4 Note the “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii does not contain: 1. Any signatures 2. Any seals Notice also that the Certificate No is redacted. Why is this? What could possibly be confidential about a simple document number? The answer is that this certificate number could be traced to a master control file to verify that it was issued in the names and date on the certificate. With no certificate number given, further authentication of the document is impossible. Whereas, on the documents from Kenya, both the “Certificate of Birth” and the “Certified Copy of Registration of Birth” we can find all three authentications; signatures, seals and control numbers. The control numbers can then be verified to contemporaneous master file records. This is not the case for the “Certification of Live Birth” offered up by the Obama supporters as “proof” of his citizenship. On the contrary, the bogus “Certification of Live Birth”, on its face, speaks for itself.