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Roxtec explosion

protected solutions

ATEX and IECEx certified

Jörgen Åkesson

2009-10-14 1
• Requirements for an explosion
• Definition of an explosion
• Procedure and consequence of an explosion
• Ex equipment in Ex areas
• Zone classification and type of protection
• Our news
• Roxtec‘s Ex certificates
• The global certification IECEx
• Roxtec‘s Ex products
• Marking and meaning
• American standard
• Competitor information
• Questions & Answers
• Guideline for selling Ex seals
2009-10-14 2
Requirements for an explosion
fire, sparks usually oxygen

or hot from the air

surfaces or within




flammable material

2009-10-14 3
flammable gas, liquids, vapor, fog, dust
Definition of an explosion

= chemical reaction, which runs off
abruptly and with a high speed, exothermic reaction

2009-10-14 4
What can happen when you
don’t comply with ATEX?

• AZF Plant in Toulouse, France, 21st Sep 2001

• Ammonia-Nitrate explosion, 31 dead, 2442 injured
2009-10-14 5
Hayes Auto Parts, Kentucky, USA, 20th Feb 2003
Dust explosion – 7 fatally burned, 30 injured
2009-10-14 6
West Pharmaceuticals, Kinston, USA,
29th Jan 2003
2009-10-14 7
What is an Ex area?
Ex areas are known as “Hazardous Locations”,
“Hazardous Areas” or “Explosive Atmospheres”.

In these areas flammable liquids, vapors, gases

or combustible dusts are likely to occur in
quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion.

Today’s automation of industry has meant

increased use of ”Ex equipment” in Ex areas.

2009-10-14 8
Where do you find Ex equipment?
- Automotive re-fuelling stations or petrol stations
- Oil refineries, rigs and processing plants
- Oil and gas tankers, drilling ships and FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage
Offloading vessels)
- Chemical processing plants
- Printing industries, paper and textiles
- Hospital operating theatres
- Aircraft re-fuelling and hangars
- Surface coating industries
- Underground coal mines
- Sewerage treatment plants
- Gas pipelines and distribution centers
- Grain handling and storage
- Woodworking areas
- Sugar refineries
- Metal surface grinding, especially aluminum dusts and particles

2009-10-14 9
Where to use Ex classified cable

- In Ex classified enclosures such as

cabinets, motors, generators, junction
boxes, etc

2009-10-14 10
What is ATEX?

- The European Directives

relating to Potentially
Explosive Atmospheres

ATmosphères EXplosibles

2009-10-14 11
ATEX Directive


2009-10-14 12
Reasons for the ATEX rules
„ One market
„ One design
„ One standard

To ensure free movement for products,

keeping the essential health and safety
requirements, in the EU territory

2009-10-14 13
Why ATEX rules?

Problems, fork, lift, truck, etc

„ Electrical and mechanical equipment and protective systems

„ Includes dust

„ Applies to manufacturers and users

2009-10-14 14
Directive 94/9/EC
Valid for equipment, components and protection
systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

The manufacturer must prove that equipment fulfils the

essential safety requirements.

Published in 1996, mandatory from the 1st of July 2003.

2009-10-14 15
Directive 94/9/EC

All products for hazardous areas sold after the 30th of June 2003 in the
European market must be designed and certified acc. to this directive.

They must conform to requirements electrical apparatus to get the CE marking.

The directive requires electrical components certified acc. to following standards:

EN 50015, EN 50016/EN60079-2, ..., EN 50018/EN60079-1, EN 50020, EN 60079-
15, EN 50028/EN 60079-18, EN 50281-1-1.
The standards are used together with the general part EN 60079-0.

The quality system of the producer must also be ATEX approved!

2009-10-14 16
Council Directive 1999/92/EC
Minimum requirements for improving safety and health
protection of workers at risk from explosive

2009-10-14 17
Directive 1999/92/EC
Rules for all facilities in hazardous areas in the European market:

„ The areas in risk of explosions from dust and gas must be defined
„ There must be a risk assessment
„ An explosion protection document must be released
„ Certified electrical apparatus must be used
„ *New plants from 01.07.2003 / Running facilities 3 years later!

