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A Guide for Future Residents

What’s inside?
• About Bowater House
• Our Recent Awards and Accolades
• Meet the Staff and Executive Members
• What You Should Bring
• and much more!

Fall 2008

Written and compiled by Yuri Gidge and Aaron Aikens.
Updated by Alicia Wall.
© 2008
Bowater House Society
Paton College, Memorial University
St. John’s, NL
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Table of Contents
About Bowater House 3
Our Recent Awards and Accolades 4
Meet Your Bowater House Society Executive 5
Meet Your Bowater House Staff 7
About St. John’s 9
What to Bring to Residence 10
What Not to Bring to Residence 11
What is Already Provided in Your Room 12
Dining Hall 13
Intramural Sports 14
In-House Academic Resources 15
In-House Facilities and Services 16
Mail and Phone Information 17
Internet Service Information 18
Useful Websites 19
Contact Information 20

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Bowater House is one of ten residences
in Paton College. Paton College is an
area on the east end of campus where
residences house students attending
Memorial University of
Newfoundland(St. John’s Campus), the
Marine Institute or the College of the
North Atlantic (Prince Philip Drive

Bowater House was officially opened in 1962 and was one of the first two residences to
be opened at Memorial University (the other being Rothermere House). It was
originally a female house, but within a few short years was transformed into a male
residence. It kept its male status until 1990, when it was decided that it should become
a female house again. In fact, it's rumoured that Bowater would have indeed been the
first co-ed residence, except Student Housing wasn't quite prepared to make such a
decision. (Co-ed residences didn't appear in Paton College until 1992.) However, due
to such a large decline in female enrolment, Bowater found itself almost half-empty
during 1992. It was then decided that Bowater would be Paton College's third co-ed
residence, starting in the Fall 1993, only three years after the previous transition from
male to female. To this day, Bowater is still a co-ed residence, an entity which is now in
the majority in Paton College. Bowater House is named after Sir Eric Vansitart Bowater,
who was born on January 16, 1895, the son of Sir Frederick W. Bowater, K.B.E., and
Dame Alice Bowater. Sir Eric entered the family business of M.V. Bowater and Sons in
1919. He eventually transformed the business from newsprint merchants to newsprint
manufacturers. Bowater mills were established in Corner Brook, Newfoundland in
1938, in Tennessee in 1952, Carolina in 1954, and in Liverpool, Nova Scotia in 1956. Sir
Eric Bowater led his families company to an overwhelming success. He also served
Memorial University of Newfoundland as a member of the Board of Regents from
1952—1962, and is the holder of the University's LL.D. (honoris causa ).

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Bowater House has won many awards and accolades in
academics, intramural sports, orientation and community
service. Here is a small list of our recent achievements and we
hope that as first-years you will share our spirit and will help
us to continue our reputation as one of the best residences in
Paton College!

2000-2001 Highest Overall Academic Average for
a Paton College Co-ed Residence
2000-2001 Volunteer Residence of the Year
2001-2002 Co-ed All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2001-2002 All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2001-2002 Volunteer Residence of the Year
2002-2003 Co-ed All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2002-2003 All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2003-2004 Co-ed All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2003-2004 All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2003-2004 Celebrate Memorial Champs
2004-2005 Co-ed All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2004-2005 All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2005-2006 Orientation Champs
2005-2006 Celebrate Memorial Champs
2005-2006 Co-ed All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2005-2006 All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2006-2007 Co-ed All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2006-2007 Male All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2006-2007 All-Points Champs (Intramural Sports)
2006-2007 2nd Highest Senior and Frosh Overall
Academic Average in Paton College

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The House Executive is
responsible for all social activities
in residence life. They are elected
at the end of each year by house
residents. The executive organizes
weekly activities that allow the
104 people in the house meet each other and become friends
for life. If you ask someone what they remember most about
their stay in residence their answer will always include either:

a) Bowater Day
b) Winter Carnival Event
c) Weekend House Events (Glo-Bowling, Boat Trip, Christmas
Party, Guys/Girls Night, Road Trips, Paintball and more); or
d) Formal

These are just a few of the house events that you will attend
while living in Bowater House. It is truly a special time in your

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President Aaron Aikens

Vice President Matt Wright

Treasurer Gwen Watt

Social Chair Chris LaFosse

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House Staff are house
members that are employed
by Student Housing to
ensure that students are
able to balance their social
lives with their academic

Resident Assistants help first years adjust to living in
residence, enforce house rules, deliver mail, and are there to
offer help or just to listen. Each floor has a Resident Assistant.

