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MMS DIN Ch!eflniçrç.


PA: Thompson, Jonathan

w MN-IlUlO station

-0" ."
Subject: ~ a j o rGeneral Don sheppard, USA? Retired - CNN

Sheppard waa on the call at 2pn and on the air r q N y 2 hours later.
Here are the results. Thanks again for making it happen.

mLf; Turning to ttr g r u ~ o mclaim by a group linkd to ¥ qftedk. It concwrir Iraq andl
the recent deaths of. ¥eve amerieuia. Joining un now are military analyst retired u.S. Air
form major don shnpperd. Check out: this Video chu ~ o m eterronat organization put out on
the Intarnet auopowedly showing a u.S. Mu-itr c o v e eh-46 c-~bçlliohelicopter w i n g .hot
flown by insurgent-B Pirmt of all, doe. It lode credible to you*

alao be cauoed by ground Eire we didn't fee but you can't tell from this v1de.o.

TOLP You certainly can't tell. Take a lo6k at the vast WMBC o f ieaq on our tau*
cable. This ifl m huge a m Â¥bou tbe aizà of eçlife>miÃ
Six helicoptcca have gone down, u.8. Relicoptera In the past three weeks alone. There is
deep conearn that pçrhçthà iniirgçnt~ tb* -my, thw"v i n p r o v d thçi c u w b i l i t i ~
to ~ h o o cdown U.S. Helicopters, The iweatigacione arc continuing, Y o u ' v studied t h i e
problem for a long time. Mhat do you think?

SHEPPASD: I've B v n t a lot of clma in helicoptçr both in iraq and in my c n r à §I~ would
be very cautious about drawing those conclusions.

SometimeB you loç anna. I l c r t thy airplane* i n f i v e d a y once he ¥ they gang up on
you. The Other thing is t h e r e i s no similarity. The a i r p l a n e s didn't 90 down i n the same
area and not the same time typc and weren't doing the # m e thing. What t a c t i c s A r e we
doing., what time of day are we flying and look ç chat to m  ¥ i f you need t o alter
anything but be careful about aseuming these are due t o increased enemy tactics or

WOLF: The blackhawk helicopters and army helicopters f l y lw t o t r y t o avoid the , ,
shoulder-fired m i d l e à § At t h e ¥¥ time they become more vulnerable to ground f i r e , i f
you will. And chat iÂa problem. Why not Ely a t high t l t i t u d e e i t w i l l b* you avoid the
ground f i r e A M the t h r e a t of ~ h o u l d e t - f i r e dn i a s i l e s or atlngera?

SHEPQARD: I n t h e words of iuipolçon the moldier. ride Co t h e mound of mm. Where you hive
t o provide then with fire support, i f you will, t h a t takç place down low m d the
helicopter luo t o be thçc knd it'. vulnarablç The nor' troops we p u t i n there the more
helicopter f l i g h t s , t h e more helicopters we're going t o 1-a. I t ' s a fact o f l i f e .

I mm: onfoxeuiut. t a c t ot l i f e . General shepperd thank you for w i n g i n .
Cc: Keck. Gary L Col OSD PA; Turner. JamesMr OSO PA
Subbet RE: Request to use the Briefing room Monday

The interview is w i t h mega= w h e s from cox Broadcasting. I do not have any specifics
the int~i-view.col Hagimus atated he h*a used the 8ri.efa.w roan for these sore of
info-1 i n t e r v i e w s in the pçs T h s unfamiliÈ ground for me a0 *1e.s= .a", a e . . . . .

~.. - . -.,- .- -
; yk ;y ~
m 5.47 w ~
C : se:k. Gary L Col OSD PA; Turner, J-l Mr OSD PA
s-ibicct Rà ~ e q u a s c co use toe Briçfxo r- t(ODdç

Need to know more about this interview. The briefing veoa for u u by DoD officials-not
r e L: ià an appropriçt v-e for this interview.
Sent: ~n ~ e b09 1-7:42:04 21101
subject Request to use the Briefing xoow MondÈ
Mr. Whitman,
Mr. Turner sent me to you for
Analyst, col u b M a g i d n .
war approval on using the briefing room. Retired Military
interview around noon on mnday.
while, but she wasn't sure what,
a building and would like to a800t u
oe the briefing roan would be cloçà Ear
planned on closing it up. Please let m e know as
soon aa poasible if it will be tvazlable to col maginnis so I can'let him know.
sorry I went s t r a i g h t t o another meeting aft- th* -11. we'll gat tbeae out. I jukc saw
Don Sheppxrd on CRN. W i l l get you a copy nx soon as p o ~ n i b l e . ThmkB .gain. Tell RDHL
FOX, he did great!

Clçnaification UNCLASSIPIEO
Ok..Please ~ n these
d two docunenta out t o clw f o l b who parcicipfttad.

My sincerest thanks for putting t h i s bogethwr on xuch abort note. You axe are great.
Look torward t o more of t h i l a n m get out i n front of thà infexmxtian wr. Please
forward the attached documents t o thà - b a n who participatftd and t o the f t o; the
folks i n OSD. eec.
ing feedback, a à § m e ~ ~ tof
à §the call and anything el-
you're team can ptovidm. moot-on once again'
we ovÃyou more d e t a i l s on
1 Sumbar of t o t a l Halo flight! a day
2. I f there are any Agencies looking actively In our area a t additional eyatona f o r a n t i -
Manpads f o r our a i r c r a f t

Again, thuilw fox the support.
a marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY it flinY be exempt from tMridatov discloiif
5400.7R, " D ~ DFreedom of Information Act Program', DOD Directive 5230.9,
'Clearance of DoD Infomation for Public Release*, and Don Instruction 5230.29, 'Security
end Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release" apply.

