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16 From the Twentieth Century Fox Motion Picture “ONE FINE DAY” FOR THE FIRST TIME JAMES NEWTON HOWARD, ALLAN RICH and JUD FRIEDMAN ‘Arranged by DAN COATES Slowly J = 62 1 Yook- ing at you for -| ev - er, nev- er saw you be -| fore. Are these your per- son I was this mom - ing, you the same | you? ~—=I’s- all s0. 2 e Forte Fit Tera 5-1 © 1096 7 CE Music PUBLISHING. “ScHMOOGIE TUNES (Adminstred PEERURIC TYE, O03 Fis MUSIC nininered by FAMOUS MUSIC CORP. ans RIS CORPORATION OF ANERICR NEELAM HORE (Aarrted Oy HORE PON OF AMERICA INC) F B FA Bb | won- der how 1 jcould- 've been 0 Tong this Tove was {right in fromt of F s B Csus* c see ing who you Forte Fest Tina 5-2 8 Forthe Fist Tine- 8-3 Such a long time___ a - go, —= inf had Csus* giv- en cl 9 FC Bm7¢s) B’sus¢ But you're | here with__ me now, -|__ f Ee Ey Am Dsus* D Forthe Fst Tene 5-4 when you're }look- ing back un = der - stand what Dsust D c cm G LoL T = : 4 4 Forine Fiat Time- 5-5