Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa

, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
C'kNCW... 1hls ls Lhe flnal parL of a concenLraLed messaae ln black
consclousness. 1he reader MuS1 LesL, research and reason Lhe followlna lnformaLlon
to seol tbese focts wltblo tbe meotol. 1o bllndlv read and accepL Lhls daLa wlLhouL
verlflcaLlon ls bellef. Applv reason where necessarv and use our areaL black wrlLers
for auldance. SclenLlflc evaluaLlon should alwavs be applled. no answer sLaLed ln Lhls
book ls Lhe compleLe answer Lo Lhe quesLlon buL raLher an answer of 8LASCnlnC
from Lhe perspecLlve of Lhe knCWn. 1he NCW known |s that Nature |s 8|ackness.
WesLern phllosophv bealnnlna wlLh Lhe anclenL Creeks as Lhe sLudenLs of laLLer
kLML1 / 1AMA-8L (LavpLlan) Leachlnas beaan Lhe ldeals aaalnsL Lhe petfect block
LhaL have Lrlckled down ln Lo all faceLs of reasonlna Llll Lhls verv dav. 1he 1rue facts
rema|n that the 5UN |s the phys|ca| man|festat|on of Nature Þowers. 1herefore, lL
sLands Lo reason LhaL lLs LreaLmenL of lLs producLs ls a reflecLlon of Lhe consclousness
of naLure lLself. 1he 8lack race has been psvcholoalcallv malmed bv underworld
phllosophles. 1he b|ack race |s actua||y ||v|ng w|th|n a man-made underwor|d at the
t|me of th|s wr|t|ng sea|ed by s|x-sc|ences. 1hls llLeraLure represenLs senlor black
consclousness (noL for weak and fearful mlnds) and lL ls S18CnCL? recommended
LhaL Lhe reader has [1] aL leasL 10 vears of experlence readlna black consclous
llLeraLure. [2] undersLands fullv LhaL enerav cannoL be desLroved buL merelv
Lransferred ln Lo dlfferenL sLaLes of exlsLence. [3] 8ecoanlses LhaL all exlsLence ln
Lhelr slmplesL forms are sollds, llqulds and aases. [4] undersLands Lhere are dlfferenL
rlahLs bv naLure based on vour exlsLence ln Llme. [5] knows LhaL aases wlll exlsL
forever wlLhln Lhe 3rd dlmenslonal plane. 1o accepL Lhese flve sLaLemenLs wlll allow
menLal reasonlna Lo evenLuallv accepL Lhe lnformaLlon vou are abouL Lo read. 1he
Nub|an reader must remember these f|ve statements wh||e eva|uat|ng the C'know
ser|es. 1hls book ls deslaned Lo lmprove Lhe menLal and phvslcal condlLlons of Lhe
black race worldwlde please do noL re[ecL Lhls lnformaLlon. 1hls ls l8LL llLeraLure for
members of Lhe 8lack race LhaL requlres dlscreeL sLudles. 1he lnLelllaenL bv naLure
wlll naLurallv flnd Lhese wrlLlnas. 1here ls menLal llberaLlon enerav wlLhln Lhese
wrlLlnas! 1hls flnal edlLlon wlll aLLempL Lo slmpllfv Lhe naLure of Lhe underworld and
how and whv lL opposes manv aspecLs of Nubun 1rue Cu|ture.

lL ls sLaLed ln Lhls edlLlon LhaL Lhe C'knCW serles can be used bv anv member of Lhe
black race for Lhe purpose of provldlna menLal llberaLlon lnformaLlon for self and
klnd. nublans who know of Lhls llLeraLure veL wlsh noL Lo lnform oLhers who could
beneflL from lL are sLlll worklna for Lhe forces aaalnsL nubun MenLal LlberaLlon. 1hls
ls noL mundane llLeraLure. Manv lssues ralsed LhrouahouL Lhe C'know serles were
dlscussed bv our anclenLs ln 1rue CulLure because Lhls lnformaLlon deals wlLh naLure
knowledae. lL ls Lhe composlLlon of naLure knowledae LhaL has been alLered Lo Lrlck
orlalnal exlsLence ln Lhe form of Lhe nubun black race Lo flnd refuae ln Lhe reasonlna
and splrlLuallLv of oLher races raLher Lhan Lhe forces, consLanLs and cvcle knowledae
of naLure ul8LC1L?. We puL Lhe 8lack 8ace as a collecLlve exlsLence ahead of
flnanclal wealLh LhaL's whv Lhls lnformaLlon ls l8LL. lL ls verv lmporLanL LhaL Lhe
nublan oversLands Lhe followlna: 1he anclenLs ln vour aenes are noL concerned wlLh
Lhe lsm(s) of Lhls dav and Llme. 1hev are prlmarllv concerned wlLh Lhe oeoetlc
cleooloo of tbe boose wlLhln black bloodllnes and Lhe eLernal preservaLlon and
quallLv of Lhe blockwomeo - blockmoo ooJ blockcbllJ Lrlad. C'kNCW f|na||y Nature
know|edge has returned. NCW Let's 8eg|n!
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

1he fear of reallLv bealns wlLh Lhe falsehood poslLlon wlLhln naLure alven
Lo Lhe exlsLence of 'noLhlnaness'. lL sLands Lo reason LhaL Lhe Lrue
composlLlon of noLhlna ls acLuallv aases whlch can be Laken furLher ln Lo
sub-aLomlc sLaLes. MaLLer fllls space. 1herefore, Lhere ls no such Lhlna as
noLhlna. 1hls noLhlna noLlon bealns Lhe aaenda Lo manlpulaLe Lhe
percepLlon of naLure lLself ln favor of bellef. 1he noLhlna ldenLlLv alves
room ln reasonlna for Lhe mvLholoalcal Cod concepL Lo emerae because
an exlsLence musL lnlLlaLe chanae ln noLhlna Lo creaLe someLhlna.
noLhlna ln naLure ls represenLed as blackness purposelv Lo alve hlaher
value Lo llahL. 1hls poslLlonlna ls a alobal phenomenon and lLs correcLlon
ls Lhe flrsL sLaae of 1rue MenLal llberaLlon for Lhe nubun black race
worldwlde. 1he black race collecLlvelv cannoL reap Lhe beneflLs of our
own exlsLence unLll correcL knowledae of naLure CLLA8L? seen Lhrouah
sclence ls acknowledaed above llahL-based bellef svsLems LhaL pav
homaae Lo ChosL based forces LhaL represenL LlahL ln Lhe form of bellef
and evoluLlon. 8LLlLl (bel-lef) ln lLself ls a represenLaLlve of 8LL who
splrlLuallv ls a Caucaslan and Þhoenlclan lnLerpreLaLlon of one of Lhe Cod
forces malnLalnlna Lhe underworld - 8LL-LCW (below) - below refers Lo
underneaLh. 1hev have also used CSl8uS as a represenLaLlve of Lhe
underworld manlpulaLlna Lhe petfect block quallLles of Cslrus ln
consclousness. So, we are deallna wlLh a black race LhaL has been Lralned
Lo fear reallLv lLs self whlle holdlna on Lo bellef. 1he fear of blackness ls a
fear of reallLv. Suns are composed of aases and Lhese verv same aas
sLaLes can be seen beLween Lhe sLars. 1he whole noLlon of reallLv ls vour
lnLerpreLaLlon of sollds, llqulds and aases all as maLLer lnLeracLlna wlLh
space and Llme. 1hese maLLer Lvpes orlalnaLe, exlsL, arow and decav
wlLhln Lhls black sLaLe of aases. 1herefore, Lhe 'noLhlnaness' as blackness
ls reallv evervLhlna eLernallv. A nublan reader who does noL Lake Lhe
Llme Lo sLudv sclenLlflcallv Lhe collecLlve exlsLence of Lhe llahL specLrum
or Lhe LoLallLv of aases, whlch ln concenLraLlon creaLe Suns who are wlLh
naLure, should plav no parL ln Lhe developmenL of Lhe black race
because Lhev are noL ln1LLLlCLn1 8? nA1u8L. 1he mls-educaLlon of Lhe
represenLaLlon of naLure ls rampanL usuallv alven ln Lhe form of wlldllfe
and foresLrv. nA1u8L lS 8LACknLSS AS CCLLLC1lvL unlvL8SAL CASLS
LhaL wlLhln speclflc space and Llme concenLraLe Lo produce SunS. 1hls
clear reallLv lnformaLlon ls whv manv pre-monoLhelsm svsLems
poslLloned Lhe sun as cenLral Lo llfe. Sun culLure can be consldered Lhe
anclenL sclenLlflc LreaLmenL of naLure and lLs producLs. 1he lnfluence of
evoluLlon on all aspecLs of naLure forced reallLv reasonlna focused on
Lhe Sun and 8LACknLSS as naLural llfe alvers and preservers Lo become
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
bellef ln Lhe form of rellalons wlLh tbelt owo llobt(s). 1he predomlnanL
flaures of monoLhelsm are reallv moon based delLles whose names and
cusLoms have chanaed Lhrouah Lhe eras. 1he Sun ls Lhe sclenLlflc llfe
alver wlLhln a unlverse. ln earller anclenL reasonlna on earLh Lhe Sun
was percelved as 8C1P Lhe sclenLlflc and splrlLual leader of naLure
forces. 1he unlflcaLlon of sclence and splrlL ls a 18uL 8LALl1?. Cnlv Lhose
who are noL lnLelllaenL bv naLure can re[ecL LhaL sLaLemenL. 1he
quesLlon asked bv Lhe wlse ls how Sun CulLure (sclenLlflc raLlonale
applled Lo reallLv) became Moon CulLure (bellef as Lhe leadlna
consclence dlcLaLlna reallLv). 1he answer ls Lhe cvcle. 1he sun as Lhe
cenLer polnL of consLellaLlon creaLlon wlll forever malnLaln aovernance
ln lLs poslLlon amonasL Lhe planeLs and moons lL blrLhed. 1hls facL means
LhaL Lhe Laws of Cvcles cannoL lnduce chanae ln Lhe auLhorlLv held bv
Lhe sun ln naLure. 1hls rullna challenaes Lhe Laws of naLure LhaL sLaLes
LhaL 'LvL8?1PlnC MuS1 CPAnCL 8? nA1u8L'. 1PL8LlC8L 1PL
Au1PC8l1? Cl Sun ÞCWL8S represenLed as sclence (reallLv) musL be
alven Lo lLs opposlLe Lhe Moon ln Lhe form of bellef now known as
rellalon because Lhe Sun ls eLernallv Lhe cenLer polnL of naLure powers ln
Lhe form of llahL, heaL, enerav, radlaLlon and Lhe sucLlon forces. lor
cvcles Lo exlsL bellef had Lo exlsL Lo provlde an opposlna force Lo reallLv.
8eallLv ls slmplv represenLed as Lhe Sun (llahL enerav LhaL preserves all
earLh llfe) and 8lackness lLself (Lhe collecLlve sLaLe of all exlsLence
eLernallv). 8ellef ls slmplv represenLed as whlLe (Lhe colorless sLaLe of
exlsLence percelved as dlvlne and pure ln Lhls dav and Llme) and
expressed predomlnaLelv Lhrouah rellalon (splrlLs, ahosLs and Lhe
dlsaulsed Moon Cods) and lLs varlous offshooLs as lSMS. ln a dlfferenL
faceL of naLure bellef ls represenLed as LvoluLlon because evoluLlon ls
Lhe [ournev awav from orlalnal exlsLence slmllar Lo bellef whlch ls Lhe
[ournev awav from a LruLh. 1hls represenLs Lhe Laws of CpposlLes. 8ellef
ls acLuallv Lrlaaered off bv evoluLlonarv forces ln naLure. 1he opposlLe of
LruLh ls a lle buL Lhe opposlLe of reallLv ls a bellef because Lhe accepLance
of a lle ls reallv a bellef whlch sLlll can be percelved as LruLh for manv.
Powever, Lhe word LlL was purposelv placed ln Lhe word 8L-LlL-l Lo help
malnLaln Lhe opposlLes ln Lhe form of 8LALl1?(18u1P) vS. 8LLlLl(LlL).
1ruLh and reallLv are Lhe same exlsLence buL Lhev could noL have bellef
and lle acknowledaed as open parLners. lL sLands Lo reason LhaL Lhls plav
on words could onlv exlsL lf Lhe LruLh was alreadv known and Lhls LruLh
cannoL be a bellef svsLem. 1hls opposlLlon svmbollzes Lhe relaLlonshlp
beLween llahL and blackness. 1here are manv llahLs (bellefs) buL onlv one
blackness LhaL ls Lhe collecLlve sLaLe of all llahLs wlLhln Lhe LoLal llahL
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

