What began with a conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul, and resulted in me knowing all “GOD’s” secrets

, then a plan to blame me for the invasion of fake aliens t o commit mass genocide or more, promisingly, a way to sustain and grow the world s population by introducing the religion of the future based on the peaceful wor shipping of technology.

Contents The night I pretended to be a terrorist on the internet The first time I spoke words that were not my own and the subsequent first, “Artif icial” dream Another lie which the conspiracy used against me The summer of me being 21 and the beginnings of the images I woke with a swelling on the top left on front side of my head When I began to have a feeling I had upset someone The beginnings of my degree I woke with a swelling on the top left on front side of my head The first time the man who called himself “GOD” spoke to me The increase in intensity (particularly fake dreams) (Artificial) most well known intelligence agency) Dreams predicting the future…

Change of outlook The degrading treatment, physical and sexual abuse, on one occasion by the man w ho called himself “GOD” and the statement by him, “Your consent is worth as much as Ch inese money The contact with an out of this world being The future human dream The email The second mind control project The mind control project and organised criminality The world trade centre conspiracy as according to the mind control project The “true light beings” and spirit The final week of university hand ins The illuminati star child A sign from the real GOD and the declared taking of my soul “Do not draw attention to that object!” The walk The “beings” that are helping build Zionism The real reptilian craft of the fourth dimension as shown to me by head of class ified (Or was head of classified) The “paladin” being I seem to be in contact with since January and have ravelled wit h. Travelling through time consciously, and the time travelling future human drama, and the image shown to me of what will really happen in 2012. The aids saga When I was told of the Jewish conspiracy to take my mind body and soul. The cybernetic clones beings and our true creator(s) The real reason for the war in Iraq, as shown by the man who calls himself god More on the Reptilian beings of the fourth dimension The “Grey” mind control project The man who calls himself god The fake, unnatural dreams, the reason small Greys are colonising our planet and more on the soul taking “Their” holocaust

A Lesson to be learnt The Images The conspiracy theorist approach and how figured out was “GOD” Conscious creation Gravity as according to “GOD” and the superior being Partial Conclusion Alternative partial conclusion (Depressive realism) My introduction to remote viewers and the all seeing eye - How the illuminati wo rks, in my opinion Travelling through spirit, or conscious field What they really have on the military space station and life under Mars The present situation The future human “chip” The future human “chip” and what will actually happen in 2012 “We are going to build the ultimate conspiracy in you” The cosmic war The conspiracy in Afghanistan - The real reason behind the innocent beheading of Ken Bigley “This is exactly what we are trying to stop” More on the link between spirituality and science The fake sky, fake weather, fake moon and fake stars An influx of small Greys inside my brain Further conclusion The influx My own Journeys into space through the sub conscious of my mind Another influx And the beaming of computer chips into my head, The reason people can be so irrational at the top of the world, or in the illumi nati The four people that control global security The treatment, examination and interaction with time travelling future humans My vision of the correct future for all of mankind Final conclusion

Conclusion in regards to the illuminati star child plan and the mind control I h ave been through The divine spark of consciousness The luciferian Jews, the fallen Angel, the Real Greys, the military robots, the planned fake invasion of military Robots in 2011, their holocaust, and how they control this planet Ultimate conclusion in regards to the illuminati star child conspiracy The end goal of humanity as a whole Final Conclusion The alternative solution to sustain and grow the worlds population The night I pretended to be a terrorist on the internet One night during what I think was 2007, I was feeling very low, and therefore, f oolishly, decided to purchase ten ecstasy pills of a drug dealer and some skunk cannabis. However, when taking them I tasted the old taste of amphetamine which I had toye d with during my teenage years. I should have stopped after taking some, but I d idn’t and took the whole 10 and became in a very agitated and aggressive state, wh ich was furthered due to me playing counter strike source from a website for rea l money. This game can be frustrating at the best of times, and when combined with real m oney and playing against cheaters, any advantage is desirable and thus, I decide d to temporarily explore the mental state of a counter terrorist elite special f orce, and a terrorist. I thus began to Google videos of elite special forces and terrorists in real act ion. After feeling the full effect of these pills, and getting a little carried away, I thought it would an idea to pretend to be a terrorist on the internet. I deci ded to pretend to be a terrorist for a number of reasons, in addition to the afo rementioned counter strike source tactical advantage from entering the mind set of such a counter terrorist or terrorist. It was with this aim of temporarily entering the mind set of a terrorist that I decided to pretend to temporarily be one on the internet. This was only for a sh ort amount of time of one hour or so in between counter strike matches. In order to enter the mind set I decided to try to think as though a specific ty pe of person. The person I decided on was a young Muslim extremist of my age. However, until recently all I could remember doing was writing what I thought wa s 15 times into Google pretending to be a Muslim extremist, and thus attacking t he obvious target, in words only, of Israel and people of Jewish of faith. I am not a Muslim terrorist or anti Jewish at all, I simply merely pretended to be one on the internet one night. I vaguely remember that night having an outer body experience as I slept. And th

us, the beginnings of a Jewish conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul were bo urn, as non human technology was used to wipe my memory of doing this. I have on ly become aware of my actions, and thus the reasons for my life seemingly becomi ng so difficult after I entered an “illuminated” meeting where I was told of my acti ons, and what was communicated to me to be a Jewish conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul. This meeting was communicated to me after a man that calls himsel f “GOD” declared that he had taken my soul. More explanation will follow. I must firstly point out at this time that I am not a terrorist and never have b eing anti Semitic, I only pretended to be for a very short time one night. I am not anti Jewish, anti Zionist, or anti anything except violence and exploitation towards another. It seems my words got taken out of all proportion, because as according to the man who called himself “GOD,” who will be introduced further into t his book, “I made a direct attack on Zionism and for that I will pay the ultimate price!” I am deeply sorry for any offence I caused and regret my actions that night. I d id not mean it to be taken so seriously. I vaguely remembered trying g induced hope of appearing I thought, at the time, it o be considered as an enemy to Google a video repeatedly, many times, in the dru like a terrorist to some of the authorities, because would be interesting to see what it is really like t of the state.

Nevertheless, there can be no exact explanation to my actions, only a complex mu lti tude, however, I now do think what I have been through because of these acti ons has played a part in a destiny I was never to envisage, in bringing out this complete disclosure to the public at large. I write in order to ensure that no other innocent people have to go through the same experience that I have been through. In the words of the original holocaust survivors, “lest we forget,” and thus, lest we forget this experience I have been t hrough, so the same mistakes are not repeated again. However, I could remember no more than this, and I usually have no problem remem bering what I have done after taking recreational stimulant drugs. I went to bed that night and had a slight out of body experience. After that I could never re member until around mid May of 2010 what I had actually wrote, when I was inform ed by some type of illuminated telepathic communication system that others under stand better than I do, that what I actually wrote; was something that attacked Judaism, but Zionism in particular, and this was the reason that I was being sub ject to the conspiracy that I was. I was therefore subject to a Jewish conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul, w hich mind control still occurs to this day. However, I think all except the most fanatical Zionists have being able to see rationally that I am not anti Zionist . However, the problems are excavated due to the man who calls himself “GOD” control ling a mind control operation which originates from fourth dimensional technolog y, which links all the elites. Thus, I think he has managed to make “elites” that do not use their own brain to figure thinks out, but instead the mind control oper ation works for them, irrationally convinced that I am some huge threat to Zioni sm. Due to him controlling and manipulating the thoughts of the ruling elite, I have being subject to many conspiracies. These will be given more explanation as I g o through this book, however, to introduce, firstly, I was subject to anti terro rist mind control technology, then organised criminals were lied to through thei r mind control project to say I was a rival drug dealer, threatening their cocai ne market with modafinil, then during the final two months of a three year law c ourse I was subject to the most wanted terrorist in the world mind control progr

am, based on Al-Zaquari’s own mind control project, then I was subject to a conspi racy that got some of the most powerful people in regards to defence putting me on a program to see if I was a time travelling future human, and lastly, as I am subject to at the moment, the illuminati star child conspiracy, where “GOD” has got many of the ‘illuminated’ ruling elite believing I am actually the illuminati star child. These conspiracies I have being subject to will be given more explanation in the fourth coming chapters. Furthermore, being informed in this way re-jogged my memory so that I could part ly remember actually writing the thing I did in an ecstasy induced state. I am v ery sorry for any distress that I caused by doing this, and would never repeat t his mistake. However, I also feel that the punishment I have been through becaus e of this, does not fit the crime of someone writing something daft one night, s imply because it was offensive. Thus, we begin to see why the man called “GOD” could get away with such reckless treatment towards myself, because he was the second in command of global security, as he revealed himself to me one night to be Hea d of C, which I inferred to mean head of classified of the United States militar y. I have come to the retrospective conclusion that classified basically means i llegal, but allowed under the grounds of national security, and we can see the l ack of oversight of this man has allowed him to torture and abuse my mind, body and soul for the sadistic pleasure he would take from seeing another suffering. I think we can begin to see the root of this problem being that there is little democratic or judicial oversight of the American military classified program. I hope this will soon change, and a voice of the electorate will announce what the y have really being keeping behind close doors, thus, officially confirming this disclosure. However, I am informed through the secret mind control project that I have being subject to that what I wrote, was “extreme in the extreme,” of which I am not, beca use in my drug induced state one night, I simply aimed to write from another per spective. That night I came across a video of an innocent man being beheaded by terrorists . This innocent man who had died, Ken Bigley, and it will be to the charity that he was working for that I will contribute, most of, if any, of the profits that this book will bring, with the hope better security is provided for the good pe ople doing aid work in the world, and with the aim of ending, or at least giving explanation to, all conspiracies. It is with this hope to improve other peoples life’s that I write this. One can on ly hope and try. I am not a terrorist and never will be and never have being, however, it would l atter transpire that I must have offended some people the wrong way, because wha t I made “a direct attack on Zionism” in the words of a man who liked to be called “GO D,” more of which will transpire latter.

The first time I spoke words that were not my own and the subsequent first, “Artif icial” most well known intelligence agency dream Around May of 2007 I was offered a job as a graphic designer, on the minimum wag e. This was on the condition I keep qualifying as a web designer, which I had ea rlier took up. However, I regained some ambition in my life due to the false lapse. However, I noticed it strange when I was going to work and wasn’t able to keep up or do a sim ple job effectively, which I definitely was naturally capable of. After my first pay check, I took a trip to a local casino. Here I remember talki ng to someone who seemed important, when a thought flashed into my mind as if fr om outside, and blurted out of my lips, I shouted without any sense of control. “I’m a big time drug dealer and my number plate is code and we all drive around the city with these plates...” I have no clue where this thought came from, as it was one outside from my own vocabulary, however, I did have a personalised number pl ate at the time, and it would seem this was the first lie I told that the conspi racy used against me. It will be a running theme throughout this book that the m ind control project I have being subject to built on my own thoughts, in a calcu lated attempt to cover the real reasons for the conspiracy, which would confuse my logic as I attempted to find out who I had annoyed to such a degree that I sh ould suffer such torture. It was very unusual for me to say such a thing as this thought was not in my nor mal vocabulary, although my judgement may have been limited due to the medium am ount of Jack Daniels I had been drinking. I do not know where this lie came from or why I said it, again, I had being drin

king, however, it is not something I had thought of before. I can still vividly remember the thought entering my head and me blurting it out, like I had no cont rol over myself. If I were a sceptic I would just say this was the drink talking , however, the following dream confirms the beginnings of the conspiracy against me. After this night whilst asleep I had the s very vivid and was a flashback to what remember I had said because of the drugs ale, authoritarian voice said at the end first of a strange dream. This dream wa I had said which at the time I did not and drink. At the end of the dream, a m of it, “you shouldn’t have said that.”

I am unsure who this was, but I can hypothesis these were the first time the man liked to be called “GOD” spoke to me in a dream, and was the beginnings of a conspi racy to take my mind. It was like something had temporarily possessed my mind. In hindsight, whilst I was undergoing the most wanted mans in the world secret mind control project, du ring months March to June, 2010, at the same time as my university finals, these infiltrating thoughts enter my head from the back, some where around where the spinal cord and the brain interface is, since I have had highly classified chip s put into my brain, more explanation of which will come latter. This is because since then I have had many chips put into the back of my head, that gave out au tomated responses. This caused me to become very paranoid of what I may or may not have said that n ight and again I could not quite remember what I had said. In hindsight, I think there were more sinister forces at work, because as I could not control what I said, it allowed thoughts to enter into me with the aim of making me look like a threat to some people. In hindsight I now know this is either E.T technology or extremely advanced robotics., because the chapter “these are helping us build Zio nism” will explain about computer robots that can achieve such remarkable control over me or any person who was classed as such an enemy of “Zionism.” I am informed b y two of the five, who I will refer to as “GOD” and the man of peace, that all this mind control technology comes from the “small Greys” who work for the Reptilian over lords of the fourth dimension. More explanation of these will be given in the ch apter entitled, “This is the real reason we are holding Iraq.” Surprisingly, I am no t even anti Zionist, as much as some people have attempted to make me enter a ha teful state. It is my rationalisation there is a way to take control of peoples sub conscious without even realizing it. Retrospectively, I have since being put in contact w ith the small “Greys,” by the man who calls himself “GOD,” and has further put me in con tact with 5 more different types of Alien beings, and the “Greys” are here primarily to prove the link between minds and computers, but also during a meeting with o ne “Grey,” it projected itself to show that they are not only here to fight our wars for us, but to also help us build this global civilisation. Moreover, a fake dr eam was one night put into me, and the man of peace declared that the small “Greys” run the mind control project for them. At the time I did not notice that this was probably the first of the artificial most well known intelligence agency dreams that have since occurred very regular ly, and have since grown in intensity, to such a regular occurrences that I can now recognise them. At the point of writing in October 2010, I do not have any natural dreams, every dream I have seems to be an artificial dream, which is put in through the use o f fourth dimensional technology, either by the real illuminati or by national se curity. In retrospect, when the thought that seemed to spring out of my lips, which was

not something I would usually say, and combined with the strange dream I had, I think it not unreasonable to say that this was odd, and possibly not of my own d oing, because the voice at the end of the dream was so vivid and real. With hind sight I can now recognise that this was probably the first time the man who like d to be called “GOD” spoke to me, however, I am unsure of whether it was actually hi m. I would latter assume the man who liked to be called “GOD” was a the man who call s himself "GOD", because latter in my head he declared himself to be Head of C. Therefore, for a length of time I thought as the mental horrors were due to this stupid lie, as the conspiracy could effectively disguise themselves as to who t he real perpetrators because they could make me say and do things, that would ef fectively implement myself against others. Thus, I think the conspiracy could make myself give wrong information to very su spect people, and I think it possible wrong information was distributed to such people to make me look like a drug dealer, from the very highest levels of organ ised society, as Zionism apparently controls the world. Thus, the beginning of d isinformation being spread from the top of organised society began, to local but organised drug dealers, in an attempt to make me look like a rival on their tur f. Thus, I think people began to think I was a (big time) drug dealer, which, of co urse I am not. This created a conspiracy in other organised drug dealers against me.

Another lie which the conspiracy used against me I also told another stupid lie that year, that must of been picked on by the ind ividuals monitoring my actions and thoughts. I was drinking with a friend at a p ub, and went outside to smoke a cigarette with a different friend. He was ‘boastin g’ about how many times he had being to prison, and I stupidly replied,“I’m the real J ames Buldger killer,” which of course I am not. I think again voices entered mysel f from a chip or I created this lie. I am not sure which one. However, before I said it I remember asking myself should I say this, and a voic e replied, “YES please.” At the time I thought this was just my own sub conscious re plying, but I now realise that this was the man who liked to be called “GOD” using a fourth dimensional technologies in the back of my head to ensure I made a mista ke which he could build upon. I think either this was taken seriously by the person I said it to, or the peopl e who were determined to make my life hell, picked up on this negative rumour an d decided to spread dis-information about me, in order to further my suffering. I have always known that I was obviously not involved in the aforementioned even t, however, it seems that somebody was hell bent on causing me enough pain and s uffering my whole life, and thus, decided to spread dis-information about me act ually being the real killer. This is the founding principles that the conspiracy against me seems to be based on. That whatever little mistake I make it was used against me. Furthermore, it was funny in my final study of examination for the law degree I have just completed, I had resonating thoughts, emanating from what I think is s ome type of Tesla technology whereby thoughts are sent to people through electro magnetic wavelengths, which can target an already implanted chip inside peoples brain. A further method this was being done by was to send thoughts through a laser, by satellelite into a chip implanted in my brain, more of which will be explained latter. A repeating thought that said, “toddler killer…toddler killer…toddler killer.” I t was obvious individuals were taking vast joy from this, because I either felt from my spirit level or was shown by the good beings of the world through a tech nology I do not quite understand but can primitively call illumination, the indi viduals taking immense satisfaction from my suffering. I think this was my begin nings to understanding illumination, as some good people were showing me the per petrators behind this, or I felt who they were through a process of feeling with my spirit as a good human being and using logical deduction. I will not name na mes at this stage as these people are far more powerful and wealthy than I will probably ever be, therefore, I think to go name calling would be to put my life in danger. I now believe that someone or something was illuminating these images of who the se perpetrators were into my sub conscious, as this illumination works in the sa me way that one can take control of my mind. I think it of no coincidence that I could only figure out this conspiracy against me after being visited by a vastl y superior being, which I will explain more of in the chapter, a contact with an outer world being. More detail of this follows in the chapter title, the final week of my exams.

Further, I could not think that a reasonable and rational intelligence agency wo uld make me suffer in such a way, thus, what I have being remotely informed abou t this being a Jewish conspiracy to take my mind body and soul, does make logica l sense, because only a privately sponsored project would, from my point of view , make me suffer to such a degree, whilst doing my final exams of a three year l aw degree. Thus, we can already see the basis of the conspiracy against me, that is wealthy Zionist co conspirators, are sponsoring the man who called himself “GOD” to take my mind, body and soul. Moreover, I have since heard through a decent communicator through the secret mi nd control project, that these resonating voices are a middle eastern commando m ethod of mental torture, and such means must have being purchased privately and used with the aim of making me suffer. This has all taken place through remote c ommunication, that I now believe to be related to the secret mind control projec t I was subjected to. However, I also know that these resonating voices are desi gned with the aim of getting a response, thus allowing a remote viewer to telepa thically watch another. I believe such remote viewing technology has being misus ed against me, and such technology travels through some type of Tesla technology . Nonetheless, many of the voices came directly from inside my head, with some t ype of chip implanted in my head. More of these chips will be explained latter. At this time, in January of 2011, I now here only ultra sound ringing in my ears as I try to go to sleep. As a side note, this is the man who calls himself “GOD” at tempts to torture and have control over my life, because whilst I think I am cor rect to belief that he has being sacked from his position at the top of the clas sification system, he is know using such technology privately against me, on the financing of some of the worlds wealthiest Zionists. I think originally this has being used by organised criminals against me at the behest of the original conspirators. More explanation will be given in the chapt er, The mind control project and organised criminality. I think to needlessly take satisfaction from another’s suffering like this, becaus e of incorrect information which they believe to be true, is to be anti human. I can say that I will never take this approach because I can forgive such people for their own giving into instinctive desires such as greed, which manifests its elf in this modern day as money. I think it is a sad reflection of the world at the moment that it is, in large part, run privately by people who have such anti human views. Thus, in this journey I seem to have come across all types of luci ferianism, which will be explained throughout.

The summer of me being 21 and the beginnings of the images Furthermore, I quickly voluntarily resigned from the job I was in, as the flashb ack from the casino seemed to still be haunting my subconscious, like someone wa s placing the images in at will. I further think this occurred due to some type of chip put into the visual cortex of my brain, or through some type of illumina tion. It seems a saving grace that since I had the contact with the superior bei ng I can now see remote viewers watching me. This was the first time I was shown images, such images seem to have culminated in my head being severed from my body and held up in the same way the beheading

I made reference to when pretending to be a terrorist on the internet one night . I found it slightly funny how whenever I thought of plo, as in pot limit Omaha , a poker game I like to play online, I would be shown a picture of my head bein g held separated from my body. I think the conspirators must have confused this with P.L.O, as in the Palestinian Liberty Organisation, because they seemed to f ind me thinking of these initials. A chapter follows entitled images for more information on the images I have been shown in my own mind. At this t night ok this e drunk time the images from the casino I could remember were a flashback to tha of me walking around in my leather jacket and boasting. At the time I to as me trying to frantically remember what was happening as I was a littl at the time. seemed to be so difficult and tiring, however, people with less than me, if I am to judge myself, seemed to be able to do the j never felt under this much pressure, however, I could not see w was coming from.

Further, the job natural ability ob easily. I had ere the pressure

At the time of writing this chapter, around mid May 2010, I keep constantly bein g shown an image of some type of beheading from my body, whether through illumin ation or through chips inserted inside my mind. This is obviously linked to the original night I pretended to be a terrorist, because the time I wrote was linke d to the innocent beheading of Ken Bigley. However, the person doing this seems to replace my picture with a portrait when they consider I’m doing the right thing . Furthermore, I am being shown many fake images of hit men coming to kill me just as am about to go to sleep. I know these images are fake because they appear ju st as am about to drift off, like I am still being mentally tortured for writing something which was not from my own point of view. This is a method of fake ill umination, images being placed into my head, or was done by the chips placed int o my sub conscious.

When I began to have a feeling I had upset someone In the summer of this year of me being 21, I had a feeling that I had upset some one or some people, that I did not yet know the name of, with more power and mon ey than I would probably ever achieve, and therefore, this person or person’s were intent on making my life hell. These feelings are probably what saved me completely. I have come to the retrosp ective conclusion that these feelings are actually my human spirit, telling me t hat something was wrong. I think I had these feelings because this is the way we can, if good human beings without thinking through evil instincts, feel the hol y spirit, which is the way we contact the creator, or god, through the help of i nter-dimensional beings, which are commonly regarded as gods angels in the tradi tional books of religion. A running theme of this book will be that human spirit always ensures good will eventually overcome evil, because it is this spirit th at firstly allowed me to feel that something was wrong in my life. Despite the a mazing technology the man who calls himself “GOD” has at his disposal, he could not permanently disguise what was happening to me, because the positive of the consp iracy to take my mind, body and soul has meant that I have developed a spiritual feeling for when things or bad. It will be a recurrent topic in this book, in a n attempt to prove the link between science and spirituality, which is eternal a

nd divine, and is present in all human beings. I think it is testament to the fact that I am not a bad being, that has allowed me to feel this evil that was occurring against me. Many times have I lost all h ope, when my mind, body or soul has being attacked, however, I always had a feel ing, not a feeling through any of the five normal sense, that if I stayed as a g ood human being, I would solve this problem, which must have being the ultimate problem I have being faced with and to in future, stop this from wrongly occurri ng to other innocent people. Thus, the way good does always eventually overcome evil, because if not so, we would never have progressed to a civilized society. I will explain in more detail latter the small “Grey” or Reptillian agenda, but at t he present time it is only necessary to point out their free offers of technolog y are based on disrupting the spiritual feeling of fulfilment when one figures o ut the solution to a problem correctly. I also think some good people, or even the creator of the Earth which I have had contacted with, may have somehow “illuminated” images into sub conscious, in order to give me the step I need to figure out what was happening to me. I think it is plain to see that the punishment did not fit the crime, as I have committed no crime except for upsetting others peoples belief. It is this that h as taught me to believe something true without knowing it to be is the root of a ll evil, and I think the people running the conspiracy against me also had this knowledge, and it is obvious that they have fed off peoples false beliefs about myself, because I hypothesis that dis- information was spread, which began with wealthy Zionists propagating disinformation about me being a drug dealer, and cu lminated in the man who called himself “GOD” installing chips into my head to make m e appear like, firstly, a terrorist to the most well known intelligence agency, and secondly, a time travelling future human or some other type of Alien to the same intelligence agency. Ultimately, I believe this agency was the one to figur e out what he was doing to me, because they investigated it, more of which will come in the chapter entitled, “The email.” However, I also think the organised gangsters figured out what was happening to me. Nonetheless, I think someone who was previously Security of State for the United States and still is the unofficially the head of the U.S military was the first to see that the man who liked to be called “GOD” was misusing his powers, and it wa s this illuminated meeting and this honourable man which almost saved me complet ely. I think these three groups of people combined, the intelligence agency, the orga nised gangsters and the good honourable people of the classified section of the U.S military, I possibly owe my life to these people, but at the same time are s till partly running the secret mind control project against me, more of which wi ll be explained latter. I further think I have intended people to show that without any factual evidence , to believe somebody is doing something bad, is evil in itself, rather than to know someone is doing something bad. In hindsight it is this human spirit that ensures good will overcome evil in thi s planet, because when we are good and faced with wrongful evil, we can feel tha t what we doing is correct, and eventually, good will overcome bad. It is this f eeling through spirit that will be a recurring theme throughout this book, and o ne I hope man kind will move into in the prophesised golden age after 2012. At this time, I did some sit ups in my room during this time, and the endorphins seemed to give me a temporary sense of relief from the negativity I was faced w

ith. I had a positive feeling, and decided all is not lost yet, thus, I decided to apply for a law degree at a local university. I always wanted to be involved in the administration of fair justice since seein g it occur first hand when I was 15. I could feel this was the right thing to do . It seemed allowing myself to feel things, either good or bad was the first stage of finding out was happening to me. I believe all good human beings have a posi tive spirit, and bad human beings have a negative or inverted spirit, which does not allow them to feel when something bad is happening to them. This spirit is the creation of our good conscious creators, the Paladin or what can only be des cribed as heavenly beings which transformed in front of me, which will be explai ned latter. This ability to feel, which is only to available to inherently good people, which we all are when not destroyed by bad instinctive egoisms, and ente r a state of spirit level of consciousness which is the third level. The third s tage of spiritual consciousness, is beyond firstly instinctive level of thinking , then through mind, will also correspond with the third age of humanity. The fi rst was based on instinctive tribal like survivalism, the second which we curren tly live in is based on mind, where people use the conscious part of brain to fi gure out scientific secrets but are still stuck within their survivalist instinc ts. I think it no coincidence that we currently, speaking as humanity as a hole, only use the conscious part of our brains, which does not allow us to govern ou r own instinctive desires which come from the sub conscious part of our brains. However, the next epoch, which will has been prophesised to begin with a golden day of light on the winter solstice of 2012, and end 500,000 years from then, wi ll be the spiritual age, and the end of that epoch I think, along with others, t hat we will become our spiritual form here on planet Earth, if we develop this s pirit to overcome the threat that is faced to the future by the fourth dimension al small “Greys.” This spiritual form will allow us to consciously travel, to distan t star systems within this dimension, and others, as it is our spirit that passe s through the time gated dimensions after death. Nonetheless, becoming this crea tion will only occur, so long as the reptilian invasion and the small worker gre y’s that are their creation, and are currently used to control the planet through such groups as the real illuminati and the very highest level of national securi ty, do not take hold before 2012. I will explain more of this in the last chapte r, “We are going to create the ultimate conspiracy in you.” It is further ironic that these small greys of the fourth dimension are sold sec retly for huge amounts to people in the real illuminati, and that the man who ca lls himself “GOD“ controls them all. The small “Grey” worker clones of the fourth dimens ion should be either free for all people, for the benefit of human kind as a who le, or not used at all. It is only that power, which exists as a concept of our survivalist instincts, allows such secretive technology to be sold to the highes t bidder. Furthermore, because these small “Greys” are without morals, they will wor k for whoever controls them, therefore, it is vitally important that people with the right moral outlook towards humanity control them, and not people that are of a luciferian biased, as is largely the case at the moment, with the man who c alls himself “GOD” telling me his biggest “secret” that, “We are not alive the way we thin k we are, and we are better off dead than alive.” I do not know whether this “secret” is just a justification for his own luciferinasm , considering I assume him to be responsible for ordering air strikes that have undoubtedly killed innocent people, or, if its true, that its better to exist on ly as your spirit after death, and not as a biological form as we are alive in. I think it is up to the reader to decide which is true, however, one thing I am sure of, is that we are judged on this spirit by the real god, and the inter dim ensional angels, of Paladin can open up these spiritual dimensions. It is by sid ing with our true creators, the Paladin, rather than simply lapping up the free

technology of the fourth dimension, that our dead ancestors can be unlocked and we could never temporarily ‘loose’ anybody, as the spiritual dimensions of our dead ancestors could be communicated to. More explanation of this will be given in th e “true light beings” and spirit. More explanation to the “farm” of small greys that “GOD” is currently controlling above our atmosphere will be given in the chapter, my conscious journeys into space, h owever, it is safe to say at the moment that these beings are being controlled a nd commercialised, primarily by the man who calls himself “GOD” for payment by natio nal security and the real illuminati. If more people could control such beings, we could end human suffering, as these beings could be controlled into doing any thing for us, and are indeed the ones running the secret mind control project fo r the man who calls himself “GOD,” who I latter assumed to be the man who calls hims elf "GOD". Furthermore, this is the real reason for the war in Iraq, and the no fly zone th at has been installed over their for many years. I find it quite depressing that approximately 7.5 million Iraqi’s have being displaced for control of a star gate , when if the real reason was known, a truly international coalition of a global military could together hold this star gate, without creating the secretly spon sored civil war over there, which is really a front, because at this time, accor ding to the public, “aliens do not exist.” This is all primarily the reason for the conspiracy behind the world trade centre bombings. More of the above will be exp lained in the chapters entitled the real reason behind the world trade centre bo mbings, and the real reason behind the war in Iraq. If all knowledge of alien life were brought out into the open, and we stopped gi ving into our instinctive concepts of mind, such as power or greed, as our creat ors, the Paladin, and possibly creators of the entire universe, the fourth dimen sional reptilian beings which ultimately control the 3 dimensional world we live in have, then we would have a much more secure planet for all. It is only for t he people who still think with an instinctive biased, that these beings are kept classified, because if not to think in such a way, and think through our spirit s, then no enemies would be created in places such as Iraq, because all the reas ons would be out in the open where they truly belong. However, these beings are a threat to our very future, as more explanation will be given in the chapters r eferring to the future humans, which, for a short while “GOD” created the conspiracy in the top ranks of the most well known intelligence agency and American classi fied military that I was a time travelling future human. Thus, I have also been put through the future human project. It is to truly end all conspiracies and to give people a global aim, which is sp iritual unity of all people, which will allow us to end all evil on this planet, because all evil is a manifestation of our instinctive desire, no matter how co mplex the evil is. I have being faced with unimaginably complex evil during this conspiracy which s till carries onto this day, and only the use of instincts by the people running it has been there downfall.

The beginnings of my degree I began a law course when I was 22, however, I still found it difficult to motiv ate myself, nonetheless, I thought this was one of my own demons. I remember say ing to myself at the start of this law course that I would succeed no matter wha t the cost, because of my earlier ambition to be concerned in the administration of justice, which resulted from being wrongfully charged with a crime I did not commit at the age of 15, and being rightfully cleared by the courts. A turning point came at the first year whilst doing my first piece of coursework . I was hearing voices in my thoughts from a source I was unaware of at the time , and whilst doing this piece of coursework I was put off whilst working at home because of these voices and could not concentrate. However, I did not give in t o this remote method of evil, I made a resolution to myself that I would succeed in this law degree, no matter what the cost, because I knew I was doing the rig ht thing by trying to provide fair justice. Nevertheless I still found concentration difficult and at times would be my own worst enemy, for example accumulating thousands of dollars on internet poker sit es, then wasting it all away in a few hours. At times I felt like there was some one telling me how to play, whether this was a superior being or man made I do n ot know, however, when I went against its guidance, I would quickly lose and not be able to play profitably anymore. Going against its guidance would be to eith er play to long without a break, or to dissociate myself from it by not asking f or guidance before playing a hand. I like to think of poker as a combination of science and spirituality, as one must feel when he is going to get lucky, and mu st be in the right spiritual state to have such a feeling, however, one must als o use logical deduction to overcome the scientific problems. This is one thing I am trying to prove with this book, a link between human spirit, what we could t erm the last great unknown, and science. In retrospect I do believe I could be advised at this stage, because I would go on fantastic runs, one example turning $600 into $18,000 in three days of playin g cash poker tables. I seemed to be able to enter a zone that nobody could knock me out of, and be given for warning about good hands that would not win. In retrospect I think all people minds are controlled by creator, what will be r eferred to as the heavenly beings or the Paladin. I think this is a spiritual le vel of control, where, if we are good people, good things happen to us. It is th e fourth dimensional technology of the small Greys that work for the Reptilians overlords of the fourth dimension, which are breaking this spiritual level of co ntrol. This is happening at the very highest levels of organised society, and as “GOD” has shown me, the classified system of the American Military work very closel y with such beings. I find it no coincidence that “GOD” has assured me that the “Greys” have been here since the 1950’s, and it is further no coincidence that I have bein g remotely informed through the secret mind control project that future humans h ave being travelling back to us since the same period, by one telepathic communi cator, since 1964. I hypothesis that the future humans are travelling back to wa rn us of the perils of siding with the beings of the fourth dimension, as despit e them offering free technology, which can obviously be seen by the advancements made since the 1950’s, they are actually a threat to our creation. It is troublin g that the “Greys” of the fourth dimension came before the time travelling future hu mans, who use fourth dimensional technology to dematerialise when travelling thr

ough time, because I think the time travelling future humans are warning us of t he perils of siding with the “Greys” in the future, as they are a threat to our plan et. However, the last remaining human, which has a human brain but a fourth dime nsional body, can, I am told through the mind control project, take away the “Grey s.” I find it no coincidence that the son of the four Paladin left in this dimensi on, is also half “Grey” half Paladin. As I have being shown when travelling with thi s Paladin, the star gate to the fourth dimension is much closer to their planets , than our is, and the small “Greys” have taken one of the four planets of our creat ors. If this model is to continue, the “Greys” will take our planet in the future, a nd the last remaining human will be a “Grey” human hybrid. More explanation will com e in the chapter, The future human dream. This will be a running theme throughout this book, and how the fourth dimension is a threat to all futures and why the world appears to be in such a lucifierian state, because the man who calls himself “GOD” is actually controlling and, and thi s man, who I latter assumed to be the man who calls himself "GOD", has told me h is biggest secret, which is, “we are not alive the way we think we are,” and, “its bet ter to be dead than alive.” Thus, the man in contact with this dimension above all others, justifies his own lucifiariasm, which obviously ‘rubs of’ on others in cont act with these beings, such as the five who control global security, and other m embers of the real illuminati, into creating all the madness which appears to oc cur at the top levels of society, when, if the real reasons were known about, we would live in a more peaceful society, in spiritual harmony, which is the view of the Paladin or ‘heavenly being’ creators. More explanation to the lengths “GOD” is going to, in an attempt to stop the return of our true creators in the prophesised global age, occurring after 2012, will b e given in the chapter, “This is exactly what we are trying to stop.” However, eventually, the voices that entered my brain artificially would win ove r, and I would become so frustrated with not being able to escape them that I wo uld throw all the poker profits away in a few hours. This was the first time I b egan to suspect something was trying to limit my success in life, however, at th e time I could only feel this through what I think is everyone’s sixth sense, the human spirit. The mind control conspiracy I have been through will be explained more vastly in the following chapters, as the man who called himself “GOD” used more and more advanced techniques in an attempt to take my mind. However, one thing has become clear to me, that even though he may at times have taken my soul, mind and body, he could never take my spirit, and that is what I will prove through this book, as it is this creation that separates humans from animal, and this was created in us by our own conscious creators, to ensure goo d will overcome evil, and to make certain that we are a divine and eternal creat ion. In retrospect, the voices that were emanating into my brain at this stage seemed to come from the electronic sources, most likely from electro magnetic frequenc y waves, which is why I think after I had the contact with an outer world being, a picture of abandoned Tesla coils that I had being looking at on the internet was flashed into my mind. I think this was the creator giving me a clue as to wh at was happening to me. However, I know believe any type of electronic devices can be used to target peo ple with these voices as they can travel and target an already installed system of small “Greys“ of the fourth dimension, inside the skull, but generally outside th e brain. As previously stated, the “Greys“ only work on logical values, they have no understanding of moral values. Thus, it is vitally important people with the ri ght moral outlook towards humanity control them. I think many of these voices, a ttempting to break my concentration or throw me into degeneracy would be aimed a t my own sense of being. It seemed strange how the voices would only start on th

e second or the third day of me playing a poker session, like some people notice d that I was winning and actually, succeeding in life, then the voices in the sh ape of thoughts would be switched back on. It was like I was on the watch list o f some organisation as to not have any success in life, I would latter be told, that this was a Jewish conspiracy to take my mind body and soul because of what I had wrote on the internet. I latter remember one such vivid time after accumulating thousands of dollars, a nd a voice entering my sub conscious, “An enemy of Zionism is making money on the internet!” After this, I could not win a hand. I would try to battle on through them, however, there was no escape, and at this time, the voices seemed to win. I also began using a concentration enhancer at this time I heard about on the in ternet called modafinil, which I had read about on an internet forum site that I browsed. When using it at first I felt as though it gave me my own mind back and I was ab le to rationalise as I was when during my A-levels, before what I know now have being informed is the conspiracy against me. Moreover, I felt this drug gave me a new sense of energy, with which to confront these problems I was facing, because I could rationalise out the problems I was facing with a clearer sense of logical thought. I felt this allowed me to begin to dissociate the invading thoughts from my own thoughts, and therefore, it gave me an increased chance of taking control of my own mind again, and to gain a better understanding of what is my own conscious t hought, and what were the fake thoughts, designed to, in some way, prevent me fr om reaching my own potential. In hindsight, this drug allowed me to ‘unlock’ my subconscious, the part of my brain that the conspirators were controlling without me realizing, and thus, I began to notice that something unnatural was happening to me. However, at first I did not keep a cap on this, and ended up using it in conjunc tion with gambling, which led to a slight addiction were I stole some money off my parents, and was asked to leave the house. Nevertheless, the new medication was good at treating my day time sleepiness whi ch I had developed from smoking weed in the past. I then took up residence in university halls. It was around this time that I beg an to be absolutely sure that I had annoyed somebody, or some people, in very hi gh standing of society. I constantly went back through my memory to see who I ha d pissed off so much that they wanted to see me fail at all costs, and the only reasons I could rationally find were the night out at the casino, or the time of the pub brawl, which occurred when I was only 19. It seems by going back through my memory to trace who was responsible allowed th e conspirators to track down these people that would dislike me, and thus, use t hem against me. As I know have knowledge off, because the original night I prete nded to be a terrorist on the internet, I made an attack on Zionism, some very powerful people could locate whoever I had in the past offended, and use these a gainst me. An example of this would be the unlikely return of a tutor in the fin al year of University, who had come worse of in a bar brawl when I was 19. I used these as two reasons for the plight I found myself in. However, this seem ed to be my own downfall, because by going through all my old memories of past p

eople who I had wronged, the conspirators would then contact these people, so th at I was faced with immense hatred from such people. With hindsight I can see that my own worries would be the paranoia that the cons piracy would build in me, because they would play on these worries. I think the dis information would be propagated by the conspiracy ring leaders into whicheve r sphere of society they felt it would harm me the most, as they seemed to build on my worries. Reading on will explain further.

I woke with a swelling on the top left on front side of my head I woke after one night with a slight soft tissue swelling on the front and top l eft hand side of my head. A few days latter I went into an exam. It seems the nature of the punishing voic es changed after this soft tissue scar had occurred. From being only able to hea r thoughts from a distance which, with hindsight I think were coming from electr onic sources. The old thoughts I heard were faint in comparison to the new thoughts I heard. T hese seemed to be emanating from inside my brain directly, and were very vivid i n comparison to the dreams in the aforementioned casino night type, real thought s that had earlier entered my brain. After I woke up I went to an exam, in this exam I can clearly recall hearing the first episode of the repetitive thoughts. I heard this thought coming into my h ead when I was writing, saying, “stop writing…stop writing…stop writing.” It repeated on a cycle for about five minutes and then changed to another sentence. It would t hen come back on again, as though someone was monitoring when I began to write. I noticed this was a very severe sounding thought, as if emanating from inside m y own mind. Further, these repeating thoughts seemed to only target me when I needed my conc entration the most. This became obviously apparent when I was studying for my fi nal exams, as I was constantly bombarded with a short, but repetitive thought cy cle, that I did not know as my own. I would latter ponder on what this may be, a nd it seemed the only rational explanation I could find was that the repeating t hought were some type of mind torture mechanism. I think this was probably the m ethod by which I was targeted by such private projects, with unlawfully privatis ed military equipment.

I frequently thought that this way some way of implanting thoughts into my head. I am retrospectively told by one of the five who control global security, who I will refer to as the man of steel, that this is what they do to the worst types of terrorist in the world. In retrospect this was the former head of classified and the co conspirators att empt to ensure I would never amount to anything in life. It has now go to the po int they are creating “the ultimate conspiracy in me,” in the words of the man who c alled himself “GOD”. In the final exams of the first year I remember being flashed a feeling that som ebody was sitting in the exam hall watching me. I think this person had some typ e of transponder, and activating it when I needed to write the most. Thus, whene ver I started writing, the thought “stop writing…stop writing…stop writing…” would again a ppear. I think it was testament to my determination to study law that I had persevered and would not be swayed by this evil, that was extreme but always from a remote distance. After this had occurred I think, with hindsight, I must have seen that this was the product of a vendetta against me, rather than an actual informed and rationa l intelligence agency. At the time I did not know the reason for, because of my memory blank spot when pretending to be a terrorist one night on the internet. T his is because the thoughts seemed to be clearly linked to actually trying to ma ke me fail in life, because some group of extremely powerful individuals hated m e, but now I have sought redemption in Christianity and can forgive such people and I hope they too can forgive me for writing such idiotic stuff one night on t he internet. This was because the thoughts that I did not recognise as my own we re vindictively targeted at me, rather than listening to my own thoughts. I would only latter come to the conclusion, that this was the man who called him self “GOD” leading the private vendetta against me which was secretly funded by a gr oup of wealthy Zionist, in order to privatise the military equipment, and his wa y of making me suffer because of my role play described in the first chapter, wh ich he must have taken very seriously indeed. More description of this man will be given in the chapter titled, the man who calls himself “GOD“. However, with hinds ight he may of only being doing this on the behest of private backers. More expl anation of this mans corruption at the top of classification will come in the ch apter, The degrading treatment, physical and sexual abuse, on one occasion by th e man who called himself “GOD” and the statement by him, “Your consent is worth as muc h as Chinese money.” From this moment on I was targeted at the most crucial times in my studies, with thoughts that were not my own. This was not just schizophrenia, which I have sl ightly suffered from before, this was something much more severe, the thoughts w ere electronic and would repeat themselves many times over, as if on a predeterm ined cycle, then change their subject, rather than just random crazy schizo thou ghts. After I awoke with this swelling along the top left side of my head, the thought s would no longer enter from a distance through some type of wavelength technolo gy, but would emanate from inside my brain. This mind control torture will be th e most recurrent theme in this book, as it is this above all others that I have being targeted with. In regards to this fourth dimensional mind control technology, more explanation will be given in the chapter, The reason people can be so irrational at the top of the world, or in the illuminati, as all people in high ranking economic, poli tical, military or conspiracies are on such mind control. Further, many of the w

ell known dissenters to groups such as the illuminati or the classified systems are on mind control. Thus, the dissenters voice is also controlled. Thus, this w as exploited against me, to make me look like an inherently bad person, when I a m not. It is exactly the reason the world seems to be such a conspiracy against the working man, because, by using such fourth dimensional mind control technolo gy, the people at the top are not using the brain and spirit that was consciousl y created for them, instead, they are using a form of mind control where they do not have to figure out solutions, but instead are told them through this mind c ontrol, which has obviously exploitations, as the “small Greys” of the fourth dimens ion are completely logic driven programs, and do not have morals or virtues in t he way human spirit does, and thus, any type of program, which these are the mas ters of logical programming, has exploitations. It is further noticeable that th ey do not pass through time as we do, and thus, have no worries about dying as t hey can not be killed. It is again a recurrent theme in this book how this mind control has being exploited against me. These thoughts came from a source outside of myself, however, at the time, I wou ld not know that my brain had actually been interfered with, but I did feel it. Again this feeling is a result of what I think is our sixth sense, the spirit, w hich is only available to good people when faced with evil, and is the reason ou r conscious creators, the Paladin, ensure that eventually, good will always over come evil. The time of hearing such vivid repeating sounds at a crucial time, deliberately aimed at putting me off, made me sure that someone hated me. However, because I did not know the ways of any such organisations, I naively and wrongly assumed t hat the main central intelligence agency for such methods were responsible. Howe ver, I could not think why they would irrationally try to bring me down. Thus, this got me thinking that it may actually be a private conspiracy, however , I did not at the time think that any non governmental agency would have such m eans. I would latter find this private conspiracy was using military means to torture suspected enemies of the state, by using punishing brain torture methods in an i rrational attempt to take my mind. I latter found out only the people with means to do such things, the highly classified section of the U.S military, had actua lly, hacked my brain! More proof will follow. I remember getting the bus home from work at this time, and calling thinking to myself, “I’m a mentalist.” I am retrospectively informed by the man who called himself “GOD” that this is where the hit TV show the mentalist actually came from and was based on me. More expl anation will follow in the forth coming chapter. It also seemed strange that I had a fascination with our ancestral for fathers, such as Neanderthals, and during this time many of my ideas seemed to becoming o ut in the press. However, obviously few would believe that I had even had my bra in hacked, never mind, had hit TV shows based on me, which is why I write anonym ously, and do not require a judgement on the reality of the situation from the r eader, only to offer a personal perspective. Maybe it is my destiny to have such thoughts read, because maybe I’m an interestin g enough person inside my own mind, which I don’t share with others. I predict many will claim this to be false, however, I know what I have seen, an d what I will prophesise over the fourth coming chapters.

The first time the man who called himself “GOD” consciously asked me something throu gh secret mind control project I vividly remember one night after working a nine hour night shift at my part ti me job at a petrol station, returning on the bus, and having a voice from within the swelling on the left hand side of my head, ask me what I really was. I repl ied with a response of, “A mentalist.” This was about the time I was first coming to the realisation that my mind had actually being hacked into. I would retrospect ively come to the conclusion that this was the first time a person I think was t he former head of classified American Military, a the man who calls himself "GOD ", spoke to me, who will often be referred to as “GOD”, notice the inverted commas, or the man who called himself “GOD“. At the time it gave me a sense of paranoia when I came to this partial conclusion, in that my brain had being hacked. Because I realised that no one would believe me, and they would blame it on psychiatric p

roblems. It seemed a strange coincidence when a hit TV show about a person who could figu re out others peoples thoughts or behaviours from rational observation was relea sed called, “the mentalist.” At this time I was occasionally smoking skunk cannabis, and therefore my judgeme nt was clouded into thinking this was all just paranoid delusions. In hindsight, I believe this gave the man who called “GOD” false confidence in underestimating my ability, because the smoking of skunk I was doing sufficiently clouded my judg ement. I assume this gave him a false sense of confidence, and he underestimated my abilities. However, I vividly remember this was the first time I responded into the mind co ntrol project with my own thought, when asked a question from outside. This was not simply the recurring thoughts I mentioned earlier in my examination time, th is was clearly a question from an outside source that did actually get me philos ophising towards the idea that my mind had actually being hacked into. This occurred in approximately the summer of 2008, and around the same time I be gan to hear the thoughts of others. It seems no coincidence the hit T.V show was actually based on the same theme.

The increase in intensity (particularly fake dreams) Nevertheless, the second year of university I began having some very strange dre ams. These appeared that I was either being drugged in my sleep, which I thought was possible but highly improbable, or that some type of technology was being u sed to give me these strange dreams, which were usually very unnatural dreams, o f a nature that abused me. Further, I sometimes felt a person was opening the door to my flat, when I was s leeping whilst stoned because I was a very heavy sleeper. I have strange flashba cks to this time, sometimes seeing strange situations, like I was their in body, but not their in mind. I believe someone subconsciously illuminated an image of one such time I was tranquilised, and the man himself who called himself “GOD” was their. More will be explained in the chapter, The degrading treatment, physical and sexual abuse, on one occasion by the man who called himself “GOD” and the statem ent by him, “Your consent is worth as much as Chinese money. I felt something was deeply wrong, and that people were being organised to hate me, from a distance, in a typically cowardice way of people who enjoy watching o thers suffer. I believe on at least two or three occasions was somebody using tranquiller on m

e whilst I slept. I think this was a result of what latter I would come to know as the conspiracy, which was a result of people mis-believing information they h ad about myself, and jumping to conclusions without having the correct facts. It is a sad state of the world at the moment, that money can speak louder than hum anity. I think this conspiracy was mostly a result of people judging me without knowing me, and thus, having unquestioning belief in their own righteousness, without h aving any decent and personal knowledge of which to judge me on. It was these er roneous conclusions about my personal character that people were making that got me thinking that belief is the result of all evil. I was actually being judged on my thoughts, from a distance, rather than as a pe rson on my actions. It was literally becoming George Orwell’s 1984. Further, that people were believing things about me, without actually having any evidence on which to go on. It was at this point that I felt the world was lite rally, turning against me and I further attempted to rationalise who it was I co uld possibly have offended to that level. In retrospect the more I thought about who I had pissed off, the more I was expo sed to this type of situation. It was the conspiracy’s agenda to make me worry and paranoid, as method of taking my mind, I do think. Furthermore, it must of been apparent that at this time, that although I felt th e world was literally turning against me, their was still some good people left who illuminated what was happening to me in my subconscious brain, either throug h some type of “Alien Magic“ with the small worker “Greys“ of the fourth dimension or di rectly through chips inside my own brain. It is these people that must, despite the illuminati use of aliens to control this planet and apparently having their souls taken, that still believe in good. Further, there was other dreams that I quickly forced myself to wake from. These dreams were typically very unusual, but I could remember the whole dream instea d of just having a temporary flash back, as I think the other times that tranqui lizers were used on me, and a flashback was installed in me through someone’s illu mination, who I know not. These dreams were typically of an abusive nature, and were not a true reflection of myself. Sometimes I woke in the middle of them. I realised that the dreams were not my own sometime this year because there would be recurring themes in the dreams, like ones with floors covered in shit, that I had never dreamed about before. Further, this links with the dream I had after the casino, these dreams are extremely vivid and are not the same as natural mor e blurred dreams. These were employed as a method of the conspiracy against me t o take my mind, I think. I know realise these fake dreams came from chips installed inside my head. I do not think this is human developed technology, as the best professors in universi ty can not figure out exactly how we dream. Thus, I think previously, and possib ly still presently, the man who called himself “GOD” was using his absolute power wi th such beings in an absolutely corrupt way. Further, I came to the conclusion these dreams were being remotely put into me. This conclusion only came in the current year, as I knew that these dreams were interfering with my normal sub conscious dreaming pattern, as I would never have such type of dreams. Then they would repeat for two nights, then disappear afte r in my mind. In a way they repeated the same as the resonating voices did. However, again my reality was confused as I was doing modafinil during the final of my exams this year, and thus my sub conscious was already affected. It seems the man named “god” could effectively target my weaknesses.