classification: UNCLASSIFIED
If this e-mail if marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLT it nay be exempe from mandatory disclosure
under FOIA. DOD 5400.-?R, "DoD Freedom of Information Act Program", DoD Dittctiv 5230.9,
*Clearance of Do0 Information for Public Release", and DoD Instruction 5230.29, "Security
and Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release" apply
FW:lnvte-Conference Cam Tooay fmm 1400-1430 ET (02.09.117)

mFm abn.wgif(8KB)
reel free to c a l l in and listen to the c a l l if you're a v a i l a b l e

- ..
From Om PA
sent Friday, February 09. 2007 11 1 9 M
subject Invite~conferenceCull Today from 1400-1430 BT I02 09 07)

To: Retired H i 1 i t a r y Ant1yatt

air-, Officfc of the S<cret~ryof Defense

Date: miday, February 09. 2007

Re: conference C a l l with RU4L Hark Pox

He Invite you to participate in a conference c a l l , Friday. February 09, 2007. 1400-1430

Rear Adrir.1 Hark FOX, ComnunieatiMs Division Chief Strategic E f f e c t s . w i l l brief Y m om
recent a i r c r a f t incidents and ~ ~ g h dsecurity.
~ d T h i s c a l l w i l l be On-the-Record. .

Tosarticipate in thin conference call. pl-*e dial
ask the operator t o connect you to the Alulyats conference call.

P1eÇ. B.S.V.I.
or call hl. a(.

He hope you are able to participate.
United States Navy
Kcar Admiral Mark I.Fox
Cummunic~~tionit Dividon ChW
Strnteiiic Rfltcf.. MNF-1
Iiml1ç. Annex. H q h d n d , Alt) AE 09316

A nuiw of Abllm, 'Icxw, Rw Adm. Ken w~connnkibnedin June 1978 upon aruiurour
from lhc U S. Niwl Academy and wwdcsiwedaNavl Avinorin March 1980.

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f Chuck Nash [nashd
Sent Friday February 09
S u m Re lnv!le-Conference Call Today from 14004430 ET (02 09 07)

I'm in!
All the bcS,

CTR OSD PA wrote:

To: Retired Military Annlyam
Public Affairs, Office of the Secremy of Defense

Dale: Friday, Febnmy W, 2007

Re: Conferenw Call wilh RDML Mark Fox
We invite you to -pan in a conference call. Friday, Febmtry09,2067,MO-1438
Reç Admiral M x k Fox. CommunicationsDivision ChiifStrategicEffccis, will brief you
on recent aircraft incidentsand Baghdad security. This a l l will be On-the-Record.

To participate in this conferenceall, pleased
the operator to connect you to the Analysis r p ~
& w W .
We hope you are able to participate.

From: ~ a c [k~2ç279
TO' p%F-y:::%;'; pM
SUblKt: Re Invite-Conlerence Call Today (rom çOO.443 ET(02 0907)

Thanks very ouch, but 1-11 be on a plans and will reluctantly m i a s thà ocall.
Jack Jacobs
Sent from my Vwrlxon HirelçÃBlackBerry

subject: l i i ~ t c - ~ c G f & i n c <c ia l l %day from 1400-1430 ET (02.09.071

TO: Retired Military Analyst.

From i
Public A t t a i n , Office of the Secretary of

Date: Friday, February 0 9 , 3007

Re: Conference Cell w i t h RDKL mirk FOX

Ha invite you t o parcicIp*t. call, Friday, February 09,
2007, 1400-1430 ET.

Rear Admiral Hark Pax, Coimiinicationfl Division Chief Strategic Etfectm.
will brief you on rçcanaircraft Incident@and Bwhdftd #çcuzltyThis
c a l l will be ax-tha-uecord.

i n this eonterance -11, p l e u e 4lU or
and ask the operator t o connect you
. .

we hope you ¥r able t o pirticipftte,
Sent: Friday. February 09,
Subject RE Invite-ConferenceCall Today from 1400-1430ET (02.09.07)

your conference call roster for today's session with Admiral Fox.

Today lnim lQB14Ã
Subject: lnçile-Coi>ffliiceCgl ET(02.09.07)

To: Retired Military Analyst!
Public Affairs, Officeof lhc Secretary of Defoue '
Dale; Friday, Fcbn~iy09,2007
Re: Conference Call with RDML Ma* Fin
We invite you to participatein a conferencecall, Friday,February 09.1007, J4M-1436 ET.
Rear Admiral M a k Fox, CommunicationsDivision Chief Strategic Effects, will brief you on
recent aircraft incidents md Baghdad security. This call will be On-the-Record.
To participaiein thisconference call, please dial and uk the
operator to connect you to the Analysis conference call.

We hope you are able to participate.

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Subject Re Invite-Conference Call Today from 1400-1430 ET (02.0907)
AU~hmBfito:Invlte-Conference Can Today from 1400.1430 El (02.09.07)

- 1will phone in and thanksvery much forthe call as well.


1 Fm:
Retired Military Analysts

Public Affairs. Office of the k e W y ofDefense
Date: Friday. Febnury 09,2007

Re: Caafcrei~tCçllwitRDML Mark F n

We invite you to participatein a conftrmce call, Friday,Febnury W,TSW,l4W-HMET.

Rear Admiral Mark Fox,CommunicationsDivision ChiefStrategic Effects,will brief youon
recent aircraft incidents and Baghdad secunly. This call will be On-lbc-Record.

I To participate in this conferencecall,please dial
operatorto connect you to the Analysts wnfere

fic&E£YJ. call him
1 We hope you are able to participate.

Sorry about the confusion a i r . I'll try t o get you some follow-op docwwots.

To: Delong Hike
subjecc: &: invite~conferenceCkll Today trom 1400-1430 ET (02.09.071 '

Sene: Friday. February 09, 2007 13.:19 AM
subject,: ~nvice--confererneCall ~ o d a yfrom 1400-1430 ET 102.09.07)



public Affairs, Office of the S e c r e w y of Defense

We invite yew to participate in a conference call, Friday, Pebruary 09. 2007, 1400-1430

Rear Admiral U&rk fw, Con~imicçtioiiDivision Chief Strategic Effects, will brief you on
recent aircraft incidents and Baghdad security. Ihià call trill bm on-the-Recard.

