Military Command Divisional administration area with IX Border
Sector (2 outpost companies), incl. Vevi Sub-
Sector (2 outpost companies only, 1 coy in
XX Div), on 10 April under Cavalry Division
Verroia Military Command Divisional administration area with X Border
Sector (4 companies), after invasion under
Central Macedonia Army
Corfu Garrison Command with 10th Inf Rgt and “K” Mnt Art Group,
(composed probably of the Skoda 100mm
Bty and a new 65mm Mountain Bty (Bty “K”),
the 22nd Pltn having been send to Bulgarian
Note: 1. In the Zone of the Interior was A Highter Military Command with A AA Rgt (reequiped
with 16 3,7” AA and 18 40mm Bofors AA gun from the British aid) and Athens Security Btln.
2. In the Zone under General-in-Chief were also D and E Highter Military Commands, i.e.
corps adminstrative areas for the respective corps. Although no data on their component units
was to be found they certainly included some AA Art units.

4. Component units of Divisions and Brigades (Bulgarian Front)

(Note: 1. all Inf Rgts with 3 Btlns, each with 3 Rifle companies and 1 MG Company, unless
stated otherwise, 2. all outpost companies with attached MG Pltn, 3. Static AT guns are field
pieces individually positioned along with an MG and entrenched in the gaps between forts)

4a Evros Brigade

HQ Location Soufli, Thrace

CO Res MajGen I. Zisis
Infantry Rgts I (2 cos), II (2 cos) and III (3 cos) Inf Btls and 1 Static MG Coy (2 pltns
Light (Field and -
Mountain) Artillery
Heavy Artillery -
Static Artillery -
AT and AA Artillery -
Engineers and -
Forts Nympaia
Border Sectors and See notes
outpost Cos
Other -
Notes all 3 Btlns (named Komotini, Soufli and Pythion Btlns respectively)
were practically outpost btlns and their coys outpost companies.
Under GHQ

4b Nestos Brigade

HQ Location Xanthi, Thrace

CO Col A. Kalis
Infantry Rgts 37, 93 (93rd Rgt with 2 Btlns only)
Light (Field and 1 Bty from D1 FA Group, HQ of FA Rgt D
Mountain) Artillery
Heavy Artillery 1 Bty from D1 Hv Art Group (85mm)
Static Artillery -
AT and AA Artillery 1 AT Pltn 47mm (2guns), 1 AT Bty (4 75mm field guns as AT)
Engineers and XIV Pioneer Coy,
Signals 1 Signals Coy
Forts Echinos
Border Sectors and See notes
outpost Cos
Other XIV Recon Group
Notes (Note that the 93rd Inf Rgt was the former XIV Border Sector and was
stiil used for outpost duty. Each of its 2 Btlns had 3 outpost cos) Under
East Macedonia Army
4c VII Infantry Division

HQ Location Drama, East Macedonia

CO MajGen Ch. Zoitopoulos
Infantry Rgts 26,71,92
(26 and 92 had 4 Inf Btlns each)
Light (Field and VII Mnt Art Group (75mm Danglis), VII Mnt Art Bty (65mm), D2 and
Mountain) Artillery D3 FA Groups
Heavy Artillery 1 85mm Pltn,
D3 HvArt Group (155mm)
Static Artillery VIIb Static Art Group
(1 Bty with 3 Krupp 100mm WWI guns and 2 Pltns each with 2 6”
30cwt siege howitzers)
AT and AA Artillery 1 AT Pltn 47mm (2guns), 11 75mm guns as static AT
Engineers and VII Pioneer Coy, VII Signals Coy
Forts Fort Group C (Lisse, Pyramidoeides, Dasavli) and Fort Group D
(Kastello, Agios Nikolaos, Bartiseva). The 6 forts were armed with a
total of 3 37mm AT and 5 75mm field/mountain guns
Border Sectors and Nevrokori and Pagoneri outpost cos (i.e. 2 cos)
outpost Cos (92nd Regiment formed from VII Border Section with the addition of D
Inf Btln (renamed II/91) and I/41 Btln, renamed IV/92)
Other -
Notes 26 and 71 Rgt with Hotchkiss mod. 1926LMG and MMG, 92 Rgt with
Chauchaut M.1915 LMG and Saint-Etienne M07T HMG.
Under East Macedonia Army