specLrum. 8ellef ls a seamenL of reallLv Lhe same wav llahL ls [usL a
seamenL of blackness, Lhe same wav Lhe Moon ls reallv [usL a seamenL of
Lhe Sun ln orlalnaLlon wlLhln a solar svsLem. 1he same wav ?Cu are a
seamenL of vour blood llneaae. 1hls ls naLure knowledae. 8lahL bellef
and Wrona 8ellef are nC1 opposlLes because 8lahL 8ellef uCLS nC1
exlsL. 1he opposlLe of wrona bellef ls slmplv Lhe lAC1. 8ellef ls a decaved
form of reallLv accepLed bv people worldwlde LhaL does noL have Lhe
sLrenaLh Lo lnfluence Lhe relaLlonshlps beLween sollds, llqulds and aases
aL ALL 1lMLS and ÞLACLS. 8ellef ls a psvcholoalcal phase of evoluLlon
wlLhln Lhe human mlnd. 1hls poslLlons a bellef svsLem below Lhe Laws of
naLure LhaL MuS1 remaln consLanL wlLhln all SÞACL, MA11L8 and 1lML.
Llvlna naLure knowledae ls slmplv Lhe clrcle because cvcles can never
end - Lhev remaln as AC1lvL LllL ln Lhelr sLaLe as Lhe acLual cvcle
forever. AnoLher quesLlon asked ls how can anvone know Lhe behavlor
paLLerns of Lhe 8lack race mllllons of vears aao? 1he answer ls Lhe cvcle.
1he roles Lhe elemenLs plav ln malnLalnlna naLure have noL chanaed and
Lhe auldellnes on how Lo exlsL wlLhln naLure where lnlLlallv based on Lhe
sLudv of Lhese producLs of naLure - 1he Suns, Moons, WaLers, LarLhs,
Wlnds, llres, ÞlanLaLlons, Anlmals and 8lackness (Lhe eLernal consLanL ln
naLure LhaL llnks all LoaeLher). 1hese naLure producLs of course lncluded
Lhe clrcle wlLnessed bv ÞLahlLes ln varlous forms LhrouahouL naLure.
1hese lncluded 9 eLher curl halr folllcles, raln drops on waLer, waLer
splrals, planLaLlons and clrcler celesLlal bodles buL mosL lmporLanLlv
Lhrouah Lhe menLal plane [udalna cvcles and seasons. 1herefore, ÞLah as
black rlverslde pvamv races (verv dark sklnned) ln complexlon soon
dlscovered LhaL heallna came from resL ln darkness and Lhls verv sLaLe
never chanaes slmllar Lo Lhe space vacuum beLween Lhe sLars. lL ls Lhe
eLernal. 1hese facLs applv Lo LruLh Llll Lhls verv dav. 1herefore, lL sLands
Lo reason LhaL 1PL SuMML8 SLASCn Cl 8LACknLSS wlLhln speclflc
SÞACL vACuuM blrLhed Lhe SunS Cl nA1u8L. 1he unlverse ls a LlvlnC
C8CAnlSM tbot tbloks ln cvcles. 1hls ls pure naLure knowledae forever
nCW. 1he Suns of naLure are llvlna enLlLles who express emoLlons uslna
varlous frequencles of llahL, radlaLlon and enerav. 1hls ls whv Lhe
commerclal sclenLlflc communlLv of Lhls dav and Llme percelve Lhe Sun's
behavlor as unpredlcLable (however Lhev reallv know beLLer). 1hev help
conceal Lhe reallLv of Lhe Sun as more of a llvlna oraanlsm Lo alve
auLhorlLv Lo rellalon and lSMS over Lhe masses. 1he Suns emoLlons are
expressed over Lhousands of vears Lhrouah sunllahL and Lhese emoLlons
ln compleLlon can onlv be wlLnessed Lhrouah collecLlve blood llneaaes
noL Lhe lndlvldual llfe span. lL ls known LhaL all aroup Lvpes of belnas
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
LhrouahouL naLure musL communlcaLe wlLh each oLher ln some fashlon
l.e. CaL Lo CaL, human Lo human as well as blood vessels wlLh each oLher
and so on. 1he Suns of naLure do lndeed communlcaLe wlLh each oLher
Lhrouah Lhe manlpulaLlon of llahL, radlaLlon and enerav (Lhelr exLernal
braln-waves) vla dark maLLer. A menLal llberaLlon formula ls NCW =
NC1nING = LVLk¥1nING = 8LACkNL55 and lf Lhe nublan can reason Lhls
sLaLemenL wlLhln Lhelr own mlnd Lo be correcL lnformaLlon Lhen Lhev are
deflnlLelv breaklna Lhe spell casL on Lhe black race. Lach parL of Lhe
formula [usL sLaLed ls Lhe same Lhlna wlLhln dlfferenL faceLs of menLal
reasonlna. LlahL would be placed wlLhln Lhe evetvtbloo sectloo as a sub-
dlvlslon of blackness. £vetvtbloo otlolootes. exlsts ooJ expltes wltblo tbe
blockoess of spoce petcelveJ os ootbloooess bv tbe meotol-JeoJ. 1bls
stote of blockoess oevet cboooes tbetefote lt ls fotevet NOw. 1hls menLal
poslLlonlna pushes human reasonlna above Lhe Man-Made Laws of L8AS
LhaL are Lhe value svsLems of Lhe aovernlna parLles wlLhln a perlod ln
Llme. lL ls no secreL LhaL Lhe black races ln aeneral LhrouahouL Lhe
wesLern world and urban Afrlca ablde Lo Lhe value svsLems of oLher
races aL Lhe Llme of Lhls wrlLlna. Slnce mosL phllosophles orlalnaLe from
nlle vallev culLure whlch ls naLure knowledae aL a more conclse sLaLe,
all races wlll conLlnue Lo vamp, conceal and explolL nubun reasonlna,
resources and aenealoav. 1he concealmenL of Lhls obvlous mlsLreaLmenL
of Lhe black race who bv naLure wlll remaln as orlalnal exlsLence on anv
LarLh Lvpe planeL under a slmllar Sun ls execuLed bv rellalous
connoLaLlons whlch poslLlon whlLe-llahL-rlahL above blackness ln naLure.
Pundreds of mllllons of nublans worldwlde cannoL reach a sLandard of
reasonlna Lo accepL Lhese facLs because bellef works Lo hold correcL
Lhlnklna under Lhe horlzon of reasonlna Lo remaln ln Lhe underworld.
1hls ls Lhe domaln of SL1 and Anu8lS from Lhe perspecLlve of laLLer
LavpLlan Leachlnas and once Lhe Sun ls down Lhe SunSeL's Lo allow Lhe
moon Lo become domlnaLe ln naLure. 1hls ls Lhe essence of Lhe spell
because correcL reasonlna represenLs reallLv, whlch ls 8L-allLv. 8L ls Lhe
Sun and Lhe Suns are wlLh naLure. AL Lhls level of llLeraLure Lhe nublan
reader musL now reason LhaL ln 1rue CulLure Lhe force laLer known as
Anu8lS and even SL1 Lo an exLenL represenLed secLlons of Lhe manv
unlversal naLure processes. 1he hldden forces of Lhe underworld have
allaned Lhelr slx-sclences wlLh Lhese aspecLs of naLure because Lhese
forces are mosL adapLable Lo Lhelr naLure and exlsLence (era). 1hese
forces are more supporLlve of evoluLlon and wlnLer seasons ln naLure
Lhan Lhe oLher neLeru. 1he black race musL reason LhaL rellalon ls Lhe
manlpulaLlon of naLure laws ln favor of Lhe race who aave LhaL rellalon
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

Lo anoLher race because lL ls a bv-producL of LhaL races naLure. 1he
splrlLuallLv of a bellef svsLem mav nC1 have Lhe correcL effecL on all
belnas because all llneaaes of belnas orlalnaLe from dlfferenL races,
places and Llmes on earLh. 1he black race musL reason LhaL sclence also
has a varlaLlon of bellef called 1heorv. 1he verv word Lheorv orlalnaLes
from 1beos (Creek) whlch means aod - Lhls represenLs bellef aaaln. 1he
aaenda Lo conceal rlahL knowledae concerned wlLh Lhe poLenLlal of Lhe
black race on earLh ls held ln moLlon Lhrouah Lheorv ln parLlcular
uarwlnlsm. Powever, sclence bv naLure ls suppose Lo work Lo correcL
lLself consLanLlv whlch ls an aLLrlbuLe LhaL makes lL more naLure-wlse
Lhan rellalon. WhaL could be consldered Lhe orlalnal rellalon of Lhe black
race was un-blas sclence wlLh Lhe elemenLs, consLanLs, cvcle lnlLlaLors as
Lhe aods and aoddesses of naLure. Moreover, lnformaLlon was deflnlLelv
Lransferred Lhrouah blood llneaaes vla Lhe blackness of naLure locaLed
wlLhln Lhe blood. A quesLlon from Lhe wlse would be: Can aod as a man
or belna be Lrue or falsehood? 1he answer ls Lhe cvcle. lf naLure works
Lhrouah a framework of cvcles worklna wlLh dlfferenL elemenLs Lhen
Lhose who bear Lhe hlahesL lnLelllaence of Lhese relaLlonshlps can uLlllze
naLure lLself Lo brlna forLh occurrences consldered supernaLural Lo Lhose
bearlna less reasonlna. 1hese are vour aods and aoddesses ln flesh and
blood who ln anclenL 1ama-8L where found ln speclflc bloodllnes
becomlna Lhe black leaders of Lhose eras and even now vla Leachlnas lf
Lhelr lnLelllaence can noL be surpassed. As sLaLed ln an earller book
edlLlon 'lorever and Lver Amen' refers Lo Amen (Amun) 8L. 1hls ls a
kemeL 1ama-8e sLaLemenL LhaL predaLes ChrlsLlanlLv, lslam and !udalsm
under Caucaslan and Þhoenlclan rullnas. Amen (Amun) ls Lhe hldden
(8LACknLSS) and 8L ls Lhe Sun. 1he noLlon of 'lorever and Lver' ls Lhls
blackness as Lhe eLernal consLanL of naLure and 1he Sun ln lLs eLernal
poslLlon as Lhe chlef celesLlal bodv of a consLellaLlon aovernlna llfe.
8|ackness |s Nature and the 5uns are w|th Nature ls a sLaLemenL LhaL
reflecLs Lhls relaLlonshlp. It 5tands to keason refers Lo Lhe [ournev
upwards 'sLandlna' svmbollzlna upllfLmenL (upperworld) whlle Lo reason
ls Lo 8L who ls A Sun. C'kNCW ls Lhe clrcle C knowledae slmplv naLure
knowledae buL wlLhln knCW ls NCW. knowledae LhaL remalns rlahL and
exacL forever ls naLure knowledae as now. An AC1uAL lAC1 (AcLlve
LruLh aL all Llmes). We hope LhaL nublan readers worked ouL Lhese
meanlnas for Lhemselves. CuanLum reasonlna ls Lhe foundaLlon of much
of anclenL Afrlcan culLural svsLems wlLh vour ancesLors exlsLlna wlLhln
Lhe exlsLences of naLure LhaL remaln Lhe same. 1hese are Lhe sub-aLomlc
spaces of 8lackness LhaL exlsL wlLhln 8lood (unA), oLher unlque forms of
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
maLLer and Lhe MenLal Þlane acLlvaLed bv sunllahL decoded bv melanln
ln Lo elecLrlcal pulses for braln-maLLer. CLher lnaredlenLs wlLhln naLure
musL be rlahL Lo bear wlLness Lo Lhese effecLs. unA ls a unlversal
consLanL LhaL llnks ancesLral sub-aLomlc enerav beLween Llmes Lhrouah
ancesLral blood. A parL of vou wlll exlsL ln vour offsprlna Lo some dearee
and LhaL parL ls a consLanL. lL was well known LhaL Lhere ls poLencv ln
ancesLral llneaaes ln Afrlcan culLure and Lhls facL ls one reason whv
dlfferenL seamenLs of Afrlcan Lrlbes were forcefullv mlxed durlna Lhe
slave perlods. lL ls also whv ancesLral acknowledaemenL ls condemned
blbllcallv bv 8oman new 1esLamenL wrlLlnas. 1he reallzaLlon of Lhls
lnformaLlon bealns when lL ls fullv oversLood LhaL human eve llahL ls
merelv one frequencv of llahL and LhaL ouLslde Lhls frequencv Lhe human
eve cannoL percelve exlsLence. 1hls non-percepLlon exlsLence represenLs
oLher frequencles, whlch ln LoLallLv equal blackness. 1he relLeraLlons
wlLhln our wrlLlnas are a meLhod of securlna naLure knowledae ln
consclousness. 1he black race musL reason LhaL Lhe cvcle chanae of
naLure lndlcaLes LhaL blood sacrlflclal reasonlna was noL orlalnal culLural
behavlor for Lhe ÞLah races who were veaeLarlans bv naLure. Sacrlflces
orlalnaLe from a baslc formula LhaL was dlscovered ln naLure based on
Lhe Laws of CpposlLes uLlllzed bv Lhose wlLhln Lhe underworld of
reasonlna. 1he ma[orlLv of Lhe anclenL races of Lhe world were noL alven
Lhe hlaher sclences of naLure whlch do noL need deaLh as a balancer
because naLure as blackness ls eLernal ln all dlrecLlons o. ln upperworld
reasonlna Lhere can be no sacrlflces because pro-llfe reasonlna and non-
bellef svsLems are ln rulershlp - evervLhlna moves ln cvcles. 1he or|g|na|
vegetar|an anc|ent Afr|can races as gods and goddesses DID NC1
support the dead and so |t must be aga|n. 1hls ls an herblvore LralL ln
naLure wlLhln orlalnal exlsLences who Lhen parLake ln evoluLlon alvlna
wav Lo culLural decav. underworld reasonlna poslLlons deaLh above llfe.
ln rellalon lL ls ln deaLh vou can CnL? aeL Lo heaven and lL ls Lhe
composlLlon of llvlna-deaLh as ChosL or SplrlLs vou are Lralned Lo
worshlp. Whlle ln Lhe lSM(s) Lhev flahL Lo normallze aborLlon,
euLhanasla, drua-Laklna, non-heLerosexuallLv and Lo devalue Lhe
lmporLance of blood llneaaes. 1hese all conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe deaLh of an
ancesLral cvcle llfe buL also ralse Lhe appreclaLlon of deaLh ln naLure.
ueaLh now becomes Lhe savlor because lL ls now Lhe soluLlon Lo
problems ln ones llfe. Þrlme aspecLs of 8ellalon and Lhe lsm(s) 8C1P
supporL Lhe underworld. 1he relaLlonshlp beLween splrlL and man was
noL uneven as lL ls ln Lhls dav and Llme. ln anclenL Afrlca muLual respecL
exlsLed beLween boLh sldes of Lhe eve-llahL frequencv because anclenL
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

Afrlca had an advanced oversLandlna of Lhe Laws of naLure earned
Lhrouah Lhousands of vears of research wlLh lnformaLlon kepL wlLhln
unlque bloodllnes and rural LradlLlon. Sclence and splrlLuallLv were
unlLed. LvenLuallv lL wlll be found ouL LhaL Þhoenlclan, Plndu and
Chaldean culLure has plaved a ma[or role ln dlluLlna culLural reasonlna ln
Afrlca and LhaL manv of Lhe Afrlcan splrlLual forces of Lhe black race
morphed lnLo ahosLaLlonal forces and ln llvlna deaLh ouL of our season of
nubun alobal leadershlp re-emeraed under oLher races as Lhe unlLed
splrlLual powers behlnd raclsm. 1here ls ahosL-based splrlLuallLv behlnd
raclsm supporLed bv rellalon. SclenLlflcallv, rellalon ls Lhe sLudv of Lhe
relaLlonshlp beLween sub-aLomlc enerav parLlcles and aLomlc level
maLLer. Sub-aLomlc exlsLences are belna lnLerpreLed as splrlLs
lnfluenclna aLomlc level maLLer (as human braln-maLLer). 1hls occurs ln
dlfferenL wavs based on Lhe human's envlronmenL, dleLarv, soclallsaLlon
and aeneral level of lnLelllaence. Sub-aLomlc enerav Lvpes are aLLracLed
Lo dlfferenL Lvpes of maLLer (lncludlna braln-maLLer). ÞarLlcles LhaL
sLlmulaLe reason are aLLracLed Lo blackness Lo malnLaln SuÞ8LML
8ALAnCLMLn1 wlLhln naLure. 1hls ls sclenLlflcallv, psvcholoalcal and
splrlLual because blackness ls Lhe prlme mover of maLLer. 1hls ls whv Lhe
verv color (frequencv) black ls Lhe besL heaL absorber wlLhln Lhe color
specLrum. 1hls ls a naLural enerav mechanlsm - carbon, coal, oll, sLarch,
carbohvdraLes eLc. 1hls ls also whv celesLlal bodles ln Lhe blackness of
space are naLurallv clrcular. A varlaLlon of Lhls rullna ls ln Lhe sub-aLomlc
world where Lhe sLaLe of CPCS1 does noL have enouah creaLlonal
enerav Lo sLlmulaLe reason ln favour of supreme balancemenL ln naLure.
ln slmpler Lerms: LlahL-whlLe-rlahL consclous enerav ln Lhe form of bellef
svsLems LhaL pav homaae Lo ChosL based forces can noL sLlmulaLe
balanced LreaLmenL wlLhln human consclousness buL raLher dvsfuncLlon.
1hls ls because sclenLlflcallv Lhese exlsLences do noL conLaln enouah
quallLv maLLer Lo sLlmulaLe lnvesLlaaLlve menLal reasonlna when
evaluaLlna Lhe producLs of naLure. 1hls dvsfuncLlon ofLen leads Lo wars,
sacrlflces Lo supporL Lhe prosperlLv of ahosL, alLernaLlve reallLv
appreclaLlon and Lhe llfe-Llme explolLaLlon of Lhe bellever. 8lackness
represenLs Lhe LoLal llahL specLrum. LlahL does noL lL ls a sub-secLlon.
1hese are Lhe facLs. 1hls ls whv Lhe enerav parLlcles (lnLerpreLed as Lhe
Polv ChosL or Polv SplrlL ln ChrlsLlanlLv) once aLLracLed Lo braln-maLLer
vla Cospel (ahosL spell) can noL provlde coheslve reasonlna. 1hls
personlfles ln Lhe church as speaklna Lonaues ln albberlsh, foamlna aL
Lhe mouLh, rolllna around Lhe floor eLc. 1he black race has been
splrlLuallv malmed now bearlna a chlld llke splrlLual consclousness when
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
deallna wlLh blackness and our anclenL culLural reasonlna. 1hls chlldllke
naLure refers Lo accepLlna Lhe sLandards of lSMS and 8LLlLl svsLems
whlch over Lhe lasL several hundred vears PAvL nC1 supporLed Lhe
black race Lo Lhe same dearee as oLher races. ln Lrue culLure reasonlna
Lhe orlalnal nubuns would noL supporL splrlLual forces LhaL dld noL prove
Lhev were here Lo preserve and lmprove Lhe condlLlons of Lhe Lrlbe,
bloodllne and even race beLween 10,300 Lo 6,000 vears aao. lL was Lhen
reasoned LhaL Lhe onlv splrlLual forces LhaL could be LrusLed were vour
own ancesLors. WlLhln an evoluLlonarv cvcle Lhe splrlLual forces LhaL are
clalmed Lo be unlversal do noL pracLlce Lhe common noLlon of equallLv.
1hls ls proven bv Lhe poslLlon of Lhe black race on earLh aL Lhe Llme of
Lhls wrlLlna. As sLaLed prevlouslv Lhe anclenL nubun races would noL
supporL splrlLual forces LhaL dld noL supporL Lhem equallv or above anv
oLher human exlsLence. Manv splrlLual forces were abandoned bv Lhe
Afrlcan race prlor Lo 6,000 vears aao and lL ls Lhese re[ecLed forces LhaL
re-emeraed aaalnsL Lhe black race belna uLlllzed bv oLher races. 1he
ma[orlLv of Lhe Caucaslan race does noL know Lhe orlaln of Lhe raclsL
consclousness Lhev have aaalnsL Lhe black race. 1hls ls because lL ls a
bellef svsLem Lrlaaered off bv splrlLual forces. ln an evaluaLlon of Lhe
Laws of CpposlLes lL can be dlscovered LhaL Lhe splrlLual forces behlnd
bellef svsLems work Lhe leasL ln favor of Lhe black race. 1hls ls proven bv
Lhe condlLlons of Lhe black race ln Lhls dav and Llme ln comparlson Lo
oLher races. ln addlLlon, lL Lhen sLands Lo reason LhaL Lhe splrlLual forces
behlnd lAC1S wlll work besL for Lhe black race. 1he common reader mav
have never been lnLroduced Lo Lhe reallLv LhaL splrlLual forces asslsL
focts and bellefs because boLh Lhe reallzaLlon of a facL or bellef need
enerav and maLLer Lo exlsL ln consclousness. lL ls sclence LhaL ls an
evolved varlaLlon of Lhe Lrue culLure of Lhe black race however, sclence
of Lhls dav and Llme cannoL acLlvaLe Lhe emoLlons LhaL exlsL ln elemenLs
- LhaL's splrlLual sclence. SplrlLual sclence needs Lhe rlahL people aL Lhe
rlahL Llme and place Lo work - th|nk|ng the r|ght way! Melanln ls a
caLalvsL. 1he lack of respecL and knowledae of Lhe Laws of naLure ls a
kev reason conLrlbuLlna Lo Lhe demlse of Lhe black race. 1he Plndu casLe
svsLem ls Lhe orlaln of mosL bellef svsLems concerned wlLh raclal
dlscrlmlnaLlon. 1he black race have been lC8CLluLL? poslLloned as Lhe
represenLaLlves of llvlna deaLh amonasL Lhe races wlLhln Lhe underworld
Lhrouah bellef svsLems, wesLern pollLlcal aaendas, psvcholoav and
subllmlnal Lechnlques wlLhln all forms of wesLern medla, educaLlon,
colloqulal Lermlnoloav and rellalon. Powever, Lhe llvlna-represenLaLlves
of deaLh known as Lhe wlnLer cvcle of human exlsLence ls acLuallv Lhe
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