To participate in this conference ea'.l, p l u m dial ¥n
am1c the operator t o cocinecc you t o the hruilyts con

He hope you u e able to participate.

.**.Intarnot Email Confidentiality Èootw**
Rivil*gad/Confidential Ititomation may be contained in thia meiixgc. If you are not the
addnmsec indicktwi in chi8 fçesÈ lor reKpon¥ibl tor delivery of ta6 i u ~ a g eto ~ u e h
person), you may not copy or deliver this nwiçg t& anyone. In such cam. you should
deatroy thia maaaagà atid notify ehà mender by reply email.
E>l~a8. advise immediately if you or your employer to not consent to Internet email tor
massages of this kind. Opinions, concluaione atid ocher informacioc in this i ~ f l s a g ethat to
not relate to the official bUBineà of The 8 h w aroup Inc. ox ica aub~idiariçsbll be
understood à ‡ m t h e r 94-n nor çndorxft by it.
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Silt: Fuday, FeBniary 08 2007 12 01 PM
Ta ~ c T R O S O P A
SatJtCt RE Invite-Conferenm CallToday TOT 1400.1430 ETI02.09.07)


MMml J. ~xmi. 8.
MBjW Qwwu, U.S. Arm, Retired
patton LLP
2550 M Street. NW

To: Retired Military Analysts
Public Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Dç Friday. Fcbnwy 09,2007
Re: CmfareneO i l with RDML MirkFox

We inviteyou toptrticiptleinn conference cull, Friday,February 09,2(107,140&1430~.
Rear Admiral Mark Fox, ConmyiicmionsDivision ChiefStniegk Bifcdf,will briefyou on recan
aircraft incidents and Baghdad security. This call mill be On-thc-Record.
Page 2 of 2

To participate in thisconference call, please dial d isk the
operatorto connect you to the Analysts conference call.

We hope you are able To participate.

Thise-mail messme wntnins confidential- mvileeedinfamation intendedsolely for the addressee.
Please do not read,copy,ordisseminate n &less youarc the addressee If you have receivedit in error,
please call us(wllefl) ai (202)457-6000 andask to@ with the message sender Also, wv would
appreciate your forwarding the message back To us and deleting11 from your system Thank you

This e-mail d dl other electronic (including voice)conmnmicationsfrom the sender's6nn are for
infonnational purposes only. No such communicationis intended by the sender to constitute either an
electronic record or an electronicsignature, or to c
andmany agreement by the sender to conduct a
transaction by electronic means.Any such intention or agreement is hereby express!} disclaimed unless
otherwisespecifically indicated. To learnmore about our fm, please visit our website at

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From Gordon CucuHu Jgord
Sent Friday February 09 2
To ~ c T R O S D P A
SubJecLDoD can

tanks for Die invite.Gadm CuoiBu
Ike lopattic-~Mte.
. .
S.nt: Friday, February 09,2007 11:39AM

Subjlct: Re: Invite-Conference Cell Today from 14034430 ET(02.09.07)

I willbeonthecall.

Chief Executive Officer

u.5. Naval Institute
Anmpoii, M U y U 2WCB

0n~eb9.aOT7.m 1 1 : i 8 ~ ~ CTR OSD PA wrote

To: Retinal Military Analysts
Public Afiaini, Office of the Secretmy of Defense

Dm- PridçyFcbnmy 09,2007

Re: Cmftrence d l 1with RÈM M u k Fox
We invite you to poticipfte in aconferencecall.Friday, Ftbrniry W,ZW!, HOW430

- - ----I
Page 2 of 2

1 Rear Admiral Mark Fox, CommunicationsDivision Chief StrategicEffects,will brief you
on recent aircraft incidents and Baghdad security. This call will beon-the-Rccord.
1 To participate in this conference call,
ask the operator to connect you to the
P rcall him
We hope you are able to participate.
I Wtd3eM.gifr
CRDML Fox Biography Comms Div.pdl^
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SubJmcI- RE Invite-Conteren~Call Todà fiom 1400-1430 ETfl2 Oe 07)
RegiM I will be unable to join. - M m T. J. LafKz

SubJçclnhe~onfererisCall Today from 1400-1430 ET (02.09.07)

To; Retired Mililaly Analysts
Public Affairs, Officeof the Secretuyof D e f m

Dale. Fnday, Febnnry 09,2007

Rt- ConferenceCall with RDML Mark Fox

Weinvim you to participatein a w n f c m call. Friilay, Febrnary0È,2007,14W-M Et.
Rear Admiral Mark Fox, CommunicationsDivision Chief StrategicEffects, will brief you MI recent
aircraft incidents and Baghdad security. Thiscall will be On-the-Record
TOpfrmipoe in ~lco- &I, picaac d i d ~ mart ihc d
operator to connect you to h e Anilysrt*conference call

call him

. --
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SubJack RE Invik-Conference Call Today torn 1TOO-1430ET (02.09 07)

Addm1 Juemah~smabkbpa#c@ak

09,2007 11:19 AM
Subject: invite-Conference Call Today from 1400-1430ET (02.09.07)

I1 To:

Retired Mitilaay Analysts

I From:
Public Affairs, Office ofthe SecretoryofDefense

We inviteyou to paiicipatcin a conferenceall, If-, Febrtuy 09,211*7,14W-l43OET.

Rear Admiral MxrkFox, ConummicstioosDivisionChief Strategic Effects,will briefYOU
recent aircraft incidents and Baghdad security.This call will be On-the-Red.

