An analysis on market opportunity for Benetton for coming up with a separate fashion accessories brand called BENETTON BLING

y y y To briefly study the Benetton group To analyze the factors influencing consumer preferences in regard to accessory purchase in India. To suggest recommendations to facilitate success of Benetton bling

OVERVIEW OF THE APPAREL INDUSTRY The Indian apparel industry is one of the major sectors of the Indian economy due to the huge amount of investment, earning of revenues, generation of employment and trade. The number of apparel and fashion manufacturing units in India are approximately 30,000 and this sector has around 3 million people working under it. It is also a major earner of foreign exchange for the economy. The major features of the Indian apparel industry are a huge product variety, short product lifecycle, unpredictable demand and a long supply process. In recent years, the industry has seen a considerable consolidation in retail and an increased use of e-commerce. The important segments that come under the apparel industry include clothing for men, women and kids, wedding wear for brides and grooms and intimate apparel. There is also a vast apparel wholesale distribution network in India. The major channels of distribution for apparel include brick and mortar, catalogue and internet. The market shares of the different channels are:

Category Brick and Mortar Catalog

Sales $ Billion 169.256 7.177

Market Share (%) 92.9 3.9 1

Online/ Internet Total

5,873 182.306

3.2 100.00

The global textile and apparel industry in total stood at $550 billion in 2007, out of which, the Indian textile and apparel industry stood at $52.5 billion in 2007. The industry is expected to grow to $805 billion by 2015. In India, about $32 billion is used in the domestic market and the rest $20.5 billion is used for exports. About seven markets account for 75% of the textile and apparel export, the US market being the largest at 32% of the 75%. Since 2008, recession and the global economic slow down have been effecting the Indian apparel industry. The exports have also seen a decline due to this. However, it will soon emerge from this down turn.

BENETTON GROUP Public (NYSE: BNG) Treviso, Italy (1965) Villa Minelli, Ponzano

Type Founded Headquarters


Benetton Group is listed in Milan. The name comes from the Benetton family who founded the company in 1965. DESIGN: 3 . Benetton.8 billion (2005) 7. Benetton. has been supported by a major programme of investment worldwide. The Benetton stores carry complete Benetton Group is a global fashion brand. Benetton has a network of around 6. Italy.benettongroup. offering a full range of Benetton style and quality. Deputy Chairman Industry Clothing Products Complete list of benetton brands Revenue Employees Website ¼1.987 (2005) www.Luciano Key people Giuliana Gilberto Benetton.000 stores in 120 countries. The stores are managed by independent partners and generate a total Around 6. characterised by prestigious locations in historic and commercial centres and by the high level of customer services offered.000 stores worldwide: The development of Benetton's commercial network. as well as a wide selection of accessories. based in Treviso. Chairman Director Director Carlo Benetton.

from research into new materials to integrated logistics. where all systems and equipment are constantly renewed. capable of handling individual orders for around 6. PRODUCTION: Consistently high quality is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Benetton production process from the raw materials to the finished garment. Automated Sorting System The state-of-the-art logistics operation at Castrette (Italy) has a fully automated innovative sorting system. A constant commitment to innovation. from communication to IT. The result is the latest trends in design and a rich output of many models a year which are realized with computer assisted design systems fully integrated with the rest of the company's production phases. a crucial factor for development.A staff of 300 designers from all over the world creates the collections for the casual United Colors of Benetton. the leisurewear brand Playlife. has always characterized the Group¶s business organization. organization. and automation of logistic processes in order to completely integrate the entire production cycle. and has invested in modelling. from client orders.000 square meters. The design team is also engaged in researching new materials and creating new lines for different targets from children. with a total capacity of 800. whose propulsion is based on electromagnetic fields.000 Benetton shops worldwide.000 incoming/outgoing boxes daily with a 4 . Special attention is given to innovation in production. and is able to handle 120. LOGISTICS: Benetton has direct control of the logistics phase for both own manufactured and sourced products. offering them not only practical and modern styles but also maximum comfort. to packing and delivery. The Benetton production system. Folded and hanging garments are automatically sorted.000 boxes. automated distribution center The Automated Distribution Center covers an area of 30. packed into boxes and sent through a one-kilometer tunnel to the Automated Distribution Center. co-ordinated by a high-tech facility at Castrette (Italy) is capable of turning out over 150 million garments every year. men and women to expectant mothers. the glamour oriented Sisley.