The Academic Don helps encourage through example and
communication the academic wellbeing of all residents. They
maintain the computer room and the study room in Bowater
and hold a large collection of house files (old course notes and
exams) which can be borrowed. The Academic Don is also
familiar with university facilities and resources and can help
you with any concern you may have.

The Proctor oversees the Resident Assistants and the
Academic Don and is a liaison to Student Housing. They
provide a more experienced guiding hand in dealing with day
to day issues.

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RA Joel Burke

RA Jennifer Stuckless

RA Lindsey Gillard

RA Lesley Burke

AD Alicia Wall

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St. John’s is the capital of the
province of Newfoundland
and Labrador. It is the
largest city in the province
and the most eastern city in
North America. (The most
eastern point in North
America is Cape Spear,
about one mile outside of St. John’s.) St. John’s itself has a
population of almost 100,000 people while over 70,000
people live outside the city in the neighbouring metropolitan
area. St. John’s Harbour opens out onto the Atlantic Ocean.

You can expect winters in St. John’s to be mild with an average
temperature of 0ºC and summer months to be warmer with
an average temperature of 20-23ºC.

Newfoundland Standard Time is ½ hour ahead of Atlantic
Standard Time and 1 ½ ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

As one of the oldest cities in North America, St. John’s has a
rich history dating back to the turn of the XVIth century.
Attractions include many historic sites and museums, Mile
One Stadium (a first-class multi-purpose sports and
entertainment venue, home to the Quebec Major Junior
Hockey League, St. John’s Fog Devils), George Street (a district
full of night clubs), and one of the largest universities in
Atlantic Canada: Memorial University of Newfoundland!

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As this will be your home for eight months, you should
consider bringing the following (This list has been adapted
from the Paton College Handbook):

 Memorial University Calendar
 All correspondence and information sent to you from Memorial
 Bedding (pillows, blankets and linens)
 Room Decorations (plants, posters, pictures, etc. as well as
Sticky Tack)
 Toiletries and Towels (You may also want to bring something to
transport your toiletries.)
 Soap and soap dish
 Flip-flops (Recommended for showering.)
 Laundry bag and detergent
 Alarm Clock
 Coins for Laundry (Our washers and driers accept quarters and
loonies only.)
 Backpack and school supplies
 Hangers (Some should be supplied in your room, but a few more
can’t hurt!)
 Extension cord or a power bar
 Headphones for stereo or
 Hair dryer
 Hand towels
 Plastic Mugs/Cups
 Dish detergent
 Iron/Ironing Board
 Medical Card(s)

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As much as we recommend being comfortable in your room,
you must respect rules and regulations. Therefore the
following items are not allowed:

 Candles/Incense
 Curtains (All rooms already come with them.)
 Pets of any kind (includes rats, fish, turtles, etc)
 Water Beds

If there is something you want to bring but are not sure about,
just post a message on the forum section of our website
( or email a Resident Assistant.

Remember: One of the best steps to take when getting ready
to move in with a roommate is communication! Talk to each
other to see what you each plan on bringing to your room, you
could save yourself some money and not bring any
unexpected surprises to the room.

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In Bowater House, your room will have the following items/

 Single bed and frame (36" x 78") with under-bed
 Desk and Study Lamps
 Dresser
 Desk
 Chair
 Book Shelf
 Cork Board
 Waste Basket
 Closet
 Towel Rack
 Mirror on Door
 Window
 Power outlet and phone jack

Room Maintenance

Custodian workers do not clean private rooms. They are
responsible for cleaning the public areas of the house
(washrooms, TV room, lobby, etc.). As young adults, you and
your roommate will be expected to keep your room clean.
There is a cleaner’s closet located on each floor with cleaning
supplies and we ask you to return these in the same condition.
Some residents, however, decide to bring their own broom or
sweeping product.

