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Tuesday 30 June, 2020 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Vol 14 No 26

By Caitlin Bewley
(3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

COVID-19 put a bookmark in the AFL season nationwide,

but with the easing of restrictions, junior football and netball
potentially could see a start date in the near future.
Although the Ballarat Football Netball League (BFNL)
announced the abandonment of this year’s senior season, they
decided the junior competition would still go ahead with a new
The season will run until September 27 with nine-rounds.
The Darley Junior Football Netball Club (DJFNC) were optimistic
for the start of the footy season, setting the date for training to
commence yesterday, June 29.
Club Secretary Joanne Vella told the Moorabool News the
committee had been working tirelessly during lock down to
prepare for the kid’s return to footy, and their return to training.
“It was a relief to be able to at least start thinking about returning
to training,” she said.
“It has been an arduous task collating the various guidelines
and protocols as to what this will look like when the time comes.”
Ms Vella said they have numerous protocols in place which
have been derived from information received from the Victorian
Government, AFL Victoria, Netball Australia, the BFNL and
Moorabool Shire Council.
DJFNC have said they will be using multiple safety protocols,
these include sanitisation, strict drop off and pick up times,
bringing own drink bottles and the club’s facilities will remain
“A minimum number of adults will be at training to assist
each team, which will include a coach, assistant coach and a
designated COVID-19 Safety Officer,” Ms Vella said.
“Our coaches have been amazing in providing motivation for
our members to continue to be physically active and maintain
football and netball skills in preparation for the season’s return.
“The club has missed the social interactions with our players and
READY TO PLAY - Griffin Edwards and Addison Wright from Darley Junior Football Netball Club are excited they will have a their families and that feeling you get at training and preparing
season in 2020. Photo – Caitlin Bewley for game day. We miss our extended families,” Ms Vella said.

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Rug up in your winter gear, explore Inglis St Ballan and
submit your answers by email to these 9 questions:
1. How many red mushrooms can you find
2. What’s climbing the pole on the corner of Cowie and Inglis Street?
3. How many animals are happy readers?
4. What is hanging on the pole at the butchers shop?
5. Where would we find the penguins?
6. How many hanging honey pots can you count?
7. There are .... winter heads at the Newsagent
8. How many orange fish are in the underwater scene?
9. What is the closest shop to the big smiling face?

Submit your answers via email to
State your name, contact details and answers by 4pm Sunday 12th July.
Prize winners announced in the Moorabool News 14th July edition.
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McCain support farmers who are spitting chips

By Helen Tatchell of the best soil within the nation. quality of our
We would hope that every Springbank, Bullarook, Dean and Newlyn
“Australia is a country of limited high-
quality soils so this productive land should
produce is going
to be impacted
effort will be made to avoid are spud country, and the Maher family be protected and farmed sustainably for severely by this,” he said.
have been supplying potatoes to McCain future generations’ food security. McCain Foods said they are committed
disrupting the livelihoods of all Foods for more than 30-years. “With highly efficient centre pivot to purchasing local potatoes so “we will
growers in our local region. The relationship between the two could
however be severed, if above ground high
irrigation which maximises the application continue to buy 100 per cent of our potatoes
of our precious water resources, our from our Australian growers.”
- McCain Foods spokesperson voltage transmission lines proceed across growers in this region produce some of the “We’ll always be supportive of our
the Maher farms. best quality and highest yielding potato growers’ businesses. We would hope
A spokesperson for McCain Foods told the crops in the world.” that every effort will be made to avoid
Moorabool News they have 24 growers in Kevin Maher spoke at the Myrniong disrupting the livelihoods of all growers in
the Ballarat region. public meeting on Saturday 20 June and our local region,” they said.
“KP Maher & Sons has been a strong said if the project to place the transmission
It is illegal to import potatoes into
partner for our business for more than towers on his property proceeds, “we will
30-years and we’re confident they will be impacted by this line.”
continue to supply us with great quality “There is a possibility of the radiation **McCain Foods have three production sites in
potatoes.” field, that will cause a build-up of radiation Australia including Ballarat, Victoria
However, McCain Foods are certainly in our chips, affect the quality of our food. Lisarow, New South Wales and Smithton,
concerned about the potential loss of some “This is a real major worry that the Tasmania

Best outcome
must be for all
By Helen Tatchell Cr Edwards said one of the major problems
for Council is the project is above ground
“Green energy should be transported in and it becomes a major fire hazard.
a green way,” Moorabool Mayor David “It doesn’t meet the requirements of the
Edwards has said. coronial inquest into bushfires. It doesn’t
In a video on Councils social media page, consider the farmers that have been there
Cr Edwards said the Western Victorian for two, three or more, generations. It has a
Transmission Network Program, that
major impact on the visual landscapes across
involves overhead high voltage powerline
our shire. Everybody knows that is one of
transmission towers, is causing a lot of angst
our major assets,” he said.
in the community.
“This is a project that will deliver major Council is asking the State government to
infrastructure to Victoria, but it’s looking take control of this project to ensure good
like it will come at a great cost to Moorabool. community outcomes are achieved.
Kevin and Peter Maher farm within Moorabool and supply potatoes to McCain Foods, and “Council has been advocating that this is not “Council will continue to advocate strongly,
spoke at the Myrniong public meeting. Photo – Helen Tatchell to be on the shortest route and cheapest cost, and this really is a once in a lifetime project
it needs to be done with the best outcome but, should be done the proper way so it
for all the communities across the shires doesn’t not only affect this current generation

Protect your home

affected.” but generations to come.”

Council’s submission
& neighbourhood By Helen Tatchell
Twelve months ago, Moorabool Shire
community and the potential impacts the
project may have on that community.”

from sewer blockages

Concerns were raised about the amenity
Council sent to Western Victorian impacts the powerlines may have on the
Renewable Integration RIT-T, Australian natural landscapes and the negative impact
Energy Market Operator (AEMO), their on the State and Regionally significant
submission to the Western Victorian landscapes including:
Renewable Integration Project Assessment
Draft Report, seven pages in fact. - Lerderderg and Werribee Gorge State Parks
(State significant landscape)
It read that Council recognised the importance
of renewable energy infrastructure projects - Wombat State Forest
and applauded AEMO for commencing (Regionally significant landscape)
a project that has the potential to provide - Mt Blackwood & Lal Lal Falls
Only flush the significant community benefit and increased
employment opportunities.
(State significant view)
- Mt Buninyong & Mt Warrenheip

3 P’s - Pee, Poo “The Shire is generally supportive of

renewable energy, which is evidence through
the substantial number of wind farms within
(Regionally significant view)
Addressing the undergrounding of the high
voltage transmission lines, and noting it
& (toilet) Paper. the municipality,” the submission read.
However, it also stated the Shire is mindful
comes at an increased expense, Council
are of the view that undergrounding the
of achieving a balanced outcome where the lines would be a solution to many of the
amenity of the Shire is not unreasonably concerns the Shire has with the project.
compromised by the visual intrusion and “If the financial implications are too high
angst this causes within the community. to underground in their entirety, then at a
The Council submission acknowledged the minimum the transmission lines should be

project was in its infancy and was therefore underground around the towns to minimise
difficult to provide a detailed submission the visual intrusion in highly populated

Never pour Fats, without a clear understanding of the

proposed alignment for the powerlines.
“…or the potential impacts on land use, along
In conclusion the Shire submission read,
“the Shire demands the project is conducted
OIL Oils or Grease with community and social implications.”
Council wrote (26 June 2019) that while
in a manner that has the least impact on
our residents, our existing landscape, the

down the sink. AEMO have not specifically identified

a study corridor, “the likely corridor is
to be located through the centre of the
natural environment, farming activities,
our towns and the growth projected for the
municipality.” “It is Council’s view the most appropriate way
It was also written that currently, there to address our concerns would be through
is much angst in the Bacchus Marsh the undergrounding of the powerlines,
community in regard to potential expansion ideally for the extent of the project.”
of the waste facility and quarries. *The submission was authored by
Find out more at “While the Shire understand the importance Moorabool Shire Council CEO Derek of projects with State benefits, it is important Madden and Planning Officers Henry
that consideration is also given to the local Bezuidenhout and Vanessa Osborn.
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AusNet – their say