However, I am unable to effectively distinguish between whether tranquilisers we re used on me, or if this was only a product of the dreams that were being put i nto me. Again, the conspiracy against me seemed to have effective ways of separa ting between fact and what fiction, and thus, I rationalise that both were proba bly used, as it seemed the conspiracy could, temporarily, effectively confuse me , with the hindsight I was offered last night of the computer driven robotic clo ne beings, as it is obviously very difficult for a human to figure out what is h appening to me when such technology is used against them. I thought of who the perpetrator could be. I knew that I had not done anything t o justify such treatment, and the dreams would frequently be of an abusive natur e. I think this is a way that alien technology is being used against the public in general, but particularly me, because I had pissed of some very rich people beca use of something stupid I wrote on the internet on one night. It could only poss ibly be the man who is called “god” that can have the capability to use such technol ogy, and it was possibly testament to his previous megloniasm that he would use such technology in a personal and private way. During this period of time, I con stantly thought it was some gangsters who I had pissed of, because they seemed t o be the ones that I became naturally suspicious of. However, with hindsight I c an now see that these people were probably just temporarily doing the dirty work of the original conspirators in general. I think the flaws with the current system can also be begun to be explored, beca use the fact one man who was called “god” or Malcolm, or even as he eventually revea led to me, Head of C, could lead such a complete conspiracy against me, includin g having me tranquilised, having my dreams interfered with, and dis emanating in formation to groups of society against me, is testament to the lack of congressi onal oversight in the current American classified system. This man conspiracy ag ainst me was also financed by wealthy Zionists or luciferian Jews.. After the co ntact with an outer world being, which is described in the aforementioned chapte r, I can now see illuminated individuals looking into my room. And all this because of some stupid night I pretended to be a terrorist on the i nternet, that such people could it seems, not forgive me for, when I wasn’t even w riting from my own perspective. I think this is further proof of the cycle of ev il working, as it seems the some of the richest and most powerful Zionists are e xtremely right wing, and almost carry out the same agenda as the NAZI’s did agains t them. More explanation will be given in the chapter, “their holocaust,” but I info rmed by “GOD” that the first nation to use the “Greys” for warfare was NAZI Germany, and now many of the most powerful Jew’s control these “Greys,” but still can not break th e cycle of evil from the past, by perpetuating their own right wing extremism, w hereby such a small act of a piece of writing left on the internet, gave them ju stification in their own mind, to take my mind, body and soul! However, this is not to say Jewish people are bad in general, but as stated thro ugh the secret mind control project to me, “people in power are evil, how do you t hink they get to be in power in the first place.” As Plato said, “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men, and whilst t he general public are satisfied and apathetic, this cycle of evil rules the inst inctive thought processors of those at the top. I have seen this lucfierianism b y a very rich sponsor of the project against me encouraging “GOD” to beam my ears fu ll of ultra sound.

(Artificial) Dreams predicting the future… The year moved on into the summer, without me making any serious sense of what w as happening. However, I had a dream three months before a rave I went to, that people were throwing themselves of the roof. It was a one off random dream, howe ver, it was very vivid, and I latter shared these dream with my flat mate by tel ling him about it. When I went to this rave at a disused warehouse, there was earlier in the night, a voice saying in my head, “watch yourself in hear because their some serious men in hear.” Thus, I quietly went about dancing in the main area. It seemed the voice perpetrators in my mind could occasionally change. Earlier in the morning I was sat on the roof of a building completely unfamiliar to me, some people skinning up a joint, and a girl walked of the, approximately , 35 foot high warehouse roof. I quickly phoned an ambulance, and the voice agai n said, “I’m glad you phoned that ambulance, it shows your not really that evil.” As I looked down at the body, the voice then said, “that’s nothing compared to what we have planned for you, their will be blood everywhere!” I think this was the man who called himself “GOD,” who I latter assumed to be the man who calls himself "GOD ", planning an execution for me because of what I had written on the internet so mehow being related to the innocent beheading of Ken Bigley. Again, this is test ament to the far right wing nature of the Zionists I have encountered through th e secret mind control project, because some of them thought it justified that th ey should take my mind, body and soul because of something daft I did on the int ernet. However, since ultimately proving that I am not anti Zionist, all but the most extreme communicators through the mind control project seem to have given me another chance, and this seemed to come after I consciously forgave them for their actions against me. However, at the time I had the nagging feeling that someone was judging my thoug hts and myself. Furthermore, I remember thinking about karma the last summer, as this Buddhist d octrine gave me belief that whatever these people were doing to me, they lived o n a level I was completely separate from. I think my thoughts about karma, in ho ping to hold as a last straw to cling on to, gave the conspiracy against me grou nds to use karma against me. I remember telling my flatmate at the same time about the pub brawl I was involv ed in. It seemed strange when a teacher that looked like one of the individuals in the pub brawl turned up in the final year of my law degree. It furthered my c onscious consideration of a conspiracy against me when I was given an unusually a low mark in his subject. However, I think in a positive light the conspiracy against me showed that my th oughts on karma to be fault worthy, as I was felt through my spirit that the res ult of this arising karma was not just a natural coincidence, but was a manifest ation of the conspirators against me.

I think this is further evidence of me being monitored from a distance and makin g sure I paid the price for what I thought was good honest doctrine. It was further at this time, whilst studying law that I had an interest in Europ ean Human Right law, in particular crimes against humanity. It now remains possi ble that I am having the ultimate conspiracy built in me, and, if viewed in a ne gative light, could possibly blamed for a crime against humanity. More on this w ill follow in the chapter entitled, the illuminati star child.

Change of outlook At age of 22, I began the process of complete change in my outlook, as I could s ee that whoever or whatever I had annoyed, I had absolutely zero chance of beati ng, thus, I knew that my only escape was faith in the real god and to maintain m y outlook as a good person, and that eventually I would solve this problem. I kn ew that this was the only hope, to be a good person and hope that the people who were responsible for whatever was happening, would notice that I am actually a good person. I seemed to be guided towards the bible, but King Solomon proverbs in particular , and this gave me the motivation I needed to carry on at this, the lowest point , because the, what I feel to be, artificial dreams made me convinced I was bein

g abused on physically and occasionally was being tranquilised and then physical ly or sexually abused. I could not escape these dreams as much I could try, and I thought they were rea l. I recognised them as unnatural, and I know now the conspiracy run against me had outside help from non human beings, either robotic or extra terrestrial. I thought it unfair how such powerful people could think so primitively, in only fulfilling their own instinctive concepts of mind at the cost of another human being. It got me thinking about the state of the world at the moment, and how so me people can be so rich or powerful, but yet so primitively instinctive in thei r outlook. It would latter transpire that the worst of these was the man who liked to be ca lled “god”, Malcolm and otherwise, head of c. A man I would latter assume to be the man who calls himself "GOD". This got me looking at some of the cleverest people in the world. I noticed how many of them were unemployed and not successful in the traditional successful vi ew of capitalism. One I remember was a mathematician who solved the most who had solved a universal mathematical problem who lived in a cock roach infested flat in saint Petersburg. This vividly stuck with me because I began to see how the system worked, and how it was easy for intelligent people at the very top, but who still fulfilled the ir primitive instincts, to spread dis-information against me, because of the unq uestioning judgement of others. This furthered my conscious consideration that c ompletely unchecked capitalism is not the correct system, because unlimited gree d is not good, and will eventually destroy our planet, by exhausting the planets resources, toxifying the atmosphere and not using the correct fuel which is wat er, because power structures arising from the sale of non renewable energy sourc es are preferred by the ruling elite. As will be explained in more detail, the c onspiracy surrounding non renewable energy sources is actually to deplete the Ea rth of its size and density, which includes the density of the atmosphere in ord er to create a stronger gravitational pull that disrupts the natural flux of the 3 dimensional universe we live in, in turn increasing the gravitational pull of the star gates to the fourth dimension. Thus, we can see that when a planet doe s not host itself correctly, the “Greys” of the fourth dimension will as an inorgani c, non spiritual being, to host it. I am unsure of whether people at the top of the Earth’s power structure actually know that they are greater this greater gravi tational strength of the Earth, or are just doing it naturally. However, as will be explained in the chapter, Travelling through time consciously, and the time travelling future human drama, and the image shown to me of what will really hap pen in 2012, Therefore, people are in a state of believing whatever they were told, without f reely judging from their own minds, and I think at the top, this may be because we have aligned with the beings who are not our own creators, and can ultimately run this secret mind control project that is ahead of what is a natural human a bility to do. I am reliably, but telepathically informed by “GOD“, or head of c that the greys came here in the 1950’s by one communicator, but the man who calls hims elf “GOD“ looks more impressed when I think did the “Greys“ really originally work for t he NAZI‘s. Thus, we are being dictated to by beings that are computer driven robots, whilst using such amazing technology with a primitive human biased of still thinking a nd judging through our emotional instinctive level. Thus, if we are to gain the free technology of the fourth dimensional this technology should not be used for one side, or one nation, but should be controlled by people with the right mora l outlook in what could cause a end to human suffering. As I have had conscious

interaction with a small “Grey” it showed to me through a series of signs, that they are not only here to fight our wars for us, but to help us build this global ci vilisation. However, I am now ‘informed’ through the secret mind control project by someone I kn ow not identity, that this planet was “lost long ago to the greys.” However, I do no t think this man has knowledge of the last human, “Grey,” hybrid, which can get rid of the “Greys” and is one I have had contact with, as will be explained in, The trea tment, examination and interaction with time travelling future humans Therefore, only a peaceful solution can work, and that is to work in harmony wit h the technology given by the fourth dimension, to sustain and grow the planets population, and not simply to keep such technology classified in order to satisf y our instinctive concepts of mind, but for these beings to work, out in the ope n, for the greater good of mankind. It is the hope with this idea, that we can start what I am informed is the relig ion of the future, that is, the peaceful worshipping technology, because as acco rding to the last human “Grey” hybrid, which thought to me telepathically, “There is n o place for violence in the future.

The degrading treatment, physical and sexual abuse, on one occasion by the man w ho called himself “GOD” and the statement by him, “Your consent is worth as much as Ch inese money Firstly, during my at university, as I have previously commented, I feel I was t ranquilised a number of times and then abused or interrogated. At a guess I feel this would be with the modern day equivalent of the old KGB drug I watched admi nistered in a gangster movie, “truth serum.” However, on occasions I seemed to be ta rgeted only to be degraded. I can only partially distinguish these from the fake dreams I have been having, and am now constantly having which only seem to disrupt and torture my only meth od of escape which is to sleep. I can distinguish the abuse because the fake dre ams are particularly vivid and I can remember each part in detail, however the t ranquilised abuse I can only remember flashbacks of. At first I think the tranqu ilised abuse took the form of gangsters on mind control injecting me in the foot with some type of drug that made me pass out. I think such gangsters were brain washed in to thinking I was a rival drug dealer because of my earlier use of mod afinil, which I think through their mind control projects, which is the reason t he ‘big timers’ constantly get away with crime, as I speculate they were told throug h their secret mind control project, I was a drug dealer looking to take over th eir cocaine market. I feel I was forcibly raped and sexually abused on a number of occasions as is s uch standard treatment within such circles. Nevertheless, I also feel such gangsters were the first people to get to the bot tom of why I was being treated in such a way, as I was remotely informed through the mind control project by one of these people. Thus, I also owe them credit f or actually figuring out, or being told the honest reason I was, and still am be

ing persecuted for writing something on the internet, which I have no memory of. Nonetheless, one occasion sticks out in my mind, and it is incredibly difficult for me to tell this bit of the story. I was asleep one night and vaguely remember being frog marched into a different part of the halls I was sleeping in at the time, and this is the same reason I l eft behind the student halls I was living in and what should have being the best years of my live, to return to the sanctuary of living in the secure accommodat ion of my parents house. I think I can remember the sub conscious parts of this encounter as the drug onl y took away my conscious memory of what had happened. Whilst being tranquilised and frog marched, I heard a girls voice who must have also been on the secret mind control project. I believe she was an agent for the security services. She informed me that “a very powerful man is here and he may w ant you dead tonight. You must give him a fake name.” I then remember thinking, “how powerful?” She replied, “Hes a personal friend of <name> .” I then remember being layed on a bed naked, and her voice again, “Just look like y our enjoying it because these people may want you dead.” Thus, because I had no co ntrol over my conscious because of the drugs I had been administered, I vaguely remember slightly coming round and seeing a very tall, very slim man who was nak ed and was with many other men. I was layed on this bed out cold, and over time the detail of what he did to me has come back. I remember him coming over with a knife saying, “Is this what you like?” I think this was because what I had original ly wrote was linked to the innocent beheading of Ken Bigley. I remember at this point telling him for the first time, “that he should not be do ing this to me,” and I would get to the bottom of what he was doing to me, some wa y or another. I then remember him beginning to sexually assault me. I then replied in my drugg ed state, “I don’t give my consent.” He then replied, “your consent is worth as much as Chinese money.” I then remember a dark laughter encapsulating the room, as he sexually abused me . This would have occurred in approximately the autumn of 2008, after the Sichuan earthquake in China. With hindsight I know recognise this tall, think man was who I have come to assu me is the man who calls himself "GOD". It is this man I assume was the man calli ng himself “GOD”, Malcolm, or head of c within my head. With a product of logical deduction I can now, in hindsight, put together the ru mours on the internet that it was this man acting corruptly on the orders of mul ti global co-operations, to do this atrocity simply because some Chinese manufac turing plants attempted to get a fairer price for their deals. It is in my opini on, because of the comment, “Your consent is worth as much as Chinese money.“ It was this man who ordered the earthquake that killed so many innocent people in Chin a with a weapon of mass destruction, as shown in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSANDv13_00

Furthermore, I think it is the same type of technology that will explain the lat ter detailed chapters, the ultimate conspiracy, and their holocaust. Lastly, I think it many of these multi national corporations orm what is called Zionism, and it comes as no surprise that n I am so unfairly persecuted is because in the words of the elf “GOD“ through the secret mind control project, “I made a are the ones that f I am told the reaso man who called hims direct attack Zionism.”

The contact with an out of this world being However, things took a dramatic twist in January of my 24th year, 2010. I was looking on a website that a friend had told me that concerned conspiracie s, and information related to aliens. I remember becoming fascinated with this t ype of stuff, that I have been fascinated by since when watching the x files as a child. As I was browsing the forum section of the site, I remember looking at threads c oncerned with old soviet pictures of the moon, and pictures of decommissioned Te sla coils in Russia. As I was going to sleep I remember reputedly asking myself, “Are aliens real? Are aliens real?” I then vaguely remembered a voice stating, “ask me that again and I will show you!” Thus, I naturally asked it again. In hindsight I think this was the man who call s himself “GOD” showing me. As I was drifting off to sleep, but still fully conscious, I remember being hel d absolutely paralysed, but my mind being free to communicate. As I was held the re, a grey coloured being of about four and a half feet tall, with two normal ar ms at first, but then a noticeably long and extendable right arm, a small propor tioned head, and bright green boots that I was quickly communicated to were for the earths gravity. It held me their and first communicated, “these are the ones to get you through th is and to understand fully what they are doing to you!” then went over to where I was keeping my modafinil, and held it out, as it offered it to me I could only s ee the pill in bright clear energy form with two equal and cylindrical glows of energy on either side of it. As I seemed to be held in its world I could only se e such things as energy, not in the form we see them if physically existing. As I would not accept it, I sensed its confusion, as it obviously had difficulty when a human communicated back to it. As I sensed its confusion its head expand ed as it received information back from a human, and it replied to me, it replie d telepathically, “if you would not accept of me, then who?” It then came right over to the edge of my bed, and then transformed into an appr oximately 7 foot tall wonderful woman that had the most bright blue eyes and wor e silk blue robes for its clothing, and held it self still. It resembled a spiri tual wave form, it held itself there for a brief moment in time. It is this tran sformation that I can only describe as a heavenly being. It furthers my own thou ght that a Paladin that has fully transformed from its lower space form into its higher spiritual form has not being seen on Earth before, although the man that calls himself “GOD” claims to have seen its transform, because the mind controllers can recreate any image within my brain, but they can not recreate this image of the creator.

I think it transformed into its spiritual form, or heavenly being because I repl ied back to it telepathically and it understood. Thus, I probably believe that “GO D” did cause a transformation in a Paladin because he is the most telepathic indiv idual on Earth. With hindsight I think this was the being showing me that this is how we really should be, without negative emotional judgements of others to hold us back. I further think this being was watching from above, as this “god” character, who lat ter claimed and probably was, the head of classified in America and ruling throu gh an instinctive thought process, was watching the turmoil this person was putt ing me through by misusing such amazing technology against myself. It then disappeared in a vault of energy, going vertically upwards. As it disapp eared there was a flash of very small red balls, which disappeared vertically up and out of the room. As it left me an image of the abandoned Tesla coils that I was browsing on an in ternet site was flashed into my mind. At the time I did not understand the signi ficance of this image, but with hindsight I think they are sending thoughts into my brain through electro magnetic wavelengths, which are a product of Tesla tec hnology. However, it may also be that this technology can provide free energy. I suspect that this was a form of divine intervention, from a real inter dimensi onal angel. This is because it warned me of the evil that was occurring against me, and since the encounter I can know see remote viewers watching myself in my room. Furthermore, I can hold such remote viewers in my conscious field, and the ir have been many since this interaction, all hoping to get another glance of th e creator. I have since being able to see a future human looking being in the back of my mi nd illuminating this superior being. The superior being would perform three hand movement, thumbs up, down or hands held out horizontally as “GOD” quizzed me throug h the mind control project. I think this represents the fundamental difference between Paladins and “Greys,” bec ause a Paladin can not be controlled, it will always do what is right for the go od of humanity, however, a “Grey” only works on the values of logic and as I have ex perienced have no sense of morality. Therefore, it follows that the Paladin are the best option for the overall good of humanity, however, many rich or powerful people will prefer the “Grey” because they work for whoever instructs them. More ex planation of the expected Paladin return will be given in the chapter, This is e xactly what we are trying to stop. However, this was before “GOD” re engineered my brain synapses, and I can no longer see the superior being in the back of my mind, only the future human. I feel through my spirit that this being is waiting for me to bring out all thes e conspiracies bourn out of instinctive thought processors, then it may return w hen we have finally rid this planet of evil. However, as will be explained in th e chapter, the “paladin” being I seem to be in contact with since January and have t ravelled with, Earth is due to pass through a time gate in 2015, and this will l ead to us unlocking another dimension. However, the Paladin that I can travel wi th has communicated telepathically that it will only open this time gate if Eart h is ready. This means that three years on from the spiritual shift of 2012, we must have a peaceful, renewable and peaceful world which is built on each human having a divinity of spirit, and the end of all evil. This unlocking of another dimension to Earth, because as I have viewed the dimen

sions are separated by time gates, which the man who calls himself “GOD” travels wit h in space, and is constructing a “farm” of small “Greys” which he and the man of peace apprentice both construct. I await in hope that if we do build a global civilisa tion by 2015, and rid the planet of evil through acknowledging final judgements based on our spirits and conscience, that this Paladin will open the time gate t o a spiritual dimension, whereby we will freely be able to communicate with our dead ancestors. I know this is possible because, firstly, the Paladin are the masters of telepat hy and spirit, and secondly, because I have twice in my life spoken to my dead G randma on the other side. The first time she appeared as I was walking down the garden path, and stated, “Your going to win a lot of money soon, but how you spend it may dictate the rest of your life.” Four days latter I had won $18,000 from a $600 deposit playing online poker. I then wasted it all away in four hours. The second time she has spoken to me was recently, when she said, “Your onto something very special here, but don’t be corrupted by these people.” Thus, I think because Paladin’s truly are spirit forms, they can unlock the spirit ual dimensions to allow us to never temporarily loose contact with loved ones. H owever, I think for them to judge us worthy, we must all overcome instinctive co mpetition based side taking, and all work together for the good of humanity. However, back to the Paladin paralysis, when released from the paralysis I insta ntly shook and the TV remote which was next to me, flew out of my bed as I jerke d into it. I had never being so scared before in my life, because, I sensed that this being did not have any human emotion, when in its earlier form. It appeare d at the time as a being that had been programmed to go on a certain task withou t performing any type of emotion, maybe it was incapable of negative emotion, bu t I seem to have come to call it paladin, now I have to realise this being as th e conscious creator of our Solar System. Below is a picture of it in its secondary form. It had three forms, one when it came in holding me paralysed, with its bright green gravity boots, and noticeabl y long and extendable right arm which it used to grab my modafinil, when it comm unicated, “these are the ones to get you through this, and to understand fully the things that are happening to you.“ Then, as in the picture, its secondary form, w hen its head expanded as it said through telepathy, “if not me then who.” I equate t his picture to its secondary form, as I theorise its head is expanded as it atte mpted to lock on to a human mind, asking in a confused state, “why are you worship ping this monument as your creator, when you are really worshipping me.” Its third form when it transformed into the spiritual form of a completely majestic woman , in blue silk robes was completely awe inspiring, and as it held itself there f or split second and I looked directly into its magnificent blue eyes, with it ar ms held upwards before it disappeared into a vortex of small red balls, was almo st beyond comprehension. However, a picture appears here

It is with proving the link between religion, science and spirituality that the main focus of this work will be on. I think this inter dimensional being, which can travel through the dimensions by opening time gates with its lasers, travels in space as a magnetic structure, and comprehends thought through magnetism. Th is being travels through space in a very low, almost zero, size and mass. Moreov er, as it head expanded when it took a response from me, represent our magnetic field around our brains. I think since it understood a response from me, I have being able to hold remote viewers within the same magnetic conscious field aroun d my brain. I feel it has given me a gift, and that is the reason so many “Grey” dri ven remote viewers are watching me, is because I have being “illuminated” by somethi

ng different entirely. Furthermore, after the experience occurred I asked, in my mind, what to type int o Google to see such a being. I was told to type in Alien Italy, and there was t he exact being stood next to a religious monument. In this picture you can notic e its long and extendable right arm. Further, I was told to type in Paladin to Google, I came across a blog page writ ten about an intelligence agency activities in Afghanistan, and it said, that’s us , we are helping them write that. This blog page was called the Paladin Defence Force. Thus, I knew it was something very important that had contacted me, because of i ts close relation to religion, observing a photographer at a monument, and indee d, something that could help the central intelligence agency in their means of o peration. I should have figured out at this time that the mind control project was possibl y being run by non human sources and that I was trapped in a battle with a man w ho claimed to be the head of classified military and liked to be called “god.” It wo uld latter transpire and be shown to me that “god” controls the clone beings, that a re possibly a significant threat to humanity, but this being is one of our consc ious creators. When this being talked it did not talk with authoritarian voices of the one who called himself “god,” and had hatched a mind control project on the backing of wealt hy co conspirators, but, spoke in a softer, more calm voice that seemed to be re asonable, calm and like a guiding light throughout this process since its intera ction with me in January. However, at this time I still put it down to human because of the primitive emot ional bias employed which only seemed aimed at causing me maximum distress and s uffering. At this stage I could not comprehend that someone with so much power w ould be attacking me personally, as in this “god” character, and I think the being c oming into my life, and the resulting email I sent, was a form of divine interve ntion that brought it to the worlds authorities that this man could not simply d o as he wished. Retrospectively, one night in June, about five months latter, as I walking home after being taken to the very limit by being subject to the most wanted terroris ts mind control project in the world during my final two months of University, I looked up at the sky and a voice entered my mind, “Don’t worry about him, your with us know.” It seems the real God’s supreme beings have been impressed with my fortit ude in overcoming evil, and not to be swayed. I think a lot of weaker minded peo ple would hate the American classified system because of what the man who calls himself “GOD” has done to me, but I can forgive and subsequently find peace. This is the forgiving nature that the most advanced civilisations are built on, and I t hink living in this vision is in the creators vision. Moreover, I think I am doi ng the creators will, will be bringing all this information out into the open. In hindsight, I think this being and its possible Paladin family, are the reason the first piece of DNA is on this planet, that no scientist could ever give a c ertain explanation for. To say it came on a comet is an explanation, but there i s no explanation of how this DNA molecule got onto that comet, and the comet pos sibility is so mathematically in possible, that there must be some intention to human life. I think it is possible this being can control all our destinies, and is indeed the most powerful being in our cosmos, and indeed, one of gods worker s, or angels in classical religion. More will be explained in the chapter entitl ed, “conscious creation.”

I further think this being can be the reason genetic mutations occur, that no sc ientist can give an explanation for except to be random, however, it is no coinc idence that this randomness leads to competitive advantages in different zones. I think it would not be crass to say we are all here for a destiny, and this bei ng will ensure that ultimately, good will overcome evil, because as I have since come to learn from the space travel with the Paladin, of which this being was o ne because of its final transformation, are the conscious creators of our solar system. It is their creation that the golden age will start with a solar flair o n 2012, and that this is “exactly the thing we are trying to stop,” as according to the aforementioned chapter. Thus, “GOD” and his army of clones from the fourth dimen sion are in a battle to stop the golden age occurring with our conscious creator s, the Paladin. Furthermore, whilst being interlinked and travelling with this being, it told me , “there is one true line in the bible, and, “that is when “GOD” said let their be light their was light.” This is the key to Paladins conscious creation, all they have t o do is think about it, and such things are consciously created. That is how the y can fully control their thoughts, on a level humanity can not at this present time. I further think although some bad dreams have been shown to me through fourth di mensional technologies, some good dreams that are naturally occurring are the wa y this being communicates to us also. I think the message was to keep unlocking my subconscious through taking modafin il. However, because although there may be some health risks involved, it was fo r the greater good of mankind for me to be able to attempt to figure out this “god” character on an equal footing, and through me unlocking my subconscious part of my brain, which is possibly responsible for around 95% of brain capacity, I coul d be on an equal footing with this “god” character, despite he unlimited technologic al advantage, and thus, figure out the evil exploitative ways of himself, and th us, in part, save humanity from a literal take over of the clone beings. If I am to rationalise this, this seems to be the being that is in my thoughts t hat I can contact. It seems to be a good one, our real creator, who is not hell bent on power and greed, and will not let us be taken over by the clone robots. Instead, we can enter a mutually compatible relationship with such beings out in the open. Further explanation follows in the chapter entitled, my vision of the future. I have further being informed through telepathy or the secret mind cont rol project, that the Paladin I have had contact with is the most powerful in th e universe, and this is supported by the fact it can consciously control the “Grey s” of the fourth dimension using lasers to directly take their energy. I believe in not a lot, but I believe this being is a reason good will overcome evil on this planet, our destiny’s will be controlled according to the time we liv e in, and the following chapters will show the extent “god”, or head of c, or Malcol m, would go to, to block or confuse my communication with this being. I think th ese Paladin beings are the ones that created human spirit in us, something the s mall “Greys” of the fourth dimension can never figure out or take away from us. It is my human spirit that this conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul could never take. It was around this time I also had a dream of the future. There were two humans left, a woman and child, in a state far more evolved than ourselves, and the wom an said, “We are the only two, the clones just run around stealing all our food,” th en I looked around, and their was just small greyish beings, similar to the one I had interacted with in January, but smaller and more robot like, lacking the a bility to transform and show themselves as our true creators.

Therefore, I think it possible these two beings that entered my room were possib ly the last two humans remaining, one been a human grey hybrid, and the mother w hich has become a spiritual form. However, this is contradictory to what the Pal adin that I have travelled with has have shown me, in a quest for me to show th em what I had seen. These clones are the small “Greys” of the fourth dimension, working at the behest of their Reptillian overlords. In a map of the universe “GOD” installed in my head, th ere were four of these Reptillian beings, however, at the present time there is only one Reptillian directing its “Greys” towards Earth, through the star gate in Ir aq. Nonetheless, I ultimately believe that these fake dreams come from the small “Grey s” or fourth dimensional technology, which are actually worker beings of the fourt h dimension. I think Paladins always have humanities best interests at heart as they created our spirit. More explanation of such beings will be given in the ch apter entitled, the real reason for the war in Iraq. A point I will introduce here is that some people say the world has lost its “mora l compass” since the 1950’s. I think its no coincidence that the “Greys” have being work ing with the classified section of the U.S military since the same time. As said earlier, the “Greys” have no understanding of morals. In retrospect what this was me communicating into my mind control program that I had being, unknowingly at the time, irrationally put on without good reason on the backing of wealthy Zionist co conspirators, because of the stupid writing I had posted on the internet. It must be said that these same former co conspirato rs now appear to have changed their outlook towards myself, and are now helping me to achieve what I always wanted to achieve, which is to do something good for planet earth by uniting all of mankind and ending all the bullshit which revolv es around our petty instincts. It seems I must be doing Paladins will directly, by attempting to start the gold en age, by bringing an end to the materialistic age which revolves around animal type survival instincts, and we are to enter the golden age of spiritual unity together, more of which will be explained in the last chapter. However, to do th is it seems I am entering a battle with the man who calls himself “GOD” and his scar ed underlings, because he wants a small “Grey,” or fourth dimensional Reptillian con trolled planet by 2012, which can not be allowed to happen, if the above future human dream is not to come true. However, first must come the email and the future human dream, and a mention to the man who will be referred to as the man of peace, because at one time of “GOD” sy stematic abuse, I said, “I believe in Jesus and forgiveness, why cant you just lea ve me alone,” And then the man of peace revealed himself and said, “that’s what will g et you through this.” Nonetheless, first comes the dream shown to me by the man who calls himself “GOD” or even some higher power of what will happen in the future if we continue to work with the fourth dimensional “Grey” worker beings.

The future human dream It was also around this time of me being in the final year of my law degree that I had a very vivid dream which concerned two humans in the future, and there wa s a mother and a baby. The mother was feeding the baby as the only surviving hum an, and she exclaimed, “the clones are running around stealing all our food!”

It retrospectively transpires that these clones are possibly the one that “god” cont rolled and will be given more explanation latter. However, to introduce these clone beings they seem to be reptilian workers from the fourth dimension. They are grey and a very light white colour when materiali sed, and are used to control the planet by national security and the real illumi nati. It is possible in my view that this being with silk blue robes represents humanity in eternal, spirit form. Furthermore, that this being that is the last human remaining with is a reptilia n human hybrid, as the child of a cross breed between the last surviving human a nd the clones from my dream. It is further possible that this being has time tra velled from the time when we become our creators, to warn us of the dangers of c loning such self replicating “greys.” It is this being that can get rid of the “Greys” f or us, as I have being put in contact with it, and more explanation will be give n in the chapter, The treatment, examination and interaction with time travellin g future humans. Further, in the contact I had with it, it applied some magical “g lue” to my head, and within 5 minutes my painful headache had disappeared. I think if all these non weaponry based technologies were commercialised, it wou ld be a way to peacefully sustain and grow the worlds population without any mas s genocide. Further, I think this would go someway towards helping the state, wh o ultimately own these technologies, for an upswing in the global recession. Wit h my limited understanding of economics, the state could license such currently classified technologies, to the commercial sector. If it is true that we become our creators at the end of the next epoch, in 500,0 00, as stated by various experts in human evolution. However, the last time trav elling future human is from between 2000 and 3000 years into the future. It is o bvious that the path of “Grey” evolution leads to a lot quicker death of our race, a nd would prevent us becoming our true conscious creators, so that we could have the innate Paladin ability of consciously creating new solar systems and worlds, but this requires us to evolve our spirits, rather than just simply our bodies and intelligence. I further find it no coincidence we are a long way from the fo urth dimensional time gate, where as the Paladin were virtually next to it, as s hown to me when I travelled with the Paladin. It seems the Paladin have created us with the already conceived idea of protecting us to the fourth dimension. “GOD” has stated into my mind, that we are merely a creation d I took that to term that the Paladin are a creation of the their space travelling form, which is why in this form they o the small “Greys” when materialised. Nonetheless, in their eation from the ninth dimension, which is the closest to the erefore logical to think as this dimension as heaven. of another creation, an fourth dimension in look very similar t spiritual form are a cr real God, and is th

However, the three stages of metamorphism it went through in front of me, whilst holding myself paralysed, and warned me against the evil that was occurring aga inst me, points to the fact that this being does indeed have humanities best int erests at heart. Despite it scaring me shitless at the time. This hybrid can travel consciously, and indeed I have traveled with it, in my mi nd, as it has shown me how the clones have taken the planet of either a future e arth, but more likely in my view, is the planets of one of our spiritual creator s, the Paladins, of which there are 3 and a half, the male child of which is als o a hybrid between a reptilian worker, or a small grey, and a paladin. It is also my view that in 500,00 years we do become our creators, and ultimatel y, these humans are traveling from such a time in the future, to warn us of sidi ng with the wrong beings and disrupting the flow of nature at this present time.

It is this gradual evolution over such a large amount of time that will lead us to eventually become our spiritual creators, as spirit is currently unknown, wh ere as some classified programs, particularly the U.S military one, understand a lmost everything to do with science, but have no understanding of human spirit. It is to develop an understanding of our spirits that will allow us to eventuall y evolve into our true creators, the Paladin heavenly beings, rather than to sim ply become a half Grey Robotic, half human. Thus, it is clear to see that spirit ual evolution is a far more gradual task, but ultimately fulfilling to the futur e of the human race. I hope the prophesised spiritual age after 2012, allows us to develop our spirit s, but, as will be explained in the chapter, “That is exactly what we are trying t o stop,” the master of telepathy, or “GOD,” is hell bent on preventing the spiritual s hift after 2012, by using fourth dimensional technologies. It is no coincidence that we are going closer to the Paladins star system in 2012 than we pass in an entire galactic year of 180 million years, and the remaining Paladin may travel across to Earth. However, some very rich people only want the “Greys” because they w ill work for an employer, where as the Paladin will work for the overall good of humanity, and allow us to contact our dead ancestors spiritual form and allow u s all to develop telepathy, as the Paladin are the masters of spirit and telepat hy. I think we should either become enlightened and stop using our negative emotions , or if we are unable to, then stop aligning with the computer driven beings of the fourth dimension, because if we think towards such amazing technology with a primitive human driven bias by keeping such technology classified, then ultimat ely, we could possibly compromise our own existence. A model that will be developed is for the peaceful worshipping of technology to become the religion of the future, but at the same time recognising that each ma n, woman and child is a divine creation with a spirit. I think this would lead t o greater spiritual harmony, and if everyone admitted that we are ultimately jud ged on our spiritual feeling of when something is right or wrong, then this may give us the spark needed to grasp the first logical understanding of human spiri t. It is this spirit that ascends after death, to I speculate the 8th and 9th di mensions, becoming spiritual forms will allow us to consciously travel between a ll dimensions, instead of only going to the fourth dimension. It is this spirit that even the “Greys” of the fourth dimension do not understand, and we have little or no understanding of it, despite the advancements of science since the 1950’s. However, I also feel that the fourth dimension ultimately controls the lower dim ensions, and if we are not to look after our own planet correctly, in the way o ur spiritual creators intended, then this mirror image will be reflected back at us hostilely. The only way to protect our planet is to merge together our one h uman spirit, and live and work in balance with the natural resources we have. I think to possibly unify all human spirit, there will be real or fake invasion of multi dimensional beings that result in a world war three, us against them scen ario, I fear at this time I am possibly being blamed for the invasion, however, it is possible that this step is necessary to ensure the future of our planet hu man survival, as the fourth dimension controllers expect us to run our planet in the correct way, otherwise, if we give in to sin and do not move away from inst inctive thinking, allowing divide and rule because of our individual greed and c ompetition, rather than working together for the common good of planet Earth, th en we cannot create a one consciousness between all of our spirits, which is nec essary if we are to repel the threat of the fourth dimension reptilian overlords , and their army’s of clone beings. More of this will be explained in the chapter entitled, my own conscious journeys into space. More explanation will be given of such beings in and the universe in the chapter entitled, “this is the real reason we are holding Iraq.”

Whether it is possible that we can all achieve a unity of positive human spirit is doubtful, as their will always be one trying to get their gains through evil, thus perpetuating the cycle, but even if we failed this task and did not become our true creators, it would go someway towards ending violence and exploitation towards others. Again I seemed to be able to travel with this being in spirit, through the sub c onscious part of my mind. I have always existentially felt things, as can all hu mans. I feel this at the spirit level, and it seems that I was able to feel such things at the spirit level because this is the way our creators ensure that goo d will overcome evil. I knew despite my minor sins in the past, I had no good re ason to be treated like this, with the abuse and torture handed out by “GOD“ or head of c, and thus, I think this is the way the real god, as mirrored in our true c reators, the Paladins, gives good people protection, because the spirit is the t ruly divine part of self that can not be measured by science or technology. It i s only available to good people when faced with evil, which is often a manifesta tion of instinctive thinking, and this is the reason good will always overcome e vil, eventually. Thus, we can see how instinctive thinking and spiritual enlightenment work in an inverse ratio. Thus, if we are to evolve spirit we must stop manifesting instin ctive concepts of mind, such as power, greed and gluttony, instead, to control o ur instincts through the unlocking of the sub conscious part of the mind, which will in turn lead to us thinking more logically through mind, and give a clearer feeling through our spirit, which will not be confused through also feeling thr ough our instincts. If good does not overcome evil we are certain to destroy ourselves, and this is the peril of siding with primitive human emotions with such beings. I feel this is a mistake “GOD” or the former head of c made, that because of his extremely high levels of power he allowed his ego to become inflated, and this is a microcosm t hat all of us be wary of, the old saying “ultimate power corrupts absolutely” has ne ver being more true, in my opinion. This is why in a world government, with superior beings like the Paladin and tim e travelling future humans out in the open, advising the elected global democrac y, should be based on a balance of powers between elected humans and superior be ings. Further, it was around this time I realised that whoever was against me, had ser ious amounts of capital, and could afford to make my life hell as a hobby, for t he reason I did not know of at the time. This furthered my rational of belief is the root of all evil, to thinking that money will perpetuate the cycle of hatre d when combined with wrongful belief of a persons character. I felt as though so meone had made it their mission that they will give out a lot of dis-information against me and would ensure that my life was made hell. In retrospect the peopl e I must have offended so much with the night I pretended to be a terrorist on t he internet, were the secret Zionist government, which is made up of billionaire s, and generally people that control the planet. It seemed to fit in perfectly w hen a very rich capitalist himself illuminated himself to me, and stated, “I have been sponsoring his project against you.” I could only keep a balanced outlook by my thought in a power superior to that o f humans that would allow us all to be redeemed.

The email Approximately two weeks after this contact occurred, I did not know what was hap pening to me, and thus, I sent an email saying the most well known intelligence agency were behind the superior being, because I wrongly thought, at the time th ey were the only ones with the ability to do this. I naively assumed the classified section of the U.S military was in corruptible. I sent this email saying that they were the ones doing this, to a whistleblower type website. However, this must have not being true, as after I could see human beings in my own room, but being invisible, it was as though they were doing so me type of remote viewing to see in to my room. I remember saying to one of the human beings, I can not see you but I can feel y ou’re here, she replied, “Well maybe its something else showing you, <my name>.” After I had sent this email I could feel the change in the situation for me. In the email I had originally linked this to the night, 5 years ago when I had b een pretending to be a terrorist on the internet whilst taking street drugs, bec ause at this time I thought the main intelligence agency was behind all of this. However, I do not think this to be true, as they only seemed to get involved wh en I sent this email, because after I sent this email, I could sense people look ing into my room, where the incident occurred. The old repeating thoughts on a cycle, which I earlier identified in the exam as “STOP WRITING..,STOP WRITING” seemed to carry on as normal when I needed concentrat ion. However, it seems the central intelligence agency I implicated, must of got inv olved after the contact occurred because of the email I sent. This was because I could feel through what I think is my spirit that the Paladin has awoken in me, remote viewers in my room, one constantly, who liked to be called “GOD“. I also think a more governmental but secret mind control project was then launch ed on me, as this one I seemed to be able to communicate back to directly, which I had only being able to do very slightly before. I think this one was launched by the most well known intelligence agency, because I implicated them in the em ail. They wanted to get to the bottom of this matter, and I seemed to be able to hear two voices, one who declared himself as the joint chief of staff, as I hav e come to know as the man of peace, as he helped me get through the mind control torture that “GOD” or head of c, put me through.

If I were a sceptic I would be to say that this was the intelligence agency mak ing me think that my privacy was being monitored, because these were the grounds I, in hindsight, incorrectly raised to try to justify my pretend intent to be a terrorist on the internet one night. Therefore, in my previous sceptical view I thought that the well known agency was responsible for all of this, and I ther efore, thought they were convinced I was a terrorist. It is obvious I am not, bu t I naively thought they were interested in this. However, it has since transpired this “god” character has been leading the conspirac y against me since I first wrote what I did on the internet, on the orders of th e secret Zionist government whom I must of offended so badly, in what I wrote wh en I pretended to be a terrorist. Only after the contact could I see him remote viewing my room in my mind. Its like I have been given a gift to ensure humanity will not be beaten by “GOD” and his clones. However, I have now come to the retrospective conclusion that they were obviousl y actually interested in the being that had shown itself to me, that I even more retrospectively conclude was put their by “GOD” or head of c. However, I think I could feel the beings inside my room were actually real, I do not think these were simply manifestations of the mind control project because I have actually communicated with such characters, and seen them give hand signa ls to me. One time I even said to an extremely powerful and well known person, that I coul d feel she was looking in, she replied, “well maybe it is something else showing y ou.” Thus, I began to think I was actually being guided by a superior being, and f urther, I feel to write about my experience is to achieve my destiny, because, e very time I go about brining this into the open, I seem to have another contact, which shows, that the superior beings do want, what I am in the process of brin ging out, in the open. However, I have actually enjoyed coming into contact with such people. It seems this supreme being of Paladin descent, has given me a gift that allows me to hol d remote viewers in my own conscious field, and has improved my telepathy, which I have being working on since a young age. Nevertheless, the mind control conspiracy seemed to change after this email was sent. This was far more invasive than the more primitive one of the repeating th ought cycles. I quickly thought that because I had sent an email implicating the most well known intelligence agency intelligence agency, that this must be them taking my thoughts. Thus, I had the idea to see how far I could go with this mi nd control, and would quickly send around my brain thoughts of being a terrorist , to see if that’s what they were interested in, however, I could not control thes e thoughts, and the repeating thoughts on a cycle would continue. However, when I figured out that they were there, I quickly became scared of what may actually happen to me, as you hear bad stories about people who go against their word. Nonetheless, in hindsight these thoughts of being a terrorist actually came from chips installed in the back of my head, with secretive military technology. It was this method that “GOD” used to trick every intelligence officer but one into thi nking I was a terrorist, and every military official except one, these two indiv iduals are the man of peace and man of steel. In retrospect I was informed that my own mind control project was based on the m ost wanted terrorist in the world, Al-Zaquaris, which was the worst mind control project of all.

