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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repealed: local responses
Nationally several Gay and Lesbian rights organ-izations worked tirelessly to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), among them: the Human Rights Campaign, Lam-bda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, OutServe, PFLAG, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, and Servicemembers United. Their hard work is to be applauded. Several local citizens have sent their comments about DADT repeal: equality for all of it’s members and employees is a crucial step in making employment discrimination a thing of the past in this country. As military contractors and suppliers alter their polices to be consistent with that of the Pentagon and the Federal government other companies will be compelled to do the same in order to remain competitive with perspective em-

Patrick Moloughney was discharged for being Gay
Downtown resident Patrick Moloughney was a “Hard facts alone should’ve been enough of a victim of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Here is his story reason to repeal this law years ago. Facts such as: He said, “I went to George Washington Univerthe vast majority of Americans have supported repeal for several years now, that sity on a Navy ROTC scholarship in more than $1billion has been wasted 1995. I excelled in school, I led two enforcing it (including over $150,000 different campus organizations, and on me alone), that it weakened by my senior year I was selected to national security by discharging be a platoon commander. several hundred Arab and Korean “I was an ideal Naval Officer. But I linguists, that most of the military top was never commissioned because I brass supported repeal, etc. But, these was discharged under “Don’t Ask, facts weren’t enough. Don’t Tell” (DADT) for coming out “DADT was also the most unto my Commanding Officer. I wanted American law since the Jim Crow to serve my country, but I wanted to laws 100 years ago. DADT told do it with honor and integrity. Lesbian and Gay youth that they “I pursued every possible avenue to SHOULD be ashamed of who they fight my discharge and be allowed to Moloughney are and what they’re feeling deep serve openly in the Navy, but I lost. down inside themselves. DADT told the partners “Now DADT has been repealed thanks in large part to the courage of Senators Voinovich, Brown of active duty Lesbian and Gay service members that their country doesn’t care about them – they and Lieberman, Representative Driehaus, the would never be thanked for their sacrifice or Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the many notified by the government if their partner died on other organizations and volunteers who fought long and hard for this. (See lead story.) See Victim, Page 2, Col. 5

Barry Grossheim
The U.S. military is by far the largest employer in the United States with more than 1.4 million active members, more than ¾ million reserve members and more than ½ million civilian employees. Implementing policies to assure

ployees. The importance of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell cannot be overstated as a reason to celebrate! I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits. I believe what self centered men have torn down, other-centered men can build up. Debi Darling I am proud our congress has passed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It is sad that we ever selected a segment of our community to not be allowed to freely serve their country. In essence we encouraged people to be ashamed and live in hiding if they Responses, Page 2, Col. 1

January 2011

GLBT News—Page 1

Responses—from Page 1
chose to serve our nation and possibly die. I feel confidant that the members of our community that decide to serve will do so as a proud Americans. This is a very serious time in our nation’s history. I pray our nation will make more right decisions in the future! Doug Slagle From this day forward, our military will no longer see soldiers as Gay, Lesbian or Straight but, instead, as patriotic Americans willing to die for the ideal that all men and women are created equal. Jennifer Myers This was so absurd from the beginning, just that the U.S. military spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours conducting witch hunts to expose and dishonorably discharge valiant servants of the country for decades on end embarrasses me. Too little , too late is my first thought! How do you ever make amends for those you have persecuted for being themselves; I’m ashamed of our policies of the past. K. D. Miller The repeal of DADT is essential to all of the other LGBTQ issues. There will be a variety of issues that the military will have to address. Conversations will have to be held that needed to happen a long time ago. In the military each person who is of the same rank is to have the same rights, they are to be equal. Equality among same ranking troops will now be an issue. For example for those troops that are married legally (by state law) to their same sex partner will gain the marital benefits like every married military personnel. The problem becomes that not every committed military person has this benefit, there is not equality. The military will have to work through many of these issues in the next few years and as they do they will inevitably have to push for federal policy to ensure that all of their troops are equal, similarly to when the military worked on civil rights and the rights of women. As we have consistently seen the military get what they want but luckily in this case they will want equality, which is what we have been asking for the entire time. Karl Dailey The repeal is a big step in the right direction, but there are many more steps to take, obviously. But, acceptance by the troops ultimately will trickle down; just think, if not for the military we wouldn’t have M&Ms, Coca Cola wouldn’t be as big a brand, etc. And some credit the momentous movement on civil rights with the integration of blacks in the military. Scott Knox I’m proud of Steve Driehaus, Sherrod Brown, Obama, and all the others who worked for the repeal, and thankful to the Gay/ Lesbian service members who were brave enough to put a face on who this discriminatory policy was really about. In very few years people will wonder what all the flap was about, that it’s amazing we ever encouraged those fighting for our country to lie about who they are. I’m glad to be in a time in history when I was able to see this progress.