By Helen Tatchell
“No route has been decided, we’re right at the start of our investigation process,”
AusNet – “Overhead transmission lines are an industry standard for most high voltage
an AusNet Services spokesperson has told the Moorabool News.
transmission lines within Australia and around the world. A sensitively designed, located
The statement comes after a public meeting at Myrniong on Saturday 20 June, and constructed overhead transmission line can have less environmental impacts.
and articles published outlining community devastation that overhead high Underground transmission cables require the digging of wide and deep trenches to lay
voltage powerline transmission towers would be erected through 70-kilometres the cables underground as well as additional above ground infrastructure which means
of the Moorabool Shire, the gateway to the Central Highlands. significantly more land disturbance, resulting in a greater environmental impact, greater
Helina Lilley said while they were happy to attend the meeting they respectfully cultural heritage impact and greater impact to farming land.
agreed to the wishes of the organiser, “which were for us not to attend.”
“We did supply the organiser with project fact sheets ahead of the meeting to WHY THIS DIRECT LINE FROM DARLEY TO DEAN?
be distributed to the community and these fact sheets outlined the broad area of
AusNet – “There is an existing HV electricity transmission line between Bulgana and
interest and how we will determine the project corridor,” Ms Lilley said.
Waubra Terminal station and it is likely the new line will follow this existing line as this
The Moorabool News asked AusNet Services if the route is not known, why minimises the impact to the environment and the community. After Waubra the area
would they be awarded the contract on a fixed price tender of approximately of interest becomes much broader and no decision has been made on which route
$370million? will be taken within this area. This is what we are consulting with landholders and the
Ms Lilley said following a regulatory investment test process, which is publicly community about at the moment. Since late April we have been progressively exploring
available, AusNet Services was appointed by the Australian Energy Market the broader mapped out area of interest to determine areas with the least impact to
Operator (AEMO) “to plan, consult on, design, seek approvals for, construct, locate the transmission lines.
own, operate and maintain this new transmission line.” We started in Bulgana and we’re making our way East across the mapped-out area of
Despite landowners in a direct line from Darley to Dean, receiving letters interest. To date we have met with approximately 150 landowners and will continue to
and having a Mondo consultant attend their properties, AusNet say they have explore the broad mapped out area of interest to conduct surveys. We carry out a range
distributed these letters in stages, which means more landowners across the of investigations to determine constraints and opportunities.
broad mapped out area of interest will start to or may already have received
“Our focus now is on talking to landholders and communities across the broad AusNet – “This is a really important project for Victoria.
area of interest and on doing survey work to understand existing constraints and
Western Victoria is emerging as an important renewable energy-generation region.
opportunities before a preferred transmission line corridor is identified.” The current transmission network needs upgrading to share this renewable energy with
To date AusNet say they have met with approximately 150 landowners and “will all Victorians. The Western Victoria Transmission Network Project will add a new link to
continue to explore the broad mapped out area of interest to conduct surveys.” the network, making this possible. This project will involve major economic investment in
And it is not just the overhead transmission towers that is of concern, AusNet Western Victoria, creating new jobs during and after construction. In addition, a number
have commenced investigating the location for the terminal station in the area of local goods and services are expected to be used throughout construction, including
of interest, and deny they have already purchased a property in the Blampied/ local accommodation providers, and local cafes and restaurants.”
Mollinghip area, despite two people at the public meeting confirming the sale,
and also neighbours of the said property. WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?
“Within this area of interest for the terminal station, where we have access AusNet – “Our focus now is on talking to landholders and communities across the
agreements, we have conducted surveys. Based on the survey results, where there broad area of interest and on doing survey work to understand existing constraints and
are viable locations, we have started preliminary discussions with landowners to opportunities before a preferred transmission line corridor is identified and, to work with
determine the possibility of acquiring land for a terminal station for the project,” landowners to agree the most convenient and sensitive way to carry out survey works.
Ms Lilley told the Moorabool News.
Community input is fundamental to this process. We will continue to engage with
AusNet Services said they are committed to working with communities to all community members and their representatives as we work to deliver clean and
deliver this state-significant energy project and community input will be critical affordable power to all Victorians.”
to help them learn more about local areas and inform project decisions.
“We’re seeking local knowledge and insights across the broad mapped out area of THE COST – WHO PAYS?
interest. Local input, alongside early environmental and technical investigations,
AusNet – “The cost of funding this project will be recovered from all Victorian electricity
will help us identify a preferred corridor within the project area of interest.”
consumers through ongoing use of system charges. Overhead transmission lines are a
Have Your Say – or (03) 0021 0674, alternatively, email financially responsible option for a consumer funded project.”

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Rise in COVID
cases extends
State of
A couple of reds
By Lachlan Ellis fined up to $20,000 for not complying, while
(3rd Yr Deakin Uni) companies can face fines of up to $100,000.
Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos said the
Toilet paper is back on the shopping list, State of Emergency extension was necessary

over the limit

but not on supermarket shelves, after the
to defeat coronavirus in Victoria.
State Government announced an extension
“Now is not the time to let our guard
to the State of Emergency in Victoria. With
down, our coronavirus fight is far from over.
the recent spike in coronavirus cases in the
Keeping the State of Emergency in place will
state, the decision was made for the State
ensure we have the tools we need to keep By Caitlin Bewley to detect the speed, recording 131km/h in a
of Emergency to continue for another four
Victorians safe,” Ms Mikakos said. (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) 110km/h zone.
weeks, until 11:59 pm on July 19.
Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton When intercepted by police, the accused
It’s news no Victorian wants to hear, but A few glasses of wine and jumping behind
said he understood Victorians may be underwent a preliminary breath test,
after 33 new cases popped up on Thursday, the wheel resulted in a woman losing her
annoyed by the extension of the State of returning a positive reading.
with double digit increases every day for
Emergency, and the restrictions that entails, licence for 11-months in the Bacchus Marsh The accused told police she had, “two glass
over a week before that, “it’s clear something
but argued that it was a necessity. Magistrate’s court on Friday 12 June. of red” before driving.
needs to be done.”
“We know these restrictions are frustrating, The woman, who the Moorabool News has A subsequent breath test at the police
The message for all Victorians from the
but we can’t get complacent and let the chosen not to name for employment reasons, station, recorded a blood alcohol content of
State Government is to continue practicing
virus get away from us. It’s vital we follow was intercepted by police in November 2019, 0.114%.
social distancing, maintaining good
these directions to keep our community after allegedly travelling more than 20km/h When interviewed the accused said she,
hygiene, avoiding crowds and not shaking
transmission numbers low and protect more over the speed limit. “didn’t think [she] was over 0.05”, the court
hands or hugging. The extension to the State
of Emergency allows Victoria Police to use Victorians.” Sutton stated. The prosecution, police lawyer Paul Thomas, heard.
strong powers to enforce these directions, Moorabool residents are being urged to told the court the accused was travelling east Magistrate Bob Kumar fined the accused
including on the spot fines of up to $1,652 for continue following the rules during the State along the Western Highway before being woman $750 without conviction. Her licences
individuals and up to $9,913 for businesses. of Emergency – not just to avoid fines, but to intercepted. were cancelled, and she was disqualified
Individuals can also be taken to court and avoid prolonging the pandemic. Police initiated their laser device in order from driving for a period of 11-months.
Page 6 The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Email -

A good intention is to get home safe

By Caitlin Bewley
(3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)
When heading on a bush walking
or hiking trip, police would
Victoria Police are urging bush walkers always recommend:
to ‘Let Someone Know Before You Go’ • Consider the physical fitness and
into the bush for a lengthy hike. medical conditions of your group
The Lerderderg State Park, Wombat members and ensure they’re capable
State Forest and the Werribee Gorge, of comfortably participating in the trip,
are regular haunts for day trippers with • Check the current and forecasted
it not uncommon for the local SES to weather conditions,
conduct search and rescue operations, • Download the Vic Emergency app on
when people lose their bearings.
your phone,
The Moorabool Shire is home to over
• Ensure you carry sufficient water, food,
ten bush walking sites, all of which have
clothing and equipment for the planned
seen an increase in foot traffic since
some COVID-19 related restrictions were
lifted. • Ensure that you have navigation tools
With this comes the responsibility of
and know how to use them,
knowing where bushwalkers are, and • Plan your trip and most importantly take
Victoria Police have implemented an a current and relevant map with you
initiative to assist the process. and know how to read it,
The ‘trip intention’ form can be found on • Understand that mobile phones have a
the Victoria Police website and requires limited capacity and go flat quicker in
bush walkers to provide personal any remote area, and in some areas
information and destination travelling to there’s no phone coverage at all,
give to a reliable person before you set off • At least one person in the group turns
on your trek. their phone off or have a spare battery
Search and Rescue Squad’s Senior used only for emergency situations.
Sergeant Greg Paul told the Moorabool
News that Victoria Police had “seen an increase in the number of people hiking bushwalking”
since restrictions began to ease.
“Victoria Police recommend that a completed trip intention form is left with a reliable person
who can be a point of contact if there’s any concerns about the group’s welfare or individuals,”
Senior Sergeant Paul said.
“Before you commence any trip, we would recommend that you plan and get local
information about where you’re going with the relevant authorities, including Parks Victoria
and Bushwalking Victoria.”
The trip intentions form can be downloaded at Local SES crews out on a search and rescue operation in bushland.
outdoor-and-bush-safety. Photo VICSES Bacchus Marsh Unit
Email -  The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Page 7

Rise in family
violence – people
coming forward
By Lachlan Ellis the community becoming more
(3rd Yr Deakin Uni) comfortable coming forward when
offences are committed.
The latest figures from the Crime
“Community awareness of the
Statistics Agency (CSA) show that
issue and support for change is
family violence cases have risen
substantially in Moorabool. encouraging,” he said.
2020 figures for Moorabool have “It is recognised that some increase
not yet been released by the CSA, in reporting is in response to this
but figures from 1 July 2018 to 30 awareness, and access to information
June 2019 shows that 309 breaches of and services to support victims of
family violence orders occurred in family violence.”
that period - an increase of 86.1 per Mr Madden told the Moorabool Photo: St Bernards PS

Sails to shade students

cent on the same period from 2017 News that Council works closely with
to 2018. The breach family violence organisations including Women’s
order covers crimes such as breaching Health Grampians, Djerriwarrh
intervention orders and failing to Health Services, Victoria Police,
attend family violence counselling By Caitlin Bewley “The four coloured shade sails are in the house
Department of Justice and WRISC in
and, saw by far the highest increase (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) sports colours and have added colour and shade to
implementing programs and actions
of any crime reported in Moorabool.
to address the prevention of violence Shade sails will improve children’s outdoor play our oval,” he said.
For comparison, common assault
for women and children. Some of time after a local school secured funding through “Schools like St Bernard’s greatly appreciate both
was the second highest reported
crime, with 99 cases and an increase these programs include Van Go, their local bank branch. the hard work from our Parents & Friends and
of just 8.8 per cent. Baby Makes 3 and Act@Work. St Bernard’s PS in Bacchus Marsh was successful in the philanthropic approach of the Bacchus Marsh
Moorabool Shire CEO Derek “Council is working hard internally a community investment grant through the Bacchus
Community Bank Branch.
Madden said while the trend of to progress gender equality, with Marsh Community Bank and, received $10,000.
projects and planning aimed at “We are very appreciative of the Bank’s community
increasing family violence is of Principal, Emilio Scalzo, told the Moorabool News
course concerning, the increase addressing the contributing factors the school’s Parents & Friends were instrumental in minded approach with their investment grants,” Mr
in reports may be indicative of to family violence ongoing.” applying and submitting the grant. Scalzo said.