4d XII Infantry Division

HQ Location Souflar, West Macedonia

CO Col G. Karabatos
Infantry Rgts 82,84,86,87 Inf Rgts of a special type of organisation. They had 2
Btlns only, 8 3” WWI mortars (probably divided among the btlns) and
an additional mortar coy with 3” WWI mortars.
Light (Field and XIIa Mnt Art Group (2 Batteries 75mm Danglis), XIIb Art Group (only 2
Mountain) Artillery Batteries 75mm Field guns), 1 Mnt Art Bty 65mm
Heavy Artillery -
Static Artillery None. Not in fortified position.
AT and AA Artillery 2 AT Pltns 47mm (each with 2guns)
Engineers and XII Pioneer Coy
Forts None. Not in fortified position.
Border Sectors and -
outpost Cos
Other XII Recon Group
Notes 3” WWI mortars were british aid.
Under Cental Macedonia Army

4e XIV Infantry Division

HQ Location Sidirokastron, East Macedonia

CO MajGen K. Papakonstantinou
Infantry Rgts 41, 73 (both with Hotchkiss LMG/MMG) (the I Btln of 41 st regiment
was the former I/81, renamed I/41, but still found as I/81 in some
situation maps)
Light (Field and XIVa and XIVb Mnt Art Batteries (65mm), D1 FA Group (-1 Bty in
Mountain) Artillery Nestos Brig)
Heavy Artillery -
Static Artillery VIb Static Art Group (1 85mm Pltn, 1 120mm De Bange Pltn, 1 6” Pltn,
2 6” Batteries, Pltn with 2, Btys with 4 guns), VIIa Static Art Group (1
85mm Pltn,1 105mm long gun Pltn, 1 120mm De Bange Pltn, (ea Pltn
2 Guns) 1 6” Pltn (1 gun only), 1 6” Bty(4 guns)
AT and AA Artillery 2 47mm AT Ptns (2 guns each), 19 75mm static AT
Engineers and XIV Signals Coy
Forts Karadag (B) Fort Group (Persek, Babazora, Maliaga, Perithori and
Partalouska, in all 3 75mm guns and 3 37m AT) and Sidirokastron
Fort Group (Kali, Roupel and Karatas, in all 5 75mm and 5 37mm AT)
Border Sectors and VII Outpost Btln (2 cos), VIa Border Sector (3 cos)
outpost Cos
Other -
Notes Under Group of Divisions.
There are contradictions regarding artillery with the task organization,
but there seems that XIV and XVIII IDs, reinforced with the artillery of
Group of Division, shared several art units between them as it suited
the task organization at times, which explains most contradictions
found in the sources.

4f XVIII Infantry Division

HQ Location Vyronia, East Macedonia

CO MajGen L. Stergiopoulos
Infantry Rgts 70th, 81st ,91st Rgts (91st had only 2 Btlns, while in the 81st had only
btlns I and III, the II had been send to XIV Div and renamed I/41, and
its HQ beeing the HQ of the Krousia Detachment)
Light (Field and XVIII Mnt Art Group (75mm Danglis), 22nd Mnt Art Pltn (105mm mod.
Mountain) Artillery 1919) and probably 1 Skoda 75mm Mnt Bty and XVIII Static Field Art
Heavy Artillery - probably 1 85mm Pltn
Static Artillery VIa Static Art Group (1 6” Pltn, 1 85mm Pltn, 1 105mm Pltn, each with
2 guns)
AT and AA Artillery 12 75mm static AT guns
Engineers and XVIII Pioneer Coy, XVIII Signals Coy
Forts A Fort Group (Popotlivitsa, Istibei, Kelkayia, Arpalouki, Paliourones, in
all 5 75mm, several 37m AT)
Border Sectors and - (91st Inf Rgt formed from VIa Border Sector)
outpost Cos
Other -
Notes Under Group of Divisions.
All Inf Rgts with Chauchaut M.1915 LMG. 70 and 81 Rgts with
Hotchkiss MMG, 91 with Saint-Etienne HMG.
There are contradictions regarding artillery with the task organization,
but there seems that XIV and XVIII IDs, reinforced with the artillery of
Group of Division, shared several art units between them as it suited
the task organization at times, which explains most contradictions
found in the sources.