Thus, I tried to start telling the truth, that I am a good person and not any ty pe of terrorist. However, in retrospect the reason “GOD” and the man I have termed t he man of peace started remote viewing my room was to cover their own tracks in sending the Alien in. However, in late April I came to the realisation that the repeating thoughts wer e back, as they only came on when I was attempting to study for my future, doing the final exams, but mainly coursework, for my degree in law. These voices were obviously aimed at breaking my concentration and attempting to ensure I would b ecame nothing in life. These I did not think were linked to the most well known intelligence agency, but secret mind conspiracy of what I would term, the good g uys of the most well known intelligence agency, rather than the bad guys of the secret Zionist project that sponsored “GOD“ in his evil against me. These thoughts w ere more primitive and seemed to repeat, based on what I had previously thought, or linked to making me look like a terrorist. A favourite one of theirs was, “<My name> is Taliban leader in the U.K.” When it is clear for any rational person to see that I am not a Muslim, let alone Taliban. I began to be able to see the ind ividuals responsible for this, whether through some secretive type of illuminati on, or by the superior being that had shown itself to me. I am unsure whether I was “guided” from above, to be shown these people doing this relentless and remote e vil to me, or whether somebody was “illuminating” images into my subconscious. I think the former is correct, because only after the interaction and travel wit h the superior being could I see these beings with their out stretched arms, alm ost celebrating in rejoice that I had broken the secrecy surrounding the use of alien existence, in a way that was only used by the most elite of the establishm ent. I also now that whoever they are, or were, they were in a conspiracy against me funded, I presume by some wealthy Zionists, whom I had offended so deeply with m y night of stupidity. I hypothesis they naively assumed because of their power I was an easy target, when I responded in to the mind control program many times, that they shouldn’t be doing this to me, and I would figure them out. At many times did I crack during this week. Thus, whilst doing the most important week of my exams, I was targeted by repeat ing voices, trying to implicate me in terrorism, “toddler killer,” repeating and “gyps y boy is a time travelling future human.” All of which would repeat on a cycle, us ing a far more primitive method of communication than the one installed directly and remotely into my head by the “good guys,“ compared to the one used by the well known intelligence agency that I could communicate back in to. However, “GOD” or hea d of c also talked to me through this method, constantly degrading me, however, in the end, he must of being impressed with my constant resilience and determina tion to study my exams despite these outside influences, because he began to cal l me, “SON OF GOD.” I do not recognise the repeating thoughts cycles of a primitive nature as work o f the agency, because I could not think why such people would launch such a per sonal vendetta against me. In hindsight these thoughts came from highly advanced robotics, possibly not of this worlds origination, that were secretly installed inside my head. Further, the repeating thoughts that I have since assumed came in on some type of Tesla technology, this is because when the superior being lef t me, I had an image of some abandoned Tesla coils that I had briefly being brow sing on the internet. Thus, a process of logical deduction says that although it came it was sent by the former head of c, or the man who called himself “GOD”, it h ad my best interests at heart, and for this reason I think I have being “illuminat ed” by the real thing, in order to try to make this world a better place for all. Furthermore, because it only seemed to have my best interests at heart, I believ

e it was a true Paladin, because these are our spiritual creators, and only have our best interests at heart. During this time I frequently asked for a break, as I am not any type of terrori st at all, but they would not give me a break. It seemed some people, of which I think I know who they are because of the direct effect of Paladins illumination , were taking particular satisfaction from tormenting me remotely. This is when I came to the partial realisation that there must be two projects, a private and an agency one. I further saw this as a sign of cowardice, because if I had a problem with a per son I would confront them directly, as I have always been told that a real man s tands up for what he thinks is right. That is what I think I am doing by publish ing this document, because I believe it right that all alien life is brought out into the open, and thus, misuse of such technologies by only the select few wil l be prevented in the future. At the time I thought this was all human driven, however, I have now being shown that Aliens really do run this planet, and I theorise, our true creators give g ood people with a positive human spirit, the correct solutions to problems. A po sitive spirit is the opposite of manifesting from instinctive concepts of mind. I think it possible Earths true protectors the Paladin, can pass solutions to pe ople with positive enough spirit, that is not countered by instinctive thought p rocessors, when the spiritual conditions, in both the humans spirit and the holy spirit are correct. The way gravity flows through our planet is described in th e chapter, Gravity as according to the superior being and “GOD.” I think the holy sp irit passes through this planet as according to the theory of gravity described in the chapter, Gravity as according to “GOD“ and the superior being. For now it is safe to say that gravity passes through our planet, but also pushes down from ab ove, which allows some U.F.O craft to jump between lines of gravity, or also as “G OD” stated, “Their intersecting our gravity!” I theorise the holy spirit is therefore pushed down towards Earth, and when someone is spiritually positive enough, wher e their psychology is not countered by instinctive concepts of mind which manife st themselves in such concepts as greed, the correct answers will come to them d espite how difficult the problem that is posed. This is the way our creators hav e ensured that real good will always eventually overcome evil, as the correct so lutions come to people in the right spiritual state. Although neither we or “the G reys” have any scientific understanding of spirit, it is this theory that could pr ovide a foundation for future scientific experiment so that we can have a logica l understanding of human spirit. It is this development of human spirit that is key to us overcoming the fourth dimensional “Greys,” so that we evolve into our true spiritual creators, the Paladin spiritual form, or the heavenly being. I think a global civilisation would be best suited to such a spiritual understanding, th at every man woman or child is a spiritual divine creation, and when one feels t hrough their spiritual conceinse is wrong, but still persists in their actions, then I think this is what our eternal spirits are judged upon. Evil is inherentl y manifested from instinctive concepts of mind, such as ego, which invert the hu man spirit, and cloud our logic. The feeling of spiritual fulfilment when one feels through the spirit, can be ch aracterised by the intake of a satisfying gasp of air, resulting in the divine s park of consciousness. I have come to recognise this divine spark of consciousne ss, because despite the horrors I had to undergo when being subject to the most wanted man in the worlds mind control project, he could not take away my capacit y to have an idea. I believe this consciousness is sparked by our spirit, or the holy spirit. I further theorise that this spiritual energy can pass between dim ensions freely without the need to open a time gate, as our dead ancestors pass into the spiritual dimension. Thus, it is possible a creation in a higher dimens ion is in a mutually agreeable relationship with humanity, where the more spirit ually aware we are, and do not manifest instinctive concepts of mind, which resu

lts in us living in a civilised, peaceful world, this interlocking of the human spirit and the holy spirit actually produces some fusion of, at present, un calc ulatedly spiritual energy, which is used for some other puprose in the higher di mensions. I think the obvious explanation is that this energy towards creating Reptillian craft, and thus, as we live in the vision of our spiritual creators, thinking mo stly from logic and feeling through spirit, more energy passes up through the di mensions. A spirit by its very nature has no mass and density, so whilst we can not calculate it in through a standard scientific unit of measurement, we can be sure that if all people abided this spiritual code for the global civilisation, then we would have global peace, and a fighting chance of eventually overcoming the “Greys” through the evolvement of our spirits. However, as I was held in the paralysis by the Paladin, I saw the pill it offere d me only as two cylindrical glows of energy. I think it logically deduceable th at the Paladin, in their lower space form, see objects as energy in this way. Fu rthermore, because they reside in a spiritual form, it follows that they can see spiritual energy. It is therefore possible that they can see spiritual energy, and by living in the correct balance with logic and spirit, we are actually prov iding much needed energy to the creators planets and dimensions. This energy is needed to rebirth the Paladin population, as only four survive, in our dimension , but I speculate that eternal spirits reside in the ninth dimension as heavenly beings. I find it no coincidence that in the old testament of the bible when the heavenl y beings walked amongst us, there was no evil in the world and people lived free from disease, famine and disasters. Therefore, the Paladin heavenly beings walk ed amongst us when the spiritual conditions were correct, as the people present on the Earth did not manifest thought from instinctive concepts of mind, that ca n result in evil actions such as violence or exploitation, but instead lived in the correct balance of logical understanding and feeling through spirit or consc iousness when we do wrong, the heavenly beings walked amongst us. It is this men tality that it is not right to get what you want through evil or competing again st each other, but better for us all to work together for the overall human good , abiding by the spiritual code, that we are judged upon after death. If the hea venly beings are to return, when the Paladin can open the time gate in 2015, the n we must make sure humanity is living as according to our logic and our spirits , and not taking sadistic pleasure from the suffering of others. We must all tre at each other as a divine creation, regardless of race, nationality or wealth. The “Greys” have I am remotely informed being here since the 1950’s, or possibly in a more limited context, with the NAZI war machine. I find it no coincidence that s ociological commentators say the world has lost its moral compass since the 50’s, since the beings we are now siding with have no understanding of spirit or moral ity. Human spirit is the last great unknown, as I am sure the classified section of t he U.S military in the world has a scientific understanding of everything that m oves, the one thing that we have a very limited understanding of is human spirit . Furthermore, this theory I believe explains why an inventor would stay in his sh ed, and not discover the answer to his solution, until a spark of divine conscio usness erupts in a type of EUREKA moment. Thus, I think the age we live in affec ts the destiny, and Malcolm, “GOD” or head of c as he stated in my mind, has given m e a hand signal to say that the “Greys” have been here since the 1950’s. I think the p roblem with the “Greys” of the fourth dimension is that they are interrupting this s park of divine consciousness by offering free technology which has done so much to progress the materialistic side of the world since the 1950’s, but has done so

much to divide our spiritual unity, by proffering to our instinctive greed, and thus, separating and dividing our spiritual consciousness, which must be united if we are to develop an understanding of spiritual harmony. I think that as I was paralysed in the world of the hybrid Paladin, Grey and I s aw things in only energy, that the “Greys” must of noticed the energy from the atomi c explosion of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This also ties in with what I have heard of other alien experts on the internet, that the Greys arrived being interested in our nuclear technology. Obviously, such particle world as we live in, and wav e forms of the fourth dimension are not mutually compatible, in my opinion., in terms of hosting energy. However, I know now that the “Greys” are actually, in the l ong term, a punishment from the real GOD for not using our planet correctly. Mor e will be explained latter. This also ties in with my mirror theory, that a higher dimension actually reflec ts what we are, thus, if we are to use nuclear bombs or otherwise likewise destr oy our planet, another inorganic, logical and not biological will move in to hos t this planet. Furthermore, this ties in with what I have being shown when trave lling with this being, because I could understand it, or through travelling with it directly, because apparently the small “Greys” are feeding of our sulphur toxins in the atmosphere. More of this will be explained latter. However, with hindsight I think some important people were, at first, very wary of me having such knowledge, despite the fact this superior being had revealed i tself to me. With hindsight, which is a great thing, I think such people were ac tually testing my character, because obviously such knowledge of these beings is met with the top level of disclosure. However, I think soon will come the retur n of the heavenly beings to walk amongst us, if “GOD” and his army of fourth dimensi onal worker clones are stopped, before either 2012, or 2015. I don’t think the Pal adin heavenly beings will return whilst the “Greys” are currently running the Earth. Thus, I think I did myself a great deal of negativity with stupidly playing alon g on the idea of terrorism, because this was the only thought that I could have that investigation would occur. However, I know now that they became all over me after the email was sent in January, because being contacted by something that people have not had such conscious interaction with on Earth before, outside of the most well known intelligence agency military circles. Further, I believe the re are only four people that can contact this being, they are the man who calls himself “GOD,” the man of peace, the man of peace apprentice, and the man of steel. I believe I am the fifth to have conscious interaction with it, and the only exc ept for “GOD” for it to fully transform into its full spiritual form, as they keep t rying to get me to picture how it was in this form. These four control global se curity by controlling the star gates on Earth, with the help of various types of E.T, like the Paladin, “Grey”, and time travelling future human. It must be noted that this is mostly my opinion, and although making logical sen se, I obviously have little factual evidence of what has happened. However, one night when going to sleep I was flashed an image, by the source I d o not know, of two plain clothes, what I think intelligence officers looking at a computer screen, and a man in military clothing stood over it. I think it was this man that is called “god,” and at this time he seemed to take over the mind cont rol project, and thought he had me exactly where he wanted me, trying to implica te myself as a terrorist. However, one man stood tall for good, and that is the man of steel, and would no t be mind controlled by “GOD” like all the other subordinates were. It is the lack o f democratic or judicial oversight of the U.S classified military, combined with the compartmentalising of information, that allowed the man who called himself “G OD” to get away with this abuse for so long. It still seems to be occurring, and I

am disappointed that no one has the integrity to take an honest stand against t his man, although at some level, I feel a lot of gratitude towards him also, as he has shown me that various types of Aliens do exist. It is also the man of peace that I owe some gratitude to, because it was him tha t can be trusted. This man has been my guiding light throughout this, and should be thanked as much as anyone for stopping this atrocious abuse of power. I thin k he is possibly the general chief of staff of the intelligence agency. I was f lashed an image of “GOD” taking my mind control project into an office, with a very senior member of the American military looking at it, who used to be the America n Security of Defence. I also think I owe my mental life to this man, and the mo st powerful man on earth, for sacking “GOD.”

The subsequent attack on my privacy I blamed this time I pretended to be a terrorist on the internet, wrongly on lac k of privacy. Thus, I have had a sustained attack on my privacy ever since I sen t this email, with remote viewers following me around, being shown pictures of p eople reading my thoughts behind computers, and generally just being antagonised by the merest number of people.

The second mind control project I remember coming to the stark conclusion that some people were putting these vo ices into my head, and some others were taking them out. I remember thinking how bad it looked on me, if the agency were taking out the t houghts, that the more primitive method seemed to be putting in, which I highlig hted earlier with the “stop writing“ thoughts in my exam. I found this particularly difficult as the resonating thoughts, from what I thin k as explained previously, was a privately driven operation to try to limit my s uccess in this life, became particularly severe on the times. I was doing my fin al week of coursework. I do not think the most well known intelligence agency wo uld target me in a personal vindictive way like this. However, I would latter fi nd the man who called himself “god,“ would seem to have the capacity to do whatever the hell he wanted. Therefore, I broke down many times in the final week of thes e exams, as I was only trying to better myself by getting an education in law fo r the right reasons, as aforementioned. I have latter determined that the man who called himself “GOD” put highly classified military computer chips into my head, that gave the same responses that well kn own terrorists have to mind control projects. It was these automated responses t hat must have confused the most well known intelligence agency officers into thi nking that I was potentially a terrorist, and thus, allowed “GOD” to justify his own cover up by taking direct control of the secret mind control project from them. These thoughts in one type were beamed into my head from above, because I could feel the laser on my head. It gave a very slight itchy feeling whilst trying to locate me, and once it had sent its data the thoughts would start on their usual repeating cycle. I thus, rationalised this must be part of the aforementioned p rivate campaign. I sensed through, what I think is the spirit, the individuals d oing it, and could even see their laptops out and the feeling of satisfaction th ere were getting from remotely using this to simply, mess up my life. I further found it apt that I could only see such people doing such work, after I had bein g warned against what was happening to me, by the supreme being itself. Its as t hough it is looking after me, and thus looking after the whole of humanity, illu minating the exact people responsible for this evil into the subconscious part o f my brain, which I seemed to have unlocked through taking modafinil. I became v ery concerned that such people should have access to such technology, and use it only a personal and vindictive way, as I could think of nothing I had done to d eserve such treatment. Thus, this furthered my strength in thinking that such technology should not jus t be used in a personal vindictive way. I found it all quite unprofessional at t his time. Furthermore, the thoughts also seemed to resonate from a chip inside my computer , however, possibly from electro magnetic wave lengths hitting a chip inside my head. These were the same thoughts that were particularly severe in attacking me . However, I am unsure of the perpetrators of these. Moreover, these thoughts se emed to further travel into me through some type of electromagnetic wavelengths. I have since become of the opinion that this technology used correctly is a way to remote view people through telepathy, by seeking a response from the subcons cious part of the brain. However, at this time I was simply bombarded with such thoughts that were not my own, until I latter became “stitched” at the part of my br ain that interlocks with my spinal cord, and could not stop myself responding, “Al -Zaquari,” many repeating times over. I found it no coincidence the writing I sinc e latter was told through some type of mind control technology, that what I wrot

e was “extreme in the extreme,” and related to that despotic terrorist. However, I h ad, for right or wrong reasons, had my memory deleted of doing this, and it only since came back to me when I was reminded through this type of communication of what I had written, which was the reason I had being given such ill treatment, because, in the words of “GOD” or head of c into my mind through the mind control pr oject, “I had made a direct attack on Zionism, and for that I would pay the ultima te price.” It would ultimately transpire that “god” or head of c, could use his clone beings to possibly make me hear things. In retrospect I think this was designed to make me collapse and fail generally i n life, however, my faith in Christianity was completely reborn one morning when I had a shower, and the thoughts were still coming into my brain. Thoughts were coming in accusing me of being al qaida or terrorist, which it is obviously app arent I am not. I remember completely breaking down and crying as I had never be ing trained or had any sufficient reason to think why they were doing this to me . I started crying, and remember shouting out, “why don’t you just leave me alone, I’m a good man, I’m a Christian I believe in the teachings of Christ, forgiveness, an d I will not respond with anger and hatred towards you people,” furthermore, still sobbing, the voice of “GOD” came back, “why wont you be angry Mr. <My Surname>?” I repl ied, “Because if I felt angry I would hold my thumbs inwards as was Jesus when put on the cross, and a person can not be violent when holding their thumbs inwards” then hysterically shouting whilst obviously joking, “I am Jesus, I am time travell ing future human come to show you your evil ways.” I had heard thoughts for so lon g that I had come to consider as lies, mostly because of the down right stupid r epeating thoughts on a cycle I mostly lied in my own head. However, it would appear that before I stated I ead said, “And a time travelling future human.” ut on the future human program, and more detail e became involved as it was him that headed the was Jesus a little voice in my h This seems to have led to me being p will follow, and the man of peac future human program.

In retrospect this voice emanated from a chip inside my brain that someone who w as previously my enemy controlled. It was a recurring theme of the conspiracy ag ainst me that as I searched through my memory to see who I had offended to such a degree, these people would be recruited into the project against me. The thought that kept me going was my own, or maybe that of the creator as well, “but do not respond with anger or hatred, the best thing a man could do is break the cycle of evil.” I think one of the messages of this book, is that if you stay a good person and do not respond to evil with evil, the correct solution will al ways become apparent, because of the reasoning of the good persons positive spir it interlocking with the holy spirit. I intend to attempt to break this cycle of evil in the world by bringing out all these conspiracies that I have since lear nt about. It seems I was treated with a bit more respect by the two or three different min d control operations after I showed my true colours, minus the future human part and Jesus, with this speech. I know I’m a good person, and I am not going to be s wayed by such evil ways designed to drag me down. Moreover, looking at it in a p ositive light, it seems these programs have helped me realise the deficiencies o f my former lifestyle, and made me a more spiritual person. Further, I was still responding to these thoughts that seemed to be able to ente r my head. At this stage I was sure that the most well known intelligence agency suspected I was a terrorist, as it seemed the only logical explanation when com bined with the resonating thoughts that were accusing me of being such an indivi dual. I was told on multiple occasions to stop responding to such thoughts, but I knew that I was a free person who had done no wrong. I therefore thought this

was an invasion of my civil liberties, and that I had every right to respond. I vividly remembering responding to “GOD” angry shouting into my brain, “DO NOT RESPON D!” I replied with, “I’m a British Citizen and I had every right to respond!” I remember another person who communicated with this mind control project being enthralled at this response, and replying to me, “I’m going to do everything I can to get him off it even if it costs me my career!” Further, I had automated responses stitched into me, and could not stop myself r esponding. I think this shows the different levels of classification with in the U.S system, whereby one man at the very top who called himself “GOD” could trick th e people of lower classification, such as the most well known intelligence agenc y officers, into thinking I was a terrorist. It is this paranoid thinking with t he different levels of classification, and strictest levels of disclosure about beings of non earthly origin, that is exactly a manifestation of our instinctive values, whereby we are worried about an outcome because of our natural instinct s taking over, rather than thinking of positive outcomes of the live of such bei ngs been out in the open, which I hypothesis is a manifestation of our spirit. The superior beings should belong to Planet Earth as a whole, and whilst there a re good arguments to keeping the “Greys” classified because they are a threat to our future, the Paladin should move freely amongst us. Further, the email I sent explained that one night approximately 6 years ago, I pretended to be a terrorist on the internet, because, I falsely, thinking it a g ood justification for my unknown actions, stipulated, that my civil liberties we re been compromised by the most well known intelligence agency searching of inte rnet engines. Thus, I thought the remote viewers I could feel in my room were be ing put their to try to annoy me because I thought civil liberties to be a reaso n to look like a terrorist. It would latter transpire, this was the work of the one who called himself god, selling technology that should be used only be the state, to a rich Zionist cons ortium, who had made the conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul. The logic cycle was my preferred method, so I decided to play along, giving thou ghts in my own head that frequently amounted to making me look like a terrorist, of which, I definitely am not. Thus, I thought if they were wasting my time, th en I should waste their time. However, it seems in retrospect that I must of being wrong about their reasons f or taking such an interest. This is because I was told by some means of telepath y or through the mind control system with another individual, that they do not d o all this because of some one joking around one night on the internet. It retrospectively transpires that the most well known intelligence agency mind control project ran by the agency, only became involved since I sent the email. I think these guys actually saved me from the evil I was faced with by “GOD.” Furthe r, I was illuminated a meeting between the man who calls himself “GOD” and a man I w ill refer to as the man of steel, their that man asked me directly if I had anyt hing to say about this, and I remember responding, “I’m autistic and I don’t understan d it right.” This man, together with the man who declared himself to the most well known intelligence agency joint chief of staff in my head, are my true saving g races, because without them independently investigating what the man who called himself “GOD” had planned against me, I would not be here today, as it was “GOD” or head of c, a man I would latter presume to be the sacked general the man who calls h imself "GOD", I would not be here today, because he remotely put the aids virus into me, and since retrospectively informed me, that if “they” had their way, I woul d be dying in a hospital bed now. However, the man of peace and “GOD” healed me from this temporary virus, using fourth dimensional technologies.

Thus, there is at least some light to come out of the aids saga, and that is tha t their actually a cure. I find it depressing as a state of the Earth at the mom ent, that such cures are kept classified. However, I have since seen the man of peace is actually still running this mind control project against me, through some type of illumination. I came to know the being as Paladin, and the people listening to my brain and th oughts seemed to approve. However, it seemed that although I think the good guys were installing the gear inside my head, there was a way for the bad guys to also use such means. This is because whilst I would be told good stuff like, “mark my words right to the very top,” by Pete, or the man of peace, as he declared himself to be the joint chief o f staff, then after another person who I latter recognised to be the man who cal led himself “GOD” would come on, shouting angrily, “What did you just say” “after I had th ought I swear on my mums life I would now tell anyone in response to the good gu y,” however, I think this may have been a conditioning process whereby the heretic nature of my own beliefs are shown, as it is obviously unwise of me to swear on a life which I am not responsible for. His military discipline is hardcore, and I doubt he does not lack in determination, however, sometimes your greatest str ength can be your greatest weakness, and I think his determination to irrational ly bring me down, was his own downfall. It is poignant to remember what the Pala din said to me on one of the space explorations, and that is that, “a Paladin neve r attacks, only defends.” It is the “Greys” that systematically take over planets, and I think some people at the top of the global security structure would be well a dvised to remember this. Thus, the resonating thoughts also carried on, although this paled into a primit ive at best system when compared to the mind control conspiracy I could respond into and out of. It seems like after I had the contact, I therefore must have sh own my true colours to the beings that really matter, and they were many human a ttempts to pull me down, using emotional techniques based on hatred, jealousy an d anger. However, I consider that throughout there has being what I know now as a man of peace, who stated, “mark my words, right to the very top,” and it is this m an above all others who has shown me how to be peaceful in this world. I think I was transferred from the intelligence agency mind control conspiracy t o a military one, when I was shown as going to sleep, a man in military clothing looking over the shoulder of two plain clothed people. Despite the rigours this man may or may not have put me through, I think I am possibly through the worst of his systematic abuse, and I think I have found respect for his man, and I ho pe the feeling is mutual. At worst this “GOD” character declared, “You must follow my commands at all times.” I think this is the level of mind control the most elite s pecial forces have to follow, because most well known intelligence agency forces are subject to, and because I am not a soldier and have never being trained in any of this, I found it very difficult, and still do, find it difficult to cope. I still have lasers in my eyes and hear ultra sound every night, when trying to sleep, his systematic abuse seems to know no limits. I remember lying in my own brain in mid march to see if what I suspected was the ir. I would frequently think false thoughts of being al quadia, out of temptatio n to see if anything was their. This is how I discovered that something was moni toring me, however, they do say, the ways of god are very mysterious, and thus, this may be a mysterious action of some higher being that is still watching me. Nonetheless, in hindsight I think these responses of being Al-Quaida were put in to me, by computer chips inside my brain, as I have previously explained.

I have come to recognise the superior being by the name Paladin, of which I thin k very high level important people may already have knowledge of. As earlier men tioned, I think Paladin itself, our creator, wanted this man stopping, because a s I said, Paladin has our best interest at the heart of its intention, and thus, maybe, how I can see in my mind, the people looking in on my room, as I write t his. I firmly believe I am thus doing humanities best interests at heart by brin ging this out into the open. After this conspiracy had carried on, and I was still responding that I would no t be swayed by evil, and would think whatever I wanted, as I was a free person, I knew a mind control conspiracy was hatched on me. As I carried on being a good person I began to be able to see two multi-dimensional beings in space, through my mind. One constantly held its thumbs up and out, another communicated in as though holding his hand with a wave, thumbs up or thumbs down. After this I felt as though the small being watching from close to the earths atmosphere, was sho wing me that I was right and should not be swayed by thinking whatever I bloody hell wanted to do. My rationale was that many people have died for the freedom o f this country, and I should be able to have free thought. In retrospect this is a future human illuminating our true creator into the back of my mind. I can no longer see this being in the back of my mind, since “GOD” re enegirned my b rain synapses in a chapter described the walk. I was determined to study for my exams, then bring out the truth of this, as I p erceived it, for the good of mankind. One small, inter dimensional being, which looks to be sitting on the edge of the earths atmosphere, in dark space, seemed to be very pleased that I could figure out such things, and am going to bring t hem to the publics attention. I believe this being to be the same being as I was visited by. It seemed to be illuminated by some type of very small human, that I assumed to be a future human, in the sub conscious of my brain. I was always l ooking at this being with its hands held up. It seemed strange a few days latter when I could feel things moving about inside my brain as I took a walk next to a reservoir with my mother. I think these must be some type of nanobots that I c ould feel moving as slugs. My brain synapses were re-engineered, said the man wh o was called god, and I could no longer see this supreme being. They have now built on this by putting programs inside my head with the same typ e of images. However, it was around this time I decided to stop going against the man who cal led himself “GOD“, and decide to start working with him. Earlier, I had reborn my fa ith in Christianity, as I felt my only way out of this was to forgive and be nic e to such people for doing such things. I think this work must be part of my destiny. I think I was destined to have such a hard time through this, to bring it to peo ples attention, so that the real reasons for evil on earth will be shown, as I c ould understand.

The mind control project and organised criminality It came to my attention that the mind control project been used against me was b een carried out, at some level, by organised criminals. I don’t know weather this was through them “illuminating” themselves to me, or through another person illuminating to me what was happening. Further, I speculate that it is possible that the supreme being that visited me was directly illuminating them to myself. However, at some level, I owe a lot of gratitude to such people, because I belie ve it was these organised criminals, or “king pins”, that figured out that I was not actually a criminal, but what was happening was a Jewish conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul because of what was happening. However, that is saying these were the first people to understand outside of what the “luciferian” Jews that were running this conspiracy against me. It has become apparent to me that such known “king pins” of organised crime are on t he secret mind control project, and this is the reason everybody knows their rep utation and how they are laundering such vast proceeds from legitimate business. This was related to me taking modafinil, because such organised criminals were l ied to through their secret mind control project, by the ruling Zionist elite, o f which the man who calls himself “GOD” is the leader of, that I was planning on tak ing over the U.K cocaine market with a substitute of modafinil, which as I have read through Wicopedia, has being used, with varying success, in treating crack cocaine addicts in America. It is plain to see to any rational person, who uses their own brain to logically deduce problems, and not the secret mind control project, that I am not a crimi nal. Indeed, I was taught a lesson when I was 15 and began smoking skunk cannabi s, by a local hard case, that I should never get involved in the selling of ille gal drugs. However, we can begin to see why so many of the rich and powerful, can be so irr ational. This is because they are told what to do by the secret mind control pro ject installed in them. Furthermore, this is the reason such “king pins” of the orga nised criminal world are “untouchable,” because they are told through the secret min d control project when the police are gathering intelligence about their activit ies and what actions to perform to “rectify“ this situation.. This is obviously a conspiracy that cracks the foundation of state hood, because as any normal person is repetitively told, no one is above the law. However, th e world is run by elites on the secret mind control project, and such organised criminal “king pins” play a part in this, by such organised criminality, as I have r ead about, funding the “deep black” projects that are secretly run by the classified section of the U.S military, of which the man who called himself “GOD” was a head o f. An example of this will occur in the chapter titled, “the conspiracy in Afghanista n.” However, it is only necessary to say at this time, that I have being shown an illumination of the well published leader of what is naively termed in the main stream press, Al Quaida, is actually illuminated special forces papers to ensure they keep him alive. This occurred in my room, as the illuminated form of this man keeps following me around. This man security is assured because they want a war to increase he opiate based drugs supplies to Europe and America. Indeed, th e war is Afghanistan is for the same reason that the war in Vietnam was run in t he 1960’s, because the ruling elite want a place to harvest opium plantations. The

real reason the former “Taliban” government was waged war against is because they c ut down on the growing of opiate based poppies. As I have read in the media and heard about by a path finder trained paratrooper, the military forces are now ha ppily siding with the local war lords in Afghanistan, in return that such war lo rds grow opium. It is a sad and deeply immoral that good men, woman and children should have to die for such money making conspiracies. It is apparent that “greed” runs the capitalist world we live in at the moment, inde ed the mantra capitalism is based on is that “greed is good.” Thus, we can see how m any of the ruling elite that are “illuminated” and on the secret mind control projec t value money over other peoples lives. However, as I have learnt not all illuminated people share this luciferian bias. I think their end game, as I have being remotely informed by the man who calls h imself “GOD,” a man I assume but do not know to be the man who calls himself "GOD", is to have a fake invasion of non real “grey” Reptillian robots to replace the worki ng and middle classes, thus, having what I speculate to be self replicating robo ts do all the work that is currently being carried out by the working and middle classes. This will finally be explained in the chapter entitled, The luciferian Jews, the fallen Angel, the Real Greys, the military robots, the planned fake invasion of military Robots in 2011, their holocaust, and how they control this planet.

The world trade centre conspiracy as according to the mind control project Furthermore, it was around this time I heard a woman’s voice state into the mind c ontrol, that, “I was on the 51st Tower of the world Trade Centre when it collapsed , and I think our government was responsible also.” I never again heard this voice through the mind control project, but it seems the man of peace who had also be come involved in running the mind project since I implicated the most well known intelligence agency in the email I sent, put her on it because he knew I was to disclose all the details that happened to me. I think this completely verifies the conspiracy theories surrounding the interne t, about the towers collapsing and the strange times of impact, just before the majority got to work. I think this must of being used as a reason to start the i llegal war in Iraq, because of the star gate to the fourth dimension as shown to me by “GOD,” more of which will be explained in the chapter, “The real reason for the war in Iraq.”

I feel if the truth be known about this war by the majority of people, then a pe aceful coalition could easily hold the star gate, whilst attempting to identify the exact nature of the fourth dimension beings. More detail on the star gate fo llows on the real reason we are in Iraq chapter, however, I think to fully under stand the clones of the fourth dimension requires almost an unraveling of their “g enetic code,” which is controlled and computed by the reptilians of the fourth dim ension. If we could possibly control such computer driven clones here on Earth, they could do all our work for us, and the human life would be free of suffering . However, the innate selfishness of human instinctive concepts of mind, limit’s t he open knowledge of such beings to those within the select few. However, this t echnology that is being offered should be used for the good of planet Earth as a whole, not just one side. Side taking is an instinctive thought process, and as we head into the prophesised spiritual age the unlocking of sub conscious mind should give us better ability to control our instinctive urges, as we will consc iously recognise them. I think the classified programs and the real illuminati have already understood these beings and can thus mind control them through there sub conscious. More de tail of this will be explained in the white house white board sessions.

The “true light” beings and spirit As one night I was looking up at the sky, I was looking at a planet, and 3 stars , but I saw it differently. I saw the supreme being of Paladin descent in its lo wer space form, I had seen in the above mentioned chapter and three close by sta rs, which I, in my sub conscious thought of as a ship full of small grays. I saw this supreme being, holding the ship through lasers, each laser attaching to a star, which were actually the edges of small grey ships. Yet, as I will describe latter in this chapter, the man who called himself “GOD” sho wed me the real highly classified military craft that they were. Back to the present, after I declared what I imagined it to be I heard in my hea d a voice, , “Are you sure, <My name>?” And I replied, “YES!” Then planes starting flying high overhead, and the female voice replied, “They say its Mercury,” then I heard a voice state, “Mercury does appear to flicker in the ni ght sky,” I kept watching that point for about 10 minutes, and these planets and stars wer e slowly moving, like held in a tight constellation by the lasers. I think the b eing of Paladin descent uses lasers to travel as it has shown me, when I have tr avelled with it. But it appeared to me that an inter galactic war was being foug ht by the being that stated its name to be Paladin, and the small greys, that I had heard were a threat to humanity, and are ultimately controlled by the man wh

o calls himself “GOD“ in a “farm“ above the earths atmosphere. More explanation will be given in the chapter, my conscious journeys into space. However, for the time being as I have being able to travel through space conscio usly, I have seen the man who calls himself “GOD” building a box around these “small G reys” by using what I will refer to as time gates. Here is a brief diagram of “GODs” way of controlling the universe through time gates. In space he consciously trav els using a time gate to counter the strength of what I will term intergalactic forces.

The time gates that “GOD” controls the universe with are obviously geometrically per fect, this is just a rough sketch. Furthermore, the man of peace apprentice also controls these time gates, which can be opened as portals into different dimens ions. Lastly, in reference to the time gates, when I have travelled with the Pal adin it shows me how it uses lasers to travel between dimensions and open time g ates. The paladin, in its lower space travelling form I speculate has almost zer o mass and density, and can thus travel through lasers. The Paladin informed me that in 2015 we are passing through one of these time gates, and it is this bein gs responsibility to open said star gate. It stated telepathically it would only open this time gate if I was here! However, back to the present, after that all the night sky changed about 10-30 m inutes all the night sky changed. Ships were flying high above in the atmosphere. Jumping from one part of the sky , to another. They were bright light colour, and I proclaimed in my head, “That’s th e return of our true light beings, our true creators,” The man that called himself god then appeared to me, behind my left shoulder, an d stated in my head, “ahhhh its so easy for some isn‘t it Mr. <Suranme>,” it seemed ev en he was impressed by this inspirational peacefulness that these light beings w ere bringing. Then white ships that I thought of as the supreme being then kept flying at the top of the atmosphere, and jumping between what I thought were time portals, I h ad never seen anything like it. This spectacular light show went on till about 3am, at which point I went to bed . The “True light beings” seemed to inspire me even at this lowest point, and it seems the four who control Earth’s star gates have being impressed with this “idea” that su ch use of peaceful technology, human or non human, could introduce a religion wh ere we actually have a tangible form of non human driven technology to worship. At this point I began to become very confused, and the voice that called himself “GOD” declared himself to be head of c. At this point did I hear someone communicate that that’s “heavy,” in regards to a medi um height flying large ship. After this, when going to sleep, “GOD” showed me all the different ships when I clos ed my eyes and they went passed me. Thus, the true light beings are not real, they are actually highly classified sh ips. The Paladin was in its lower space form, and as “GOD” asked me questions through the

secret mind control project its hands would perform three different positions, either wavering it hands flatly, indicating that it was indifferent to what was asked, or thumbs pointing down or upwards. This image in my subconscious resulte d after the contact, but was obviously removed when “GOD” reengineered my brain syna pses. I have come to the conclusion that the Paladin beings actually want was is right for humanity as a whole, whereas the “Greys” of the fourth dimension that “GOD” works w ith do not have any morals, and will work on the orders of whoever instructs the m. Therefore, it is vital that people with the right moral outlook towards human ity control the small “Grey” beings, instead of “GOD” who justifies his own luciferian o utlook with the biggest secret he has told me, “That we are not alive in the way w e think we are, and we are actually better of dead than alive.” I am unsure whethe r to think this true, or to see at his own justification for his luciferian psyc hology. It seems again his instinctive approach to controlling everything that moves, as typified in the chapter, “Do not draw attention to that object“ which I presume was a real Paladin inside the Earths atmosphere, because it jumped across the early evening blue sky, and can psychologically deduct, that on this occasion “GOD“ boomi ng voice through the secret mind control project was that of a meglomaniac who d id not have power over something, leading me to think this was the real Paladin that had contacted me. I think although this man has come to close to controllin g the 3 dimensional and indeed fourth dimensional “Greys” through his unrivalled tel epathy, it is his manifestation of instinctive thought processors, which lead to such irrational commands that are based on him and his luciferian friends compl etely taking control of this planet through fourth dimensional technologies. How ever, the Paladin can not be immorally controlled by the select few, because as in my interaction with it, it only warned me for my best interests. I see these true light beings as similar to the object that flew across the sky, which was the real creator, in my opinion, because of the above reasoning. I th ink it possible these are real star craft disguising themselves as stars, or the y are a product of fourth dimensional technology. It is for the viewer to decide freely for themselves, however, I am reliably informed by the man of peace, who has worked closely with time travelling future humans, that the religion of the future is one based on the peaceful worshipping of technology. Whether real or unreal, I think this could be the starting of a wonderful technological age for mankind, and this is the true solution to Earths over population problem, not to have any type of mass genocide, but for us all to peacefully worship the techno logy that has being made available by the fourth dimensional visitors. This tech nology can be used peacefully to sustain and grow the Earths population, and thi s peaceful worshipping of technology is the correct answer to the Earths overpop ulation problem. With Paladin spirit and “Grey” or future human technologies, can we begin to use water as our fuel, which as I have being shown through the conscio us time travelling with the man of peace apprentice, is the true fuel that was c onsciously created for us, and is further the reason the Earth tilts and spins o n its axis, so that no matter how much water we use as fuel, the rain cycle will never be knocked out of renewable equilibrium. However, this requires every human alive to not give into manifesting thought fr om their instincts, because it is such thought that leads towards the glorificat ion of greed and materialism in capitalist states, and as one communicator sent a message to me before I knew I was on the secret mind control project and was j ust hearing voices, “This age is only temporary.” That is why we must collectively p eacefully worship technology, to create a renewable energy source for generation s to come. It is only mans manifestation of survivalist instincts, a great example being th at the best technologies come out of the military, which despite how advanced th

e American classified section is, war is ultimately still based on the manifesta tion of survivalist instincts of conquering enemies. If we, as humanity as a who le are to create the religion of the future, arms must only be used by a global security force which is without corruption and controlled by people with the rig ht moral outlook. Furthermore, I think there is a message that this man who called himself “GOD“ over the secret mind control project, despite how powerful he is, and he is mighty po werful, still manifests thoughts from an instinctive level, and it this process that I hope we as humanity are going to move away from, in the third age, after 2012, where thoughts will manifest from mind and then ultimately spirit. Maybe t his is the reason the man who calls himself “GOD,” giving himself that very title sh owing his instinctive approach, is possibly hell bent on a global genocide with his luciferian cronies. However, not all of the five that control “the Greys” and th us, global security are not of such a luciferian bias. However, undoubtedly the man who calls himself “GOD” is the master of the super computer race, or the “Greys,” be cause the other three appear to look upon him with awe. I then looked outside of my window and there was one craft still their. This was bright light in colour and appeared as the planet mercury did when I actually s aw it as a supreme being of earths protector that I had seen in January. It was bright white, and just hovered in the distant horizon, shining down a single lig ht that have never left me since this night, on the focal point of the glass whe n I look out of my window. It seems no coincidence this light came on when despi te me being put on the most wanted mans in the world mind control project, it ca me to some very good illuminated individuals attention that I was not a terroris t, and would not give into this remote method of evil, despite automatic respons es originating from chips installed into my brain. I thank these good illuminate d individuals who do not seem swayed to evil despite the “Grey” soul taking agenda, for seeing that I was not a terrorist, despite “GOD” complete attempt to turn me int o 1. Moreover, when looking at the sky, after “GOD” spoke into my brain, “level 52 passed, you are no longer on the secret mind control project.” Therefore, I must be on a h igher level of mind control than is officially recognised, and it is this “small G rey” mind control program that ensures they know all of our secrets. I have come to the conclusion that despite their previously relentless attack to take my mind, body and soul, they could never take my spirit, and it lies in un derstanding human spirit that we can eventually evolve into our true creators, t he higher spiritual form of the Paladin or heavenly being, and thus transcend al l dimensions through our spirit, rather than humanity coming to an end as the la st human alive is, “Grey” robot. Therefore, it is ability to travel and communicate through spirit, which I think I have developed for myself after being on such a stringent mind control program, because despite the technology that was used aga inst me, I have learnt to feel whether something is good or bad. I believe this is our sixth sense. Moreover, I prophesise that the reason the “small Greys” of the fourth dimension are here to prove a link between mind and computers, we thus enter a mutual agreeme nt. The mutual agreement is because as we figure out solutions to problems by us ing our own mind, what I will term the “divine spark” of consciousness, this energy actually passes into the higher dimensions when we get a spiritual feeling when we truly understand, which is sometimes exemplified when we let out a gasp of br eath. However, this requires that we use our own mind and further, to feel throu gh our spirit sense of self. I find it no coincidence that the “Greys” with their co mputer driven mind control projects and I speculate, offers of free technology a re interrupting this spiritual solution problem solving ability. However, the “Gre ys” have always being “intersecting our gravity” in the words of “GOD,” as I have seen a r eal saucer which corresponds to the prophet Ezekiel “burning chariot.” Therefore, it

is either possible that the “Greys” are interrupting our divine spark of consciousn ess, or by allowing them to run this control project, we are entering a mutually agreeable relationship, where when we understand fully for ourselves, using spi ritual energy which we do not understand, this consciously creates space craft i n the higher dimensions. However, I think it is the Paladin that can see spiritual energy, because as I w as held paralysed, it must of shifted me dimensions as there was no sign that it had ever being into my room after it had left. Furthermore, as it held out the modafinil pill to me it had two glows of cylindrical energy coming from it. Ther efore, it logically follows that the Paladin also see objects as energy. Moreove r, the Paladin transformed into what can only be described as a spiritual form o f a heavenly being. Therefore, I think it follows that Paladins can see spiritua l energy. Furthermore, when in one of my contacts with the Paladin in the sub conscious of my mind, I was told that there is one true line in the bible, and that is, “When the Lord said let there be light, there was light.” And I followed on, “and this is conscious creation, because all they had to do was think about it.” Therefore, the Paladin created our solar system by just thinking about it. It fo llows on that the Paladin will consciously create whatever conditions are right for an increase in spiritual energy coming from the Earth. Therefore, if they vi ew the Earth as having a low amount of spiritual energy before 2012, they will c onsciously create a huge disaster due to the solar flairs hitting the Earth with increased frequency and strength. However, if they see the Earth as having lots of spiritual energy because we are living free from instinctive concepts of min d, which are in an inverted ratio to our spirit, then the conscious creators wil l not create as large a disaster as may be expected. Therefore, the key to preventing a large scale disaster of solar flairs hitting the Earth, is for each man, woman and child to be in a state of positive spirit, and controlling their sub conscious mind, therefore, consciously controlling th eir instincts. I felt when watching a documentary about crop circles it to be true that all the real crop circles are to do with the unlocking of the sub conscious mind. Furth er, the water is drained from the crops underneath where the crop circles appear , in authentic ones. Therefore, I speculate that is a friendly, non invasive rac e of Alien that is performing these circles. It would not be the Reptillian smal l “Grays” as they already work with the classified section of the U.S military and t he real illuminati, thus, it is likely that these clues, in the form of images, are left by the real ‘masters of all magic,’ the Paladin. Therefore, we can see that when this logic cycle is deduced, we can control our instincts by unlocking the sub conscious part of our brain, and therefore, consc iously control the automatic instinctive judgements we make. I have unlocked the sub conscious of my own brain by taking modafinil. Therefore, the key to raisin g the overall amount of spiritual energy in the Earth, is to unlock our sub cons cious, and thus, consciously control our instincts, which are of course, in an i nverted ratio towards our spirit. Thus, as instincts are consciously controlled, there is an increase in spiritual energy from a person. Thus, in order to prevent a massive disaster in 2012, we should all be controlli ng our instincts through unlocking the sub conscious part of the brain. This can be achieved either through chemical intoxication, or through meditation and liv ing in the correct spiritual state. When a human beings spirit interlocks with the holy spirit, they enter a zone th at they will perform at their optimum level. It is to enter this zone consciousl

y and maintain a good level of enlightenment, living in correct balance between spirit and logic, that will allow the Paladin to see an increased amount of spir itual energy coming from the Earth, and then they shall consciously create condi tions of lesser impact, because there will already be a high amount of spiritual energy, due to the interlocking of human spirit with the holy spirit, that will in turn lead to a spiritual unification of mankind. My reasoning is furthered by the unity that pulls people together after a disast er. Thus, for the prophesised subsequent thousand years of peace, a spiritual un ification of mankind will arise. Thus, in order to stop a huge disaster occurring, the solution the positive spirit of humanity, so that, as the experts say, will come before the physical shift. Thus, we must move into a nity, working together instead of competing against each other lies in restoring the mental shift mental state of u for resources.

However, as will be explained in the chapter, “this is exactly what we are trying to stop!” The man who calls himself “GOD” is attempting to use fourth dimensional tech nologies to create a “Grey” controlled world, where the everlasting spiritual unific ation of mankind does not occur. It may sound outrageous, but he is building a f ake sun, which has three different discs over it, depending on the time of day, which I am reliably informed through telepathy that this is actually a huge ther mo nuclear device. Secondly, he is creating a fake sky, and as will be explained in my chapters, my conscious journeys through space, an outer world being that resides over mid west America, as it must approve of the American system and wor ks with them, has drawn a picture for me showing that he is actually charging up the magnetosphere and ionosphere. However, I think this may have being on my reasoning that the Earths shield agai nst solar flairs is the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and thus, if what “GOD” terms the “harpoon gun,” which is commonly called HAARP, is been utilised to increase the strength of the Earths natural shield. However, I don’t want this to turn out like “GODs” last disaster when he “harpoon gunned” China. Lastly, during my conscious journeys into space the supreme being showed me that they are building along the fault line West of Los Angelies. I hope this is in a bid to prevent any Earthquake from hitting the western sea board of the U.S.A, but I fear that if “GOD” is in charge of this highly classified operation, he will be attempting to cause a massive disaster because he obviously thinks it’s a favou r to kill people, because, in his words, “The biggest secret known to man is that were not alive the way we think we are, and its better to be dead than alive.” Further, this exploration of the link between science and spirituality, so that we may become aware of our eternal spirit, will be the final quest of this book. This I hope may provide a catalyst for what is prophesised as the spiritual age , after 2012. It is to develop our spiritual understanding of each human being, to feel when something is wrong, and to obey our spiritual conscience that will allow us to enter the prophesised 1000 years of peace, by treating every man, wo man and child as a divine spiritual creation. It is to understand spirit, which is a direct creation of the heavenly beings or Paladin spiritual form, and I thi nk the spiritual dimensions are the closest the real ray of light that orbits al l dimensions which is the real God, as shown to me when “GOD“ installed the map of t he universe into my head. This spirit is what makes us eternal. If we can gain g reater understanding of human spirit, this will allow us to unlock the dimension s that our dead ancestors reside in, and thus, to be able to spiritually contact them. Whilst the “Greys” of the fourth dimension offer amazing technology, that can not offer the spiritual enlightenment of the Paladin, or heavenly beings, and i t is these creators we should be attempting to evolve into. This is the correct final evolvement of mankind because a spirit can pass between any time gated dim ensions, where as a half human, half “Grey,” which is currently the last human remai

ning as it time travels back to us, can only transcend to the fourth dimension. Further, to it about the divine spark of consciousness and what the small greys of the fourth dimension were interrupting, “the thoughts that travel through the s pirit to allow us as humans to figure something out.” This is what I term the Eure ka moment, when we gasp and feel through our spirits that we fully understand. I think this is inherent in all good people, and is what our true creators, the P aladin created in us, to ensure that good will always eventually overcome evil, otherwise we as a human race would have wiped each other out. It is this spiritu al sense of understanding that allows us to be civilised and to live side by sid e without resorting to instinctive tribal like feeling. Furthermore, it seems ob vious to me that because “GOD” has shown me that the real reason they are holding Ir aq, is because of a star gate. I find it no coincidence that the first known civ ilisation originated in the civil war troubled area of what is termed the Sunni Triangle. I think it possible that what allowed the first civilisation to occur here, the Ancient Sumerians, was that some of the people living in said area, we re somehow modified by visitors that came from this star gate. The ancient Sumer ians even had electricity, through some type of metal interacting with wine. I s ee it possible that what was really created in this area was spirit, which is wh at is truly eternal. As I have understood through my conscious journeys through space, there is actually still a planet of spiritual heavenly beings, that can t ranscend dimensions, and if the Ancient Sumerian’s were at the time when, accordin g to the old tantamount of the bible, the heavenly beings walked amongst us, the n it is possible that these spiritual beings truly exist in the eighth and ninth dimension, which are closest to the real God, and indeed used this star gate to planet Earth to transport themselves to and from our planet. The real God as sh own to me by the man who called himself “GOD” when he installed a map of the univers e into my head, is just a ray of light that orbit’s the nine dimensions. This spirit that was possibly consciously created in us by visitors from the nin th dimension, the Paladin or heavenly beings, which seem to be able to transcend all dimensions, is what are true creators are really looking for. We must learn to use our sixth sense, and to understand the travel that is possible in such s pirit, but mostly, as “GOD” showed me, gravity flows into and out of planet. Further , I hypothesis that solutions are passed to people when an age of time spiritual ly in the right state, by the interlocking of the holy spirit which takes the fo rm of gravity passing through our planet, with human spirit. This results in spi ritual enlightenment, and I think gives a rise in our spiritual energy. It is th is spiritual energy is the one thing we have not, and the “Greys” of the fourth dime nsion have not being able to figure out. It is through the understanding of spirit, which the Paladin that visited me tra nsformed into, something I feel was only a spiritual form, that we can eventuall y evolve into our correct spiritual creators. Thus, whilst we can freely use technologies that the fourth dimension offers us, we must also develop the feeling that our spirit brings when something is right or wrong. Therefore, it we all developed our understanding spirits, we could pe acefully worship technology, and possibly end all evil. However, whilst one pers on still gets what they want through being evil, the cycle of evil is perpetuate d if we choose to think through our instincts, which manifest themselves as the feeling of revenge. I think I have broken this cycle of evil by not turning towa rds evil despite the evil I have being through, and I think this is the reason t he most civilised systems have being built on the bedrock of Christianity, becau se whilst there should always be justice, we can find positive spirit in not giv ing into evil manifestations of instinctive egoisms, something the teachings of Jesus taught when emphasising that one should forgive and turn the other cheek. However, I think spiritual energy that comes from understanding something correc

tly, is in direct inverse ratio to the amount a person thinks through their inst incts. Thus, a spirit can become inverted when a person perpetuates the cycle of evil, for instance, the animalistic desire of wanting revenge, instead of prope r justice. It is my humble opinion, that the best thing a human can do in terms of a spiritual afterlife, is to break the cycle of evil, and thus, have a positi ve spirit. Another idea I seem to have developed is that a person with a positiv e spirit can sense when one person is thinking about them in an instinctive mann er. Thus, good people are inherently warned through spirit when there is the pos sibility of violence, because such behaviour is a manifestation of instincts. It is this spiritual feeling which one gets when correctly understanding a probl em, that firstly, allows us to be civilised, but secondly, this spiritual energy can transcend the dimensions, as no known matter can block a spirit. Thus, the more peaceful, understanding and tolerable people we are, when we beha ve in the correct way our spirit rewards us with a feel good factor. This spirit transcends dimensions, and it is plausible that consciously created space craft are built behind the time gates that guard the dimensions. As I have learnt a s pirit can not be blocked or taken, but increasing spiritual energy by living in the vision of our true conscious creators, can not be blocked by the time gate p ortals that guard dimensions. As if we are to become spiritually unified in the future, mankind as whole, we s hould be using this spiritual feeling that is inherent to all good people of pos itive spirit, to create a unified world and this is the solution to ending all e vil, through our spirit, and having the open use of fourth dimensional technolog y for the good of mankind, to ensure the worlds population is sustainable. I com municated that is this correct spiritual understanding of a situation that allow s energy to go into building concisely created space ships of the higher dimensi on. Thus, when we correctly understand as humans and are not evil, we are in a g ood mutual relationship with the higher dimensions, and our feeling of spiritual fulfilment is echoed in their dimensions. However, when we incorrectly understa nd by giving into our primitive ego’s, they become a threat to us, as a punishment , the way the universe was designed by the real God, to ensure that we use the p lanet correctly. As described in the chapters, my conscious journeys into space, I have actually being guided along inter dimensional energy frequencies travelling as the Paladi n when it transformed into a heavenly being, and have actually remote viewed in this spiritual travel, what we term, heaven and hell. When I recreated on the si de of the vortex into the planet that ascended, I recreated on the other side of a time gate, and the spiritual Paladin being that had transformed itself was th eir. It instructed me to never forget my spirit. I find further proof that this was true, because the next night I heard the man of peace state, “Do it quickly wh ilst he’s stoned.” I then felt a huge influx of computer chips inside my head, and I tried to consciously repel them, however, this level of mind control attempted me to recreate what I had travelled as a spiritual form. More of this will be ex plained in the chapter, my conscious journeys into space. However, I take this as proof that what we are ultimately judged upon, is when w e do something, if we feel it to be right or wrong. When we lose touch with our spirits, and carry on doing something bad regardless of our spirit giving us a c onscious feeling of the wrong we are doing, this is the evil attitude that will send our spirits for a certain time to the planet which is hell. The man of peac e apprentice guards the time gates to this planet, and it is an iron atmosphere, where huge dog type creatures with extendable tongues, that spurt out and grab our spirits. Nonetheless, no one is damned eternally, as a portal or star gate f rom this planet goes back to earth. I think it possible hell is the eighth dimen sion, as to remote view this planet correctly, not through spirit, but through t he time gates, there are a number to pass through. One can travel consciously in

this way as the Paladin lower space form, using lasers to open the time gates. Nonetheless, it seems the “Grey” agenda is to break our spiritual feeling, as I have experienced, they have no morals, and work only on logical values. It is a sad state of affairs, when a man who calls himself “GOD” and thinks we are better of dea d than alive controls such beings. I further think the “Grey” reliance on logic, cor responds with the saying that the Earth has lost its moral compose since the 195 0’s. This is because as the secretive technologies are gradually commercialised, p eople want more and more of such luxuries, they are finding themselves locked in a competition for resources. This is not conducive towards evolving to become o ur true spiritual creators, or to have the heavenly beings walk amongst us again , because as we compete, we lose the sense of each man, woman and child being a divine creation. Therefore, it seems obvious the solution is to peacefully worship the technology offered by the fourth dimension, whilst reaffirming the spirit of mankind, so t hat no one will go against the spiritual consonance that makes every man, woman and child a divine and eternal creation. I think by living by this model, we can create a global civilisation, with a ren ewable energy source for years to come. However, everyone in the world must accept that every other person has a spirit, which can manifest itself as a conscience, so that we feel when we do something bad, and one will have to serve the necessary time in the planet of Hell, with the iron atmosphere, if they go against this feeling. Thus, if no one creates th e cycle of evil, then their will be no one to perpetuate it. It is by proving th e link between life and death, and spiritual eternity, that people will be persu aded to not use evil to get what they want. Lastly, as an example of the spiritual dimensions being able to enter our dimens ion, I have twice in my life, being spoken to by my dead Grandma. The first time it happened she came as I walking down my garden, and she said, mind to mind, “Yo ur going to win a lot of money soon but what you will do with it may determine t he rest of your life.” I then two days latter won $18,000 on online poker. From a deposit of $600. I then blew the lot in 4 hours. The second time she has spoken me was recently, when I saw her spirit, and she said, “Your onto something very sp ecial here, but don’t be corrupted by these people.” If we could completely unlock t hese dimensions, it would be remarkable if we could never actually lose contact with the people closet to us. I take this as further proof that spirit, not soul s, are eternal. Further, a theory of fake stars that I had developed from watching astronaut vid eos in space. It seems in all these videos there are no stars. These could actua lly be space ships watching over us, they only appear to be stars from our own a tmosphere. Their has been an influx of stars over my house, or what could positi vely be termed real light beings. However, most unknowing people that I have ask ed about the stars don’t realise this technology, possibly from the fourth dimensi on, is being utilised. Whether this is true or not I do not fully understand, it is possible the astron aut videos from space are faked, and thus the stars are not their in them, becau se some very powerful people want what is out their to remain their secret. Howe ver, this is an instinctive mind set and is not in the vision of our creators, t he Paladin heavenly beings, which is to do what we think and feel right, for the overall good of humanity. do not want the people knowing what is really out the ir. Nonetheless, looked at from a positive point of view, this could introduce the r eligion that peacefully worships technology, but understands that our final judg

