Of Mice and Men

Unit Activities Directions: Answer all the questions on a separate piece of paper. Refer to the Short Answer Response Rubric to complete each question correctly. Complete sentences are required unless otherwise stipulated and all answers must be handwritten. Chapter One 1. Describe both Lennie and George. Use specifics from the novel and include page references. 2. Find at least two examples to show that George is important or significant to Lennie. Cite specific examples and explain them. 3. We see very early in the novel that Lennie is very much a child. Do you feel George’s treatment of Lennie is unfair, considering Lennie’s intelligence? Explain. 4. What is the name of the town Lennie and George are running from? Why did they have to leave? 5. Find an example to show that Lennie can be cunning spite of his obvious lack of intelligence. 6. a) Briefly describe George and Lennie’s dream. b) The dream is important to each of them for different reasons. What are these reasons? 7. Now that you have read the first chapter, suggest what the themes of the novel might be. Chapter Two 1. Briefly describe the bunk house where George and Lennie will be staying. 2. a) When we first meet the boss, what is your first impression of him? b) Why does he not trust George? 3. Why does Curley dislike Lennie? What has he got against him?

could be extremely dangerous. why does Steinbeck not use a specific name for Curley’s wife? How does this relate to the time period of the novel? 7. interpersonal relationships. social status. “…for two bits I’d shove out of here”? 8. What is your impression of Slim? Use specific examples from the story to support your answer. why is Lennie so fascinated with or by Curley’s wife when he first sees her? 6. Chapter Three 1. Find an example to show that Lennie means a great deal to George. Consider the lifestyle.31) 5. Find specific evidence in this chapter to show that Lennie and George’s dream was never something they believed in? 6. What does the old man mean when he says Curley’s wife has “got the eye”? (p. In your opinion. Was the killing actually a mercy killing or otherwise? 3. etc. 7. a) Why was George so apprehensive when Candy asked about their dreams? b) What fact made Candy a more acceptable part of their dream? c) Does this fact and George’s actions tell you something about George? 5. . What make George so uneasy? Why does the say. treatment as workers. Describe a migrant worker’s life as conveyed by George and the other men in this chapter.4. In your opinion. An act of euthanasia occurs in chapter three. Agree or disagree giving specific examples to support your answer. Lennie is very childlike and yet. A great deal of attention is given to the card playing in the story: a) What is the significance of the never ending card games? b) What is significant about the game of solitaire? 4. 2.

7. At first. Describe Lennie’s reaction. Describe what happens to Curley’s wife. How did Lennie react to her screams? What worried him most once he realized what he had done? 4. Briefly describe Steinbeck’s writing style – how does he start the beginning of each of his chapters? 2. Why was the death of Curley’s wife “the death of a dream” for many characters? Explain. Why does Crooks torment Lennie by telling him George is not coming back? 7. 8. describe Crooks’ physical appearance and his character? 3. Compare the death of Lennie and Candy’s dog.Chapter Four 1. How does Curley’s wife embarrass Crooks when she comes in? Chapter Five 1. In your own words. What happens or what does Lennie do to make Crooks change his mind? 5. Why is Crooks so bitter? 4. Explain what happened to Lennie’s pup. What do we learn about Curley’s wife and her “dream”? 3. Describe the reactions to Curley’s wife’s death of the following characters: a) Candy b) George c) Curley 5. . Crooks is unhappy about Lennie being in his bunk. How is the ending similar to the beginning of the novel? Explain. How does Slim influence George? 6. 2. Why does Crooks not believe Lennie when he starts talking about his dream? 6.

important quotes. a simply plot summary and more. Character Description/Visual (Physical. The entry can be both written and visual. create a creative journal entry. Your journal should include information on the character. The choice is yours. The entire page should be covered and remember you are demonstrating what you know about the character and the novel.Of Mice and Men Creative Journal Assignment (Remember to include a border) For chapters two and four. Character Development: Choose ONE of the characters in the chapter. do the following: 1. Emotional & Psychological) Inclusion of Important Quotes Simple Plot Summary (This can go on the back) Border Creativity Total: /5 /5 /5 /5 /10 _______ 30 .

Take into consideration the use of colour (probably not very common in the 1930’s). Don’t forget to include a cover for your book. your creativity in arranging your pictures. Don’t forget to add pictures. meeting Curley’s wife. the incident in Weed. Four pages (or two double sides for a more authentic look) in length. You will also be required to complete a 150 word explanation on how the songs. and more. The soundtrack will include pieces that reflect the events in the novel. The size of your mini classic should not exceed 10 x 7 cm. Have fun!  Create a collage that illustrates the themes/motifs of Of Mice and Men. and/or mood of the music connect to the novel (Cover page required). and columns.  Create a mini novel of Of Mice and Men by condensing each chapter into one image and one quote. As well. For example: running away from Weed. you must create both a CD or tape cover with the list of songs and a poster. advertisements. Please include in you collage an appropriate title (Cover Page required). The poster can promote the buying of your soundtrack or may be a bigger version of your cover. or the fight with Curley. Be creative! (Cover Page required)  Create a soundtrack for the novel Of Mice and Men. you will be required to complete a cumulating project. Make sure to make you paper look like a newspaper. Include events from the novel. and most importantly. lyrics. For example: farms for sale. You are expected to draw the images and print out the quote. You must include a 150 word report explaining the images and quotes you chose and why you think they sum up the chapter (Cover Page required).OF Mice and Men Cumulating Project Directions: In conjunction with the novel. All images should be coloured. how well you capture the essential ideas of the novel. obituaries. Your paper should be the size of a piece of letter-sized paper. Chose one of the following activities and be aware of the requirements. You will be marked on appropriateness of the pictures chosen. For example: local news.  Create a newspaper from the time and place of the book. . the neatness of the completed project. or classified ads. and different sections in the newspaper. sports. Make sure you strive to make your paper look like a real paper. national and international news.

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