for work and for leisure. with special attention given to the choice of design. featuring underwear. Its creative artists and independent sales teams concentrate their efforts on its image and on strongimpact advertising campaigns. The above products are available in selected specialized shops worldwide. quality and fashion. Undercolors is available in its own chain of stores which now has more than 500 locations in thirty countries and in selected Benetton Shops. childrenswear and underwear collections offer a total look for everyday. Undercolors of Benetton : This is an extension of the Benetton brand. fabrics and new shapes. 5 . A wide selection of recurring basic colors is enriched every season with the latest trends. The brand has created the very fashionable Sisley Young line for children from 8 to 12 years old. men and children. BRANDS: United Colors of Benetton: A global brand. Each season the womenswear. The Benetton Baby label is a new product line dedicated to the prenatal and the under-fives world. and one of the most well known in the world. from the home collection to baby products.000 retail outlets in 120 countries worldwide. Sisley presents elegant and seductive collections. as well as accessories for women. United Colors of Benetton has an international style that combines color. The finished product is sent directly to the Group's around 6. Sisley: This is the Group's most fashion forward brand. from the elegant accessories to the eyewear lines and perfumes. menswear. in the city and outdoors. The brand is present in many other sectors. beachwear and sleepwear collections.workforce of only 28.

Accessories: 6 . United Colors Of Benetton: Merchandise Assortment ADULT : Woman And Man: United Colors of Benetton chooses a keyword for the Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection: freedom. This is also known as Product Assortment. United Colors of Benetton has always followed this principle and offers even greater freedom of choice for the new winter season. the freedom we allow ourselves when choosing our look every-day. a clear and simple word with many meanings.MERCHANDISE MIX: The breadth and depth of the products carried by retailers is called as merchandise mix. In this case.

material and colour. Baby (0-1 year): United Colors of Benetton chooses a romantic. natural mood for the new borns of the A/W 2010-11 season. pastel colours combine with prints and drawings to warm the winter days.The Autumn/Winter 2010-11 United Colors of Benetton accessories and footwear collection explores new frontiers of in terms of shape. 7 . Toddler (1-5 years): In A/W 2010-11 United Colors of Benetton takes the smallest children by the hand and accompanies them in their new adventures and earliest discoveries. KID: Mamma: Future mums will enjoy an A/W collection from United Colors of Benetton that¶s big on comfort and full of the new season¶s trends. Soft fabrics and light.

For the boys. tops and slips has been created. panties. Basic: Undercolors of Benetton always dedicates special attention to its underwear proposals. in a colour palette limited to white. FACTORS AFFECTING COSTS 8 . brassieres. Silk and cotton bring sophistication to homewear ideas. Underwear: The Undercolors of Benetton winter season opens with a cosy. sheer fabrics. but whose simplicity. proposing places and moods that evoke the new looks of the A/W 2010-11 season. even those that are commonly defined as ³basic´. United Colors of Benetton have created an imaginary tour around the world. and a new bra designed especially for teens. black and flesh tone.Kid And Tween (6-12 years): For the girls. a special focus on the brand¶s DNA (with a logo print motif in bright colours). clean lines and colour palette make them indispensable. UNDERCOLORS: Strong Appeal: A touch of provocative sensuality lets us play with lace. In fact. New features include a greater number of organic cotton jersey articles. a small world of bras. it¶s all about the American way of life. culottes. transparencies and softness. supremely comfortable collection and a skilful use of every kind of cotton.