Caucaslan race who are Lhe prosperlLv of ahosL. Slmplv sLaLed: SeamenLs
wlLhln Lhe aenealoav of darker races evolved and decaved Lo become
llahLer races proven bv Lhe sLrenaLh of melanln, hemoalobln (sLem cells)
and blood poLencv. 1hls ls verlflable Lhrouah sclence vla Lhe lapse of
melanln wlLhln Lhe bloloalcal and neuroloalcal composlLlon buL wlll be
percelved as raclsm ln Lhls dav and Llme. 1hls percepLlon of raclsm
permanenLlv blocks Lhe black race from llvlna Lo Lhe hlahesL sLandards of
Lhelr exlsLence ÞCSl1lvLL? co-exlsLlna wlLh oLher races. So Lo dlverL Lhls
reallLv reasonlna, evoluLlon ln lLself musL be poslLloned ln alobal
consclousness as lmprovemenL, achlevemenL and poslLlve chanae when
reallv evoluLlon ls Lhe [ournev of decav ln naLure proven bv vour verv
own llfe span. 1he Caucaslan auLhorlLles work endlesslv Lo preserve
lmbalance and W8CnC knCWLLuCL when deallna wlLh Lhe poslLlonlna
of blackness and whlLe-llahL ln naLure. CLher races follow sulL buL ln
lesser dearees. 1he world ls Lralned Lo percelve black as neaaLlve. lL ls
foollsh for a black race Lo belleve LhaL Lhe blue-black pvamv races whose
exlsLence pre-daLes all oLher races would percelve Lhe verv color of Lhelr
skln as Lhe represenLaLlon of neaaLlvlLv ln naLure. ln Lhls dav and Llme
onlv a nublan menLallv-dead would accepL LhaL noLlon as reallLv
expressed Lhrouah deflnlLlons and splrlLuallLv alven Lo Lhem bv llahLer
races. 1he dlsposlLlon of blackness ln socleLv keeps a black race Lrapped
wlLhln Lhe underworld of reasonlna. We sLaLe here LhaL AC8LLA8LL
ÞLCÞLL Anu nA1u8LS uC LxlS1 ln ALL 8ACLS and lL ls a duLv for Lhose
of Lhls poslLlve naLure Lo help manaae Lhelr own race. 1here ls an
onaolna clear aaenda Lo Lake conLrol of Afrlcan aarlculLural resources as
well as our aeneLlc properLles and facLlons ln all races are lnvolved ln Lhls
aaenda. 8LLlClCn WlLL nC1 Þ8C1LC1 1PL 8LACk 8ACL l8CM 1PlS
MlS18LA1MLn1. Moreover, manv Afrlcan splrlLual forces wlll noL
prevenL Lhls mlsLreaLmenL elLher because [1] Lhe black race as a
collecLlve do noL ablde Lo naLure knowledae, [2] have foraoLLen Lhe rlLes
and [3] are ofLen followlna delLles LhaL orlalnaLe from oLher races (even
wlLhln rural Afrlca). nelLher wlll Lhe ma[orlLv of black leaders prevenL Lhe
ln[usLlce slnce Lhev have alreadv pledaed allealance Lo whlLewashed
secreL bu-s|n-ess secLs who malnLaln conLrol vla splrlL forces under Lhe
moon aod represenLed as monev (moon-ev). Cne of Lhe blaaesL spells of
Lhe aaes was Lo conceal LhaL splrlLuallLv also exlsLs wlLhln Lhe lSMS. ln
parLlcular CaplLallsm LhaL sLlll abldes Lo Lhe Moon Cod (Sln)
(Monev/Moon-ev, ÞroflLs/ÞropheLs, !C8 Lhe blbllcal sLorv ln comparlson
Lo Lhe caplLallsL ldea of a [ob and lLs rewards). AnoLher example ls
Llberallsm LhaL ln Lrue deflnlLlon orlalnaLes from sexual rlLes under Lhe
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
8LL(s)/8AAL(s). 1he orlalnal delLles worshlpped bv Lhe earlv Caucaslan
race have aone no place else Lhev have merelv been sub-meraed ln Lo
oLher areas of socleLv. lL ls no colncldence LhaL Lhe Moon Cod Sln ls Lhe
parenL of 8AAL (ferLlllLv Cod) ln 8abvlonlan rlLes and boLh were
worshlpped bv Lhe Þhoenlclans and earlv Caucaslan. 1hls ls personlfled
ln Lhls dav and Llme ln Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween monev and sex. 1he
Nub|an must reason these facts out! ln oLher words lsms can be uLlllzed
for Lhe well-belna of self and klnd wlLhouL pavlna homaae Lo Lhese
forces buL vou wlll need 8lahL knowledae. Cne of Lhe oLher bla aaendas
of Lhls cenLurv ls Lhe manlpulaLlon, malmlna and alLeraLlon of Lhe sub-
aLomlc ?Cu whlch wlll be naLurallv reacLlvaLed Lhls cenLurv bv cllmaLe
chanaes Lo recelve new consclousness - a hlaher Ller of reasonlna. 1he
Armaaeddon process wlll lC8CL correcL knowledae of naLure Lo surface
because bellef svsLems wlll be proven Lo supporL Lhe dead above Lhe
llvlna. SLudv sclenLlflc, envlronmenLal and dleLarv daLa before accepLlna
bellef svsLems. lacLs are Lhe prerequlslLe of 18uL CuL1u8L. ln addlLlon,
be fullv aware of Arvan aaendas Lo manufacLure savlor Lvpes whlle uslna
hlah Lechnoloav Lo creaLe unnaLural occurrences manlpulaLlna Lhe
lsoLhere, weaLher sequences and land movemenLs. Also sLudv Lhe
movemenL of celesLlal bodles ln our solar svsLem. 1hese wrlLlnas are noL
'evervdav knowledae' Lhe llkes of 'leL's sLlck LoaeLher', 'leL's supporL
black buslnesses' or 'leL's aeL Lhe druas off Lhe sLreeLs'. 1hose
sLaLemenLs are poslLlve wlLh credlblllLv and can be found LhrouahouL
black llLeraLure. Powever, Lhls ls naLure knowledae deslaned Lo sprouL
menLal llberaLlon whlch bealns ln Lhe reoraanlzlna of Lhe sub-consclous
whlch once correcLed prevenLs Lhe consclous and consclence aLLrlbuLes
of braln-maLLer LhaL aeneraLe LhouahL from rearesslon Lo sLandards
below SCunu 8lCP1 8LASCnlnC. 1herefore sLorles, mvLholoav and
bellef svsLems appreclaLed bv Lhe black race need Lo be puL ln Lhelr
correcL poslLlon ln reallLv Lo prevenL Lhe sub-consclous from Lrlaaerlna
off bellef lmpulses ln consclous declslon-maklna. LeL lL be known also
LhaL consclence and consclous declslon maklna are personlfled
neuroloalcallv as mlnuLe elecLrlc pulses ln Lhe braln. 1he celesLlal
counLer-parL Lo Lhese braln waves are llahL enerales from Suns whlch
orlalnaLe from dark maLLer and enerav. Þrlme unlversal maLLer Lvpes are
aases whlch forever personlfv blackness collecLlvelv known as 9 LLher.
1he 9 represenLs Lhe hlahesL orlalnal number before dupllcaLlon and also
Lhe doL-llne-clrcle as Lhe rouLlne of all unlversal maLLer ln arowLh
creaLlon processes. 1hese wrlLlnas famlllarlze vou wlLh Lhe 8LALl1? of
nubun halr folllcles abldlna Lo Lhe number 9 ln arowLh ln llne wlLh Lhe
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

acLual surface of Lhe Sun (CranulaLlon) - 8C1P A8L Þ8L-CCuLu
S?M8CLS ClvLn ul8LC1L? 8? A8SCLu1L nA1u8L - ALL SÞACL, MA11L8
and 1lML ln ÞL8SCnlllLu 1PCuCP1. 1hls facL ls acLuallv 1CC 8LAL Lo be
appreclaLed because vou are llvlna proof rlahL now. 1hls dlsrespecLed
facL ls slmllar Lo Lhe reallLv of all exlsLence orlalnaLlna from Lhe sLaLe of
blackness. lL ls slmplv bellef svsLems LhaL were alvlna Lo vou LhaL devalue
Lhe lmporLance of Lhese facLs. So Lhe spell over Lhe black race conLlnues.
1he numerlcal formula of 9 Lo Lhe 9
power Lo Lhe 9
power ls INIINI1¥.
Meanwhlle 6 Lo Lhe 6
power Lo Lhe 6
power has a flxed numerlcal
ldenLlLv. 1hls ls verv lmporLanL as pure reasonlna Lo represenL LhaL
opposlLes do noL necessarllv mean equal ln naLure. Sadlv, Lhe noLlon of
LquallLv alven Lo Lhe masses Lodav ls merelv one form of equallLv and
Lhls form ls a bellef svsLem because onlv one form of maLLer can flll a
speclflc space ln Llme. 1he lmporLance of a speclflc space varles Lo creaLe
dlfference and Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween Lhese dlfferences slmplv creaLes
CPAnCL ln naLure. 1he black race as a collecLlve re[ecLs LCuALl1? 8?
nA1u8L buL accepLs LCuALl1? 8? MAn. lor a rellalonlsL from Lhe black
race Lhls means LhaL an Afrlcan Cod musL be respecLed and LreaLed no
less Lhan anv oLher aod from anv oLher race. lor an economlsL from Lhe
black race Lhls means LhaL Lhe prlme purpose of economlc proaress musL
be Lo preserve and lmprove an Afrlcan economv for Lhe eLernal beneflL
of an Afrlcan race. lor a black llberallsL Lhls means LhaL Lhe sexual values
of an Afrlcan race musL be poslLloned above value svsLems forcefullv and
subllmlnallv alven Lo vou bv oLher races Lhrouah Lhelr educaLlon svsLem
and medla. 1hese are faceLs of equallLv bv naLure because Lhe
preservaLlon of vour naLural reasonlna, land and resources are vour
nA1u8AL 8lCP1. ln oLher words everv race has a naLural wav of belna
who Lhev are and LhaL wav should be preserved Lhrouah cerLaln Lvpes of
seareaaLlon as a LrlbuLe Lo naLure lLself. 1o sLrlve for equallLv ls ÞCSl1lvL
buL naLure knowledae lnforms vou LhaL lL can never be achleved
unlversallv. 1he black race needs economlc plans LhaL lncorporaLe boLh
seareaaLlon and lnLearaLlon wlLh LCuAL lunulnC Lo supporL boLh
poslLlons - An?WPL8L Cn LA81P. ln Lrue culLural reasonlna Lhe Afrlcan
anclenLs knew Lhe black halr 9-curl and Lhe clrcle lL creaLes ls a messaae
dlrecLlv from Sun-Þowers wlLh reaards Lo vour poslLlon ln naLure. naLure
ls a clrcle and Lo naLurallv creaLe LhaL 9 svmbol lndlcaLes LhaL Lhe black
nubun race possesses unlvL8SAL C8LA1lCn CPlLl-LnL8C? MA11L8
dlrecLlv from A8SCLu1L nA1u8L llquldlzed ln Lo ueoxvrlbonuclelc Acld
(unA). 1he doL-llne-clrcle makes Lhe 9 svmbol represenLlna Lhe
upperworld (Lhe clrcle ls up) and would naLurallv roLaLe anLl-clockwlse.
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
1he underworld ls aL 6 (Lhe clrcle ls down) and Lhe 6 has been used
LhrouahouL faceLs of naLure Lo conLrol and spellblnd Lhe masses. lL has
been used ln a spell-casLlna manner Lo keep Lhe masses ln reasonlna Lo
supporL an alLernaLlve wav of Lhlnklna abouL Lhe Laws of naLure whlch
beneflLs 8abvlonlan-Creek-8oman reasonlna and Lhelr descendanLs Llll
Lhls dav. 1hls ls aL Lhe expense of Lhe 8lack nubun race and darker
people of planeL earLh. 1he usaae of Lhe number 6 ln Creek and LaLln
Lhrouah word assoclaLlon as well as Lhe Lrlckerv ln Lhe represenLaLlon of
6 blbllcallv (refer Lo vol.1 & 2) lnforms Lhe facLual mlnded LhaL
lndlvlduals, secLs, phllosophers Lhrouah Lhe aaes have lmplemenLed an
underworld phllosophv wlLhln prlnclple aspecLs of socleLv. 1he
upperworld ls 9 as a svmbol of llfe (9 monLhs preanancv) whlle Lhe 6
represenLs Lhe underworld as deaLh (6 feeL deep burlal). 1he chlef
culLure of Lhe underworld were Lhe anclenL Creeks and Lhe chlef aod ls
ZLuS also known as !uplLer who's laraesL Moon ls Lhe 6
Moon recorded
as Luropa (Lurope). 1he chlef of Lhe underworld ls Lhe uoa Cod Anubls
who ln a 8oman rendlLlon ls known as ÞluLo - Lhe underdoa. 1hev aave
Lhe world an anlmaLed verslon of ÞluLo as a doa who ls reallv a rendlLlon
of Lhe doa (Anubls) as a subLle LrlbuLe Lo Lhe underworld forces ln
naLure. 1he anlmaLed verslon of Lhe doa ÞluLo was orlalnallv called
8over LhaL ls 8-over (8everse-Cver) and Lhls reverse ls tbe ooJet. ln
Creek mvLholoav ÞluLo ls deplcLed wlLh a plLchfork. A varlaLlon of SaLan.
SaLurn ls Lhe underworld verslon of Lhe Sun and SaLurnalla (wlnLer
solsLlce) ls Lhe anclenL 8oman LrlbuLe Lo Lhelr Sun (SaLurn) of aod.
SaLurn's rlnas are Lhe halo. ln our solar svsLem ÞluLo was alven as a LlLle
for Lhe furLhesL celesLlal bodv from Lhe Sun Lo represenL LhaL Lhe Suns
are wlLh naLure and LhaL Lhe furLhesL celesLlal bodv wlll be Lhe weakesL
represenLaLlve of llfe whlch ls ÞluLo (Lhe underworld). 8eaardless of Lhls
Lrlcknoloav, Lhe lnLelllaenL musL remember Lhe secreL LhaL forces aaalnsL
vou can onlv work lf vou aaree Lo Lhelr Lerms as Lo whaL reallLv ls. ln
essence lf vou accepL LhaL black or darkness ls neaaLlve and vou are
known as Lhe black race Lhen Lhe collecLlve alobal consclousness wlll
never creaLe condlLlons Lo allow a black race Lo rlse bevond Lhe boLLom
of alobal poslLlonlna. lacLlons wlLhln Lhe Caucaslan race have sLolen Lhe
ldenLlLv of blackness on a splrlLual level. 1hev have creaLed culLs and
secLs Lhrouah Lhe aaes Lo hold boLh llahL and darkness under Lhe
[urlsdlcLlon of Lhe mlnd of Lhe Caucaslan race wheLher Lhe force
represenLs aood or evll. 1be block toce most octoollv stott to mooooe tbe
posltlooloo of blockoess wltblo oll focets of ootote. So elLher Lhe poslLlon
of 8lackness musL be chanaed or Lhe LlLle of Lhe race musL be chanaed.
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