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R. Gushue Hall is the main
dining hall on campus. It is
located right next door to
Bowater House. It is run by
Chartwells, a division of the
Compass Group which
provides food services to
schools, colleges and
universities across Canada and in other parts of the world.
The dining hall serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you will
never have to worry about cooking!

There are ten tables in the dining hall, one for each residence.
Bowater’s table is the second table as you enter dining hall
from the east entrance (closest to Bowater). The dining hall
operates on a “buffet-style” eating arrangement so you can eat
as much as you want to! Please remember to keep our table
clean and to return your tray to the dish room before leaving.
If you will be off-campus during lunch or dinner, or unable to
make it back to the main dining hall to eat, you are able to pick
up a boxed lunch in the mornings at the dining hall. This
service, On The Go, is provided by Chartwells and many
students find this very convenient.

Main Dining Hall Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast: 7:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. Continental Breakfast: 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m
Lunch: 11:15 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Brunch: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Dinner: 4:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Dinner: 4:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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Intramural sports are a very
important part of Bowater
House. We have won All-
points for six years in a row
for having the largest house
participation and winning
the most intramural games!
By playing intramural
sports, residents are able to meet fellow house residents and
other residents of Paton College. Intramural sports run from
the beginning of September until April and are usually
played on weekends. Here is a list of intramural sports.
There is something for everyone! Our house favourite is
inner-tube waterpolo. Our Men’s A team and Co-ed A team
have never lost a water-polo game yet!
Fall Semester Winter Semester
· Road Race · Badminton
· Soccer · Table Tennis
· Softball · Hockey
· Volleyball · Squash
· Ultimate Frisbee · Basketball
· Track and Field · Inner-tube Water Polo

Each year, Bowater House has a Male and Female Sports
Representative. They look after registration of the residents in
the house. If you are interested in participating or what some
more information be sure to ask one of our Sports
Representative in September! By the way, it is always a good
idea to bring any sports equipment you have with you to
residence, such as soccer cleats, baseball gloves, etc. And don’t
forget your swimming gear for water-polo!

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Study Room
Bowater’s study room is located on the third floor and is found in
room 312. This room constitutes a quiet environment with couches,
study cubicles, and large tables. There is also a bookshelf with a
large section of resource books to help with your studies.

House Files
House Files is an ensemble of old tests, assignments and lab reports
donated to the house by past residents. Many students find these
resources a very valuable resource to their studies. In order to
borrow a file a request must be made to your Academic Don (Alicia
Wall, BO-325) at least a day in advance. We ask that you return
these files in the same condition. We also invite you to donate old
tests, assignments and lab reports to the House Files at the end of
each academic term so that you can in return help out a future

House Tutors
Each semester, the Academic Don will hire tutors for the residents
of the house. Tutors are senior residents of the house who have
considerable knowledge in their tutoring area. Tutors will post
hours which they will be available to tutor. Tutoring is done in the
Study room (BO-312).

Computer Room
The computer room located in BO-323 is monitored by the
Academic Don. There are four computers and a laser printer. The
computers operate on Linux. In order for you to log on to the
computer system, you require a username and password which
should be given to you when you pick up your keys in September.
Please direct any problems to the Academic Don. The Academic
Don is also responsible for filling the printer with paper. Please
remember that food and drink are not permitted in the computer