edgar-online.aspx  COSTS OF RAW MATERIAL .Inflation and increasing prices of basic amenities used in the factory such as gas. Also these investments expose Benetton to an additional risk that some of the chosen locations may turn out to be inadequate because of changes in the area¶s demand scenario. interest rate fluctuations. Due to shortage of labour and increase in work load. threads. the costs also fluctuate. lot of wastage such as rejection of apparel due to non-accurate colours. the increasing property rental costs are also applicable. appreciation of euro. labour costs. This wastage adds on to the costs to a great extent. With this respect.Sales and operating income of benetton may be influenced by foreign exchange rate. Some of the factors affecting its costs are as follows:  GROWTH AND EXPANSION .The growth and expansion strategy is one of the major reasons for the increase in fixed and operation costs for BENETTON. and operating income. buttons. which in turn causes an impact on the prices of products sold. upgradation of technology which is required at short intervals in this techno savvy world etc contribute to the increase in costs of benetton. electricity and other basic expenses such as transportation  QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM . To increase the market share and to strengthen its image. http://sec.Due to strict quality checks. water. foreign exchange rate fluctuations in the sale currencies. unused bulk orders etc takes place. its demographic profile or the location of shopping districts.Raw material is one of the major components that add to the costs of The Benetton Group. the cost of sales. the employees ask for more salaries and incentives which lead to increased costs for the company.The BENETTON Group has grown massively in the past years.  FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATE FLUCTUATIONS . The company has incurred many costs to achieve this position in the apparel industry. zips etc. The Group operates more than 280 wholly-owned shops in different locations which have led to an increase in the costs. 9 . BENETTON has made huge investments to open up retail stores to sell its products through directly-owned retail stores rather than the traditional method of franchise stores that the group used. With the fluctuations in prices of raw materials like fabric.  INFLATION .

and a few political decisions of any increase in tax etc. These assets and liabilities are exposed to interest rate risk.edgar-online. Besides retailing. The remaining products required for the Indian market are outsourced from other parts of India like Ludhiana. It also holds assets and liabilities which are sensitive to interest rate variations and are necessary in managing liquidity and financial needs. leads to an automatic increase in the indirect costs of the company.coursework. managed through the use of derivative financial instruments. and Nepal and Benetton International through contract manufacturing. it operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Benetton Group..aspx  OTHER FACTOTRS. 10 . http://sec. at times. operating results.html MANUFACTURING Benetton entered India with a 50:50 joint venture with the DCM Group in the year 1991-92. Italy. The designs manufactured are selected from the global collection create by the product design and development team based in Italy. and the international competitiveness of the production facilities of various business units. Since benetton makes use of hedging in order to manage currency -group-spa/20-f-annual-and-transition-report-foreignprivate-issuer/2004/06/30/section7. the strategies adopted may not be sufficient to protect income from the negative effects of future fluctuations. Factors_affecting_Supply_and_Demand_L46386. which is.Benetton India has also started a manufacturing unit in Gurgaon where almost 50% of the garments required in India are manufactured. and now since the past 5 years. Also Asian fabrics are cheaper and thus. http://www.Foreign currency exchange rate variations against the euro may have a negative effect on sales. Delhi. Bangalore. reduce the cost of apparel manufactured in India.Other financial expenses such as loans and interest payable. Manufacturing in India has given Benetton many benefits such as low cost labour. lower production costs from suppliers which led to a cut in prices of benetton products by almost 20%. Another benefit is that India made products will attract lower tariffs.

production and sales. Tunisia. while looking outside Italy for a proper combination of product quality. which is a better measured and more efficient one. and transitional Asian markets. Production plans for India were in excess of 6 million units by 2007 which have exceeded now. It is a more rapid system with better response capabilities as it¶s an integrated planning system that optimizes in parallel the activities of R&D. planning. During the past few years.Therefore. the Mediterranean region.zhtml?c=114079&p=irolVCOperationsSupplyFlexibility Integrated Planning: The Dual Supply Chain Industrial Flexibility The production system of Benetton operates in Italy. and makes it possible to anticipate and decrease production times in order to respond to the needs of the target market in a timely such as India and China. The Production Planning Office prepares forecasts of market dynamics. based on a logical sequence of activities for minimizing costs. and the necessary cost control. along with China. It focuses on rapid response to the market. A balance between the twin tracks of activities makes the supply system flexible and provides the required support for the large expected growth in production from the current level of around 150 million items that Benetton may face soon. there is an increased emphasis on making India an outsourcing hub for Benetton globally. which operate complete 11 . OPERATIONS Supply Flexibility Benetton's industrial set-up is based on a double supply chain. efficiency. product design. The major functions of the dual supply system like design.benettongroup. most of the investments were allocated towards the managerial independence of production centers in Croatia. and Hungary. Eastern Europe. coordination and programming are maintained in Italy. http://investors.