4g XIX Mechanized Division

HQ Location Kilkis, Central Macedonia

CO MajGen N. Lioumpas
Mech Cav Rgts 191, 192, 193 Mechanized Rgts. The 191 was at the time acting as
Group of Divisions Corps Reserve. Each regiment had according to
the TOE 1 Mechanised Infantry Btln (Btln I) and 1 Tank Btln (1 light
tank coy with 9 tanks, 2 carrier cos each with 22 Bren carriers and 1
m/c coy with 48 m/c). This units were far bellow authorised stregth
having in all 27 ligh tanks (captured Italian CV33/L.3 or British Vickers
Light) and 77 Bren carriers.
Light (Field and XIX Mech Field Art Group (2 batteries ea 4 75mm field guns), 1 Mech
Mountain) Artillery Art Bty (4 75mm field guns)
AT and AA Artillery XIX AA Art Group (1 Bty with 4 37mm, 1 Bty with 4 20mm),
4 AT Pltns 47mm (each with 2guns), 2 AT Pltns 20mm (2 guns each)
(probably captured Solothurn S18/100 Hv AT rifles)
Engineers and -
Border Sectors and On 7 April the XI Border Sector (HQ and 1st and 2nd outpost cos) was
outpost Cos placed under command of the division
Other XIX Mechanized Recon Group (with Austin cars armed with MGs)
Notes Under East Macedonia Army
On 7 April the Thesaloniki (I) Security Btln (4 Rifle Cos and 2 MG
Pltns) and the whole Krousia Detachment were placed under
command of the division

4h XX Infantry Division

HQ Location Prota, West Macedonia

CO MajGen Ch. Karassos
Infantry Rgts 35th, 80th and “Dodekaneesians” Inf Rgt
Light (Field and 20a and 20b Mnt Art Groups (both with 75mm mod 1919)
Mountain) Artillery
Heavy Artillery -
Static Artillery None. Not in fortified position.
AT and AA Artillery 3 AT Pltns 47mm (each with 2guns), 1 AT Pltn 20mm (2 guns)
(probably captured Solothurn S18/100 Hv AT rifles)
Engineers and XX Pioneer Coy, XX Signals Coy
Forts None. Not in fortified position.
Border Sectors and -
outpost Cos
Other XX Recon Group, Vevi Outpost Coy from Vevi Border subsector
Notes 80th Rgt with Hotchkiss mod. 1926LMG and MMG, 35th and
DoneKaneesians Rgt with Chauchaut M.1915 LMG and Saint-Etienne
M07T HMG. Dodekaneesians Rgt was fromed from volunteers from
Dodekanes Island (then under Italian rule).
Under Central Macedonia Army

4i Krousia Detachment

HQ in Theodorovon, Central Macedonia, CO Col. I. Sionidis (CO 81st Inf Rgt) It was formed
from 81st Inf Rgt HQ, 2nd Cavalry Regiment (dismounted, i.e. without horses, formed from D
Recon Group, not from peacetime 2nd Cav Rgt), Athens (II) Security Btln, the 3rd (Mouria)
outpost coy of XI Border Sector, B3 Field Art Group and 1 85mm HvArt Pltn. It was placed
under command of XIX Division on 7 April 1941.

5. Task Organisation of West Macedonia Army Formations in Florina Corridor

In 9th April as the it became obvious that the southern part of the Yugoslavian forces had
collapsed and that the Germans could invade through the Florina Corridor and cut off the
Greek forces on the Albanian Front, some forces from the West Macedonia Army that could
be made available quickly (Cavalry Division, 21st Infantry Brigade, IX Border Sector and a
mixed Hv Art Group (1 85mm and 1 155mm batteries) from B Hv Art Rgt) were ordered to
extend the defensive position of Group “W” to the west. The positions were taken on 10th
April. The Cavalry Division, reinforced with IX Border Sector, some units of 21st Brigade and
the HvArtGroup, was divided into four battlegroups, holding the position and the rest of the
21st Brigade covered the south east flank of the position, acting also as liason detachment to
Group “W”.

