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Youth and Agro Business.

In today’s world, the youth generation is always looking for achieving

something great as their career. It is a good thing for the development of
country like India. As it has been told that youths are pillar of India, they must
be motivated on a constant basis. The youth generation has proved and trying
to prove themselves in almost each sector in India like Hotel business,
traditional trade system, film industry and many more.
But the youth generation has overlooked the most profitable and most
important area or industry, yes it is Agro Industry. I would like to call it an
Industry because it possesses all the characteristics of an industry. It is
providing employment to most of the population of the country, it’s creating
various outputs and it can provide you with profit more than enough, if
managed well.
India, as now a days called the forthcoming superpower of the world,
has to give more importance on the agriculture sector to achieve this goal. The
youth of the nation must mould to this sector by some way.
Rather than engaging in this industry most of the people now a days
trying to go out of this. The outcomes are not like it was in agro field. But it
has certain reasons behind that. But if managed well these problems can be
cured and recovered. The most important and general reason in failure in this
field is wrong or weaker analysis of the environments related to it. Like this
there are many reasons for failure or losses in this field, as:
1. To relay on Traditional Natural Cycle.
2. Failure in analysis:
a) Market analysis.
b) Natural Analysis
c) Scientific study of the field, etc.
3. Unplanned activities and schedule, etc.
4. Risk avoidance and dependence on agents.
Why One should go for Agro Business:

1. We have a good history with us in this field.

2. We have acres of land to be used for.
3. The government is providing various facilities to develop this
4. We were and again, can be the supermarket for spices, tea, coffee
and many more agro products.

Guidelines for Success in the Field:

1. Studying the Natural changes and scientific forecasting

2. Detailed analysis
a) Market analysis and expert views
b) Studying the nature and its changes
c) Checking and analysis of changes in soil and water

3. Scheduling the activities after detailed study and analysis.

4. To enter in the market without agent as a mediator.

Why Youths:
a) They have more patience which is needed in this field
b) Youth have more risk taking approach
c) They can use advanced education and technologies for
better outputs.
d) The Management students can apply their knowledge and
get more benefits in the field.
Though it seems that the agro sector needs extra efforts than other
business, it gives more profits also. If the youth of the nation will enter in this
field and apply their knowledge and abilities in this sector then the outcomes
can be only positive. The educated professionals like Management students
can use various techniques to be successful in this field.

Presented By:

1. Mr. L. B. Bagal,
Visiting Lecturer,
Dr. BAMU, Sub Campus,
Dept. of Management Science, Osmanabad