Repeated episodes of Acute Glomerulonephriti s

Kidney reduced to little as their normal size

Cortex layer shrinks in thickness

Surface of kidney become rough and irregular

Glomeruli tubules become scarred and renal artery thickened

Severe Fluid retention-----------glomerular Blood in damage urine Dyspnea Stroke seizure Chronic glomerulonephriti s Kidney failure

If treated:

If not treated: Chronic renal failure ESRD Death

There isis a treatment but cure, it is There a treatment but no A no cure, it is a long term dialysis long term treatment like treatment like dialysis Predisposing Factors Factors Age Race (Afro Americans) Gender

Precipitating Lifestyle (Obesity) Family History

& damage inflammatory malfunction of the glomerulus decrease Proteinuria ------------------selective permeability of Hematuria the glomerulus Nausea &Vomiting-----------------------retention of Weakness water.Trapping of circulating antigen antibody complexes w/in the glomerulus Fever and chills----------------.waste Hypertension materials and electrolytes Edema anuria If treated: It can relieve symptoms and reduce for potential complication If not treated: Chronic Glomerulonephr itis .

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