It’s up to all of us to keep our friends and families safe.

• No more than 5 visitors at your home. • Outside the home, families and friends
can meet in groups of up to 10.
• If you do have to see people, keep your
distance. No handshakes or hugs. Maintain • If you’re feeling unwell - you must stay home.
good hygiene. Don’t share food or drinks. Don’t visit friends and family. Don’t go on
holiday. Don’t go to work. Stay home.

And if you have symptoms - get tested.

This is a wake up call. We cannot be complacent.
The only thing between us and a second wave is what we do next.

For details go to

Authorised and published by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne
Page 8 The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Email -

Moorabool Mayor David Edwards (left) with (L-R) Shadow Minister Richard Riordan, Bev
McArthur (Member for Western Victoria), Shadow Minister Tim Smith and Moorabool CEO Bev McArthur (centre) with Shadow Ministers Richard Riordan,
Derek Madden. Photos – submitted Tim Smith, BMG Principal Andrew Neal and Kat Barlow.

By Lachlan Ellis
Tour of duty Ms McArthur expressed her shock at the proposal, which The tour of the area also took in meeting with Kat Barlow
(3rd Yr Deakin Uni) has yet to be approved or rejected by the State Government. (BM Community Coalition) and Principal of Bacchus Marsh
“It is not until you stand by the site, at the top of the hill, Grammar, Andrew Neal.
It is getting serious when three Members of Parliament turn and look down to the Parwan Creek below that you realise “No one in their right mind should advocate storing PFAS
up to your town, and the potential of toxic soil arriving by how patently unsuitable the area is for any kind of waste, material in heaps, on this high ground alongside the Parwan
230 truck loads a day, it couldn’t get any more serious. let alone soluble chemicals which can leach into waterways.”
Creek, which drains into the Werribee River used for
Bev McArthur is the Member for Western Victoria and has Mrs McArthur said.
been vocal in the campaign against bringing the spoil from horticulture…to put this food-bowl of Victoria in jeopardy
“It is already hard to believe this tip can operate in such
the West Gate Tunnel project to Bacchus Marsh. would be indefensible,” Ms McArthur said.
proximity to schools and residential properties. The idea
Shadow Ministers Tim Smith MP and Richard Riordan its operations should be allowed to extend so much further, “If Transurban and the Andrews Government believe that
MP, accompanied Ms McArthur on the tour of the area last and to include the on-site classification of seriously polluted dumping toxic soil in Bacchus Marsh was the quickest and
Thursday, also meeting with Moorabool Council Mayor material and the subsequent storage of toxic PFAS-affected easiest solution to the issue of where to dump the Westgate
David Edwards and CEO Derek Madden. soil is a nightmare,” she said. Tunnel soil, they are going to have to think again.”

Investing in a clean energy future

Support 300+ jobs Help secure Victoria’s Help establish major Help deliver
across the project power supply renewable hubs affordable energy

Western Victoria is emerging as an important renewable energy-generation

region. The current transmission network needs upgrading to share this renewable
energy with all Victorians.
The Western Victoria Transmission Network Project will add a new link to the transmission
network making this possible.
Planning is underway for a new approximately 190-kilometre overhead electricity COVID-
transmission line. Starting in Bulgana in Victoria’s west, it will connect to Sydenham e
g all
followin elating
e a r
in Melbourne’s north-west, via a new terminal station to the north of Ballarat, by 2025. W dvice r mic
m e nt a e
govern 9 p and
t h e C OVID 1 -
t in g our
t o c
d a r e co n d u m e nt
an gage
m m u nity en nline and
co ly o
s main
Get involved activitie r the phone.

Jump online and HAVE YOUR SAY at

Alternatively you can call the team on 03 9021 0674 or email
Email -  The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Page 9

A woolly character attached to a post on Inglis Street. Photo - Lachlan Ellis

Become a school Michael Kearnes. Photo – Helen Tatchell

Off the beat locally

holiday explorer By Lachlan Ellis
(3rd Yr Deakin Uni)
community for developing me as a police
officer,” he said.
By Lachlan Ellis Eyes will need to be peeled as children look Mr Kearnes said it has been an absolute
For over three and a half years, Senior honour and a privilege to serve the
(3rd Yr Deakin Uni) for mushrooms, penguins and an orange
Sergeant Michael Kearnes has served the community.
As you walk along the main street of Ballan, local community diligently, with Mr Kearnes “I have immensely enjoyed my time. I wish
“Knowing how to count is also one of the
visitors are greeted by wool creations along earning a reputation in Ballan for his strong everyone in the community good health,
tasks,” Ms Hunter said.
commitment to his job, and his friendly safe driving and happiness.”
the route, it is once again, the year of Winter Those that can find and count all the nature in consulting with the community Since arriving in September 2016, Mr
Knits, and its competition time. specified Winter Knits questions will be and local businesses. Sadly, the Senior Kearnes’ main focuses during his service
As school holidays arrive, organisers eligible for a prize. Sergeant has moved on to service in Kerang in Ballan were around family violence, road
Wombat Regional Arts Network are calling The Winter Knits will be on display in in northern Victoria after a promotion – policing and community engagement. In
for everybody to rug up in warm winter gear Ballan until the end of August and, are however, Mr Kearnes has nothing but praise 2017, Senior Sergeant Kearnes was the face
and explore Inglis Street. aimed at promoting Ballan and encouraging for the Ballan community, and told the of Ballan Police’s efforts to lower thefts of
“We have nine-questions we are asking tourism. Anyone interested in participating Moorabool News is honoured to have served vehicle registration plates, as part of Victoria
school students to answer as they go on a in the Winter Knits event can contact the town and district for almost four years. Police’s Operation Safe Plate program.
‘scavenger hunt’ style experience,” Carmel Carmel Hunter on 0407 506 621 for further “It was a very tough decision [to leave]…I The Moorabool News takes this opportunity to
Hunter said. information. absolutely love the Ballan community. I was bid farewell to Mr Kearnes and congratulate him
“It is just a bit of fun for everybody during Questions can be found on page 2, 30 June welcomed into it when I first arrived, and the on his promotion.
the holidays and gets people out of the house, edition of the Moorabool News. community itself has been very supportive See Something Say Something – Ballan and
whilst adhering to covid-19 safe distancing Submit your answers to the quiz via email of myself and my members since I arrived, Gordon police can be contacted on 5368 1303 0r
regulations.” to – and that’s why, to that end, I thank the 53689 202 or CrimeStoppers 1800 000 333

Moorabool Shire Council

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held tomorrow Wednesday 1 July 2020, at MOORABOOL PLANNING SCHEME
6.00pm at the Darley Civic and Community Hub, Pavilion Room, 182 Halletts Way Darley. Notice of Approval of Amendment
In accordance with s. 395 of the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020, this Amendment C86
meeting will not be available for public attendance, however, will be streamed live via accessing The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C86 to the Moorabool Planning Scheme.
the Council Internet site. The Amendment came into operation on 11 June 2020.
Any person wishing to address Council in relation to an item listed on the Agenda, may do so in The Amendment corrects various errors and anomalies by rezoning land, removing and revising
writing through the Public Question Time process. the extent and location of specific Heritage Overlays, and by correcting errors at Clause 21.11
Information on how to access a livestream of the meeting will be available in the news section (Reference Documents) and Schedule 1 to Clause 32.03 (Low Density Residential Zone).
of our website:
A copy of the Amendment can be inspected, free of charge, on the Department of Environment,
Land, Water and Planning website at
For an up-to-date list of Council services that are opened, closed or operating differently, please
refer to our website: Alternatively, details of the Amendment can be inspected on the Strategic Planning page of Council’s
website at
EMPLOYMENT Henry Bezuidenhout
Council invites applications for existing vacancies: Executive Manager, Community Planning and Economic Development
Project Management Officer (Band 6) – Full-time Permanent Position Moorabool Shire Council
Project Management Officer (Band 5) – Full-time Permanent Position
Based in our Ballan Office TENDER
Moorabool Shire Council invites tenders for the following contract:
Applications close on Friday 3 July 2020
All details available from the website: Tender Number Tender Description
C05-2020/2021 Gillespies Lane, Ballan – Reconstruction and Widening
C09-2020/2021 Construction of Shared Paths – Bacchus Marsh Racecourse
Recreation Reserve
Tender documents and full details of this notice will be available on Saturday 27 June 2020 at

Moorabool Shire Council: PO Box 18, Ballan VIC 3342 Telephone: 03 5366 7100 Facsimile: 03 5368 1757 CEO: Derek Madden
Email: Web: Facebook: Moorabool Shire Council Twitter: @mooraboolshire
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Report to outline
needs and wants
The first draft of the Peri Urban Group “It also explores why as a region and group
of Rural Council (PUGRC) Economic of Councils we need better medical care
Development Strategy is close to being with high levels of suicide, cancer and road
finalised. deaths, and how that may impact on inward
The draft was developed and is currently migration, a key economic driver.
being reworked to take into consideration Moorabool Shire, along with some of the
ideas from all PUGRC member Councils. other Peri-Urban Councils have approved
Moorabool CEO Derek Madden said this is the initial draft of the strategy and are
a substantive piece of work that has taken working with the other Peri-Urban Councils
two years to complete. to finalise this key economic strategic
“This is the first time this form of analysis document so it can be submitted to Regional
has been attempted, using the United Councils Victoria as soon as practicable.
Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a
Photo: DELWP The document will become an important
framework, to assess our region’s economic,