2009-10-14 18
EU territory
„ Austria „ Latvia Countries outside EU having
„ Belgium „ Lithuania accepted the ATEX rules
„ Bulgaria „ Luxembourg
„ Cyprus „ Malta „ Norway
„ Czech Republic „ Netherlands „ Switzerland
„ Denmark „ Poland „ Japan
„ Estonia „ Portugal „ Australia
„ Finland „ Romania „ Korea
„ France „ Slovakia „ Singapore
„ Germany „ Slovenia „ Others.....
„ Greece „ Spain
„ Hungary „ Sweden
„ Ireland „ United Kingdom
„ Italy

2009-10-14 19
Classification in zones
Example: Petrol station

Zone 2

Zone 1
Zone 1 Zone 0

Zone 0 Zone 0

2009-10-14 20
Example of Area Classification
ZONE 0 Vent
Source of hazard
continuous grade

Sump with
Flammable ventilation

2009-10-14 21
Zone classification (EN 60079-10)

Hazardous areas are classified into zones based on the possibility of

occurrence of an explosive atmosphere (Directive 1999/92/EC and 94/9/EC):

Flammable Definition, Zone Explosion

material an explosive atmosphere is: hazard
Gas, Present continuously, frequently Zone 0 zones
vapour, mist classified =
Likely to occur in normal operation Zone 1
Is not likely to occur, short period Zone 2 Probability,
Dust Present continuously, frequently Zone 20 frequency,
duration of
Likely to occur in normal operation Zone 21
occurence of
Is not likely to occur, short period Zone 22
Ex atmosphere
Highlighted zones = Permitted zones for Roxtec Ex products

Zone classification must be done by operator or authorised specialist.

2009-10-14 22
ATEX Directive
Areas Classification of Required marking for electrical equipment
Device group Category
Mining Operating I M1
Mining Shutdown I M2 or M1

Surface Zone 0 II 1G
Surface Zone 1 II 2G or 1G
Surface Zone 2 II 3G or as 2G
Surface Zone 20 II 1D
Surface Zone 21 II 2D or 1D
Surface Zone 22 II 3D or as 2D

Highlighted zones = Permitted zones for Roxtec Ex products

2009-10-14 23
Type of protection

Flame-proof enclosure Increased Intrinsic safety

Marking Ex d safety Marking Ex ia/ib

Other types*:
Marking Ex e
Ex p - pressurization
Ex q - powder filling
Ex o - oil immersion
Ex m - encapsulation
Ex n – non-sparking equipment

*May be suitable if other demands are Highlighted = Protection for Roxtec Ex products
not requested. Needs examination
from case to case.

2009-10-14 24
Protection Flame-proof enclosure, Ex d
Standards: EN 50014, IEC 60079-0, EN 60079-0/1, IEC 60079-1, EN 13463-1/3

Ignition protection in which the parts that could ignite an explosive atmosphere are located
inside an enclosure that withstands the pressure of an explosion inside, and prevents
transmission of the explosion to the atmosphere surrounding the enclosure.

Equipment where sparks, electrical arcs and/or hot surfaces are generated:
switchgear, slip rings, collectors, adjustable resistors, fuses or lampsand heating cartridges.

2009-10-14 25
Protection Intrinsic safety, Ex ia/iB
Standard: EN 50014, IEC 60079-0, EN 60079-11, IEC 60079-11

Intrinsically safe electrical equipment contains only circuits that meet the requirements of intrinsially
safe circuits.

Measuring and monitoring instrumentation and control.
Sensors working on the basis of physical, chemical or mechanical principles and at limited power.
Actuators working on the basis of optical, acoustic and, to a certain extent, mechanical principles.

2009-10-14 26
Protection Increased safety, Ex e
Standards: EN 60079-0/7, IEC 60079-0/7

Additional measures provide a higher degree of safety. This ensures reliable prevention of unacceptably
high temperatures and sparks or electrical arcs, both on the internal and the external parts of electrical
equipment whose normal operation does not involve unacceptably high temperature sparks or arcing.

Installation material such as junction boxes, connection cabinets for heating systems, batteries,
transformers, ballast and cage motors.

2009-10-14 27
What’s new?
• ATEX certificates according to new EN standard:
EN 60079-0:2006
EN 60079-7:2003
EN 61241-0:2006
EN 61241-1:2004
• Certified for extended frame combinations for S-, SF-
and G frames. Maximum size 8+8+8x10.
• IECEx certificates according to IECEx International
Certification System
• Certified according to national standards for Russia,
Croatia and Ukraine
2009-10-14 28
Product Certificates
Frame/Seal ATEX certificate IECEx certificate Additional certificates for following countries:
C RS T Ex SP08ATEX3913X IECEx SP 09.0001X
RS…B Ex SP08ATEX3914X IECEx SP 09.0001X Ukaine
RS…W Ex SP08ATEX3915U IECEx SP 09.0002U
CF 8 Ex SP08ATEX3916X IECEx SP 09.0001X
CF 32 Ex SP08ATEX3916X IECEx SP 09.0001X
CF 16 Ex SP08ATEX3917X IECEx SP 09.0001X
R…B Ex SP08ATEX3918X IECEx SP 09.0001X
R…W Ex SP08ATEX3919U IECEx SP 09.0002U
B…B Ex SP08ATEX3920X IECEx SP 09.0001X
B…C Ex SP08ATEX3921U IECEx SP 09.0002U
SF Ex SP08ATEX3922X IECEx SP 09.0001X
G Ex SP08ATEX3922X IECEx SP 09.0001X
S Ex SP08ATEX3923U IECEx SP 09.0002U
SF…W Ex SP08ATEX3924U IECEx SP 09.0002U
All ATEX and IECEx certificates are issued by Notified Body No 0402,
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

2009-10-14 29
The global standard IECEx
The IECEx Certified Equipment Program

• International Certification Scheme covering products

meeting the requirements of International Standards,
e.g. IEC Standards prepared by TC 31.