1he WesLern Moor has chosen race LlLle alLeraLlon. Powever, Lhls wrlLer
of naLure knowledae knows LhaL 8LACknLSS lS 1PL CCnS1An1
Lherefore Lo llve for Lhe reasonlna of blackness allans vou wlLh naLure. lL
ls slmplv LhaL we are llvlna ln an era aoverned bv evoluLlonarv forces
LhaL have LauahL Lhe masses dlfferenLlv. 1he appreclaLlon for blackness
wlll rlse Lhls cenLurv as dark maLLer and enerav plav a areaLer role ln
common knowledae of naLure. 1he alobal consclousness aaalnsL
blackness as a poslLlve ls slmplv 1CxlC 8LLlLl because reallLv (sclence)
lnforms vou LhaL ALL LlCP1 C8lClnA1LS l8CM 8LACknLSS. Wake up
nublan and drop Lhe fear of reallLv! A quesLlon asked bv Lhe black
researcher ls 'how ls lL LhaL manv of Lhe speclal davs celebraLed ln
wesLern culLure orlalnallv sLem from rlLuals or evenLs concerned wlLh
deaLh, paaan bellef and sacrlflces e.a. ChrlsLmas (SanLa-Claus),
Palloween, valenLlne's dav eLc. 1he answer ls LhaL Lhese speclal davs are
LrlbuLes Lo Lhe underworld because Lhev are percelved and LreaLed ln a
manner LhaL ls Lhe reverse of whaL Lhev represenLed ln orlalnaLlon. 1hls
ls how Lhe underworld works. lL sLrlves Lo presenL [ov, happlness and
enLerLalnmenL ln places and Lhlnas LhaL are Lhe opposlLe ln orlalnaLlon.
1he purpose of horror fllms ls Lhe classlc example as Lhe enLerLalnmenL
ln deaLh. ln mosL horror fllms, vou wlll flnd Lhe Moon svmbollzes Lhe
perlod of deaLh or muLaLlon. uemon ls ue-Moon (uead-Moon).
Powever, PC88C8 ls PC8-8A LhaL ls Porus (Peru) and 8A (8L) who are
reallv kemeL Sun based delLles. 1hls represenLs Lhe reverse ln reasonlna
as Lhev have puL sun delLles under Lhe moon. 1hls ls how Lhe underworld
works. 1he appreclaLlon for Lhls reverse psvcholoav ls how splrlLual
forces are percelved from Lhe poslLlonlna of deaLh raLher Lhan llfe.
Popefullv, Lhese explanaLlons wlll alve Lhe nublan reader a beLLer
oversLandlna of our wrlLlnas on Lhe underworld. 1he Caucaslan and
Þhoenlclan placed Lhe underworld phllosophles wlLhln lanauaaes Lo help
conLlnuallv aalLaLe cerLaln Lvpes of LhouahL and reasonlna ln socleLv. lL ls
qulLe clear LhaL manv readers of Lhls book serles wlll suaaesL LhaL Lhe
repeLlLlon of Lhls llLeraLure reflecLs a llmlL ln reasonlna and LhaL Lo hall
Lhe sLaLe of blackness as someLhlna more Lhan [usL LhaL ls noLhlna
speclal. 1hls wrlLer lndlcaLes LhaL lf vou are a pure naLure Lhlnker Lhen
vou wlll reallze LhaL Lhls exlsLence has been undermlned and purposelv
supplanLed deep ln Lo bellef svsLems LhaL Lo Lhls dav are creaLlna
lmbalances ln Lhe percepLlon of reallLv lLself ablded Lo bv Lhe masses
everv second. 1o puL nC vALuL ln noLhlnaness ls whv naLure as
blackness ln reallLv cannoL be reasoned bv Lhe mulLlLude. WesLern Moor
phllosophv accepLs Lhe rullnas on blackness from Lhe perspecLlve of Lhe
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
underworld and musL remember Lhe law LhaL 'evervLhlna musL chanae
bv naLure'. 8lackness as a collecLlve ls Lhe onlv excepLlon Lo Lhls rule
wlLhln Lhe laws of polarlLv because llahL ls merelv a sub-secLlon wlLhln lLs
own exlsLence. lf a nublan cannoL poslLlon Lhe aLLrlbuLes of naLure
correcLlv wlLhln Lhelr own mlnd Lhen how can Lhev work wlLh naLure Lo
lmprove Lhelr own condlLlons on earLh. 1he laws of Lhe lands,
consLlLuLlons and socleLles do noL hold more value Lhan Lhe Laws of
naLure. 1o masLer law mav noL auaranLee collecLlve raclal upllfLmenL
because laws can alwavs be chanaed bv Lhe powers LhaL be. 1o masLer
law wlll onlv proLecL Lhe lndlvldual lnLelllaenL enouah Lo pursue LhaL
[ournev. 1he research wlse wlll know LhaL Lhe prevlous sLaLemenL ls a
dlscusslon noLe for followers of noble urew All. 1here are manv areaL
wrlLers who as a collecLlve represenL varlous dearees of naLure
knowledae some hlahllahLed here are: As Savvld lssa Al Paadl Al Mahdl
(8lahL knowledae Serles), Amunubl 8ahkapLah (1he nlne 8all - LlberaLlon
lnformaLlon & 1he 8lble lnLerpreLaLlons and LxplanaLlons), Ceorae C. M.
!ames (SLolen Leaacv), 1he AnclenL LavpLlan Crder (A.L.C)(LavpLlan
lnlLlaLlon), 1he nuwaplan naLlon of 1he Moors, 1he Ponourable Lll[ah
Mohammed (Messaae Lo Lhe 8lackman), Clarence !owars SmlLh (3°)
(Supreme MaLhemaLlcs / 120 Lessons), 1he Polv 1abernacle MlnlsLrles
(1he Mlddle ÞaLh), Credo MuLwa, Chelkh AnLa ulop (ClvlllzaLlon or
8arbarlsm / Crlaln of ClvlllzaLlon), 1he !ournev Pome Croup, Paru-PoLep
1ar (Solar 8loloav / ÞarchmenLs Serles), Marcus Carvev (!ournev Pome),
ur !oseph 8en-!oachannan (Afrlcan Crlalns of 1he Ma[or WesLern
8ellalons & LecLure 1apes), Amos Wllson, 8obbv PermlLL, Þhll valenLlne,
ur Sebl, noble urew All (Moorlsh Sclence), Afroo Conoo (MoonseL &
Sunrlse / 1he naLure of naLure Serles) and Lhe oLher dearees of ur
Malachl Z. ?ork (1he 8lack 8ook, 1he Cold 8ook & 1he Polv 1ableLs). ¥ou
cannot even beg|n to overstand the C'kNCW ser|es w|thout know|edge
of these wr|ters |n|t|a||y. 1he lnLelllaenL should Lake Lhe Llme Lo sLudv
Lhese wrlLers and should noL be fooled bv llberal black volces who slmplv
are aaalnsL lnformaLlon LhaL re[ecLs wesLern phllosophles. Pere anoLher
quesLlon arlses: can a black person be raclsL? 1he answer ls ves lf Lhe
lnformaLlon sLaLed cannoL be proven so lanorance becomes Lhe
characLerlsLlc of Lhose who lanore sclenLlflc facLs abouL Lhe black
bloloalcal and neuroloalcal svsLem. 1o lnform vour own race of Lhese
lssues can onlv be consldered raclsL bv Lhose who are noL lnLelllaenL bv
naLure. 1hls lnformaLlon ls noL pro-black llLeraLure. Þro-black llLerallv
means black exLreme, however facLs are noL exLreme Lhev slmplv
represenL reallLv. 1here ls no such Lhlna as pro-black when deallna wlLh
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

facLs. AL Lhls sLaae of naLure reasonlna LhaL noLlon slmplv becomes a
Lrlck Lo keep llberaLlon knowledae aL Lhe frlnae of soclal accepLance. lL
wlll keep black consclousness under Lhe [urlsdlcLlon of value svsLems
orlalnaLlna from wesLern phllosophles. We slmplv ask: WhaL ls Lhe
ldenLlLv of black-normallLv? And whaL ls Lhe opposlLe of pro-black? Anv
sLaLe of consclousness LhaL relles on Lhe declslon-maklna of oLher races
Lo lmprove Lhe condlLlons of Lhe black race ls noL a Lrue raclal llberaLlon
docLrlne. ln relLeraLlon, naLure knowledae ls nCW knowledae and ls also
8lackness expresslna lLself wlLhln and as Space, MaLLer and 1lme. 1he
Lerm nCW knCWLLuCL refers Lo correcL lnformaLlon wlLhln all Llmes of
exlsLence. 1hls bealns wlLh Lhe Laws of CpposlLes and deflnlLelv Lhe
Clrcle and Cvcles. When dlscusslna cvcles and lLs relaLlonshlp wlLh llvlna
naLure knowledae we musL ldenLlfv Lhe cvcle sLrucLures used bv Lhe
black race. ln Lrue culLure, Lhe anclenLs of Þre-uvnasLlc nlle vallev
culLure recorded Llme boLh anLl-clockwlse and clockwlse. AnLl-clockwlse
ls Lhe senlor. 1he [ournev of nearlv all planeLarv orblLs and roLaLlons are
anLl-clockwlse as well as Lhe roLaLlon of Lhe sun and earLh. 1he human
blood clrculaLlon ls anLl-clockwlse because Lhe earLh and sun are anLl-
clockwlse as well. 1hls ls how naLure speaks! 1he quesLlon Lhen arlses:
Whv ls Llme consldered clock-wlse? 1he answer ls Lhe cvcle and Lhe
aaendas LhaL be. As sLaLed ln anoLher book serles Lhe clock-wlse
aovernlna of Llme ls a parL of Lhe underworld aaenda LhaL ls concerned
wlLh Lhe reverse ldenLlLv of people, places and Lhlnas. 1hls reasonlna
alves power Lo evoluLlonarv forces over revoluLlonarv forces ln naLure. lL
ls obvlous LhaL Lhe Caucaslan race have lmplemenLed Llme sLrucLures Lo
supporL slx-sclences: 60 seconds, 60 mlnuLes, 6
dav creaLlon (blbllcallv),
24 hours (2+4=6), wlLh 6 aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe clock represenLlna Lhe
underworld. 1hese are Llme svmbollsms worked ouL bv Lhelr
phllosophers Lo besL sulL Lhelr underworld phllosophles and Luna
asLroloalcal forces. Luna ls Lhe Moon of course. lrom Luna vou aeL
LunaLlc meanlna an lnsane person buL subLlv vou wlll flnd Lhe 1lc LhaL ls
luNA-1lc. 1haL's Lhe 1lC and Lhe 1CCk of a clock and Lhls represenLs
Lhelr Llme. 1he leLLer C ln Lhe word clock represenLs Lhe CrescenL Moon
and Lhe word LCCk lnslde Lhe word CLCCk ls Lhe seallna of Lhls
alLernaLlve Llme. 1he C as ln C'clock ls Lhe cvcle svmbol - Lhe Moon
Cvcle. C'LuCllL8 (lsalah 14:12-13) ls C'Luna-clpher (1he Luna (Moon)
Cvcle). 1he ma[orlLv of unlversal bodles - suns, planeLs and moons even
aalaxv splrals are anLl-clockwlse ln roLaLlon when seen from above. ln
Lhls solar svsLem our Sun, Moon, LarLh, Mercurv, Mars, !uplLer, SaLurn,
nepLune and ÞluLo are ALL anLl-clockwlse ln roLaLlon and ln Lrue anclenL
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
culLure, Llme was acknowledaed anLl-clockwlse. 1o see Lhls reallLv from
below Lhe unlversal bodv, whlch Lhen becomes CLCCkWlSL ls Lo see
reallLv from Lhe perspecLlve of Lhe underworld. All reasonlna ls
lnfluenced bv 1lML and reasonlna ls Lhe expresslon of Mlnu and
splrlLuallLv. ln Lhe verv word CLCCk-WlSL and An1l-CLCCk-WlSL vou wlll
see Lhe word WlSL. Wlse ls a represenLaLlve of Lhe word WlSuCM and
refers Lo Lhe execuLlon of lnLelllaence seen Lhrouah vour acLlons. ?our
sLaLe of mlnd ls lnfluenced bv vour sLaLe of 1lML. MonoLhelsLlc
Llmeframes have been used Lo seal Lhe masses ln a 1omb of reasonlna.
Also bear ln Mlnu LhaL Lhe acLual leLLer 1 ls Lhe boLLom half of Lhe
LavpLlan Ankh svmbol. 1haL's 1lme from Lhe boLLom half of unlversal
exlsLence under Lhe horlzon. 1hls ls Lhe domaln of Anubls Lhe doa aod.
Þhllosophlcallv, Lhe Þhoenlclans and Creeks broke Lhe LavpLlan Ankh ln
half, and Lhrouah rellalon aave Lhe black races Lhe boLLom half, whlch ls
Lhe Cross. 1hls sLlmulaLes Lhe splrlLual dead be lL llfe afLer deaLh or Lhe
ChosL Spell as CCS-ÞLL whlle keeplna Lhe masses lanoranL of Lhe Lop-
half whlch ls Lhe clrcle represenLlna Lhe splrlLual llvlna be lL cvcles, suns,
nebulas, aLoms, blood vessels whlch are all clrcles ln reallLv and are llvlna
represenLaLlves of naLure. 1bev ote llvloo Notote koowleJoe. 1he
LavpLlan Ankh more recenLlv has been dlsmanLled ln wesLern culLures ln
Lo sexual svmbols for male and female. 1hls ls merelv a half LruLh and
has been purposelv lmplemenLed Lo conceal Lhe facL LhaL Ankh
svmbollsm ls so rouLed ln alobal culLure LhaL lL would be lmposslble Lo
conceal lLs relevance Lo Lhe wlse. 1herefore, Lhe sexual represenLaLlon of
Lhe Ankh helps conceal Lhe 1ama-8e lnfluence on all world culLures and
rellalons. LusL deLers reasonlna. Llvlna naLure knowledae as cvcles are
eLernal Lherefore Lhev are forever nCW. Slnce Lhe consLanL of blackness
represenLs nCW as space vacuum (forever presenL) Lhe menLal llvlna are
Lhose: lotellloeot eoooob to ttv to petcelve teolltv ftom tbe petspectlve of
oll spoce. oll mottet ooJ oll tlme collectlvelv wltb tbooobt ptocesses
execoteJ tbtooob tbe lows of Notote ooJ etetool coostoots. 1o Lhlnk
from Lhe perspecLlve of blackness ls an aLLempL Lo Lhlnk from Lhe
perspecLlve of all space, all maLLer and all Llme - collectlve Notote. 1hls
ls because llahL ls merelv one frequencv wlLhln blackness ln orlalnaLlon.
WhaL vou are readlna ln prlnclple was lnLerpreLed ln Lhe form of AnclenL
Afrlcan sclences - Ooootom keosooloo and wlLhln far hlaher levels of
Lhls form of reasonlna communlcaLlon beLween oLher menLal-llvlna
belnas were commonplace for Lhousands of nubuns prlor Lo 10,300
vears aao. 1he orlalnal nubun Lrlbes ploneered whaL can be called a
ooootom coltote and reasoned reallLv from Lhe perspecLlve of Llme as a
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