The bush a no-go

part of the way the PUGRC advocates in the
social and environmental wellness,” Mr
Madden said. coming years.
This report aims to highlight all the current “It will also ensure our community’s
social, economic and environmental barriers concerns are heard and acted upon by the

zone for firewood

to broad based economic development for all State and Federal Government,” Mr Madden
PUGRC members Councils. said.
Mr Madden said it outlines how Council The PUGRC acknowledged and thanked
need to protect their main industries from Rural Councils Victoria and the Victorian
Victoria’s Firewood Collection period has “Limits are in place to prevent households the effects of climate change such as extreme Planning Authority for their contributions to
ended, but Forest Fire Management Victoria stockpiling large volumes of firewood from fire events they experienced last summer the strategy.
(FFMVic) have said there is money there to public land and denying others a supply,”
help the people who need it to keep warm Mr English said.
this winter. Victorian’s on low incomes (both concession
The Autumn Firewood season concludes card holders and non-concession card
today June 30, and protocols have been put holders) may be eligible to apply for the non-
in place to ensure households are adhering mains utility relief grant of up to $650.
This grant is for those who rely on firewood

to firewood restrictions. Easton Appleby
and have experienced unexpected financial has a new sister,
FFMVic Grampian’s Region Deputy Chief
hardship. Sofia Jade. Born

in the
Fire Office, Tony English said from July 1, to Melton couple
“A person may apply for the grant if they
it is illegal to collect firewood and there Devina and John
have an amount owing for a previous
are serious penalties for failing to follow

firewood purchase, or if they will not be able Appleby, Sofia
firewood collection rules. arrived on Monday
to afford their next firewood purchase,” Mr
“Under Victorian legislation, firewood English said. 15 June at
can only be collected during the firewood
collection seasons between March 1 to June
Information on eligibility for the Non- Babies born weighing 3260
Mains Utility Relief Grant Scheme can be
30, and September 1 to November 30,” he found at recently at grams.
said. utility-relief-grant-scheme-non-mains.
An individual can collect a maximum of two For more information on available financial
Bacchus Marsh
cubic metres of firewood in a day and may assistance, community members should and Melton
collect up to 16 cubic metres per household, phone the Concessions information line on
per financial year. 1800 658 521. Regional Hospital

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Then click here

“Local papers are the lifeblood

of local communities”
- Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews
(Victorian Country Press Annual Conference 2019)
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The tree of knowledge

The Art Department creators of the Grandpa Tree (L-R) Jane Todd, Lou Callow, Karin Nolta and Allison
Weir. Photo - BMG
It may be a battered old tree however it has helped “The children play around the tree and interact with
reconnect students to their school community. it, which stimulates their imagination including,
Known as the ‘Grandpa Tree, it proudly stands at story writing and telling.”
the Bacchus Marsh Grammar Maddingley Campus The ‘Grandpa Tree’ was transformed with
and was a welcome sight when students returned to colourful knitting and little creatures prior to school
the school from remote learning a few weeks ago. resuming, with students writing messages and
Art teacher Lou Callow said staff made a number of drawing pictures that were pinned onto the tree.
visual creations for the students return. “This is a subtle and meaningful ritual for our
“They were made to assist, particularly the primary students to reconnect with their sense of belonging
children to reconnect with the school community,” to the school community,” Ms Callow said.
she said. Other trees and significant locations at each campus
Ms Callow said the tree has been, and continues to were ‘embellished with surprises’ as the return to
be, a special tree. school from remote learning progressed.


i n o u t in e
D ally
in e in e
D D Loc


MEALS: Bookings essential
Lunch Fri, Sat & Sun 12.00pm-1.30pm
Dinner Tue, Fri, Sat & Sun Nights 5.30pm-7pm or 7.30pm-9pm
DINE IN or TAKE-AWAY Thurs Night Pizza Night 5.30pm till 7.30pm
Thursday to Sunday: 5pm to 7.30pm Sunday Pizza available from 12pm till 7.30pm
Takeaway meals available during all meal services.
Menus, bookings & ordering on our website Just want to pop in for a drink? Bookings essential We will be open Thur from 4pm, Fri, Sat & Sun from 12pm

The Plough is t he place to go

Takeaway alcohol and groceries from the general store still available.
Please be aware that as we are still restricted to 20 patrons on our premises at one
time bookings are essential, table service only and social distancing rules apply.

3 Greendale-Myrniong Road, Greendale Phone: 5368 1355

17 Main Street, Myrniong • (03) 5368 7173
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2021 School Enrolments

A Moorabool News Advertising Feature




St Patrick’s is a Catholic Primary School that strives to
educate the whole person. It is our faith and traditions
that bind us, as we foster caring relationships between
staff, students, schools, home and the wider community.
Visit our classrooms and Located within the Parish of Bungaree, we are a small inclusive school that
hear from our principal values and respects our relationships between students, families, staff and
our wider local community.
and teachers what we offer.
We welcome all enquiries.
Family tours are currently being offered.
For an appointment, please email
Phone: 03 5368 9495 
or call 5334 5280
1564 Old Melbourne Rd, Gordon 131 POWELLS RD, CLARKES HILL


Our school offers a child centred quality driven curriculum
which includes the following:
◊ A highly dedicated teaching team
◊ Specialist programs including Visual Arts, Performing
Arts, Science and Physical Education
◊ Out of School Hours Care on site
◊ Kelly Sports Program
◊ Footsteps Dance Program
◊ MULTiLit and Maths Intervention Programs
◊ Whole school swimming and camp programs
◊ Auslan Language teacher
◊ Instrumental Music Lessons – guitar, recorder and keyboard
◊ A dedicated Science room
◊ An active Junior School Council
◊ An excellent Transition program
EXPLORE THE OPPORTUNITIES AT (Kindergarten to Foundation in
BACCHUS MARSH GRAMMAR ◊ A Community room for Moorabool
New Parents, Caterpillar Playgroup,
Imagination Magic & ASD Library.
Applications for Year 7, Year 9 and VCE We are proud to be an accredited
in 2021 are currently open. school, supporting
children‛s mental health and wellbeing.
Visit our website at
Please contact us on 5368 1072
for more information or to complete an for further information.
online enrolment. Julie Ferguson
Email -  The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Page 13

2021 School Enrolments

A Moorabool News Advertising Feature



for 2021
for 2021

 Enrolments are now being accepted for the 2021 school

year for both
 Enrolments
Enrolments are Foundation
arenow beingand
nowbeing New Students.
accepted Limited
for the 2021
2021 space.
Located within the Parish of Bungaree, we are a small inclusive school that year forfor
year both Foundation
both Foundationand
New Students. Limitedspace.
Students. Limited space.
values and respects our relationships between students, families, staff and
our wider local community. ENROL NOW  Enrolment forms are available at our school office and on
our website.
 Enrolment
Enrolment formsare
forms areavailable
at our
our school
school office
We welcome all enquiries. (03) 5368 9223 ourour website.
 We will be running school tours (2 x information sessions
For an appointment, please email on Tuesday st
21 Julyschool th
and 28tours
 WeWe will
Pleasebe be running
contact stthe
school tours
information sessions
(2 axbooking.
information sessions
on Tuesday 21 July and 28 July @ 4pm.
4pm.  1 Dicker Street st
on Tuesday 21 July and 28 July @ th
Please contact the school to make a booking.
or call 53347604 Gordon VIC 3345 Please contact the school to make a booking.
For all enquiries, please contact
For all office on please
enquiries, 5368 7232
enquiries, please contact
office on 5368 7232
our office on 5368 7232

Front Panel

PREP 2021


School Tours & Information Sessions
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, previously
advertised School Tours & Information
Sessions have been cancelled.

Please contact the school office to

discuss individual tours by appointment*

Enrolment Forms to be returned

By Friday 4th September, 2020

CALL NOW on 5368 1015 Offers of Enrolment

TO BOOK AN INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL Sent Friday 11th September, 2020
OR Interviews
To be scheduled for Term 4 (Dates TBC)*

Orientation Sessions
Tuesday 10th November, 2020 - 9:00am - 11:00am*
Tuesday 24th November, 2020 - 9:00am - 11:00am*
(this session includes a parent information session)
Tuesday 1st December, 2020 - 9:30am - 11:00am*

(*subject to changes to Covid-19 restrictions)

98 Inglis Street, Ballan VIC 3342 Ph.

035368 1015 | Fax. 03 5368 2068
Page 14 The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Email -

Sun to
They ran for their mums shine on
By Caitlin Bewley The fundraiser generated a lot of
(3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) community recognition and Kate
Jenkins said given social distancing
Kate Jenkins and Annika Miesen restrictions, they weren’t keen to get
were the souls behind ‘Run For too many people in one place. “But we
Mums’, a Mother’s Day fundraiser encouraged a lot of our donors to do The State Government has
to support Australian charities that their own runs and tag us on social announced a plan to put
people felt a connection to. media so we could share it,” she said. solar panels on government
“I had this idea that I would run “The Miesen’s are a household name schools, called the Greener
a certain distance for donations to in the Marsh, and given her family’s Government School Build-
charities that were connected to involvement in the community, ings program. The program
motherhood in some way,” Annika people wanted to support her. aims to reduce electric-
told the Moorabool News. “Annika’s mum, Marita, passed ity costs for government
“We were conscious about the fact away suddenly due to a rare heart
that we didn’t want people to feel schools, and make them
condition in 2003, and given her huge
forced to donate to the one charity,” involvement in the community, a more environmentally
she said. lot of people donated to The Heart sustainable.
Ms Miesen said when people feel a Foundation in honour of her,” Ms According to Mary-Anne
connection to a cause, they are more Jenkins said. Thomas, the Member for
likely to donate to it. Along with The Heart Foundation, Macedon, a pilot program
“So, we left it up to the people and over 30 charities received donations which put solar panels on
simply asked them to dedicate their on behalf of mums Ms Jenkins told
New Gisborne Primary
donation to their mum,” she said. the Moorabool News.
School in 2019 saved that
A group of five runners ran from “Some people chose women’s
school $20,000 in electricity
Maddingley Park to the Avenue track support services in honour of their
via Grant and Main Street. single mums; some chose refugee bills over the year.
Ms Miesen, along with Anna Kelly, centres because their mum came to It’s estimated that by Oc-
Will Dao, Malcolm Beck and Brody Australia to seek asylum.” tober this year, solar panels
Cronin ran the 17-kilometres, a Ms Jenkins said some lost their installed as part of the pilot
distance chosen to honour a kilometre mother’s to cancer and some program will have saved
for every year since her mother had honoured by simply donating to their the 42 schools involved a
passed away. favourite charity. Annika Miesen total of $300,000, as well
as having generated over
1,300 megawatts of electric-
ity and reduced greenhouse
gas emissions by more than
1,600 tonnes.
Government schools are
encouraged to apply for the
program, to create savings
that can be invested into
school facilities and pro-
grams rather than power
Applications for the Green-
er Government School
Buildings program close on
7 August and schools can
apply for the program at
Anna Kelly Brady Cronin Malcolm Beck Will Dao. Photos supplied

