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. . . from the Illinois House of Representatives
July 15, 2008 State Rep. Fred
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Crespo Introduces Legislation Providing Local
Governments New Source of Revenue
Local lawmaker looking for innovative funding solutions

HOFFMAN ESTATES – As part of his effort to find new solutions to generating revenue without
raising fees or taxes, state Rep. Fred Crespo (D-Hoffman Estates) has introduced legislation that
would give schools access to a new source of funding by harnessing renewable energy.

“Keeneyville’s plan to use renewable energy as a source of funding is a unique approach to an age-
old problem and this legislation would help make their proposal a reality,” Crespo said. “As the
measure moves through the legislative process, I will continue working with community leaders to
ensure their concerns are addressed and the original intent of the bill is honored.”

Drafted after several months of meetings with Hanover Park officials and representatives from the
utility industry, House Bill 6660 would allow local governments, including school districts, to
receive a credit for any electricity generated by a renewable energy facility that they supply to the
electricity grid but do not use.

Current statute dictates that public utilities shall consider incorporating such facilities, but does not
require it. Crespo’s measure would ensure these renewable energy facilities, such as one proposed
by Keeneyville School District 20, located in the Village of Hanover Park, have access to the grid.

Other legislation sponsored by Crespo last year is set to generate much needed revenue for the
Hoffman Estates Park District (HEPD). In 2003, the HEPD partnered with the Chicago Wolves to
construct the Community Center and Ice Arena (CCIA), which would provide a number of
community activities. HEPD and the Wolves entered into an agreement providing the park district
with over $4.5 million over 15 years to construct and operate the CCIA in exchange for exclusive
use of certain facilities and billboard advertising space along Interstate Highway 90.

The park district negotiated an agreement with Tollway LLC to lease two billboard signs located in
Hoffman Estates adjacent to Interstate 90 to sublease to the Chicago Wolves. The final stage of the
agreement involves the Park District and the Wolves relocating three billboards and adding a fourth
one. Without the approval of House Bill 876, the HEPD stood to lose this revenue. The HEPD’s
permit for the project is currently pending with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

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Crespo/Legislative Progress/ p.2

“The CCIA provides a wide range of activities and is quickly becoming an invaluable resource for
the residents of Hoffman Estates,” said Crespo. “The construction of these bill boards not only
ensures HEPD complies with the business agreement but also provides a new revenue source for
the Village without burdening taxpayers. I am constantly looking for new approaches to generate
funding and look forward to working with local community leaders on similar projects in the

House Bill 6660 is awaiting further action in the House. House Bill 876 was signed into law in the
summer of 2007. For more information, please contact Crespo’s constituent service office at (630)