collecLlve noL from a flxed Llme as an era. 1hls ls one reason whv much
of Afrlcan culLure ln rural areas naLurallv remalns unchanaed over
Lhousands of vears. 1he reasonlna has lefL buL Lhe acLual acLlons remaln
ln much of rural Afrlca. So, Lhe blackness was noL an enemv Lo our
anclenLs because Lhe blackness as lnflnlLe-space vacuum ls Lhe consLanL
ln naLure LhaL ls eLernal allowlna nubun reasonlna access Lo Lhe LoLallLv
of naLure. 1herefore, neaaLlve forces ln naLure aaalnsL 18uL CuL1u8L
musL malnLaln a neaaLlve poslLlonlna of blackness from Lhe perspecLlve
of bellef LhaL ls seen Lhrouah rellalon. 1he so-called Afrlcan Amerlcan,
Luro-black, Afro-Carlbbean and malnland Afrlcans who have accepLed
deflnlLlons and LlLles from oLher races who are reallv descendenLs of Lhe
1ar uenea, 1wa, Moors, Annu Þeople, Þvamles, nubuns and Clmecs
know Lhls well. We musL Lake charae of Lhe blackness of naLure ln
reasonlna (Lhls ls Lhe problem) and reveal lLs ÞCSl1lvL nA1u8L wlLhln
A8SCLu1L nA1u8L LhaL has been brulsed psvcholoalcallv ln our mlnds
bv rellalon and a warped form of ÞanLhelsm (as sorcerv) as well as oLher
lsms. 1he blackness of naLure ls also unlvL8SAL Mlnu shared bv vou,
vour ancesLors and vour descendenLs slmoltooeooslv exlsLlna and
lnLeracLlna wlLh each oLher Lhrouah a consLanL usuallv Lhrouah vour
bloodllne. 1he blackness ln lLs varlous dearees ls Lhe eLernal sLablllzer
(consLanL) LhaL coooects tbe mloJs ln maLLer for a [ournev musL be Laken
Lo reach dlfferenL exlsLences and LhaL [ournev musL Lake place Lhrouah a
plaLform LhaL ls L1L8nAL ln exlsLence. Þlease do noL be fooled bv bellef's
alven Lo vou bv wtltets tbtooob tbe ooes who slmplv supporL 8oman-
Creco phllosophv. 1hev malnLaln culLural blases dlsaulsed wlLhln
rellalous wrlLlnas. WhaL vou are readlna ls noL Spooklsm lL ls slmplv
SClLnCL. 1he same wav a swlmmer Lralns Lo breaLh lonaer underwaLer
or a slnaer Lralns Lhelr vocal cords our anclenLs Lralned Lhe mlnd (braln-
maLLer) Lo uLlllse quanLum relaLlonshlps wlLhln Lhelr bloodllne lL's as
slmple as LhaL. Melanln possesses powers LhaL wlLhln Lhe rlahL Lvpe of
envlronmenL can be acLlvaLed Lhorouahlv. uo noL Lhlnk LhaL Lhls
lnformaLlon ls Wrona knowledae! 8lack Amerlca especlallv should know
beLLer. A varlaLlon of Lhls ancesLral reasonlna vlslLed vou ln whaL ls called
Plp-Pop muslc. 1hls black muslc aenre ln orlalnaLlon Look Lhe muslc
frequencles (enerales) from earller black muslc and coupled Lhese Lones
wlLh Lhe frequencv (vocals) of Lhe presenL. 1he culLural enerales of Lhe
pasL llved aaaln Lhrouah Lhe presenL. 1PlS lS A 8Lnul1lCn Cl
AnCLS18AL 8LASCnlnC - do noL fool vourself abouL Lhese facLs. 1he
forces aaalnsL menLal llberaLlon have purposelv made Lhe ancesLral llnks
harder Lo malnLaln ln LhaL muslc aenre ever slnce Lhev wlLnessed Lhe
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
affecL LhaL muslc aenre was havlna on black consclousness ln Lhe WesL.
1here ls a fear ln accepLlna naLure knowledae because lL deflnlLelv
makes vou accounLable for vour own acLlons bv provldlna vou wlLh Lhe
reallLv behlnd Lhe bellef conLrollers and Lhelr Lechnlques used Lo
malnLaln conLrol. Manv of Lhese Lechnlques bv-pass Lhe so-called black
lnLellecL who Lakes a llberal sLance on reallLv. 1he psvcholoav and
splrlLuallLv behlnd Llberallsm ls well documenLed wlLhln our wrlLlnas
(see vol.1 & 2) buL whaL we wlsh Lo sLaLe ln Lhls wrlLlna ls Lhe
manlpulaLlon of sexual reasonlna ln naLure. 1he arowLh of sexuallLv ln
modern wesLern culLure has splrlLual aaendas behlnd lL LhaL supporL
anclenL Creek underworld ldeals. 8AAL Lhe ferLlllLv aod ls a ranklna
splrlLual force LhaL ls subllmlnallv supporLed bv Lhe Caucaslan race. 1hls
means LhaL wesLern socleLv ls unknowlnalv belna cusLomlsed Lo dlsaulse
Lhe splrlLuallLv of Lhe 8AAL's wlLhln evervdav llfe - noL Lhrouah a rellalon
buL Lhrouah caplLallsm and llberallsm. 1he sexuallLv of Lhe wesLern
world and followers are belna subLlv aulded ln Lo Lhe worshlp of Lhls
splrlLuallLv - an anclenL Creek and Þhoenlclan LralL. 1hev llnked Lhe Slx
wlLh SLx ln LaLln and PLx ln Creek Lo hold Lhe poslLlonlna of Sex ln Lhe
underworld. 1o malnLaln Sex aL Slx alves room for evoluLlon whlch
personlfles as Lhe decav of sexual values leadlna Lo a lower sLandard of
planned reproducLlon. 1he leadlna purpose of Sex has now been alven Lo
LusL above reproducLlon. LusL has been over-sLlmulaLed wlLhln naLure.
1hls creaLes a C ln Lhe cvcle raLher Lhan an C ln naLure. 1he llne on Lhe C
represenLs a cvcle deLour because onlv heLerosexuallLv can conLlnue llfe.
LusL can accommodaLe preferences oLher Lhan heLerosexuallLv. 1hls C as
a svmbol ls a modern varlaLlon of Lhe SMA1 clrcle leanlna Lowards
dlslnLearaLlon (refer Lo Amunubl 8ahkapLah - 1he nlne 8all). Anv reader
of Lhls llLeraLure musL drop Lhe noLlon of Lhese wrlLlnas represenLlna
haLred Lowards dlfferenL sexual preferences. LlsLen Lo 8eason! 1he clrcle
as naLure ls represenLed as Lhe bloodllne and Lo Lake acLlons LhaL can
noL creaLe llfe Lo conLlnue Lhe cvcle ls noL pro-llfe. lL could even be
consldered anLl-naLure buL LhaL acLlon or exlsLence ls sLlll aparL of
naLure. 1herefore, lLs sLands Lo reason LhaL acLlons LhaL can noL conLlnue
Lhe bloodllne cvcle are placed ln Lhe lower dearees of naLure reasonlna
known as Lhe underworld. Sex creaLes llfe and lf vour sexual values
cannoL naLurallv lead Lo new llfe Lhen bloodllne exlsLence ends (hence
Lhe deadllne aLLached Lo Lhe clrcle faclna down l.e. C). 1he Caucaslan
race are verv keen Lo manaae sexuallLv wlLhln Lhe black race because
wlLh Sex comes power and conLrol wlLhln Lhe underworld. Whoever
aoverns vour sexual values aoverns Lhe quallLv of poLenLlal offsprlna
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

wlLhln LhaL race. Mllllons of nublans worldwlde do noL fullv undersLand
Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween sexuallLv and Lhe Laws of naLure because Lhev
cannoL percelve black culLure from Lhe perspecLlve of CCLLLC1lvL 1lML.
lnsLead, Lhev [udae sexuallLv from Lhe sLandards of oLher races and
foollshlv do noL recoanlse sexual values from a hlsLorlcal and culLural
perspecLlve wlLhln Lhelr own race. Llberal LralLs lean Lowards Lhe sexual
appeLlLe of anclenL Creece. ?ou wlll flnd Lhe SLar (*) and Cross (x)
svmbol assoclaLed wlLh sex even ln Lhls dav and Llme. 1he cross ls sex (x-
raLed) and Lhe sLar assoclaLed wlLh sex svmbollsm orlalnallv represenLed
sexuallLv under Sex 8lLes (rlLuals). 1he common person does noL know of
Lhese psvcholoalcal forces worklna around Lhem and slmplv plav Lhelr
role as Lhe menLal-dead. ln 8oman mvLholoav, a characLer was creaLed
called CuÞlu who was an anaellc naked wlnaed bov archer. 1he aeneral
noLlon of Lhls characLer ls LhaL he used hls bow Lo shoL couples who
would Lhen fall ln love. Powever, ln LaLln ´coplo´ acLuallv means deslre.
1hls cupld ls Lhe unuL8WC8Lu rendlLlon of Lhe anclenL Afrlcan pvamv
who ln 8LvL8SL as orlalnal exlsLence on earLh ulu nC1 lusL because sex
was consldered sacred and a planned rlLual beLween man and women ln
anclenL Afrlcan culLure. LusL personlfles exLernallv ln Lhe secreLlon of
llqulds - sweaL, sallva, e[aculaLlon eLc. 1he nubun anclenLs uLlllsed Lhls
enerav ln reverse aeneraLlna Mlnu ÞCWL8 Lo ald Lhe nubun sclences.
1hev converLed Lhe 6 Sex forces ln Lo 9 Mlnd Þower. ln addlLlon, Lhe 1ar
uenea Lrlbes of nlle vallev culLure malnLalned unlque bloodllnes Lhrouah
planned reproducLlon raLher Lhan reproducLlon belna dlcLaLed bv deslre.
8everse psvcholoav ls a predomlnanL underworld LralL. ln Lhe wesLern
world vou wlll ofLen hear Lhe noLlon LhaL Lhe oldesL professlon on earLh
ls prosLlLuLlon. 1hls ls W8CnC knCWLLuCL and ls purposelv propaaaLed
bv llberal (secular) facLlons Lo poslLlon sexual lusL as a defaulL naLure
LralL when lusL dld noL exlsL amonasL Lhe ÞLah-Lrlbes - LeL 1hls 8e
known. 1he orlalnal professlons ln 8LALl1? where Lhe so-called mld-
wlfe, splrlLual prlesLs and docLors of equaLor Afrlca - LeL 1hls 8e known.
lL ls known worldwlde LhaL a proporLlon of women on earLh can noL
reach oraasmlc pleasure from sexual lnLer-course. 1hls loalcallv lnforms
vou LhaL lusL ls noL a naLure defaulL or LhaL lL ls a prlme prerequlslLe of
naLure. ln 8oman culLure, CuÞlu Lhe naked bov wlnaed characLer also
svmbollsed paedophllla whlch was commonplace ln Lhe 8oman Lmplre.
1hev poslLlon Lhe naked bov as Lhe [udae of love and deslre. 1hls ls how
Lhe underworld works. 1he C ls also Lhe vlsual represenLaLlon of Lhe
male aenlLal svmbol found wlLhln Lhe LavpLlan Ankh. ln wesLern
colloqulal culLure Lhev have Lhe words Cueen and Cueer Lo represenL
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
male-homosexuallLv and boLh words malnLaln Lhe C and Lhe u (for
under). 1hls wordplav ls no colncldence and Lells vou LhaL Lhe arowLh of
Lhls sexual dlverslflcaLlon ls a planned aaenda LhaL orlalnaLes from
facLlons wlLhln anclenL Creek phllosophlcal secLs and even earller Lo Lhe
CanaanlLe Lrlbes and Lhelr sex rlLes for Lhelr ferLlllLv aod 8AAL. ln more
aeneral Lerms Cueen acLuallv orlalnaLes from Lhe word ltostltote whlch
sLlll refers Lo sexual perverslon - Lhese are Lhe facLs! 1he earlv
Caucaslans and Þhoenlclan races worshlpped hermaphrodlLe delLles and
percelved Lhls dlsposlLlon as a ueml-Cod LralL. Much of Lhe non-
heLerosexuallLv of Lhls dav and Llme orlalnaLes from anclenL
hermaphrodlLe bloodllne LralLs dormanL ln cerLaln unA llneaaes
reacLlvaLed bv poor ancesLral dleLlna, recesslve neuro-melanln and
hormonal lmbalances Lrlaaered off bv unnaLural lndusLrlallsed foods,
bodv sprav chemlcals, and 8nA manlpulaLlon Lrlaaered off bv vlsual
sexual psvcholoav ln chlldhood. 1he laLLer Lhree are also planned as
populaLlon conLrol mechanlsms. 1he Caucaslan race bv naLure musL
push evoluLlonarv values wlLhln all faceLs of naLure Lo represenL
evoluLlon lLself ln flesh and blood. 1hls ls Lhelr nlche ln naLure. 1he
evoluLlon of heLerosexuallLv ls non-heLerosexuallLv so Lhese wavs wlll
naLurallv be supporLed bv Lhe Caucaslan race Lo a areaLer dearee Lhan
anv oLher race. 1he nublan reader musL oversLand LhaL Lhese wrlLlnas
are based on Lhe orlalnaLlons of Lhlnas. Manv readers wlll [udae Lhese
wrlLlnas from whaL Lhev clalm Lhlnas Lo be Lodav ouLslde Lhe
oversLandlna of collecLlve Llme. WhaL manv percelve as people, places
and Lhlnas Lodav are evoluLlonarv sLaLes. Llberal ln orlalnaLlon ls Llbnah-
bel perLalnlna Lo whlLeness and sex (refer Lo vol.1 & 2). 1o preserve
Creek sexual reasonlna ln socleLv ls acLuallv a subLle whlLe supremacv
aaenda Lo creaLe and malnLaln Lhe condlLlons LhaL supporL Lhe
underworld from whlch Lhe Caucaslan race have prospered from more
Lhan anv oLher race. 1hev need darker races Lo ablde Lo Lhese Creek
rullnas Lo malnLaln Lhe underworld phllosophles whlch aave Lhelr race
rulershlp. 1he acLual C svmbol ln naLure Lerms and Lhe acLual word
'Cupld' are subLlv relaLed. 1he word Cupld can be pronounced Lhe same
as Cupld and boLh are varlanLs of Lhe word Cu8L. lL ls wldelv known
wlLhln consclous Leachlnas Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween Lhe clrcle and Lhe
square. Powever, on Lhls occaslon Lhe Square ls relaLed Lo Cupld as a
reference Lo an AL1L8nA1lvL nA1u8L C?CLL. An alLernaLlve naLure
cvcle LhaL represenLs Lhe downward llne on Lhe acLual C svmbol. 1hese
correlaLlons are no colncldence for lL was ÞLu1C Lhe aod of Lhe
underworld ln 8oman MvLholoav who AMC8 (CuÞlu) was summoned Lo
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