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Water down your

bill to pay less
Water is precious and during COVID-19, Western Water will also apply a small
so is money, with many people relying on increase to the Tier 3 water usage rate. This
government benefits to support themselves rate applies to residential customers using
or their families during this pandemic. more than 880 litres per day.
The last thing anyone needs is another bill or “With population growth and climate
rates notice with an increase in cost. Western change impacting the availability of water
Water has been listening to their customers. supplies, we want to encourage all customers
Jeff Rigby (Western Water’s Managing to consume less water if they can,” Mr Rigby
Director), said their prices are to remain said.
stable for the coming year, as set out in “For those that can’t, we have support

Kids go crazy
the Essential Services Commission’s price options available, including large family
determination handed down recently. discounts, and we encourage customers to
“Keeping bills affordable, encouraging contact us to discuss these options.”
customers to save water, and planning for Western Water’s focus is on customer
growth were key considerations for our affordability, particularly as it continues By Caitlin Bewley “Not a lot of people know about Cystic
pricing submission to the Commission”. to address the impacts of coronavirus (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) Fibrosis, so we wanted to do something to
Earlier this month, the ESC announced it (COVID-19) on the community. raise awareness for the illness.
had approved Western Water’s three-year Mr Rigby said Western Water is well aware A local kindergarten added a pop of colour
“We have a child within our service that has
pricing plan that focuses on keeping prices of the financial impact of the coronavirus to their week to raise awareness for a life-
Cystic Fibrosis, so we thought we would do
down over the next 12 months. pandemic on many customers. threatening disorder that affects thousands
a fundraiser around that,” Ms Brigham said.
Western Water has undertaken extensive “We will continue to offer the wide range of of people across the country.
“All the parents had some awesome ideas
engagement with customers over the past support measures already in place, and we The Darley Kindergarten held a crazy hair
two years to review how they charge and can confirm that the only increase to typical week last week, asking their 110 students to [for hair styles],” Ms Brigham said. “Everyone
how much they charge. water bills on 1 July 2020 will be to reflect the colour their hair to raise awareness for Cystic was so excited to do it.”
“In response to customer feedback, we cost of inflation.” Fibrosis. The three- and four-year-old kindergarten
are reducing our fixed services charges, The ESC’s final decision on the maximum Kindergarten teacher, Keira Brigham, told groups coloured their hair on Wednesday,
so customers have greater opportunity to prices that Western Water may charge for the the Moorabool News that the reason for the Thursday and Friday, paying tribute to those
reduce the size of their bill if they can use three-year period starting 1 July 2020 can be fundraiser was to shine a light on a disorder that suffer with this illness on a day-to-day
less water,” Mr Rigby said. found at that not a lot of people are familiar with. basis.

Perspective with Paul Tatchell

Blowing wind up the proverbial

It appears the proverbial has finally hit the The kicker is, none of this clean green The incompatibility of three levels of mislead the landowners by claiming they’re
big fans, and everyone with any authority is energy is coming to our region, we simply government has never been more exposed. only looking at some possibilities.
ducking for cover. have the privilege of paying for it. They’re By the time the punters untangle the blame Meanwhile back at the ‘cone of silence’
Those big white turbines spinning around not even our turbines. game, “Mrs Green” in the leafy suburbs central in Spring Street, applications are
the State appear to have been built for When you do the politics it’s brilliant. They will be plugging her Russell Hobbs in for flowing thick and fast to plough a direct
something other than blowing the dust-off deliver cheap green energy to the idealists her morning latte, using feel good energy route through some of the most fertile
from the rich and fertile soils of the bush, farming land in the country.
tractors. in the city, they don’t pay for it, don’t have
transformed from food bowl to free range Timing is everything. With over half of the
If you think the wind turbines are big, wait to look at it, and blame the contractor for
until you see the mechanical monsters that the sub-standard outcome. It’s all care, no country newspapers closed or in recess, and
The Bushfire Royal Commission in 2009 most of the workforce locked down with
carry the extension cords into Melbourne. responsibility at its devious best.
could not have been clearer on the dangers Covid-19, there is no better time to pull the
To put it into perspective, these gantries are There is a reason why a Tesla costs more of overhead powerlines. Within 10-minutes
about a third taller than the Westgate bridge than Toyota. wool over a sheep grower’s eyes.
of the findings being handed down, the
(58-meteres), and that’s at low tide. Moving to a greener energy future was Chairman Dan, who has been taking
government dug deep into the people’s
construction lessons from the Chinese
Make no mistake, these towers are going to always going to come at a price. It’s just not pockets and spent $750 million reverting
Minister for growth and development,
blend into the natural landscape like a herd politically palatable to talk about the real overhead power to underground.
should be able to slide his power plan
of elephants in a strawberry patch. costs. Maybe we need a Royal Commission into
through the lower house, whilst giving
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for green energy The debate is not about whether people Royal Commissions. Here we are 11-years
French toast lessons to the party faithful of
but, when the energy comes at the cost of the want green energy, it’s about the continual down the track, and we are putting new ones
greenery, someone appears to have missed contempt for people living in the rural back in the air.
Probably picking up some much-needed
the point. The sceptic in me cannot accept sector; the fact that we as a community have Trying to find common sense and logic in
Yuan in political donations on the way
that you would spend $billions building to voice our concerns to the company that this ‘Marxist Massacre’ of Moorabool, you
through? He might look wet behind those
windfarms without a detailed plan on how profits from the debacle, is beyond contempt. need look no further than the West Gate
big ears of his, but he doesn’t miss a trick.
the power is to be delivered. Tunnel Project. Firstly, we borrow a $billion
Political genius really. Contract out the Foreign owned companies building
to build a tunnel, then we borrow a $billion
To suggest that planning for this project consultation and the representation, keep essential infrastructure then running them
not to build it, then borrow a couple more
is in its infancy typifies the ‘city-centric’ it off the budget, get all three levels of for profit, is indictive of wasted taxpayer
$billion to build a different tunnel.
mentality that drives modern day politics. Government doing the three wise monkey money. There is an old saying, “there’s no
The way things are going down there, it’s
It is simply a number’s game and hiding trick and, you could call it Shanghai Surprise. point owning the locomotive, if you don’t
going to have to be an above ground tunnel
behind contractors is deviously designed to When you consider the Energy Minister, own the tracks it runs on”.
because there is nowhere to put the dirt. Add
avoid responsibility. the Planning Minister and the Premier don’t water to the debacle and I think it’s called a This isn’t a done deal, it’s a Dan deal and
There was always going to be a network see the need to discuss the matter, and the bridge. Once again, we’re paying for it. it’s not over yet. All that’s required is those
and being rural, it was always going to be poor old local Members are walking around Trying to find one of these vegan lactose politicians claiming to represent the people,
the cheapest they could build. The numbers dazed and confused, repeating “it’s got intolerant vegetarian politicians to take some to stand up and be counted before those
don’t lie. The rural sector tips 30 per cent nothing to do with us, it’s got nothing to do form of responsibility, is challenging in itself solar powered bulldozers start destroying
of the dough into the ‘troglodytes’ till, and with us”, you have to wonder why we bother and the contractors contractor being fairly the landscape.
rarely gets above 3 per cent in genuine rural with governments at all. We should just new to this democracy game, hires a couple This clean green future is starting to look
infrastructure. outsource. of telemarketers armed with gift cards to more like environmental vandalism.
Email -  The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Page 17

Darley Club President Mark Shelly is relieved the 2020 season has been cancelled just

Final siren
Members of the Bacchus Marsh CWA Day Branch have a call out for people to knit socks. 24-hours after his club made known their plan not to participate. Photo – Caitlin Bewley
Photo – Caitlin Bewley