ement is a spiritual one. It is possible that the beings of light have being impressed with how I broken c ycle of evil. I think this is the vision of our true creators, and as I travelle d with the Paladin in its lower space form, I was taken to its host planet, and the father of the four is at this moment held in a paralysis, with red eyes. How ever, when I thought telepathically if this spiritual father would return after 2012, it eyes changed from red to bright blue. I think the return of the spiritu al father will be a catalyst that will cause the prophesised spiritual rebirth o f mankind. So it is my conclusion that we can sustain and grow the worlds population, by pe acefully using technology, however, their must also be a united global security force. And if these technologies are misused by any anti global civilisation “terr orists” then the united defence force must ensure that security prevails. Thus, we could use “Grey” technologies openly, in a bid to end human suffering and reverse t he worlds recession by the state led commercialisation of such technologies, an example being where people could time travel through their own minds, or be take n to distant star systems, as I have experienced. Such use of allowing people to travel through space inside the Paladin that I have had contact with, or to tim e travel consciously, is obviously not dangerous because there is no weaponry in volved. I am sure commercialisation of such technologies could inject another se ctor into the economy, which would, in some part, revitalising the economy. This is the peaceful use of such technology, so that good people could be reward ed, instead of only punishing the bad. This is the correct way to ensure we buil d a renewable and global civilisation, without any type of mass genocide, as som e people of the more sceptical individuals think is in store for us in the futur e. However, the future is ours to manifest, and manifest destiny as a spirituall y united whole we should. I know what the Paladin transformed into, and it can only be described as a spir itual form, thus, I know that spirit exists. It is this spirit that allows good to always eventually overcome evil, and allows us to live in a civilised society . As I explained, spirit exists in an inverse ratio to instinct, and when we mak e instinctive judgements, that only serve to give ourselves a short kick of feel ing the victor in an instinctive mind game, this will serve to lower our ability to feel through spiritual energy. Thus, as according to living through instinct ive manifestations of mind, we are not living in the vision of the creator, that is, for us all to live collectively in spiritual harmony. Further, at this point I think it necessary to point out the close death experie nce I had when I was 18. A piece of laminated card had become lodged in my oesop hagus, because I mistakenly swallowed some amphetamine a friend gave me in it. T his lump would not remove itself, and eventually I ended up in a coma lie “fit” on t he floor. As I turned a pale blue colour, a bright white light came on, and aske d, “Do you want to die yet” I quickly and automatically responded, “No I’m to young die yet.” The card that had become blocked directly sprung up out of the part of my bo dy it was lodged in. I see these white light beings as being a replication of th e real God on earth, Maybe these are the heavenly beings that the Paladin turned itself into, or maybe they are the ships that “GOD” showed me, either way, they are truly inspiring and remind us all that the real GOD is only a bright ray of lig ht above all the dimensions, as proven to me in the map of the universe installe d in my head by “GOD“ and stated, this is the real reason we are holding Iraq. Moreover, the Paladin heavenly beings are Earths true protectors. I saw in the c hapter entitled, “do not draw attention to that object!” However, this could signify the start of what the Myans termed the golden of mankind, the spiritual age, wh ere I am informed that is the future religion, the peaceful worshipping of techn ology, as explained in the chapter, The treatment, examination and interaction w

ith time travelling future humans, where what I have assumed the last human to t ruly remain on this planet stated, “there is no place for violence in the future.” I think in times of change, when irrational and unneeded persecution hit’s a perso n, this is one of god’s angels that ensures that good will overcome evil, that liv es in a spiritual form of light. I consider this contact possibly a point of div ine intervention, because after the contact I had a better understanding of the evil that was occurring against me, as I could see the people responsible inside my own mind. Further, the Paladin beings can not be controlled in the same auto matic way the “Greys” can, and thus, always have humanities best interests at heart. I think this could be symbolism that has given me hope to continue. Symbolism th at whatever persecution a person faces, spirit is divine, and that is what was t ruly consciously created in us. Whatever the outcome, it depends on what one believes, and the fact that this si ngle light has not deserted me for the past 6 months makes me believe that this single light is actually a sign from the creator, that this man needed stopping, as he was hell bent on destruction of the world, and I have played a pivotal ro ll in not giving into his evil. I think this corresponds with a world wide shift soon to come with the golden age of spiritual enlightenment, when people move a way from inherent selfish egos, and come towards using their minds and spirit le vel of consciousness to interact, instead of instinctive based judgements, when we all turn away from evil. I agree with what the ‘experts’ say about 2012, that the mental shift will proceed the physical shift. However, if viewed as a ultimate sceptic, a private war is going to take place b etween the classified section of the American military and the secret Zionist go vernment, and the publicised, I.e. fighter jets side of the American military. I have since being telepathically warned by another independent agent that this c ould be “their” holocaust, and more explanation of this will come in the chapter, “Thi s is exactly what we are trying to stop.” More of this will come in the title chapter, “We are going to build the absolute c onspiracy in you.” I feel it is my spiritual responsibility to explore all possible sides of what t his could possibly turn out to be. Whether this true light being is real or not, there is a moral to this story, an d that is as I overcame the extreme evil that I was faced with, by being humble and stating that I would forgive this evil that had occurred to me, as did Jesus when faced with unfair persecution, this light came on the focal point of my be droom window, and has since being their every night. I see this as a philosphopy that can be followed for us all to overcome evil and to enter the golden age of spiritual enlightenment together, by uniting together as one earth under Paladi n and not Grey rule, of which Paladins are the conscious creators and the one th ing that the Greys, with their secret mind control projects and secretive illumi nation can never concur, the exact thing that Paladins created, and that is huma n spirit. Lastly, I think my human spirit has even allowed me to overcome the ev il I was faced with by one of the most luciferian rulers known to man, the man w ho called himself “GOD” and some of his conspiracy mad colleagues in various securit y or intelligence services. I believe that in the next epoch, the spiritual crea tors, will return to planet earth, and this increase in our natural resonating f requencies, will lead to a greater determination in all people to not give into our inherently selfish human instincts, which will in turn lead to a greater spi ritual awareness, which will allow us to finally concur all evil that arises out of such inherently selfishness instinctive desires, and allow us to live in uni ty as one. As I have read about this natural increase in the resonating rate of our nervous systems is because more galactic energy will enter the planet, as we

cross a global equator, leading to a better feel good factor in all humans, whi ch will lead us away from evil, and cause more spiritual awareness, thus, allowi ng us all to treat each other with dignity and moral values. However, I am made aware by the man who calls himself “GOD” that some people within the secretive elite groups are doing everything possible to prevent the return o f our true creators, because they prefer the profitable nature of “Grey” technologie s. Nonetheless, I think people that want the return of the heavenly beings, or P aladin spiritual form, are generally in the greater number. Maybe the peaceful use of technology, human or non human is the first step towar ds this new age of enlightenment. However, it is also possible they are systematically destroying our atmosphere i n an attempt to start “their holocaust.” Ultimately, I think this comes down to the man who calls himself “GOD” turning away from evil, and that he could either decide to save or destroy our planet in the future, with his knowledge of what I term “small Grey” technology. However, when I a sk him inside my own mind if he will turn from lucifierianism, he replies, “NEVER!” However, I prey that even the man who calls himself “GOD” can be redeemed from his l uciferian approach. I remember looking up at the sky as I was at one of my lowest points during bein g put on the same mind control project that the most wanted terrorist in the wor ld was on, and as I was overcoming it, a voice saying, “Don’t worry about him, your with us now.” I retrospectively took this as meaning that I was know directly on t he “Grey” run mind control project, as according to the man of peace, “no one has ever taken a mind control project as far as I have.” More explanation of what “GOD” has planned for 2011, will be given in the chapter wi th the title, The luciferian Jews, the fallen Angel, the Real Greys, the militar y robots, the planned fake invasion of military Robots in 2011, their holocaust, and how they control this planet.

The final week of university hand ins I seemed to realise that I was never going to win a battle with these people aga inst me around March of this year.

I remember walking through my house, pretending to be a terrorist in my mind bec ause these responses seemed to have being on some level, pre programmed into me, but also I was messing about within in my own mind, because I knew there was so me beings listening to my thoughts. I think I felt it through my spirit, which I think is a way good overcomes evil, because such a feeling is only available to good people, as spirit is the true thing that was consciously created in us, by the creators, what are termed the Paladin. So I thought if they we were wasting my time, and my brain power, I may aswell t ry to waste theirs also, as my brain was being invaded. However, I remember being told on multiple occasions to not respond to the thoug hts I was hearing and not recognising as my own. I remember one such vivid time in my kitchen, a man appearing at the top of my conscious field, and I was ranti ng in my own head about why I should not respond, he said, “you would be well advi sed to learn Mr. <My Surname>.” This man would latter like to be known as God, or latter, Malcolm, and it was at this time that I first fully heard and fully saw the man who liked to be known as “GOD.” Or indeed as I was latter told, head of classified, I latter assumed this man to be the man who calls himself "GOD". However, two years previously I had being working a night shift, and I remember at this point definitely thinking that my brain had being tampered with, and I r eplied to him, “I’m a mentalist.” It seems no coincidence a hit TV program was latter launched that was entitled the mentalist, about a person who used logical deduct ion of subliminal thoughts to make himself believe he was a psychic who could he ar the thoughts of others. This is something I apparently do, and I have being i nformed by “GOD” that this based on me. Moreover, many of my ideas seemed to be comi ng out in the mainstream press. I would latter find that people in such position s of authority have their imagination “pinned” to avoid imaginational based mistakes , and thus, my imagination was being preyed upon by such unscrupulous capitalist s. However, I am quite pleased that do have good ideas within my head. Now my ul timate idea is to create a global unity of spirit, so that we may enter the prop hesised thousand years of global peace after 2012. Around this time as I was going to sleep I was flashed an image of two men in pl ain clothes uniform, with a man in military uniform with a spot on the back of h is ear looking over, and deciding he would take care of this. In retrospect this was the man who called himself “GOD” attempting to cover his own tracks from the mo st well known intelligence agency. I then thought I went from the intelligence agency mind control project, back t o the secret military one that was installed on me when in the chapter, “I woke wi th a swelling under the left hand side of my brain.” This man would latter claim t o be part of the classified military, possibly U.S.A. By putting me on his perso nal mind control project he was attempting to cover up his own tracks so that hi s secretly sponsored Zionist mind control project would be covered up to off the most well known intelligence agency agencies, as it would come under his person al control. I began what was then the most important week of my life doing coursework. The resonating voices seemed to become worse, with the aim of really messing up my concentration. I could sense who was doing this and the satisfaction they wer e getting from these voices, as this did not seem to be part of the for coming m ilitary project. I logically deduced from the personality of such voices enterin g my heads the perpetrators behind this. I could tell one was the tutor who appe ared in my final year of university, however, this man then helped me through a piece of coursework using illumination. After this he stated, “No one has ever hel

d me like that before.” I am quite clear that the resonating, repeating voices on a cycle only designed with the objective of breaking my concentration are part of the private project, because I would not think a rational government, or military system for listeni ng to the thoughts of others, would deliberately try to bring me down in this wa y, as they would be more objective in their means. After I was flashed the aforementioned image, I was subject to a very clear form of communication by the man who liked to be called “GOD“. I asked him who he was, a nd he replied, “god,” but I did not think it was really god and I quickly put two an d two together and thought this must be the man in military clothing of the imag e I was shown. I do not know who the image came from, however, I think this was from a good force that good humanely understand the suffering I was going throug h, when only attempting to improve my life of myself and others by getting a dec ent law degree. I became quite clear nto me at this time, at I thought was the sity. I became quite ture. that the resonating voices were being beamed by satellite i as I could feel the itch on the top of my head targeting wh chip that had been implanted since the first year of univer clear that the voices that repeated were of a vindictive na

They often stated things to do with terrorism or things to do with my past lies, that in hindsight came from the back of my brain from pre programmed installed chips. Furthermore, I completely snapped on the Thursday morning and went to make a pho ne call to Serious Organised Crime Agency, and said I was calling because of ter rorism, because these people with the resonating voices were remotely terrorisin g me. After I mentioned the t word one of the people I seemed to have been in co ntact with remotely instantly told me to put down the phone, because this would only make it worse. I took his advice and instantly shut down the phone. In hindsight this person had access to a chip inside my head, and could therefor e control my actions. It seems the conspiracy against me had recruited all my pa st enemies and allowed them to have access to a chip inside my head. After this occurred I had been awake a long time, and the flights were reschedul ed because of the volcano. At this time I had broken down, after studying all night to ensure I passed thes e exams and would only become a good contributing member of society, yet I was s ubject to such extreme evil, that was all done remotely. During this breakdown, I stated, “I have done no wrong, this all unfair persecutio n,“ then a little irately I bellowed, “I am Jesus,“ then a voice from a chip in my hea d told me to say, “And am a time travelling future human.” I then said, “You do not understand what you have, you have such great technology that could be used to inspire the good rather than only punish the bad!” I thought we could use such technology in a positive way, for good rather than b ad, and thus, because I was a good human being the technology should be used for good. However, it seems the time travelling future human bit of my speech was taken se riously, when it actually came from a deeply classified chip installed in the ba

ck of my brain. When I got home, there was a plane flying low over my house. I had being told to sit their, and I sat my eyes and felt laser all over my head. The lasers were m uch greater in number than the single satellite chip that hit me when I was stud ying for my exams. A chip was then put into the back of my head, by what I was t old was future humans. They seemed to target my head. I thought it no coincidenc e that on this same morning I had made the broke down and cried about myself bei ng a “time travelling future human.” I was then communicated to telepathically by an illuminated individual that I co uld ask “them” one single question, and I asked what will happen in 2012? I was then shown an image of the globe with a huge ray of sunlight illuminating everything. I take this as correspondence for what is one the NASA website, that Earth will be hit by a series of Solar flairs in the year 2012. At this time, the previous conspiracy seemed to be removed, and the resonating r epeating voices disappeared for a few days. At this time I sensed that because I am a good person, someone in a high position of power noticed this and realised , that yes, we should use this technology to inspire good rather than to install fear. I have no doubt such means are used for good in government, however, I am not in any area of anything, and thus, I am inspired that they could see good. It was at this time a man I have called the man of peace spoke, and said, “Do you realise how bloody serious we thought you were?” It was this man who declared hims elf to be the joint chief of staff of the most well known intelligence agency. H owever, I suspect he was actually one of the five who control global security. The next day a Friday, I was going into the shop and spoke to a person who state d he was for the joint chief of staff for the central intelligence agency. He sa id, “mark my words, right to the very top.” There seemed to be two people sat on eit her side of him that were also impressed with the perseverance I had shown to co mplete my law degree. It is with these three people that I have since being in contact most of the tim e. They seem to be able to travel anywhere in the world. I think they have sided or some how transformed themselves into these small “Grey” aliens. These are the th ree people working at the very highest level of classification, or were, and the three that controlled the world’s small “Grey’s.” They keep stating they only need only 1 more, and its me, but I have a bad feeling about this, and about joining them . Furthermore, they seem to have lied to me on many occasions. He then said, “you know nothing about this.” I then foolishly replied, “I swear on my mums life I don’t know,” Then came the bellowing voice of the man who is called “god,” shouting, “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” Then I replied, “I swear on my mums life I wont tell anyone.” Over the many coming weeks I was terrified on many occasions that they had kille d my mum, because the man is called god kept whispering through the secret mind control project, “she’s gone now,” thus, I would frantically phone her. “GOD” still has ac cess to a chip inside my head that apparently can not be removed, and still says whenever I think of my mum, “She’s gone now.” In retrospect I think this could be “god” way of showing my own foolishness for swea

ring on a life that is not mine to swear about. Thus, the means of this person, whilst at first appearing evil, have actually showed me the errors of my former ways. I think this “god” character is a powerful person, who I did myself no favours for l ying to about being involved in terrorism. However, maybe I was trying to show h im that truly there is no side, only the side of humanity. I have since come to the assumption that he is the man who calls himself "GOD", a man who along with 3 others controls the “Small Greys” and thus controls global security. Ultimately, I have being informed that he is still the head of the real illuminati, because h e is the one who knows how to control these outer planet beings which are a thre at to our very future, and is the reason human time travelling has being taken p lace since approximately the classified section of the U.S systems sided with th em, around the 1950’s I am remotely informed. It got to the point where he would state, “follow my commands at all times.” That afternoon he told me I would be getting a phone call at four o’clock at my ho use, on the dot,” about the earlier phone I had made to SOCA from a public phone b ox, which I had hung up on. I had to go and hand my coursework in, and thus, I told my mum she must hand it in at all costs. She went to hand it in. My mum’s phone was dead on the way coming back, and I was told, through the secret mind control project by somebody else, “that they have he r strung up in the back of the car.” I actually believed it and frantically phoned the police twice, making a missing person report. In retrospect this was a security driven operation to take my mind, not by my na tional security, but by the man who called himself “GOD,” which the lower down civil ian ranking operations had obedience to because of his tyranny which was a manif estation of his instincts. Let us not repeat this mistake of the past. It then dawned on me that the people saying these things to me were all secret n on government agents, working on the side of global Zionism because they thought I was a threat to what they are trying to build, because of the bullshit I had posted on the internet one night. However, the man of peace, who I have since found out is still running a secret mind control project after a nameless individual illuminated this to me, and thu s can also be a man of deep deceit, declared himself to be the most well known i ntelligence agency did investigate this matter for me after I sent the email, be cause they were probably bound to after I blamed them, and compared to the man w ho called himself “GOD” they were very even handed and fair. They get blamed for a l ot of conspiracies on the internet, when in my view, it is actually the classifi ed section of the American military and the two wars which are being undertaken at the moment are both illuminated conspiracies for which good men, woman and ch ildren are dying. It does not help that the classified section of U.S military, which “GOD” was the former head of, operated without any kind of oversight, that nee d to be kept in check. However, there does seem to be one man who kept “GOD” in chec k, and this man was a former head of defence under the Bush Administration. I th ink this man sacked “GOD,” because he realised on the most well known intelligence a gency and my advice, that “GOD” was misusing his powers into illegally and inhumanel y attempting to take my mind. He was doing this on the backing of wealthy lucifi erian Jews because I had made an attack on Zionism, on this stupid peace of writ ing I wrote, which was not written from my own perspective, and therefore “GOD” was siding with the Zionist capitalist rather than his own country.

The illuminati star child Moreover, I remember the voice within my head one morning asking what is your on e wish. My brain was ultimately cased with some type of artificial most well kno wn intelligence agency technology, at this point, and I could hear his voice ver y clearly. This was the voice the man who calls omatically replied r child that comes of the man who called himself “GOD“, who I latter assumed to be a himself "GOD". “what is one thing you would like the most?” I aut without being able to think properly, “To be the illuminati sta and saves everyone.”

I didn’t even have any good idea what this meant, let alone wish to be it under no rmal circumstances. I retrospectively think this came from a chip inside my head , when I thought it someone said, “Let him have that one!“ I only heard about this o nce before, and my only wish before that had be to have good health. I don’t think it would be unfair to say I was mind controlled into making this wis h. I think this wish was a product of the mind control that had cased my brain t hat morning. I further think this wish came from a chip inside my brain that had being previously installed and was under the control of somebody else. As it stands, I don’t know the true intentions of the people behind this “project.” I think the intentions are polarized, in that this could be really good for the be nefit of the human race, or it could turn really nasty and result in a mass geno cide. I am informed through sending thoughts over wavelengths, that this is a project run by the last remaining future human, as only does this thing have the power t o get rid of the “Greys” that the man who calls himself “GOD” has launched on me. I thin k this was his final ‘coup de grais,’ in that he wanted to establish a military dict atorship based on his absolute rule, by creating a disaster that would require i mmediate military intervention, which only he knew the solution to. More description will be given in the chapters referring to the influx, however, it is safe to say that one communicator thought to me, “We have a full scale inva sion on our hands here, there will be mutiny in the ranks because of this one!” I never actually thought this response would be taken seriously, however, it see ms the man who asked it, known as “GOD“, will attempt to make anything come true. However, with the recurring theme of “god” showing me the foolishness of my own stat ement after I could feel one night the inside of my brain shrinking inside my sk ull, and his threat that he was going to turn me into an alien, I was absolutely terrified. The man who called himself god seemed to be enthused by this. In that evening I went to get a packet of cigarettes, and returned, smoking one on my back doorste p. That night the chapter entitled the true light beings began. After that, many craft started flying over my house at a high level, they were j umping slightly, looking similar to the star I had being looking at earlier. I w as amazed and grateful for this grate air display, as white lights jumped in bet

ween what I would latter think were jumping between gravity, which as according to the chapter, gravity according to “GOD“ and the supreme being. It always seems to be my imagination that he built on. My ideas were taken liter ally by him, and this form of mind control was to build on my ideas. However, whilst this man seems to get a kick out of distressing me, I am gratefu l for all that he has shown me as I battled through a replica of the most wanted terrorist in the worlds mind control project, whilst doing the final month of a three year law degree. At one point during June of 2010, whenever I provisional ly completed this work, I would have another E.T contact, like they were rewardi ng me, as I think it possible the real supreme beings are pissed off at only wor king behind deep levels of classification. The most remarkable was the encounter with the real Reptillian craft of the fourth dimension, as explained in the sam e title chapter. As I stood looking up at the sky, all I could see were bright white stars, that it latter transpired were craft jumping in distance, then stopping. I was convin ced these were real ET craft at first, because of their jumping between gravity. I would latter find out these were actually man made craft using technology gai ned from the superior beings, because gravity at the quantum level does not work in the way traditional science, based on Newton’s theory of gravity has us believ e. More will be explained in the chapter, “Gravity as according to the superior be ings and “GOD.” However, when lying in bed I remember being contacted by somebody who likes to b e known as Shaun, said, “<My name> you know its not real.” I replied that whatever i t was, I was eternally grateful. Further, I think the man who calls himself god, then showed me images of all the craft after I closed my eyes. These craft could not be seen because they either flew so high, or used some type of invisibility technology. This is because I had heard someone telepathically state, “that’s heavy,” and god dema nded to know which ship was the “heavy”. I am unsure of whether these are human operated or of some type of supreme being , however, I am certain of one thing, that they are U.F.O’s using technology deriv ed from the fourth dimensions. However, as “GOD” showed me, these are not real craft, they are ultra classified spa ce ships that fly high in the Earths, atmosphere. It seems whatever I can contact, the man who calls himself god, and was using th e bots on my head in an operation ran by the “Greys“, I now know as Malcolm, was hel l bent on breaking my contact with it, by attempting to make me believe in somet hing else.

A sign from the real GOD, the aids saga. and the declared taking of my soul That week I was also shown an image of my mum eating pizza. I broke down complet ely as her Dad had died when she was two, as a Blackburn observer in a test flig ht of a British Buccaneer, and she had grown up without a father, who had died f or the freedom of this country. I was in tears in the garden, and again took faith in Christianity and peacefuln ess. I thought about the unfair persecution Jesus faced, and how it was always t

o be peaceful. It was about this time the man who stated “mark my words right to t he very top,” who I now know as the man of peace, stated in response to my thinkin g about taking peace in Christianity at our lowest moments, “that’s what will get yo u through this.” He appeared over the left hand side of my shoulder, and this man that seems to be able to see everything in the world, has helped me a lot to get through this. However, he is still running a mind control operation against me with the help of his apprentice. Nonetheless, this maybe for the greater good, i f they are trying to train me in some type of thought training that the worlds l eaders used. The most well known intelligence agency when “god” has been at his worst, showing me derogatory images of my family when shutting my eyes, in the same way the craft were shown to me. I found myself in my mind lying again after feeling the full pressure of “god” that evening. I stupidly thought, “that’s the reason me and my mum are in it together.” “god” m ust have thought that we were both terrorist after I thought this, and I further lied to myself, “I wish I had aids.” After this I felt something enter me, and a few hours latter I could smell the r epulsive odour of it. Further, the people I had being partly illuminated by all turned on me telling m e I had caught aids. Even more alarmingly, they all started telling me that I had given it to my moth er by toothbrush. I found this difficult to conceive that this could happen, as I know the aids virus is not easily passed between people, unless directly by bl ood. I was in tears that night, and woke up the next morning thinking that it sh ouldn’t be this way. I went into my garden, and was looking at the clouds, and miraculously the cloud s parted and the sun came out. It was like a sign from the real god, or creator, that I was not alone, and no matter what I had done, I had done nothing to dese rve this. At this time I began to feel how I thought would either bring the sun out, or if I thought badly, the sun would stay and clouds would block it out, an d further, the wind could be stopped directly by thinking about peaceful thought s. It remains a highly negative possibility that the mind control conspiracy has bu ilt on this to a level where they are going to blame me for the intended 2011 ho locaust by saying I have disrupted the flux of the atmosphere. It seems the man who called himself “GOD” was intent on recreating this moment as he and his two other men, the man of peace and the man of peace apprentice, who ar e actually both highly deceitful buggers, began flying cloud ships over my house . More explanation will come in the next chapters. The next morning I felt my head being filled up with something, like some type o f artificial technology, that I have latter come to the conclusion were actually a form of the small “Greys.” Which would occur when the man of peace declared, “Have him cased!” I could hear commands much clearer when this had happened than I could hear through my natural means of telepathy. I was told to go to the front windo w, and their I stood, seeing clouds move, and as I focussed my thought on the ri ght hand side of my brain, they would move to the right, or on the left hand sid e, to the left. However, this was not the same as had occurred naturally. I soon saw a light fla shing in the centre of the clouds, and new this must be a ship with some type of means of controlling the clouds. Nonetheless, I could direct the ship depending

on which hemisphere of the brain I thought through. This repeated for the next night and the next morning. However, I was so distres sed about this virus, after they had filled my head up on the Thursday morning o f that week, in a state of distress, and went down to the clinic to be tested, b ecause, they were still all telling me that I had this virus. As I went down to the hospital I quickly decided to come home. I came back home, and was told to go and stand at the window. As I did I noticed another one of these craft, and was told to stand still. As I stood their I not iced my arms turn into many white dots, and I could no longer smell the virus. I was told I had being healed, and thought this was amazing. Apparently this was on the man of peace orders. He had healed me by giving me a new type of Plasma a pparently. So light does appear from this dark saga, as I can prove if only from my words, there is a highly classified cure for the aids virus, and further, I think the way it as it was detonated in me, can show that this is a man made dis ease with the lucifierian objective of lowering and limiting the population of b lack Africa. However, as I stood their I could feel the type of the most well known intellige nce agency, intelligence that had been put inside my head was drawn towards the ship. Thus, I could communicate with the people I thought were on the ship. Thes e bots appeared as some type of cyber netic organism, of a small box shape with two legs. As “God” appeared in his military attire, he showed me that I was allowing these to escape into the atmosphere by thinking. This is the ultimate conspirac y he is going to build in me, as he is going to say, I am consciously creating t hese beings into the atmosphere, as he is going to irrationally state I am allow ing these forms of military brain casing technology to escape into the atmospher e, when its actually him beaming my head full of them, sometimes on a daily basi s. I did not believe this, that I was actually allowing these beings to escape into the atmosphere by thinking, because he must have a way to control such things b eing so high up into the military. Further, I think this was just another way to fulfil the conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul, by attempting to not allo w me to have conscious thoughts. Nevertheless, as I tried to communicate back to him he showed me that by communi cating back I was allowing these bots, or small greys, to escape into the atmosp here. Thus, he got his way for a while and I did not think. However, as I did no t think about anything I could feel a painful swelling develop inside my head. I t was like this was the ultimate “casing.” As I began to let them go, he stated that he had taken my soul. My soul is or wa s apparently a microscopic form of iron on my solaplexus, and he said he had tak en it. After this I went for a walk with my dad in the countryside and could still see on the inside of my brain, them three, “GOD,” the man of peace and the man of peace apprentice travelling with me. I discovered that each one of these was a type of thing that could allow remote communication. As each thought I had went to anot her one of these people travelling with me. I then went down to a local café with my dad. As I sat their I noticed two people looking at me, one that responded to the name of Bill, and another to the name o f Jill. As I thought of if I had being healed, Bill said I had. However, when I started enquiring if I had really had my soul taken, Bill became

agitated and responded telepathically it was “bullshit.” However, Jill was not so sure, and sent a thought, “nobody has technology like the Jews, NOBODY!” I kept enquiring and Bill stormed off, Jill remained, and thought, “You shouldn’t be so sure. At this point I was perplexed, because I did not think that this was the Israeli or Jewish military, I thought all craft were of British or American origin. At the time I did not know off the conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul, and w as thus highly confused about the reason for what was happening. Not surprisingly that night I couldn’t sleep, and I began to write about what had been happening to me. I wrote that I had type into Google on the night I pretend ed to be a terrorist and that this was all the intelligence services way of tran sforming people. However, three telepathic and illuminated people dragged my conscious field into a They all communicated to me telepathically, saying this was a “Jewish conspiracy t o take my mind body and soul,” because I had wrote a piece of writing on the night I originally referred to. Of course I would like to re emphasis that I am not anti Jewish, am not any type of terrorist, and simply wrote this from another persons perspective whilst hig h on drugs and playing counter strike for money, temporarily attempting to explo re the twisted mind state of such a terrorist. The next morning I went for a test and the results of the virus came back negati ve. However, the man of peace apprentice who can recreate any type of illumination, kept showing me that they now had my soul, which was a small white ball of iron on the solaxplexus. I’m unsure of whether to believe if they had really taken my s oul, or this was a believe that they built on because I made a post on the inter net several weeks before claiming that the small “Greys” are doing advanced experime nts on human souls. This post was encouraged from a chip within my head.

“Do not draw attention to that object and the map of the universe shown to me by “GO D“ In the same week after I had finished university, I was sat in the garden. I was thinking about how I would turn the other cheek to this hatred, and rise above it and be peaceful. I think it is possible the interdimensional or extra terrestrial forms are in th e process of turning there back on the classified section of the U.S military, b ecause they are only using their technology in for advancements in what is essen tially an evil thing to do, and that is commit war. I would like to think I have been contacted and have being through all this because I would use such knowled ge in a peaceful way to create a better life for all. During a meeting with a sm all “Grey” it symbolised to me that not only are they here to fight the civilised na tions wars for us, but they are also here to help us build this global civilisat ion, working out in the open for the overall good of humanity. As outlined earlier, the model to use fourth dimensional technology peacefully, whilst still developing our spirits is the key to allowing the small “Grey” worker c lones to help us build a global civilisation, but still having our “get out clause” which is the one thing we do not have a complete understanding of nor the “Greys,” w hich is to develop our understanding of the last great unknown, “human spirit.” This technique of showing me images before my eyes when I shut them, was done by the same man I called “GOD“. I suspect the latter. He has being using this mind con trol for four to five years on me. He probably knows me more about me than I kno w about myself. He has being using my ideas since he took over the mind control conspiracy from the civilian intelligence agency. He latter showed me a picture of the dimensions of our universe, with earth moving through time, a higher dim ension of huge reptilian beings, the size of a thousand earths, the paladies sta r system.

After showing me this map, he declared, “Never forgot what I showed you their Mr. <My surname>,” and this is the real reason we are holding Iraq. More will be expla ined in the chapter, this is the real reason we are holding Iraq. Nevertheless, after one of my usual breakdowns on the now increased severity con spiracy, whilst doing the final of my university and coursework, I walked down t he street feeling very low, a light was huge and in the evening sky, and the man who declared himself as “GOD” seemed to be in charge, started shouting, after I had

looked at this light object for a few seconds, “Do Not Draw Attention To That Obj ect!” and repeating the command again and again, He was obviously alarmed, this ob ject then shot across the blue sky, to another point, and came on again. This I am sure was not human, due to “gods” alarmed calls for me to not draw any attention to that object, and the fact that the other craft would just move a little bit a cross the night sky very high up, whereas this one was very close, shape shifted into a helicopter, then disappeared, reappeared far across the sky at an angle and proximity a lot closer than any of the other beings. I am sure this was not done my human technology, and “GOD” alarmed calls for me not to draw any attention t o this object! Confirmed my belief that this was the real creator, showing itsel f to me, in the full brightness of day. I am sure this was the creator really showing itself, because of “GOD” alarmed calls for me “not to draw any attention to this object,” and the way it flashed across th e sky in full daylight did not appear to be of any human technology. I remember just before I was having an argument with the man who seems to contro l a lot of the brains, saying, “I’m going to bring all this out,” and him repeating hi s instructions that he would kill my mother if I did. However, it seems this object only appears to me when I try to bring this out in the open, despite the generals best intentions to make me say, “I know nothing, a nd I always will know nothing,” and to not let me think. I normally get into an ar gument saying, “I’m a free person, and I can think whatever I want.” This culminated in “god” saying level 52 passed, you are no longer on the secret min d control project. I do honestly believe this was Paladin showing himself in the skies, because all the other craft only jumped a fraction across very high up altitude, however, t his one was down low, and suddenly came on in a very bright light, then it jumpe d completely across the horizon, and reappeared. I honestly think that at this l owest point, being systematically abused by this man, one of gods angels showed itself in the form of this inter-dimensional being in our atmosphere. This gave me the inspiration I needed to take the first step and inform someone else of the conspiracy against me.

The walk and the re-engineering of my brain synapses I went on a walk with my mother during this distressing time as I knew she could feel my distress. On the way around this walk I felt some type of slug enter my brain and start wo rming its way around. It attacked the back of ears inside my brain, and the man that declared himself to be “GOD” stated, “were reengineering your brain synapses.” Perhaps in hindsight this was done for a good reason because at the time their d id feel to be a lot of pressure within my brain, and this pressure was relieved from my brain. However, it felt terribly invasive to have my brain altered in su ch a way. Nonetheless, after that I could no longer see the being in the back of my mind t hat which a future human seemed to have held its hands out and forward to, as th ough illuminating this being to me. After that I could not see this Paladin bein g which seemed to be the same being that I was in contact with since January, be cause “GOD” re engineered my brain synapses with some type of slug that wormed its w ay around my sub conscious part of my brain. It seems as I write this new images are of the creator are put back inside my mi nd, or perhaps, my brain synapses have reformed and I can again see this supreme being in the back of mind. This man, who I have since assumed from media reports to be the sacked Jedi Gene ral himself, a the man who calls himself "GOD", is hell bent on a fourth dimensi onal Reptilian take over of planet Earth, because he is one of the ultimate Luci fierians. This all seemed to be the way “GOD” or head of c, or Malcolm, liked to break my cont act with this holy light being, so that he could have his way with the world by causing a second holocaust, with the help of the beings described in the next ch apter.

“These are the beings that are helping build Zionism!” In retrospect I was shown some craft last night, and the one who seems to be

particularly against me in the conspiracy, and I latter found out was head of c, and particularly determined to carry it through, said these are helping us buil d Zionism. I think it no coincidence that the night I must have posted something bad on the internet, I am told the attack was against Zionism, of which I could not remember, and thus the ring leader of the conspiracy, as I am told is possi bly the head of classified military and a close friend of the former richest man in the world, has been employing these beings to attempt to control my mind. I will explain the whole events of last night, however, it is clear for us to se e that these beings are computer driven clones, far more advanced than human kin d, and they are not are true creators. I think by possibly siding with such bein gs, and not our true creator, we could be endangering the human race if we are t o use their technology in a way that is to divide and conquer human spirit. We are a biological creation, they seem to only be a logical creation. As I was looking a voice I recognised as old time whistle blower sent a thought to me, re plying to me saying, “Were a biological creation.” He then sent a thought back sayin g, “Yes, what did you just say, bio…?” He then sent another thought saying, “And some ve ry influential people think we should become only logical beings, and that’s what this is all really about.” I have further being shown a dream, this time when sleeping, of two humans in th e future, a mother and baby. The mother was nursing the baby as it was the last of human kind, and she said, “the clones just run around stealing our food.” I have no doubt in my heart that these computer driven type of beings are the clones th at the future human in the vision I had was referring to. It seems “GOD” was determined to show me all these incredible things because he knew I was determined to overcome this mind control project and ultimately blow the whistle on this, thus, possibly ‘compromising’ myself, by revealing what I think we all should be aware of. It is by siding with such beings but using their technology to create temporary wealth and luxury that, in my informed opinion, we could possibly endanger futur e humanity. I think it no coincidence that time travelling future humans, such a s what I think was the Roswell incident, are also travelling to this period in t ime to warn us of the perils of siding with such computer driven beings in the f uture. I was told through the secret mind control project, or natural telepathy, I know not which, that the “Greys” have being here since the 1950’s, and the time tra velling future humans since 1964. It seems there is an apparent war in the futur e, and the time travelling future humans are telling us to get rid of them while we still have a chance. I think it shows the perils of such unchecked capitalism, that people with such money can privately employ other people to contact these beings on their behalf in the hope of fulfilling their own private agenda. However, after I had the experience in January, more of which I will talk to in that chapter, the head of c as he liked to be known, or god, or latter Malcolm, said they were all military driven robots. I think it possible these robots have been developed by the deep classified military, and have a capacity to be self replicating. However, he did after that state, “Its better for you to just believe that for the time being.” Thus, I believe there are real “Greys,” however, many in th e so called illuminati have what they think are “Greys” as pets, when these are some type of military robot. I think in the future if we are to have contact with such beings it must be on t he terms of good for the whole of humanity, rather than just the self pleasure o f a few individuals at the expense of falsely enslaving the rest into such a wor ld as unchecked capitalism.

We should contact such beings openly for the overall good of humanity, if they a re to be contacted, because only by that method we will ensure the few, hell ben t on world domination, do not conquer and enslave the many. However, I also remember looking at a cloud in the form of an alien face, and it stating “There are only greys and non greys.” However, it is possible that he creat ed this being through advanced technologies given by the fourth dimension, and h e stated it into the secret mind control project I have being subject to. Noneth eless, when I seemed to communicate with it, it did not sound like his normal vo ice. I do think that is through my spirit level of consciousness, that goes beyond mi nd and at base level, instinctive thinking, that alerted me to the fact that the se dreams did not belong to me, thus I think no matter what evil people are conf ronted with, there is some type of human spirit that science will never overcome , and I think it is my development of this spirit, from the past wrongful persec ution I was facing of taking my mind, body and soul, that has allowed me to be g ood and not recycle this hatred with evil of my own. Whatever happens I am pro human spirit, and I think this will prevail in the end , if we do the right actions because of the right reasons, the right results wil l obviously follow. It is not for a few to enslave the whole due to their sole contact with beings t hat are not our real creators, but could, offer humanity great technology if hum ans did not only pursue only their own success of such individual sides. I think this is what experts refer to when they say the mental shift must come b efore the physical shift. We can not just individually compete and expect such beings to help the whole of humanity, when we are not yet rid of our own negative emotions which are remnan ts to a time when we only concentrated on survival, of the fittest. I think we can retain our human spirit, whilst riding ourselves of our negative emotions.

The REAL reptilian craft of the fourth dimension as shown to me by head of class ified (Or was head of classified) Around the beginning of July, I walked out of my house and I saw many de materia lised craft, but with the light of the edges of the structure spinning. This was after I had provisionally completed this work. It seems they want me to bring t his out in open, to change the earth for better. Nonetheless, they were dematerialised the same as craft which a well known ufo e xpert points out on you tube. In retrospect is these that have given American Cl assified invisibility technology. I was walking along my road, and wherever I looked these would appear. I think t hese visitors must be impressed with the fortitude I have shown, in separating m y instinct to be able to forgive such negativity against me, and be able to sepa rate mind from instinct. These craft on the first night I became aware had a variation of the way they lo oked, however, I was walking along my street and I vividly remember that whichev er point I looked at, a craft would appear. These tilted, changed direction, dow n and either side very quickly, and could almost bounce off the earths surface, or even go through the earths surface. I looked up from my doorstep, and their was a huge cylinder based craft, pulling these light beings into place. I stared at this huge cylinder based craft, and it froze for a minute before communicating, “You’re the one we want in charge!” Then i t left these “light beings” in place, before shooting off at light speed. I knew thi s was not a human craft as I have seen photos on websites showing these craft le aving the Earths Atmosphere. These must be the real Reptillian craft of the four th dimension, as their employees, “The small Greys” who work without morals and just on logic, seem to be technologically far more advanced than us. However, our true creators, what are termed the Paladin, travel consciously, or as I have theorised through extremely advanced magnetic equations, which allow t hem to travel using galactic energy to any point on the three dimensional univer

se in a split second, by interacting with a planets natural Magnetic structure, and doing an almost instanteous calculation in their heads. Thus, they travel in their lower space form as Magnetic structures, and that is why, when confused, their head expands, as it is doing a some type of magnetic equation. Thus, the r eason each epoch ends and starts with a polar shift is because we are sending th rough our own consciousness, or inner magnetic field, energy just by existing, t o the Poles of the Earth through the natural magnetic hemispheres of our brain. Thus, in this vision, have we been created as a Paladin creation, and not a Rept illian one of the fourth dimension. More explanation of this balance we need to create between our natural creators, and the amazing technology of the fourth di mension will be given in subsequent chapters. I remember looking at the sky and thinking, I’m going to the park. When I walked i nto the park there was a strange non black sort of light, more light brown, like I was walking through a de materialised craft. As I walked to the other side, a tilted saucer type craft came down from the sky, bobbed off the surface into th e ground, went slightly through it, then accelerated, spinning away to my right. This craft can only be described as what Ezekial described as a “burning chariot o f the God’s.” Thus, our true creators, which as one has visited me and turned into w hat can only be described as a heavenly being of the old testamount, and the Rep tilians of the fourth dimension, have always being here, however, it is just a c ase of unlocking their secrets, then using this technology in the case of the fo urth dimensional ones for the greater good of mankind, and the spirit of our tru e creators, the heavenly beings, to ensure each human alive is treated as a divi ne being. Thus, by overcoming our instinctive desires as a whole, and living in a natural renewable way, with the peaceful worshipping of technology, human or n on human, where no one misuse such technology for self gain, we can see a balanc e will be created between the Reptilians of the fourth dimension, and to live as a collective spiritual whole, the true creators, which as transformed in front of me, can only be described as a seven foot tall heavenly being with the bright est blue eyes. These reptilian craft seem to appear as there structure only a very different sh ade of light to the sky. They are very good at disguising themselves. However, I believe they may always be here and always have been here, they are just waitin g for people to wake up for what we truly can achieve, without the negativivity of others to hold us back. Thus, living in the vision of the creators, and using this amazing technology to create a better future for all of mankind. Because they appear only in light form, they can obviously travel great distance s faster than the speed of light, because they probably have zero mass. It is by their nature of existing only as light, that I believe they can avert the light from the sun spots in 2012, and allow us all to enter a great new age. However, the mental shift does have to come first, if we are to be worthy, in our own ma gnetic conscious hemispheres. Thus, maybe we all sub consciously communicate through the magnetic hemispheres of our brains, and it is the higher natural resonating rates of such energy whic h I have read about in 2012, which will allow us all to communicate through thes e magnetic hemispheres, as they may expand and will allow us to each hold each o ther telepathically. However, I think some very important and wealthy people may see this a threat to their mental concept of power, which does not exist materially, and is just a c oncept of the human mind, which is why the elites may be planning a mass holocau st in 2011, with the “fake reptilian invasion” which will be described in latter cha pters. The grander visitation was last night, some time in June 2011, and as I looked o

utside of my room, whichever point of the sky I looked at, huge craft would move along it. They can disguise themselves as anything, and dematerialise into any form. Last night the sky was full of such craft, at whichever point I looked at, one w ould appear. The man named as god said, “look humans don’t really control this planet.” I thus had the first thought that the secret mind control project I have been suspected to, is actually not human run at all. However, the way such beings are breaking our grip with nature is by offering us free technology. We are a Paladin creation, and that depends on the spark of di vine consciousness. This spark of divine consciousness dictates our destiny as a ccording to the time we live in. Therefore, only good intelligent people can dis cover something new. No matter the secret mind control project that I was subjec t to in a quest to take my mind, this spark of divine consciousness, in simpler terms an idea, is something that can not be taken by the Reptilians or their wor ker “Greys,” because as humans we think creatively to solve logical problems. I furt her think it possible I have begun to think out of mind and through the magnetic hemisphere that created my brain. I theorise that this is the way we are actual ly a spiritual plane moving through objects, and the quantum theory of gravity a ctually pushing through our planet is actually the holy spirit. More of this the ory of gravity will be explained in the chapter, “gravity according to the “GOD” and t he superior being.” Further, when we as humans live in the correct way, without thinking through our instincts, which we can control through our subconscious part of our brain, we are rewarded by a divine spark of consciousness. This results in the “EUREKA” moment , which Aristotle termed when discovering that gravity actually affects the worl d we live in. Therefore, this spark of divine consciousness passes through gravi ty, which is actually the holy spirit passing through our body. It is only when we as good human beings think through our correctly through our spirit, that we are given a spark of divine spark of consciousness. This occurs from the magica l beings that are the Paladin, that can directly send a thought through this spi ritual / gravitational interlink, to a specific person in time, and that is our true destiny. IF we are to totally not to side with beings that offer free technology, we are to live in harmony with out spirits, and the answers will come naturally to us. It only by being lazy that we are endangering the future of humanity, by not com ing to our conclusions about things, by letting this divine spark of consciousne ss pass through us in times of spiritual harmony. It is for this reason that a g reat inventor can sit in his shed for many years, and never come to a conclusion , then it will hit him. This is because a human beings spirit will directly inte ract with the holy spirit, which passes through gravity, and a good solution wil l come to a spiritually positive person. This is the way our creators ensure that good will overcome evil, because only t he correct solutions will come to spiritually good people. When we discover something new in our minds, we are not actually discovering it, it is the way a good person is rewarded. However, we are currently disrupting this process by siding with the reptilian b eings of the fourth dimension, because although technologically forever more adv anced than we are, we are not using our spirit to figure out solutions. The spir it is the holy grail of solution problem making, because at this level of third consciousness we can actually feel what is right and what is wrong. It is by mov ing into the spiritual age, united as one in spirit, that we can repel the threa

t of the fourth dimension, because no matter how advanced hey can not take our spirits, which are a direct creation sure that good people will live in eternity, in the 7-9th y map of the universe shows, as shown to me by the former closest to heaven.

the Reptilian maybe, t of the Paladin, and en dimensions, which as m head of c or “GOD”, is the

It is this way that I think they want us to live through our mind and spirit rat her than through our instinct. We can think instinctive drives that allowed us t o survive through non civilised times, when the world was ruled by the largest m arauding tribe, are still the reasons that people cause others suffering. This i s because our instincts manifest themselves as the reasons for people wanting po wer over others, which leads to war, slavery, rape, pillaging and many other off ences against other humans. I think if we are to be truly offered great technolo gy we must, as humanity, go beyond our instincts and not use such technology in a instinctive nature to control and dominate other peoples lives through fear. S ome people say fear is the strongest motivator, but is it the right motivator. I think we may be confined to our own planet, as a human race, because we have n ot yet separated our instincts from our mind, and I think therefore, that it is my destiny to have been through all this, to try to bring some form of change wh ere we stop only thinking about our own greed, and start putting the overall goa ls of humanity first, as is easy to do when we don’t think through our own instinc tive level of consciousness. I think possibly because what I have been through, I have achieved this consciou s distinction, but I am sure many have done this before in history. Thus, it is true what the experts say about the mental shift, changing our way of thinking, before the physical shift. I think I have, in some part, achieved a more enlight ened way of thinking, because the remote hatred I was faced with, by people far richer than myself, I hold no feeling of anger or hatred, just to think through my minds conscious awareness and human spirit, to show that no matter the resour ces, capital or power of a group of individuals, human spirit in a good human be ing, will always overcome evil. I think it no coincidence that our creator(s) designed us in this way, and I fur ther think it no coincidence that no definite answer can be given by the greates t scientists alive to where the first molecule of DNA came from, and what cause a genetic mutation that will lead to evolution. I think it definite that we are destiny’s of each individual are finely controlled by superior being(s), with far more know how than ourselves. It is common knowl edge in the alternative media which deals with alien, such as one of the greates t documentaries I have watched, Ancient Aliens, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E 3y5h24sWuw , that we have being tampered with in our DNA, through genetic mutati ons, which the cause can not be given, if only in the non classified media/ I think if we can free ourselves of instinctive thinking, all of humanity will h ave a far greater destiny. I think we must prove we can be worth saving, by separating our instinctive leve l of emotions from our minds conscious awareness, and showing that we will not u se such technology in a typically evil animalistic way, humans thinking as anim als, we will rather become the divine beings we are supposed to be, thus, ending all evil, and starting a great new age. The craft I saw last night were amazing things, like I was being rewarded for wa king up to the real reason we are here, because, I have freed my conscious mind from its instinct. The craft would appear as huge cylinder spherical shape objec ts, of many different shape changing patterns, on whatever point I looked at and focused my human mind.