shooL wlLh Lhe arrow Lo creaLe pleasure wlLhln Lhe underworld. lL ls no
mlsLake LhaL ln sclence, lL ls ÞluLo (as ÞluLonlum - whlLe/sllver parLlcles)
whlch breaks Lhe Clrcle/Cvcle (Lhe aLom) Lo creaLe chaos (nuclear chaln
reacLlon desLrucLlon). 1he Chaos ls Lhe C an alLeraLlon of Lhe clrcle/cvcle.
1hese so-called colncldences reveal Lhe underworld orchesLraLlon of
soclal reasonlna. 1hrouahouL Lhls book serles Lhe C'knCW wrlLers have
hlahllahLed manv SocleLles as well as Creek, 8oman and Þhoenlclan
phllosophles because Lhese are Lhe archlLecLs of Lhls underworld. 1he
followlna people, aroups and forces Lhrouah words and acLlons have
helped malnLaln Lhe underworld aaenda Lhev are as follows: klna !ames
of Lnaland and hls wrlLers, Wllllam 1vnsdale, 1he Creek Þhllosophers
lncludlna SocraLes and ÞlaLo, 1he nlcean Councll, 1he !ewlsh LevlLe
ÞrlesLs who LranslaLed earller scrlpLures Lo creaLe Lhe Cld 1esLamenL,
!osephus llavlous Þlso, Calpumlus Þlso and Lhe Þlso llneaae, 1he 8oman
arlsLocraLs, AnLon Levv, AllsLalr Crowlev, AlberL Þlke and Luro-Luclferlan
freemasonrv, SanLa Claus ldeoloales, 1he conceallna of nubun upper
kemeL and lLs lnfluence on alobal culLure, uarwlnlsm, uraconlan ZlonlsLs,
1he WesLern pollLlcal ldeal of red and blue opposlLes (Lwo wlnas on Lhe
same blrd who wlll evenLuallv reveal Lhemselves as one enLlLv),
Mlchelanaelo, 8lbllcal and koranlc book revlsers, WhlLe !esus lmaaerv,
Modern lanauaae revlsers, 8oman and Creek MvLholoav, Pomer, Lhe so-
called 8oval bloodllnes of Luropa, 1he PlLLlLe Code, 1he 8oman leLLers of
Þaul, 1he Pvksos uvnasLv, 1he lnsLlaaLors of Lhe Cne World Crder
phllosophv (lnsLlLuLlons, corporaLlons and socleLles), MonsanLo,
Alexander Lhe CreaL, 1he Plndu CasLe SvsLem and offshooL Arvan
MovemenLs (e.a. AparLheld, kkk, 1he 8elch's eLc), Peaemonv
Þhllosophv, Lhe enforcemenL of black (lmpure) and whlLe (pure)
LhrouahouL monoLhelsm, and 1he 8LAL splrlLual forces supporLed bv
Lhose above LhaL dld noL lnLervene ln Lhe mlsLreaLmenL of Lhe black race
slnce Lhe lmmlaraLlon ban was llfLed bv khufu (Cheops) of Lhe 4

uvnasLlc Þerlod of kemeL. 1here are manv oLher forces ouL Lhere buL
Lhose above could be consldered some of Lhe ZCCkLLÞL8S of Lhe
underworld over Lhe lasL slx Lhousand vears. A flnal aroup hlahllahLed
are Lhe socleLles Lhe world over who pav homaae Lo Lhe ahosL-based
verslons of Lhe neLeraaL. 1hev follow Lhe Creek Masonlc verslon of rlLes
Laken from Lhe Þhoenlclan pharaohs. Powever, Lhe facLs remaln LhaL Lhe
Þhoenlclans were sLudenLs of Lhe nubun and lL ls our A'aferLl (Þharaoh's)
ln 8LALl1? who bore chlldren and Lhelr aeneLlc descendenLs are
scaLLered LhrouahouL Afrlca and Lhe ulaspora aL Lhe Llme of Lhls wrlLlna.
Manv of Lhe hlerarchv aL 6 worshlp vour blood relaLed black ancesLors ln
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
8LALl1?. 1hese are Lhe facLs. Meanwhlle, Lhe nubun sLock aL 9 Lhe world
over worshlp Lhe whlLe-llahL-rlahL personlfled as Lhe whlLe !esus and Lhe
Polv ChosL ln 8LLlLl. 1hls relaLlonshlp represenLs Lhe underworld
reverse psvcholoav. SLudv Lhese facLs! 1he underworld ls real and
preserves dvsfuncLlon ln reasonlna Lo prevenL Lhe nubun race from
reacLlvaLlna Lhe poslLlve black forces of naLure wlLhln Lrue culLure Lo
dearees LhaL can re-eneralze Lhe pvramld sclences. 1hev are Lhe
meLaphvslcs of naLure whlch have deflnlLelv noL been lmproved upon bv
sLralahL halred races ever slnce. 1he nlle vallev anclenLs of Lhe nubun
race dld foresee LhaL Lhe black race would encounLer Lhe underworld
also known as evoluLlon or Lhe wlnLer season whose represenLaLlves are
personlfled as Lhe Caucaslan race. 1hls evoluLlonarv force whlch aLLacks
orlalnal exlsLences was seen ln Lhe dvnasLlc AL8lnC Mu1A1Lu uLl1?
Su1ukP (SeL) who was worshlpped bv Lhe Pvksos uvnasLv as Lhelr
rendlLlon of 8AAL. lL was SL1 who murdered Lhe 'ÞerfecL 8lack' ASA8u
(Cslrus). 1he Pvksos poslLloned SL1 above 8L. 1he Pvksos were
evenLuallv chased ouL of Lhe enLlre Afrlcan ConLlnenL bv darker races.
8especLlna Lhe C?CLL LAWS of nA1u8L and acknowledalna llfe as Lhe
bloodllne noL Lhe lndlvldual Lhe nubun anclenLs dld hand over rlLes Lo
Lhe 8lack Þhoenlclans who much laLer aave some rlLes Lo Lhe Creeks.
lrom here Lhe [ournev from 9 rulershlp Lo 6 rulershlp beaan. Sadlv for
Lhe black race of recenL mlllennlums we became Lhe casualLles of Lhese
declslons buL Lhe nublan MuS1 oversLand LhaL Lhe 18uL deflnlLlon of llfe
ls Lhe bloodllne noL Lhe lndlvldual - our anclenLs percelved Lhls 6,000
vear cvcle as a shorL perlod of slckness wlLhln Lhe bloodllne llfeLlme of a
belna (our collecLlve race) called Þ1AP / 1WA who ls acLuallv mllllons of
vears old. We hope LhaL our nubun broLhers and slsLers of Lhls dav and
Llme oversLand whaL has [usL been wrlLLen as Lhe respecL for Lhe Laws of
naLure were presldenL ln our anclenL culLure. So from here we now
move upwards ln Lo Þ8C-LllL Leachlnas whlch are deflnlLelv a
represenLaLlve of ÞCSl1lvL naLure knowledae. lL ls sLaLed ln anoLher
book serles LhaL pro-llfe refers Lo Lhe accepLance, acknowledamenL and
8LSÞLC1 for Lhe rouLlnes, acLlons and concepLs whlch malnLaln, preserve
and lmprove vour SÞl8l1uAL LllL, MLn1AL LllL, 8AClAL LllL,
CLnLALCC? LllL, SCClAL LllL, ÞP?SlCAL LllL and CuL1u8AL LllL. 1hese
are some of Lhe kev faceLs of LllL lLself vla Mlnu and 8LASCn. 1he
nublan mlnd MuS1 unll? Lhese aLLrlbuLes whlle Lrvlna Lo respecL and
preserve Lhem LCuALL?. lL ls Lhe equallLv lmplemenLaLlon of Lhese
aLLrlbuLes wlLhln pro-llfe LhaL can acLuallv prove Lhe common noLlon of
equallLv alven Lo Lhe masses Lodav ls a bellef svsLem LhaL alves power Lo
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

Lhe bellef conLrollers. lf pro-llfe reasonlna ls pursued Lhen Lhe
dlfferences ln peoples, places and Lhlnas wlll be clearlv ldenLlfled. lL ls
Lhe acLual dlfference LhaL ls Lhe LquallLv of naLure. LquallLv ls a
percepLlon LhaL can be used Lo explolL people and races. lL ls a bellef
svsLem. lrom pro-llfe we Lurn Lo Lhe opposlLe ln Lhe form of pro-deaLh
whlch refers Lo Lhe accepLance, acknowledamenL and 8LSÞLC1 for Lhe
rouLlnes, acLlons and concepLs whlch dlsmanLle, rearess and end vour
SÞl8l1uAL LllL, MLn1AL LllL, 8AClAL LllL, CLnLALCC? LllL, SCClAL
LllL, ÞP?SlCAL LllL and CuL1u8AL LllL. 1he black race musL be alven a
beLLer oversLandlna of deaLh wlLhln Lhe sphere of naLure knowledae. A
reallLv LhaL MuS1 be reasoned bv Lhe nublan reader ls LhaL uLA1P musL
exlsL as some Lvpe of llvlna exlsLence Lo acLuallv asslsL deaLh processes ln
naLure lLself. 1he llfe of deaLh ln naLure ls seen Lhrouah evoluLlon.
1herefore, deaLh forces musL acLuallv be allve Lo execuLe Lhls process.
lrom Lhe perspecLlve of flesh and blood belnas deaLh forces for human
belnas are represenLed as Lvpes of aases, llqulds, bacLerla, sollds as
alLered raw maLerlals (meLals, plasLlcs eLc), anlmals and oLher flesh and
blood belnas. So deaLh ls reallv a llvlna sLaLe of exlsLence recorded as a
lower sLaLe of exlsLence from Lhe perspecLlve of Lhe humanold llvlna.
kemembet sollJs become lloolJs. ooJ lloolJs become ooses. ooJ ooses
ote etetool lo ootote. Llvlna-ueaLh as a lower sLaLe of exlsLence ls
personlfled on earLh as Lhe acLual Wln1L8 SLASCn Cl nA1u8L. WlnLer
ls a llvlna season wlLh Lhe lowesL sLandards of llfe found ln naLure.
AuLumn also known as loll represenLs Lhe acLual fall ln Lhe quallLv of llfe
ln naLure Lo become WlnLer. SnCW ls Slx-nCW and WlnLer ls Wln-1L8
because Lhev represenL naLure's perfecLlon ln llvlna-deaLh personlfled
wlLhln an envlronmenL. 1he SouLh and norLh Þoles are Lhe whlLe snow
lands and have Lhe leasL llfe on earLh whlle Lhe acLual word lOl£
represenLs a sLralahL-llne noL Lhe clrcle. Slnce deaLh musL be a llvlna
exlsLence, lL becomes classlfled as CPCS1. WlnLer ls Lhe lowesL llfe-
alvlna season and hlsLorlcallv ls represenLed as WPl1L whlle CPCS1 ls
also percelved as whlLe and ls Lhe lowesL sLaae of llvlna exlsLence below
Lhe poslLlon of phvslcal llfe composlLlon. WhlLe halr folllcles are Lhe
aeneLlc represenLaLlve of Lhe wlnLer season of llfe ln all human belnas. lt
ls tbe coocosloo toce wbo tepteseot tbe wlotet seosoo omooost tbe
toces. 1he 8LALl1? of nA1u8L clearlv ls LhaL 8LACk as vACuuM (Space)
seals all llvlna exlsLences lncludlna aalaxles and ls L1L8nAL ln all
dlrecLlons. noLhlnaness cannoL represenL deaLh because evervLhlna
lncludlna ALL LllL lC8MS orlalnaLe and exlsL forever wlLhln noLhlnaness
(Lhe blackness of naLure - space vacuum). 1nI5 I5 kLALI1¥
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
INICkMA1ICN. lL ls verv lmporLanL LhaL Lhe black race recoanlze ln
CLLA8 Mlnu LhaL collecLlvelv all celesLlal bodles ln Lhe unlverse forever
exlsL ln darkness. 8lackness ls bevond Lhe cvcle of llfe and deaLh as
opposlLes buL porLlons of lLself are absorbed wlLhln naLure Lo fulfll Lhese
cvcles. 1he Arvans, Creeks and 8omans are Lhose who ploneered Lhe
splrlLual concepLs LhaL allaned blackness wlLh deaLh LhaL Llll Lhls verv dav
work on Lhe menLal dead. A kev LralL ln ldenLlfvlna Lhe menLal dead ls
Lhe lack of quesLlonlna Lhev alve Lo peoples, places and Lhlnas and Lhe
sources Lhev alve Lo challenae llberaLlon lnformaLlon whenever lL ls
alven. 1hev wlll noL ao Lo naLure dlrecLlv for Lhe answer 8lCP1 nCW.
1hls ls because Lhev do noL reason LhaL Lhe pasL, presenL and fuLure are
equal on a clrcle Lherefore lnformaLlon LhaL remalns Lrue forever ls 1PL
8LAL lnlC8MA1lCn. lL musL be acknowledaed bv Lhe wlse LhaL Lhe
menLal dead wlll ALWA?S exlsL aL varlous dearees of lnLelllaence
because a dlfference musL alwavs exlsL. 1he [ob musL slmplv be Lo make
sure Lhe menLal dead are noL alven poslLlons of power concernlna Lhe
welfare of Lhe black race. 1o ldenLlfv who Lhe menLal dead are slmplv
sLudv [1] Pow Lhe lndlvldual LreaLs woollv halr on Lhe black women, [2]
Pow Lhe lndlvldual poslLlons Lhe black women, black man & black chlld
Lrlad, [3] Pow Lhe lndlvldual poslLlons anv messlah Lvpe named !esus, [4]
Pow Lhe lndlvldual poslLlons Afrlcan splrlLual forces and Afrlcan
lanauaaes [3] Pow Lhe lndlvldual poslLlons darkness and llahL afLer Lhe
reallzaLlon of sclence. [6] Pow Lhe lndlvldual LreaLs 9-knowledae when
alven Lo Lhem (see Lhe lasL paae). [7] WheLher Lhev acknowledae Lhe
Laws of CpposlLes, Cvcles and Clrcles as reallLles and a Lrue expresslon
from whaLever Lhev percelve 1he CreaLor Lo be and [8] WheLher Lhe
lndlvldual blames Lhemselves for raclal mlsLreaLmenL Lowards Lhem
personallv or Lhelr race. 1he wlll sav 'lt wos becoose l´m block lojostlce
occotteJ' - Laklna Lhe blame for Lhe opposlna race. 1here ls no dlfference
ln savlna because l´m block Lhan savlna becoose tbev ote wblte or anv
oLher opposlna race. 1hls ls a subLle form of menLal suppresslon LhaL
poslLlons Lhe black race as Lhe exlsLence aL faulL. 1here are numerous
oLher LesLs buL Lhese [usL sLaLed wlll be enouah Lo [udae Lhe menLallLv of
Lhe lndlvldual. A false level of lnLelllaence has been alven Lo Lhe so-called
educaLed nublan LhaL slmplv lanores and devalues anvLhlna LhaL
sLlmulaLes naLure knowledae. Sadlv, for some members of Lhe black
race lL mav be several aeneraLlons laLer Lhls cenLurv before Lhe quallLv of
Lhe C'knCW serles acLlvaLes correcL Lhlnklna wlLhln Lhelr bloodllne.
LvoluLlonarv forces musL malnLaln Lhe acLual exlsLence of bellef ln
socleLv Lo alve room for decav Lo exlsL ln reasonlna speedlna up Lhe
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