zhtml?c=114079&p=irolVCOperationsIndustrialFlexibility Benetton on the stock market Most of the trading in Benetton ordinary shares during 2009 took place on the Italian Stock Exchange. through conference calls. The Investor Relations website. Between the end of 2008 and end of 2009. The Group capitalized at Euro 1. face-to-face presentations. An average of approximately 280. The operational work of the benetton Group relies on the outsourcing of the labor-intensive phases of production.42 on March 5. Whereas. was updated in 2009. and ironing. to small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) which is directly controlled by the Italian and foreign production sites. IR activities were structured in an organized. with 12 .12. The channels of communication with the Group's shareholders and investors were kept constantly open. The Group's Investor Relations office ensured that the financial markets were kept constantly and promptly informed over the course of 2009.000 shares were traded each day. Communication activities involved not only shareholders and investors on the major financial markets. such as tailoring. run by Borsa Italiana S.p. video conference calls. company visits. Benetton also quotes and trades its American Depositary Receipts (ADR) in the international OTCQX system.075 billion at December 31. which publishes details of Benetton¶s latest share price on the Milan market and the presentations of the Group's quarterly results.benettongroup. weaving presentation of the collections and in-store visits. the Benetton stock had an average price of Euro 6. presentations at broker conferences. reporting a high of Euro 7.. allowing American investors to have constant access to the Group's latest news and information. proactive fashion that fostered understanding of the business's dynamics and interaction with the markets concerned. finishing.production cycles (from raw materials to finished product).A. http://investors. the strategic activities and operations that require heavy automations like dyeing.55 on October 8 and a low of Euro 4. participation in roadshows. and quality controls are done in-house. but also potential new investors with investment profiles matching the Group's structural characteristics and strategic outlook. 2009. and on quality control systems to meet the strict benetton Group quality standards.

including fragrances and cosmetics. 2005-2009 dividend per share performance (euro) BENETTON : SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: y Benetton Group is a world leader in the design. The Group's commercial network of 7. sunglasses and other fashion accessories. featuring fashionable Italian design and projecting a youthful image. Commercial and Communications sections were also updated to reflect the Group's constant policy of renewal in the face of market change. and children. manufacture and marketing of distinctive casual apparel for men.000 retail outlets around the world is increasingly focused on large floor-space mega stores offering high quality customer services. Benetton is active in the sportswear and sports equipment sector with brands such as Prince. Nordica. Additional services and information are available at www. 13 y y y y y .com/investors. Killer Loop and Ektelon.benettongroup. it has a good image and a good reputation through the 120 countries they are selling in. Benetton licenses its trademarks for products manufactured and sold by others. Kästle. Rollerblade.particular attention to revising the section on brands in order to communicate transparently the changes in the identity of the Group's brands both in product style and image. Benetton clothes are high quality products usually made of wool. Benetton is well known around the world. women. watches. Benetton is traditionally known for knitwear and casual clothing in a wide array of colors. which complement its product lines. The descriptions contained in the Operations.