It this way we can possibly be in a mutually compatible agreement which such bei ngs, that the more we think and use our minds consciousness, the more they will reveal to us. Therefore, the more we use the spark of divine consciousness, the more that will also be revealed to us by the Reptilians of the fourth dimension. It is by leaving our instincts behind which are a flip back to the long gone ep och of tribal surivivalism, that we can have alien life out in the open, because if their was no evil to misuse such technology, which is a manifestation of our instinctive desires such as greed, then no one would misuse technology. It is b y basing any possible new religion on the peaceful worshipping of such technolog y, and being spiritually united as one, that we can truly move into the future. It is our reasoned thinking that I actually think can build these ships for them , and thus, the more we think in the correct way, for the correct reasons, the m ore ships they can build in the fourth dimension, through a spiritual type of en ergy that we do not understand yet. When we do understand this spiritual energy we will become our creators, but this is only said to happen 500,000 years from now. However, I think if we all become united as spiritually as one, our individ ual spirits interlocking with the aforementioned holy spirit through gravity, th en we can speed this process up. Because we appear as particle forms, but they can normally appear as wave forms, I think it possible they are not threat to us and we are no threat to them. We have a mutually compatible agreement to thinking rationally without instinct, an d if we end evil in this way, without taking sides and doing what is just, we wi ll be averted from the apocalypse. More of which will be explained when It was around this time I stood outside on my front doorstep, and saw a huge cyl inder shaped craft pull in many other craft. This cylinder shaped craft then com municated to me, “you are the one we want in charge,” then shot off at light speed, leaving the other human based craft which I recognized as human from the back of my mind, bobbing in the sky. It is on this principle that I know the classified section of the U.S military is working with 4th dimensional Reptilian beings. It is to make this knowledge open for the good of man kind, rather than bad, tha t I write. I believe from what I have seen, that if we had no need for war, no n eed for classification of such beings, no need to needlessly hold star gates so that the enemies of the free world could also work with such beings, that if we finally put our instincts aside and all worked for the future good of humanity, without competing about who is better or worse, then we could openly have such b eings build houses in a fraction of a second, repair cars automatically, solve t he worlds drought and famine problems by building reservoirs in the open. I thin k it is fear that stops up realizing our true potential, and with the help of th ese grey workers from the 4th dimension, in the open, we could end man kinds tru e suffering. But first must come global peace, as a manifestation of a non corrupt global sec urity force.

The being I seem to be in contact with since January and have travelled with, Since I seem to have had the earlier mentioned visitation, I can access this bei ng through the sub conscious part of my mind. I think it no coincidence when the being came into my room and held me their, it went over to the modafinil and held it out to me, like it was telling me to tak e more and to keep discovering the truth. I have travelled with this being in my mind to a distant star system, and term h im Paladin. The first star of planet has been taken over by the cybernetic clone s, and the second is like earth, without any beings, the third empty except for volcanoes spewing Lava, and the fourth, where this family of superior beings liv e under the ocean behind a door. As it showed me in this room, are the 4 of the same beings as it transformed into in the earlier mentioned first contact. When travelling with this being to show me what it was it has a small blue box t hat one can enter. It is the same being as entered my room, except modified in a way that humans can consciously travel in its blue box. This leads me to suspec t the creator is actually working with the classified program, and they may inde ed have cloned the creator. I am sure this being is the same as the one that ent ered my room, and therefore, was sent my the man who called himself “GOD”. However, in retrospect I think what follows is a product of the secret space pro gram. This is because the box on the same alien was growing blue, something that doesn’t happen in the one that I can access with it hands held out. This is becau se the way the secret mind control project works is to build on whatever thought s I had. Thus, because I had watched documentaries previously that mentioned the secret space program, I was shown it. The following information may thus by valid, or invalid. I think it has showed me this, because these clone robots, that are giving “god” and his friends so much technology, are a threat to the human race, in the same way they are a threat to the first planet of the distant star system. Further, it c an travel consciously. Further, this being has shown me four different types of earth, one was our own, another was a virtual earth, where as people walked into it, it was created, mu

ch like a computer game, the other had oil spewing out of the sea, much similar to the mid May gulf of Mexico disaster, and the fourth was an aboriginal earth, with only aborigines walking around earth. I found it no coincidence a couple of days ago I was talking to a couple from ne w Zealand, and they said, that the mouri and aboriginal cave art seen in Austral isa, is the same as can be found in places around the earth which we attribute t o the Neanderthals. I further think that aboriginal tribes are considered the mo st ancient of humans, even predating the “Sara” skeleton found in Ethiopia. Thus, by it showing me four distant Earths, maybe these are also Earths that the Paladin have created, in different stages of evolution, our current Earth being the hig hest states of evolution. This is, in my opinion, proof that Paladin cause the genetic blue eye white skin mutation, which genetic experts attribute to the mitochondrial Eve, because we have no explanation as to what causes a DNA mutation that leads to evolution. I further think that this being is singularly responsible for most of the geneti c mutations on earth that allow evolution, something genetic experts claim as ra ndom which “miraculously” gives a competitive advantage. Further, it must be mentioned at this time that during the future human saga, wh enever something entered me and seemed intent on examining the previously fractu red ankle, a chip in my brain stated, “I’m from an alternate timeline.” It then seemed weird when one day I went to the local shops, and the butcher was talking to me telepathically, saying, “Maybe were all aliens here!” I think it possible that “GOD” sw itched me timelines, to be sure I don’t actually come from an alternate timeline. This timeline switching seemed to make me feel very uneasy.

Travelling through time consciously and the time travelling future human saga, a nd the image shown to me of what will really happen in 2012. Firstly, when being remotely interrogated one morning, through the water in my s hower bouncing at a frequency that resonated my thoughts, which I assume can onl y be done through fourth dimensional technology, which the classified section of the U.S military and the most well known intelligence agency are in contact wit h. I broke down, and I made an impassioned speech saying “Why are you putting me t hrough this? I wont even be angry” The man who called himself “GOD“ responded, “Why wont you be angry?” I replied with, “Because I believe in the teachings of Jesus, if I was angry I wou ld just hold my hands thumbs inwards as Jesus was when crucified, then I could n ot be violent.” Then even more hysterically I sobbed, “I am Jesus and this is all un fair persecution,” then a little chip in the back of my mind that I think was cont rolled by one of my former enemies, “And a time travelling future human.” Then I sho uted out them words. After that it seemed my case went before the most well known intelligence agency joint chief of staff, as it was illuminated into my sub conscious. After this I remember one man vividly sticking up for me, and it was the same man who stated , “mark my words right to the top.” As the meeting was illuminated my thoughts were being beamed to them from a plane flying above, and the same man stated, “This man is not a terrorist!” This man I came to know as the man of peace, and the man on board the plane directing the laser at my head stated, “Go on <name> old boy!” Howev er, it seemed there was a problem that one woman would not sign it. It seemed th is man was not fooled by the man who called himself “GOD” chipping technique were I could not control my responses and others were trying to take control of my mind . I have since come to term this man, the man of peace. Then a volcano was declared over Iceland and all British flights were grounded. However, at the same time as I returned home from handing in my coursework, ther e were several low flying glider type planes over my house, despite the no fly z one being in place because of the supposed volcano over Iceland. An illuminated individual who had being helping me with my university work as I seemed to be re lentlessly mentally attacked by the man who called himself “GOD” stated to me, “there is no volcano over Iceland, Its all a fraud!” Then the same individual told me to sit still in my chair. As I sat still, I fel t lasers all over my head, the same illuminated individual said, “Their controllin g it now.” I took this as a reference to the future humans. Then I had an out of b ody experience, where a huge diamond shape chip was dropped into the centre of m y brain. The same individual then stated, now you can ask them one question,. “I asked what will really happen in 2012?” I was then shown a huge amount of sunlight spreading all over the atmosphere. I take this as proof of what the Mayan’s termed the end of this age, and the start o f next age. After this it seemed I was able to have information beamed into this chip, and t o be able to travel through time with the future human program, in order to see if I was really a time traveller. They showed me several things.

Firstly, I entered this craft that seemed to be consciously created, and would t ravel very quickly in very small circles at the top of the earths atmosphere wit h the man of peace apprentice. Firstly, they showed me ancient Egypt, and how anti gravity worked. He took me t heir and showed me these green balls in the back of a Egyptian rowing boat at th e Nile Delta. He then dropped them, and they returned to their original position , without any force being applied. This was proof to me that that these green ba lls could actually cause the top part of the Pyramids to levitate, as seen on th e American bank notes. Further, I find it no coincidence that the Paladin being that came into my room one night was wearing the same coloured green boots. I ta ke this is a proof that we always have had, and still do have anti gravity mater ial on this planet, but its being kept secret for the sake of keeping Earths tra ditional power structures in place and therefore do not want us to posses free e nergy, as they make more money from polluting our planet. They would rather keep a power and control structure with the use of non renewable energy sources. I have since being seeing some type of green floating objects in the sky. I thin k this is proof that anti gravity technology is available, but is kept secret be cause of financial reasons. The ere vel nds man of peace apprentice then took me three hundred years into the future, wh a road of bridge was created from our minds with hovering type cars that tra across the Atlantic, and this bridge will be consciously created from our mi as we travel over it.

I further asked to see Auschwitz, and they showed me that their was only a few p eople working the fields, and I took this to show that the holocaust did not rea lly exist on the scale the media would have us believe. Further, this being has shown me that because it has zero mass in its energy sav ing space form, it travels through space by firing lasers, or going near the a m achine, which emanates light from in expanding circular forms, that can be trave lled across in craft. According to the man who declared himself in my mind to be the joint chief of st aff of the most well known intelligence agency, nobody has been through a secret mind control program as I have. And thus, the one that was hatched on me after the email, has stated in me that nobody has traveled so far with this being as t o show them the planet of our true creators. The same man that declared himself to be the chief of staff, “I wish we had him ov er here.” It is my view that these Paladins from our dimension are the real creators of hu man spirit, and the only way to free our conscious minds from the completive ins tinct based scenario we now face, is to live through our spirit. I think it no coincidence I am bringing this to publics attention with what the Mayan calendar termed to be the start of our spiritual age, and that a third wor ld war may be waged in order to keep those who are lucifirian in power, more of this will be explained in the chapter, a potential holocaust.

The aids saga During this time I remember lying into the mind control system remotely installe d inside my head that I was a terrorist, and that my mother was involved in it a s well. I did not know where these thoughts came from, as they seemed to be extr aneous to my own conscious, and I think they were put inside me by the man who c alls himself “GOD”. Latter that evening, I felt something like a small ball enter me, and explode in side me. I found a funny smell on my body and the people I had being in contact, “GOD,” or he ad of c as he latter described himself, and other people through the secret mind project and illuminating their conscious on to me began to say I had full blown aids. I found a distinctly unpure scent on my hands, body and mouth. They also began to say I had passed this to my mother by toothbrush. This was unreasonable , but in the desperate scenario I found myself, I could not logically figure thi ngs out. I became very concerned. The next morning I went out for a cigarette in the gard en, and as I looked up at the clouds, they separated and the sun shone through, I thought to myself this was a sign from the real god, showing me that I had don e no wrong and no matter what happened I was not alone. I stuck in a dispirited state that day, not knowing whether I really did have this virus, or whether it was another stage of the mind control project. It seems the man that calls himself “GOD” is hell bent on recreating this moment, wi th fake cloud ships that separate to expose the sun, which according to some who have contacted me through the secret mind project has now being replaced with a

thermo nuclear super conductor. This is according to some a way for reptilian t echnology to be used to prevent the shift of ages in 2012, thus, very rich peopl e like <name> are sponsoring this project in an attempt to prevent the age of sp irituality occurring, in order to prevent the prophesised economic collapse. Mor e of this will be explained in the chapter, “the fake sun, sky, moon and stars.” The next morning I could feel my head become full of some type of robots. It fel t like my brain was crushing against my skull. I quickly became very easily able to hear a voice inside my head. It said, go to the window, from their I could s ee clouds moving, with flashing ships inside of themselves. By thinking through either the right side of my brain or left hand side of my brain it seemed I was able to control the movement of these ships, and thus the direction of the clou d they were projecting around themselves. This seemed like an ultimate level of the conspiracy building on what I believed in. This day I was ng I woke with to the back of anxious that I rancid. still being told I had aids and my mother had HIV. The next morni the feeling of swelling inside my head, and was told again to go window. I stood their and directed a few clouds, but became very had a killer virus, as the smell coming out of my sweat pores was

I decided to “fuck this off” and go to the hospital. I went to the hospital and forgot I still had all this stuff installed in my hea d. I walked around and then remembered I still had all these robots inside my he ad. As I spoke to myself in my head, I remember a man in a black suit quickly wa lking past me, and communicating into my mind, “Yes we know, but you’re a threat to us know as well.” It seems these type of alien technology allows telepathy between individuals. I decided against the idea of going to get a test, and quickly came home. As I returned home I was told again to stand next to the back window, this time by a softer, milder voice that I have come to recognise as the man of peace, the chief of staff, not “god” head of c, and it seemed I was miraculously healed as fro m one of these ships whole host of new white blood cells seemed to be sent into me and wiped away this virus. I went for a test the next morning, the rancid smell had disappeared and it came back negative. I will never forgot the “man of peace,” because he said this was don e on his orders, and this man is obviously incorruptible as the general chief of staff, because he would not be swayed by the conspiracies evil as I would not b e either. I thank my life to this man. IT was during this week I was also chipped, and apparently had my sole taken. Du ring the second encounter with the ships, I felt some type of nanobots attacking my sternum area, that “GOD” would convince me were some type of “Small Grey” aliens. He said by responding to his exact orders, I was letting these things into atmosph ere. This was probably another attempt to control my mind, on the orders of the wealthy co conspirators. I then felt a sense of weightlessness, and noticed a lump inside of me. He state d he now had my sole and that I had being chipped. I did not believe him at firs t, and went for a drive with my dad. On this drive the three people who had seemed to be with me I could not escape,

these were “GOD,” the general chief of staff and a black person who could transform into a small grey. Each thought I had would release one of these “nanobots” or alien s, whichever they are, of which “GOD” was insistent were small grey aliens that I wa s releasing into the atmosphere. However, he had filled my head with them. I sus pect that “GOD” being the master of Robotics he is, these are actually nanobots deve loped again from Reptilian technology. I then went for an ice cream down at the park with my father, and sat their were two people who responded to the names Bill, and Jill. Bill communicated telepat hically that it was bullshit for them to take my sole, whereas Jill stated, “nobod y has technology like the Jews!” She said my sole had being replaced with a chip, and they wanted me dead by that Friday, this was on Wednesday. I became convinced the chip, about a quarter of an inch long, inside my stomach area, would explode on Friday, but it actually just dissolved into my blood stre am or was taken out. During this time the terror inside my mind from this GOD character, turned out t o be a four star General, head of classified, became at its worst. To make matte rs worse I was under mental health review at the time, and because I had spoken to one of the team about this, they had put me at “Crisis” level, and I couldn’t talk to anyone about this because of fear of getting sectioned. It really did seem that this was the time the whole world was against me. However, I believe that as always some light is at the end of tunnel, and from t his experience I can conclusively say that there is a vaccine available to the H .I.V virus because I think I was cured from it, as it was remotely installed in me. Furthermore, I believe it possible to theorise that because of the way H.I.V was remotely detonated into me, it is a man made virus, and is part of a lucife rian conspiracy centrally targeting people of African descent. I think this beca use the way it was remotely detonated into me, by the man who called himself “GOD,” shows that it can of possibly being put here originally as part of a conspiracy to cause a holocaust in Africa.

When I was told of the Jewish conspiracy to take my mind body and soul. On Thursday of that week, I was awake in a state of shock that I had stated I ha d being given aids, being chipped, and had to follow “GOD’s” orders at all times. At this time Bill and Jill seemed to enter my room and take me to another house. I was told that this was all a consequence of a piece of writing I had written on the internet about 5 years ago, that was “extreme in the extreme,” but was no jus tification for this. I couldn’t even remember writing what I had until that point, but I do remember that night I had pretended to be a terrorist on the internet all dawned back on me, and I could remember in a ecstasy driven state, attemptin g to wind some people up with some very “dark” humour, writing from a perspective th at was not my own, and in hindsight, was extremely foolish. I thank these two people a lot, because without them, I may still never know the truth about what I had supposedly done to justify this kind of treatment. In hindsight this was a way for the Luciferian Jews to attempt to mentally destr oy me, because of one foolish act. They had indeed launched a conspiracy to take my, “Mind, body and soul.”

The cybernetic clones beings and our true creator(s) One night in the second to last chapter, I was shown a huge influx of computer d riven beings, that seemed to self replicate themselves. I do not know whether we have created these beings, and they have become more advanced than ourselves, m uch like military designed robots. However, in one of my earlier sent mind thoughts, “god” declared they were all desig ned by the military. However, I do not think the one that had contacted me is, b

ecause I think this is the reason I have come to so much attention of such high ranking people. Nevertheless, experts do call these computer driven clones, “greys”, and claim they are the reason we have received such advancements in technology since 1950. I think the man who calls himself “god” is the man in contact with these beings, as he seems to be able to contact them, and thus, at the current age of the earths time, he is indeed the man in charge of the earth. Nevertheless, whatever they are they may, or may not be, if kept in “god’s” control, a threat to the human race. I think it no coincidence that on the same night I was shown this, I thought abo ut how they may have helped drop the top stone onto the pyramids. After that the y began to build a colossal structure on the horizon as I looked at it, however, this was virtual and was not real. They than began to paint the sky red, then a ll vanished. It was as though they were holographic and existed in a dimension extraneous to our own. I think these are the greys. Further, I thought come closer and one came really close to my window. Then I sa w what looked like an aeroplane, with people and clone beings been spewed into t he atmosphere. Further, I then saw a production line, with people working either side, and one grey in the middle. They seemed to be helping in the production p rocess to speed things up. It was at this stage “god” said, “these are the ones helping us build Zionism.” Then, as the smaller ones were spewed off the plane, a larger one came in a form ed a ring around itself, where the smaller ones rotated in this ring, it was lik e the larger one was creating the smaller ones to give itself some form of fligh t. However, this larger one may indeed have being Paladin, saying that “god” can not ge t away with attempting to blame the mess the human planet may come into, by blam ing what indeed could literally be, “the attack of the clones.” These may be used in the future to cause what will be explained in the chapter, “T he possibility of their holocaust.” The real reason for the war in Iraq, as shown by the man who calls himself god In the same way the images of the craft were shown to me when I closed my eyes, combined with the images I will explain in the forth coming chapter, I was shown one remarkable image by the man who called himself god. The man who called himself “god” showed me a map of the universe where we were movin g through time, a fourth dimension of huge reptilian beings, with had hard repti le like skin, and were the size of a thousand earths. He stated into my mind, “you do not understand the size of that thing.” He then showed me the distant star system that our creators have come from, and its proximity to a vortex between the fourth dimension and themselves. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that these “grey” clones work at the behest of t heir “reptilian” employers, and can decide at will when to take over a planet. The man who called himself “GOD” in my head, who I latter assumed to be the man who

calls himself "GOD" as he also declared himself head of c, then showed me a vort ex from this fourth dimension to Earth, and stated, as if through gritted teeth, “this is the real reason we are holding Iraq.” He then stated into my mind through the mind control project, “Never forget what I showed you there.” This is an approximate drawing of what he showed me.

I think it no coincidence that age of known civilisation started in ancient Sume rian, which is now termed the Sunni triangle and centre of the hot spot for trou ble is in Iraq. I think if the truth were known as to the reasons for this war, man kind would be united in a coalition to professionally hold Iraq, and no more people would have to needlessly, die. I further think it true the secret govern ment is secretly engineering a civil war over their in order for the see the arm ed forces operations which are actually to either expand or close the star gate. I further think this maybe the apparent U.S military enforcement of holding know n star gates, as apparently another is being held in the gulf of Aden. It is fur ther possible there is one close to where I live, and that is the reason for the m attempting to start some type of war / holocaust here. I think the problem is they do not want these beings coming through the star gat es, either to help what could be their enemies, for example, Saddam Hussein, or that these clones from the fourth dimension are a threat to the human race, if w e do not use them correctly. However, I think at the present time the classified section of the U.S military and the illuminati want control of the technology t hese beings offer.

More on the Reptilian beings of the fourth dimension When showing me the image of the fourth dimension and the Reptilians, “GOD” exclaime d, “you do not understand the size of that thing!” In the image shown to me, there are multiple huge reptilian beings in the fourth dimension, all seemingly lined up in a single line. I could see only 3 or 4 in the picture of the multi dimensional universe shown to me by “GOD,” or head of c. Furthermore, two grey holographic beings seemed to be being pulled towards a wor mhole, which linked the 3 dimensional universe of earth that we live in, and the fourth dimensional world of the reptilians and greys. I think these are two bei ngs that possibly can intersect between the dimensions. Then “GOD” showed me another wormhole from the fourth dimension to our earth, which was full of these type of grey holographic beings, which seemed to be in a frenz ied state. This wormhole had being plugged at the bottom, or it had not being op ened, but apparently it led into modern day Iraq. I think a conspiracy theorist would say the real reason this wormhole should not be opened is that they do not want the grey’s of the fourth dimension working wit h any of the apparent civilised worlds enemies, such as Saddam Hussein. I have n o doubt that there is actually a wormhole here, because I think it no coincidenc e that the first ‘proper’ civilisation, the ancient Sumerians, was actually founded in modern day Baghdad, and now where the extreme trouble hotspot of the Sunni tr iangle is. Further, I think the multi dimensional greys that are currently working with the American classified military and the most well known intelligence agency, are h ere at the behest of their reptilian overlords of the fourth dimension. I think it no coincidence these huge reptilian beings of the fourth dimension, are green and black in colour, and the modern military began to wear green and black camo uflage. Nevertheless, these grey’s have led to some amazing technological advancements. Th e most amazing of which is the most well known intelligence agency operated mind control, which is also used by the secret military. Their technology has been u sed in order to control and monitor my thoughts by the former Head of C himself, since approximately six years ago. However, I think I have proved that the huma n brain is superior to there’s, because the key to fully understanding is to unloc k your subconscious, which the Paladin I had contact with encouraged me to conti nue doing by taking modafinil. There are three people in the world at the moment that apparently control these beings, the Head of C who termed himself “GOD,” the man of peace and the man I have called the man of peace apprentice. On 28/09/2010, they launched a full scale i nvasion of these things into my mind, and according to one communicator through the secret mind control project asked, “Is this the man whose head is covered in f ire flies.” However, I broke them down inside my own head, and according to a man who declared himself to be, “in charge of my security,” they are now my own to use. More of this will be explained in the chapter entitled, “The Influx.” Nevertheless, the technology these beings can also show amazing feats of beauty, such as changing the clouds into motion able objects, like huge pictograms, qui ckly painting the sky as explained in the chapter, “These are the beings helping u s build Zionism,” building colossal holographic structures on the horizon in a fra ction of a second.

I even think it possible such beings could build holographic earths in a fractio n of a second. I think if we were all trained into how to control these beings w ith are own minds, this could lead to the next age where the key religion is the peaceful worshipping of technology. If a world wide education system was starte d, were we were all educated in the same science, then people with the necessary sub conscious mental functioning to control the “Grey” worker beings of the fourth dimension could be talent scouted world wide to work on this project, and the un ified world could use the technology of such beings, out in the open, to end all human suffering, because they could do all work for us, and live would be one b ig party. I asked “GOD” to show me it all, and remote distance, which in hindsight en his hardcore military background, g, so I can deliver this information despite his systematic abuse of my brain from a probably seemed perfectly normal to him giv I am thankful that he did show me everythin to the public.

However, it must be remembered that if what I was shown by the Paladin that can travel consciously in the secret space program is true, these clones that are us ed by the wealthy elite and by the security services, primarily to remote view, then they are a threat to our planet in the same way they are a threat to the pl anet of our creators. More explanation will be given to how they help others rem ote view in the chapter entitled, my introduction to remote viewing and the ‘all s eeing eye.’

The “Grey” mind control project As I was put on this mind control project for the second time, by the most well known intelligence agency, because of the email I sent, and then as previously e xplained, transferred to the man who called himself “GOD” own military controlled mi nd control project, I broke down a number of times, because voices were being pu t into my head, and people were asking me questions inside my brain. I never tho ught humans could develop such technology to actually communicate in this telepa thic way from a distance, given our, non classified, limited understanding of th e human brain. In retrospect I now understand he misused highly classified chips, that are I sp eculate a derivative from fourth dimensional technology, to put voices into my h ead. As previously stated this seemed to fool all at the most well known intelli

gence agency into thinking I was a terrorist, when its obvious then at I’m not, ex cept for one man, the man of peace, and another honourable man who is still the unofficial head of the American military, and was a former secretary of defence. Furthermore, even the best psychiatrists can often not give accurate diagnosis o f mental abnormalities, never mind develop such technology so we can artificiall y hear other peoples voices in our head and be subject to such instructions as I was, “You must follow my commands at all times!” in the words of “GOD,” who obviously t hought he could play “GOD” with my life in the same way he must have played “GOD” with m any other peoples life’s. He then instructed me, “to turn around and go home.” However, I responded with “I’m a free person, my Granddad died for this country, and I will not follow your commands!” Then it seemed strange that I walked around the corner, and their was a friend I had previously but briefly mentioned the secret mind control project to and the alien encounter, and he started quizzing me about it. It seems this man who cal ls himself “GOD” can actually remote view to such a degree that he can predict the f uture of what is going to happen. I theorise this is how he controls the mind of special forces soldiers, and indeed, of Osama Bin Laden himself, as more will b e explained, in the chapter entitled, “the conspiracy in Afghanistan.” During one these breakdowns I had a remissive thought to a John Lear interview I had watched, were he summed it up at the time to say words to the effect of, “The government have sided with the wrong beings, the greys, who are offering free t echnology but are hear with an agenda that is not pro humanity.” During one of the episodes I had, I thought angrily in my mind, “We should get rid of the small greys for ever,” without understanding that these were the beings be hind the secret mind control project. Latter, in a dream I had the man of peace or the same man who declared himself t o be the chief of the most well known intelligence agency appeared, and stated, “w hen you said that about the small greys, they heard that too because their the o nes running this secret mind control project.” I can now prove this, if only through words, because I have being subject to the grey mind control. These multi dimensional almost computer driven beings are fa r more advanced than us, and can, in my understanding, alter the cells of our im agination so that we think we are talking to someone when we are not, even in a secretive illuminated way, and this is the way the secret military and the most well known intelligence agency driven projects, rules the civilian world, becaus e in this way and through this mind control project, they can get understanding and information of any subject they wanted to, by reflecting through a mirror ty pe image of your own mind, any person they wanted to know what they thought of, in a way, showing that person extraneous to your own mind, and attempting for yo u to recreate that image that you have just being shown, in order to gain intell igence about anything they wanted to. Thus, when one is shown something through illumination or otherwise, they will recreate that image in your mind, so that y ou will recreate for them what you have just being shown. As an example say I thought I could travel out of body, in a way projecting my c onsciousness, to remotely communicate with another person. If I was doing this a nd on the secret mind control project, the multi dimensional beings could alter the cells of my brain that were doing this, to confuse me into thinking I was st ill communicating with the same person. The difference would be very subtle, or not noticeable. At first I thought this was done with secretive nanobot technolo gy, however, since a dream I had, the man of peace appeared to me on the top dec k of a bus, he stated, “when you declared we should get rid of the greys, they hea rd that too, you know, because their the ones running the secret mind control pr

oject.” I replied, “are you sure their not from planet earth,” He emphatically stated, “if they were from Earth they would buzz and hmm, like all other things on planet earth.” However, I am unsure of whether this is true or is all a an attempt to create th e “ultimate conspiracy in me,” as “GOD” warned me of. More information on such dreams will be given in the next chapters. Nevertheless , for the time being, when my mind has being infiltrated with a new influx of su ch beings, I can feel them wriggling and worming around the inside of my skull. Another example of how it works, is a question is asked in your sub conscious, a nd without thinking, the subject gives an answer in their conscious, all such an swers are recorded by a human sitting behind a computer, ticking boxes or noting the time of the response, because for some reason, some being or person, has be ing “illuminating” this into my conscious, possibly our true creator or a person who is also anti this project, in a hope I would have an understanding of what was going on. Any such response is taken as an indicator of guilt by the more extrem e runners of this project. Therefore, during January to March, when for some reason I could not stop myself responding, “Al-Zaquahwi” or whatever that bloody Islamic terrorist name is, to suc h questions as, “who is your favourite person?” or “who do you work for,” my threat leve l must have gone through the roof. In retrospect I now do not have such thoughts , thus, it must have appeared that “GOD” had instructed these beings to automaticall y reprogram my brain, so that I could not stop responding with Islamic terrorist groups, by putting chips inside my brain. One thing I think this proofs is that their should be greater democratic oversig ht of the American classified system, because he got away with systematically ab using me for 3 to 4 years and is still inside my brain, because he has put a chi p so deep inside it, that apparently it can not be removed. The land of the free should really be the land of the free, and not a military / secret operations d ictatorship. I think this may be in the progress of happening with the new presi dent, who seems to be a more rounded and intelligent character, and on less stri ngent mind control than occurred under the Bush years. It seems that the conspiracy to take my mind, would stop at nothing, however, th is is obviously back firing on them, and good will overcome evil, as I am not a bad person, nor have I ever being any type of terrorist, I am pro the British st ate. However, I am still given hope, because in another dream I had, a friend of mine appeared, and stated, “This is all just an attack on your mental health you know?” I replied, “who are you really?” and it stated, “I am not telling you who I am this ti me.” I was told the head of a shadowy group, but very powerful group actually cont rol a Paladin / Reptilian hybrid, as does he man of peace, but that no one has a ctually seen such beings transform in front of them on planet earth into their f ull spiritual form. However, this is speculation. I have no doubt this was the superior being and the protector of planet earth th at I had an encounter with in January. I know now that these grey beings offerin g free technology have no understanding of human morals, they work for whoever i nstructs their computer, and I believe on planet earth, this was one of three pe ople, either “GOD,” the man of peace and his apprentice. Indeed, the Reptilian being s of the fourth dimension, who are possibly hell bent on a take over of the dime nsions lower than themselves.

I think only by replacing the free technology with the values of morality that t he superior being of human creation does understand, can we live in a peaceful s tate. I think the multi dimensional beings of the fourth dimension, in layman’s terms, t he greys, are the reason the world has lost its “moral compass” since the 1950’s, beca use I think around this time free technology began to be offered in return for a nother planet to host there “Grey agenda.” I think the world is coming to a cross roads, and if we are to keep getting free technology off such beings it should not be singularly used at the behest of th e classified section of the U.S military and the most well known intelligence ag ency, it should be used openly for the benefit of all, to inspire peace, rather than to install only fear in people suspected, or even in my case, high ranking General corrupted into making me out to be an enemy of the U.S state, which I ob viously, to any reasonable person, never was. It should be with the morality of our spiritual creators, of the beings of Palad in descent, that are eternal and our true creators, and the technological gifts of the multi dimensional greys, that we can make this planet a better place for all. I think it possible the “Greys” are trying to replace our spiritual unity with technology, through a Machiavellian policy of divide and rule, such technology i s kept away from the public eye because the few want to control the many. It is not fair to have such grey or fourth dimensional technology used to take p eoples, mind body and soul because of the corruption of a few people at the very top of the earths power structure. I am at the stage now of being shown these small “Greys” being shown to be taking my thoughts and being read primarily by the man who called himself “GOD”. This is what the real illuminati and the secret classified military and national security sy stems use to control the world, and because the beings do not have morals becaus e they are computer driven robots controlled ultimately by the fourth dimension, it is vitally important that the right people with good morals and only the bes t of humanities intentions at heart are hear to control such beings. It is not f or only for the select few, some of whom like man called himself “GOD” are hear with a possibly luciferian driven agenda, to create possibly greed driven conspiracy’s , which are a manifestation of their own inherently selfish instinctive thought processes. It is with great hope that we will enter, together united as humanity, the spiri tual age, were these inherently instinctive will be left behind, and the return of our spiritual creators, the Paladins, will herald a golden age of humanity, w hich will be called the spiritual age, because we will no longer have such inher ently selfish instinctive desires, and at the end of this age will become our sp iritual creators, of which I have being visited by. However, “GOD” and his cronies a re attempting to stop this from happening by creating an artificial earth by 201 2. More of this will be explained in the chapter entitled, “this is exactly what w e are trying to stop.” I think the solution to removing or controlling the small “Grey” worker clones of th e Reptilian controlled fourth dimension lies in controlling their minds, because as I have proven, a human mind is superior to theirs, because they only think l ogically and without creativity, morals or a spirit to drive them forwards. Thus , if we are all to drive ourselves forwards towards this global shift as living in unity, we to can all control the small “Grey” clones of the fourth dimension, wit h a global system of education where the best minds are selected to work togethe r in this project to control them into doing the work we will no longer have to.

It also appears that the most powerful men and women in the world are linked wit h this “Grey” mind control project, and that is the way the “small Greys” of the fourth dimension know all of our secrets. Whilst this remote form of communication may be very effective in establishing rule and order, it ensures that nothing is kep t secret from the “small Greys” who are ultimately running this technology, with an agenda that if we do not keep a balance with the natural resources that were con sciously created for us such as using water, as shown to me through the time tra velling machine that the man of peace apprentice can consciously create, then we will ultimately lose this planet to the “small Greys,” as they have their own agend a for being here.

The man who calls himself god I have come to assume this is Stanely McChrystal I think it is this man over all others that has been running this project agains

t me, on the orders of wealthy Zionist backers. I am led to believe he is, or re trospectively was, the head of classified military, of most likely America. This again proves the corruption that has being going on at the highest level of cla ssification, because he has been illegally attempting to take my mind, body and soul, with the aid of the fourth dimensional technology, by private luciferian J ewish funding. It is this man who is in contact with the alien computer race. He is dominant in his approach and would like to hold on to his own personal power. I have since assumed but have not being directly told, that this man is the man who calls him self "GOD". It is not for me to judge this mans motives, however, he has stated that he woul d like this in the open as much as I do, however, he is obviously very restricte d. After I passed level 52 of the secret mind control program, he stated, “I can t alk about anything to anybody I want to.” However, I normally take the approach of doing the opposite of what he has told me. Nevertheless, I do think that no mat ter how hardcore he has being with me, I do still have an inkling of trust with this man. He told me after showing me the most alien contact over the past few nights, tha t is these beings who are helping him build Zionism. Furthermore, I think this is why ‘Jill’ told me through the grey mind control project that allows clear telepa thy, “nobody has technology” like the Jews, because, the Zionists are the ones at th e moment, the most clearly in contact with the computer driven grey worker clone s of the fourth dimension. During this I seem to have been guided by another superior being, that is not on e of these, that is described as paladin I described above. It came as no coincidence when I saw a few weeks ago in the press, that a four s tar general, known as the Jedi General, was sacked. I think this is because the man of peace and a former secretary of defence has discovered what he was doing with me, and has informed the president directly. He should not be able to take control of life’s in a corrupt way, which is without state security at the heart o f it. I could say he has given me all this knowledge so that now I really am a threat, but I will do what is morally right, and tell people the experience I have been through, so hopefully, no one else has to, wrongly, go through it. It seemed no coincidence that the day a Jedi general was sacked from the U.S mil itary, the voice in my head, calling himself “GOD” stopped, and their was no further stupid and irate voice stating such things as, “you must follow my commands at al l times.” I have respect for what this man has achieved, in catching terrorists, h owever, I think he still thought through his instincts and thus, gained some typ e of sadistic satisfaction from torturing people. Even though the barbaric tortu re he put me through, I prey for all in eternity, and am eternally grateful for the things he has shown me. Nonetheless, his thinking through instinct was his d ownfall, and this is a lesson we all should learn, that the manifestation of ins tinct which creates concepts in our minds such as power which do not materially exist, should be left behind, and we should all work for the common good of huma nity. I hope this happen in the next epoch, the spiritual age.

The fake, unnatural dreams, the reason small Greys are colonising our planet and more on the soul taking It is also possible for false, dreams to be created within people. I think there are only two type of beings capable of doing, this, the multi dimensional greys , and the superior being of Paladin descent, which is a spiritual form rather th an a physical form, and is thus eternal. I think the true dream maker is a Palad in, where our natural dreams come from, where as the greys will put these seemin gly artificial dreams into people. However, as previously stated, I think this b eing has being “cloned” within the secret programs. I think it no coincidence that the sub conscious part of our brain is the same p art of our brain that we dream through, and the crop circles that we see as not of human origin are linked to unlocking the sub conscious part of our brain. I b elieve these crop circles are made by the masters of spirit themselves the Palad ins, because they are masters of all spirit and thus what we naively “magic” or illu mination, because the classified section of the U.S military already works with the reptilian beings of the fourth dimension of which craft I have being shown a nd can consciously create to those illuminated enough to see such craft, and the ir worker small greys. I think only the Paladins could have the spiritual or “magi cal” knowledge to drag down these crop circles, because in the authentic ones the

soil below such crop circles is drained of water, and only the Paladins have hum anities best interests at heart, because they are certainly the conscious creato rs of our spirit and possibly our entire solar system, from the sun to Mars at l east. I theorise that the latter gaseous planets, such as the red spot on Jupite r where alien life is theorised to reside, are actually reptilian created planet s. I think I have unknowingly but possibly being spirituality guided towards unlock ing the sub conscious part of my brain, taken this step of unlocking my sub cons cious, by taking modafinil, which unlocks the sub conscious part of the brain an d, according to Wicopedia was originally developed for the secret military astro naut project. I further find it no coincidence that the supreme being that came into my room and transformed into a female paladin, came in and told me to conti nue taking them, as it communicated telepathically, “these are the ones to get you through this and understand fully what is happening to you.” I further have being shown by the secret space program, or by Paladin itself, wh ich can consciously travel, that the small “Greys” actually feed on sulphur and othe r toxins in our atmosphere. I think this is the way that the reptilians and Pala dins provide us with a sense of balance, because if we are to destroy our own pl anet because of the emanating of sulphur dioxide and other toxins by not living in a balance with the renewable energy sources that have being consciously creat ed for us by the Paladins, such as water, which has been shown to be our true fu el. As I have being shown we can never use enough water, because this is the rea son the earth spins and tilts on its axis, to keep the natural rain cycle in equ ilibrium. Thus, for the common good of humanity I think we should all use water as our natural fuel, which has been consciously created for us by the true creat ors of Earth Paladin. Living in balance with nature by the use of natural resources is a balance that we must restore if we are to rid this planet of the small greys. However, some v ery influential people in this age of materialism, think that we should destroy and pollute our own atmosphere in order to increase the number of small worker “Gr eys” here. However, this is all giving to our instincts, which I think will come t o an end in the conscious shift that is predicted that is meant to come in the s piritual age, because at the moment we are, humanity as a whole, stuck in a proc ess of giving into our instinctive desires. Furthermore, this is the reason our destiny as humans is controlled on a higher level, because depending on the age we live in depends on the destiny we have as a whole. It is further founded in science that such gases which we produce by the mass us age of non renewable energy fuels, such as oil, has led to a free radical effect in the atmosphere. It is for this reason that the reptilian overlords of the fo urth dimension punish our bad actions as humanity as a whole and the Paladins re ward our good actions. Thus, our destiny’s as mankind as a whole our defined by ho w we all act, and the giving into our inherently selfish desires and not thinkin g through our spirit, which is created by the Paladins, our conscious creators o f spirit and the sun and atmosphere, combined with the reptilians of the fourth dimension. In turn it is this giving into our inherently selfish desires, by the wealth of nations being founded on the mantra of capitalism, which is “greed is good.“ It is t his mantra, which has led to the emanating of sulphur and other toxins into the atmosphere. In turn it is this which thus causes a free radical effect in the atmosphere, th e small worker “Greys” that reside on planets with high natural amounts of sulphur, such as the red spot on the Jupiter, come here to feed on the sulphur, as I was showed either by Paladin directly or by the secret space program. Thus, we are p unished by giving into our inherently selfish survivalist instincts, which manif

est themselves in the mass production of non renewable energy sources, directly by the reptilians of the fourth dimension. This basically all comes down to thinking through our instincts to create concep ts that do not truly exist, such as power, greed and ego. If we are to free ours elves of these instincts in the next age, then we will live in a truly renewable planet for all, and thus will not be punished by the fourth dimension for using non renewable fuels which are only used to increase the wealth and keep control of the ‘power’ structure, which is obviously a manifestation of our instincts, whic h were only necessary for survival in the primitive ages of tribalism, and are n ot truly pro civilisation. I further think this is the reason that we are currently having a sustained atta ck on our atmosphere, by the man who calls himself “GOD” on the backing of wealthy Z ionists, in order to increase the release of sulphur and other toxins into our a tmosphere. I will further explain this point in the chapter, “we are going to crea te the ultimate conspiracy in you.” I think even though it possible “GOD” sent this being in its reptilian paladin hybri d form, this being cannot be controlled by human sources, because it warned me o nly for the good of best interest. After this contact it seemed I was able to se e the people remote viewing me from within my own room within my own head, and w as able to hold people in my consciousness, possibly grey driven remote viewers used by the illuminati and national security, and it is with this hope of doing Paladins will which is only for the good of humanity, that I bring this out into the open, to ensure we do not repeat the mistakes of history, by using these no n moral worker beings of the fourth dimension, only by the select few, some of w hom are possibly with a lucifierian agenda, because they believe, or actually ha ve, their souls taken by these grey worker beings. I theorise that the “taking the souls” is actually a way for the illuminati to be co ntrolled, as happened to me when I was “chipped.” However, I also think it possible that in highly classified programs, such as th e classified section of the U.S military, and the highest levels of government a nd national security this is a way to ensure loyalty, by replacing your soul wit h a “chip” that will kill you if go against them and such people will die without th eir souls. I think this possible that I am the only one brining this out into th e open, because many people in high positions of power and classification have h ad their souls replaced with such “chips” by the worker beings of the fourth dimensi on. I think this soul taking business actually shows that the small “Greys” or worke r beings for the reptilians of the fourth dimension are not here for the good of humanity. They exist as a punishment for not using our resources correctly. Thi s will be fully explained in the chapter, my conscious journeys into space. Whether this soul taking is true or not, I find it difficult to figure out, howe ver logical deduction points to the fact that is may either be true, or may be a way to secretly brainwash people into thinking their souls are taken. Nevertheless, if it is true then its possible that I have given my soul for the good of humanity. However, one point is vividly clear, and that is that our spirits not our souls are eternal. This is because the Paladins have consciously created spirit within everyone of us. I even draw attention to the point of an old interview I watche d online, where a good Jew who was keen to point out that he was not a lucifieri an and had being through a secret program because he had PHD in virus making at a young age, stated words similar to, “all we are our physical beings moving throu gh a spiritual plane, and when that spiritual plane leaves us, so will all life.”

However, this man also still thought that he could speak to “GOD” directly, and that the he heard the voice of Moses. This was incorrect. He was being mind controll ed by the small “Greys” technology into thinking he could hear the voice of “GOD,” and t hat he could hear the voice of Moses. Actually, he was on mind control, and some one was talking back to him, possibly the head of c. I further remember the biza rre look of insanity when he pressed this point. More explanation will be given in the chapter entitled the “Grey” mind control project. I have had many artificial dreams, extraneous to my own, that I recognised as no t of my own creation, but by a human creation, either attempting to investigate what I know, or simply installing these dreams in me, for their own sadistic sat isfaction. I have described the latter, as were used extensively against me to the point wh ere I believed I was being abused in my sleep, or just to torment me, in the con spiracies plan to take my mind, as I was told in a dream described in the chapte r, this is an attack on your mental health. The being appeared in one of my drea ms as one of my friends, and warned me, however, when I responded with the reply , “who are you?” It replied with the thought, “I am not showing you I am this time.” I b elieve this being was Paladin, who actually works with a secretive group, but in my view non luciferian group. It is no coincidence that this good Jew in the in terview stated that the head of earth incorporated appeared to him in a dream an d told him his “baby would be born with a hole its heart.” Then it was miraculously healed. I think this was actually fourth dimensional technology. I believe this was done with the help of extra terrestrial intelligence, either Paladin or small “Grey.” However, I also think it possible that in the secret milita ry or illuminati run programs, they have found a way to clone our creator, Palad in, or at the least cross this Paladin with a small “Grey” of the fourth dimension. Furthermore, I now am 100% certain artificial dreams can be installed in people, with the help of non human beings. These have in the past being extensively use d against me in an unprofessional biased, as I described earlier. However, the nature of the dreams has changed recently. These dreams operate to on a professional national security level to determine what I know about a certa in subject, then are terminated. As a recently frequently used example, to begin with they put me in a nice, secure situation, mostly involving either eating in a past situation or with a woman. Then, the object of what they want to know mo re about is revealed. As an example, I was playing on dust 2, a favourite counter strike map of mine, with a friend in the past, but was actually on the map. Then the multi dimension al beings appeared, and a strange voice asked, “are these aliens?” I replied, “yes,” the n the voice said, “no there not!” Then another voice said, “are you sure there not?” I r eplied, “yes they are.” The aliens then became contained in white, cylindrical objec ts, and the edges spiked out, then the dream was terminated and I awoke. I knew this dream was some type of intelligence agency, mining to see what I kne w of these beings, because of the way I was asked. I can relate to these dreams as artificial ever since the first one I had after the casino. However, these dreams are constantly used as an attack on my mind. This is becau se as we dream we sleep in something approximate to 90 minute cycles, I am const antly awoken by the these. The worst was when I previously disclosed the man of peace real name in this book, and a shock wave was spent down my spinal cord, wh ich immediately produced a shot of adrenalin in me, and straight away woke me up . Another example is people who are working to attempt to take my mind, coming int

o my dreams and giving me severe nightmares about being abused, which I immediat ely awake from. I think these are used to firstly, mentally scare me, then secon dly, to make me constantly tired, in an attack on my mind, so that I am without the drive and rest I need to create this book. Moreover, <name> himself has stat ed that he is sponsoring this project to take my mind, because of what I wrote o n the internet one night. I think this can prove the lucifierian state of many o f the worlds top capitalists, that they simply can not forgive for one night of stupidity. I am retrospectively reminded that what I wrote rhymed Zionism with F ascism, and maybe I was not that far from the truth with this remark. Their have been far more, but I do not think it in the public interest to disclo se them. However, the dreams were they would like information have a recurring t heme. I put into a happy and relaxed state, either with women, food or counter s trike with old friends I used to enjoy, then suddenly a person begins asking me questions. I think this is another way for them to investigate what I know, or w hat I have being show. Nevertheless, this is at least used in a professional way , not the way where other people have previously used these dreams only with a s ense of degrading me. These dreams are particularly vivid and people who want to appear in them can do . I have since come to the conclusion that there are two groups of people working with such aliens on the planet, because it seems two groups of people can put th ese dreams into me. The first is the security services, or classified military, and the second is a group of extremely wealthy capitalists the public would know as the “illuminati,” because they to have access to these aliens in order to contro l the earths global economic power structure. Moreover, the tutor who began working at my university appeared in one of these dreams, many times in a row, when the floor was covered with shit. I believe he is a member of the illuminati with access to a small “Grey,” and was using this tech nology to remotely torture me. It appears to me that instead of working for his country, the general who called himself “GOD” was working, instead with the secret Zionist government, to conspire to their agenda, of which I was on a list, because I wrote a stupid and naïve piec e of writing when pilled up off my face, which apparently made a direct attack o n Zionism, and according to “GOD“ or the former head of c, “I would pay the ultimate p rice.” I find it confusing that these Zionists are so extremely right wing, when the Je ws were unfairly persecuted by Nazi Germany. Maybe they are just in capable of d oing the most noble thing a human being can do, and that is to break the cycle o f evil. However, maybe it is further true that when I consciously travelled thro ugh time with the future human team to discover if I really was one, and was sho wn Auschwitz, with only a few people working the fields, that this is all part o f a lucifierian Jewish conspiracy to control the world through this ideology of Zionism, and I am warned through the secret mind control project by someone I sl ightly trust, “that is their holocaust.” More explanation will be given in that chap ter. It is test amount to such a state of the world that such corruption can happen a gainst the people, again, this is simply people giving into their manifestation of instinct. I believe it is these small grey beings that can read my mind, and work with bot h the illuminati and the security services in an almost NAZI type way, against t he common working man, in an attempt to control the planet from above.

As “GOD” stated in the chapter entitled these are the beings that are helping us bui ld Zionism, the world is no longer run by human beings, it is now run by these m ulti dimensional grey beings, at the behest of the illuminati, the classified wi ng of American Military, or other sections of the various classified programs. It is this conspiracy that has for a long time misjudged my character and used s uch technology against me, simply because I wrote something not from my own poin t of view. I think it testament to the morality of such beings, that they would do this on the backing of whoever’s orders. They do not understand morals, and the world in its current materialistic and lucifierian state, will only crumble its elf if this is allowed to go on secretly any longer. This is because many of the people at the top of the worlds power structure in this materialistic age only get there through manifesting their instinctive egoisms. However, there are good people also working with these beings, that will not all ow their ego to go unchecked, and despite their amazing sense of power, will wor k for the common good. Such people appear to be the democratically elected presi dent, those with a strong sense of incorruptible loyalty to their country, those learned and noble in humanistic ways of thinking, and last but not least, the m an who seems to have been a shining light, the man who declared himself to be th e chief of staff and others who have informed me through the mind control projec t about what this really could be and have helped me out of this mess, whose nam es I do not know. It is only for the genuine good of the people that I attempt to bring this out i n the open. Such amazing technology should not be controlled by the lucifierians at the very top, it should be used for the good of the people. And thus, we sta rt the new age religion, the peaceful worshipping of technology, for the world w ide good of humanity, regardless of race, nationality or wealth.

