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Physics 11 B Forces Unit Test b

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Multiple Choice: Fill in the correct bubble on the bubble sheet provided.

1. A boy exerts a 36.0 N horizontal force as he pulls a 52.0 N sled across a cement sidewalk at constant speed. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sidewalk and the metal sled runners? a. 1.44 b. 0.07 c. 6.79 d. 0.69

2. Suppose the sled from question 1 now runs on packed snow. The coefficient of friction is now only 0.12. If a person weighing 650.0 N sits on the sled, what force is needed to pull the sled across the snow at constant speed? a. 6.24 N b. 84.2 N c. 78.0 N d. 53.2 N 

A football player with a mass of 86 kg, dives into the end zone and is slowed by the grass after he hits the ground by a force of friction of 580 N. What is µ between the player and the grass?  a. 0.69 b. 0.89 c. 0.32 d. 6.70     Use the following information to answer problems 4-5 A spring is hung vertically from the ceiling and a mass of 100 grams is attached to the end. It stretches the spring 0.10 m. 4. What is the value of the spring constant? a. 0.098 N/m b. 9.8 N/m c. 9.8 m/s2 d. 980 N/m

5 m/s.60 m with the box.0 m d.80 N/m and can be stretched a maximum of 0.0 m c. Assuming acceleration is constant. The force needed to start an object moving is more than the force needed to keep an object moving. 12.6 s . True b. 4. 20. 10.0 N/m and an undistorted length of 15. 9. What is the coefficient of static friction between the box and the surface? a. 10. What is coefficient of kinetic friction? a. True 9.25 m 6.88 d.2 s b. False Use the following information to solve problems 10-11 A 125 kg block of wood falls off of the back of a truck that is traveling at 26.3 s d. 0. 0. If a mass of 250 grams is hung from the spring. 2. How long does it take for the block to come to rest? a.5. Each team pulls with a force of 450 N.01 c. what will be the magnitude of the distortion? a. It lands flat on the road and skids to a stop in 122 m.59 b. b.2 s c.5 m b.29 11. 25. 0.25 m d. 0.10 m b. so that the box doesn¶t move. a. 5. what will be the distorted length of the bungee cord? a.10 8. -0. 0. Two teams of maple leaf students pull of opposite ends of a bungee cord. 0.0 b.35 m c. False a. 1. 0. if the bungee cord has a spring constant of 45. 2.76 c.098 d.5 m 7. The spring has a spring constant of 9.5 m. A 60 kg box on a horizontal surface is attached to a spring that is attached to the wall. 35. 0. The normal force on an object is always equal to its mass times the acceleration of gravity.

Suddenly. 58. 2. the train accelerates.94 m/s2 b.0 kg block to hold against a wall using friction.5 N 7. 35. 17. 13. 21.6 N d. 25. 1.80 m/s2 d.8 N c.63 N 16. 9. so that it doesn¶t slide downward? How much force do you need to push it against the wall with if Qs = 0. b.8 N b.36 m/s2 c.8 N c.2 N b.8 N 21. What is the normal force acting on the block? a. 70. c. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor is 0. The coefficient of static friction between the cup and the table is 0. .12. 10.360 and the elevator is accelerating at 2.0 m/s2. What is the maximum acceleration that the train can have without the cup sliding backward on the table? a.00 kg box is sliding across the horizontal floor of an elevator.8 N 14. 46. A cup of coffee is sitting on a table in a train that is moving with a constant velocity.30. Not enough information to solve Force Use the following information to solve problems 13-14 A 6. What is magnitude of the force of kinetic friction between the block and the floor? a. Not enough information to solve.2 N 15. You want to hold a 2.8 N d. d.55? a.

Calculate the normal force acting on the stone? (1 mark) 3. 14. How long will the rock travel before it¶s velocity is half the original velocity? (1 mark) .2 m/s.08 1. Calculate the magnitude of the force of friction acting on the block. (1 marks) 5.A 1. Part B: B C D 6. 5. A Bubble Sheet b B C D 11. A B C D Short Answer: Show all work and equations for full marks. 9. 4. 8.0 kg curling stone is slid over a horizontal ice curling rink with an initial velocity of 3. 7. What will be the acceleration of the rock? (1 mark) 4. 2. 12. 15. Draw the proper free-body diagram on the curling stone below. (1 mark) 2. The coefficient for rock on ice is 0. A 15. 10. 3. 13.

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