Comforting those
with cancer
By Lachlan Ellis
(3rd Yr Deakin Uni)
“We’ve been doing it [making kits] for
longer than I’ve been at the CWA, and I’ve
sounds on season
By Caitlin Bewley and we decided that we were going to pull
been there for seven years. Over the last year
A hand-made knitted pair of socks have a (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) the pin on the season.
or two, there’d be about five or six women
dual purpose. They ward off the winter chill “You start to think about the players and
that help out regularly…since the pandemic, The local football season has finally come
and are part of a breast cancer kit. their families, what if someone does become
it’s cut down to about three or four.” to the end, and one club has expressed their crook?” Mr Shelly said.
The Bacchus Marsh Day Branch of the
Country Women’s Association (CWA) is The kits are custom made for those who’ve relief with the decision to end the season “A lot of our players are tradesmen,
collecting knitted bed socks for breast gone through surgery. The trauma dolls can before it began. what would happen to their careers and
cancer kits and, needs help from the be drawn on by doctors to show children The Darley Football Netball Club (DFNL) livelihoods?
Moorabool community. The CWA branch, what operation they’re having done, the released a statement on Wednesday June 24 “The senior players were happy to get back
which operates out of the Darley Civic and U-shaped cushion can support a sore saying the club had come to a decision to to training and be around their mates, but
Community Hub at Halletts Way, needs underarm after an operation, and the bags abandon the 2020 season. the motivation to play just wasn’t there. We’d
volunteers to help knit the socks for the kit, Just 24-hours later, the Ballarat Football run our race,” Mr Shelly said.
can hold drain cords and X-rays. They also
which also contain trauma dolls, cushions Netball League released a statement saying
include a personal gift, such as soap or a Although the playing season has come
and shoulder bags for people suffering from the 2020 season would be cancelled ‘after a
small cake, and a comforting poem called to an end, the Darley Football Club are
breast cancer. period of lengthy consultation’ with all clubs
“A.S.A.P.”. maintaining club spirit via socials, making
Hope Mann, President of the Branch, said involved in the league. sure to adhere to government restrictions.
the kits are extremely important for those For those enduring the trials of cancer, these
Darley’s Club President Mark Shelly told “We have hopes of throwing a few social
battling the illness, but bed socks are used kits provide comfort and a sign that their
the Moorabool News the health and safety functions at the end of the year if restrictions
up quickly. community cares about them. of his club were paramount in their decision begin to ease again,” Mr Shelly said.
“After we make up the kits, they’re taken Ms Mann said anyone that can knit and to abandon the season, so the BFNL’s “What we’re concentrating on now is
to the McGrath Foundation nurse at Ballarat wishes to help supply bed socks, can announcement to cancel was a relief. making sure the club is still engaging,
Base Hospital, and they hand them out to the
contact the CWA on their Facebook page - “There was a meeting back in late March, we don’t want it to be a ‘see you next year’
breast care patients, both male and female.
We get quite a few thank you cards coming CWA Bacchus Marsh Day Branch, for more and the direction from the league then situation.”
in from people we send them to…we’ve sent information, and meet from 9am-12-noon was that it was going to be an all-in, all out “The end of the season now gives us an
out 94 in the last 12-months.” Ms Mann told Tuesday and Friday only at the Darley Civic scenario,” he said. opportunity to put good plans in place for
the Moorabool News. and Community Hub. “All the boxes were ticked by our executives 2021,” Mr Shelly said.

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Complete Maintenance Services

■ Automotive service and repair
Registered Tax Agent/Qualified Accountant (CA) ■ Vehicle hoist install, maintenance & repair
■ Mobile Service available
Assisting in all tax and accounting requirements ■ Batteries ■ Tyres ■ 4x4 specialist
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including book keeping AFTER HOURS 24/7 SERVICING
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40 years
MICHAEL W. RYAN Yes, in fact it will be better!
Date: 20/12/17
Mock Up No.: 3 MK Building
Client: Cross Roads Trading

Our skilled and qualified electricians can remove all your existing
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no negative
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Clubs & Associations •Tiling • Plaster
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Qualified Boilmakers
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Have you had your lightbulb moment? Certified Welders
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Servicing the Moorabool Area for over 30 years •Any type of metal fabrication
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FREE LED lighting upgrades
ENGINEERING There are so many offers out there for How can we do this for free?
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‘FREE’ solutions. Who can you trust? Through the creation of Victorian Energy Efficiency Yes, in fact it will be better!


Certificates (VEECs) which are electronic certificates Our skilled and qualified electricians can remove all

Door Services Victoria

Keemin are a local business in operation since 1984. created in accordance with the Victorian Energy your existing halogen lamps and replace them with

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We employ licensed electricians and guarantee our Efficiency Target Act 2007 (VEET Act). more efficient, longer lasting and safer LED lamps.
work. YES we can replace halogen lamps for FREE, and The old lamps will be recycled to ensure there is no
YES LEDs perform better and last longer. negative environmental impact.

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E: The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Page 19
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We're still here for you... Ballan & District • Wallpaper • Minor Plastering Repairs
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Client: Cross Roads Trading
Date: 20/12/17

Cleaning Ivers • Dog, cat & bird
Mock Up No.: 3


Service Liquid • Horses, cattle, sheep
BALLARAT Oaten Chaff $20
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HUGHES (Van neel),
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William John
Friday 19 June 2020 CLEANER Removal
9.23pm BM hospital Ballan Caravan Park Domestic and Phone 5368 1966

Weight 3790 grams Commercial

Length 50cms Sell with a photo - $20 per edition or $55 for 3
Thank you Brandon and Fully Licensed
CONTACT months. Simply email your photo and details of
Emma for our first grand child. and Insured
So very proud and happy. 0413 318 528 Call Steve item to
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and Aunty Jemma
for a Quote Ph: 5368 1966
Let the fun begin 0439 476 966
All vehicles must supply registration numbers if
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get ready for winter • Seasoned • Plantation - firewood
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30 June 2019 Red & Sugar Gum, Box,
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I miss you my friend. *Special* HOLDEN STATESMAN
2000, Auto, white, TOYOTA 2004 HILUX
Hardwood $140m $160 per m3 Gum Hardwood FREE delivery excellent condition, Tow bar,
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We are looking for a Carer/Home help in the Gordon area.
The work is casual and includes personal care,
meal preparation and house-keeping duties.

Due to the personal nature of the work the position
is suitable for a female. TOYOTA COROLLA
You will need your own car as Gordon has no public transport. NISSAN PATROL 1998 Levin 2004 hatch auto.
Tow bar, Mechanically VGC,

Although experience is useful it is not necessary as Dual fuel tanks, minor dents.
on job training will be provided to the right candidate. (Reg RFR 057) Odometer - 265,000 kms,
1114 Doveton St. Nth, Please contact 0449 912 218 for further details.
Ph 0417 323 149
12 months. reg. (TDC 072)
$3,900 ono – 0408 508 654
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ull servi
F ate costce Ad copy
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2010, Excellent car,
3/2010, DSG automatic,
regular servicing, new
tyres, rotors, brake pads,

at moder
PRINTED BY Latrobe Valley Express 1-owner, all electric, transmission service.
Published by Helen Tatchell, 15 Haddon Dv, Ballan, 3342 for The Ballan 147,000 km Excellent condition.
News Pty Ltd, 15 Haddon Drive, Ballan, 3342. Printed by Latrobe Valley Rego – YMV 212 118,000 km, (Rego YMI-680),
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Email -  The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Page 21

By Tim O’Connor
Win to a Tee stuff so he’d always go to the racecaller who was calling and Even people like Lance Justice because they were originally
say it’s so-and-sos birthday and it used to drive me mad,” from South Australia and people like Geoff Webster.
If paying tribute to a loved one can be achieved on the Gath laughed. “I forgot how well known he was and the amazing life that
racetrack, then Kate Gath’s stunning four-peat at Tabcorp “I hope he was watching because I think he would have he had and career that he had as well. In harness racing, in
Park Melton on Saturday night was the perfect way to been really happy that he was acknowledged in that way calling racing in general. He loved the gallopers.”
farewell her late grandfather John Tee. and with the connection we both had with the horses, it just While Gath stole the show in the gig, the performance of
Tee, 81, passed away on Friday after a long-running health seemed fitting really to be able to do that.” Anton Golino-trained squaregaiter Imsettogo was the most
battle and Gath was able to say goodbye with a brilliant night Gath has fond memories of Tee, who spent more than 30 impressive performance by horse on the night.
in the sulky at Victorian harness racing headquarters. years at the Port Pirie Smelter where he worked as a leading After galloping before the start and giving her rivals a huge
The usually reserved Gath gave a salute to the heavens when handler of the concentrate storage bins. advantage, the four-year-old mare eventually caught the
she crossed the line first behind Arden Voyager, which made While it was more of a hobby and passion, Tee also had a field and then managed to charge clear in the home straight
it three wins in succession by taking out the DNR Logistics rich history in racing both as a standardbred trainer and to win by nearly 20m.
East Versus West Pace (second heat, 2240m, 4YO and older). racecaller of all codes. He broadcast Gath’s first career Racing returns to Melton on Wednesday night.
She then followed up with victory behind Plan Ce, which triumph in the sulky all the way back in 2000 with Rxplore at
is trained by her father Peter Thompson and raced in family Whyalla and was able to share the joy of training a horse his
interests. Further success with stars Eureka and McLovin granddaughter was able to steer to victory. Ballan Golf Club
completed a treble for her husband Andy and capped off a “I got home (on Saturday night) and I had like a million Results - Week ending Saturday 27 June
huge night at the office. messages on my phone. Even from people that you forget that
“(Pop) was always a person to acknowledge birthdays and knew pop - everyone nearly knew him from harness racing. Wednesday – Stableford 
Winner - Chris Tudor (15) 37 points.
R/up - Peter Di Fiore (7) 32 points.
Magpie - 14th John McLeod.
NTPs - 12th Barry Sims, 15th John McLeod. 
Saturday – Stableford
(5th Round House Teams)
A Grade
Winner - John McLeod (5) 38 points.
R/up - Frank Raffaele (8) 37 points. 
B Grade
Winner - Ian Bragge (17) 36 points
on c/b from Rob Brown (18).
C Grade
Winner - Brian Clifford (20) 33 points.
R/up - Aggy Germon (21) 31 points
on c/b from Ken Muhlhan (21).
NTPs - 2nd Brian Clifford, 12th Don Wickson,
15th Bob Arklay. 
Magpie - 14th Michael Di Fiore.
Balls (7), Cut-off on c/b 33 points
Kate Gath saluting to the heavens, in honour of her late grandfather, after she steered Arden Voyager past the winning John McLeod, Frank Raffaele, Brian Clifford, Rob Brown,
post. Photo Stuart McCormick Chris Tudor, Andrew Carton, Ian Bragge.