January, 2011 Special Friends
By Worley Rodehaver When you read this edition of GLBT News, thank Richard and Rita Middendorf and Joe Wilks. During the last 10 years the Middendorfs have helped me obtain five vehicles and Joe Wilks has kept most of them running. The Print Edition is delivered to 175+ Greater Cincinnati distribution points and a vehicle is needed to get them there. I can write, edit and prepare all the Print Editions I want but without transportation they will sit on the loading dock. I just cannot thank these three people enough for not wavering in their support. I also publish on-line e.mailers (the monthly Print Edition and weekly UPDATES) but the UPDATES do not provide enough income to support our total operation without the Print Edition.. And, other GLBT publications have gone out of business because of high overhead. We are here in 2011, (for the 15th year) because of volunteer writers such as Michael Chanak, Georgia Dalhberg, Scott Renno (writer/ Advertiser) and other volunteers down through the years.

Victim—from Page 1
the battlefield. And, DADT told Lesbian and Gay service members that the very core values of honor, courage and commitment don’t apply to them – that they’re just words on paper with no real meaning. “Repealing DADT was not about Lesbian and Gay service members wanting to flaunt their sexuality. It wasn’t about me wanting to add a feather boa to my uniform. It was about building unit cohesion, not eroding it. It was about being able to answer every day questions about your personal life honestly. What did you do last

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Vol. 14, No. 1, January, 2011

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This publication is dedicated to those who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes
It is our goal to record the positive contributions GLBT people make to their community and the local community at large. While AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek to draw the positive from the negative. We hold up Paul Delph and Matthew Shepard and their families as models of how human beings should or could react to each other and how families should support loved ones whose lives are not in the box right wing religious zealots want them in. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian, died of AIDS in 1996. His mother shut down her business to care for him. Shepard died in 1998, victim of a hate Crime and his mother worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which is now law.

Paul Delph

Matthew Shepard

night, who do you live with, why don’t you have a girlfriend, etc. “For anyone who has never seen a DADT discharge paper, under ‘reason for discharge’ it states ‘Special – Homosexual.’ Have no doubt about it, this is a modern day Scarlet Letter – a symbol of sin, a badge of shame for all to see. “Only, my letter isn’t an A for adulterer, its an H for homosexual. With repeal of DADT, I and 14,000 other service members who have been discharged under this policy can now apply for an honorable discharge and start wearing our service as a badge of honor, and not shame.

January, 20l1 topic up Magic wholenewfoundwas not a inGetting through isn’t terest in Wicca but the easiest of tasks, watching some of my which is why I’ll write friends suffer through about crerelationating your ships in a Mother Says very open own magic. By Michael Chanak way on My girl Mama Facebook. Cass probably said it You know, someone best in the lyric suddenly posts the “you’ve got to make “heart” in a relationship, the inevitable your own kind of “likes” and comments music.” What brought the follow. A few days

GLBT News—Page 3
later “x is single.” This also evokes the inevitable “comments” and sympathetic statements. Knowing Mother – you get I have this unfortunate habit of remembering the other five instant relationships – all with the same tragic cycle. I’d “criticize others” but it is way too easy. It strikes me for all our progress in queerdom, having a capital R relationship seems to be the all-consuming force. My hang up here isn’t “Relationships” but equating having one to somehow becoming a perfected being. Got that? Surely, Mother has been in every camp and in between on this one. But, along the way, I realized I was a lot happier when I created my own magic. When I shared that with my friend who had just suffered his fifth divorce in as many weeks he asked, “how do I do that?” His answer explained why he was stuck in the cycle of “having to have a relationship.” No, Mother is talking about “love yourself psycho babble.” Making your own magic means finding out what you think, feel, believe and care about as a human being and doing something with that energy. Get involved with a queer project, go to other community events, stop worrying about whether someone else can complete you, complete yourself. Mother’s hunch is when you know yourself – others know you – and a few just might like you!


Built like a brick shoot house
Sitting in a meeting describe voluptuous one day, someone women and also very brought up a project rugged construction. Although it concerning a training Georgia on has been a facility for My Mind while since the many By Georgia W this phrase Dahlberg has come up guards at in my every our installaday conversation, I tions. Apparently they wanted a building assumed it was still in which they could used in the vernacular, even amongst the practice their assault young. capabilities in an I turned to a younger urban indoor environmember of our team ment. and wrote in my noteThey called it a book for him to see, “Shoot House”. My mind went back to my “Is it a Brick Shoot youth and my father’s House?” expecting to oft used expression at least get a grin. “Built like a brick sh*t What I got was a serious reply, “I sure house” meaning built hope not!” like a baked clay I bent my head, masonry outhouse. I rolled my eyes and have heard this expression often used to See Shoot, Page 7, Col.1

.. .