[ournev Lo deaLh wlLhln a bloodllne. 8ellef helahLens Lhe room for Lhe
execuLlon of errors and mlsLakes Laken wlLhln one's llfe Lo allow
explolLaLlon Lo be achleved bv man or splrlL. 1he anclenL aoal of
evoluLlonarv splrlLual forces ls Lo prevenL bloodllnes from fulfllllna
cvcles. lf collecLlve bloodllnes, sav a race, fulfll cvcles Lhen bv naLure
evoluLlon musL end and wlLh LhaL, ALL evoluLlonarv producLs musL reverL
backwards, whlch ls reallv revoluLlon. 1hls currenL evoluLlonarv cvcle ln
reasonlna wlll offlclallv end on earLh once a cerLaln percenLaae of Lhe
black race as C8lClnAL LxlS1LnCL reverL back Lo and llve wlLhln correcL
knowledae of naLure compleLlna Lhe cvcle from menLal llfe, Lo menLal
deaLh, Lhen back Lo menLal llfe. 1he nublan mlnd musL separaLe
evoluLlon from Lechnoloav Lhev are noL Lhe same wlLhln naLure Lerms.
1echnoloav can be used Lo asslsL evoluLlonarv or revoluLlonarv acLlons.
LvoluLlon represenLs Lhe wlnLer season ln naLure. lL ls here LhaL we musL
break down naLures equallLv svsLem. naLure as a clrcle (cvcle) expresses
equallLv from Lhe perspecLlve of Lhe whole. ln human Lerms Lhe whole
are represenLed as Lhe bloodllne. 1he 18uL deflnlLlon of llfe lLself would
naLurallv be alven Lo orlalnal exlsLence who are lndeed Lhe anclenL ÞLah-
pvamv Lrlbes of Afrlca and Lhev LauahL LhaL llfe was based on Lhe llneaae
noL Lhe lndlvldual. 1hls ls Lhe 18uL deflnlLlon of llfe prlor Lo evoluLlonarv
forces ln Lhe form oLher races. LlsLen Lo reason! 1here were mllllons of
Afrlcan black descendenLs who were born, llved and dled ln slaverv (Lhev
never felL whaL freedom was wlLhln Lhelr own llfeLlme buL knew of lLs
value). 1he laws of polarlLv would lndlcaLe LhaL Lhe balance beLween
paln and pleasure was noL meL wlLhln one's own llfeLlme forclna Lhe
pleasure or paln Lo balance ouL Lhrouah Lhe bloodllne. Manv members
of Lhe black race ln Lhe wesLern world ln Lhls dav and Llme are llvlna ouL
Lhe pleasure aspecL of Lhelr blood llneaae - balanclna ouL Lhe paln from
slaverv. 1hls personlfles as Lazlness, Lhe lack of responslblllLv Lowards
self and klnd, Lhe conLlnual accepLance of hand-ouLs and conLenLmenL
wlLh welfare. lL ls naLure's equallLv svsLem LhaL lnforms Lhe naLure wlse
LhaL ln an earller era on earLh Lhe black race were domlnaLe ln alobal
reasonlna and ln Lurn lL lnforms vou LhaL Lhe Caucaslan race wlll face Lhe
consequences for Lhelr neaaLlve achlevemenLs on earLh. 1he clrcle ln
lLself ls proof of Lhe wesLern noLlon of wbot comes otoooJ ooes otoooJ.
1hls ls Lrue buL ln cvcles far areaLer Lhan an lndlvldual's own llfeLlme.
Powever Lo offseL Lhls Laws of naLure Lhe Caucaslan race musL
lnLerLwlne exlsLence vla raclal-mlxlna and economlc lnLearaLlon wlLh Lhe
oppressed race Lo prevenL Þu8L !uuCMLn1. 1hls leads Lo Lhe lnnocenL
now proLecLlna Lhe aullLv. 1he lnnocenL wlll also be used Lo bear Lhe
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
punlshmenL on behalf of Lhe aullLv. Afrlcan famlne, Clvll war and
wesLern world deprlved black communlLles are Lhe resulLs of economlc
lnLearaLlon and manlpulaLlon whose fallures wlll predomlnaLelv manlfesL
wlLhln Lhe black race who become Lhe scapeaoaL for oLher races
allowlna Lhe casLe svsLem Lo be percelved as reallLv. 1hls undermlnes Lhe
Lrue poslLlon of blackness ln naLure. Llberallsm ls Lhe condlLloner of
manlpulaLlon for 8LL (bellef) ls also rouLed ln Llb-bel-rule-lsm. 1he
LreaLmenL of Lhe black race Lodav represenLs subLle aLLacks on Lhe
ancesLral ?Cu as orlalnal exlsLence whlch ln Lurn also represenLs
dlsrespecL Lowards naLure lLself. 1hls ls because Lhe Lrue ldenLlLv of
naLure ls 8lackness. 1hese subLle aLLacks on Lhe black race of Lhls dav
and Llme are also because Lhe nubun AnclenLs of nlle vallev had no
respecL for Lhe Caucaslan race and Lhelr orlalnal aods due Lo Lhelr aae
and poslLlon wlLhln naLure. 8eal LavpLoloalsLs know LhaL Lhe nubun
1ama-re banned Caucaslan bloodllnes from enLerlna pharaoh llneaaes
for Lhousands of vears. 1hev know Lhe Caucaslan races were percelved
as llvlna-deaLh ln upper LavpL. 1hev know Lhe Þharaoh(s) of MCSL(s) -
kamose, 1huLmose and Ahmose chased Caucaslan Lrlbes compleLelv ouL
of Lhe Afrlcan ConLlnenL. 1hls ls one reason whv Lhe sacred slLes of Lhe
Þharaohs are so dlsrespecLed ln Lhls dav and Llme. lL ls qulLe obvlous LhaL
vour ancesLors of upper nlle vallev would be ouLraaed aL Lhe LreaLmenL
of Lhe lands and resources of Afrlca ln Lhls dav and Llme aL Lhe hands of
oLher races. Powever, ln nCW Lhev know naLure knowledae and expecL
Lhe black race Lo evenLuallv reverse Lhe menLal evoluLlon of our race ln
Lhe conLlnenL known Lodav as Afrlca. 1he C'knCW serles ls noL
repeLlLlve propaaanda deslaned as a cruLch for Lhe black consclous
scene. 1hls llLeraLure ls an aLLempL Lo speed up Lhe arowLh of naLure
knowledae. naLure knowledae does noL arrlve wlLh fanfare or a bla
promoLlon lL araduallv moves from sub-aLomlc Lo aLomlc wlLhln cerLaln
bloodllnes Lrlaaered off bv quallLv lnformaLlon and naLure forces. naLure
knowledae does noL presenL equallLv as exlsLlna ln a speclflc Llme buL
raLher equallLv from Lhe perspecLlve of CCLLLC1lvL 1lML. ln oLher words
raclal equallLv ls measured on a Llme frame blaaer Lhan 120 vears. lL ls
measured on an ancesLral raclal llfe span. Lverv race musL reach Lhe
peak of Lhelr purpose Lhen decllne. 1here purpose mav be aareeable or
dlsaareeable [udaed from our own perspecLlve. AncesLrallv Lhe black
race are Lhe besL [udae of naLure forces due Lo our poslLlon on earLh as
orlalnal exlsLence. 1here musL be a flrsL and LhaL flrsL has enLlLlemenLs ln
naLure - for don'L vou respecL vour parenLs and arandparenLs? uo Lhe
planeLs forever roLaLe around a Sun? Manv races wlll noL llke reasonlna
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

based on an evaluaLlon of naLure's producLs from Lhe sLandpolnL of
Crlalnal LxlsLence. 1hls ls because LhaL seals Lhem ln a cerLaln
poslLlonlna on earLh bv naLure. 1hls ls as lona as orlalnal exlsLence ls
presenL. 8ellalon became an anLldoLe for all races afLer Lhe alobal
collapse of rullna nu8un kLML1 ÞPlLCSCÞP?. 1herefore, Lhe LralLs of
orlalnal exlsLence musL be devalued ln parLlcular Lhe woollv halr and
faclal feaLures of Lhe black race. 1he black race musL ldenLlfv Lhe
presence of Lhe Laws of naLure as an aLLrlbuLe of orlalnal creaLlve forces
ofLen mlslnLerpreLed as Lhe power of CCu. 1hese laws are eLernallv
acLlve wlLhln all space, maLLer and Llme as well as eLernallv consLanL.
1he lnLerpreLaLlon of CCu alven bv man for man now known as rellalon
represenLs a force whose rullnas, powers, rewards and punlshmenLs
varv and do noL remaln as a CCnS1An1 ln naLure. Cod exlsLs wlLhln
naLure buL ls noL naLure collecLlvelv because Lhe LhouahL 'leL Lhere be
llahL' (Cenesls 1:1-4) needs enerav and enerav ls a Lvpe of maLLer LhaL
needs space. uld llahL exlsL before Lhe Laws of CpposlLes? 1he answer ls
nC. uld noLhlna and someLhlna (a sum of a Lhlna) exlsL before Lhe Laws
of CpposlLes? 1he answer ls nC Lhev are equal. uld Space and MaLLer
exlsL before Lhe Laws of CpposlLes? 1he answer ls also nC because 1PL
LAWS Cl nA1u8L A8L 1PL C8lClnAL Ln1l1lLS Wl1Pln 1PL ALL Anu
A8L ALSC 1PL MLSSLnCL8S lC8 SÞACL, MA11L8 and 1lML. Cne of Lhe
messaaes ls Lhe reallzaLlon of exlsLence. 1he Laws of naLure wlLnessed
from a speclflc space and Llme slmplv reveal CPAnCL. 1hls chanae allows
dlfference Lo be sLudled LhaL provldes Lhe reallzaLlon of exlsLences. 1o
exlsL vou musL acknowledae a dlfference. lrom Lhe perspecLlve of
naLure knowledae lL ls known LhaL a slmllarlLv ls acLuallv a unlque Lvpe
of dlfference lf otbet Jlffeteoces exlst (A-A, A-8, A-C are Lhree
dlfferences buL A-A ls a unlque dlfference known as a slmllarlLv). Cnce all
dlfferences are acknowledaed and arranaed correcLlv wlLhln reason vou
are now allanlna vourself wlLh naLure forces. lf Lhe reader can oversLand
whaL has [usL been sLaLed Lhen Lhev wlll oversLand LhaL ALL
ulllL8LnCLS have purpose ln naLure and a black race musL reap Lhe
beneflLs of Lhelr dlfferences bv naLure. A dlfference belna LhaL vou are
orlalnal exlsLence as Sun ÞLCÞLL on earLh who are older Lhan all
rellalons and Lhe Plndu-Þhoenlclan-Creek-8oman phllosophlcal llneaae
of reasonlna LhaL helps hold Lhe underworld ln place. Crlalnal exlsLence
ls an appolnLmenL bv naLure ul8LC1L?. 1he acLual Cl8CLL does noL
orlalnaLe from Lhe 3
dlmenslonal plane and lL can be suaaesLed LhaL Lhe
poslLlonlna of 1PL ALL (known ln wesLern phllosophv as Cod) can be
alven Lo Lhe force who placed Lhe clrcle exlsLence wlLhln Lhe 3

O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
dlmenslon Lo represenL all maLLer arowLh. lf manklnd as a producL of
naLure can vlsuallv consLrucL a lower Lwo dlmenslon envlronmenL Lhen
whv couldn'L hlaher exlsLences of naLure bevond Lhe 3
frequencv lnfluence exlsLence? 1he noLlon of Lhe C8LA1C8 wlLhln Lhls
reallzaLlon challenaes Lhe man made verslon of CCu found ln rellalon. lL
ls acknowledaed bv Lhe C'knCW wrlLers LhaL Lhe reader mav percelve
Lhe messaae wlLhln Lhls llLeraLure as radlcal or far-feLched ln Lhls dav
and Llme. We advlse Lhe reader Lo remember Lo applv Lhose flve
sLaLemenLs menLloned on paae one of Lhls verv llLeraLure. 1he soluLlon
Lo mosL of Lhe problems on earLh slmplv orlalnaLes from respecLlna
facLs. 1hen acLlna upon LhaL facL ln a Þ8C-LllL manner. 1he lmporLance
of Lhe facL ls noL [usL resLrlcLed Lo a courL-room as lL ls ln Lhls dav and
Llme. 1he lmporLance of a facL ls a unlversal LralL of lnLelllaence and ls a
prerequlslLe of 8lahL knowledae. lL sLands Lo reason LhaL evervLhlna
musL chanae bv naLure alona a polarlLv pole LhaL represenLs LhaL faceL
wlLhln naLure. 8ellef alona Lhe polarlLv pole wlll represenL one end and
Þu8L lAC1S wlll represenL Lhe oLher end. We assure vou LhaL ln nubun
1rue CulLure Lhere was nA1u8ALL? nC 8LLlLl LhaL dlcLaLed culLure. 1he
Afrlcan anclenLs had pre-coded knowledae and reasoned LhaL Lhev were
Sun-CllSÞ8lnC'S and self-creaLed because MA11L8 wlLhln Space can
ao no place else buL slmplv chanae ln composlLlon lnfluenced bv Lhe
laws of naLure who are Lhe enLlLles wlLhln Lrlple sLaae darkness. WlLhln
Lhe dark maLLer and enerales ouLslde Lhe frequencv of llahL capLured for
Lhe human-eve ls where Lhe elemenLs, enerales and even laws are
ÞL8SCnALlSLu. ueclslons wlLhln naLure are all made ln darkness buL are
personlfled wlLhln llahL. ?our phvslcal braln, hearL and Lhe concepLlon
and preanancv process are proof of Lhls reallLv. SclenLlflcallv, we wlll
now elaboraLe on Lhe creaLlon process of Lhe black race. 1he nubun race
as ÞLah orlalnaLe from Lhe surface of SunS as sub-aLomlc parLlcles aL Lhe
rooLs of aranulaLlons who are ln[ecLed lnLo llahL Lhrouah Sun lLA8LS
Lrlaaered off bv Sun 8raln-waves known ln sclence as plasma pulses.
1hese pulses orlalnaLe from Lhe Sun's Core (lLs 8raln). 1hls llahL of
poLencv Lravelled Lo Lhe equaLorlal realons of Lhls planeL meeLlna hlah-
quallLv maLLer ln llquld form as Lhe rlvers wlLhln equaLorlal Afrlca. An
aquaLlc form of lnLercourse Look place beLween Sun enerav and sub-
aLomlc parLlcles ln Lhe waLers of Afrlca Lo blrLh unlque funal maLLer LhaL
evenLuallv arows ln Lo Lhe earlv rlverslde pvamv races who are C8lClnAL
LxlS1LnCL on Lhls planeL and anv oLher planeL bearlna slmllar condlLlons
and a slmllar Sun. ALL Crlalnal LxlsLences are blrLhed ln Lhe LquaLor
realons of planeLs. 1he Sun branded orlalnal exlsLence wlLh 9 whlch
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