Under command of Cavalry Division HQ (in Vatochorion, MajGen G. Stanotas)

From west to east:
a) East of Prespes Lakes: 21st Recon Group, reinforced by a pltn from Laimos outpost
coy of IX Border Sector and 1 20mm AT gun
b) Pisoderi defile: 3rd Cav Rgt, IX Border Sector (-pltn), 1 AT gun Pltn and the mixed
HvArt Group (1 85mm Bty, 1 155mm Bty) from B Hv Art Rgt.
c) On mountains west of Trivounon village: 1st Cav Rgt (-Sqdn I) and Cav Div Mnt Art
Group (65mm)
d) On mountains west of Vapsorion village: Mounted MG Group (-1 MG troop)
Reserves: III/88 Inf Btln in Vatochorion, I Sqdn/1st Cav Rgt and 1 MG Troop (from Mounted
MG Group) in Trigonon.

Under command of 21st Infantry Brigade (in Aetos, Col Ch. Dedes):
a) 88th Inf Rgt (-III/88 Btln, 1 rifle coy and 1 MG Pltn) in Nymphaion-Aetos position
b) 1 rifle coy with 1 MG Pltn in Kleisoura defile

Covering the position were 2 of the outpost companies of Vevi Border Sub-sector

6. Task Organisation of Central Macedonia Army in Vermion Position

(from situation map dated 5 April 1941)

Central Macedonia Army HQ in Kozani

From north to south:

XX Infantry Division (HQ Prota) with:

a) “Vevi” outpost coy of Vevi subsector north of Vevi
b) Dodekanesians Inf Rgt on Kaimaktsalan mountain
c) 35th Inf Rgt (-I/35 Btln) and 1 MG Btln (probably 6th Static MG) south of Vergoritis lake
d) 80th Inf Rgt in Ano Grammatikon
e) Divisional Reserve: I/35 Btln, I/87 Btln (from XII Div) XX Recon Group behind (west)
of 35th Inf Rgt
f) Divisional Art: 2 mnt art groups (20a, 20b), 1 mnt art Bty (probably Mnt Bty 65mm
from XII Div) 1 85mm Bty/E Hv Art Group (from Central Macedonia Army), B1 FA
Group (with 4 batteries, from Central Macedonia Army)

XII Infantry Division (HQ Souflar) with:

a) 84th Inf Rgt south-west of Naoussa
b) 86th Inf Rgt and 87th Inf Rgt (-I/87 Btln) south-west of Verroia
c) 82nd Inf Rgt (- I/82 Btln) on Verroia-Kozani road as flank/liason detachment
d) Divisional Reserve: XII Recon Group behind (west) of 87th Rgt
e) Divisional Art: XIIa Mnt Art Group, XIIb Field Art Group
Note: I/82 Inf Btln with 19th Australian Infantry Brigade north of Aliakmon river,
Divisional Artillery reinforced later with B Howitzer group Skoda 149mm from West
Macedonia Army,
All Inf Rgts of XII Div with only 2 Btlns each.

7. Task Organisation of Evros Brigade

Brigade HQ: Soufli, CO Res. MajGen I.Zisis

From east to west (all units in outpost duty):
a) III (“Pythion”) Btln covering area north of Didymoteichon
b) II (“Soufli”) Btln, HQ in Soufli
c) I (“Komotini”) Btln, HQ in Komotini, with Fort Nymphaia, suported by a Static MG Coy
(with only 2 Pltns) and 2 outpost companies covering the west flank of the fort.