• Certificates of the IECEX Certified Equipment Program

are issued as “Electronic Certificates”. They are live on
the IECEx website. This enables full public access for
viewing and printing. Visit the website
2009-10-14 30
Roxtec’s IECEx certificates

2009-10-14 31
Roxtec Ex standard products

S Ex G Ex SF...W Ex R Ex RS Ex

CF 16 Ex CF 8 Ex CF 32 Ex C RS T Ex

Modules Ex Wedge kit Ex Wedges Ex Stayplates Ex

2009-10-14 32
Description of marking on Roxtec products
1. Type of gland (cable seal) 4. The equipment group of
electrical apparatus
2. IECEx certificate number
1 U=Marking to indicate that the equipment
is an EX comonent 5. SP = Name or mark of
2 notified body.
3. Ex e II = Marking for protection against
3 potential explosive gases.
08 = Year of certification
5 Ex = The symbol to indicatee that the
3923 = Consecutive No.
electical apparatus corresponds with one
or more explosion protection techniques
6 U = Marking to indicate that
the product is an
e = The symbol for each type of
Ex component
protection techniques used. ”e” is
increased safety.
6. Type designation for the
II = The group of electrical apparatus certified cable gland.

Ex tD = Marking for protection against 7. 0402 = Serial number of

potential explosive dust. Protected by notified body.

A21 = The equipment is intended to be 8. Minimum and maximum

8 placed in zone 21 and 22 (not in zone 20) ambient temperature.

2009-10-14 33
Description of marking on Roxtec products

Ex component - not intended to be used alone.

Requires additional certification.

All our frames intended to be welded have a certificate marking

ending with the suffix ”U”. This means that the total cable entry
needs to be certified after welding.

Certificate marking ending with the suffix ”X” does not require this
extra certification.

2009-10-14 34
Description of marking on Roxtec products
Indicates ”X”-certificate. Certificate of Conformity

”X”= Special condition may be noted.

For Roxtec, ”X” indicates the following:

1. For maintaining the explosion protection, the

Ex manual that comes with the products shall
be considered.

2. Only cable for fixed installation is permitted.

3. The cable entry is ready for use not earlier

than 24 h after being tightened according to
the Ex manual.

2009-10-14 35
S Ex frames
Available materials:
Primed mild steel or stainless steel.

Available sizes:
Single frames: S 1x1 – S 8x1
Combination frames: Maximum S 8+8+8x10

Certificate number:
IECEx SP 09.0002U

S Ex AISI 316 S Ex Primed

2009-10-14 36
SF...W Ex
Available materials:
Primed mild steel or stainless steel.
Available sizes:
Single frames: SF 1x1 W - SF 8x1 W.
Combinations frames: Maximum SF 8+8+8x10 W

Certificate number:
IECEx SP 09.0002U

2009-10-14 37
G Ex frames
Available materials:
Primed mild steel, galvanized, or
stainless steel.

Available sizes:
Single frames: G 1x1 - G 8x1
Combination frames: Maximum G 8+8+8x10

Certificate number:
IECEx SP 09.0001X

2009-10-14 38
CF 8/32 Ex frames


Available versions:
CF 8/32 Ex
CF 8/32 Ex EMC

Certificate number:
IECEx SP 09.0001X

CF 8 Ex CF 32 Ex

2009-10-14 39
CF 16 Ex frames
Powder coated mild steel or stainless steel

Available versions:
CF 16 Ex
CF 16 Ex AISI 304
CF 16 Ex EMC
CF 16 Ex EMC AISI 304

Certificate number:
IECEx SP 09.0001X

CF 16 Ex CF 16 Ex AISI 304

2009-10-14 40
R Ex frames
Available versions:
R-frame, sleeve with flange (R..B)
R frame, sleeve without flange (R...W)
R EMC frame, sleeve with flange (R…B EMC)
R EMC frame, sleeve without flange (R…W EMC)

Available materials:
Frame: Stainless steel
Sleeve without flange: Primed mild steel or stainless steel.
Sleeve with flange: Primed or galvanized mild steel. Stainless
Available sizes R…W, kit with R-frame and sleeve without flange:
R 75 W, R 100 W, R 125 W, R 150 W and R 200 W.

