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Introduction - Let’s talk about Earth! Cambodia - My name is Uk Chem and this is my story Cambodia - Discovering each other at the seaside Cambodia - Working in communion Myanmar - From the field to your table Myanmar - Where collecting the fruit of the Earth is so hard

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Introduction - Let’s talk about Earth!
Today we would like to talk about the earth. The earth that feeds us, that gives us work, that is so fundamental in developing countries...and for all of us! Did you know that Myanmar is the first producer of rice in South East Asia, with a daily per capita production of 190 Kg? And rice, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, represents only the 39% of total crop sown area. And did you know that also Cambodia has a rice surplus and is producing new quality varieties for export? And that the Country can also count on a good production of cotton and pepper? How does it come that farmers are so poor? How is it possible that people are still starving? In these pages we can not to answer these questions, but just tell you some stories of brave people, of farmers who believe in their work and who have the courage to wake up every morning with the idea of creating a brand new start. We will also share with you some news about what’s going on in New Humanity and about our projects. We hope you will enjoy your reading!

Associazione New Humanity

Edition 6, December 2010

Cambodia - My name is Uk Chhem and this is my story
I am Uk Chhem and I am 61 years old. I live in Kompong Chhnang province and I spend my time working as a farmer. I have a large family: my wife, 4 daughters and 4 sons. In 1985 I got an accident, I stepped down on a landmine near to my village while I was going to catch some fish in the lake. Nowadays I live in another village called Pum Thmei (“New Village”); over here I have a plot of 7,000 m² for rice cultivation, one of the main activities in this province together with fishing. Every year I use to harvest between 1,200 to 1,800 kg of rice, but the amount of rice collected depends on the raining season because we do not count on an irrigation system. With little rain, we just collect little rice to eat. For example, in 2008 I collected about 1,200 Kg of rice, this quantity was consumed by my family in 6 months only, so after that I had to look for other activities to get some money and buy the rice for the other half year. Besides rice cultivation I used to raise some animals like pigs and poultry, but even so, this activity before the training with New Humanity could not generate extra income to cover other expenses. I think I did not have enough experience and technique to raise properly these animals. Very often my animals were sick or dying. I was not happy with those results, so in 2009 I decided to apply for a training course provided by the “Mobile Training Center for Agriculture Development” of New Humanity. I was very eager to learn more, and because

Uk Chem and his wife feeding the poultry

of my efforts I was selected to hold a Small Model Farm for poultry rearing. New Humanity provided me with 8 hens, 2 roosters and some materials to make the hen house for my poultry, and then I started my experience. This year (2010) my poultry has increased from 10 to 135 heads, I use some of these animals to feed my family and some others to sell. I have generated this year an income of more or less 900,000 riels (US$ 225). This money has helped us to buy more rice and to cover other expenses. For the coming year I have only 18 hens and 42 chicks: enough to begin all over again!
Mr. UK Chhem, is a Beneficiary of New Humanity Cambodia. Article Prepared by Mr.
The province of Kompong Chhnang is located in the central Cambodia, about 91 km to the north of the capital city Phnom Penh. Crossed by the Tonle Sap River, the province covers an area of 5,521 km², i.e. 3.05 % of the Cambodia land area. The total estimated population is 531,517 people, that is to say 4.1 % of the total population in Cambodia, with around 47.4 % of males and 52.6% of females. The majority of them are farmers. The Cambodian administration is insured through 8 districts, 69 communes and 553 villages. The average density is 99 people per km² and the sown area is 132,252 hectares. In the 2 districts of Boribor and Tuek Phos, where NH implements its activities, the land for rice cultivation is equivalent to 39,668 hectares. Irrigation systems (canal, pond, and small lake) cover 35 % of the land, when 65 % depend completely on the rain ration.

Uk Chhem and his family

Associazione New Humanity

Edition 6, December 2010

Cambodia - Discovering each other at the seaside
A dream comes true!! New Humanity’s staff had expressed the desire of spending some happy time together, with the opportunity to know each other outside the working context. The staff is in fact composed by 71 persons who work in different and distant places, at Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kompong Chhnang, Mondolkiri, and we barely have the chance to meet who works far from us. Thanks to the support of Cam to Me and of a private donor from Hong Kong this idea has become reality. On the 20th of October, early in the morning, we all gathered in Phnom Penh and we left towards Kompong Saom, in the south of Cambodia, where a wonderful sea was waiting for us. The trip took a long time, more or less 5 hours, and we filled 2 buses. As we arrived at Kompong Saom, just the time to settle down and… straight to the beach! We swam, we played, we took pictures and we enjoyed the food sold on the beach. In the evening we organized a sort of role play and it has been amazing to see how every colleague transformed in a funny comedian. The following day some colleagues were invited to share with the group their experience in New Humanity. As I said, the staff was numerous and it was the first time that some colleagues had the chance t meet each other. Veasna, Saokea, Samboun, Chamroeun and Ravy told us abut their experience. Some of them have been working with New Humanity for 15 years, others only for a few months. They have different languages, religions and backgrounds, but they all share the same values. Trying to express in a word the meaning of New Humanity’s work in Cambodia, we found 5 keywords: honesty, family, solidarity, generosity and gratitude. Trying every day to work honestly and collaborating, in order to be near to the most vulnerable and to become active characters of a positive change within society. Hervé, NH Country Coordinator, thanked all the staff for the daily commitment and encouraged us to go on working responsibly, reminding us that many friends, from all over the world, are supporting our job. Every moment has been full of participation and joy. On the 22nd, after a last greeting to the sea on Ream Beach, we left and everyone returned to his place. Only 3 days, but very intensive. A good atmosphere, the joy of staying together, moments that create deeper relationships and that renovate our strengths, helping us in our daily work. Thanks for giving us this opportunity! Stefania Agatea CML e Health Advisor New Humanity

