Posted by Erin Jansen, author NetLingo.

com Did you know there are more than 460 Online Business terms defined at, including: aggregation or aggregate all-channel alpha pup always-on April 14, 2000 asynchronous learning audio mining automated purchasing system B2A B2B B2D B2E (Business-to-Employee) B2G banner blindness barn raising baron company barter Bauhaus best practices best-in-breed body scan brand brand police breakthrough value brick-and-mortar bricks-and-clicks brochureware BSP build it and they will come bulletproof burn rate burning the candle at both ends burning the midnight oil buzzword buzzword specialist by the drink C2B C2C cableco campus cancelable with no short rate capsizing captive start-up Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) carve out CBI

CDN CEM central office (CO) CEO certificate authority CFO change agent channel conflict chapter 11 cheaper, faster, better Check 21 churn CIO C-level click-and-ship click-through clip CMO co or .co co-branding collaborative collaborative filtering collaborative project collaboratory COMDEX competitive intelligence complimentary quote rule Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) confidentiality cons contact center content conundrum content delivery content provider convergence convergent programming COO core competencies corporate portal counter-experience CPO critical differentiators critical mass CRM (Customer Relationship Management) crusader CTO Customer Interaction Center (CIC) cyberfraud cybersuds D2D data cleaning service data mart data mining database management system d-commerce December 12, 1991 deck deep dive deep Web deep-sixed

demo demo monkey deploy destination page destination site digital entertainment digital fingerprinting digital revolution digital shopping companion digital signature digital watermark disintermediation disruptive technology distance learning divergence DMAT DMCA DNS parking document management dog whistle dog-and-pony show doorway domain doorway page dot-com dot-com deadpool dot-com shakeout dot-com syndrome dot-con down time drill down DRM Dutch auction E3 early adopter early mover eating your own dog food e-commerce czar e-distribution elancer electron electronic exchange electronic payment systems English enterprise episodic games ergonomics ERM ERP ESN evangelist e-wallet execs exit strategy eyeballs failure farm out FCS FFA first-generation first-mover advantage

first-purchase momentum first-to-market flagship product flex time FM forced coolness forced downgrade forklift upgrade free free-pricing model freshness factor fudge factor fulfillment generation X generation Y generation-e Gilder's Law globalization glocalization going forward granular or granularity graphic designer guerrilla marketing hands-off hands-on hat color head end heat-seeking work force highbrow high-tech high-touch hire number Hollywired horizontal play hybrid hyperspeed IBS I-commerce iconoclast identity theft if I tell you, I'll have to kill you in our DNA inbound link incubator infomediary initiative insertion order (IO) interactive message board intermediary internal link Internet era IPO ITE keiretsu kid sibling management KM knowledge worker ladder bypass landing page last mile

last-mile problem LBE learning portal legacy business legacy media level set leverage liquidity liquidity event location-based service longitudinally losing your virginity lowbrow low-hanging fruit low-tech LSP M&A M2M magnetic mailbot mainframe management mainsleaze management by spreadsheet manual submission market share massage the data m-commerce meeting specialist merchant account merchant services metamediary Metcalfe's Law microcontent micropayment milker mind share mission critical monitoring service Moore's Law mud shot My mystery house Nasdaq NDA nepotism nerve center netary public netcentric netsourcing network effect new economy new economy business titles new economy hotspots new media next-generation notice and take down offsite storage off-the-shelf OLTP on-demand

one-click shopping one-stop shop online banking online job searching online porn online survey ontology open your kimono opt-in opt-out outbound link out-of-pocket out-of-the-box out-of-the-garage outsource P2P paid search paradigm shift peer-to-peer pencil-in personalization index pervasive computing pink-slip party PITA fee pizza plane money POD pop-up privacy policy proprietary prosumer publisher pure play quantum leap radar screen ramp rate ramp up rate card raw click RBOC reach real estate real-time customer support real-time enterprise referrer reprographic artist re-purpose or re-purposing resonate re-start-up reverse auction RFM rich road show road warrior robust ROE ROI roll-up RON ROS

RSI Sand Hill Road scaleable or scalability scenario net schedule-driven scooby snacks seamless or seamlessly search engine submission second-generation self-starter selfware SEO SFA shopping cart show Silicon Alley Silicon Valley Siliconia Siliwood simulation site hopping skeleton crew SKU skunkworks smart card smart clothes smart phone snippet SOHO-Small Office Home Office SoHo-South of Houston space spamdexing speed spew spin-off spin-out stealth mode story strawman subs subscribe subscribers subscriptions success suits supply chain execution supply chain management support vendor sweet spot sysadmin SYSOP TAT tchotchkes team player tech support techie or techies Techies Day technopuppet telco textitecture

the farmer died the grid the industry the way think time third-generation three A.M. code three big C's three deadly middles throw it over the wall ticker shock ticker spam tier zero time-to-market TLA department touchpoints traction trailblazer tribal knowledge triority tron tsunami turnkey UN*X underling UPC upgrade upside Valley Valley wash-out value chain management value-added VAR VC money venture capital venture capitalist vest in peace vesting period viral marketing virtual CEO virtual convergence virtual hosting virtual manager virtual product placements visionary voice mail voice portal vortal VSP Wall Street Web content syndication Web hosting Web marketplace Web presentations webcentric webify Webisode wholetail wild ducks worker bees