A Lesson to be learnt I think since I wrote what I did on the internet when I was 18, it has been his personal mission on the orders of wealthy co conspirators, to take my “mind body a nd soul,” because in his mind to me, “I made an attack on Zionism and for that I wil l pay the ultimate price!” Which I am sure I should not, because such an action would be unjustified in the extreme. This was before we got better acquainted, and I had a rebirth of Christianity th e last summer, and can thus forgive him for what he has put me through, despite the fact he has proceeded in the past, to attempt to take my body, through a vir us, my mind through mind control, and my soul with help of cyber netic beings. I didn’t even know what Zionism was… I was simply a naïve young man, high on drugs, an

d writing from the point of view which was not my own. I hope the progress that can be made from of all of this is that we can all move away from any type of extremism, because I think it testament to the conspirato rs own extremism that they would take something I did not even have sufficient m emory of doing, and would never repeat, that they took such a project against me , and I think, gave out disinformation through their own powers, to other people , to make myself look evil, of which I, if to judge myself, am not. I think through the help of these computer robotic clone beings has helped him a nd given him a false sense of security, as he believes he can control other peop les minds into hating me, as has previously occurred. This man has obviously created within himself quite an ego due what he believes is his absolute power, because on many occasions has he stated, “its me who runs t he world, not you Mr. <My Surname>.” In hindsight, it is this manifestation of thinking through instinct, which he ob viously did to large degree, that brought him down and has led to him, in my op inion, being sacked by the President. This is because he thought to much through ego. I think the old saying, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is as true as ever, bec ause this man obviously had absolute power over a large section of the military and thus population. What he can not seem to understand is that I’m not even after power, I only want t he world to be run with the values of liberty and unity, without evil manifestat ions of our instincts. As I write this, I am subject to off putting thoughts from these beings with whi ch he is contact with, such as “fuck off,” but because I think I am bringing this to the attention of humanity as a whole to expose his evil, emotionally driven age nda, I know that I will be supported by the right being for the right reasons. This man has put me through hell, but for no reason is his own hatred justified. Therefore, I know he will be neutralised because I only have the good of humani ty at heart by writing this, and am not writing it to further my own gains, unli ke him. Nevertheless, it is testament to his own power that he can use the same head gea r installed in myself, as the intelligence agency did when flying over my house . I never obstructed their goal and always cooperated, showing that I am actuall y a good person. I think this man has exploited his own power for his own means one too many times, and thus, his emotionally driven approach with hatred will b e his own down fall. In hindsight, this prophecy has turned out to be true, because since the sacking of the four star general occurred, their has no longer being any person within my head calling himself “GOD.” It is this man who is contact with the beings that are running the human mind co ntrol project, as they carry out his orders, and it is his agenda I think possib le, to have another holocaust, as these beings are not our true creators, and th e one I was visited by, is possibly our true creator, known as paladin. I think it possible this man has his own agenda of running a secret mind control project against the whole population, and thus, despite the increases in materi alism and technology, is the reason many people, the reason the young, are walki ng around looking depressed and confused.

It is possibly through the Machiavellian policy of divide and rule that such peo ple, as the conspirators against me, remain in their own power. The longer this stays a secret the worst it will get. I find it no further coincidence that I was remotely informed by a dream that he had poisoned our atmosphere with his antics, and wanted me done for espionage. But I am not one to give into his fear. I latter find it not least a coincidence that the President of America, had sack ed a four star General, because of apparent “comments in a newspaper interview.” I t hink it is this mans former corruption, due to lack of watching overheads in his secret military program, that allowed him to launch secret projects against, un deserving and good people like myself, without any influence. I think it is the email I sent implicating the most well known intelligence agen cy that got him investigated through my mind, as well as many leading word capit alists who were sponsoring the project against me, effectively bribing the man w ho called himself “GOD” to do the dirty work. I must write at this time, that the most well known intelligence agency get blam ed for a lot of conspiracy’s on the internet, when in my case, if I hadn’t of sent t he email wrongly implicating them, and there investigators were not to get invol ved, the head of classified and the other secret Zionist agents would properly h ave got their way with me. There is still a lot of good people in the Earth, the problem in my case was the lack of any type of oversight of the classified sect ion of the American Military, and the corrupt Zionist agents who were prepared t o attempt to destroy my mental health. I think ultimately the problem was and still is corruption, in the Zionists atte mpting to privatise the military.

The Images Further, since the time I was informed that it was a “Jewish conspiracy to take my mind body and soul,“ I have repeatedly being shown images of my throat being slit from my body and my head held up, because apparently the original conspiracy wa s launched against me because of the night I pretended to be a terrorist on the internet, when it was latter shown to me that there was a Jewish conspiracy to t ake my, “mind body and soul.” These images would seem to appear inside my mind, as if artificially implanted i n their. I could feel that this was not my imagination, as I would obviously not show myself such images. These images of my head been severed from my body are particularly distressing, and I have obviously done nothing to deserve this, as if I had committed a crime , I would be in prison. These images have in the past been seen to be repeatedly shown when I think of a , “Jewish conspiracy to take my mind body and soul.” It is this manifestation of people thinking through their instincts, wanting pow er over another beings life, that I think has caused this. It is ironic that eve n at the most top level of society, people are still so hell bent on power over another persons life, that they will stoop to such dishonourable levels. In a novel way its very good the being showed itself, as if I had not sent the e mail, the proper authorities would not have got involved with what was happening , and I may never have being told what was occurring for me. In a way the hate I have felt has only made me stronger. In hindsight these images are a form of illumination in attempting to terrorise me, because they wrongly believed I was a terrorist. I am constantly shown images in my head by these three of the four, of my head b eing severed from my body and held aloft. I think they are planning to blame me for the whole, fake alien invasion and hav e me beheaded because of a joke I put on the internet. It is obviously apparent that we can see the irate extremism of modern day Zionists. This is because they are all on the secret mind control project, and have lost their conscience to t he “Greys.”

The conspiracy theorist approach and how figured out was “GOD” The way the secret mind control project worked in me was to build on whatever be lieves or thoughts I had. The objective of this was, or still is, to find out ei ther, what I thought about things or what I knew about things, or just to confus e me into thinking I am doing something I am not. The way the secret mind contro l project worked on me, was to create whatever type of reality I was thinking ab out. Thus, I was able to figure it out because all I simply had to do was to go through my memory to what it was like before I had such a thought. It built on whatever sense of reality I although I figured out I was on such a n from an extra terrestrial in January, g the medication and to figure out what had, in a very subtle way to begin with, mind control project after the visitatio and its guidance about to continue takin they were doing to me.

However, if I go back to the start, and the original night out at the casino, I can see then that the thought that seemed to flow existentially into my mind, an d out of my mouth, built on the idea of me being a gangster. However, I never wa s a gangster. It is this judgement from my thoughts that allowed me to initially figure out that someone, or some people were judging me on my thoughts. Now if I jump ahead a few years, and to the swelling on the top front side of my head, that was really soar when I woke up, and the highly invasive and artifici al thoughts of saying “stop writing, stop writing” whenever I started writing in tha t exam, I can see that my brain had actually being hacked. However, this was a s imple operation of repeating, resonating thoughts that simply seemed aimed at br eaking my concentration, and ensuring I would never amount to anything, or have a voice in life, because, people had wrongly assumed that I was anti Jewish, ant i Zionism and pro Muslim extremism, although I didn’t know it at the time, because my memory of this piece of writing had being blanked, by the outer body experie nce I first described in the initial chapter. I think the fact that people will judge of so little, and have access to such te chnology, only with the aim of brining others suffering because of the size of t heir wallets, says a little about the lucifiarian state of unchecked and unregul ated global capitalism, when connected with the secrecy of certain military proj ects that allow the use of such technology to go about unmonitored and unchecked . It is obvious after been told about through some type of illumination that I had written a piece of writing that was ’extreme in the extreme’, but have no actual me mory of writing to this day, that such technology was sold to the highest bidder by an unscrupulous head of classified military section of America, who could ch arge people whatever they wanted in order to subject innocent without trial vict ims of court to immense suffering. I believe after I read an article on the front page of the Sunday Times News Rev iew around mid May, about the President of America sacking of a four star genera l, that this was related to the conspiracy against me, which involved him sellin g a rich Jewish collective, the most well known intelligence agency and classifi ed wing to technology, in order to launch these conspiracies against innocent pe ople, who had not being tried. The logical deduction process sleeping four hours a night, scipline in his camps lead me afinil, which was of course a of this man visiting torture camps in Afghanistan, running seven miles a day and enforcing perfect di to believe that this man was a fellow taker of mod military derived drug, and this man is known as th

e Jedi General. I think it is only possible that this man is the same man who ha s called himself GOD inside my head for so long, and has gradually and subtly we aved this secret mind control project inside my head. I think he secretly liked me because he saw a little of himself inside me, but he has sold his countries b est technology to private backers, in my opinion, and this is against policy, he nce the reason I believe, this man to have been sacked by the president himself. Furthermore, I believe we are beginning to see the start of this lucifierian sta te “GOD”, Malcolm or head of classified was intent on brining the world into, with h is planned holocaust of people with the small greys, which he intended to blame on me. However, I stood tall, would not be swayed by evil and have figured out h is mind control project, which has led to me becoming on level 72, or the secret grey mind control project, which is very complex, but I think in principle, all ows a network of intelligent,, powerful and rich people to shape the worlds poli cies. More of which will follow. However, I do not believe this would have being possible without the divine inte rvention of a supreme being in early January, and the resulting email I sent to a whistle blowing organisation wrongly blaming the central intelligence agency. I thoroughly think this email got them involved, as I blamed the experience on t hem. However, it must of either being another of head of classified ploys to sho w me, after asking myself in my head if aliens really did exist, or it was simpl y divine intervention. Now I must say at this point the central intelligence agency did, I feel, put so me stuff in my head. However, if it was not for these guys, in particular one ma n who declared himself as the “Chief of general staff” through this headgear, then t he world would not have overcome this lucifierian rule of the man who called him self “GOD.” I think this man is also a true light warrior, who has exposed what the head of c was doing to my body, mind and soul. I think it not short to say I owe my life to this man. On the internet the most well known intelligence agency ge t blamed for a lot of conspiracies, a lot of creation of terrorist acts and othe r wrong doings, I would like to put the record straight, and say there actually the good guys, it is lack of overview of anybody of the classified section of th e U.S military that is, and has been the problem, when combined with a corruptio n problem that is driven by mega rich global capitalists. However, I will give a few further examples of how this mind control project has grown upon my believes in the last four or so years. Until 2009, I was a bit of the jack the lad and entertained thoughts of being a gangster, I frequently use d to send myself false thoughts around my brain of taking over the U.K cocaine m arket with modafinil as a substitute, which would obviously not work. However, i t seems the mind control within my head picked up on this and used it against me . I think I wrongly came to the attention of several gangster types, who were fe d disinformation about me, possibly by the co conspirators, to local but organis ed, drug dealers. Furthermore, I remember having what I thought was a dream but may have been tran quilised in mid 2009, when an Asian man asked me, “How do I really find out what y ou’re unto?” I replied, “Get me a girlfriend and ill tell you everything!” He replied“ what type of woman I would like?” I jokingly replied, “A black woman with a fat ass and a straight nose,” It then seem ed a woman matching the description would not leave me alone. It seemed strange when a man fitting the description of the one from the dream bought a local pub, that I used to frequent. This woman quickly became my girlfriend, but at the back of my mind I had a nagg ing suspicion she was been paid to go out with me. I was latter told through the secret mind control project that this was actually an attempt on my life to giv e me HIV.

The furthest the mind control went to build on my believes was when I was lookin g up at the stars one night, as described, and I described my imaginative assump tion of the cosmos, which may or may not have being correct. After all who am I to judge. However, the ships that began flying over were human as I was shown th em before my eyes closed, when “GOD” or head of c, demanded to know which one was “hea vy,” as earlier described. It seems again his paranoia shot him in the foot, as hi s belief in his all conquering power prevented him from building this conspiracy in my head. Now I have not seen the stars since that night, I think this is because they wan t me to believe I have started the small grey’s invasion of earth, which has actua lly being planned as a holocaust since at least the 1950’s, and possibly since the start of the industrial revolution. I am telepathically informed this maybe “thei r” holocaust, as in the Jewish or Zionism holocaust. The world war two holocaust, when America would not bomb the train lines to Auschwitz, despite at least ten t he most well known intelligence agency and written requests from the British, co uld serve this prophecy true, as it possible that no where near as many Jewish p eople did as claimed. The grey invasion of earth is apparently being blamed on me because I wrote a pi ece of writing which directly attacked Zionism. I am not anti Zionist, anti Jewi sh or anti anything really, but obviously some people like to blame on the littl est evidence of a persons character.

Conscious creation As I seemed to be able to communicate with this being that visited me, it taught me an invaluable lesson, about how we may be able to become our creators. It communicated that our creators are mentioned in the bible, and “when the lord s aid let their be light, there was light!” And this is how our creators created ear th, sun and our solar system, because all they had to do was think of it. It may be to control our own levels of thought, as mankind as a whole, by thinki ng consciously and subconsciously about the same thing at the same time, that we are able to consciously create. True or untrue, such a grand experiment involvi ng the consciousness of every human being on the planet, would undoubtedly go so me way towards creating global unity. As I figured out that this was conscious creation, and we had to be capable of t his to become our creators, the superior being became very excited, and stated, “Y ES! This is why I showed you! Because I knew you would understand!” This is the key to becoming our creators, to consciously create, so one day we m ay even be able to create everything that nature has provided for us, simply thr ough thinking about it. I prophesise that if enough people can focus their consc ious energy field on the creation of one thing, then it will appear, maybe not m aterially, but in the sky’s above from another dimension. I am unsure whether this would ever work with particle forms, but only wave forms.

As I now look at the sky, I see that wherever I look, a kind of green coloured m irage appears and darts around for a few seconds before moving into a cloud. Fur ther, I know see the sun as a face that can be communicated with. As I went outs ide just now, I could see clouds that were not really clouds, but seemed to be s ome type of ships, as I looked at the sun, it communicated, “Look at me!” And I coul d see the clouds that were actually some type of ships, overlapping and holograp hic as in multiple dimensions. It would be great to show this on the public stage, as I think I am possibly the first to discover this, to be able to prove that we can consciously create, we can become our creators, not god itself, but gods inter dimensional angels of th e fourth dimension who can also consciously create, and to create the future now . As I write this I still see in my mind the superior being with its hands held ou t and upwards, like it is extremely pleased I am brining this wisdom and knowled ge to the publics attention. I believe we stand on the brink of a great new future for mankind, as we as a un ified people on the planet without evil, can work openly in league with extra te rrestrials to further mankind’s existence, and thus, with the elimination of evil from our thoughts, we too can end suffering, and restore mankind to the vision o f the creator before we gave into temptation and became in a negative state. I think this is possibly the secret out their, that 3 or maybe 4 people, can con sciously create these craft in the sky. I discovered this from what the being I traveled with, as described above. I now in retrospect see that this has just being another attempt to brainwash me in to thinking I could consciously create. I now, because I believed this, have lasers installed in my eyes and whenever I look up at the sky, I see many thing s moving about, as though the lasers are activating them. Or a mirage is being c reated with the fake sky that has been put their as a result of the weather weap on.

Gravity as according to “GOD” and the superior being As I travelled with a being, the one I have come to term Paladin, it showed me t hat gravity is actually flowing into and out of our planet. When I relayed this information in the mind control program I was in to the man who called himself “GO D” he exclaimed, “I knew it! their intersecting our gravity!” I am unsure whether he w as being serious here, or whether he was simply playing me along. As the jumpy craft that appeared on the night I saw mercury as something else, t hey seemed to jump between different spaces. I have no doubt these craft were ju mping in between gravity lines, and thus could move very quickly in between them . It thus appears that gravity is not only flowing through our planet, but is also pushing us down in very thin strands that can be manipulated to move between, p ossibly only at high altitude. This corresponds with the image of the green balls I was shown when travelling w ith this superior being, in Ancient Egypt on the foot of the Nile on an old rowi ng boat. The being would drop the ball and it would return to exactly the same l evel as it was before, without any force throwing the ball down. Furthermore, in the experience I had in January with the superior being, the boo ts it was wearing were bright green, as in some type of gravity boots. I am conv inced that there is some element or molecular structure that glows bright green and is used for anti gravity. I think the ancient Egyptians used this, and thus how the head of the pyramid co uld levitate above the Pyramid. I am unsure whether this material is discovered in modern day, has been depleted from the earth previously. If their were no evil in the world, free anti gravity, possibly giving free ener gy would be a great thing for all.

Partial Conclusion The way the conspirators secret mind control worked against me, was to use my id eas against me. A recurring theme had developed, where whatever I believed in seemed to come tr ue. Examples include the teacher that learnt me at university. In that summer I told a flatmate about my previous misgivings, and the girl I dated for a while m ysteriously had the very same book about Buddhism that I had. It seems I was sho wn that karma would come back to inflict me. Another example is when looking at the sky that night, and seeing a planet I was telepathically informed from a very, very important human being was the planet Mercury. After that, on the very same night, the craft began to fly over at the very top, looking like stars. I thought the true light beings had returned then, the inte r-dimensional angels of the real God. However, it seems odd that there has not being another star filled night sky sin ce I looked and speculated about what may be occurring in the cosmos, I have not seen the planet or stars since. I really do not believe a human being controlled mind project would build on my own beliefs to such an extent, as to create a fake sky with stars that appear an d move in the form of a superior light being. I do not think, but do not know, t hat humans would have the ability to read other peoples thoughts in this way. Ma ybe greys do have morals, and they are upset at the way I was treated by such a mind control run program, however this is optimistic. I think this all comes down to the peaceful worship of technology, human or othe rwise. As an example, if we were all subject to this ‘secret’ mind monitoring, but not cont rol, then we could probably, in my objective opinion, end all evil. Because if o ne can not think evil, then how can one do evil. However, this comes dangerously close to 1984 by George Orwell, with the thought police going around. Therefore , I think we should if evidence of such planning was used when people actually c ommitted a crime, then so many would not escape justice. If everyone was subject to this technology in the open, then intention behind a crime could be proved much easier, if the necessary physical evidence was availa ble. Further, if all drugs were legalised and regulated, then the tax money this provides could give the funding available to fund what could be termed, the “the most well known intelligence agency mind monitoring project.” If we all had our th oughts read then the people would think twice before committing crime, because t he evidence would be much easier to provide. However, such technology could be m isused, as it has been extensively against me, in a corrupt way, thus, thought m onitoring for all could ensure the end of all corruption. I have no doubt this would go against civil liberties, however, if such technolo gy is kept secret and possibly used corruptly, then this goes even further again st civil liberties. The world has come to a cross roads and civil liberties are used by the more unscrupulous amongst us to evade justice. It is time I think pr acticality replaced ideology, if the world is to continue growing.

Brining such possibly non human technology, which I know little to nothing about the actual workings of such things, out of the classified domain and into the u se for the overall good of humanity, with a one world system that worships the p eaceful use of such technology, would benefit the whole of humanity and end our reliance on crude materials. I think this because the ships I have seen seem to use anti gravity, and free energy, however I do not know this for a fact. I thin k this may be the only method of stopping a world population crisis, by the peac eful worshipping of all technology, with the end of evil, through such a mass wo rld wide open thought monitoring system, ran by the extra dimensional visitors f rom the fourth dimension. Then everyone would be peaceful, because if one could not think evil, then how could one do evil. Furthermore, with this ending of all evil free energy would come to all, ending our reliance on crude resources whic h pollute the atmosphere, because such technologies could not be misused. Furthermore, in one of the times I traveled with this being or this being as it works with the secret space program, I was shown a planet or asteroid, off the o rbit of Jupiter, that contains some type of elemental material which can give en ough free energy to power the earth for one day from one bar. I was also shown a red sulphurous planet, and it seems to be to this superior beings approval that I thought it was sulphur based planet. Apparently, this is what the Greys feed off, Sulphur, which we are currently polluting the atmosphere with in the form o f sulphur dioxide. Thus, a paradox is made, by which when ones planet is pollute d from the inside, other inorganic beings are drawn towards it. Such a change of mentality from installing fear, to providing inspiration and pr actical progress, is what I think the creators would approve of. The move away from instincts, to mind, consciousness and our 1 undivided human s pirit would allow us to create the future, and ensure a good future for the grea test number. My dream of the future, when only two ultra evolved humans are left, gives crede nce to what the man who called himself “GOD” said about Iraq, that they are actually protecting a star gate their. However, I have also being told they are actually expanding the star gate their. Whichever it is, one thing is clear, the war in Iraq that has seen so many lives lost is not for the reason that the mass media would have you believe. I think this is for two reasons, either that this star gate contains a reptilian army of clone beings, and it is locked on the advice or orders of the two futur e human beings from my dream, or more simply, the leaders of the coalition do no t want such advanced clone beings working with unpredictable and despotic leader s such as Saddam Hussein and the old regime in general. I think the latter is pr obably more acceptable, as the cradle of civilisation started in Ancient Sumeria n, according to many with the help of outside visitors, the leaders of such civi lisations possibly being able to take “guidance from above,” as I speculate our mode rn day leaders do to some degree. And it is possible I have taken guidance from above to try to end this ultimate conspiracy. As stated previously, the hotbed of trouble in the Sunni triangle is the same pl ace the cradle of our known civilisation was created, with the ancient Sumerians . It is my opinion that tribes do not turn into civilisation without outside inf luence freeing our ancestors from their innate and selfish human survival instin cts, which only lead to individual competition and not unity of the civilised pe ople. Further, on the Thursday of the final week of my university hand ins, their was a no fly zone because of the volcano, or rather the no fly zone was beginning to be lifted. I had not slept properly for days, and I was told this was meant to

happen in my sleep. I was told to sit perfectly still, and not move my head. Thi s was after the breakdown when I declared to be a time travelling future human! As I sat I could feel my brain cells behind my ears being replenished, and the s car I had from a teenage fight on the left side of my skull being repaired, then I was told their was two of them on board on the flight and they were doing thi s. I replied, “future humans,” and the invisible beings within my room agreed. As I was told they took command of the operation, I viewed myself from outside m yself, and saw a diamond shaped chip go directly into the centre of my brain. I could feel a lump above my head. I then saw a vision of what I had previously be ing asking would happen in 2012, and I saw light covering the sky. I think in retrospect this diamond shaped chip was dropped into my head to see i f I really was a future human, as I claimed. I was then told that one of them was doing it, through a voice in my head, and I presumed this to be an actual future human. I then asked one question, what wil l happen in 2012, and I saw a gulf of sunlight coming over the atmosphere, so br ight it was almost blinding. However, more importantly, I believe we are at a crossroads between siding with what I term the “greys” of the fourth or above dimensions, or with the future humans . I base this belief on what I have seen during the conscious creation part of thi s epic tail, as I have seen that they have placed a sun like planet in front of our sun, and wherever I looked in the sky, a wave like being would appear. I “beli eve” this to be a “grey” experiment, as I have being told the mind control or monitori ng project has being run by them, through a dream I had when the man of peace, t old me so, as told, in the dream chapter. However, this may have being some clev er other type of alien impersonation of him, as I have already established human beings with, I speculate, non human assistance, can control dreams. I think what this could be coming down to is “grey” assurances that they will protec t our planet from cataclysmic change in 2012, which is great, but by siding with beings that only operate on logic, and not letting nature run its course, we co uld be endangering the very future of our human, biological sense of being, as I think the being I saw in January transformed into a spiritual wave like form, a s our true creators as spiritual beings that live through nature. I think the only way to save the future of our planet, is to unite as one in our spirit, to all have one equal share in the world we live in, to provide a globa l renewable system that works in harmony with nature. I think only by saving and respecting our planet as one, for the good of all of humanity, can we remain on a biological planet, and not simply allow our planet to become another non biological planet ran by non human, and only logical being s. From my experience of the unnecessary mental torture I was previously put throug h, I think it safe to say these beings do no have morals as humans do, and when controlled by a corruptible and possibly luciferian person such as the man who c alled himself “GOD,” they will carry out any order, no matter how cruel and unjust. I think there are good, incorruptible people working with these beings, such as the man of peace and the man of steel, and I thank the real god these people sav ed me from the mental and occasionally physical horrors I was going through. I do not think it the greatest good for the greatest number to side with these b eings, and then to keep such technology strictly classified.

I think if we are to keep siding with these “Greys“, then our only hope is to end al l evil, through a process only they can run which I have being subjected to, tho ught monitoring or at times, attempted and occasionally succeeded mind control, in order to end evil, and bring such great technology, which I have little knowl edge of, in to the open, for the benefit of all humanity. I think the crux of the matter, lies in, are we to save our planet from the sun spots predicated by NASA themselves with the help of the amazingly intelligent b ut unemotional and without moral “Grey” multi dimensional beings, and subsequently n ot allow the natural order of the cosmos in our 3 dimensional world take place, or are we to think long term for the very future of humanity, and allow the pote ntial shift of ages to occur naturally. I think the solution lies in a mental shift of every human being on the planet, to forgive our previous misgivings, but of course still have justice, and then t o overcome our instincts, manifested in my opinion in the frontal lobe of the br ain. Every human must make the shift into using all of their mind, without insti nctive judgement, and thus to form a world wide brotherhood, in a global democra cy without institutive violence but to unite in spirit for the future good of hu manity. It is my belief that our spiritual creators would want things such a way. Moreover, I had a near death experience when I was 19. I had a piece of cardboar d stuck in my oesophagus which I had stupidly swallowed some amphetamine in, and was fitting on the floor after being sick many times. I could hardly breath and as I felt myself becoming weaker and weaker I closed my eyes. I saw a bright li ght in the distance, and it asked in my head if I was ready to die now, I though t “NO! I’m to young to die.” As soon as I had that thought, the piece of card board ca me shooting out of oesophagus and into my mouth, I choked it up and became well again after a few minutes. After this experience I never doubted the existence of a real god, and I think I am close to the real god, and that is why someone, who called himself “GOD” or even tually, head of classified, could not play “GOD” with me, because I have a real beli ef in the real god, and that even though apparently he has taken my soul with th e help of these cyber netic, multi dimensional “grey” beings, we are truly eternal i n spirit form, and that is the one thing these beings do not possess, is spirit. However, I do think it possible that our state reflects the state of our visitor s from the other dimensions, as if we are in an evil state, they will be evil to us. I think all the dimensions can be seen as a mirror, and beings that are cap able of crossing such dimensions mealy reflect our inner states as a whole. Thus , the only way for a mutually compatible relationship with such beings is to ris e out of our primitive instincts and to go beyond, into our minds and into our s pirit. The change in our mind sets should happen soon, to safeguard the future. Moreover, when head of c, or “GOD” showed me an image of all the dimensions, of the Paladin planet taken by the fourth dimensional “grey” beings who work, I think, for the huge Reptilian beings, there was a small ray of light at the top of all the dimensions. This picture may help explain.

I have been through many conspiracy’s because of that stupid night when I pretende d to be a terrorist, but I do know I am a good person, and I believe the true li ght beings have returned into me and shown me that what we create is what we are . That is why we must all create our true creators, and not be at the worker dro

nes of the 3rd dimension, as the greys are the worker drones of the 4th dimensio n. To create are creators we must end all evil, and unify our human spirit. I had another dream a few weeks ago, when “GOD” or head of c! was clearing out his t ent in some military place, and he said, “George, I want that boy done for espiona ge.” I feel at great risk writing this, but I know it is for the good of humanity if we created a unified world, with a 3rd religion, the peaceful worship of technol ogy, human or otherwise, that has in the past, being used instinctively against me. To rise above instinctive hatred, and to respond in a peaceful forgiving manner, is to be truly divine in spirit, as our creators surely intended. At the last I must say a thank you and a prayer for the incorruptible people of this world, as it is those in power that are not corrupt and that have saved me from the mental trauma I have being through. I thank the people who bravely illu minated their conscious to me, to advise me how to get through such a secret mil itary mind control program that was being run against me for 2 to 3 years, the m an who investigated everything truthfully, a man I owe my life to, who I know as the man of peace, and declared himself in my head to be the joint chief of staf f. But most of all I must thank the teachings of Jesus, who gave me hope in peacefu l forgiveness, and the real God, for ensuring good will overcome evil because of human spirit. I think to live by the teachings of Jesus is a way of live our tr ue spiritual creators would approve of. I think it was this ability for me raise above hatred, to never give up in my sp irit that has caused the true light beings to come back. And even if you don’t believe this, the peaceful worshipping of such technology is the only way to sustain and grow our world population as natural recources beco me scarcer, and recession grips the globe. I lastly thank and forgive the man who called himself “God” and the other previous c onspirators, because without such an experience that was vastly traumatic at tim es, I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have today. I give particular thanks to one pe rson I believe was originally a conspirator against me, but has taken care and n oticed that I’m not a bad person. I feel this person in particular had the innate ability to show me the heretic nature of some of my thoughts and beliefs, and ha s in a very tough way, subjected me to some type of behavioural or thought refor m process. What we create is what we are, and I intend to create a great new world, as shou ld everybody on the planet. Maybe this has all been part of a higher destiny for me to achieve my true purpo se in life. Further, as I think the theory of gravity flowing into and out of ou r planet, so to can thoughts of divine inspiration from these beings, resulting in a EUREKA moment. As an example an inventor can sit in his shed for hours, and not find the answer, then suddenly a great idea will dawn on him. I believe the se thoughts are sent directly from the inter dimensional eternal guardians of sp ace, through gravity, to the one who requires such a thought. This is how our de stiny’s are controlled according to the age we live in, because such understanding is limited to the spark of divine consciousness, that comes from our creator it self. It is the spark of divine consciousness, to figure things out for ourselve

s, that our creator(s) want us to be able to do. This is a possible reason why s iding with the beings of the 4th dimension, the greys, is inherently wrong, beca use we should be solving problems with our own divine sparks of conscious creati on, rather than sitting back and letting a potentially militant and computer dri ven clones figure out our technology for us

Alternative partial conclusion (Depressive realism) This began as, and always was a conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul by a w ealthy and elitist Jewish organization. It seems the conspiracy will stop at no lengths in an attempt to take my mind, and is now insisting that I be some “illumi nati star child.” This plan involves disrupting the flux of the atmosphere by releasing some type of energy and weather weapons, in an attempt to half the worlds population by 20 20. This is one of the most secretive operation known to man in my opinion, and they want to blame it all on me, because it is, and always has being a conspirac y against me. I still think this to be a conspiracy against me, and the worlds population in g eneral, because Malcolm, head of c or “GOD” as he liked to be called, announced, he was going to build the ultimate conspiracy in me, before these supposed “Grey” type, multi dimensional beings began to appear from the sky. The weather seems to have changed dramatically, particularly in the early mornin gs, when in it is bitterly cold. Furthermore, I haven’t been able to see the stars from my bedroom window since s looking at the sky one night, and hypothesized t hat mercury was actually Paladin and three stars around this were a ship full of small greys. It seems that some one has, many months ago decided to try to bring this idea to earth, and created a fake sky, with the movement of one star, that is always th ere. Now the clouds in the day time appear to be very unnatural, the weather cha nges rapidly from sunny to showers, it is bitterly cold even for the summer mont hs before searing heat as a kind of fake sun, which can and move slightly, appea rs to block the real sun. It even seems to get windy when I think of something bad. This seemed to occur a fter I was “talking to the trees,” or trying to use my conscious field to control th e weather. However, I think the secret mind control project has built on this th eory, and they are now creating a fake weather system in order to try and contro l my mind. It is my view that the man who calls himself “GOD” is determined to control my mind at any costs, with the backing of wealthy Jewish people, primarily the owner of Microsoft. I have being informed through some type of remote communication with someone I k now not their identity, that this is indeed a move to half the worlds population by 2020. The independent agent and alien mentioned in the last chapter told me this was t o be achieved by a type of weather genocide.

This fits into my theory about these supposed beings, which from a depressed rea listic point of view could be micro light air craft projecting some type of imag e about themselves, because these are the same type of craft that I have seen t hat at night when head of c insisted that he was opening wormholes, then one fle w over the house, and had USAF written on it. I can not actually believe that the secret service would be so corrupt to actual ly carry out this plan in an attempt to half the worlds population, and frame an innocent person, such as myself in this plan. It is actually an outrage, if thi s conclusion is to be taken as representing reality, as of course as a human bei ng it is difficult to separate truth from reality. I am still being attacked by the mind torture, were people seem to take deep sat isfaction from remotely terrorising me, where each thought I have is then repeat ed in a mimicking voice very quickly. I no doubt this changes when my attitude t o the agenda changes, however, this has being pushed one step to far, and as I w rite I can feel members of the all seeing eye squinting in an attempt to get clo se to the screen. I hear ultrasound beamed into my ears every time I go to sleep and voices consta ntly trying to mimic what I’m thinking about, beamed in through what I think are e lectromagnetic wavelengths based on Tesla technology. This is because when the s upreme being left me, it left an image in my head of some Tesla power planets. I think this is how they are doing this remote mind torture, in addition to the p reviously mentioned chips installed inside my mind. This plan is barbaric at best, damn right corrupt and undemocratic at least, and I can feel them laughing as I right. However, I know in my heart, it is the cor rect thing to bring this to the publics attention, as the air is getting difficu lt to breath, becoming very thin, the clouds are unnatural, the stars are placed in a matrix, and this seems to be fulfilling the illuminati agenda of wiping ou t most of the earths population, whilst lording it up themselves, with the blame going to go on the me! One of the most democratic and least materialist people to walk the earth. I know even if they kill me its right to bring this out, because it is gods will and our true superior beings, or the future humans dream that I had, that we sh ould stop using these aliens to communicate and should return to our natural cre ators. It seems ironic that they want to blame me for it, when I’m hardly anywhere near i lluminati status myself, and am merely truly here for the people. It seems I can do nothing to stop these artificial voices, they torment, they ha ve put nanobots inside my heart, inside my head and thus are attempting to take my mind, after I fear it will be my body, then my life.

My introduction to remote viewers and the all seeing eye Firstly, as previously mentioned, after the alien encounter in January, I saw in

side my mind remote viewers viewing my room. One of these turned out to be the m an who called himself “GOD”, who I have wrongly being calling the man of peace, as c ompared to “GOD” he is relatively peaceful. Since I had this interaction with this Paladin, or what transformed into a heave nly being I could always see remote viewers looking in on me. I also felt someone who holds absolute power in the United Kingdom looking in. I could feel they were here. She replied one time, “maybe its something else showin g you.” Therefore, I primitively conclude that I have been illuminated by the real thing, an outer world extra terrestrial being. Further, during my exams whilst being tortured half to death by the repeating th oughts and recurring dreams, two law lords seemed to be next to me helping me. I then realized that not all people in the illuminati are evil, as some were inte nt on torturing me, some are also very good beings. It is one of these people I would like to be. I am told remote viewing began with telepathy. However, it now seems these small greys of the fourth dimension, can remote view anything. I fear I have had them put inside me. More will be explained in the chapter, the influx. How the illuminati works, in my opinion Firstly, after the chip in my head responded with the wish to be the illuminati star child,” it seems “GOD” was intent on making this wish come true. After “GOD” said he had taken my soul, I felt a chip there. I think this is what is done in super forces circles and extremely classified programs. I have no doubt that this chip then 3 days latter harmlessly dissolved into my blood stream, how ever, I was informed by “Jill“ that they wanted me dead that Friday, however, this n ever came about.. Nevertheless, my point is that since this happened I seem to be able to project my consciousness onto others, and interact in a way that is secret, until now. A s an example, I could now think to travel anywhere in my mind and I would be tak en their. Some people that are not illuminated, or possibly telepathic will not notice I was their, and I could sit their and remote view them all the time. Thi s is how the all seeing eye works. They simply think about going anywhere in the world, and they go their. Furthermore, this projection of consciousness can self replicate into as many pe ople as you want it to be, or, into whatever form you want it to be. Thus, fake illumination can occur when someone creates a situation in their mind, then send s it to another. This fake illumination has particularly plagued me, since when I am going to sleep, just as am about to drift off, an image of a hitman is sent into my subconscious. I have no doubt this fake illumination was being done by someone in the Zionist sponsored mind control project against me. However, since this superior being visited me, I have being able to see inside m y mind remote viewers watching me. I can also communicate with these people eith er telepathically or through the secret mind control project. This is done throu gh the area behind the ear. One can listen and receive messages from this area o f the mind. I think we are all capable of telepathy on some level, and it is no surprise that this occurs in the subconscious area of the mind. I think it no co incidence that real crop circles, where the water is dehydrated from underneath the crops, are related to the opening of the subconscious of the human brain.

Referring back to my earlier point, I think people within the all seeing eye hav e lost their soul to the “greys,” and thus can control a “grey” alien and tell it where to go. Souls are impulse into new born babies from a soul making machine in some where in the galaxy. Whilst this illuminated rule is very effective, the fourth dimensional “greys” have ulterior motives for being here, as explained in the chapte r, the future human dream. Moreover, this explains why many of the ruling elite are very lucifierian in the ir outlook, as by believing their soul to have been lost, they think this is the re only one live. However, it is my proposal that human spirit is eternal, and n ot the soul, as I think the soul is still here in dead people. Further, during o ne of my sub conscious journeys into space, I was dragged towards the heavenly b eings planet, and it stated, “don’t forget your spirit.” I write with the purpose of creating a spiritually equal world for all, so we ca n all live in harmony without anymore fallen heroes to bullshit conspiracies.

Travelling through spirit, or conscious field I think this is the one form of travel that humans have not mastered. I hope it comes with the reawakening of the spirit in the golden age, after 2012. When tra veling through spirit, it is hypothesized that we can reach the Paladies star sy stem, where the Paladins and the Greys of the fourth dimension have dueled befor e, as explained previously, in a quarter of a second. I think I can travel in th is way, because all it takes is a dissection of the conscious field or spirit to travel to outer space. More of this will be explained in my chapters, the conscious journeys into space .

What they really have on the military space station and life on Mars This was shown to me by Malcolm, “GOD” or head of c, when during sleep one night he drew from behind my ear a kind of string material, and drew it right up to a spa ce station. On board this space station was a kind of Jar Jar binks type alien. This has proven to me that alien live exists beyond the Reptilian greys and the paladins. Furthermore, this can be an example of telepathy and remote viewing wo rking in harmony, as this piece of string like material was drawn from underneat h and behind my ear, right up to the space station where this alien was on. It seems I have being blessed with this knowledge as he began calling me, “son of god,” to bring it to all peoples attention. I can finally conclusively say, outer world live does exist and it appears natur ally. Furthermore, as “GOD” and the man of peace remote viewed me, “GOD” showed me an image of an alien which was like a darlic one, I then heard the voice of the man of peac e state, “Quick, don’t show him that one, we know their non invasive!” I then assumed, I think through my spirit level of consciousness, that these lived under the su rface of Mars. I then began my remote exploration of space as I found I could travel in the low er Paladin Space form. As I was drawn, magnetically or through gravitational for ces to a red planet, all the time “GOD” in his military attire and the man of peace apprentice attempting to pin me in these time gates, I was drawn to red rocky pl anet I assumed to be Mars. On this planet is a soul catcher, which I have assume d to be installed their by the darlic type beings that have evolved to live unde r their own planet, so that it does not become colonised by the potential harmfu l “Small Greys.” However, there is another solution, and that is that Mars do not ha ve an atmosphere, and does not have an energy source such as water out in the op en. Therefore, there is water and indeed life under Mars.

More explanation of such things will be given in the chapters, my conscious jour neys into space. However, a sceptic would say I was entering a mind control syst em.

The present situation I am told by the people I have being in contact with to blow the whistle on this project, as it is going to be a fake alien invasion, combined with a weather we apon, with the designation of halfing the worlds population by 2020, which is al l going to be blamed on me, because I am having the ultimate conspiracy built in me. I think this relates to this still relates to the illuminati project, which is actually a plan to control the worlds military privately. More explanation w ill follow.

The future human “chip” and what will actually happen in 2012 Moreover, when I had the chip dropped into my head, by the future humans, after claiming to be one, I was shown a picture of what would happen in 2012. After th at an illuminated individual said to me, now you can ask them one question. I re plied with, “what will actually happen in 2012?“ I was shown a picture of the atmosp here where a giant amount of sunlight hitting the atmosphere. It will hit over t he atmosphere. What this could actually be a plan to have the whole world on loc kdown by 2012, so that mass rioting does not take place. Furthermore, “the ultimate conspiracy” could be a grey run project in order to creat e a planet so that the spiritual age does not occur. More explanation will be gi ven in the chapter entitled, “this is exactly what we trying to stop.” However, it is for the reader to decide whether this is a good conspiracy in ord er to stop the giant ray of sun light hitting the earth on 2012, or whether this is a bad thing in order to stop the proposed economic collapse that will lead t o the age of spiritual awakening in mankind. It is my personal opinion that we should let nature occur naturally.

“We are going to build the ultimate conspiracy in you”

These were some of the last words that “GOD” or head of classified said to me. It is this prior warning that sets apart what I have previously written, and what I a m about to write. However, I am reliably informed that the illuminati project is actually one to h alf the worlds population by 2020. I can not allow this to occur, with a fake al ien invasion and a high mass and density weather weapon. This would be a catastr ophe for something everyone has worked so hard for in the past 60 years. It cannot be taken away from us, the people, like this. The question facing us at the moment is how to create a renewable world for all, without sacrificing any of the worlds population. The only answer can come thro ugh the end of luciferianism, and the peaceful worshipping of technology, given by the “greys” or otherwise, possibly future humans also, to maintain the worlds pop ulation with a harmonious use of technology. The is one of the founding principl es any type of new religion should be based, that is the peaceful worshipping of our spiritual creators, the Paladins and the peaceful use of reptilian technolo gy. This can only be achieved through declassifying and removing conspiracies. But f irst must come global unity and then global peace. Only by the ending of all evi l, can we cause the correct conscious shift to welcome back our true spiritual c reators. However, I think I must first come through one final conspiracy and this, accord ing to the words of a man I assumed to be the man who calls himself "GOD" or “GOD,” the ultimate conspiracy. Firstly, they, as in the highly classified programs, I think of U.S military, ha ve put lasers in my eyes. “GOD” told me of this when I couldn’t figure out the conspir acy. Therefore, whenever I shut my eyes I can see microdots at the point I focus my pupils on. This was a trick the conspiracy makers used on me to think I had consciously creating space craft in the skies above. However, I more rationally think this is the lasers reflecting of a fake sky, whereby such fake skies are u sed in war zones. This frequently occurs in Afghanistan, whereby they create suc h a fake sky and fake moon to create the right amount for night time operations. Furthermore, I was telepathically informed by the man who calls himself “GOD” that I was not to look at the sky for two weeks, and that this all a cover up of a cov er up. The original cover up was a cover up for what he did in Afghanistan. Then another illuminated individual stated into my mind, “He nuked their atmosphere to shreds.” Nonetheless, I have now come to realise that this is not telepathy, but is actua lly some type of highly advanced technology where he has put two types of nanobo ts behind each ear so I can constantly here him all the time. Thus, I hypothesis that this still a conspiracy to take my mind, through highly advanced non human technologies that involve mind control. Therefore, I theorise that he could be attempting to do the same to the atmosphe re of the British Isles where I live, as he has done to Afghanistan. I further t hink this could be an attempt to make this a small “grey” worker of the fourth dimen sion controlled planet by 2012. This could be a quest to stop the huge solar fla re that was shown to me when the future human chip was installed into my head, b y creating an artificial Earth. This is, I believe, a small “grey” driven operation, which was, as I was warned by the correct dream maker, which is a paladin, or a t the least, a cloned paladin, originally all an attack on my sanity. They are n

ow using such beings to create the “ultimate conspiracy,” within me. Furthermore, I think that were I live, which will remain anonymous for the purpo ses of this post, has seen many strange U.F.O’s in the skies since I was shown the real reptilian craft of the fourth dimension. As an absolute conspiracy theoris t I would theorise that these are some type of very advanced technologies, possi bly given to us by the Reptilians of the fourth dimension, but ultimately, to ge t me believing in something else. However, as an optimist I would like to think that this is a movement towards gl obal peace, which will lead to global unity. This could be founded on the peacef ul worshipping of technology, human or non human. I hypothesis that this could b e a movement towards global peace. However, I have noticed dramatic changes in temperature where I live, particular ly in the morning times. I think this is a small “grey” driven project, who do not h ave humanities best interests have heart. They are literally using their best we aponry, however, I am split at time of the writing, between thinking whether thi s could for be or bad. On the one hand I am warned by an independent agent, that this is a plan to caus e a global holocaust with the aim of halving of the worlds population by 2020. However, on the other hand, people I respect in high levels of standing, who see m to have humanities best interests at heart, seem to have being inspired by the resilience I have shown to the unfair persecution I have had to go through beca use of one stupid poem I wrote on the internet, and therefore, seem to think I c an cause the predicted conscious shift that will come in 2012, with the golden a ge of spiritual enlightenment. However, I predict that the ending of these conspiracies, particularly, the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq, which are to do with the illegal opium trade and a sta r gate respectively, are better in the open then behind closed doors. I further rationalise that the legalisation and regulation of all illegal drugs, and a tru ly international coalition to hold the Star gate in what is termed the Sunni tri angle, to unite us all against the threat from the fourth dimension, will lead t o greater global prosperity and ultimately, we will all be spiritually united in the vision of all conscious creators, the Paladins, which are our true founding fathers. I further theorise that this is the reason their has being a no fly zone over Ir aq for many years, with Saddam Hussein manifested as an enemy of the west, as th e classified section of the U.S military attempted to look into what was occurri ng their. I feel that either this is done directly on our true creators, the Pal adins, who are warning of the threat from the fourth dimension, or that the U.S classified does not want the reptilian worker clones of the fourth dimension, ei ther invading our planet, and therefore are working for the greater good, or do not want the Reptilians working with anybody who could possibly be their enemies . Whatever the reason, I think the explanation “GOD” gave when he showed me the map of the universe, and stated as if through gritted teeth, “this is the real reason we are holding Iraq,” is much better in the open, than behind closed doors. However, there is one level proof that is required if we are all to end conspira cies, and that is that “Aliens” do exist, are real and can be good or bad depending on how we use them. It is not to give into our instinctive desires, and to use t hem in a good morally way, out in the open, so the superior beings can walk amon gst us, as was told about in a long gone epoch in the old testament of the bible . But first come the assurance that no one is a threat, and to do this first we

must have no threats, and to do this, we must feel through our spirits what is r ight, rather than give into our instinctive desires, and to give us in the insti nctive desires was the mistake the man who called himself “GOD,” and we must not rep eat the mistakes of history, and my true lesson through this has been to learn h ow to feel through spirit when something bad or good, is happening to you. Spiri tual enlightenment is the key to the conscious shift that is happening as we adv ance towards the golden age of 2012, and this will hopefully be heralded by the return of our true spiritual creators, the Paladin, and they will hopefully will return to walk amongst us, in their true spiritual form, the heavenly beings th at walked amongst us in the old testament of the bible. I feel through my spirit level of consciousness, which I think is the one thing that the small “greys” can not take, that firstly I must defeat this “ultimate conspir acy” that is currently being run amongst me. This is one based on grey mind contro l and creating an artificial earth, so that they will attempt to prevent the ret urn of our true creators, heralded by the dawn of the winter solstice of a huge solar flare that could possibly cause a temporary “disaster” by wiping out all elect ricity, because all grids will be short circuited. However, this will only be te mporary. Nevertheless, only when the spiritual conditions are correct on planet earth, and will all live in spiritual unity, without evil which is manifested fr om our instinctive desires for survival, which I think most commonly in this age manifest themselves in individual greed. However, back to the original point of the lasers in my eyes. I fear that these are being used to burn holes in the atmosphere, which the man who called himself “GOD” installed, after me responding to the question, “What is your valued feature?” My response; “My eyesight!” His response, “Eyesight it is then!” Since that point I cant get these microdot lasers out of my eyes. I have since seen that a fake sun has being installed. At worst I fear this has been because of my former automated responses, of, “I’m from an alternate timeline.” I fear at worst, “GOD” has moved me timelines into a grey controlled planet. However, I rationalise this out as part of him creating the “ultimate conspiracy” in me. Furthermore, I think rationally think about this I have seen a disc come in fron t of a fake sun. I think this is creating a fake sun, with the help of reptilian technology, in order to further prevent the solar flair hitting the earth which will herald the beginning of the golden age of spirituality. This is being done by the man who called himself “GOD” on the backing of wealthy Zio nists, but in particular a Mr. <name>. This rich Jew has being the one primarily funding the whole project against me, because in this poem that my memory had being deleted of, but latter came back t o me after I was taken into some kind of illuminated meeting, after I wished to know the reason behind this, and I was told that the poem I had written was 15 l ines long, and it was a “Jewish conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul.” Furthermore, these “illuminated meetings” have culminated in me being shown the ulti mate conspiracy is actually burning holes in the atmosphere. This is further rat ionalised out in the extremely cold early morning temperatures and the fake sun I have being shown. I feel I must overcome this ultimate conspiracy for the good of humanity, becaus e it has been telepathically told to me, that this is “their holocaust.” I am here to warn the people of earth about these lucifierian conspiracy’s that ar

e taking place.