Cori Yaeger, PhD

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Scott E. Knox
ATTORNEY AT LAW General Practice including: Probate—Wills/Powers of Attorney Disability (Social Security/SSI/Disability Insurance) Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Legal Issues HIV Legal Issues
Honored as one of Lawyers Weekly USA’s Attorneys of the Year for 2002

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GLBT News asked Leisan C. Smith, the University of Cincinnati’s new LGBTQ Center program director about her new responsibilities. GLBT News—Explain your role at UC. Smith—I am responsible for directing,

January, 2011
Leisan C. Smith named UC’s LGBTQ Center program director
designing, developing Smith—I am not a and managing programs student. I am a full-time and services designed to program director for UC’s LGBTQ ensure a safe and Center. welcoming environI am originally ment and equal treatfrom Columbus, ment and access for Ohio, but I have Gay, Lesbian, Bisexbeen a resident of ual, Transgender and Queer persons in the Smith Cincinnati for many years. I originally U.C. community. came to Cincinnati to The position is a permanent staff position. attend the University of Cincinnati. The LGBTQ Center is I earned my bachelors currently located at 681 in Communication and Steger Student Life my masters in EducaCenter. My office is tional Foundations with located at 571 Steger Student Life Center. We a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, all are in the process of from the University of acquiring a different space for the Center and Cincinnati. In terms of employonce that happens, my office will be in the new ment and why I applied for this position, my space. passion has always been GLBT News—Tell a in working with students little bit about yourself and helping with their development in a number of different ways, but specifically through programming and resources. Most of my employment has involved working with underrepresented student populations. This position was a good combination of a lot of what I have previously done and allows me to do work that I love. GLBT News—What are your goals? Smith—My personal goals include growing and learning in my position and being an advocate for the UC LGBTQ students and community.
Email: Website:

Kiwanis Veterans’ Wall
Northside-College Hill Kiwanis “Veterans’ Wall will include photos of veterans from WWII to present
It will be displayed at the Memorial Day Service in Northside in 2011 and be available for showing elsewhere afterward Pictures (with name, branch of service and rank) should be dropped off or mailed to Don Beimesche North Side Bank & Trust 4125 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnti, OH 45223-0128 or any other North Side Bank branch with notation to send to Beimesche Questions, call him at 513-853-4865

January, 2011
Greater Cincinnati area involved with STOP AIDS, Saint Elizabeth’s Food Band and the Shriners Hospital For Children.” He continued, “Many people get a bit soft when they see a story of a down and out family in a Christmas holiday movie and shed a tear or two. As for me I have met and know some of these families and have seen the joy, hope and smiles that just one teddy bear has brought to these children’s lives. I would like to thank Randy Bridges, the owner of On Broadway for hosting Share A Bear and for his continued support of this great program. As he commented to me once, ‘Sometimes hope is just a hug away.’” He concluded, “I thank you all for your help, support and donations I am looking forward to another five years of Share A Bear.

GLBT News—Page 5

Ray Cook with two Share A Bears


Ray Cook of Share A Bear would like to thank everyone who donated to this year’s campaign. Some of their donations came from The GLBT Community Center, On Broadway Bar and it patrons . They also garnered support from other businesses in the community including a

beauty shop owner who placed a donation box in the shop and a generous donation from a real estate broker. In addition, many individuals from all facets of life contributed donations. Cook says, “Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we collected and helped 398 families in the

Equality Mchigan targets Target The move comes as campaign finance reports from the 2010 election show Target, Best Buy and 3M donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a political action group which was funding anti-Gay candidates, reports the Michigan Messenger.
Momentum builds for Harvey Milk stamp

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Richard Chamberlain urges Gay actors to stay in closet

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January, 2011

Our Faith Too!
Cincinnati Men’s Chorus searching for artistic director
Cincinnati Men’s Chorus (CMC) has begun a national search for an artistic director. “We hope to find a new artistic director who will build on the solid and outstanding traditions of the last 20 years, yet who will feel free to bring some new concepts and ideas to an already exceptionally fine chorus,” said Dr. Terence Milligan, a former CMC president who is chairman of the search committee. Current CMC Artistic Director Dr. Patrick Coyle announced last summer he would be stepping down at the end of the 2010-2011 season after 16 years on the CMC podium. The chorus receives funding from the Ohio Arts Council and Arts Wave (formerly the Fine Arts Fund), as well as support from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s Community Arts Partners initiative. The artistic director, who will report to the CMC board of directors, is expected to: strive for musical excellence; grow membership; increase audience attendance and loyalty; increase CMC’s exposure; select music, with input from a committee of singers, that addresses the social mission of CMC; and maintain an accepting, nurturing haven for all. The job’s responsibilities include acquisition and storage of music; supervision and education of singers; and serving as a spokesperson and publicity/communications advisor for the chorus. Candidates should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area, such as conducting, music education, music performance, or church music; ability to teach any part and to teach correct vocal technique; basic piano skills; knowledge of all voice types; broad knowledge of music, including traditional and vernacular styles; and conducting experience, with a preference for choral conducting. Deadline for applications is January 19. For terms of employment and other details on how to apply, go to visit for details.

