Zoner's Half-Life Compilation Tools 2.5.3, CUSTOM BUILD 1.7 (readme.

txt Revision 08/12/02 Anthony Moore) Be sure to consult instructions.html for proper usage instructions Previous versions are available at Change Log: Version 1.7 - Intergrated code from Laurie Cheers for switchable texture based lighting (la - Intergrated code from Jussi Kivilinna for semi-transparent brush based entity shadowing see instructions.html for further details ( - Increased maximum subdivide value in hlbsp to 512. You may now specify a valu e using the -subdivide parameter other than 240. WARNING: Doing so may cause problems in software mode. If in doubt, leave at the failsafe default value of 240. - Updated info_compile_parmeters entity to not use any spawnflags - Updated instructions.html and fixed micellaneous spelling errors (:/) Verison 1.6.1 - Fixed issue of all null textured brush mysteriously dissapering (merkaba@onth Version 1.6 - Included Zipster's max vis distance into hlvis - Included fix by hullu for wad.cfg on *nix systems ( - All tools now support info_compile_parameters entity - Included hlrad support for info_texlights entity - Included various hlrad features from Adam Foster ( Version 1.5.2 - Fixed issue of last wadpath ignorance when using mapfile wadpaths (AmericanRP G) - Fixed issue of ÿ interfering with wad.cfg - wad.cfg should now work from the directory the tools are installed to Version 1.5.1 - Fixed Mixed Face Contents error bug when using NULL with water textures (alex - Attempted fix of compile log output not having linebreaks Version 1.5 - Re-wrote support for wad.cfg file - Fixed issue of hlcsg.exe crashing under Win2k with a custom wad configuration - Wrote in support for automatic wad detection - Included Adam Foster's Sky Diffuse hack for hlrad ( Version 1.4 - Wrote in support for the multiple wad configuration file (wad.cfg) Consult instructions.html for a detailed usage guide to this feature Beta 1.3 - Wrote in support for clipnode economy mode, can be turned off with -noclipeco nomy The following will not generate clipnodes: + func_illusionarires

2 .+ + + + func_train or func_tracktrain with flag 4 set (not solid) func_conveyor with flag 2 set (not solid) func_rot_button with flag 1 set (not solid) func_rotating with flag 7 set (not solid) Beta 1.1 .Removed clip face stripping .Wrote in functionality for NULL texture .Clip texture now works in the same fashion as the NULL texture for backwards compadibility .Removed Skip texture hack .Added in -nonulltex command line switch to turn the feature off .Fixed spam debug message in HLCSG Beta 1.

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