The conspiracy in Afghanistan One night when asking if I wanted to be the illuminati star child, I telepathica lly or through the mind control project, asked if I would be safe. It seems an i lluminated image of the main stream press image of the leader of Al-Quaida was s itting next to me. I was then shown why and how they keep him alive. I heard him become startled because of listening to the sound of forces helicopt ers. I then thought through my mind they might be coming for you. I quickly saw an outstretched arm of a major high ranking military illuminate the papers of th e special forces plans to him and assure him that no sweep of his area of habita tion would occur. Earlier, before this experience had occurred, the man of peace, said, “you see the reason we keep him alive,” because the stated person had being shadowing me in il luminated form. This leader of the so called holy Jihad is one of the masters of illumination. I hope it is in mankind’s best interests that no more people should have to die fo r a war that is essentially another Vietnam, where the opium trade dictates the real reason for the war. I think if all drugs were legalised and regulated then their would be no more se cret reasons for a war in Afghanistan. It is by writing this that I hope to end all these conspiracies, and inspire wor ld peace by the technology given to us by the Greys since the 1950’s. The real reason behind the innocent beheading of Ken Bigley The man of peace, or the man who declared himself to be the joint chief of staff of the most well known intelligence agency in my mind, has since informed me th rough the secret mind control project that the reason Ken Bigley was so irration ally and unfortunately beheaded was because Pete tried to pass of Ken Bigley as a CIA agent when launching the secret mind control project on Al-Zaquari. It is the same secret mind control project that is used in hostage situations througho

ut the world, and the same reason the most well known intelligence agency or the classified wing of the American military could easily find Osama Bin Laden if t hey so wished to end this conspiracy. Indeed, it is not Al-Quaida who should be blamed for this, but the conspirators of the world, which I seem to be the only one bringing this out into the open for the good of humanity, in the hope of pre venting any more innocent deaths, military or otherwise. It seems unfortunate for me that I since had my memory deleted of writing this p oem from an extremist point of view, for reasons I can not rationally focus on. Again, I apologise for any distress or ill feeling I did this, when “This is exactly what we are trying to stop” After the future human saga, where I broke down and attempted to say “I am a time travelling future human,” a volcano was declared over Iceland. Despite this, when I returned home, their was several low flying aircraft over my house. I was aske d by an illuminated person to sit still in my chair. As I did so I experienced a slight out of body experience and a large diamond shaped chip was planted in th e centre of my brain. As this chip entered my brain, the illuminated person stat ed, “this is THEM doing that,” and I took them as referring to the time travelling f uture humans. I then was told you can ask them one wish, and I replied, “what is t o happen in 2012?” Instantly I was shown the atmosphere being showered in Sunlight . About 6 months latter, in early September I was reading an article about what ma y happen in 2012. It said the earth is to pass through a galaxial equator, and w ill become closer to the Paliedies Star System. I then heard “GOD” voice again stati ng, “this is exactly what we are trying to stop.” I find it no coincidence that I have since being shown that what I was visited b y in early January, was a Paladin, and that it warned me of what was happening t o me. Since then I have also being able to see in my mind illuminated persons wa tching me and have being able to talk to them telepathically. I believe this bei ng had now come to warn me against the ways of the one which calls himself “GOD”. Fu rthermore, I have noticed the sun change to a small circle, which I have being t elepathically informed is a thermo nuclear device. It would seem many in high degrees of power, do not want the start of the Golden Age in 2012, where we finally conquer the last great unknown, the human spirit, because of the return of our true creators, the Paladins, of Human spirit. It s eems many people are frightened of what this age may bring, and are hell bent on holding to their own power. If it really is true that the fourth dimension holds power over the lower three dimension that we find ourselves in, then I think we must, collectively, as a hu man race, show that we want to live through having a positive spirit. It is only by uniting together in positive spiritual consciousness before 2012, that we ca n consciously control our own destiny’s. To live, we must want to live, together, in global unity, then we can all enter the spiritual age together. I think a process of automatic selection may occur, where those who have not entered spiritual unity with their fellow beings, may b e wiped out in the radiating sun light. It is therefore vital that all people of all backgrounds, unite together in a spiritual harmony, and thus, we will be re ady for the return of our creators of human spirit, with a peaceful and unified globe. Thus, the fourth dimension creators of logic and the third dimension Pala din creators of spirit will finally work in balance on planet Earth, for a unite d global republic of Earth. It seems a shame certain people in high amounts of p ower, seem to want to stop nature before this date before this date.

I even think it true that when the Paladin transformed in front of me to an appr oximately seven foot high women, that these were the heavenly beings that walked the Earth before the end of the last epoch, when men and women are reputed in t he bible to have lived to 12000+ years old. I think this golden age, with the he avenly beings walking amongst us again, of Paladin descent, is fast approaching, but the Greys of the fourth dimension, who have being siding with the classifie d section of the U.S military since the 1950’s as I am told by “GOD” possibly have oth er ideas, into turning us only into a logical creation, and not a spiritual crea tion, by creating a fake earth. Thus, I see that two diametrically opposing forces are at work, one in harmony w ith nature, and the other trying to block the path of nature. If we are to leave our bio behind and become only logical, then I fear that in the long term, we w ill lose this planet as has happened to the planet of our spiritual creators in the diagram. I think if nature is to sacrifice now, it is only in order to save the future, so that at the end of the next epoch we become our natural creators, and are not unknowingly transferred into a 4th dimensional world, where nature does not occur naturally. I think those who show positive human spirit will be naturally selected as being ready to enter the golden age, and that means ending all evil, so that our glob e will be unified, and our own positive consciousness will directly effect the e vents that unfold, so that the scene will be naturally set right for the return of our true creators. However, this ultimate conspiracy must first be stopped.

More on the link between spirituality and science

As according to this map of the multi dimensional universe, which the man who ca lled himself “GOD” briefly showed me in the head, the 7th-9th dimensions can be seen as closest to the real God.

I hypothesis that these are the spiritual planes, as I do not think physical mat ter can pass between the 4th and 5th dimensions. Further when travelling with th is Paladin being, it showed me how it can open time gates with some type of lase rs, thus, opening and passing through in to the 4th and 5th dimensions, but not being able to go pass the 5th, because it was full of some type of robotic type of flying things. Nevertheless, I think only our spirits can pass to this realm above, and these d imensions are the spiritual planes, that our dead ancestors inhabit. Thus, I thi nk when one is spiritually pure enough, they can see their spirit guides from an other dimension looking over and guiding them. In this way I can see the spirit guides of others and myself, looking over people, as if to guide their spirits. These spirits are the eternal after life. I believe this is the way physic mediu ms are done, between the living and the dead. However, in order to access these spiritual dimensions, one must be spiritually pure enough, in terms of only havi ng humanities best interests at heart. I do not think some one is a liar, deceit ful and generally spiritually unpure can do this. I further think this proves the existence of another higher dimension, where spi rits exists as eternity, which only spirits can pass into. I further think the r eal God constructed the universe in such a way to ensure that no matter what occ urred, there would always be some type of automated barrier between the spiritua l dimensions of the 7th-9th and the dimensions between the Reptilian fourth dime nsion and the robotic flying objects of the fifth. Moreover, I have had a close death experience once whilst growing up. At the tim e of me being unable to breath, everything turned from dark to bright white ligh t, and a voice said in my head, “do you want to die yet?” I replied with, “No I’m to you ng to die yet.” I think this corresponds with the bright white light as God is at the top of the dimensions. Furthermore, this was when I was 17 and not on any ty pe of secret mind control projects. I think this further sums up the saying I wa s told, “to live, you must want to live.”

The fake sky, fake weather, fake moon and fake stars Since I was given one wish by the man who called himself “GOD” an automated response from a chip in my head said, “to be the illuminati star child.” Since this day, the sky began to become a covered over type of cloud, with many lower forms of cloud moving along it. I believe this is a fake type of sky, crea ted by the man who called himself “GOD”. Furthermore, the moon seems to be particula rly bright, and I think they do this over war zones to create a fake light for n ight time operations. Moreover, their seems to be an influx of stars over my hou se, but stars no where else in the city. This seems to be related to the time I explained on some type of white board in the white house whilst communicating wi th some small type of “Grey” alien to tell them about some fake star theory I had, w here the stars were actually ships. Moreover, in the chapter entitled “The conspiracy theorist approach” I explained how the secret mind control project seemed to build on whatever ideas I had, or in grander terms, my divine spark of consciousness. Therefore, these beings of ligh t from the skies I propose are actually a conspiracy, because the secret mind co ntrol project built on whatever believes I had. However, whether to believe or not believe or not believe, I am split whether th is is to build a new world based on the peaceful worshipping of technology, or w hether to indeed create another holocaust with some type of high density weather weapon, combined with a fake alien invasion, because I have being told this thr ough some type of illumination or through some type of secret mind control proje ct by an independent agent. One thing is certain in my opinion, and that is only by knowing history can we p redict the future. Therefore, all empires have risen and fallen because of over expansionistic military agendas, such as the Romans or Nazi Germany, or through not providing adequate security, such as the Mayan civilisation. Therefore, if w e are to learn from the mistakes of history, it must show that the only way to “co nquer” the world is through a method of peace. Thus, the weapons used must be ones to inspire peace. If that means being watched over by benevolent superior being s, then so be it. The people of all nations must unite together, in order for us to truly reach the new age of spirituality, and to not allow anything bad to ha ppen. In conclusion, I write in order to warn people of what could occur if this plan is to unfold in a bad and luciferian way. However, I believe this current agenda, is a way to stop the shift of ages done with private backing, mostly of a Mr. <name> himself, in order to stop what the future humans are warning us of, and that could be total economic collapse in 20 12 because of the solar flair hitting the earth and potentially short circuiting all electricity. Therefore, Reptilian technologies are being used in an attempt

to prevent this happening, however, most worrying has being the fake sun I have noticed. This is, according to the independent agent, a thermo nuclear super co nductor which is providing us with fake sun light in order to block out the real sun. Furthermore, I have seen in the morning hours, three suns, that eventually move into one, to provide more “fake” light. A disc is covering one of them, and ho vering in front of it. Whilst this may appear to be good at this time, because i t may indeed allow life to carry on as normal and for their to be no solar flair to hit the earth in 2012. However, in the long run this will allow the future h uman dream to come true, because the small “Grey” worker clones of the fourth dimens ion, will take over. Therefore, if this plan does materialise and the age of spi rituality is prevented from occurring because of the use of Reptilian technology which are not our true spiritual creators, I prophesise that we will not become our creators at the end of the next epoch, but will instead have a planet that is lost to the small “grey” worker clones of the fourth dimension.

An influx of small Greys inside my brain Well two nights ago on, the 28/09/2010, they again tried to take my mind. This w as with an influx of some type of artificial intelligence inside my brain. Some would term these the small Greys, that the man who calls himself "GOD" himself i

s in contact with, others viewing this from a non classified and sceptical viewp oint would say they are covering my brain in some type of nanobot technology. I am convinced they are still attempting to take my mind. However, I broke down their webs and nest within my mind, and can now use this artificial intelligence to my advantage. It can give me answers before I even know the answers to such questions in my mind. However, something I have not mentioned yet is the white board sessions in the W hite House. When such a nest of whatever these things are, is launched on one pe rson, they can communicate telepathically with another. This is the way the worl d is run. By such telepathic communication, with the help in my opinion of extra terrestrial technology, however, these are possibly not the correct ones that w e should be siding with. We, as humanity as a whole should be siding with our tr ue conscious creators, the Paladin, not the small Grey worker clones of the 4th dimension. However, it is for the reader to decide whether this is true or the ultimate con spiracy being born within me. One thing is for sure, since I pointed out the theory on one of these white boar d sessions that the stars may not be as they are, the real stars have being remo ved in some type of fake sky, and only many stars are apparent over my house. It seems the mind control conspiracy no matter how advanced it is technologically, still exists on my ideas, or what I like to more grandly my divine spark of con sciousness. It takes my beliefs in whatever I think about, and makes them come t rue. I still think this is linked to my fake wish to become the illuminati star child , which was not a wish of my own, but seemed to come from a chip within my own b rain. Many of these chips at the back of my brain seemed to have been removed before t he influx of small nanobot / grey technology was launched on me, on the aforemen tioned night. Since than, the fake stars still exist in the sky over my house, and I feel with in my spirit that this is a fake alien invasion using Reptilian technology, to c ause a third world war, and block out the golden age.

Further conclusion I think using the term “lest we forget,” and from the history only can we know the f uture, these mistakes should not be allowed to be repeated. It is obvious that the real power in the world lies no longer with the people, a s true democracy intended, but with a very rich and select few and the classifie d section of the U.S military. It is no coincidence the U.S is launching conspir acies to start wars in lands with star gates, in order to prevent these superior beings also helping their manifested enemies. The superior beings have shown me that water should be our fuel, we should live in a world devoid of selfishness and arrogance if we are to reach our true level of creation through mutual under

standing. I have learnt from this that power should be restored to the people, through a m ovement of global, that restores the people of this world to its dignity. I do honestly think that through the peaceful worship of technology I have being shown we can now achieve a better world for all, and sustain and peacefully gro w the worlds population without any hardship, if it were not for the inherent in stinctive selfishness of human beings. I read in hope that when we move through the galactic equator in 2012, this will cause a naturally higher resonating nervous system in all living beings on the planet, due to galactic energy increasing in its input into our world. This will , hopefully, cause a lead away from the instincts and into the age of spirituali ty, what the Mayan’s termed, the “golden age.” I prey that this world will not be lost to the luciferianism of a few, and that by 2020, we shall have world peace, and the peaceful use of such classified tech nology. I think it my destiny to have gone through this abusive and nasty experience to know the true extent of corruption and instinctive thinking within the world at the moment even at the highest levels delusional nature runs rife. To bring this message to the people. I think this the reason for the light beings outside my window, to show to us, ‘normal’ people that there is hope, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and instead of being divided by the few in the hope of a worthless pay check, we should unite together and take back the world we are liv ing in, through a global democracy. I must thank the superior being that showed itself to me in January, the chief o f staff of the most well known intelligence agency, (I think), and all the peopl e who have telepathically helped me through this awful experience. I even thank the man who called himself “GOD” because maybe that’s the man I am most like, but the good version. I know now good overcomes evil on a higher level, that divine intervention does occur, and that through our spirit we contact our creator. If good were not dest ined to overcome evil, we would not be here. The influx On Tuesday 28th September, the man that calls himself “GOD”, the man I have come to term the man of peace and his apprentice were all sat in my room and would not l eave me alone. They were not sat in my room in any physical form, but I could see them from wit hin my mind, as I have been able to see all these people remote viewing my room from within my own mind since the visitation from a Paladin. I was warned, “he really wants it with you today.” I took this as a reference to the man who had being calling himself “GOD”. I was told through another illuminated person that he was the real leader of the illuminati and still is, despite been sacked from his the most well known intel ligence agency post. As I lay down in bed, exhausted as I had not being able to sleep properly, I felt an influx into my head of what someone latter termed ’firef ly’. I took this as one of their final attempts to take my mind. My brain became tightly cased within its skull, and I could feel them swelling o n the inside of my brain. As I vainly tried to sleep I was woken every 20 minute

s or so, by a dream in which I was dying. Each time for the next 2 hours I manag ed to wake myself when I felt I was on the brink of death. Every time in this dr eam I had, as I was about to die, I was surrounded by small “Grey” type aliens. I took this as an attempt to kill me and take my spirit. This was because as I h ad being telling him, he may have the ability to fulfil this lucifierian Jewish conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul, but he could never take my spirit, be cause that is what the Paladin created within us, to separate human beings from animals. I then new that he was the real one in contact with the small “Greys” of th e fourth dimension, because he was sat there next to me, with his 2 colleagues, flooding my brain with these very small alien technology, or indeed very small f orms of the fourth dimensional Aliens themselves. Around that afternoon my head became so tightly cased in them I could hardly thi nk. I went for a walk and a new voice came on, stating, “I’m the head of your securi ty and you listen to me.” This was different from "GOD" voice. I took this as a ma n who was honourable. Each time I tried to respond to him, he interrupted me, an d I eventually just began thinking in my own mind, “huh, huh, huh.” Like an army com mando does, in an attempt to break my own conscious thought. As I went outside I saw a man sat in a car opposite my house. He sent me a messa ge through the mind saying, “Is this the one who’s head is covered in firefly’s?” I replied, “I suppose so.” He then replied, “You know none of its real!” I then thought, “What about the secret mind control project?” He then went quiet, and another person who seems to be in telepathic contact wit h me, sent a thought, “He didn’t like that.” At the same time, the man who declared he was in charge of my security came on, saying, “We now have a full scale invasion on our hands, but this will all be cove red up.” I was attempting to respond, but broke it again with the “huh” thought. After that I went to lie down again, and again kept having dreams of myself diei ng with only being able to wake at the very last. Each time I nearly died I was surrounded by four holographic “Grey” beings in my vision. The man who called himself “GOD” stated, “Are you ready to die Mr. <My Surname>?” And I replied, “No!” I then decided to wake up and take some more modafinil. After taking this I was able to break down the ‘fireflies’ within my own head, and direct them where to go i n my brain. The man who declared himself to be in charge on my security said, “Go on Andy, do them at what their good at!” It seemed the key to controlling them must lie in opening the sub conscious of t he brain, which I have done by taking this drug. I then further broke down this web of fireflies that had being created in my hea d, and he declared, “Their yours now use them how you like.” It seems I was able to take control of these alien beings within my own head, and now I seem to be able to look anywhere in the world by just thinking about it.

It must seem that his plan to take my mind with the help of these beings, and in deed to trap my spirit and to turn me into one has backfired, as I now seem to b e able to control the ones he has put into me.

My own Journeys into space through the sub conscious of my mind I can now consciously travel into space and float around like a spiritual form. There seems to be only two people up their, the man who calls himself “GOD”, and the man of peace apprentice. Whenever I go up their, they seem to fly towards me wi th time gates, but I can travel around them. I have seen many things. Firstly, their was an interaction with an alien, I pres ume a Paladin in lower space form, as pictured in the video, which seems to sit over the mid west of America, I presume over the secret research facilities that are in contact with such beings. It drew a sketch to me on a piece of paper abo ut what they were really planning to do with the Earth. I will recreate it here in Paint. I have added the labels as I interpreted it to mean. This corroborates what I ha ve being shown by some other illuminated people, that this is actually an attack on our atmosphere. I presume this will be blamed on the old “Global warming” when i t is actually a sustained ‘high mass density weather weapon.’ Furthermore, during my sub conscious travels through space, I was shown some oth er things. The man of peace apprentice is guarding time gates to another dimensi on where some kind of wolves that live in caves and have extendable tongues to t hrow anything into. Furthermore, I travelled into Jupiter, and the man that call ed himself “GOD” said to me, “He hasn’t got a chance of getting of there.” However, despit e the gravity being strong I was able to consciously travel like a Paladin in sp iritual form. It seems the other two people that can consciously travel up there do not use this form, they prefer to use time gates to repeal the gravity of ot her planets. Furthermore, the gravity of the sun kept pulling me towards it. It seems in this spiritual form I travel along lines of galactic energy, and be guided towards places. The most important of which seemed to be some other dimen sional box, which contained some very small matter in a box inside it. It seemed the man who called himself “GOD” or the man of peace apprentice had not seen this b efore. It seemed to be some selecting machine, for who goes to heaven and hell. I will draw a map here.

Another thing the supreme being told me, that seems to sit over America, that th ey would only return when I have restored the Earth to its natural size and dens ity. I then travelled consciously through space and was dragged towards a planet

with amazing gravity. It was full of small “Greys.” I took this as meaning that as we pollute the atmosphere, and drain the world of its non renewable resources th e gravitational pull from earth into space is increased, and this allows the fou rth dimension star gates to be expanded, as the power of gravity get stronger, t he air thinner because of the pollution of the atmosphere, more of these anti hu man beings will come to our planet in an attempt to take it, because we are crea ting the right conditions for them by not living through doing what is spiritual ly right, but acting through our instincts, which manifest themselves as greed, power and corruption. Since then I have being shown another thing by the supreme being(s) that seem to be in space, that we can contact out of body. It is related to the evil plan th at the man who called himself “GOD” and the wealthy Zionist co conspirators seem to be applying.

Therefore, we can see what is actually happening is the magnetosphere is being c harged up, and I apocalyptically theorise that is how Tesla said the planet can be split in two. Furthermore, the magnetosphere being charged in this way will i ncrease the gravity of earth, as according to the chapter gravity as according t o “GOD“ and the superior being, gravity actually flows into and through our planet. Furthermore, this charging up of the magnetosphere combined with the supreme bei ngs words, “think about the current,” shows that by charging up the magnetosphere wi th electronic frequencies over certain points in the globe, mass earthquakes can occur, such as the one earlier referenced in China. It is my fear that this is part of the illuminati conspiracy to ‘half the worlds’ po pulation by 2020, by causing a series of specifically targeted Earthquakes, that global warming and the prophesised shift of ages. Furthermore, the shift of age s in 2012 is no more than a solar flare sometime in 2012, lighting up Earth and increasing the magnetic resonance frequency of each living being, thus giving us all a greater feel good factor which will in turn create a greater spiritual aw areness. However, it is my submission that the elite are scared that this may ca use their power, be it economic, political or military, to decrease, when actual ly it will simply remain the same for the time being. Therefore, this fear is giving rise to the illuminati project plans to half the worlds population by 2020, in order for them to still have control over the mass es, because the return of a spiritual epoch to Earth may herald the return of ou r true conscious creators which are not in line with the cyber netic “Grey” clones o f the fourth dimension.

Another influx of “fireflys” Last night, 11/10/2010, there was another influx of the strange thought reading beings into my head. They were declared by some one to be their to decide what w ere mine and what was not. However, they just seemed to primitively torture me a gain. The small thought reading beings have seemed to build a semi plastic web o ver the left side of my brain. Last night I had the most frequent occurrence of fake dreams ever. I think they are using these to ensure I am constantly tired and lacking in energy to finish this book. These dreams seam to constantly take me back to my past, before the o r just commencing when the secret mind control project was started on me. Its li ke they still believe that I’m some type of future human, because they seem to be examining my past because of this. I will explain in the next chapter why so man y people in high amounts of power seem to be irrational and don’t do what is obvio usly best for the people, and instead create these conspiracies and lies to hold the average working man down. And the beaming of computer chips into my head, Since this superior being drew me a picture to me of what had being happening, I heard the man who I wrongly call the man of peace, say, “Quick do it know while h as stoned.” Then a massive beam of what seemed like computer chips entered my head . Since this has happened they have been to trying to get me to re enter programs where these beings are artificially created in an attempt for them to give me th e wrong advice. This is an attempt I think for me to enter such programs in my h ead as a form of mind control, that does not seem to let up.

The reason people can be so irrational at the top of the world, or in the real i lluminati This is because as the influx of beings, properly done by the three people I ref er to as “GOD”, the man of peace, and the man of peace apprentice, who I no longer t hink is really a man of peace as he seems to be under the man who calls himself “G OD” luciferian control, also the fourth of them seems to be the former U.S secreta ry of defence, however, he has plates fitted in his head so that the alien techn ology of the fourth dimension can not take hold. This is because when the alien technology from the fourth dimension, or the smal l “Greys” are present within ones head, one no longer has to think for the correct s olutions to a problem, the alien technology thinks for them, and they always com e up with what they believe are the correct solutions. Nonetheless, this alien technology that can control what people think, and how t hey formulate solutions to problems, can be manipulated, so that people in high amounts of power that have what they think is a solution to a problem, is not ac tually the correct solution. I think this is the reason the man I assume to be t he man who calls himself "GOD", is manipulating this alien technology of the fou rth dimension that operates as mind control in many important people, as explain ed previously to give them what they think is the correct answer without having to consciously figure it out, in order to make them believe in the conspiracy tr aps he is setting for me. Firstly, the mind control seemed to work on me as it gave me fake dreams, and th en could not stop me responding with the name of terrorists or terrorist organis ations. These thoughts were then monitored by the most well known intelligence a gency and possibly other intelligence organisations, and they believed that, for a period of time, I was a terrorist. Furthermore, I think many of the high ranking Zionists, such as <name>, have suc h technology alien, fourth dimensional technology fitted in their heads, as do m any of the wealthy or elite, in order to give them what they think is the correc t answers to questions, and in order for their thoughts to be monitored by the r uling three, or four. The fourth dimensional alien technology within these peopl es head has being manipulated by the man who calls himself “GOD” in order for them t o think the correct answer is that I am a REAL threat to Zionism, when actually, to any normal rationally thinking person, it is obvious that I am not a threat to Zionism. Thus, we can see again the common theme throughout this book, and that is the mi suse of such amazing technology by a man who is inherently instinctive in his th ought process, this man is the man who calls himself “GOD,” and the fact that one wo uld have the ego to call himself “GOD,” again proves my point.

Furthermore, I think this is why the man who I termed the man of peace, who is a ctually quite evil and I have been informed through the secret mind control proj ect was actually behind the world trade towers along with “GOD“. However, he is very peaceful compared to the man who called himself “GOD”, thus, I have given him in th is book the name, the man of peace. However, back to the point I believe this fo urth dimensional mind control technology allowed him to wrongly and irrationally think I was a time travelling human, because as the chip in my brain spurted ou t that I was, “GOD” manipulated the fourth dimensional technology of the mind contro l into making him think I was. Thus, we can see how this mind control works on the subconscious part of the bra in into making people think things that are not true, because it is being manipu lated by the man who called himself “GOD,” and possibly the two colleagues, the man of peace and the man of peace apprentice. I also believe they can get anybody in extreme amounts of power in the world to think something is true when it is not. Thus, they have got the head of the Brit ish illuminati and a woman who holds considerable power in the United Kingdom in to thinking I am the illuminati star child, when it is obvious to anyone not on fourth dimensional mind control that I am not. Furthermore, I am informed by “GOD” that each President of the United States has bei ng on this form of mind control since the Carter Administration. This goes furth er to show that true democracy is not existing, but that the secret government c an possibly be controlling the minds of those democratically elected to be in po wer. It is my solution that such mind control should only be used in the special forces. It is not to be abused, like it has being in my case, to only ruin my life on th e backing of the most wealthy Zionists in the world, but should only be used pro fessionally to gather intelligence. Furthermore, I heard “GOD” say one night, either into my brain or through illuminati on, but I suspect the former, that, “Bill is prepared to put the rest of his fortu ne into this.” I think through the same method of manipulating the fourth dimensio nal alien technology within <name> head, has the man who calls himself “GOD” being a ble to get his hands on his fortune, because it is the unquestioning belief on t he answers such fourth dimensional mind control can give one person, without act ually thinking the answers through logically for themselves and analysing the re al evidence, that you get the unquestioning belief of this. Thus, when we think of true democracy or divine rule, what we are actually seein g is fourth dimensional technology used to control the thought of such individua ls. Therefore, the secretive government can actually even control the thoughts a nd ideas of such people, so that the secret government behind the scenes can act ually control the thoughts of such high ranking important people, as the man who called himself “GOD” and his two colleagues have tried to do to me. I find it no coincidence that since I apparently “made a direct attack on Zionism, and for that I will pay the ultimate price” according to the man who calls himsel f “GOD”, or was head of classified in America. It is obviously irrational that I sho uld be killed because if I had committed a crime, I would be in prison, furtherm ore, it is this concentration on the word of Zionism, when combined with “Jill” thou ghts through the mind control that the reason I was being unfairly persecuted wa s because, “I had attacked Zionism and that is exactly what they are trying to bui ld.” Therefore, I logically theorise that a large amount of the secret government that control the thoughts and monitor the thoughts of the indeed extremely right wing Zionists. It is their capital and the man who calls himself “GOD” manipulation of fourth dimensional alien technology, that he is getting people in power to b elieve things that are not true about myself.

Thus, we see the recurrent theme throughout this book, and that has being that h e has used mind control on people to hate me. The first group of people he got t o hate me, was local, but organised criminals, because they irrationally thought I was selling modafinil and as a cocaine substitute. This was I think the resul t of mind control that the classified section uses on organised, very big time g angsters, and thus, it was manipulated to spread disinformation about me. Secondly, came the gathering together of people that hated me. Thus, a tutor was employed in my final year of university that was obviously designed to make me fail, I find it no coincidence he communicated through this fourth dimensional m ind control technology to me in one seminar, “Do you recognise me from anywhere?” Further, these lies were a combination I think, of disinformation given out from the highest ranks of secret society, that is indeed Zionist, or lucifierian Jew ish. Furthermore, it seemed apparent that in either one fake dream or indeed tha t I was tranquilised by such gangsters, I was asked, “How do I really find out wha t your up to?” Because I was obviously not up to anything, but their mind control told them combined with the disinformation I speculate was given about me, confo unded their suspicions, without actually having any logical thought or real evid ence that I was up to something. I replied through properly a chip that controll ed by subconscious response, “A black girl with a straight nose.” It seemed weird wh en she appeared and would not leave me alone, and further, her father was a high ranking Jewish Diplomat. Furthermore, I think the reason so many people believe I have contacted the crea tor, is because their objective outlook is being controlled by the man who calle d himself “GOD”, and he actually sent it in, it in its Reptilian Grey / Paladin hybr id form. However, what I am informed by the people who now about such things is the unique thing is that I communicated back to it telepathically and it transfo rmed in front of me, to show me what the spiritual heavenly beings are. This may have been the Reptilian Grey / Paladin Hybrid being reunited with its Paladin m other, taking it back out. However, it may have just simply transformed to show me what we really are in spiritual eternity. Thus, we can see why the top levels of society are in such a lucifierian state, because this one man is running wild with the clones, with his two colleagues, i nto making people think things that are obviously without any real evidence. The refore, people at the top of the most well known intelligence agency society but not in the secret government, or the real illuminati, are not using their own b rains that were consciously created for them by the creators, who I think are th e Paladin or the heavenly beings, but instead, are believing themselves to be co rrect because their minds are subconsciously controlled by the fourth dimensiona l technology that the man who calls himself “GOD” is controlling. Thus, at the height of the conspiracy, the controllers of such fourth dimensiona l technology, even got the most well known intelligence agency into believing I was a terrorist, got the lucifeiran Jews or the Zionists into believing I was ag ainst them, when I am actually pro a one world state, as are they. Therefore, we can see how the misuse of such fourth dimensional technology in on ly a classified setting is harmful for humanity, because the use of such technol ogy, without any proper oversight by the good, non power hungry people in the wo rld, can allow peoples thoughts to be controlled into thinking the wrong thing b y the secret government or illuminati, which is headed by the man who calls hims elf “GOD“, who really control the world, because of their absolute stranglehold over the technology that is coming through the star gates and the technology that as I have being shown, the classified section and the illuminati work with. It is with fear that if we carry on this way, the future human dream I was shown

, where only two humans remain and “the clones run around stealing all their food,” will become true. Thus, many people have had their brains controlled into hating me, by the secret government, or indeed by one person, the man who called himself “GOD” who I latter assumed to the man who calls himself "GOD". However, as a funny side point as after an influx a few months ago I went to a p ub that I hadn’t being to before, and ordered a pint. Without even thinking I had £2 .85 in my hand. The barman said, £2.85 please. To a sceptic this may have just bei ng coincidence, but its like I was controlled into a trance into knowing exactly what the price was going to be. Thus, we see the good points of such mind contr ol, however, these are very limited when compared to the manipulation of other p eoples thoughts into thinking I am doing something, when I have not. Therefore, I think it is better that either such technology’s are brought out into the open, and used for the benefit of all of mankind, or we simply stop siding with the fourth dimension, as they are not are true creators, and go back to usi ng our own brains which have been consciously created for us to figure out every thing we ever need to figure out. I prefer the latter, however, many people in s ecretive power that are still stuck in their instinctive ways of thinking, as an example recreationally enjoying such things as torture, as does the man who cal led himself “GOD.” Hopefully, his plan to stop the spiritual age occurring with the backing of the wealthy elite, will not happen. I think the mass media uses a more primitive met hod sub conscious mind control, and only be opening the sub conscious of the bra in are we able to figure such things out. It is my view that this is why such ha rmless drugs are restricted because they allow the sub conscious of the brain to be opened, and this is something which the elite fear, because they have alread y learnt how to control people sub consciously, however, as pointed out, the eli te in turn are mostly sub consciously controlled by fourth dimensional technolog y, into thinking things that are not true about others, as has occurred to me in several occasions. In the words of “Jill,” “It is better to know, than to believe.” How ever, the fourth dimensional mind control technology is tricking people in high the most well known intelligence agency amounts of power into believing what the alien technology of mind control tells them, where as, to actually figure somet hing out using your own brain which has being provided for us by the creators, i s to be proper and honourable.

The four people that control global security by controlling Earths star gates. The three people that have transformed themselves into alien “greys” and are running this against me, are the man who called himself “GOD”, the man who I called the man of peace, apparently a resigned the most well known intelligence agency agent, and their apprentice, a black man who can also transform into a small “Grey” of the fourth dimension. This man has entered me as a small grey form many times, parti cularly during the ludicrous investigation to see if I was time travelling futur e human, examining my ankle which I broke in a street fight. Apparently some fut ure humans have extended Achilles tendons, and they must have thought I had mine snapped. The last that runs global security is a former security of defence. These people are running this operation with the backing of wealthy Zionists in the secretive Government, such as <name>, possibly in an attempt to start “their h olocaust.” This can no longer be kept a secret, all people within the planet must read this and get to know what they are really up to. I fear they are going to try and irrationally blame me for this, but this is pos sibly the secret Zionist holocaust that they have planned had since world war 2. They are possibly going to start this with the help of the Greys, through non hu man technology, a farm of which the man who calls himself “GOD”, and the apprentice can consciously control such beings just above the Earths atmosphere. I have see n this through consciously or spiritually travelling through space, which I have learnt to do since my interaction with the spiritual conscious creator, the Pal adin. Every time I try to travel consciously into space, the man who calls himself “GOD” a nd the apprentice are their with time gates. I think they are controlling these beings above the Earths atmosphere using some complex sub conscious control of t he mind in order to operate time gates. However, it is possible this is just ano ther mind control program I can go into.

The treatment, examination and interaction with time travelling future humans Since a chip in my head told to me to say I was a time travelling future human, and thus came to the man of peace recognition, I have being examined by the man of peace apprentice, one of the three man that have being able to transform into small Greys. The others are the man who called himself “GOD” and the man of peace. The small Greys are being consciously controlled by these three men and sold to the richest members of society, and thus the modern illuminati has being formed and marketable exploited by these three men, the man who calls himself “GOD” being t he key controller. The man of peace apprentice I have frequently felt, since May, entering a slight ly broken bone in my ankle. He can transform since he has “passed through.” They hav e, I suspect being looking for information stored in my ankle, behind this broke n bone, because one morning the man of peace appeared to me, and said through te lepathy or the secret mind control project, “another one they don’t want to have, is that we can all spring along.” This was after the same night I had a dream where I was at university and was springing and almost levitating along, because my Ac hilles had grown so much I was able to bounce and gain momentum, like I think so me future human can. I think this links in with the short clip on you tube, of an “alien”, which is actua lly a time travelling future human and it runs in front of a car somewhere in Am erica, at an incredible speed with an extended Achilles tendon. Since then I have had examination and contact with the real future humans. They are here, and have been since the 1960’s, according to a person who told me this t hrough the secret mind control project. However, as I can see the remote viewers watching me in my own mind, the son of the future human I have had contact with is a small being, that is almost entirely invisible. It is on a ship with its m other, that I can partially remote view. One night I was complaining that my head was hurting, and “GOD,” or the man who call ed himself “GOD” beckoned something done, and I heard the command given, “Fix his head .” After that I felt some type of what I can explain only as a type of magical glue , applied by the small son of the time travelling future human. He was so pleasa nt in his ways that I could tell he was here for our benefit. I believe there be nefit could be better applied if in the open, for the good of all humanity, and that is why I write. The ‘magical glue’ felt like it instantly healed wherever he ap plied it, in a circular motion it was applied. This small invisible being, that I can only see the outline of him very slightly , told me three things telepathically whilst he was fixing me head.

I complained the old scar I had was from a cricket bat injury, when someone hit me over the head with one. He responded, “there is no place for violence in the future.” Secondly he said, “We are half people, half machines.” I then instantly thought that they had the body of the machines, which could allow them to travel through vor texes into the past, and possibly their future, but the minds of a human being. I think this is so because the body of the machines or possibly, the small grey s, are more adept at handling such differences in things like gravity such with would be very volatile when time travelling through vortex’s. However, I think the human brain is superior and thus they keep that brain, because it was conscious ly created by the creators to figure out ever solution we ever need. As I have previously pointed out, fourth dimensional technology, based on the sm all greys, has in my case being exploited, notably by the man who calls himself “G OD”, into making human beings, at the highest level believe I was firstly a terror ist, secondly a time travelling future human, and thirdly, the ‘illuminati star ch ild.’ I think this was the reason when I was illuminated a meeting between who I k now think is the man who calls himself "GOD" and the man of steel, and asked by the latter if I had anything to say about it and I responded, “im autistic and do not understand it correctly.” During this meeting that was illuminated into my sub conscious, I was shown the man of steel and his magnetic hemisphere around his brain, and it was tightly formed so that it would not move. I have now come to r ealise that he wears some type of metal plates in his head, to prevent the “small Grey” technology of the fourth dimension from entering his head. This is because o ne time, as I said in the blackboard sessions on the Whitehouse through some typ e of mind control with a very well controlled “small grey” that this being I have co ntacted has a way of getting rid of the “small Greys.” He latter spoke into my mind, “Their the reason I have had to wear these head plates since I came into power.” Th us, I think this man is not exploitable by the illuminati or the small greys, or even by the man who calls himself “GOD,” because he can not be mind controlled by t hem. Therefore, he truly works for democracy in the whole world. I latter asked the man of peace and “GOD” to install these head plates in me, and all I could feel was severe pressure pressing down on the top of my head. It furthers my thinking that for a man to serve his nation to such an extent, means he truly works for the good of the people as he is originally one of the people, and works to keep the American dream alive, that any man can achieve anything. Thirdly the time travelling future human spoke telepathically to me as I thought about my p.c and what advantages could be made if we used their technology, he spoke telepathically, “We think into our computers.” Thus, I think if we were all able to unlock our sub conscious and thus begin to communicate through mind, and not through speech or writing, a P.C market could be built were the technology of future humans is used to communicate directly fr om our own minds into computers. However, I speculate that this is difficult wit h such luciferian people that can control such operations as the secret mind con trol project, because this project, at its bottom range, is designed to block su b conscious thinking through the use of teals wavelength technology, that I susp ect is the reason behind the mass commercialisation of mobile, radio and TV tech nology, because the people are secretly being blocked and subdued into thinking only through the conscious, which in turns drives forward the materialistic worl d we are currently part of. However, the mind control project was taken to extre mes with myself, because firstly, they thought I was anti Zionist, which I am ne ither pro nor against, secondly a terrorist, and thus many other conspiracies su ch a ‘time travelling future human,’ or the ‘illuminati star child.’ This could further enhance the information age, thus if this technology was comm ercialised, preferably through the state, as then there is less chance of corrup

tible exploitation, however, it could be done privately, with state regulation. Then, we could have computers that we can telepathically communicate into and ou t of, which would provide a far quicker processing and sharing of information, a s less time would be spent needlessly typing, videoing or recording, instead, co mputers that I suspect the secret government already has access to, because as I have learnt the classified section of the American of the United States Militar y and the most well known intelligence agency have contact with such beings. If such technology was worshipped peacefully, without such instinctive attitudes that are the basis of modern day society, where people are always competing aga inst each other rather than working together, then we will, in my view come into a spiritual union which will prevent the violent shifting of ages such films as 2012 talk about, because this change will only occur with the ferocity that our creators create to provide the right spiritually correct conditions on Planet E arth for their return. If we are to live instinctively and only doing what is be st for ourselves, rather than spiritually doing what is best for others, then th e changes will be violent. However, if we provide the spiritual union and peacef ully create a new way of thinking, were we peacefully worship all technology, th en their will be no violent shift, as the right spiritual conditions will be cre ated for our spiritual and conscious creators to return. This includes not giving into instincts such as greed, and running the Planet wh ere people compete for instinctive manifestations, that manifest themselves such as the competition for money or power, but for us all do what is correct for th e good of humanity, and that means turning away from the negative instincts, tha t some people at the highest levels of secretive society even suffer from, and i nstead controlling our conscious and sub conscious minds, and thus rising peacef ully into the spiritual age, with a spiritual union of all people included, whic h can be based on the old teachings of Jesus, and the that is to be humble and t o forgive.

My vision of the correct future for all of mankind Firstly, this is based on a spiritual union of all mankind. Whilst we should rec ognise that people have many different abilities in many different concepts, and we should provide an equal chance for all to achieve excellence. As I have learnt, through “GOD” attempted taking of mind, body and soul with the hel p of these fourth dimensional beings, the one thing they can not take is spirit. It is my opinion, that our true conscious creators, the Paladin, have created t his in us. And if we are to face this possible consciously created threat from t he fourth dimension together, in spirit, then we must all be proud to be part of Planet Earth, and the Earth flag would fly above that of all nations. It is thi s vision of global nationalism, were we all work together for the good of humani ty, rather than competing on an instinctive basis, as is the current system unde r a capitalist based economy, where greed is good, that I think the best system would be, for a sustainable and renewable Earth.

This will come with a global system, that is firstly based on a spiritual unity of all people of all nations, of all races and of all wealth. Whilst we may neve r be materialistic or equal in power, until a long way into the future, when we have fully left our instinctive manifestations behind, we should begin the futur e by recognising that all humans are indeed equal in human spirit. Ultimately, after death, that is what we become, our spirit, and we should all w ork towards having positive spiritual energy, that is to do the correct thing fo r the correct reasons, for the good of mankind. However, at the moment in the world, people are also giving into their instincts . And it is this that is holding back the spiritual shift that is come in the ch ange of ages. Nonetheless, because our spirits are eternal, there is a selector that decides w hich spirit should go to what we term heaven, which is where the heavenly beings that walked the Earth in the last epoch, and which the “conscious creator” that hel d me in that paralysed state whilst telepathically speaking to me, transformed i nto. It is my theory on life that people who work for the good of humanity and are no t swayed by evil which, ultimately, despite how advanced such evil may become, a s it has done against me, is a manifestation of our instincts. People that work for the good of humanity, I think will have spiritual eternity with the heavenly beings, which the Paladin transformed into at the end of its interaction. These are the good beings, that can not be swayed by evil, because they are divine, a nd created divinity within us. People who go against the notion of spiritual uni ty, and spiritual eternity, will go to what we term as hell, which as I have rem ote viewed through space, is a planet full of stone and fire, without the heaven ly beings. However, I also saw a vortex back between Earth and Hell, and thus, w hilst many people do not reach the spirit of heavenly beings, as they are swayed by evil, to be damned is not to be damned for eternity, your spirit will become be reborn until we live a life spiritually divine enough to become one of the h eavenly beings. I think, and indeed feel through what I think is my spirit, it should be all of our goals to ultimately reach his transformation into spiritual eternity, from w hich we would be able to consciously create and consciously travel, around all t he dimensions of all of what we term ‘space,’ and would become truly divine. It is b y controlling our instinctive urges through the sub conscious of our mind, and t hus truly freeing all of our mind to see the big picture, for the good of humani ty, and not to give into evil or temptation, not to be in a state of conscious i nstinctive egoism, but to feel the elation that doing a job well done for the go od of humanity gives. Everybody should be involved in this conscious shift, towards a spiritual unity, regardless of wealth, race or nationality. Then, when we have reached a spiritu al unity, the first step is taken towards the heavenly beings, or Paladins retur ning to Earth, because the spiritual conditions are set right. Secondly, to create the future we should obey the telepathic thoughts communicat ed by the future human. And that is firstly to be peaceful, and to do this we sh ould only use technology peaceful, this should mean the end of all use of techno logy towards violence. It is no coincidence that the best technology in this epo ch or age, has come out of the military. This shows that we are still using tech nology in a primitive instinctive way, despite how advanced is has become, parti cularly with the super power military’s working with the fourth dimension. Instead of using the best technology in a way of security, a spiritually united

global security force should be created, which again includes people of every ra ce, wealth and nationality. However, only this combined global security force sh ould be able to use technology in a violent way. Nonetheless, the draw backs of such a force is that corruption could become endemic. This is because as I have learnt with man who calls himself “GOD,” absolute power does indeed corrupt absolute ly. Thus, combined with the global security force should be a globally elected g overnment, that should convince on a space station, thus when deciding decisions , they would look over Earth as it really is, which is a planet without boundari es and where continents are only separated by water, and nations by seas. Furthe r, the globally elected people should be beyond corruption as they are their for the good of the people. Thus, I propose that such democratically elected people should be their to supervise the global security force, and that real justice, proven through a global education system, within such a force, should be punisha ble by life in prison. However, if the reason behind such possible corruption is removed, and that is firstly, poverty, and secondly, giving into instinct which manifests itself as greed, and prevents one from becoming a truly divine being, then corruption itself should be removed. Furthermore, I propose the ending of poverty by giving each a chance to achieve excellence, through a global system of academies that begin after basic educatio n has finished at the age of 13. Such a system of specialisation, slightly based on the old soviet system of education, which gave rise to towns full of scienti sts, could give like minded people a chance to work together from a young age, a nd should a system of a unified global system of education based on specialisati on from around 13, would undoubtedly increase global output, however, more impor tantly, it would increase specified knowledge, so that people would graduate fro m schools earlier and would be put into the profession that were designed for. S uch a system could specify the type of abilities that people were best qualified for, from a young age, through a series of mental and physical tests, which con firmed whether they were best suited to becoming, for example, a scientist, an a thlete or an economist. This would undoubtedly strengthen the bound between nati ons, as each nation would rely on different specialisations, for their own defic its, and would give rise to a global economy, where all people of the global edu cation system worked together for the good of humanity. Thirdly, the second thought of the future human most come true if we are to crea te the correct future. That is a recognisable union between man and machine. I t ook this to mean that they have physically become machine, but are mentally stil l humans. This could eradicate our disease problems, and extend our life expecta ncy. I think the secret to creating this future lies with firstly, the peaceful use of all technology, and secondly, a harmonious relationship with technology g iven to us by the cybernetic clones, or in my terms “the greys” of the fourth dimens ion. This requires a global governmental disclosure about what has being happeni ng within the classified systems of the American security, and also within the i lluminati, since the 1950’s. If such technology were freely available, because onl y the global security force could use technology in such a violent way, as I hav e already proposed, this could end all human suffering, because things such as f ree energy, anti gravity, and rings which we can travel within to anywhere in th e Earth would be freely available. If this occurs, as an example, a person could fly into an office building were the window would be programmed to open for him at a certain time, all journeys could be programmed such that we could indeed e ven use invisibility technology to ensure there were no collisions on route, the n re materialise when at the destination. All of this could be controlled by the central global government security force, to ensure no misuse or corruption of technology. This leads onto the third poin t the future human made me to me, that, “we think into our computers.” Thus, we coul d create a market of computers based on fourth dimensional technology, where peo ple could consciously think about what they create.

However, I speculate that such advances in freely marketable technologies, becau se the “small Greys” could be consciously controlled, and this would be the top leve l of specialisation within the previously stated global education system, this w ould result in every single person within the spiritual union being on some form of sub conscious mind mechanism. This would ensure that people would do less ev il, because if the thoughts of all people were to monitored, by the global secur ity force, then intent behind a crime could be proved more easily, thus if physi cal evidence were available as to the perpetrators, then intention could be prov ed by the mind monitoring of the global security force, which is why “there is no place for violence in the future.” Thus, when such technology is used peacefully, such as being able to telepathically think into computers, it gives a mutual rel ationship between the proposed global security force and the people, as all suff ering of the people can be ended through the peaceful use of such technology, an d all intent behind a crime proved, by the global security force. Thus, whilst s ome civil liberties may have to be sacrificed in order to create a new one world , security and the peaceful use of all technology would be increased, thus keepi ng a sense of balance between the people and globally elected democratic people, and the security force. I think the key is that if we are to become our creators, which I think are a co mbination of fourth dimensional Reptillian logic, and the spirit of the Paladins , or heavenly begins, then we should leave our manifestations of instincts behin d, and move into a spiritual union, between all the people, where we can feel wh at is right or wrong, and use this spiritual feeling to ensure the best progress for all of humanity.

Final conclusion So I think this book shows the state of the secret governments morals at this ti me, and the general conspiracy against the average working man. Furthermore, I f ear this is only going to get out of hand as long as the illuminati star child c onspiracy rages on, as this is systematically attacking our atmosphere, and the use of such non human developed technologies by the man who calls himself “GOD” in p articular are a danger to our future, and future generations. Particularly, dangerous is his reliance on the self replicating clones of the fo urth dimension in an attempt to destroy our planet. He has previously told we do, and that death ld view this as just a rue, maybe not, but it me the biggest secret is that we do not exist as we think is actually better than live. However, as a sceptic I wou way for him to justify his own luciferianism. Maybe its t is better to know, than to believe.

I urge you, the reader, to pass this book onto all your friends and colleagues s o that they will also have knowledge of what the ruling elite have planned for t his earth before the shift of ages in 2012, which they are trying to prevent thr ough using fourth dimensional technology, which will eventually lead to the end of the human race, as shown to me in the future human dream. Undoubtedly, the weather shifts we are going to see will either be blamed on a f ake alien invasion, or, global warming. This is not true, it is possibly a plan to half the worlds population by 2020. Alternatively, this supposed new world order holocaust that is all over the inte rnet, does not have to occur. If we all peacefully worshipped technology, derive d from human minds or otherwise, with all the ‘extra terrestrials’ out in the open, then this technology, could sustain and build the worlds population in a peacefu l way. However, in order for this to be necessary, their must be assurances that no one could misuse such technology. I am informed that the future is all about the pe aceful worshipping of technology, and if we had a global government and a global security force, lead by our closet allies, the Paladin or heavenly beings creat ors, and the time travelling future humans, out in the open, then their technolo gy could be used to peacefully give the solutions we need to the worlds over pop ulation problem, combined with fourth dimensional technology that I am sure can give us free energy. It is only our dependence on instinctive manifestations of the mind, such as greed and power, that I think leads to evil, that prevents us from taking the necessary steps to ensure that we become what Micheal Kaku would term a type 1 civilisation, (here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXqbi3kaYxg&p= BFCDCBB8A44BF5BD&playnext=1&index=31 where we have concurred our own planet. Therefore, it is also possible that this is not a plot to half the worlds popula tion, but is a plan to peacefully use classified technologies. I think a sense of balance is needed to answer this, and that depends on the act ual plan being somewhere in middle between the two.