Benetton is only retailed by Sears who is not very well know for the quality of its products. as it¶s spread all over the world. y y y Opportunities: y Benetton does not have a lot of market shares in the United States. industrial design. Benetton products are expensive which gives opportunities to many competitors who provide lower prices for the same quality. and cinema. It has a pluralistic view on things that is guaranteed by the mix of young people from countries with different languages. Benetton has its own communication research and development center: Fabrica. so people associate Benetton with low quality products. They have seven editions published in eight languages. it allows the company to compete on several markets and it makes Benetton less sensitive in regards of the fluctuating economy. and attitudes. y y Weaknesses: y Because of its controversial way to advertise. and is in 50 countries. and a Internet site that has won a record number of hits and critical acclaim. In the United States. They work on projects that include fashion.4 million that represents a 147 percent rise in first-half net profits. Benetton. In Europe. But it felt the costs of competing in Formula One were no longer justified in terms of the marketing value for the group. Benetton had entered the costly Formula One sport to promote its clothes in the world market. Benetton retailers may terminate their contract anytime because they don¶t want to lose customers.y After competing for more than 10 years in the Formula One championship. interiors. As Benetton is diversifying. doesn¶t have a new geographical market to get in. so it can improve its position in that market. cultures. except the United States. Benetton made a net gain of $82. Benetton decided to pull out in March of a sport now dominated by the large car manufacturers. y Threats: 14 . Colors is a bimonthly magazine that talks to young people all around the world.

independent retailers and manufacturing companies. specialized retailers. Mango clothing brand MNG was founded in 1984 and has become one of the leaders in retail MANGO Mango clothing company is a worldwide famous manufacturer and distributor. Westside. Mango retail stores are based in big city shopping malls and on shopping streets. There is a lot of diversity in competition ranging from local. Abercrombie«). owing to the entry of foreign brands into the Indian market. and thus low cost production plays a key role. Promod.y The clothing market is getting saturated and the competition is getting tougher and tougher (GAP. etc. The intensity of competition also puts a price pressure onto the operating companies in the industry or could lead to a loss in market share. H&M etc. national and global department stores. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS y Benetton mainly operates in the apparel sector. In India. Calvin Klein. Ralph Lauren. Old Navy. The company faces a lot of competition internationally as well from brands like Gap.slideshare. which is a highly competitive industry with respect to production. the companies also compete for significant store locations. Apart from competition for sales. the major competitors of Benetton include Mango. The competition in the industry has increased in the last few years. Nautica. http://www. specializing in women's and men's apparel and accessories. y http://www. Mango (MNG) is a Spanish company which is based in Barcelona but which has expanded to over 92 countries with more than 1000 shops. Tommy Hillfiger. Guess. distribution and sales. and with further expansion planned. 15 .

fragrance. Gap Inc. including jeans. blouses. and founded in1969. men¶s wear. shirts. GAP The Gap. Banana Republic. affordable luxury and bringing newness and style to life.wikipedia. edc youth as well as shoes and accessories through over 640 directly managed 16 . The Group operates through the following divisions: Retail. http://www. a network of wholesale accounts. which complement its apparel lines. and knitwear. The Group's principal activities are to design. market. and other fashion accessories. is one of the world¶s largest specialty apparel retailers. with more than 3. Wholesale and The Group also grants licenses to manufacture and distribute products. shorts.ecnext. pants.gapinc. swimwear.shtml http://en. distribute and license lifestyle collections of casual apparel and accessories for men. Old Navy. overalls. including eyewear. women and children that reflect the American lifestyle and European fashion. Gap.S. though it has recently been surpassed by the Spanish-based Inditex Group as the world¶s largest apparel retailer. kids¶ and infants¶ apparel.GUESS Guess? Inc. http://wrightreports. jackets. and the Internet. dresses. Its products include collections of denim and cotton clothing.. leather apparel. The company also grants licenses to manufacture and distribute various products.5 billion. The Group offers 12 product lines encompassing women¶s wear.linkedin. watches. handbags.100 stores and fiscal 2008 revenues of $14. remains the largest specialty apparel retailer in U. Piperlime and Athleta. kid¶s wear. http://www. ESPRIT Esprit is an international youthful lifestyle brand offering smart. It sells its products through its own stores. Inc is American clothing and accessories retailer based in San Francisco California. The company has five primary brands: the namesake Gap banner. skirts. footwear.