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Grace Episcopal Church
“A Welcoming Community Come Join Us”
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1st Saturday each month, 5 p.m.—Hip Hop Mass 2nd Wednesday each month, 6:30 p.m.—African Drumming, Reiki and Traditional Healing Service 5501 Hamilton Avenue 513-514-2415

You’re invited!
Meeting every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
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January, 2011
Shoot—from Page 3
just shook my head. It’s not easy getting old and being left with the remnants of a dead vernacular. I tried several times, whispering, “It’s a joke.” …no response. I finally gave up and after the meeting wandered back to my desk wondering if anyone remembers the old sayings, the old expressions uttered by the deceased human dinosaurs of what, to me, is the recent past. As I sat down at my desk, I recalled a real stone shoot house. It wasn’t meant to be one and I hope someone got in trouble for the mess they made. The unadmitted story goes that at the State Hospital for the Insane in Weston, West Virginia, a team of Federal agents played shoot-em up games with paintball guns in the relatively well preserved “Woman’s” ward of the then recently emptied hospital. The results of their fun and games can be seen splattered all over the walls of that section of this sad institution by visitors on the building’s scheduled tours. This 100-year-old building is the largest stone structure in the US and is only slightly smaller than Britan’s Buckingham Palace in size. It looks like an old insane asylum in its spooky aspect, as one would expect but one can also see the care and high degree of stone mastery that was used in its construction. At one time it housed more than

GLBT News—Page 7
6,000 live-in patients and all the attendant staff. It is in a much dilapidated state of pealing paint and deteriorating interior plaster due to lack of heating and maintenance but it still houses several small museums within. One can imagine agents dodging through the structure, paintballs flying. One can only be glad that only a portion of the structure was defaced. It’s a pity it had to be the part that was physically in the best shape. Sometimes it’s not a good thing to be a shoot house. I would rather they had played their games in a shoot house of their own. One that I had specifically designed for them, brick or otherwise.

Study finds that family acceptance can save GLBT youth Gay Teens Punished More Harshly Than Straight Peers Former 'Gay & Lesbian Times' Publisher Michael Portantino Commits Suicide


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Will Kohler quoted in book
613 Main St. Covington, KY Everything Hair!

January, 2011
By Michael X. Chanak Local Blogger Will Kohler, a Covington, Kentucky resident is quoted in a newly released book by Tracy Baim and other contributors. Kohler of called on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Heterosexual allies to “STAND WITH US (LITERALLY) and wherever you are, you are in Washington, D.C., New York, California, or Missouri. If you present at or watching the Inauguration of STAND SILENTLY AND TURN YOUR BACK ON WARREN as he is introduced and STAY with your back turned in SILENCE until he has finished. We will do this not only as a display of our dismay at having him involved but also as a SYMBOL of PROTEST showing that all of us despite our sexual orientation, race or gender will not stand for and ‘turn our backs’ on the bigotry and hate that Warren embodies.” It was Obama’s choice of Anti-Gay Bigot Rev. Rick Warren (Saddlback Church pastor) to offer the opening prayer at the event on January 20, 2009 that prompted Kohler’s national call for action from his blog. The book entitled Obama and the Gays a Political Marriage may be purchased at: Kohler’s quote is found on page 241. Back2Stonewall - is described on its banner page as “An Unapologetic LGBT and Straight Supportive News, Media, Music, and Activism Website for Unapologetic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight Supportive People.” Kohler’s blog has been up and running two years.

Gay and Lesbian Communjity Center 2011 Board—Front Toby Martino and Denise Taylor; Second row - left to right, John Maddux, Teresa Shepherd and MIchael Chanak; Back row - Bill Abney and Rusty Lockett. Picture courtesy of “Radio.”

Community Center elects 2011 board
Annual membership and board elections were held in December at the Center. Two new board members join them, Toby Martino (who continues as a volunteer coordinator) and Denise Taylor, also a volunteer. Denise was appointed as the new clerk for 2011, replacing Adam Reilly who returns to graduate school in January. Rusty Lockett was the only current board member up for reelection, and he returns to the board as president for year 2011. John Maddux and Teresa Shepherd, vice president and treasurer, respectively, were not up for reelection. Bill Abney who was term limited by organizational by-laws in 2010 was returned to the board and will serve along with Toby Martino and Michael Chanak as “at large” directors on the board. Many thanks to Adam Reilly who served the Center for three years on the board.

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