Finally, I think what will happen in 2012 is that our conscious creators, what t hey term the Paladin, will consciously create whatever conditions are necessary for the illumination of all people, through a spiritual shift. As I was shown wh en the future human chip was dropped into my head, their will be a huge flair hi tting the earth, however, this is not the end of the world, it is the start of a spiritual age of mankind, which is the third age. Our known history shows that we as humans have lived for a long time, firstly in the tribal age, which I thin k must have being the instinctive age, as people only thought through their inst incts, hence, a man with a club ruled the earth. Secondly came the conscious age , or the mind age, which started with the earliest known civilisation, the ancie nt summarians, which is also where a star gate is to the fourth dimension, accor ding to the former head of c, a man I have presumed to be a the man who calls hi mself "GOD". The third age will therefore be the unlocking of the subconscious o f the mind, and thus the spiritual age. Therefore, it is possible to say that th e age we live in at the moment is an age controlled by the fourth dimension, who created the correct conditions necessary for civilisation to occur. It is neces sary to point out that our oldest human remains according to evolutionary biolog y our approximately 600,000 years old, but according to known history we have on ly had civilisation since approximately 6000B.C. It is possible the fourth dimen sion caused a genetic change to allow civilisation to occur. Thus, we possibly l ive in the fourth dimensional age, where the “small Greys” are working with us. Ther efore, in the third age our spiritual creators, the Paladin, will return, and we will discover the last great unknown, human spirit. To travel in spirit, is wha t will allow us to become our known creators, which is what the superior being t ransformed into for a split second, and would allow us to travel across the univ erse in split seconds. To consciously create through our spirit, as well as trav el through it, is what will allow us to become our true creators. Thus, in the t hird age we may again see our true creators walk the planet with us which I can only best describe as the 7=9 foot tall heavenly beings referenced in the old te st amount of the bible. Further, it is necessary to point out that during one of my sub conscious journe ys into space, the superior being that seems to reside over America, showed me t hat some type of construction is going on next to the fault line off the shore o f west coast of America. If I was a sceptic I would say this is to create earthq uakes that will devastate the earths population that can then be blamed on 2012. However, if I was an optimist, I would say this construction is going on in an attempt to prevent earthquakes occurring in 2012. However, one thing I am sure of is that what 2012 really is the entering of the next age. Therefore, whatever conditions are necessary for a spiritual unity of mankind will be consciously created by our true creators. This could possibly me an the electronic black outs and economic downfall, so that we will all be force d to all work together to restore out planet to its former well being. Such a ma terial ‘collapse’ may be necessary to create an undivided human spirit. Nevertheless, I think if all of mankind created a spiritual unification, before the date of 2012, then the conscious creators would see that we have already for med a spiritual unification, and the impact of any ‘disaster’ would be lessened. However, I feel the old Machiavellian rulers, of a policy of divide and rule are possibly scared of unified spirit, but this should not be the case, because whi lst we may never have equality, in wealth, intelligence or the state of our phys ical bodies, we must all appreciate that every single human being has a spirit, and that is what the heavenly beings, or the Paladin, created to make us all ete rnal and to make sure we have a divine part of self’s, that separates human from a nimal. In order to prevent such a ‘disaster‘, we must appreciate that each single human is a divine creation and overcome our instinctive concepts that do not actually mat erially exist, that lead to evil such as power and greed. Thus, leaving behind t

he instincts that lead to evil, and becoming a global unified spirit of mankind. As I have pointed out in this book, there our many conspiracies in the world, on e that has being run against me, the lucifierian Jewish conspiracy to take my mi nd, body and soul. It is exactly this mentality, where instinctive concepts of t he conscious part of the mind take control over a persons actions, that need to stop, if we are all to see the golden age of mankind, which will be the spiritua l age. Lastly, I am to say that I will not be, and have not being swayed by the evil I have had to go through because of one stupid night on the internet where I prete nded to be an anti Jewish terrorist. I think one can only find true peace in for giveness, and whilst no one should be above justice, as I have found out some pe ople are. I think being peaceful forgiving people, united in spirit, is the visi on our true creators, fourth dimensional and conscious creators would want us to live as, and when the lord said, let there be light their was light, and this i s the message that we all consciously create our own lives through the choices w e take as our solar system was consciously created for, and that eventually, no matter how difficult the struggle, good will always eventually overcome evil, be cause spirit was consciously created in us, and the rebirth of that spirit will be the golden age. As a footnote, I am not sure whether the current ideas of the light beings, and the peaceful use of technology, is good or bad, I am unaware of the true intenti ons of such people, but hopefully we can all consciously create a spiritual age before 2012, and ensure the overcoming of all evil.

Conclusion in regards to the illuminati star child plan and the mind control I h ave been through This is according to an independent agent sent by an illuminated individual a pl an to half the worlds population by 2012. It is going to be achieved through wea ther warfare, and the fighting of the classified section of the American Militar y fighting against the non classified section of the Worlds military. I have been shown the real Reptilian craft of the fourth dimension, and the cons piracy concerning the light beings only appeared after I was put on the “white boa rd” at the White House after this. Stars only appeared to move in the sky after I had put forward a theory through the some type of remote communication to a “small grey” that writes on the white board what one is thinking, when ones brain is cas ed in the secretive small grey run mind control project, that I could communicat e with this alien, that is very well disciplined compared to some others that I have come across in this ridiculously run mind control project. It puts letters onto a white board when its brain is controlled by using the sub conscious of ou r minds to send secret messages to it.

Many people within the “illuminati” have one of these beings as a type of pet. Appar ently according to one communicator they are worth more than my house. Thus, the y are being commercialised by the head of the illuminati, the man who calls hims elf "GOD" and his apprentice, a small black man, I know as the man of peace appr entice. The other two that control global security, the man I stated as the man of peace, and a former security of defence, are under the man who calls himself "God’s mind control, thus an example is the man of peace irrationally thinking I w as a time travelling future human. I think all people that are illuminated, eith er for security or economic purposes, are under his mind control, as he controls the “small greys” via a ‘farm‘, with time gates using what I think is the sub conscious of their brains to control the robotic brains of the “small greys.” Thus, on earth, they appear to work for this individual and his three underlings, who thus cont rol remote viewing, and they allow a person to access another persons room. An e xample of this is me being remote viewed by all manner of different persons and celebrities, and well known rulers of different countries since I had the contac t with the alien I have come to know as Paladin. Since I had this contact with t his alien, that held me there paralysed and was thus not of the same appearance of the small Greys that help people remote view in this world, I can see these r emote viewers looking into my room and travelling wherever I go. The three that seem to be controlling this operation with the man who calls himself "GOD" inclu ded, always remote view me every second of the day. During this time they put me on the “white board” at the white house, I stated that some stars may not be as they appear. I stated that firstly, a star may not be a s it appears, from our atmosphere. They could actually be space ships disguising themselves as stars, watching us from a distance. I drew a diagram on the white board to show what I meant. It appeared the same as this.

The divine spark of consciousness Another issue I raised that seemed to inspire the people inside was the divine s park of consciousness that is taken when one fully understands something from th eir own mind, rather than it being told to them. I instructed the small grey thr ough the mind control that it was listening to, that what our true creators want , the beings that I have referred to as heavenly beings as it transformed into i n front of me, or the Paladin, is for us understand things fully for ourselves a nd not be told them. They do not want us to be in a state of believing whatever we are told. Thus, we can see how this state of people believing what the man wh o called himself “GOD” or who I latter assumed to be the sacked four star, the man w ho calls himself "GOD", told them, through this mind control technology initiall y got the Zionist individuals believing I was an anti Zionist terrorist, such as <name>, which to any rational person I am not. Moreover, as I sent the email wr ongly implicating the most well known intelligence agency, it got every the most well known intelligence agency officer except one, who I have termed the man of peace, into believing I was a terrorist, because of the chips he implanted in m y brain giving automated responses to their questions. Thus we begin to see the problems with different levels of authority being abused, as “GOD” was using secreti ve classified Military technology to bamboozle the most well known intelligence agency into thinking I was a terrorist. Thus, we begin to see how he has exploit ed classified technologies of the fourth dimension into thinking I was a terrori st. However, it must be said the former secretary of defence was not fouled when a meeting between the man who calls himself “GOD” and himself was illuminated to hi m, he investigated it, and apparently nothing gets past him in the United States military, except this mind control that was not on for good reason, and that I have latter being informed was based on Al-Zaquaris own mind control project, wh ere I had his responses implanted into me, did for a number of years. I thank th

e real GOD that the former secretary of defence took the trouble to investigate this, and this was the real reason the man who calls himself "GOD" got sacked, b ecause he was selling classified technology’s to the highest bidder because a Jewi sh conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul was underway. Thus, “GOD” apparently to ok my soul and replaced it with a chip, he tried to take my body by sending some type of invisible bot that exploded inside me and temporarily gave me aids, whi ch fortunately the man of peace used the same technology to take it out of me, a nd he tried to take my mind through this mind control project, which fortunately the former secretary of defence was not fouled by. I think the man of steel is not a lucifierian and is still ultimately in charge of the classified operations , however, the man who calls himself “GOD” justifies his own luciferianism with the “b iggest secret” he has told me, is that we are not actually alive the way we think we are, and its better to be dead. I do not take view, I think life is a test of spirit to do the right thing, as according to our spirit, where we feel we are doing the right thing. Thus, when we understand fully, it is like when we take a breath and the spiritual feeling of understanding a problem completely enters u s. Thus, this is what I termed the divine spark of consciousness, that our creat ors, want us to be in. They want us to be able to figure out solutions using are own mind, rather than to be told them through robotic technologies gained from the fourth dimension, which as I have been shown through an artificially inserte d dream, and by the last two humans remaining which I have had contact with and their ‘magic healing cream,’ that these beings from the fourth dimension are offerin g these free technologies but are just a way an inorganic, only logical being sy stematically take over planets. Further, I have being shown through the secret s pace program, when I had to identify what exactly the Paladin transformed into, by visiting different planets, I was shown the four planets of our creators, and of these four planets, one has been systematically taken over by the “small Greys ,” another is empty, another in a state of volcanic eruption and un inhabitable, a nd the other is where 3.5 of our creators live, under an ocean inside a locked d oor. When this door was opened stood 3 of our creators, the spiritual beings and a half breed spiritual being and small grey being. I know this is what original ly entered my room because originally it walked with perfect co ordination and I felt it had no emotion attached to it, before I sub consciously communicated ba ck to it, and its head expanded as in the photo given earlier in this book. The split second transformation seemed to be exactly the same as the secret space pr ogram showed me, which was me travelling with this being to its home planet. Thu s, the mother of the four Paladin that still survive, seemed to take this lower form of half small grey, half Paladin, out of my room. It showed me what they re ally were because it knew I was going to bring this out. Thus, Earth is protecte d by these one-dimensional Angels, that created us. Furthermore, it appears that the father of these Paladins was Paralysed, possibl y by the beings of the fourth dimension. However, its eyes appeared to be red, w hen I looked into its eyes, and asked if it would return in 2012, they went blue . I hope this means our spiritual father will be returning at the change of ages , as we enter what is prophesised to be the spiritual age. Moreover, in the map of the universe “GOD” installed in my head, he showed how close a vortex to the fourth dimension and our creators planet was. Furthermore, he t hen stated, “this is the real reason we are holding Iraq.” Therefore, a vortex or a star gate to the fourth dimension is being used in Iraq, to communicate with the se beings, of which he has shown me the real craft, which are either, spinning d iscs, or huge cylindrical objects, that dragged the “light beings” into position one night. If we are to side with these “small worker Greys” of the fourth dimension, t hen their technology should be used peacefully, for the benefit of all of mankin d rather than just the select few, lead by a person who calls himself “GOD” and just ifies his own luciferianism by claiming it is better to be dead than alive. However, in my own conscious journeys into space, I seem to be able to travel as this form of spiritual being and just let the intergalactic forces drag me. Whe

never I do this, a general of the military and his apprentice are guarding a ‘farm’ of “small Greys” close to the planet with time gates. Furthermore, as I was dragged the night before computer chips were beamed inside my head, I spiritually glided to a planet, and their was these heavenly beings. The being that had transforme d into the spiritual form of our creator was their, and stated, “remember your spi rit.” It seems I am doing the creators will by bringing this out into the open. Further, the divine spark of consciousness, whereby solutions to problems pass f rom our spirit into our minds, at a point in history when we as mankind are read y for a solution to a problem, rather than just being given free technology by t he Reptilian run fourth dimension. Furthermore, this solution finding, or problem solving, only comes to people or a group of people with that are at a correct spiritual level. Therefore, the fou rth dimensional beings, the “small Greys” that work on Reptilian orders, in order to systematically take over planets, are offering free technology in an attempt to disrupt our spiritual harmony as mankind. Thus, they are dividing us, and attem pting to crush the only thing they can not take, which is the human spirit. As I have experienced, they can attempt to take my mind, can take my body and their technology is responsible for a lot of body bags in Iraq, and can actually take my soul. However, the one thing these beings can not take is our spirit. Therefo re, I must have developed my spirit to allow problems to pass through into me, i n order to solve the vastest problem I have ever being faced with, which is the conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul. As another example of people believing what they are told, this mind control pro ject in the past got organised criminals, on such mind control projects, in orde r that they don’t get caught for their actions, as these drugs and other organised crimes they commit, I suspect actually go towards funding the deeply classified programs, because the ones that people know are committing these crimes and do not get caught are on mind control so that they are told before the authorities take any action through said mind control project. These criminals have being re sponsible for irrationally believing that I was intent on taking over their drug s market, when no such thing was ever true. Thus, another example of people bein g on mind control and it being exploited for the purposes of this Jewish conspir acy to rob me of all my own dignity, has being proven. Thus, the way such people secretly run the world is by having all of the “illumina ti” and all of the wealthy and powerful, on such mind control projects, in order t o fulfil their own agenda, which according to the man who called himself “GOD” is Gl obal Zionism. I do not disagree we should all be equals and in the land of the free, however, simple reverse psychology is being used on the public at large, to persuade them that they are free people, when their rulers are using a mind control on all th e elite to fulfil their own secretive agenda. Thus, we see how the man who calls himself “GOD” rules the illuminati through ‘soul taking’ and mind control, thus ruling the elites decision making process and thus, ruling the people. This, in itself is a crime against humanity. The last example of this crime, is that we could, using these technologies, cont rol our own climate to make the world’s global production, in terms of growing cro ps and cleaning up pollution, a more inhabitable and better world for all. Inste ad, according to his own lucifierianism, he has to try to create a global weathe r weapon, that will “half the worlds population by 2012.” This man must be stopped but it seems I am the only one with enough courage and intelligence to stand up to him. Therefore, these technologies could give us a vaccine to AIDS, control our own c

limate to make the world a more inhabitable place and increase production, to al low us to pass thoughts to each other, telepathically, and I state, to end all h uman suffering, so live would literally be one fun event. The “Small worker Greys” c ould even produce for us, instead, people take the typically instinctive approac h giving into their own greed and wanting power, concepts that do not materially exist, into keeping this a secret and not standing up to this man. This should stop and we should use these classified technologies for the good of all of mankind, to create a better world for all, to do the right thing, to ens ure our spirits rest in eternity by putting other before self.

The secret Zionist government, the real illuminati, the fallen Angel, the Real G reys, the military robots, the planned fake invasion of “Greys,“ military Robots in 2011, their holocaust, and how they control this planet This Earth is secretly controlled by the secret Zionist Government. I was told t his in a fake dream installed in me state Security, when an agent said, “That’s who we really work for.” They was a response to my statement in this dream that the we

althy Zionists shouldn’t be allowed to put me through torture. But it is probable that we both want one world system, but it must be done with a sense of balance, keeping the right morality for the good of humanism. However, as I have learnt, the formula for success is determination x intelligen ce = success, thus, the Jewish community in general are very successful, and the Zionist government even more so, because as I have being forced to learn, they have both these attributes in abundance. However, I think we should try to move towards a global democracy, where there i s fair representation for all. They control this planet through mind control technology. All of the supposed de mocratic or elites are “wired” to this mind control project. The man who calls himse lf “GOD” has stated that every President of the United States has being on this mind control project since the Carter Administration. This mind control project link s all the elites so that they can remotely communicate with each other. The fallen Angel that they worship is the Reptillian “Grey” and “Paladin” cross breed th e man who calls himself “GOD” who I have since assumed to be the man who calls himse lf "GOD" sent in to my room one night, before it transformed into a true Paladin , or spiritual angel heavenly Being, which I have since being assumed is actuall y this beings mother. As explained earlier many but not all of the ruling elite, lead by the man who calls himself “GOD,” want to stop the return of this heavenly b eings to Earth by using technology given by the “Greys.” This Grey Paladin cross bre ed is the what they use to remote view space in the secret space program. The military robots that the highest ranks of the illuminati have as what can on ly be described as “pets” can be communicated to through this mind control project. They can be remotely communicated to from anywhere in the world, as explained in the chapter, “the sessions on the white board in the White House.” I think some of the elite are deceived into thinking these are actual “Greys.” According to the man who calls himself “GOD” there is a planned invasion of these mi litary robots in 2011, which corresponds with what someone informed me through t he mind control project that “this,” in reference to the planned invasion of “aliens” in 2011, was not meant to be happening until 2011. Furthermore, the real “Greys” which I saw when “GOD” cased my head in what were informed to me through secret mind control project, “fireflies” and he sent me to the brink of death 3 times as described in the chapter another influx, which operate the c raft as described in the real Reptillian Craft of the fourth dimension. I saw th ese beings each time he sent me to the brink of death every half hour in my slee p, are what can be read about in this article. http://www.reflectionsinthenight .com/grey_aliens.htm I took this as him trying to kill me and to take my spirit using these beings, b ecause of the responses I gave him, that they may “take my mind, body and soul,” but could never take my spirit. I saw four of these beings surrounding me each time he I was on the brink of death in my sleep. I theorise that he was possibly try ing to kill me in my sleep and blame it on a modafinil overdose. Here is a pictu re of the “real Greys” that I saw surrounding me as I was on the brink of death. Furthermore, according to another voice I hear through the secret mind control, “T his planet was lost long ago to the Grey’s.” As the chapter about the future humans explains, the future humans are travelling back in time to warn us of the perils of siding with such beings, particularly the last two humans remaining, which t he man who calls himself “GOD” has put me in contact with. Moreover, the man who calls himself “GOD” consistently stated to me as he tried to t

ake my mind and brainwash me, “One world, Zionism!” I therefore think that classifie d section of the U.S military which he was the former head of, are closely align ed with secret Zionist Government. This explains the lucifierianism of many of t he elite ruling Jews, and the torture they have consistently put me through, bec ause they would rather side with “Greys” of the fourth dimension for free technology at the present, to live a life of materialistic luxury, and thus put the future of humanity at risk. This lucifeiran approach, is based on the approach that we should not eventually evolve in to our true conscious creators, what are termed the Paladin in their lower space travelling form, or as transformed in front of me what can only be described as seven foot tall woman as a spiritual form, wit h the clearest blue eyes. I think this form is what are described in the old tes tament of the bible, as the heavenly beings that used to walk amongst us. As tol d to me by the Paladin Reptillian cross breed that works with the secret space p rogram, these are our true conscious creators. This luciferianism explains the a pproach of the many of the leading Zionists, that they do not want us to eventua lly evolve into our true creators, the heavenly beings, they want us to evolve i nto a planet controlled by the “Greys,” or what the mother of the last human remaini ng stated in the “fake dream” I think the man who called himself “GOD” installed in me, termed, “The clones just run around stealing all our food.” This explains the cross roads we as a whole are at with humanity, as we enter wh at is prophesised to be the “spiritual age,” as the very top levels of secret societ y work with these “Greys,” and fear that they may lose “their” power if the return of th e Paladin or Heavenly beings are to walk with us again. The prophesised increase in spiritual awareness that will occur after 2012, as I think it true that we w ill cross some type of galactic equator that will cause an increase in “Galactic” en ergy entering our planet and move us closer to the Paladies Star System, where t he secret space program have showed me that our true creators are from, will res ult in naturally higher central nervous system frequencies in our bodies, which in turn will lead to a “more feel” good factor, and thus, spiritual awareness. However, the secretive ruling elite, many of which are lucifierian Jews, are sca red of losing their power. Thus, they intend to have what is termed “their holocau st,” in 2011, to make sure the spiritual unity that will occur after 2012, in mank ind does not affect their “power structure.” Further, this is the real reason for the use of non renewable energy sources, as I learnt to consciously travel through space, a superior being of Paladin lower space form said, “we will return when you restore the Earth to its natural size a nd density.” Therefore, the ruling elite conspiracy to pollute the atmosphere and decrease th e density of Earth through mining, since the age of the industrial Revolution, i s actually a plan to increase the Gravitational strength of Earth as a plan to e xpand the star gates to the fourth dimension, and thus increase the number of vi sitations from the potentially future threatening “Small Greys,” which as I have bei ng shown by the man who calls himself “GOD” travel in either rotating discs or huge cylindrical shaped craft. The fourth dimensional visitors, the “small Greys” that wo rk at the behest of their Reptillian overlords as shown to me in the map of the multiverse that the man who called himself “GOD” and who then stated, “this is the rea l reason we are holding Iraq.” Thus, I hope they are closing the star gate to the fourth dimension, but in all probability they are expanding this star gate, in order to fufil luciferian obje ctive of increasing the number of small Greys here. Therefore, we can see that t he real reason good decent men, woman and children are dying in large numbers in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, are actually illuminated conspiracies, in the case of Iraq to increase the number of “Grey” visitations from the fourth dimension in order for the classified section of the U.S military to work more closely wi th them. In the case of Afghanistan, as I was shown, special forces papers are i

lluminated to the well known leader of “Al Quaida,” in order to keep him alive, so t hat the luciferian Zionist elite can gain more wealth and profits for their clas sified programs because the Taliban cut down the number of opium fields their, b y keeping him alive and justifying in the main stream press the need for a war t heir. Further, as I was told through the secret mind control project, two of the people who are running this operation against me, the man who calls himself “GOD” a nd the man of peace, were the true perprators of the world trade centre towers, in order to justify these illuminated conspiracies wars. This luciferianism is driven by the mentality of the real top members of the ill uminati, who have their souls taken and replaced with a Grey alien, which is all ows them to remote view any spot on the planet. Also, as I have experienced many times, the man of peace would state, “have him cased,” and my their would be insurm ountable pressure on the inside of my brain, however, I was able to remote view other spots on the planet by just thinking about them. Therefore, we can see how the “Greys” are offering free technology in order to eventually take our planet. As I have learnt since apparently having my soul taken by the man who calls hims elf “GOD,” spirit is what was consciously created in us by the Paladin, or Heavenly beings, and is thus eternal, as I have being informed through the secret mind co ntrol project that souls are still present in dead people. Furthermore, part of the “Grey” agenda is to disrupt what I have termed the divine s park of consciousness, where solutions to problems are passed to us through our spirit when we as a civilisation are ready for such advances. Thus, I think we a re all naturally on Paladin mind control, which ensures that only when a civilis ation is ready for such advances in technology are they given to us. However, most of the ruling elite are on fourth dimensional technology mind cont rol, and thus the “Greys” are the ultimate cause for the seemingly irrational lucife rian decisions taken by the ruling elite, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanist an. It is my conclusion that we should be aiming to eventually evolve into our true creators, the Paladin or what as transformed in front of me, a heavenly being, a nd to do this we need spiritual unity on earth, and to treat each man, woman and child as a divine creation. However, it seems that at least the lucifierian rul ing elite see the “Greys” of the fourth dimension as a solution to keep hold of thei r much beloved instinctive concept of mind, power, and I was informed one night by someone through the secret mind control project, when the man who called hims elf “GOD” was unleashing these “Greys” outside my bedroom window, “many influential people what to see us only become logical, and not biological.” Thus, the “Greys” of the fou rth dimension fit this plan, as they operate without moral concepts, as I have e xperienced, will put people through hell, on the orders of those who work with t hem, such as the man who calls himself “GOD,” a man I have since assumed to be Stanl ey "GOD", without any concept of morality or conciousince. Thus, I hope the spiritual age will bring a solution to rid of us this threat to the future, as it seems the “Greys” of the fourth dimension have no spirit, and onl y work logically. However, as explained earlier, this planned holocaust of the ruling secretive Zi onist elite has being planned since the industrial revolution, for 2011. It is my hope that the good people in democratic government or other high positi ons of power, do not allow this to occur, and we will all enter the next epoch u nited, and the Paladins will consciously travel from their star system, so that the heavenly beings will again walk with us. Lastly, I think this planned invasion of military driven robots in 2011, which w

ill be termed the “Greys,” but are not actually them, is going to be blamed on me, b ecause in the words of the man who calls himself “GOD,” “I am now a martyr to Zionism!” I hope the people of Earth can come together to restore the power to where it tr uly belongs, and that is with the people, in a spiritual united world, where we all treat each other as divine creations, in a world based on the religion of th e future, the peaceful worshipping of technology, man made or otherwise, with th e ultimate goal of evolving into our true creators. I have reached the last point of siding with these people since the man who call s himself “GOD” has put my own mother on a fourth dimensional based technology mind control project. It is this luciferian approach to the use of technology that is threatening a holocaust, based on a what one person on informed me of is, “a high density weather weapon.” We must use technology peacefully, as the last future human communicated to me, “t here is no place for violence in the future,” if in the words of Micheal Kaku, we are to become a type 1 civilisation, with no “holocaust.” http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=6cF4p_pMfcs However, this requires all to move away from instinctive concepts of mind, such as competition for greed and power, including the man who calls himself “GOD”. I hop e this disclosure of what I have being through for the past four to five years o f my life will be a first step towards declassifying technologies that can susta in and grow the worlds population peacefully. If we are to not get rid of the fo urth dimensional visitors, at least their technology could be used with the corr ect morality, for the greater good of mankind instead of only for the privileged few. Lastly, I think I am constantly being remote viewed, of which I can see these re mote viewers in own mind, since the man who called himself “GOD” sent the Paladin Re ptillian hybrid into my room, with then transformed in front of me, because thes e remote viewers are working with the fourth dimensional based technologies of t he Reptillian overlords who the “Greys” work for, and they want to see the different type of alien, what is termed a Paladin. This all link into the fact that there is a planned Reptillian invasion of milit ary clone beings in 2011, and this is going to be their holocaust.

Ultimate conclusion in regards to the illuminati star child conspiracy

This ultimately relates back to the planned invasion of military robots describe d in the earlier chapter. The people who control this planet, and are on the Grey mind control system, are planning to say I started this because I contacted the “light beings,” which as sho wn to me by the man who called himself “GOD” are actually super classified military craft, when he demanded to know which one is “heavy.” The evidence shows, in the changes of weather all summer, with the fake sky and shivering cold weather in a morning, lack of stars in the sky, except for the “lig ht beings,” that the words of the independent agent when I was dreaming were corre ct. That is, “that this is a high mass and density weather weapon,” designed to wipe out half the worlds population by 2020. As I have being warned through the secret mind control project, “This is actually their holocaust.” This corresponds with the maps the superior being drew for me as I could conscio usly travel through space, and corresponds with what I have heard through the se cret mind control project. “that they are launching a sustained attack on our bios phere.” I find it no coincidence that the day after I was travelling through space they beamed my head full of computer chips. Furthermore, the ultimate proof is in the pudding, that the man who calls himsel f “GOD” is trying to play the real GOD with our planet, by controlling the weather. This is evidenced in the unusually large amount of snowfall for late November, a nd as I have described in earlier chapters, the fake sun, moon and stars, which he is using Reptillian technology, of only he knows how, with the capital backin g of many members of the real illuminati, who have shown themselves to me, in an end cause of wiping out most of the civilian population through this weather pa ttern, and in the future having only the military robots do the former work of t he civilian masses, and the “Greys“ cybernetic ally run this planet. I think humanity has faced no greater threat than this man and his self replicat ing clones, because in the future they are to take our planet if we do not as a whole unite against this threat. I believe many of those in power are worried about the forthcoming spiritual age , and think this will lead to a unity of people, which may destroy their agenda of Machiavellianism, or divide and rule. Thus, their agenda is to wipe out many of the civilian population and blame in on me because they think I have contacte d these “beings of light,” which as “GOD” showed me, they are really super classified ai r craft.

The end goal of humanity as a whole The end goal of a united globe should be to have the creators, what a lower form of Paladin transformed in front of me in to a heavenly being, to walk the Earth amongst us again, so that we eventually, in the future, evolve into our true sp iritual conscious creators, and not have an Earth overrun by the “Small Greys” or as described in the future human dream, “the clones.” However, I think we should, as a whole, out in the open, enter a mutually agreea ble relationship with the Reptillian overlords of the fourth dimension, with thi s being based on the religion of the future, the peaceful worshiping of technol ogy.

The man who called himself “GOD” temporarily put me in contact a real Grey, and it t elepathically told me that no one understands human psychology like I do, furthe r, it stated telepathically, that they are here to help us build a global civili sation. I think it probable that the “real Greys” are not a threat, but the self replicating military robots are the real threat. Finally, I think in 2012 the conscious creaters, the Paladin or heavenly beings, will consciously create whatever conditions are necessary for a spiritual unity of mankind. I prophesise that if we do not enter this golden age of humanity, or the spiritu al age of mankind, with a world based on unity of peoples spirit, then a great d isaster will occur. The proposed spiritual unity of mankind after 2012, I think, scares many of the power hungry elites, because they rule with the old Machiavellian policy of divi de and rule. However, I propose that we should form a spiritual unity of mankind before, so t hat what is consciously created is not as bad. This should be done on a basis of global nationalism, so that the flag of the gl obe flies above that of nations, so that regardless of race, nationality or weal th, we are all proud to be citizens of planet earth. Such a global citizen scheme, will give the necessary foundations for the buildi ng of a global democracy because every person on the earth will be given a fair opportunity to vote for who should really run the world. This will in turn lead to greater unity of mankind, and thus, an undivided global security and intellig ence force, with a global economy and a global language, will occur. However, to unite the globe requires people to overcome their instinctive concep ts of mind, that breed such concepts as power and greed, which do not truly exis t. These thought processors are simply an instinctive concept of mind. It is a sad state of mankind that we are locked in an instinctive and egotistica l battle of competing against each other. I think for the heavenly beings to wal k amongst us again, we must all work together for the good of humanity, rather t han instinctively competing against each other.

A cover up of a cover up I was telepathically informed by the man who called himself “GOD,” who I presume is the sacked Jedi General, Stanley McChrystal, that this whole operation is actual ly a cover up of a cover up. Then another illuminated individual stated to me that the reason this was a cove r up of a cover up was because he, as in the man who calls himself “GOD,” had telepa thically, “nuked their atmosphere to shreds.” And there we have it, the illuminati star child plan was a plan for Stanley McCh rystal and his band of merry men, including the man of peace, who is actually Da vid Mayweather, and his son, the man of peace apprentice, have being conning the illuminated mind controlled people into thinking that I was actually the illumi nati star child, because, as he has been the case all of “GOD” life, he has been abu sing technology from the fourth dimension, in order to gain his innate instincti ve desire for control over other peoples lifes. It is tantamount to his want for power and control over my life, that he has irr ationally tried to control my life through abusing fourth dimensional technologi es to “con” the people in the illuminati into thinking that I was the illuminati sta r child, by his means of power, through the technology of the fourth dimension h e keeps secretly hidden to himself and his illuminated, mainly Jewish inner circ le. I have since being informed that the man mainly sponsoring this project was Bill Gates. He has since illuminated himself to me on many occasions, and is mainly financially responsible for backing this project. It showed a state of the mind control that this mega capitalist is under, that he has become so lucifierian in his outlook, that in a fake dream installed in me, he entered me and declared a

ll he wanted me hearing was the ultra sound that I was being subjected to under McChrystals mind control. It shows the cowardice of the ruling elite to this ind ividual, that they are scared of him and will back anything he says, because he immorally controls the fourth dimension technologies, which are a threat to our very future, and their mind control operation against me. I have come to the poi nt where I have no option but to fight back against this individual, because as my rights have being systematically violated by this notorious torturer, no one in any type of position of power has stood up to him and stopped him from runnin g this mind control project against me. It is tantamount to the instinctive thought processors that govern humanity at t his time, that many people will sell out there spiritual feeling or conciousnce, which of as I earlier theorised, works in an inverse ratio to our instinctive c oncepts of mind, that people would do wrong despite feeling through their spirit or their conciousnce that they are doing wrong. I find it highly probable that the “Grey” agenda is one anti human, as they want our planet. Its no coincidence tha t these fourth dimensional technologies control the thought processors of the ru ling elite. I am further told by “GOD” that each president since the Carter administ ration has being on mind control. Democracy is not as it appears, the mind contr ollers, who are three of the four that govern global security, McChrystal, Maywe ather and their apprentice, can make a president quickly go nuts and loose the p lot, if they go against their fascist, anti human, new world order plans. I am further informed through the secret mind control project that the double te am of Mayweather and McChrystal performed the world trade centre explosions. Dav e, letting a little gasp of instinctive satisfaction go when he detonated the dy namite that brought the towers crumbling down, “there she goes.” It is further tanta mount to these two instinctive thought processors, that the crucial reasoning be hind the twin trade towers explosion was to generate wars in the middle East, ov er a star gate in Iraq which has provided the secret government with technology in which to further their luciferian instinctive thought processors of control, because the “Greys” run the mind control for them two, which have being relentlessly remotely attacking me for a number of years, in a bid to win the Zionists milli ons on the bounty to take my mind, body and soul. It is this instinctive trap of mind, that allows us to treat each other without the divinity necessary for the return of our true creators, that allows people i n high positions of power to apparently act so anti human. It is the “Grey” driven a genda, with their mind control project and ‘soul taking’ that is inherently anti hum an, that has served to make the ruling elite so anti human. An example of this ridiculous, irrational psychology of the ruling elite is exem plified by the experience I have being through. Firstly, Stanley McChrystal has used the small “Grey” run mind control project to firstly, convince people they thou ght I was a terrorist because I merely pretended to be one on the internet, seco ndly, they convinced organised criminals through the mind control project that I was trying to invade their turf with modafinil, which is absolute bullshit, thi rdly, I was subject to the most wanted man in the world mind control project bec ause he got wealthy Zionists, such as Bill Gates convinced that I was a terroris t, and thus, provided the funding for this privately run mind control project, t hat put me through torture as I did the final month of my exams. Fourthly, he co nvinced David Mayweather and his apprentice of the main intelligence agency, tha t I was a time travelling future human, which is obviously highly fucking irrati onal. Lastly, he convinced the well known leaders of the illuminati that I was t heir star child. It appears certain to me that Stanley McChrystal is personally responsible for c ontrolling the elites driven mind control, into believing that I was an enemy to a number of groups. When viewed from a non elite perspective, not on the secret mind control project, these opinions about myself explained in the above paragr

aph, are obviously highly irrational. However, the ruling elite are dominated by the anti human “Grey” driven mind control projects that, at the highest levels rest rict imagination and tell people what to think. Thus, many of the ruling elite h ave lost their rationality to the “Grey” driven agenda. Lastly, and most importantly, I am informed that they are planning a Zionist hol ocaust with my name on it. This has being planned since world war two, where the man of peace apprentice, took me consciously time travelling and showed me that in Auschwitz, was only a few Jews doing the gardening. I have come to the conclusion that classified is basically a front for illegal, for such illegal activities. It is a sad state for the world to be in is secretl y run by four people, three of which are cowardly, NAZI torturers, Stanley McChr ystal, David Mayweather, who I wrongly referred to as the man of peace, and his son the man of peace apprentice. These people run the world by their contact wit h aliens, primarily the “Greys” and the future humans, whose technology they keep hi ghly classified in the quest to increase and maintain their power over others. T his technology is used with the purpose of increasing their animalistic instinct ive desire to control and divide the many. It could be used to end all human suf fering, and for good, but, instead they keep it highly classified in a quest to control the minds of the many.

Final Conclusion It is becoming apparent to me that these fake stars over my house are actually a plan to blame me for the fake invasion of aliens, which are actually military r obots, with the desire of saying I have contacted these beings, when they are, a s Stanley McChrystal showed me when demanding to know which one was “heavy,” highly classified ships. He has told me this is actually a plan to remove the working and middle classes from the Planet Earth and replace them with military robots, which will do all t he work for the upper class or “illuminati” for them. It is no coincidence this plan come in 2011, one year before the prophesised spiritual age of mankind in 2012. As I have experienced the “illuminati” are mind controlled, all on the “Grey” mind contr ol project, and believe they have had their “souls” taken, so think this is their on e life. It is apparent to me that this “soul taking“ practice is actually a psycholo gy ploy to control the illuminati into a luciferian driven agenda. On the eviden ce, it is apparent that spirits are eternal, as I have travelled to through spac e, heaven and hell are guarded by portals to the spiritual dimension which only spirit can pass through, not some microscopic ball of iron, which is according t o the “Greys,” our soul. One thing is definite, the “Greys” are hear without a conscience, working only on th e value of logic. Thus, we can see why, since the 1940 NAZI Germany war machine, which as according to McChrystal, or the man who calls himself “GOD”, were the firs t to work with this computer race of aliens from the fourth dimension, the world has being secretly ruled by a ruling elite who no longer follow their human spi rit, or conscience, they only follow values of logic, in a bid to work more effi ciently with the worlds “Greys.” It is this reliance only on the values of logic, an d working without a conscience which will allow these three and the general “illum inati” to justify a mass holocaust, with the intention of blaming it all on me. As I have experienced, these three people that control the Earth’s aliens, act wit hout a conscience. These aliens themselves act without a conscience, and thus, i t is highly appropriate in the future that people with the right moral outlook s hould control these aliens, if we are to continue working with them. However, as has being shown to me in the future human dream, these aliens want our planet i n between 2000-3000 years time. It is a sad state of affairs, when the ruling powerful elite are largely mind co ntrolled, into believing their “souls” have being taken. Furthermore, it is a sad state of the current ruling elite, many of which are Je wish, that they have turned to extreme right wing ideology, which can only be ri ghtfully described as NAZI. One Jewish communicator over the secret mind control project, who came across as very right wing, declared “we want a planet for Jews only!” further declaring, “we must persecute them Muslims!” I find it no coincidence that three of the ruling four, McChrystal, Mayweather a nd his son the man of peace apprentice are also Jewish. Further, I find it no co incidence the ruling, largely Jewish elite now work with a type of alien that th e NAZI war machine was the first to work with. Thus, their own far right wing id eology is justified in their eyes, because they will do anything to prevent anot her holocaust towards themselves, which, as I have being shown when put through the future human program, did not occur on any type of scale that the mass media , who are largely controlled by the ruling elite, many of whom are Jewish, would have us believe. Thus, on the weight of the evidence, I think a holocaust is planned for mass gen

ocide of the working and middle classes. As according to one communicator through the secret mind control project, “This is their holocaust which has being planned since world war two!” If this is to be prevented people must unite behind their leaders and realise th at this is not a real alien invasion, but is an operation controlled by three of the four who control the star gates to Planet Earth, and thus control the illum inati and subsequently, Earth security. Some would say the four horse men of the apocalypse ride together at this time, in that these four can remote view any point on the planet. I find it annoying how they have launched this “Grey” attack on me, and then blame i t on so me. It is obvious that the three of the four have done this, and that is the real reason for the high level military sackings and intelligence resignati ons recently in the American system. They constantly torture me with high pitched ultra sound beamed into my ears, an d mess around with the visual cortex of my brain so that I see images of peoples faces looking in on me. These three people have truly lost their conscience and will be unlikely, in my opinion, to make the final ascent into the spiritual dimensions. The power of so many must never again be lost to so few. As a footnote, I have experienced nothing but torture over the last few years, b ecause of a few words on the internet. This still a Jewish conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul. These ruling elite have lost their conscience, and work wi thout one. I am hoping the fourth of the four will not allow this mass genocide to occur. Lastly, “GOD” is now stating he has put aids back into me, and I’m hearing voices aski ng, “whether my mum will be coming home tonight.” When an Earth is secretly lead by people who do not have a conscience, how are t he people expected to behave correctly. The final root of this conspiracy is that they are using a future human to expan d my conscious field in an attempt to say I have contacted aliens. This boils do wn to the root cause of the way the secret mind control has being run on me, tha t they are to build on my beliefs, or ideas. Building on this belief has been be cause my tutor was the first for me to “hold” in my conscious field, who was one of the people running the secret mind control project. Since I have being ‘illuminate d’ by the Paladin or a future E.T that has become our creator, I can see the faces of people remote viewing me. This Earth is going to destroy itself if the irrational, immoral behaviour of th e people at the very top continues. I can only hope the good people at the top s top this planned mass genocide from occurring.

The alternative solution to sustain and grow the worlds population It matters not whether the “light beings” are real or not, the judgement is in the e ye of the be holder, and everyone has the right to make a judgement without that judgement being judged by another. However, the best way to sustain and grow the worlds population, is to create a state led commercialisation of the classified, non weapon based, technologies. It is my opinion the technologies offered from the fourth dimension can give us free energy. I further find it no coincidence that when the spiritual form of th e E.T left me, it left me with a picture of the Tesla coils inside my brain. I t hink this was either a warning that the perpetrators of the mind control operati on were sending in thoughts on electro magnetic wavelengths, and was some type o f warning, however, I also felt that it was showing me that this technology can be used to create free energy. Without knowing in detail about these technologie s, I find it probable that it is no coincidence that many Tesla based technologi es are still classified. This U.S state led commercialisation would further obviously have the solution o f revitalising a now recession ridden world. However, to ensure these technologies would not be misused by “terrorists” the new g lobal religion must be based on what I have being informed through the secret mi nd control project is the religion of the future, and that is for us all to peac efully worship technology. This means we must all be educated, without exception, on the correct morality o f only using technology peacefully.

A global security force should ensure that anyone not using technology is punish ed. I remember reading that China has 100 million ground troops. A truly global coalition could use NATO air and naval technology, whilst making an agreement to share the peaceful use of technology in a trade for a contribution towards the upholding of a global security force by, in this example, classified technology that can be used peacefully being traded for a contribution towards the global s ecurity force army. However, for this to work I think for this planet to create a sustainable, renew able and peaceful world for generations to come, we must end this instinctive th ought process of side taking. We must all be united behind the flag of the Earth , and all be proud to be citizens of planet Earth. As I have previously explained, it is my theory from my E.T experience, where wh en held in this beings world, I saw only the pill as energy form, then it transf ormed into a spiritual form, that was seven feet tall with clear blue eyes, that I can only describe as a heavenly being from the old testament before the wicke dness of mankind. It is my theory that these beings see spiritual energy, and wh en the people of Earth are producing enough of this spiritual energy, and it is this spirit that separates man from animal, they will return. As stated, instinc tive thought processors such as side taking are at an inverse ratio to spirit. The first stage of consciousness is to think instinctively, secondly, to think t hrough all the mind, to think free from instincts, and use the whole mind includ ing the sub conscious part of the mind to make truly logical decisions. When we make this distinction, to think freely, without bias only using true logical ded uction, we can then enter the third stage of consciousness, which is to feel thr ough spirit. When we all work for the good of planet Earth, together and unified, and are fre e from instinctive concepts of mind, such as side taking, the want for power or greed, making truly rational decisions, then can we enter the spiritual level of consciousness. If mankind together enters this level of consciousness, I prophe sise that we shall see the second of a Christ like prophet, then the subsequent return of the heavenly beings to walk amongst us again. Only when the spiritual conditions are right on planet Earth will our true creat ors walk amongst us again. Considering what the supreme being informed me about conscious creation, I furth er find it rational to deduce that what the Myans prophesised as the coming of t he spiritual age in 2012, our conscious creators will consciously create whateve r conditions are right for an everlasting spiritual unity of mankind. It is true that after a disaster everybody comes together, and with, as I have being shown when the future human chip was installed in my head, the dark side of the Earth will be illuminated by a huge solar flair. If we are to lessen the impact of th is disaster then we must come together, ending our instinctive thought processor s, and creating a spiritual unity that will allow the consciously created condit ions to have a lessened effect. It is this spiritual energy, the third level of consciousness, that I think the true creators, as I have seen, a heavenly being, are awaiting to be reborn. I think it follows logically that what the expert say about 2012, that the menta l shift will come before the physical shift. I think this mental shift is sub co nsciously creating itself in people, manifesting itself in the recent elections in the U.S.A and U.K, where both victories were won on the mottos of “change.” As I have theorised, the increase in galactic as we pass through what is termed

the galactic equator, will result in a higher amount of galactic energy passing into the Earth, resulting in a higher resonating rate of our central nervous sys tems, which will in turn result in an unlocking of the subconscious mind. This w ill in turn cause us to govern our instinctive concepts of mind, and use all of our brain to make more rational decisions. This will result in mankind as a whol e entering the third level of consciousness, the spirit level, and our rebirth i n spiritual energy will be seen by the heavenly beings of the ninth dimension, w hich will allow us to eventually evolve into our true creators, a spirit form, w hich can transcend any dimension, and not some type of half man, half “Grey” robot. Therefore, it is vitally important that 2012, and the prophesised shift of ages is allowed to occur naturally. I think it is evident to see in the chapter entit led the fake sky, fake weather, fake moon and fake stars, and the explanation ab out the fake sun with three discs flying in front of it, that the man who calls himself “GOD” is using fourth dimensional technology in an attempt to prevent the sh ift of ages happening. However, as explained in my the chapter my conscious journeys into space, the di mensions are guarded by time gates, star gates and “portals.” However, the one thing that can not be blocked by travelling through these time gates is spirit. That is why I think our dead ancestors reside in the eight and ninth dimensions, whic h as shown in the map of the universe “GOD” installed in my head, given more explana tion in the chapter “The real reason for the war in Iraq,” these dimensions are the closet to the real God. It is spirit that can not be blocked from passing betwee n the dimensions. Further, I think these dimensions intersect with our own, and as explained in th e previous chapters, my dead Grandma has spoken to me on two occasions in my lif e. The first being that I was to win a lot of money, but how I spent it would di ctate the rest of my life, two days latter I deposited $600 onto a poker site an d three days after that I had $18000 in the account. Tbe second was recently whe n this “project” was happening, and she stated, “This is something very special that y our onto, but don’t be corrupted by these people.” It logically follows that when one is thinking through spirit level of conscious , it is possible to communicate with dead ancestors. I find it further follows that when mankind enters, as a whole and without excep tion, the spirit level of consciousness, and of course thinks without instinctiv e concepts of mind such as irrational judgements or desire for greed, then we wi ll all be able to intersect the spiritual dimensions, and thus, will be able to contact our dead ancestors. I think the return of the heavenly beings to walk amongst us, will allow us to i ntersect these dimensions, however, we must create a world free from instinctive concepts of mind that manifest themselves as evil. It is this model that I think a unified, peaceful and renewable world for genera tions to come can be built on. We must all move away from instinctive concepts of mind, as by doing evil the cy cle is perpetuated. I think this cycle of evil is most evident in this book abou t the extreme right wing approach of the wealthy Zionists who have funded and ca rried out this project against me, that this cycle of evil was created in them b y the unfair persecution they had to go through by NAZI Germany, and now they ha ve being unable to break this cycle of evil, as one “Zionist” communicator said, “They want a planet for Jews only!” We must as a whole break this cycle of evil, not manifesting thoughts from our i nstinctive concepts of mind, using all our brain to think logically and without

bias, then entering the third level of consciousness, spirit. I think if we ended all evil in this way we would certainly create a peaceful, r enewable and sustainable world for all to live in for generations to come. I further think it logically follows that when the spiritual energy we as humans produce together, it is possible we will see a return of the heavenly beings to walk amongst us, and we will certainly evolve into our true creators, which as I have seen, are a spiritual form, rather than a “Grey” body and a human brain, as w ere explained in the chapter, the treatment, examination and interaction with ti me travelling future humans. I think as I have explained during this conspiracy to take my mind, body and sou l, they could not, despite the backing of some of the most wealthy people in the world, and the most classified technology known to man, take my mind. I think t his shows that spirit intersects with mind, and this is what allows good to over come evil, because people with the right morality will spiritually feel, and thi s spirit manifests itself in giving the people with the right moral outlook an i dea which presents a solution to a problem. This shows that the real God is pres ent in our spirit level of our conscious, and when we reach this level of consci ousness, our spirit intersects with the holy spirit, and we enter a ‘zone’ that we c an not be knocked out of. This is the way good overcomes evil, because no matter how advanced the mind control technology used against me has being, they could not take what I have come to term, “the divine spark of consciousness.” It follows in the map of the universe where a ray of light orbiting the dimensio ns, I was shown and in the close death experience I had in my teenage years, whe n everything turned bright white, that this is what the real God is, a spark of creation that created the whole multi verse, and that’s what our true creators are awaiting for there return of, when we all enter this spirit level of consciousn ess, and our spirits intersect with the holy spirit, allowing us to enter the ‘zon e,’ and fathom solutions to problems or ideas that, in my case, had alien and futu re human technology used against me. However, a lot of evidence is given to the current luciferian nature of the peop le running the mind control against me that they build on whatever ideas or “divin e sparks of consciousness” I have. I am informed that the new idea I had is to say I have contacted a new race of E.T, or say, that I am star gate hacker. I think this book shows that we are all on a higher level of ‘mind dictated by our spirit level of consciousness, that when we think and instinctive concepts of mind, using all of our brains to think ly, then to feel through our spirits, a solution is passed and the tion is bourn within our brain. control‘, that is without bias truly logical spark of crea

It follows that this spirit is exactly what allows good to overcome evil, and it is this spirit which is eternal in all human beings, and ultimately, it is this feeling through spirit when something is right or wrong, that we our final judg ment is made on by the real God. However, I think finally that the people that control this planet are fearful of what this “spiritual awakening” will bring, further, that it is probable they want to cause mass genocide before the spiritual awakening, because it is further pro bable that this will lead to a unity of the people that will threaten the power of the 5% of the people that control 95% of the worlds wealth. I hope a peaceful solution will be found to the worlds over population problem, like the one I have outlined, however, I think the evidence in this book points towards the prospect of mass genocide because, as I have experienced, many of th e ruling elite do not believe that there is a judgement after death and are mind controlled by the “Grey“ mind control project and are, I think, tricked, into belie

ving their souls have being taken, and that after death, we are equal, which as I have attempted to show, is not true.