Associazione New Humanity

Edition 6, December 2010

Cambodia - Working in communion
Since the Law on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has been adopted and promulgated by Royal Decree in July 2009 after years of debate, more attention has been brought in favor of this vulnerable sector. Recently the Ministry of Social Affairs Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY) has organized a Special Education Training for Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) centers conducted in Kampong Chhnang Town. The positive sign of this first step is the work in collaboration between government agencies and NGOs involved in the sector, for the organization of this meaningful activity whose main objective was to bring better service for people with physical and intellectual disability within CBR centers. The ministry was represented by its staffs from the provincial office and civil society was represented by 12 representatives from different NGOs currently working with CBRs (Hagar, Caritas, Rabbit School, New Humanity, etc). The training lasted 2 days and the first day was dedicated to strengthen participants' understanding on different type of disability such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or epilepsy. All these issues were approached un-

Learning how to draw: a child working with his teacher

der three focal points: prevention, community based rehabilitation, and basic education. In the second day, a field exposure was organized in the 4 CBR centers of NH. Then the group was divided in 4 subgroups to facilitate their experience. After this mutual collaboration, the MoSVY representatives and members of other NGOs showed their appreciation for all the work that has been done by our organization, regarding especially the functioning of CBRs in rural setting where the approach and situation is really different from the capital Phnom Penh.
Article and Photo by Mr. Chandy Cheng, Disability Program Manager

Myanmar - From the field to your table
Chopping, Cutting, Boiling, Frying, Mixing...No, this is not the advertising of a new multifunctional tool that can’t miss in your’s just the description of what happens during the Training on Food Processing organized by New Humanity. Some fruits, such as papayas, mangos, tamarinds and bananas, are in fact difficult to sell in the local market because overproduced, but after being cooked, these products can instead be easily sold. This is the reason why New Humanity has organized a training on food processing, giving the attendants the opportunity to learn a new income generating tool. The first edition of the training was held in October in Nam Latt Farm and was addressed only to women.

Mixing the fruit with sugar

Associazione New Humanity

Edition 6, December 2010

Myanmar - Where collecting the fruits of the Earth is so hard
For the rural communities in the Shan State, where, thanks to the assistance of a qualified and for every rural community all over the world, staff, they can find the answers to their doubts the EARTH is everything: feeding, work, earn- and new solutions. The main goal is to enable rural communities to ings, passion. From the earth they can collect the fruit of their improve and increase their agricultural outcome labour and, as a consequence, the possibility and, as a consequence, their living conditions. The project started in July 2009 and we still for them and for the whole community to live. Myanmar in particular funds its commercial ac- have a long way to walk: New Humanity is givtivity on agriculture, thank to its long tradition ing many inputs to the farmers and in the future handed down from one generation to an other, we count to see a better collaboration among to the good climatic conditions, to the fertile sole rural communities. The interest of the beneficiand to the work of rural communities that habit aries is high and all farmers are eager to learn most of Myanmar’s territory. more and more. This brought us to organize With such a rooted tradition and with an avail- more activities and to involve also women, who ability of land that every other Country envies, represent the driving force of agricultural activity Myanmar in 2010 should be amongst most de- in Myanmar. veloped Country regarding the primary sector. NH is enlarging its sphere of activity. Thanks to Unfortunately, reality barely meets expectations. the collaboration with the local NGO Rural DeThe choice of closing to the external world velopment Society, we are realizing engineering taken by the Government halted agricultural de- interventions aimed at improving the irrigation system and the provision velopment and innovaof drinkable water to the tion. The reality is lack of villages. We are also exknowledge on fertilizers perimenting together with and natural preservathe farmers the cultivatives, deforestation, polition of new vegetables, tics regardless of the the distribution of quality environment. seeds, the construction New Humanity works of building for rice storin Taunggyi, in the age and conservation, south Shan State, with the provision of simple the purpose of increasagricultural machines ing and improving that can help the farmers practical skills and A farmer in the greenhouse in their daily work. know how among the farmers living in Kong Long. New Humanity or- The ultimate objective of the project is to enable ganizes several training courses and accompa- rural communities to become independent and nies farmers in the managing of agricultural ac- competitive and to become autonomous in the future. tivities. NH has now become a permanent presence in By now, we are sure that hard work and colthe Region, in order to always stay in touch with laboration between New Humanity and rural the beneficiaries, and manages 2 Agriculture community will bring good fruits. Service Centers, places where farmers can buy material and seeds at a fair price and Silvia Bonotto, Program Manager in Taunggyi

New Humanity is a volunteer, non profit and apolitical humanitarian organization, founded in 1992 in order to work in SouthEastern Asia. New Humanity’s vision is a society where everyone, according to his needs and capabilities, can receive the appropriate education and assistance and can contribute to the development of his own community, whether rural or urban.

Associazione New Humanity

New Humanity’s main commitment is the promotion of education as a fundamental weapon in the crusade against poverty and social exclusion, thanks to the affirmation of the dignity and the rights of every man. Currently New Humanity works in Cambodia and Myanmar through the implementation of programmes aimed at promoting the social and human development of the whole population. New Humanity’s activity focuses on education, rural development, health and professional training. New Humanity works in the respect of the principles of subsidiarily, reciprocity, joint responsibility and cooperation, promoting local capabilities and implementing its programmes in step with development plans of local authorities and international agencies.

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