As Canadians, even if we do not belong to a political party or a union we are all still affected by the decisions they

make. Big government and big unions have lost touch with Canadians, and they are failing to improve our cities and country. In fact, the uncontrolled growth of government spending and the tactics of large unions are damaging the Canadian economy, as well as the fundamental principles of our democracy. Instead of reinforcing the traditions of entrepreneurship and innovation, big government and large unions are establishing a welfare state. If our government is meant to represent us, then it certainly needs to be doing a better job. Government should restrict its size, its influence, and its operating costs. We need to strike a better balance between what government does for the people, and what the people do for themselves. We must join together and present our federal leaders with a new plan for Canada – one that focuses on financial accountability, representative accountability, and individual rights and freedoms. We need a plan to create less, not more, government. In this document we present such a plan - a plan we call the Agenda for Canada. Review this pamphlet. If you agree with this framework, pass it along to your friends and colleagues. Send it to your MP - let politicians from all parties know you support these goals. Help us make the Agenda for Canada part of the national debate. Politicians and union bosses can ignore us individually, but cannot ignore our collective voice. That is why we need you to make our voice stronger.

1. Abolish the Canadian Human Rights Commission The CHRC has gotten outrageously out
of hand. Human rights are being abused, not protected. As they currently stand, these quasi-legal Commissions are adjudicated by people with little or no legal background or experience. Huge sums of money are awarded for petty grievances, while some more serious offenses should be heard in a court of law. This is damaging to the legal process. Human rights need to be protected thorough legal, legitimate channels. With an annual cost of $68 million, the CHRC‟s absurd theatre productions need to be shut down.

1. Cut unnecessary government programs
Government spending has soared out of control. Federal program spending for 2009 reached $207-billion, and that doesn‟t include payments on the debt. Why not eliminate the enormously costly subsidies to special interest groups as well as the bailouts to failing corporations. We need to commit to finding and reducing government waste, which is the only way to ensure that funding can go to those who need it. Employing „zero-based budgeting‟ would facilitate this – all departmental budgets would be build from zero up, thus preventing unnecessary programs from rolling over into future budgets. Program spending growth must be limited to 1% per year if we hope to counteract the deficit and improve our economy. Along with an immediate 5% pay cut for politicians, this is our „5-0-1‟ financial plan to restore economic balance in Canada.

2. Right to Work Canada‟s unions need a dose of
democracy. Employers should never have to fear aggressive union tactics, and it‟s wrong for union bosses to use workers‟ forced union dues to pay for political causes. Employees should never be forced to join a union against their will just for the right to work, nor should their union dues ever be used to support political causes. There is no excuse for this exploitation. We need to step up, and protect the rights of all workers in Canada.

2. Reform healthcare system Canada‟s combined
healthcare spending topped $183-billion in 2009. That is an increase of more than 5%, or $9.5-billion, over 2008 totals. Yet, we still lack adequate numbers of MRI machines and specialized facilities, and we continue to face long wait times for surgery and other procedures. We do not have enough doctors and nurses despite our bloated spending. Our healthcare system just isn‟t working. We need to address the root of the problem – the government‟s monopoly on healthcare. Canada must get a better return on its investment in healthcare by encouraging innovation, and allowing Canadians with a choice in their healthcare.

3. End CRT C censorship The CRTC‟s mandate is
to ensure that broadcasting standards serve the public, but denying freedom of speech is not in the public interest. Why should a group of bureaucrats have the power to determine what Canadians can or cannot watch on TV or listen to on the radio? The CRTC has expanded too far, and should not have the power to censor Canadian airwaves.

4. Stop trampling English language rights As
Canadians, we have gone to great lengths to protect language rights. But, what about the rights of Englishspeaking Canadians living in Quebec? Drastic, heavyhanded language laws deny these Canadians the right to free speech. Parents are denied the option to educate their children in English language schools, and citizens are denied the right to post signs in either official language. We must restore the language rights of English-speaking Canadians who are living in Quebec.

3. Cut taxes Taxes in this country are simply too high.
A recent report indicated that take home pay for the average Canadian has stagnated for almost 20 years. The reason? High taxes. High taxes hinder productivity, undermine our competitiveness around the world, and seriously lower our standard of living. Furthermore, when governments run surpluses, taxpayers should see their tax rate decline. Canadians should be allowed to keep more of their hard-earned money.

1. It’s time for accountable government
Canadians are fed up with politicians and bureaucrats using the public treasury as a slush fund. The Auditor General should never be prevented from auditing public accounts or Crown Corporations. Canadians should not have to endure another scandal that sees our hard-earned dollars end up in the coffers of our federal parties or the pockets of their allies. Government must be made more accountable, and violations of spending rules ought to be strictly punished.

taxpayer-funded allowance. A party must sustain itself on the voluntary contributions of supporters, not on hand-outs from over-burdened taxpayers.

6. Recall Legislation Direct democracy is essential
– referendums, recalls, and citizens‟ initiatives all empower voters and help to make government more accountable. Canadians should be consulted BEFORE controversial legislation is enacted, and there should also be a way for citizens to hold their politicians accountable. Direct democracy works in other countries, and it will work here as well. Politicians need more oversight, and voters are the best people to provide it.

2. Elect the Senate In other countries with federal
systems, such as the United States and Australia, members of the upper legislative branch are elected. In Canada they are appointed. Is this the way it should work in a democracy? Canada should reform the Senate so that it is an elected body with fixed terms.

7. Privatize the CBC The CBC costs taxpayers
about $1.1-billion every year, yet its audience share continues to dwindle. It has a budget shortfall of $171-million, and taxpayers are clearly not getting their money‟s worth. In this age of Internet and cable TV, we do not need a government run network. The government should withdraw from the broadcast business – the CBC has consistently failed to deliver a product that Canadians want. The CBC should be privatized, and its assets sold off immediately.

3. MP salaries and ‘Gold-plated Pensions’
Politicians work for us, so we should have some say in MP compensation. That means putting a stop to the practice of MPs voting themselves fat pay increases. It also means ending the “gold-plated” pension scheme that MPs jealously guard for themselves alone. Let‟s make MPs lead by example on this front – an immediate 5% pay cut would be a good place to start.

4.Support our troops For thirty years our
governments have ignored our once highly regarded military. Defense spending deteriorated to 153rd out of 192 countries based on GDP, and this has made it difficult to fulfill our international responsibilities. Canada‟s international influence is growing, due largely to the outstanding efforts of our military. If we are going to protect our sovereignty and be a reliable ally moving forwards, we must rebuild our military. The Canadian Government should provide the best, most up to date equipment to support our troops and ensure that they can do their job properly.

5. End welfare for political parties Political
parties should have to raise funds for themselves. Taxpayers should never have to subsidize a political party. But, that is exactly what is happening – each federal party receives a $1.95 hand-out for each vote received. In 2009, Canadian taxpayers paid about $27 million under this arrangement. Regional and fringe parties, like the Bloc Quebecois who received approx. $3-million last year, no longer have to support themselves. Instead, they operate entirely on their

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