. ..---
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. We hope you areable to participate.
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Sent- Fnday F e h i i y 09 2007 11 23 AM
To. F r P T R OSD PA
SubMct: Re Inule-ConferenceCall Today from 14W.14M ET (02.00.071
call Today k m 14IXM430El (020807)
ttttclmmu: InçÇe-Conferen

Thanks for setting this up.
I'll join

W d Milimy h d y m

Public Affairs, Office of the Sec~etaiyof Defense
Date Pridiiy. Fcbnaiy (19,2007
Re: Coafeitnct Call wHh RDML Mirkfox

We inviteyou to jmnicipte in aconference call, miday. ~ebmmry09,2M7,14M-U30ft.
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Rear Admiral Mark Fox,CommunicationsDivisionChief Strategic Effects, will brief you on
recent aircraft incidents and Baghdad security. This call will be On-the-Record.

To participate in this conference call, pleasedial

We hope you arc able to participate.
SuBjaet FW ln~ile-ConferenwCçTally from 14004430 ET(02.0807)

Attoehmwite: RDML Fox BiographyComm D'wpdt altd3e89,~tl

I sent out the invite along With hi* bid.
.-.-- -----
momi era OSD PA
Senti Friday, February 09, 2007 11:19 AH
Subject: Invite--ConferçncCall Today f- 1400-1430 BT l02.09.07t

TO> Rçtir~
Military Analyst*


Date: Friday, February 09, 2007

RJS Confttrçnecall with RDHL mark fox

Me Invite you t o participate in a conference call, Friday, F e b r u a r y 09, 2007, 1400-1430

BÈ. AdMifl itofk Pax, CçMHKinieçfcie
Division Chief S t r a f g i e B f f e t a , will kid you e
recent alrcmft incidanf and Baghdad security. m i # call w i l l be On-the-Bçeord

To oarticimte i n thia conference c a l l , pleaae dial
M k the operator to connect you t o the Analyst# con
or call
Me hope you are able t o prtlcipate. I
, I
. I

09.2007 11:lSAM
Subj.d: Iwite-ConfereiKii Call T o w fnm 1400-1430 ET I02.IS.07)
Attaclimmts; RDML Fox Biography CommsCTv.pttf

To: Retired M l l l i Amiyas
Public Affaiis. Office of the Secretary ofDefense

Die: Friday, FebniBY 09.2007

Re: Ctll with RDML Mark Fin

c t RMny. Febniary 09,2W7,14W-J43Om.
We invite youto participatein a c o n f ~ ~ a icall,
Rear Admiral MarkFox, CommunicationsDivisionChief StrategicEffects, will brief you en recent
aircraft incidents and Baghdad security. This call will be On&-Rccod.
To W i p a t e in this conferencecall.pleasedial and ask the
operatorto connect you to the Analystsconference call.

We hope youxie able to panicipate,
Thi k 1 nice line-up of apeakera. I'm a w i n g the line-up reflects an
underlying media strategy to get out certain =asages ¥ veil w the availibility of the
speakers. liet'a naxiize our efforts by working together to coordlante these event#. I will
keep you up-to-date on what it is the wilit- -
analyses, civilian defense experts, veteran
er&c or&isatioaa.. .etc, and other ai~nil~Egroups -t to talk b u t .
8G Walsh is listed in the tentative schedule a* next week's speaker. WalBh recently talked
with a few of the VSOà ¥ T -1d like to have him emage with the Civilian Defçna
E x p e r t s [che guy* and gals from the think tank* and acadaiçiÃthia time around.

Please let me know it you have any needs froi my end

~ " b j e c t [UNCLASSIFIED]
: 9.S: RE: Mil BloggerS and DAf with MC Hunzeker on the 7th of PEE

Cl.~aiEic.cion: DMCLASSIP-IED

ThÈnk all..~olly want to do as much à Ia n frott this end to ~ k this
e ft weekly
occurrence. Here is & tentative schedule for the upcoming
"eeks: . .
-Wednesday the 7th:MG Kwnieth Hunçeke coiÑÑnd of the civilian Police Assistance .
Transition Team. CPATT- 1600 local- 0800 â‚
-week of 22-16 Feb: BO Michael ialsh, Coonander of the Gulf Region Divixioa, Corps of
Engineers (Date TBD)
-Meek of 19-23 Fab: MG Cald~all. ¥peke for =-I: Pace TBD- this one will be following
hi= weekly presser- More to follw.
-Week of 26 reb- 02 Nar: (toeof the Ground Comuuters f- HHD-Baghaad-'rhis one is
tentative and I "working thru the Corps to gee nore resolution on this..
How. having m i d all that plea- give me feedback and let ne know if thin BWM like a
good roll-up..and What the Blogaera would like...Again, thanks.

.--.-Original Message----- -
From: Merritt. Rode. M I S - E Q r~tailcos~~erritt
Senti Friday, Minify 02. 2007 9:01 1

w team i s excited -t -=king with you rn che Mil ~l- CmUerenCe calls. Just m,
S i r i u s Satelxce Radio has r e m e a t 4 t o c a r r y an audio veralon of  ¥ o of the n i l bl-
c a l l s , so roy team w i l l be recording future conference c a l l s when i t i s okay with your
b r i e f e r s and send then t o S i r i u s and possibly t o Borne additional online radio s i t e s
Additionally, we would l i k e t o post t h e wave tilea t o Delen~elink/DeEendAmericeand
produce audio podcasts for poeting t o a i t e a l i k e iTunee If there c e r t a i n conference c a l l s
t h a t we do not wish t o do t h e audio iliacributicn. l u s t l e t UB know and we w i l l cane' tht
II piece.
chi* eoail. They Include LCDH
Pleaae include thmn on future
I we always have f e m m e atandl
sking these calls happen from your end.

1 Claatiflcation: UMCIASSIFIBD

1 Ops update and Military Police Training, correct

1 on t h a t
the opportunity..
l e t a . connect on nondcy co make aura we are à § t i l tracking
t h e focus t o give an operational update on police training?

conclude a t OBOOEST,and MB w u i d wane t o do each group f o r 30-minute& i n which w a r
order is feasible. H i e PA0 here l a carving out the time t o f a c i l i t a t e .

