1) Use Graph One to describe how choices need to be made because of scarcity. Scarcity stared at John.

It glared at him, looking deeo into his eyes. John felt uncomfortable, it was as if it was staring into his soul. This continued for several more minutes, in silence. The two were standing roughly half a foor apart. They were very close. Scarcity looked down at John and John looked up at Scarcity, which was an awkward feat, as John was significantly taller than Scarcity. The two strained. John awoke the next morning, puffy eyed. He saw the dog on the curtain rail and without hesitation fell out of bed. He recovered, took a moment and stumbled to his feet. 2) Explain why the curve Sw with tariff is drawn as a horizontal line. The curve Sw with tariff is drawn horizontally because John then removed the dog from the curtain rail. John then looked over to her bed only to find Scarcity, fast asleep. "John you slut." She said to himself. Inadvertantly John had awoken Scarcity. "Good morning." Scarcity said, grinning to an extent where it's impressive. "About to make me some diced oranges for me, were you?" Scarcity loved diced oranged. "Yes." replied John, very slowly. "Goody." remarked Scarcity. "I was being sarcastic," John said sarcastically. "Quite ironically, I don't understand irony." Apologised Scarcity. John looked at his alarm clock. "I'm late!" She exclaimed. Scarcity assumed the worst. "Bit early to tell, don't you think? Anyway, I have to go." Scarcity began to rob John. He used a bag he found on the floor and started with a pile of stones on the book case. "Don't forget to pick the kids up from school!" John yelled as he rushed towards his car, which proved futile as there were walls in his way. "I'm not your wife." John heard as he found a door. "This was true." He thought to himself. He was too late for work to care as he leapt onto his open-roof turtle shell company car. e) Describe how the tariff removal you illustrated in Graph Two on page 4 affected the allocative efficiency of the cosmetics market.

Allocative efficiency. The Car coughed as the engine started. "Where do you want to go?" Asked The Car. "Get out of my car." John said to The Car. So The Car hopped out of the car and went into John's house, where it eventually began robbing him. John sped off leaving a cloud of engine fume in his wake, only to come back realising he'd forgotten it, to which he then realised he did not need it. Confused, John left. If I don't start this paragraph with something related to economics, will upi still read it in curiosity of how this delightful tale ends? Or maybe just as a bit of a break from marking? I'm not talking to the marker, I'm talking to myself. The answer is yes. John drove slightly over the speed limit in hope he would get to work faster than he would whilst driving at the speed limit. It was incredibly effective. He arove only an hour later than when he arove 25 hours ago. He jumped out of his car, forgetting he hadn't stopped moving yet. The Car exploded, destroying John's house and all his belongings, Scarcity had been long gone by then. Meanwhile, John's car crashed into his office. "I'd like to use swear words, but I'm not sure that's the angle I want to be aiming for, because I'm not certain how my audeince would react." John said. John hastily approached his office, trying to ascertain whether his boss was in yet. In the middle of doing poos, Mr. Jambles held a static expression of shock on his face, with the car wedged into the restroom wall. John breathed through his teeth as he made his way towards Mr. Jambles. Mr. Jambles just stared at him. Not a moment after John began to explain himself Mr. Jambles, quite unfairly, squeaked "You're fired." As Mr. Jambles was a mouse and John's office was a dumpster. John didn't react. He allowed a fragment of what this meant to reach him. he turned around and walked out of the alleyway. He had lost the only job he ever had. John told people what his profession was for a living. It paid well. John was now without a job and little did she know, he rhouse was now in pieces as well. She sat on the curb. John watched the cars drive passed. Careless of his situation. Suddenly an animal rescue van stopped in front of him. John grinned at the people in the van until they put a net over his head. John was sad. "Great he said to himself." he said to himself. John had to comply and did not resist the net. John was a chimpanzee, as well as Scarcity. The Car was actually feces that had now ruined his eclosure after it had beenthrown into a stack of hay, where it underwent rapid fermentation. The zookeepers thought John had got out after he had consumed a large amount of ink that he got from a box of pens dropped into his enclosure. When John got home, it was the best day ever. The conclusion "John was a chimpanzee" was forshadowed by the dog on the curtain rail in the third paragraph.