Introduction to Google Earth (GE) and Excel Google Earth is a powerful and free mapping tool that lets users zoom into any location on earth. Here's a zoomed view of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Google Earth (GE) is free, just download it here. Go here for free tutorials and advice on how to use GE. Mapping Excel Data in GE

GE uses latitude and longitude coordinates to map locations on earth. This workbook demonstrates how to get the latitude and longitude of Excel address locations. GE uses Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files to import data into GE for display as overlays to the basemap.. KML files are similar to XML type files, specialized for map display. Excel users can display Excel based data points in GE by creating a KML file with VBA and opening that file in GE. Here's an example of a map of the USA showing the major IT companies: Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. I've included JuiceAnalytics because this workbook uses their geocoding VBA code. This workbook includes VBA code prepared by JuiceAnalytics.Com and A Simon. See Acknowledgements sheet for details. The Configuration Steps sheet explains what you need to do to develop this capability on your desktop. You must register with Yahoo to be able to geocode addresses and obtain a working version of Google Earth to be able to run this demo on your desktop.

Xls uses two web based tools and two Excel .com/index.Xls combines VBA code from JuiceAnalytics Geocoding tool.XLS and modified by ProcessTrends. Oct.php?User=105548 Original Excel2KML. street intersection or Zip Simon's and JuiceAnalytics' VBA code has been incorporated into MapExcelData. MapExcelData.Juice Analytics .com/ubb/showprofile..html Excel Geocoding Tool v2 .Com.Xls and KML file generation code from A Simon's Excel2KML. Simon's VBA code processes the source data file with latitude and longitude and builds a KML file using the KML fragments from File_Details. 2007 to provide both geocoding capability (assign latitude and longitude based on address) and production of KML files.VBA tools.Acknowledgements MapExcelData.XLS Created by simon_a: Google Earth Link http://earth. A Simon's Excel2KML. The two Excel VBA tools were prepared by A Simon and JuiceAnalytics. JuiceAnalytics VBA code is determines the latitude and longitude for locations given location as street address. http://bbs.XLS VBA code is used to KML files by using File_Details worksheet KML code fragments. The web based tools are Yahoo's geocoding service to assign latitude and longitude to addresses and Google Earth to map Excel locations.keyhole.

free from Google 2. Registered Yahoo User . Download Google Earth . Free.What you need to make Google Earth Maps with Excel Data Necessary Software and Registration 1.Configuration Steps .needed to get latitude and longitude for each address.exe KML Details Enter output File path and Name Enter Document Name . need to register Geocode Configuration Complete the Geocode Configuration sheet fields: Geocode Tool Yahoo User ID Location of GoogleEarth.

us username and password. go to http://earth. Not all fields must be entered. Fill in the location of the googleearth. go to the Tools. Security menu and change the security level to Medium.exe: C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\googleearth. go to: Location of googleearth. you will see a message. Select the rows that you want to geocode. will beep every time an address is geocoded FALSE Instructions Macros must be turned on to use this tool. About 2-3 rows are geocoded each This will save all the geocoded addresses to a Google Earth "KML" file and open the file in Google Earth. State. If macros are working. then delete the "not found" values and geocode the row again. If an address is not found. When the spreadsheet opens. nothing will happen. select "Enable Macros". If not. The file will appear in the Temporary Places folder. any cell in the row will Username: Geocoder. . You don't have to select the entire More info on the Yahoo geocoding API is available here: BeepOn GeocoderPassword GeocoderToUse GeocoderUsername GoogleEarthExecutableLocation YahooId ='Settings and Instructions'!$C$18 ='Settings and Instructions'!$C$12 ='Settings and Instructions'!$C$4 ='Settings and Instructions'!$C$11 ='Settings and Instructions'!$C$15 ='Settings and Instructions'!$C$7 Yahoo Id dkod_02703 To get access to the Yahoo geocoding API.exe and your geocoder. City. but there must be a valid address and city+state or zip for geocoding to be performed. depending on the speed of your Internet connection. fix the misspelling. to get Google username and password go to: http://geocoder. Then close and reopen this spreadsheet. Zip columns on the Geocode You can test to see if macros are working by clicking on the button to the Password: To get a geocoder. At any time you can see the geocoded addresses in Google Earth by clicking the "View in Google Earth" button. To enable macros. Enter addresses that you want to geocode in the Street.Com Settings Geocoder to use: Yahoo Yahoo or geocoder. Macro.html Beep? if true.Geocode Configuaration As Developed by JuiceAnalytics. To try optional. it may be because of a misspelling in the street address or city. Click the geocode selected rows button to start geocoding.

1"> <Document> <name> </name> File Header Code fragment 1 File Header Code fragment 2 Placemark Code fragment 1 Placemark Code fragment 2 Placemark Code fragment 3 Placemark Code fragment 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 <Placemark> <name> <Point> <coordinates>" encoding="UTF-8"?> <kml xmlns="http://earth.kml KML File of Major IT Companies <?xml version="</href> </Icon> </IconStyle> </Style> </name> <styleUrl>#a</styleUrl> 13 Footer 14 15 Style 16 Placemark code fragment style 17 18 19 .B 1 2 3 4 5 Filepath Document name C KML Details As Developed by A Simon C:\Data\google_Earth\kml_IT_co.0</coordinates> </Point> <description><![CDATA[ ]]></description> </Placemark> </Document> </kml> <Style id="a"> <IconStyle> <Icon> <href>http://maps.

Good address matching service.03 address -122.13 -77.97 37.42 37.Step 1: Geocode Determine Lattitude & Longitude: Select Rows. Press Geocode Button Step 2: Generate KML File Update File_Details Sheet: Press Gen KML File Button Step 3: View Map in Google Earth: Press Run Google Earth Button Latitude Longitude Precision 38.13 street -73.38 address -122.64 41.42 47.7 city City State Address 555 grove street herndon va 701 first ave sunnyvale ca 1600 amphitheatre parkway mountain viewca One Microsoft Way Redmond Wa 1 New Orchard Road Armonk NY Zip Name Description 20170 Juice Analytics 94089 Yahoo 94043 Google 98052-6399 Microsoft Corp 10504 IBM Great data analysis site. Home of Google Earth Home of Excel The granddady of computer technology .09 address -122.

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