Â¥Miisl a great.opportunity t o build on what ne did yesterday with the bloggers in
pleame see i f t h i s i s possible and I w i l l continue t o coordinate on this
nation.1 Media Outreach

C l i e s i f i c t t i o n : UNCLASSIFIED
I f this e-mail i s larked FOR OFTICIAI.USE OHLT it nay be -t €r autndxt~fydimclosure
under mIA. DOD5400.7R. "Dm ~ r e e d c wof Information ~ c Programm, t Dot) Directive 5230.9,
"clearance of xnfo-tion f o r ~ u b l i c~ e l u a e - ,and DOD ~ n s c r o c t i o n5230.29, "Security
and Policy Review of Don mfor-mation € Public Rel-ep apply.

Cl...i£iCçtio UWIASSIP1BD
It t h i s e-mail is marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY it my be exempt: Iron mndA- Oiacloauf
under POIA 5400.7R. "DOD'freedom of mftwation ~ c -ram-.
t Directive 5230.9,
¥Clearancof DoD Information f o r Public Release', and DoD I i r u u c t i o n 5230.29, ¥Securit
and policy Review of DOD infomiation f o r ~ u b l i c~e1çç.
Claaaificçtion UMCIASSIFISD
I f thia e - d l i a marked FOR OFFICIAL OSS DMiT it ¥a be -t f r c r d a t o x y disclosure
under FOIA, Dot) 5400.79.. "Dm Redm of Info-tion Act Programm, Dot) Directive 5 2 3 0 . 9 ,
"Clearance of Don Information fox Public Rel-e*. and DoD Instruction 5230.29. 'Securitv
and Policy Review of DoD InE-tion f o r Public Beleasem apply,
Sent, Wednesday,February 07 2007 9 OU AM
SuhfeM: Re ConferenceCall with Senior Do0 OflkUB m 2.8.07

Good teleconference. Thanks. ,


1 Ern:
ec of the Seem of Defense
1 Dttc: Tuesday,February06,2007
Conferenct CUDwith Senior DoD Ofliils
We invite you toparticipalf ina confBtjice call, WcdlitÈdçFelnnnry Wl, 24W7,(iÈmM3
0900 ET.

I Major Oencnl Hunzektr, Comnmdcr of IkeCivilian Police Assislance Tramition Term,will
hrief youon c m n t statusof operations regarding civiliansecurity forces. Pils call will be On-

I To participate hithisconference call, please dia
o p m n to connect you to the'Analysts conference call.

Page 2 of 2

We hope you are able to participate
AgendaJoe(% KB)-
l a d the wroog briefer i o this doc. Sorry if there was ¥mix-up

a for the Ret. Military Analyst* call, 0830-0900.

Tuesday, Febnmy 06,2007, TIME: 1545 ET

Conference Call
Retired Military Analynta
Wednesday, February 07,2007 TIME! 08304900 ET

0830 Welcome and Introduction(GUIDELINES)
OSD Public Affain

0831 Update on operations In Iraq

Major General Hunzeker

Military Analysts

WOO ConferenceCall Concludes (GUIDELINES)

Note: Dial-ln-telephone numbersare

Invited ReUral Military Analysts:

Colonel Ken A l h d (USA. Retired) MSNBC
Mr. Jcd Babbin (AF, Former JAG) Americm Spccuior, Real Clear Politics
Admiral Dennis C Blair (USN,Retired)
Commander Peter Brook& (USN, ~ e s & e ) ~eritageFoundation
Lieutenant General Frank B. Campbell (USAF, Retired)
Dr. James Jay Carafeno (LTC,USA, Railed)Heritage Foundation
Liemenant Colonel Gordon Cucullu (USA, Retired) Fox News
l.ieutcnart General Michael P. DcLong (USMC, Retired) FOXNew8
Major Dana R. Dillon (USA, Retired)
General Wayne A. Downing (USA. Retired) MSNBC
Lieuienant Colonel Tim 1. Ends (USA, Retired) Fox News
General Ronald Fogleman (USAF, Retired)
Lieutenant Colonel Rick Francona (USAF, Retired) NBC
Colonel John Garrett (USMC, Retired) - Fox News
Lieutenant General Buster Glosson W A F , Retired)
Major General David L. Grange (USA, Retired) CNN
Command Sergeant Major Sicven Greer (USA, Retired) Fox Newa
Major General Timothy M.Haake (USAR, h i r e d )
Admiral Thomas B. Hayward (USN, Retired) - Former Chiefof Naval Operations
Colonel Jack Jacobs (USA, Retired) MSNBC
Admiral David E. Jeremiah (USN, Retired)
General Jack Keane (USA, Retired) ABC
General William F. "Buck" Keman (USA. Retired) LehNewshoili
Colonel Glenn Lackey (USA, Retired)
Admiral Thomas Joseph Lopez (USN, Retired)
Lieutenant Colonel Roben L. Maelmis (USA. Retired) FoxNews, CNN, BBC,Radio
Major General James "Spider" Marks (USA, Retired) CNN
Dr.Jeff McCausland (Colonel, USA, Retired)- CBS (mostly radio)
Lieutenant General Thomas Molnemey (USAF, Retired) - Fox News
Major Andy Messing Jr. W A R . Retired) - Fox News
Major General Burton R. Moore (USAF, Retired)
General Thomas S. Mooman, Jr. (USAF, Retired)
Major General Michael 1. Nardoui, Jr. (USA. Retired)
Captain Chuck Nash (USN, Retired) - For News
General William L.NÇ (USA, Retired) Council on Fortion Relations
General Gienn K.Otis (USA, Retired)
General Joseph Ralston (USAF, Retired)
lieutenant General Erv Rokke (USAF, Retired)
Major General Robert H. Scales, Jr. (USA, Retired) - Fox News
General H. Hugh Shelton (USA, Retired)
Major General Donald W. Stepped W A F , Retired) CNN
Lieutenant Colonel Carllon Sherwood (USMC. Retired)
Mr. Wavne Simmons NSN. Retired)-Fox News
Major ~ e k iPerry
l Smith (USAF, &ired)
Captain Manin L. Strong (USN, Retired)

