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Burmese Methodist Fellowship

။ You are warmly invited to

Burmese & Asian Food Fair of
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San Francisco Bay Area Burmese

BAWA Community
- ၠ႒- ( )
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For raising funds to host the 2011

။ Citizen of Burma Award (CoBA)

၀ ။ Sunday, Jan 23rd 2011
10 AM to 3 PM

။ Newark Pavilion
၂၀၁၁ 6430 Thornton Ave

။ Newark, CA 94560
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၂၀၁၁ ၃၁ ၍
( ) Together with the Burmese Community from Albany, Aurora,
Beaverton, Boston, Buffalo, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Cincinnati,
Denver, Fort Wayne, Greeley, High Point, Las Vegas, Los
- - ။ - - ။ - Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle,
- ။ - - ။ - - ။ Tri-State (Virginia, Washington D.C, Maryland Metro Area),
၀ ။ ၂၀၁၁ Tualatin
- - ။ - - ။
- - ။ -531-3761)
P.O Box 1276, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, USA
I. Mission Statement Burmese & Asian Authentic Food Menu and their generous
sponsors for our event
The Citizen of Burma Award (CoBA) is to recognize,
appreciate and honor volunteer Burmese individuals Kye O – Vermicelli Bowl with Ma May, Ma Tin Lay Lwin, Ma
and/or organizations who are contributing their Chicken or Pork Mixed Soe Soe
knowledge, labor, skills and resources towards social
Kaw Yay – Corn Starch Ma Pa Pa, Ma Kye Mon
services and charities for the Burmese community inside
Noodle Soup
Burma. (Note: The term “Burmese” is a place holder
for people born or raised in Burma irrespective of the Fish Chowder with Rice Ko Aung Thu, Ma Wah Wah,
ethnicity, race, culture, religion and background.) Noodle Daw Khin Nwe Soe, Daw Nwe
Ni Thaung
II. Structure Fried Rice-Noodle Rolls Ko Min Naing, Ma Mya Mya Win
Noodle Salad Ko Aung Min, Ma San Dar
The CoBA organization is a virtual network of Fried Tofu Ko Kyaw Hla, Ma Moe Moe
volunteers and/or donors from the Burmese community Naing
living abroad who recognize the need to appreciate the Shan Rice Noodle Bowl U Kyaw Shein, Daw Kyin Kyin
meritorious deeds of the individuals and/or organization Sein (Fremont) Family
inside Burma. The organization embraces diversity.
Fried Prawn with vegetable U Kyi Toe, Daw Than Nyane
Falooda Mother Daw Helen Lim,
III. Program Activity
Daughters - Margaret Lim,
Daisy Lim
The award will be given out annually to individuals
Shan Tofu Salad Burmese Methodist Fellowship
and/or organizations for the excellence and effectiveness
of their social services. The award is not affiliated with Parata with Bean Friends from Fremont
any political party or activities. Candidates will be Chicken Satay Chu Family
nominated solely based on their humanitarian (social Burmese Snacks Variety Ko Aung
services and charities) work and without any Burmese Style - Falooda U Htay Kyaw, Daw Khin Hla &
consideration or discrimination of their gender, age, Family
ethnicity, religion, or belief.
Burmese Samusa Salad Ma Ei Pa Pa

What we do Steam Pork Mixed Ko Nyunt Than, Ma Htwe Htwe

Win Family
We are accepting the nominations online (at the CoBA Chicken Biryani Daw Thwe Thwe Seint, Ko Tun
web site) or via email until March 31st 2011. At the end Tun and Ko Yan Aung -
of the registration period, the online voting system will Families
be opened to the public to vote on the five “finalists”. Garlic Noodel Bowl BAWA – Women Association
The winner with the most votes will be chosen as the Coconut Chicken Chowder Ko Asan , Ma Nelly
2011 Citizen of Burma. The remaining four will with Egg Noodle
receive an equal amount of monetary prize.
Burmese Tofu Salad Ko Aung Myint Oo, Ma Thida
Award Ceremony
Every year a chapter of CoBA organization will host the Khin Sunday, Jan 23rd 2011
award ceremony. The Los Angeles chapter hosted the Shwe Chi – Sweet Sticky Ma Lin Lin Htay, Ma Aye Su 10am to 3pm
first award ceremony in April 2010. The San Francisco Rice Mon
chapter will be hosting the award ceremony for 2011. Fried Vermicelli Ko Than Oo & Friends
Newark Pavilion
Free Drinking Water or Hot Tea will be served by CoBA Volunteers and
6430 Thornton Ave
Newark, CA 94560
Contact -