SELL YOUR ITEMS $100 & UNDER FOR FREE Email: Phone: 5368 1966
*Ads must be emailed by Friday 12 noon. Ads by phone must be between 9.30am–12pm Tue–Thur. MAXIMUM 3 ADS PER PERSON. PRIVATE ADS

ANCHOR boat, with rope, metal COOKBOOKS, Assortment of GOLF BAG, with full set of clubs, PICK AXE, as new, $15 Ph 5367 TABLE Outdoor table with 6
$15 - 0418 318 164 best selling, Brand new, excellent buggy and ball pick up machine, 8933 chairs. Glass and steel. 2yo $90 -
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PLATES, set 4 boxed Golden
wide x 760mm GC $40 - 5424 1883 679 HAND SAW, electric 185mm blade Summers Darcy Doyle, Bendigo TABLE Solid round table, 80cm
COUCHES (2) 3 seater couches, EC $40 – 0400 137 049 Pottery $100 - 0417 110 261 diameter, 73cm high $30 – 0408
Navy blue, velvet $100 lot - 0460 509 554
$20 lot - 0412 869 304 HEATER patio, suit table top with PLATES, set 4 Bygone era $80 lot
569 964 gas bottle $85 lot – 0418 318 164 TABLE GLASS dining,
BALE TWINE, Brand new, 2 rolls, – 0417 110 261
DARLEY PS sport uniform removable legs $99 - 0401 875 127
$70, 0429 176 679 HI-FI Mini LG CD Radio USB RECORD PLAYER, Aristone,
winter trackpants, skort, size 12 VGC $60 – 9743 6347 TAP SHOES, Ladies, Leather, tan
BED Bunk, tubular - red, can also $50 - 0425 852 073 portable, 45, 33 and 78 speeds, coloured, As new, Size 9, $30, Ph
be used as two singles. EC. $50 – LADDER, aluminium, folding, 12 good condition, $45, Ph 0417 517 0459 736 182
0409 009 811 DOG COAT, Dry as a bone, Wool foot 3 inches, $50 Ph 5367 8933 848
lining, Dress up doggy brand, TUBULAR LATCH SETS (2),
BED head and frame QS wooden, LADDER, Folding, aluminium, RYOBI Palm Sander , Brand New, Legge, $35 Ph 5367 8933
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BED Antique single bed. Mattress condition, $100, Ph 5367 8933 new, Size 9, $15, Ph 0459 736 182 $60, 0412 869 304
size, ruffle and pillow cases to
included. VGC $50 – 0400 377 973 match, Great condition, $50, 0429 MAKITA Electric Blower UB1103, TV STAND (33”), Black Tempered
BICYCLE, Fold up, 10 speed, 176 679 Brand New, $85 - 0417 534 606 Glass, 80cm x 60 cm, GC. $30 -
Commodore sports wagon GC $30
Brand new, $95 Ph 0459 736 182 DRESSING TABLE and 2 MICROWAVE oven white. VGC – 0407 091 799 0408 174 584
BINOCULARS, Bush master, 2060 matching bedside drawers. $60 – works perfectly $20 - 0400124867 TV UNIT Large, dark brown
vision, $10, 0400 137 049 0429 880 013 MIXMASTER, vintage, Sunbeam, laminate, 2 large cavities & 2 large
$30 – 0467 891 370 storage drawers. $70, 0401 875 127
BOOKSHELF 2 cubes x 3 cubes. FIGURINES, collectible McDonalds 2 bowls, $30, Ph 0412 869 304
SHOVELS, 3x, New and old, From UNIFORM CRC Melton, Navy
GC, clean, some marks. $35 - 0401 odds and ends $100 ono - 0417 110 MOBILITY WALKER, A-Frame,
$8, 5367 8933 Senior Jumper - Year 11/12, Size
875 127 261 with 4 wheels, seat and shopping
rack, $70 - $80, 0411 303 344 SINK, SS Double bowl VGC $80 – 16, Excellent condition, $40 Ph
CAMPING gas lamp with gas FILING CABINET, 4 drawer, legal,
0423 644 347 0459 414 095
bottle $40 - 0418 318 164 lockable, $50 ONO, Ph 5367 8933 MOBILITY WALKER, Aus Care
VGC $50 - 0417 534 606 SOFA (2), 2.5 & 2 seater sofas. 2.5 WEIGHTS Proform Weights Set -
CARPET, floor mat, beige, FILING CABINET 2 drawer GC rubber coated 1kg (2), 1.5kg (2) &
1.4mx2m clean & GC $20 – 0438 $40 – 0424 930 653 MOWER, 4 stroke, $50, 0415 324 sofa converts to bed. VGC $30 -
0409 009 811 2.5kg (2) $25 lot - 0419 161 063
826 867 FILING CABINET 4-drawer GC 716
WINE GLASSES (6), Made in
CARPET SWEEPER, Still in box , $60 - 0424 930 653 OUTDOOR CHAIRS (2), including SOLAR PANEL 80 Watt portable.
Italy, Gold trimming, $25, 5367
$30, 0400 137 049 cushions, solid plastic, GC $20 - Never been used. In carry bag. 8933
0408 951 676 $100 – 0435 020 441
COMMODORE repair manual multicoloured steel line, $60 Ph WIRE, large roll, plastic covered,
VT/VX/VY (Max Elerey) $40 - 5367 8933 OUTDOOR PLANTS, large STEREO, Mini HiFi, LG, CD, for clothesline, $30 Ph 5367 8933
0407 091 799 FLOOR steam cleaner - monster variety, $5-$10 each, Ph 5367 8933 radio, USB, $60 Ph 9743 6347 WOMEN’S WEAR, large sizes,
COMPOST MAKER, used, VGC, by Euroflex Italy, only tried once PET CARRIER sturdy suit cat/ SOUVENIR teaspoons (17), The various, $10 each ONO, Ph 5367
$45 - 5367 8933 $85 - 0455 999 343 small dog as new $70 – 5424 1883 lot for $15, 0412 869 304 8933
CANCER—June 22-July 22
Page 22 The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Email -
This is a great week for putting on those finishing touches.
Money matters may improve after the weekend. Weekend
plans may be cancelled - the reason is legitimate, though
not completely understood.

Stars & Puzzles

LEO—July 23-August 22
A barter system could be the answer to decrease costs. A
family deadlock is broken by the weekend. Simplicity is
the key this week in everything you do, including your
VIRGO—August 23-September 22
Don’t be secretive or coy with your worries. It’s easy to
be accident prone in the work environment so take a more
★★★★★★★★ ✯✯✯✯✯✯
relaxed approach. There should be some financial gains
after the weekend.
LIBRA—September 23-October 22
Messages seem to be weighted with hidden meanings,
★★★★★★★★ but only because they really are so simple. This is the
weekend for entering contests, attending sports events
and taking on a new physical activity.

ARIES—March 21-April 20 SCORPIO—October 23-November 21

You can make important gains now, provided you resist For health’s sake, make balance your present keyword.
impulsive moves. Your popularity dips before the week- Balance work with recreation and a balanced diet. An
end, but by Sunday you are the top name on the social unexpected expense may be required on Thursday, mean-
roster. ing the delay of a longed-for luxury.
TAURUS—April 21-May 22 SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22
The beginning of this week is frantic. Plans are rearranged A phone call from a relative may answer an important
and it seems that cancellations are unavoidable - but dig question but open up a new area of concern. Don’t get
for a solution and you will find it. Children are in the carried away with recent success at the workplace. Your
picture on the weekend and you will enjoy their sense of love life brightens by the end of the week.
humour immensely.
CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
GEMINI—May 23-June 21
The trouble this week is that every problem has two good
This week you seem unusually clever in financial mat- solutions. The best plan is to aim for long-range success.
ters. Still major risks should be avoided as your intuition You are extremely popular Wednesday - Thursday, enjoy
is weak. News from a distant corner could cheer you and the company, but watch out for rich foods.
your whole family.
AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19
CANCER—June 22-July 22
NO. 9155 This is a great week for putting on those finishing touches.
Expect to be called on to assume a family related obliga-
ACROSS DOWN tion, but consider all the implications before committing
Money matters may improve after the weekend. Weekend
6. Bird (10) 1. Relative (6) yourself. This is not the week for shortcuts. Everything
plans may be cancelled - the reason is legitimate, though
taking a bit longer is best.
8. Reverberation (4) 2. Foolish (7) not completely understood.
9. Capital city (4) 3. Japanese hostess (6) PISCES—February 20-March 20
10. Fabric (5) 4. Draw (6) LEO—July 23-August 22
Be more careful in choosing words and phrases. If you
11. Mongrel (4) 5. River (England) (5) A barter system could be the answer to decrease costs. A are not prepared with the facts, embarassment could fol-
12. Hostility (9) 7. Strangle (5) family deadlock is broken by the weekend. Simplicity is low. Friday favours financial gains. The weekend fea-
16. Timely (9) 13. Gratuity (3) the key this week in everything you do, including your tures outstanding entertainment.
20. Insect (4) 14. Law (7) dress.
22. Short (5) 15. Cast (5) BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK
23. Carry (4) 17. Title (6) VIRGO—August 23-September 22 The first impression you present is a lasting one. You are
24. Hostile (4) 18. British university (6) Don’t be secretive or coy with your worries. It’s easy to determined, supportive, reliable. ambitious and slightly
25. Award (10) 19. People (6) be accident prone in the work environment so take a more aloof. In all realms - romance, finance and friendship,
21. Tolerate (5) relaxed approach. There should be some financial gains there are a lot of options in the months ahead. It’s your
after the weekend. choice.
ACROSS LIBRA—September 23-October 22
6. The Saint’s cracked the case somehow without help Messages seem to be weighted with hidden meanings,
(10). 8. Infection with which you don’t get a high tem- but only because they really are so simple. This is the