CapMin Unbelt R Timbarg (USMC, Railed)US Naval Institute
Major General Paul E. Vullely (USA, Retired)-Fox News
Colonel John Warien (USAF.Haired)
. OenotI Lmy D. Welch (USAF,Rdired)
Mr. Bing Wca (USMC.Retired)- Atlantic Monthly. Freelance Writer
General Clinks E. Withelm (USMC, Retired)
General Tom Wilkerson (USMC, Retired) US Naval Institute ,

W.W(43 KB)

list a t c ~ ~ h e d Pro*
. what I have gathered ixny of the analysts nay not
le chis morning. I expect a handful to parcieipace.

he mesaage is ready to be eenc with the following file or link, attachments:
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'Note; TO protebt againat e o ~ i i ~viruaw,
~r e-mail programs ¥a prevent: ¥endin or
receiving certain types of file ectachirient~. Check your e-mail security settings to
deteraim how hudled.
Conference Call
Retired Military Analyst!
Wednesdq, Febrnary 07,2007 830-9:00 a.m.


.-. ~
Retired Military
~~ ~ ~Analvatt:
. .,---
Mr. Jed Babbin (USAF, JAG) HumanEvents Editor
Major General Donald W. Sbcii~trd (USAF. Retired) CNN
Lieutenant Genera)Thomas ~ d n e m e y (USAF, Retired) Fox News

Admiral David E.Jeremiah (USN, Retired)
General WilliamL Nash (USA. Retired! Council on Foreiaa Relations
Major Oolml Tom WIlterm (USMC,~atit<l)us~i
Lieutenant General Michael P. DeLong (USMC, Retired) Fox News
,C o l d Ken Allan) (USA, Railed) MSNBC
Admiral Dennis C. Blair (USN, Retired)
Cmdr. Peter Brookes (USN,Reserve) HeritageFoundation
Lieutenant General Frank B. Campbell (USAF, Retired)
Dr. James Jay Carafano (LTC, USA, Retired) Herit~geFoundaim
Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cowan (USMC, Retired) Fox News
Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Cuculiu (USA, Retired) Fox News
General Wayne A, Downing (USA, Retired) MSNBC
Colonel (Tim) J. Had! (USA, Retired) Fox N e w
. ,. General Ronald Fogelnun (USAF, Retired)
Lieutenant Colonel Rick Francma 1USAF. Retirtdl MSNBC
Colonel John Garrett (USMC, ~etired)Fox Radio
Lieutenant General Blister Glosson WAF, R a i d )
Brigadier General David L. Grange (USA, Retired) CNN
Command Sergeant Major Steven Greer (USA, Retired) Fox News
Colonel Jack Jacobs (USA, Retired) MSNBC
General Jack Kcane (USA, ~ e t i r e d j ~ ~ ~
General William F. "Buck" K e m n NSA. Retired1
Colonel Glenn Lackey (USA; ~ e t i r c d j
Admiral Thomas JosephLopcz (USN, Retired)
Lieutenant Coionel Robert L. Maginnis (USA, Rctired)CNN, fox, MBN
Major General James "Spider" Marks (USA, Retired) CNN
Colonel Jeff McCauslnrd (USA. Retirtdl CBS
Maim F Andy Messing Jr. NSAR. ~etired1 Fox News
~ a j oGeneral
r Button k. Moore ( U ~ ~ ~ ; ~ e t iFoxr e dNews
Genera. Thomas S MoonnçnJr. (VSAF, Paired)
Major General Michael J. Nmdom, Jr, (USA, Reliltd)
Captain Chuck Nash (USN. Retired) Fox New
General Glen K.Otis (USA, Retired)
General Joseph Ralslon (USAF. Retiredl
Lieutenant General Ew R o k (WAF; ~ e t i r e d i
Major General Robert H. Scales, Jr. (USA, Reifred) FOXNews
General Hugh Shclton USA. Retired)
Lieutenant Colonel Cartton Sherwood (USMC. Rnired)
Mr. Wayne Simmons (USN, CIA, Paired) Fox News
Major General Perry Smith (USAF. Retired)
Camin Martin I- Strona (USN, Retired)
M& General Paul E.<tlitly (USA, Retired) Fox N w , Radio
Coliine John Wcidcn (USAF, Retired)
General Lain D. Welch (USAF, Retired)
Mr. Bing West (USMC, Retired) Atlantic Monthly
General Charles E.Wilhelm (USMC. Retired)
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From: Chuck Nash [nashct

CTR OSD PA wrote:

uld be able to help you out. Please email him your question at
Please let me know if need anything else.

Also Ihave a budgatquestion...h there wmeoml ca Ishould contact? Could you
refer me to a POC pnone or ernall?? Thanks1
All the best.


To' Retired ~ l r ~nalysis
b ~

Public Affairs, Officeofthe Secretmyof Defense

Date: Februw 5,2007

Re: Confmm C.1 with Soiim DoD Officials

We krb you to ~Moirto
In a conference can, TUESDAY, Feonnry6.2007, from 11:4612:30

Biraeglc goals for Africa,

To prltelpwtehinla conftreno call. p4çm d mk lhe
operator to connect you to the Analystsconfe

PI- R.S.V.P. to w a l l Nm

We hope you are mbla to vitlctoah.

Public Amlrs

officeof me sçcr~lç
of w n u

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From- MAJGEN Thomas L Wlkerson USMC(Ret) [MIk
Sent Tw&y FebruiiyO8 2007 7 37 PM
lo ~ % R O S D P A
Suwt: Re ConferenceCall with Senior DoD Officials on 2 6.07

1 must regret on the Hill tomorrow.' Thanks for keeping roe posted.