personlfles as vour halr and also ln acld-flre form sLandlna hundreds of
mlles hlah scaLLered on Lhe surface of Lhe sun 8lCP1 nCW as
CranulaLlon. 1he [ournev from Lhe surface of Lhe Sun Lo become Lhe
pvamv races recorded ln earLh Llme mav have Laken mllllons of vears.
Powever from Lhe perspecLlve of LLernal naLure as 8lackness Lhls
duraLlon can be percelved as a personlflcaLlon because Lhe eLernal sLaLe
of 8lackness has nC 1lML reference. Puman Llme ls based on llahL for
Lhe human senses. SLralahL halred races sLem from slmllar evenLs LhaL
occurred mllllons of vears laLer. Powever, Lhe moon Lhls Llme was under
a dlfferenL orblL and muLaLed Lhe waLers wlLhln equaLorlal envlronmenLs
leadlna Lo oLher human specles bearlna LralLs below 9-LLher. 1he Moon
ls subLlv worshlpped wlLhln moonoLhelsm due Lo Lhese creaLlon evenLs.
1he aenes of sLralahL-halred races were melanlnlzed Lhrouah raclal-
mlxlna wlLh facLlons of Lhe nubun race over Lhe lasL 30,000 vears
connecLlna all raclal llneaaes Lo Lhe domlnanL nubun aene. 1hese evenLs
concernlna sLralahL halred race creaLlon do noL lnclude Lhe Caucaslan
race who are predomlnanLlv an alblno hvbrld race from Lhe Arvan lndlan
sLock resldlna ln Lhe caucus mounLalns (8ussla) who have mlxed ln wlLh
alblno llneaaes wlLhln all oLher races. 1he Caucaslan race are no more
Lhan 10,000 vears old and use Lhe Þhoenlclan and Plndu race Lo
represenL Lhem ln anclenL hlsLorv. 1he ldeoloav of uarwlnlsm ls used Lo
proLecL Lhelr poslLlonlna wlLhln naLure bv placlna evoluLlon above
revoluLlon ln reasonlna. ln anv evenL whaL musL be remembered ls Lhe
facL LhaL Lhe earLh and moon are boLh bv-producLs of Lhe Sun ln
orlalnaLlon. 1herefore all creaLlonal forces are reallv varlanLs of Lhe Suns
of naLure and Suns are Lhe emoLlons of 8lackness wlLhln a speclflc
space, maLLer and Llme. ?ou have manv people who do noL wlsh Lhe
common nublan reader Lo sample Lhe C'knCW serles. 1hls ls because
Lhev know poLencv Lo acLlvaLe menLal llberaLlon ls now avallable l8LL
for Lhe lnLelllaenL of Lhe black race. 1hls does noL mean LhaL oLher
llLeraLure should be lanored nC! We venLure ln Lo and appreclaLe Lhe
wrlLlnas and works of our broLhers and slsLers. 1he [ournev for llberaLlon
lnformaLlon never ends. 1here wlll alwavs be black people who musL
re[ecL black llLeraLure Lo represenL Lhe opposlna forces wlLhln Lhe black
race. 1hev sLlll have deslres Lo fulfll wlLhln Lhls dav and Llme ln Lhls soclal
cllmaLe and naLure knowledae wlll dlsrupL Lhelr relaLlonshlps wlLh oLher
races. 1hev wlll aLLach an lSM Lo whaL Lhev read noL oversLandlna LhaL
Lhe verv lSM LlLle ls Lhe framework of reasonlna alven Lo vou bv anoLher
race. wbot JlJ oot oocleots coll tbot wov of tblokloo? 1hev wlll noL
know! lSMS LhaL represenL Lhe aovernlna of people orlalnaLe from Lhe
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
sLudv of rellalon and Lhe culLural communlLv behavlour of darker races
learned lnlLlallv bv Lhe Creeks sLudv of nlle vallev Afrlca and Lhe Mlddle-
LasL. 1hls ls wlLh Lhe excepLlon LhaL Lhe Laws of naLure are usuallv
re[ecLed Lo alve power Lo Lhe aovernlna force of Lhe lsm - evervLhlna
evolves and revolves ln cvcles. When Lhe nublan reader percelves Cvcle
knowledae lnformaLlon as radlcal Lhe emoLlons aLLached Lo LhaL
[udaemenL are acLuallv enerales orlalnaLlna from ahosL forces. 1hese
forces sLrlve Lo prevenL orlalnal exlsLences from fulfllllna naLural cvcles.
ln Lrue reallLv abldlna Lo Lhe cvcles of naLure could onlv be percelved as
radlcal or far-feLched bv Lhe menLal-dead because Lhelr verv exlsLence ls
a bv-producL of Lhese forces of naLure. 1here are no old-wavs or new-
wavs when deallna wlLh Lhe cvcles of naLure. 1he lSMS usuallv poslLlon
naLure knowledae as pasL-Lense reasonlna. 1hls forces orlalnal
exlsLences Lo re[ecL Lhelr orlalnal culLures and wavs of llfe LhaL ablde Lo
Lhe Laws of naLure. lrom Lhe perspecLlve of ancesLral reasonlna Lhere ls
no dlfference beLween alcohollsm, harmful druas, AluS, dlsease,
polsons, non-heLerosexuallLv, aborLlon, lnLer-raclal mlxlna, black on
black crlme, sulclde, euLhanasla eLc. 1hev all conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe deaLh and
reduced quallLv of Lhe ancesLral llfe of Lhe 8lackman-8lackwomen-
8lackchlld Lrlad. 1he flnal quesLlon ls Lhls: Are ?Cu ancesLrallv selecLed
Lo reach Lhe sLaae of menLal llberaLlon wlLhln vour own llfe Llme? lor
hundreds of mllllons of nublans on earLh rlahL now and Lhrouah Lhe aaes
dld noL and have noL reached 8LALl1? 8LASCnlnC as Lo Lhe
characLerlsLlcs of naLure. 1he Lrue culLural reasonlna and pracLlces of
C8lClnAL LxlS1LnCL ln Lhe form of Lhe black race wlll uSuALL? be
poslLloned as Lhe noLhlnaness of human culLure bv evoluLlonarv
producLs Lo acLuallv alve evoluLlonarv exlsLences hlaher credlblllLv wlLhln
Lhe underworld. 1he soluLlon kev ls Lo sLarL Lo Lake back conLrol of Lhe
percepLlon of blackness wlLhln all faceLs of naLure (especlallv bellef
svsLems) and ln[ecL ÞCSl1lvL Þ8C-LllL 8LASCnlnC 1C 1PlS LxlS1LnCL.
1hls wlll counLer-aLLack Lhe underworld phllosophles used Lo supporL
Lhls alLernaLlve reallLv LhaL favours evoluLlon over orlalnal exlsLences. lL
saddens Lhe C'knCW wrlLers Lo know LhaL manv nublans wlll lndeed
dlscover Lhese wrlLlnas and wlll noL slmplv Lake Lhe Llme Lo research Lhe
sclence and applv loalcal approaches ln [udalna Lhe lnfluences wlLhln
naLure LhaL enLlce declslon-maklna. Much of Lhe research needed Lo
oversLand Lhese wrlLlnas exlsL ln reasonlna - slmplv respecL vourself Lo
know LhaL Lhe black race had culLure, sclences, splrlLual reasonlna,
naLure knowledae LhaL dld noL manlfesL lnfluenced bv evoluLlonarv
producLs ln Lhe form of oLher races slnce we are of orlalnal exlsLence.
Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

1herefore lL sLands Lo reason LhaL Lhese faceLs of LhouahL are ul8LC1L?
l8CM nA1u8L lnfluenclna anclenL nubun braln-maLLer. Manv aspecLs of
ancesLral nubun reasonlna were acLuallv pre-coded wlLhln unA
(ueoxvrlbonuclelc Acld) whlch acLuallv ls Lhe developed sLaLe of acld
parLlcles from Lhe surface of Lhe Sun or aeneLlc properLles from elder
races from oLher sLar consLellaLlons. 1he clrcle ls a unlversal LralL and so
musL be Lhe Laws of naLure and naLure knowledae ln aeneral and Lhls
reallzaLlon should lnform vou LhaL nubun culLure elsewhere ln a
unlverse would have slmllarlLles. 1hese slmllarlLles would evenLuallv
allow Lhe anclenLs of dlfferenL Llmes and places Lo communlcaLe wlLh
each oLher Lhrouah Lhe blackness of naLure. 1he Laws of CpposlLes, 1he
Laws of Cvcles, 1he Laws of klndred, 1he poslLlon of 8lackness ln reallLv
and Lhe aovernance of Lhe SunS as phvslcal represenLaLlves of naLure
powers represenL reallLles 1PA1 A8L CClnC NOwn£k£! 1hls ls because
Lhev are NOw-n£k£ ALWA?S. 1hev are Lhe frameworks LhaL help naLure
Lo be whaL lL ls on earLh! All bellef svsLems, ldeoloales, phllosophles are
slmplv evoluLlonarv sLaLes of naLure knowledae. Powever, Lhese varlous
dearees of reason have been alLered, warped and chanaed on purpose
bv man and splrlL lnfluenclna facLlons wlLhln Lhe human specles for Lhe
purpose of conLrol and domlnance over an opposlna force. Crlalnal
exlsLences are Lhe prlme opposlna force of all evoluLlonarv producLs LhaL
are unable Lo respecL Lhe Laws and Cvcles of naLure. 1he alLerlna of
reasonlna concerned wlLh Lhe Laws of naLure creaLed an underworld
sadlv ablded Lo bv nubun descendanLs. 1he 1
world refers Lo Lhe
bealnnlna (1
born) veL vou accepL Afrlca as Lhe 3
world. 1hls noLlon ls
Lhe accepLance of underworld phllosophv. Lven wlLhln Lhe acLual words
ppet and oJet wlLhln Lhe Lnallsh lanauaae Lhev placed Lhe leLLer U ln
boLh words Lo Lrv Lo malnLaln boLh opposlna deflnlLlons wlLhln Lhe ÞI1
(Lhe acLual U svmbol vlsuallv seen). 1he ÞlL ls 8elow (underneaLh). 1hls ls
Lrlcknoloav wlLhln Lhe moon cvcle Lo subLlv keep reasonlna Lrapped ln
slx-sclences wlLh boLh sldes of Lhe same coln reallv represenLlna Lhe
same Lhlna (refer Lo vol.1 & 2). 1he below also represenLs a 1omb and
Lhls 1omb was dlverslfled ln Lo 1om - 8C11CM. 8oLLom also refers Lo an
underneaLh. Uncle 1om ls an underworld 1omb of 8easonlna aL Slx veL
aL nlnL 1om ls 1uM (1ama-rean) meanlna letfectloo. 1he underworld
works ln reverse. 1he 1 ls also Lhe boLLom half of Lhe LavpLlan Ankh
represenLlna Lhe underworld also consldered Lhe domaln of CSl8uS bv
LavpLoloalsLs whlle Lhe Lop half of Lhe Ankh Lhe Clrcle represenLs llvlna-
llfe represenLed as 8L. 8L and Cslrus have been lnLerchanaed Lhrouah
Lhe evoluLlon of 1AMA-8L (9) down Lo LC?Þ1 (6). 1he spells of Lhe
O (cycle) Know (knowledge)…Ok-Now!
underworld are ln reasonlna and reasonlna ls a bv-producL of splrlLuallLv.
1he new World Crder ls slmplv Lhe pollLlcal and economlc framework
creaLed Lo preserve Lhe underworld permanenLlv. 1he slmplesL wav Lo
challenae Lhese aaendas ls Lo [1] use, creaLe, redeflne and malnLaln oot
owo Noboo looooooes poslLlonlna naLure and lLs producLs correcLlv ln
reasonlna and [2] MalnLaln Þure black bloodllnes and nubun aeneLlc
LralLs (l.e. 9-halr Sun power). 8C1P Þ8LSL8vL ALlCnMLn1S Wl1P
nA1u8L. 1hese wrlLlnas are noL a passlna phase docLrlne wrlLLen as
enLerLalnmenL. 1hls lnformaLlon can be consldered as wrlLlnas from ALL
1lMLS as nCW because naLure works ln cvcles. Lverv once and a whlle
wlLhln vour llfeLlme vou wlll come across wrlLlnas of Lhls naLure bv
dlfferenL people or oraanlsaLlons because Lhe kev Lhemes of Lhe
C'knCW serles represenL Lhe human lnLeracLlon wlLh Lhe frameworks of
naLure lLself. 1hls book serles ls merelv a door-opener Lo naLure
knowledae and lLs purpose ls Lo auaranLee LhaL members of Lhe black
race who are lnLelllaenL bv naLure are alven a chance Lo 8LALL? knCW
1PlnCS before predlcLed clrcumsLances prevenL 8LAL lnformaLlon from
reachlna Lhe naLure-wlse bloodllnes of our race. 1he lnLelllaenL of our
race should ln Lurn search-ouL llke-mlnded broLhers and slsLers and
oraanlzaLlons keen Lo flnallv work wlLh naLure Lo resLore 8lahL
knowledae of self and klnd Lo flnallv leave Lhe underworld. 1o leave Lhe
underworld ls Lo be MLn1ALL? 8LSu88LC1Lu Lo nCW knCW rlahL from
wrona based on naLure Cvcle lormulas. nC ACLnuA Cn LA81P CAn
SuCCLLu ll C8lClnAL LxlS1LnCL ln 1PLl8 8lCP1 Mlnu A8lulnC 1C
nA1u8L LAWS 8L!LC1S l1! So Lhe black race musL be hoodwlnked
Lhrouah bellef svsLems of anv klnd Lo llve under a form of hell on earLh.
1hls llLeraLure hlnLs on Lhe unlversal processes of A8SCLu1L nA1u8L on
earLh observed and orlalnallv appreclaLed bv Lhe nubun 8lack 8ace ln
1rue CulLure from anv Llme wlLhln our exlsLence.

1rue CulLure ls walLlna for vou! ?ou do noL need Lo fear 8eallLv anvmore!

Tama-rean, Moor, Itiopis, Annu People, Cushites, Khamites, Ethiopians, Olmecs, Sumer, Ptahites, Kemet, Nubun, Twa, Ta-Nehisi, Ta

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