8. Task Organisation of East Macedonia Army

(some units, e.g. engineers not included)

East Macedonia Army HQ: Thessaloniki

From east to west: (Notes: Sectors are Rgt level commands, Sub-sectos Btln-level. Forts
have reduced personnel and armament due to reinforcements send to Albanian Front. When
known, armament and personnel of forts in 6 April 1941 is given)

Nestos Brigade HQ Xanthi, CO Col A. Kalis

a) 37th Inf Rgt (HQ Paradeisos, Col A. Pyriochos) and Brigade Artillery (1 Bty/D1 FA
Group and 1Bty/D1 Hv Art Group(85mm) positioned on Nestos riverline
b) 93rd Inf Rgt (2-Btln-Rgt) on outpost duty. HQ North-west of Xanthi, CO LtCol T.
Triantaphyllakos in three sub-sectors, east to west: Satrai Sub-sector (7th and 6th Rifle
cos), Echinos Sub-sector (Echinos Fort, 5th and 3rd Rifle cos) and Lykodromion Sub-
sector (2nd and 1st Rifle Cos), all rifle cos reinforced by MG Pltns
c) XIV Recon Group south of Satrai subsector (north of Lake Bourou) as flank cover.

VII Infantry Division HQ Drama, MajGen Ch. Zoitopoulos

Defending on a 85km front in three subsectors from east to west:
a) Paranesti Sector (Paranest, Col D. Sinioris) with III/92 Inf Btln covering the sector
front on outpost duty, 71th Inf Rgt positioned on Nestos Riverline
b) Touloubar Sector (Mokros, LtCol E. Oreianos) with the I/92 Inf Btln covering the
sector on outpost duty and the rest of the 92nd Regiment (II and IV Btlns) positioned
on Nestos Riverline
c) Falakron Sector (Granitis, LtCol A. Adamopoulos) with 1) VIIa/1 Border Sector (CO
LtCol A. Papadomarkakis) commanding Fort Group C (Forts Lisse, Pyramidoides and
Dasavli), Fort Group D (Forts Kastello, Agios Nikolaos and Bartiseva) and VIIb Static
Art Group (2 6” pltns and 1 Bty with 3 100mm Krupp WW-I guns), 2) 26 th Inf Rgt (with
4 Btlns, IV Btln organised with 3 Rifle companies only) positoned in the gaps between
forts and 3) 2 outpost companies (named Neurokopi and Pagoneri) covering the front
in outpost duty.
d) Divisional Artillery in addition to VIIB Static Group: VII Mnt Art Group (75mm Danglis)
VII Mnt Bty 65mm, D2 and D3 FA Groups, 1 Pltn 85mm and D3 HvArt Group
(155mm) divided among the Sectors, with 1 Bty and 1 Pltn in Touloubar, 3 or 4 Btys
in Paranesti and 8 or 7 Btys (plus Static Group) in Falakron Sector. In all (counting
the Static Group as worth 2 Batteries) the division had 14 ½ batteries.

Under Group of Divisions (HQ Strymonikon, LtGen K. Bakopoulos) were its Reserve
(191st Mechanized Cavalry Rgt east of Strymonikon) and the following formations from
east to west:

XIV Infantry Division HQ Sidirokastron, MajGen K. Papakonstantinou divided into two

“Groups” (brigade level commands) from east to west:
a) Karadag Group (HQ Kato Vrontou, Col G. Salvanos) divided into 1) Eastern Sector
under VIIa Border Sector HQ (Kato Vrontou, LtCol Ch. Krasanakis) with eastern part
of Fort Group B (Maliaga, Perithori and Partalouska Forts) VII Outpost Btln (2 outpost
companies) covering position and I/73 Inf Btln positioned in gaps between forts and
2) Western Sector under 73rd Inf Rgt HQ (Ano Vrontou, LtCol A. Georgopoulos) with
Forts Persek and Babazora, II/73 and III/73 Inf Btlns. 3) Group Artillery included D1
FA Group (-1Bty in Nestos Brig) and VIIa Static Art Group (1 Bty 6” , 1 Pltn 6”, 1 Pltn
120mm De Bange, 1 Pltn 105mm long, 1 Pltn 85mm), 1 47mm AT pltn (2 guns), 11
75mm static AT. There were 3 75mm guns and 3 37mm AT in the forts in Karadag
Group. Perithori Fort in particular had 1 37mmAT, 2 81mm mortars, 17 HMG, 3 LMG,
11 VB, 8 officers and 215 men.
b) Sidirokastron Group (HQ Sidirokastron, Col E. Zisimopoulos) divided into 1) Eastern
Sector under 41st Inf Rgt HQ (Mokra, LtCol E. Asimakopoulos) with II/41 and III/41
Btlns, 2) Central Sector (HQ Metalon, LtCol N. Exarchakos) with 1 outpost company
(Agistron) and Fort Kali, 3) Western Sector (HQ Kapina, LtCol G. Pleurakis) with
Forts Roupel and Karatas and I/41 Inf Btln (former II/81, sometimes found in situation
maps with older designation), 4) Covering the Group front in outpost duty was VIa
Border Sector (- Agistron coy) with 2 outpost companies left (Achladochori and
Roupel), 5) Group Artillery included VIb Static Art Group (2 Btys 6”, 1 Ptn 6”, 1 Pltn
120mm De Bange, 1 Pltn 85mm), 1 Mnt Bty with 4 65mm guns (XIVa or b), 1 Mnt Bty
with 4 75mm (possibly Skoda Bty from XVIII Div) 1 Field Bty with 6 75mm (perhaps
XVIII Static Field Bty), 1 47mm AT Pltn (2 guns), 8 75mm static AT and in the forts 1
75mm in Kali, 2 75mm in Karatas and in Roupel: 2 75mm guns and 5 37mm AT (plus
1 37mm AA, 1 20mm AA, 5 81mm mortars, 85 MG, 25 LMG, 53 VB, 27 officers, 950