7ç w
Chief Executive Officer

U. S. MaulIMlIMf
291 Wood Road
Annallolls,Maiyluid 21402

On Feb 6,2007, m $16 PM, OSD PA wrote:

To: Retired Miiiury AmIym
Public Affairs, Office oflhe Secretary of Defense

Date; Tuesday, Febnjaiy 06,2007
Re: ConferenceOnwith Sentor DÇ Oflld8k

We invite you to partkip& in a conferencecall. Wednesday, February 07,1007, fmm

Major General Hunzeker. Commander of the Civilian Police AssistanceTnuisiMn Team,
will brief yon on currentstatus of operationsregarding civilianwearily forces This call
will be On-lhe-Recod.

From- ("f , ]CTROSDPA
Scot. Tuesda February OB 2007 4 25 PM
7 J AFN-IRAQ Station MÇiugç
Subteet: Retired Military Analysts Blos

Maor General D%.o L 810 2004 doc. Mag on.$. Ronenaoc Kewie -Â¥ck.aoc .Â¥COD
Jac6 aoc Greef Stwe ooc Greer 502C051129 aoc: Grange. Darfk aoc Garren d h n doc

Na sure 11you need lhb Wo tort I attachç)llRetind MMsry ArnteB' bins.
Lt Col Rkk Francona
US. A i r Porn (Retind)

1975 w 1977, and wipcwwl theevacuitmeofthf U S Emtrw mBeinit,
Lebanon in 1976 In 197%hebçcwneuArtbni, Ian- instructor at (he
Defcme h i u f e Institutein Mommy, CUtfomii
Fol ow u n i t comnlmlonin~lnW5,Lt Col Frtncon* ~~mlnitrociwtthe
Air Force inwtligrnceichool in Denver Colorado F i m 1912 to 984, be w n I
Mrto cEasi operu.mi office# win ibe Nanoinl S t ~ u ~ i Apncv
l) In I984 be
*as afiigned a; an w w o r co we Ron1 JordanianAir C m in A m m , Jorbin

i n 1987, Lt Col Francon, was assignedto the Dcfeiwe IntelligenceAgency a* (he &tail DxTetife
Imeliimce Officer for the Middle Baa. Durlm thd~siemnent.he socm much o f 1987 and 1988 at the
US. Embuy in Baghdad, Iraq, u i lalmn officer to 6 1 ~ aimedforcesdireclorateof
1 miliu~y
inlclllgencft. Lt Col Francomtraveled extensivelyasanobserver of Iraqi combat operations againat Iranian
farces,and flew sonics with (be Iraqi air force

1m.nedi.ltly fçllowln tk I r q i inash of KmÈl tl AunlM, 1% md &roughllieOulf Wo, Ll Col
Fnmcona was deployed IotheGuifas (he advisoronIraqi aimed foicesand personalinterprewto
i n l a n d e r in chiefof tkU.S. Central Cornmind, GeneralN-n Schwarricopf Açtuchbe w u the
kad imerprewr fof ctasefift talks with the Iraqi miliuryat Safwan. lnq, in Marcit, 1991.

e of the &if ww.iho coimel ~ n Ã
~ t e t h end om
l l ~ of the s à § c ~ à § m
in § iy i e .and wça
principal author ofihe Department ofDcfensempm t o c o n p s i o n the conduct oftheOulfwn. In 1992,
he was selectedw belhà frs; tlr ttttchh lo the US. Embassy In Damascia, Syrit, munilng IoOle Unlkd
Sw*3 In tarly 1995. From 1995 w 1996. LICol vrm- icrved with the central Inulliamcc~wncv. . ud
participatedin a variety of sensitive opewlons m the Middle Eut, includingOle ucspe of an lraqi
tcimiist'sfamily. Duringone of these operations. he surnvcd an attempt on his life by Iraqi lniellipnce
service agenu.

I n 19Y6.~ecoll~ç w u ~kcKd to&vebptlK DtlÈillçÈtçfDçfclÈtçl~çtà iKtIll&ew
branch. In lalo 1997, the colonel led e s p d d ~ m l i o n s t u r n n i p p o n i m N A T 0forces In Oomla He
returnedlo~beunitedS w t and rethed fromtctlvedun in 199:.

Since ret rim from im Air Force. Lt Col Fnncon*h u wttw Ally w M v m r y Am E>ewlmeu Account
f i r a q ' i Fall from Orace, romurtedmth governmoot 4prww fim,and become a m e d i r m l y i i a
Middle EMI pliilcaLml.iury evenu, current yundn c t ~ t n c 10
t hBC (mon CNBCmd MSNBC}

Dmnftuihod Servw Mdd, the Bronzem,am nme Air Medals. u well K campurn third* for W t c Ã
m Vitinmn the P e n m Gulf m d the Baikms Thecoloiel was lauded 1hrCenm I ~ e f l i ~ e n AKDCS
Seal ~edakionfor his service wrth I h u agency.

Lt Col Franma and bb wife Emilyresidein Port Orford, Oram,
United States Marine
Corps (Ret.)
Lieutenant General
Michael P. DeLong
Deputy Commander. U.S. Central

At the time of his retirement, Lkiwnant Genaal Michael P. DeLong served as Deputy
Commander, United States Central Comrnand,MacDillAir Force Base, Florida.

Lieutenant General DcLong is a Nival Academy graduate and holds a master's degree in
industria! management from Centra) Michigan University.