Available sizes R…B, kit with R-frame, sleeve with flange and
R 75 B, R 100 B, R 125 B, R 150 B and R 200 B.

Certificate number:
SP08ATEX3919U, IECEx SP 09.0002U (R…W)
SP08ATEX3918X, IECEx SP 09.0001X (R…B)

R...W Ex R...B Ex
2009-10-14 41
RS Ex seals
Available versions:
RS-seal, sleeve with flange (RS..B)
RS-seal, sleeve without flange (RS...W)
RS ES seal, sleeve with flange (RS…B ES )
RS ES seal, sleeve without flange (RS…W ES )
Available materials:
Seal: Stainless steel
Sleeve without flange: Primed mild steel or stainless steel.
Sleeve with flange: Primed or galvanized mild steel. Stainless
Available sizes RS…W, kit with RS-seal with core. Sleeve without
RS 25 W, RS 43 W, RS 50 W, RS 75 W.
Available sizes RS…W, kit with RS-seal without core and sleeve
without flange:
RS 100 W, RS 125, RS 150 W
Available sizes RS…B, kit with RS-seal with core. Sleeve with
flange and gasket: RS...W
RS 25 B, RS 43 B, RS 50 B, RS 75 B.
Available sizes RS…B, kit with RS-seal without core. Sleeve with
flange and gasket:
RS 100 B, RS 125 B, RS 150 B
Certificate number:
SP08ATEX3915U, IECEx SP 09.0002U (RS…W)
SP08ATEX3914X, IECEx SP 09.0001X (RS…B)

2009-10-14 42
C RS T Ex seals
Seal (C RS): Stainless steel
Sleeve: Nickel plated brass.

Available sizes, kit with C RS-seal:

C RS T 25, C RS T 31, C RS T 43, C RS T 50

Certificate number:
SP08ATEX3913X, IECEx SP 09.0001X


2009-10-14 43
Ex modules
ƒ RM Ex modules are available in the same sizes as non Ex modules.
ƒ RM Ex PE/ES are available in the same sizes as non Ex PE/ES modules.

ƒ CM Ex modules are available in the following sizes:.

CM 15w40 Ex
CM 20w40 Ex
CM 30w40 Ex
CM 40 10-32 Ex

ƒ CM Ex PE/ES are available in the same sizes as non-Ex CM PE/ES modules.

2009-10-14 44
Wedge Ex
The Wedge Ex includes a Gauge Tool for modules and Installation

Available materials:
Galvanized mild steel or stainless

Available sizes:
Wedge 60
Wedge 120

2009-10-14 45
Wedge kit Ex
The Wedge Ex kit includes one Roxtec wedge 120 or 60, five
stayplates, Gauge Tool, lubricant and installation instructions.

Available materials:
Galvanized mild steel or stainless

Available sizes:
Wedge kit 60
Wedge kit 120

2009-10-14 46
ATEX and IECEx marking
on Roxtec products

Wedge label Frame label Labels for box marking

2009-10-14 47
Explosion protection according to the American standard
There is no complete agreement between European (ATEX) and American (NEC) standards.

Type of protection:
“Explosion proof” corresponds approximately to Exd
“Intrinsically safe apparatus” corresponds approximately to Exi
“Pressurized” corresponds approximately to Exp

Our Ex products has type of protection "Ex e- increased safety". There is not any similar type of
protection according to the American standard.

Area classification:
Division 1 corresponds approx. to zone 0 and 1.
Division 2 corresponds approx. to zone 2.

2009-10-14 48
Modular system

• MCT Brattberg

• Hawke Transit System

• Hawke International
• Stahl
• Pratley
• Cmp Products
• Malux
• A.T.X.
• Etc…

2009-10-14 49
Questions & Answers

2009-10-14 50
Q: Do the international IECEx certificates
mean approvals for all countries without
additional national certification?

A: No. Only Australia and New Zeeland

accept it. Other countries still require
national certification in addition, but make
this certification process easier.

2009-10-14 51
Q. What is the idea behind ATEX?
A. In one word – safety! i.e. protection
against explosions and fires, ensuring
correct equipment usage, etc…

2009-10-14 52
Q. Are “Markings/Signs” for 1999/92/EC
and 94/9/EC the same?

A. No it was decided to distinguish between apparatus and

installations. Both are shown below.

2009-10-14 53
Q: Do Ex enclosures normally need multi-
combination frames such as 8+8+8x10?

A: No. Requirements from customers within oil &

gas resulted in the extended frame
combinations. For use in blast walls and zone

2009-10-14 54
2009-10-14 55
Thank you for your attention

2009-10-14 56
2009-10-14 57

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