and more ± this information is not available anywhere else ‡ 159 full-color images that depict popular garment export models. websites and key products ‡ Supplier information in tabular format to help you compare suppliers at a glance ‡ Results of the custom-designed supplier survey.000 square metres directly managed retail space in more than 40 countries. midrange and highend products ‡ Comprehensive pricing tables featuring export price ranges 17 . and belts. R&D.esprit. head and neckwear. e-mails.000 wholesale points-of-sale worldwide. The industry constitutes roughly 6. including names. What you'll get ‡ In-depth profiles of 18 major suppliers with a comprehensive look at their product and pricing stores and over 12.000 enterprises that benefit from a plentiful supply of raw materials sourced from numerous cities and states nationwide. wallets. which forecasts industry trends for the next 12 months ‡ An extensive overview of the industry discussing the main challenges facing suppliers ‡ An in-depth examination of the supplier base highlighting key characteristics of the different types of companies ‡ Details of the primary production centers ‡ An update of the latest trends in design. materials and components ‡ A review of the key factors that influence the price and quality of low-end. fashion bags. manufacturing and export capability. Most models feature a distinct flavor that is unique to the country. This key advantage has propelled India to become a leading manufacturing hub for different types of fashion accessories. This report focuses on the main types of fashion accessories exported from India ± jewelry. minimum order requirements and delivery times ‡ Verified supplier contact details of an additional 9 exporters.php?command=Display&navi_id=50 INDIA FASHION ACCESSORIES INDUSTRY India is world-renowned for exquisitely designed fashion accessories that are available in a variety of modern and traditional styles. prices. verified contact details. http://www. telephone numbers. This India Sourcing Report is part of the Developing Country Sourcing Report series designed to provide buyers with information on new products from export manufacturers in Southeast Asia that specialize in hand-made merchandise. occupying over 817. complete with product descriptions.

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS MERITS OF FASHION ACCESSORIES BEING OFFERED BY BRANDED RETAILERS ‡ ‡ Name and reputation Reputed stores comply with ethical regulations 18 .

Exploratory and analytical research SAMPLING TECHNIQUE .Primary data : QUESTIONNAIRE ‡ ‡ ‡ 19 .judgmental sampling SAMPLE SIZE .‡ Quality assurance ACCESSORIZE . ALDO ACCESSORIES ARE FEW OF THE EXISTING COMPETITORS BENETTON BLING MERCHANDIZE MIX CONSISTING OF y y y y y Fashion jewellery (women) Scarves and stoles Bags n wallets Time wear Eye wear ‡ RESEARCH METHODOLOGY REASEARCH DESIGN .90 DATA COLLECTION . MISS JO .

( Rate on the scale of 1st.2nd.4th. Your support will be highly appreciated.wallet.What are the colors that you mostly prefer? ( Rate on the scale of 1st. This survey is being conducted as a part of our curriculum.5th) a) b) c) d) e) Miss Jo Aldo Accessories Accesorize BENETTON (ucb/sisley) Any other(please specify) _______________________ QIV. 3rd) a) b) c) d) e) f) Brand name Functionality Color Quality Price Style QV. Are you brand conscious while buying fashion accessories? Yes No QII.scarves.stoles)? (please tick the most suitable option) a) Monthly b) Quarterly c) Semi annually/during sale d) Yearly QIII.3rd.eyewear.QUESTIONNAIRE We are the students of Pearl Academy of Fashion. 2nd.bags. 2nd. Rate as per your preference while purchasing. 3rd) a) Pastel shades b) metallic 20 .watch. QI. Which brands/stores do you prefer for shopping for yourself? (Rate on the scale 1st .How often do you buy a fashion accessory (fashion jewellery.

000 b) Rs.000 c) Rs. Age 15-19 24-27 QXIII. 1001-2000 Rs. Occupation Student Employed 21 20-23 28-30 .000 . How much would you spend on a single piece of fashion accessory? a) b) c) d) Rs.2001 and above QVII. 20. 61. How would you describe your style? a) Stylish b) Casual c) Classic d) Comfortable e) Smart f) Experimental QX. 501-1000 Rs.c) Bright d) Black & white QVI. 41. What is your personal monthly disposable income? a) Rs.000 60. What is your family structure? a) Nuclear family b) Joint family Q XII. . Would you like to have an introduction of above mentioned bags under the Benetton group with the brand name as BENETTON BLING? Yes No QVIII.000 and above QXI.40. 200-500 Rs. Do you like to experiment with your look or style? Yes No QIX.