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In addition to the computer room and the study room Bowater
House also has:
 Laundry Room (BO-102) is equipped with three washers
and three dryers. It costs $1.00 to wash each load and
another $1.00 to dry it. The machines only accept quarters
and loonies, so be sure to save up all your change! Also,
remember to bring laundry detergent, etc as there is none
 TV Room (BO-109A) has a large television with surround
sound. A DVD player is also available. There are two large
comfy chesterfields and a recliner.
 Kitchen/Games Room (BO-203) is equipped with three
stoves/ ovens, a fridge and a microwave. There is also
booth-style seating in the kitchen area. Please remember to
clean up after you use this facility. There is also a pool table,
a foose-ball table, an air-hockey table and a ping-pong table
in the kitchen.
 Canteen (BO-206) is run by the Academic Committee and a
Canteen Manager will be hired at the beginning of the
semester. The canteen is open Sunday - Wednesday nights
from 8-11. The canteen sells chips, candy, popcorn, bars, and
drinks. As a resident of Bowater, you are required to
volunteer one shift each semester to work in the canteen.
There is also a pop-machine located right outside the
 Main Lobby is located in the middle of second floor. It has a
number of couches and it is where House Meetings are
called to order.
 Custodial Services are provided for public areas of the
house (washrooms, etc.). The custodians do not clean
private rooms, so you and your roommate are required to
clean your room. Garbage is collected every morning and
can be placed in garbage bags (which are provided) outside
your door before you go to bed. There are also recyclable
containers at the end of each wing.

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While living in Bowater, letter mail is delivered to you under
your door from Monday to Friday by a Resident Assistant or
the Academic Don. All incoming mail is processed by Student
Housing Office before being sent to individual houses. If you
are expecting a package, you will receive a notice under your
door which you need to bring to Housing (located in Hatcher
house) along with your meal card to pick up your parcel. Mail
addressed to you should have the following format:

Room #, Bowater House
Paton College, MUN
St. John’s, NL
A1B 3P7

If you wish to post a letter you can drop it off at Housing. There
is also a post office (The Attic) located on the third floor of the
University Centre.

While many students opt to purchase a cell-phone plan,
others decide to have a landline activated upon arrival. Each
room is already equipped with a phone jack. However, if you
don’t have your own phone, there is a pay-phone located on
each floor. Here are the phone numbers for the pay-phones.

First Floor: 576-9335
Second Floor: 576-9333
Third Floor: 576-9334
Fourth Floor: 576-9332

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Many students bring their own computer or laptop to Paton
College. If you don’t have your own computer, Bowater has its
own computer room (BO-323) furnished with four computers
and a printer. There is also computer and internet access at
the library and in many of the computer labs around campus.
Residents are able to take advantage of the wireless ResNet
internet connection. There is also wireless internet access
around campus. This service is included in your mandatory
university fees. DSL access can be obtained through the
phone line in your room as there is no cable hook-up. For
hardware requirements and other information please check

Top left: Computer Room Top Right: Study Room
Bottom Left: Games Room Bottom Right: Bowater Canteen

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Bowater Website
Paton College
Housing, Food and Conference Services
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Memorial Self-Service
MUNSU (Memorial University Student Union)
MUN Clubs and Societies
MUN Resource Centres

City of St. John’s
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Empire Theatres

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Bowater Website:

If you are moving into Bowater House in September, please join our Facebook
group ( group.php?gid=2218060417) and introduce
yourself. Also, please feel free to post any questions or concerns you may have
about residence life on the forum or email an executive or staff member at an
address below.

President: Aaron Aikens Vice-President: Matt Wright
Room 110, Bowater Room 116, Bowater
Paton College, MUN Paton College, MUN
St. John’s, NL A1B 3P7 St. John’s, NL A1B 3P7
email: email:

Social Chair: Chris LaFosse Treasurer: Gwen Watt
Room 315, Bowater Room 410, Bowater
Paton College, MUN Paton College, MUN St. John’s, NL
St. John’s, NL A1B 3P7 A1B 3P7
email: email:

Academic Don: Alicia Wall Proctor
Room 325, Bowater Room 208, Bowater
Paton College, MUN Paton College, MUN St. John’s,
St. John’s, NL A1B 3P7 NL A1B 3P7
email: email: N/A

Please note: The above mailing addresses are only valid from September
2008 – April 2009. The preferred medium for contact is through email.

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Bowater House, Paton College
Memorial University
St. John’s, NL
A1B 3P7