XVIII Infantry Division HQ Vyroneia, MajGen L. Stergiopoulos, divided into three “Sub-
sectors” (Sectors regarding strength), from east to west:
a) Beles Enclave Sub-Sector, HQ Letsitsa, Col. G. Karpenisiotis (Div Inf CO) with 91 st
Ing Rgt HQ, I/91, I/70 and III/81 Inf Btlns, the forts Istibei, Kelkayia, Arpalouki and
Paliourones and the Sector artillery. This included 2 Field Art Btys (probably from C3
FA Group), 2 6” Btys each with 3 howitzers only (probably 6” Bty E (4 pieces) and 6”
Pltn of VIa Static Art Group (2 pieces) reorganized), 1 85mm Pltn and possibly an
additional 1 105mm long Pltn (both probably from VIb Static Art Group) plus 4 75mm
static AT. Istibei fort had 2 75mm, 1 37mm AT, 1 20mm AA, 2 81mm, 26 HMG, 9
LMG, 17 VB, 10 off and ca 300 men, while Kelkayia Fort had 1 37mm AT, 18 MG, 11
LMG, 13 VB, 3 off and 226 men.
b) Roupesko Sub-Sector, HQ Vyroneia, Lt Col Th. Nikitas, with III/70 Inf Btln, Fort
Popotlivitsa (still under construction) 2 Mnt Art btys (probably XVIII Mnt Art Group)
and 22nd Mnt Art Pltn (2 105mm mod. 1919 guns)
c) Rodopolis Sub-Sector, HQ Ano Poroia, Lt Col L. Kitsos (CO 70th Rgt) with 70th Rgt
HQ, II/70 and II/91Inf Btlns, 1 65mm Mnt Bty (probably XIVa or XIVb from XIV Div), 1
85mm Pltn and 1 37mm AT gun
d) Division Reserve in Vyroneia was I/81 Inf Btln
Note that there were in total 8 75mm static AT in Roupesko and Rodopolis Sub-sectors. The
forts in XVIII Division area had 5 75mm guns.

Krousia Detachment (HQ Theodorovon, Col I. Sionides, CO 81 Rgt) with 81 st Rgt HQ, 1
outpost coy from XI Border sector (named “Mouria”) (East of Doirani Lake), II (Athens)
Security Btln (positioned on the Kilkis-Sidirokastron road), 2nd Cav Regiment (without horses)
west of Kerkini lake, Detachment artillery (B3 FA Group, 1 85mm Pltn behind II Securiy Btln.

The rest of the XI Border Sector (2 outpost companies between Axios River and Lake
XIX Mechanized Division (- 191 Mechanized Rgt) (under East Macedonia Army) was still
on the march on 6 April 1941 in the area north of Kilkis, while XIX Recon Group was ordered
to move from Drama area, to Kilkis area. In the night 6/7 April 192 Rgt was positioned west of
II Security Btln of the Krousia Detachment and the 193 Rgt betwenn 192 Rgt and Lake

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