QII. 20% purchase it semi yearly and the remaining 5% buy accessories yearly.How often do you buy a fashion accessory? buying behaviour 5% 20% 30% 45% monthly quarterly semi annually yearly Findings: majority of the interviewees buy fashion accessories on monthly basis. Are you brand conscious while fashion accessories? brand consciousness 10% yes 35% 55% no not sure Findings: 55% of the sample unit agreed to be brand conscious. Out of the rest. 30% buy on quarterly basis. whereas 35 % of them disagreed.Homemaker Personal details: a) Name: b) Location: c) Hobbies: _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ Questionnaire Analysis QI. Remaining 10% were unsure. 22 .

Which brands/stores do you prefer for shopping for yourself? brand preference 20% 25% 15% 40% miss jo aldo accessories accessorize benetton (ucb/sisley) Findings: Accessorize is most preferred amongst all at 40%. Rate as per your preference while purchasing. 30% of the sample unit give preference to style of an accessory. QV. price comes 2nd at 24 %. 17% give preference to the functionality. 14% prefer the brand name. followed by Miss Jo with 25%. Benetton with 20% and Aldo accessories with 15%.What are the colors that you mostly prefer? 23 .QIII. QIV. ( Rate on the scale of 1st. 10% prefer the color and 5 % give importance to the quality of an accessory. 3rd) purchasing preferences 10% 5% 14% 17% 30% 24% brand name functionality price style color Findings: While purchasing. 2nd.

QVI.500-1000. 200-500 Rs. How would you describe your style? 24 .colors preferred 10% 15% 45% 30% pastel metallic bright black and white Findings: majority of the sample unit were the youth who chose bright colors. whereas 30 % preferred buying metallic shades. 20% would spend between Rs. 2000-above Findings: maximum people are ready to spend between Rs. QIX. 1000-2000 Rs.1000-2000. 15% of them opted for pastel shades and 10% preferred black & white. 500-1000 60% Rs.200-500 and 12% are ready to spend between Rs. just 8% of them would spend above Rs. How much would you spend on accessories? expenditure on accessories 12% 8% 20% Rs. 2000 on an accessory.

20% feel that they are experimental and 10% describe their casual as comfortable or casual. 60. Demographics Age Group Monthly Income Occupation Family Stucture Gender 15-30years Rs. pre-dominantly females. 25 .000 on an average. 61000 and above Students Nuclear female Findings: the interviewees were mostly ranging between 15-30 years of age. fashion jewelery can be priced between 500-1500. Just 5% of them claim to be classic.other products can be priced between 1000-2500. consisting of youth belonging to nuclear families with monthly income above customer style stylish 20% 25% 10% 5% 30% 10% casual classic comfortable smart experimental Findings: majority consisting of girls go in for a stylish look. RECOMMENDATIONS y PRICING Benetton bling should price the product moderately. 25% consider themselves to be smart.

y LOCATION 55% prefer going to branded showrooms hence Benetton bling has immense scope and should open its store in any posh up market area. television . BENETTON has little scope of growth left in the apparel sector so Benetton bling has immense potential 26 . Also Strong design team should be formulated.. y IMPORTANCE OF ADVERTISING in the end it is the products that strenghten efforts to build brand image CONCLUSION ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Fashion accessories industry has emerged as on of the most promising industry It has compensated for the declining garments sector Consumers are welcoming this industry Branded accessories have shown a promising response and holds a bright future.and vice versa. preferably a mall. word of mouth play a very important role in building awaresness hence Benetton should should work more on promotion through ads in magazines and bill boards y BRAND OVER PREFERENCE Benetton bling should emphasis on building good brand image. along with enriching product with value and quality.

com/benetton-group-spa/20-f-annual-and-transition-reportforeign-private-issuer/2004/06/30/ -group-spa/20-f-annual-and-transition-reportforeign-private-issuer/2004/06/30/ http://sec.html#io http://www.html y y y 27 http://investors.benettongroup.References y y y y y http://www.slideshare. http://www.ecnext.y y y y y y http://www.linkedin.shtml 28 .

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