perature? (4). 9. Half turning, is grabbing me (4). 10. weekend for entering contests, attending sports events
Stir when there’s a sound (5). 11. Hold up the reprieve and taking on a new physical activity.
(4). 12.The half-back, the reporters admitted, had been
striking (9). 16. A long way from being enough? (3,3,3). SCORPIO—October 23-November 21
20. They provide water for the dolts in return (4). 22. It’s
brown, see-through and sharp (5). 23. Service means a
lot (4). 24. Cycle off holding her (4). 25. Does it make
For health’s sake, make balance your present keyword.
Balance work with recreation and a balanced diet. An
unexpected expense may be required on Thursday, mean-
one crafty deep down? (3,7). ing the delay of a longed-for luxury.
DOWN SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22
1. With regard to the English, hunts are back (6). 2. Did
the girl seem unhappy taking off? (7). 3. Shares the sup- A phone call from a relative may answer an important
question but open up a new area of concern. Don’t get
plies (6). 4. Imprisoned the batting team (6). 5. How a carried away with recent success at the workplace. Your
hen eats quantities of grain (5). 7. Taking in the English love life brightens by the end of the week.
family completely (5). 13. The gentleman is possibly right
(3). 14. The note and coin mom stuffed inside (7). 15. A CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
piano in an unusual pale green (5). 17. Grants one is The trouble this week is that every problem has two good
permissive (6). 18. Talking, one gives it something to solutions. The best plan is to aim for long-range success.
eat (6). 19. As in the outskirts, for instance, it’s decreas- You are extremely popular Wednesday - Thursday, enjoy
ing (6). 21. Was light-fingered and was light-footed (5). the company, but watch out for rich foods.
AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19
17, Allows. 18, (gives)Tongue. 19, E-as-in-g. 21, Stole.
pecks. 7, Cl-E-an. 13, Si-r. 14, C-omm-ent. 15, Ap-p-le.
Expect to be called on to assume a family related obliga-
tion, but consider all the implications before committing
Down - 1, E-steem. 2, Mimi-cry. 3, Stocks. 4, In-side. 5, yourself. This is not the week for shortcuts. Everything
Across - 1, Sublieutenant. 8, Class. 9, Discern. 10, Lin-
Low cunning. taking a bit longer is best.
ger. 11, Please. 12, Spite. 14, Speed. 18, Enlist. 20,
Spas (rev.). 22, Ta-lo-n. 23, Mass. 24, (Cy)Cle-o(ff). 25, PISCES—February 20-March 20
Creche. 23, Recluse. 24, Niece. 25, Lance corporal.
Down - 1, Sickle. 2, Brain. 3, Inspect. 4,
Clink. 11, Stay. 12, Im-press-ed. 16, Far too few. 20, Be more careful in choosing words and phrases. If you
Urdu. 5, Easel. 6, Average. 7, Tender. 13, Pelican. 15,
Across - 6, As-sistan-ce. 8, Cold. 9, S-em-i (rev.). 10, are not prepared with the facts, embarassment could fol-
Parsnip. 16, Petrol. 17, Reveal. 19, Spume. 21, Cheer.
CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS low. Friday favours financial gains. The weekend fea-
tures outstanding entertainment.
22, Zero.
18, Oxford. 19, Nation. 21, Abide.
Trent. 7, Choke. 13, Tip. 14, Statute. 15, Fling. 17, Prince.
The first impression you present is a lasting one. You are
Across - 1, Closing speech. 8, Man-go. 9, For-bear. 10,
Down - 1, Cousin. 2, Idiotic. 3, Geisha. 4, Sketch. 5,
determined, supportive, reliable. ambitious and slightly
Nodded. 11, As-ides. 12, Fresh. 14, Paddy. 18, A-FF-
23, Tote. 24, Anti. 25, Decoration. aloof. In all realms - romance, finance and friendship,
ray. 20, Shower. 23, Scam-per (rev.). 24, Risen. 25, Panic
11, Tyke. 12, Antipathy. 16, Opportune. 20, Flea. 22, Brief. there are a lot of options in the months ahead. It’s your
Across - 6, Woodpecker. 8, Echo. 9, Oslo. 10, Satin. choice.
Down - 1, Co-Ming. 2, Owned. 3, Ironers. 4, Gift. 5, Par-
I’s. 6, E-men-ded. 7, Harass (anag.). 13, Refrain. 15,
Adhe-re-s . 16, Pa’s-s up. 17, Trunks. 19, Aspic. 21, Wiser
(anag.). 22, T-rue.
5.90% ANNUAL
Email -  The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Page 23

Toyota Certified
Pre-Owned Vehicles DEPOSIT BO
Pre-Owned Vehicles
At Melton Toyota
At Melton
For ABN Toyota
holders purchasing a Toyota Certifie
Pre-Owned Vehicle with Toyota Access.
Max finance term of 48 months.

5.90% ANNUAL


For ABN holders purchasing a Toyota Certified

For ABN holders
Pre-Owned purchasing
Vehicle a Toyota
with Toyota Certified
Max financeVehicle
term ofwith Toyota Access.
48 months.
Max finance term of 48 months.

Each Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle com

Independent Background Check Free 12 months Toyota Roadside Assist+
90 Point Inspection by Toyota technicians Guaranteed Future Value

Each Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle comes with:

IndependentEach Toyota
Background Certified
Check FreePre-Owned
12 months ToyotaVehicle comes
Roadside Assist+ with:
Full Service History
90 Point Inspection
Independent BackgroundbyCheck Free 12 monthsGuaranteed
Toyota technicians Future
Toyota Roadside Value
Assist+ with Toyota Access
Full Service History HURRY, ENDS JULY 31
90 Point Inspection by Toyota technicians Guaranteed Future Value# with Toyota Access


Melton Toyota
143-147 High Street,
Melton Toyota
T: 03 8746
143-147 0300
High Street,
Melton Toyota
T: 03 8746 1976
143-147 High Street,
T: 03 8746 0300
LMCT 1976
5.90% annual
annual percentage rate on
rate available available on aBusiness
a Toyota Access ToyotaVehicle
to approvedVehicle Loan toofapproved
business applicants Toyota Financebusiness applicants
for financing ofPre-Owned
Toyota Certified Toyota Finance for
Vehicle with financing
a balloon Toyota(equal
final payment Certifi edGuaranteed
to the Pre-Owned FutureVehicle with
Value (GFV)). TheaGFV
is the
minimum value of your Toyota at the end of your finance contract, as determined by Toyota Finance. If you decide to return your car to Toyota at the end of your term, Toyota Finance will pay you the agreed GFV, which will be put against your final payment, subject to fair wear
nimum value of your Toyota at the end of your finance contract, as determined by Toyota Finance. If you decide to return your car to Toyota at the end of your term, Toyota Finance will pay you the a
and tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met. Additional interest charges accrue whenever a balloon final payment option is selected. Maximum finance term of 48 months applies. Excludes government, fleet & rental customers. Finance applications must be received by
tear conditions and agreed
Terms, conditions, kilometres
fees and charges being
apply. Toyota met.
Finance Additional
reserves interest
the right to charges
change, extend accrue
or withdraw an whenever
offer at any time.a balloon finalprovided
The information payment option
is general is selected.
in nature. Maximum
You should seek your own fifi nance
nancial term
advice of 48 months
to determine applies.
whether Toyota AccessExcludes go
is appropriate
/07/2020. Terms,
for your individual conditions,
circumstances. fees
Ask your localand charges
Toyota dealer forapply. Toyota Finance
more information. reserves
Toyota Finance, a divisionthe rightFinance
of Toyota to change,
Australiaextend or withdraw
Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, an offand
AFSL er Australian
at any time.Credit The information
License 392536. provided is general in nature. You should seek
[F11] 5.90% annual percentage rate available on a Toyota Access Business Vehicle Loan to approved business applicants of Toyota Finance for financing Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle with a balloon final payment (equal to the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)). The GFV is the
$500 finance deposit contribution is available to approved business applicants to finance purchase of Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle with Toyota Access, subject to normal lending criteria. Finance applications must be received by 31/07/2020. One offer per finance contract.
r Terms,
your conditions,
minimum individual
value of fees
&Toyota at the
charges end
apply. ofAsk
#The your your
Guaranteed FutureToyota
contract,Value dealer
as determined
(GFV) is thebyfor more
minimum information.
value of Ifyour decideatToyota
youToyota tothe
return Finance,
end of carfinance
your a contract,
to Toyota at the as
endofofToyota Finance
your term,
determined by Australia
Toyota Finance will
If youpayLimited
you the
decide ABN
to return 48car002
your which 435 at181,
will be
to Toyota AFSL
the against and
of your fiAustralian
term, payment, Credit
Finance toLicense
will pay youwear
and tearGFV,conditions andbe agreed kilometres being met. Additional interest charges accrue wheneverandaagreed
final payment option is selected. Maximum finance term ofin 48 months
Youapplies. Excludes
your government, fladvice
eet & rental customers. Finance applications must be received by
] agreed
31/07/2020. nance
will put contribution
Terms, conditions,
your fi is available
nal payment
and charges
to approved
fair wear and tearbusiness
conditions applicants to financebeing purchase
met. The of Toyota
information Certifi
provided ed
is generalPre-Owned
nature. Vehicle
should seek with Toyota
own Access,
financial tosubject
determine to normal
whether lending
Toyota criteria.
Access is appropriateFinance
for your
individual circumstances. Terms, conditions, feesapply. Toyota Finance
and charges reserves
apply. Toyota the right
Access GFV to change,are
products extend or withdraw
available an offcustomers
to approved er at any time. The information
of Toyota Finance, a provided
division ofisToyota
general in nature.
Finance You should
Australia seek
Limited ABNyour
002 fi435
nancial advice
181, AFSL to determine
and Australian whether Toyota392536.
Credit Licence Access is appropriate
+Toyota Extra
for conditions,
your individual fees &
circumstances. charges
Ask your apply.
local #The
Toyota Guaranteed
dealer for more Future
information. Value
Toyota (GFV)
Finance, a is
of minimum
Toyota Finance value
Australia of your
Care Roadside Assist is administered by Toyota Finance, a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536.
ABN 48 002 at
181, end
and your fi nance
Australian Credit contract,
License as
392536. determined by Toyota Finance. If you decide to re
Page 24 The Moorabool News – 30 June, 2020 Email -


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