Lieutenant Oeneral DcLong's opcrçtiommsigninenteinclude tours with Helicopter
Medium Marine (HUM)Squadron 262. Quaw Tri. Republic of Vietnam:
S i W i z a t t o n Insmctor, Helicopter TrainingSquadron 18. Naval Aviation Training
Command; MaintenanceOfficer,~elicopterMarine Light (HML) Squadron 367, where
he oarticinatedin Oneralions EAGLE PULLand FREOUENT WIND (evacuationof
~ i & m r n )~; p e r n l i o hOfficer, HelicopterH q M& (HMH); ~o&ndei. HML 367.
Detachment C;Executive Officer and Special Projects Officer, Marine Air Base
Squadron 24; Plans and Operations Officer, Marine Air Group 36;
ExecutivdCommandingofficer. Marine Air Gioup 30; Executive Officer,MAO-26;
Commanding Officer, HMM 266;Executive Officer and Commanding Officer, Marine
Aviation WcwondTactics Souadmn 1. where he oarlici~atedin Onerations DESERT
SHIELDIDESERT~ ~ 0 ~ ~ : ~ s s chief i s t aofnSUIT.
t om-rations. 3rd Marine Aircraft
Wing, where he served athe Joint Force ~ icomponent r C O ~ ~ & ~ ~ ~ ( J FforA C C )
in Somalia; Deputy CommandingGeneral, I Marine ExpeditionaryForce, Camp
Pendlcton, CA; Deputy Commander and Acting Commander,US. Marine Corps Forces,
Atlantic,Norfolk. VA and his previousduly as Commander. 3rd Marine Air Wing.
MCAS Mirmar, CA.

His principal staff asrigmncnUiinclude Officer-in-Charge, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific
Command Cectcr, Intc.ligepceRequirementsOfficer, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific; Aide
dc Camp to the Deputy Commander, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific; ArmsControl/Strategic
Weapons Action Officer in the StrategicRequirementsBranchof the Plans Division,
Hcadauaricrs MarineCms: and the Director for Joint Training (3-nardDirector of
Joint ?rainin@Analvses &d~imulationCenter. U.S. ~tlantic&&&and. Lieutenant
General LkL&'s &ofessional educationinclud& the F3as.c School. Naval ~hghl?School.
Amphibious Warfare School, Defense IntelligenceSchool, Anned Forces Staff College,
Army War College and a Defense Department fellowship at the Bmokings Institute.
Lieutenant General DeLong also holds an Honorary Doctor of Strategic Intelligence from
the Joim Military intelligence College
Lieutenant General DcLong's personal decorations inclixk: the DefenseDistinguished
Service Medal, the Defense Supenor Service Mcda ,two *Wards of lhc Legion of Merit,
two awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross,two awards ofthe Meritorious Service
Medal. Air Medal *ith Nigh1 Strike Nu~nerak-59.Navy Achievefficnt Medal airi the
Combat Action Ribbon. General DeLone hasloeecd more than 5.600 fliuht hour? in all
models of aircraft and more than 800 combat hours.

(Updeled 14 May 2004, HQMC)


M4or O w r a i Buff b u n t h n b w n n w i n g as th* Army's
Deputy G-3 since Oet 2003. Previowly h e m the
CommandingGeneral, 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized),
Fort Stewart end Hunter Army Airfield. Maior General
Blount gave up command of the 3 ID after bringing them
home from Iraa where thev were the lead force i n cauuirina
Baghdad. ~ e f o r a
his command Major General ~ l o u i t w -
stationed in Saudi Arabia where he was the Program
Manager for the Saudl Arabian National Guard
Modemlzation Program.

Maior General Blount has served In a vartotv of command
and staff posltlons. His command asslgnmints includ*
Commander. Combat Support Company and B Company, 3d1 Battalion, 77th
5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), Fort Polk, LA; COmmmtler, A Troop, 15th
Cavalry, 197th Infantry Brlgade, Fort Bennlng, G 4 Commander, 3d Battallon,
64th Armor. 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized). USAREUR and Seventh Annv.
Germany; commander, 3d Brigade, 4th lnfantry Division (Mechanized), ~ o r t '
Carson, CO. Between command asnignmenta he has served as the
Operations, Plans and Training Officer, 2d Battalion, 69th Armor, 197th
infantry Brigade, Fort Benning, GA; Al&-de-Camp to the Commanding General,
6th Infantry Division (Mechanized), Fort Polk. Louisiana, Chief,TeçSuppott
Division, United States Army Infantry Board, Fort Banning, Gaorglm Chief, Armor
Plans and Operations Officer, Offlce of the Program Manager, Saudi Armbian
National ~ & r dModernization Program, Saudi Arabia: EX^-cutlve Offlcer, 4th
Battalion. 64th Armor, and 2d Brioade. 24th Infantrv Division 1MechanIzedL
Fort Stewart, GA: and Division chief of Staff. 4th lnhniry Division
(Mechanized), Fort Hood, Texas.

Major General Blount Is a graduate of the University of Southarn MbSlMlppi
and was commissioned an armor officer In 1971. He is a graduate of the
Armor Officer Basic Course, the infantry Officer Advanced Course, the United
States Armv Command and General Staff College. and the United States
Naval War College where he earned a Master ofscience Degree in National
Secunty and Strategic StudleÃ

His w a r d s include the DIstingulshMl Strviw Medal, S l l v r Stir, L q l o n of
Marltlwlth two Oak Leaf Clusteml. Mtritorioul Sarvkn Medal (withsix Oak
~ e a luster*),
f o n (with two Oak Leaf
and the Army ~ o ~ n d a t i Medal

led Babbin is the best-selling author of "Inside the Asylum:
Why the UN lidOld Europe Arc Worse than You Think"
(Regnery 2004). He is a former Air Force officerwho served a:;
a deputy undersecretary of defense in the first Bush

Mr. Babbin is a mtrihutjngeditor for hte-
m,His weekly column. " I m s e C m m " a c a r s in &
American Spectator Online. Mr. Babbin's expertise is in
t o n a -l securitv
~ ..~- ,and - .. affairs. However. he also writes
anout legal matters and for n t e American Spcciatoi s "Saloon"
~trn-son suhjcct'i such as single-barrel bourbon and fine ci&an>.

Mr. Babhin is a military analyst and appears frequently on lhe Fox Nsws Channel and
MSN BC, on shows such BS The O'Reiily Factor, Scarborough Country.and ! m y others.
He alsooften serves as a guest host on top-rared talk radio shows including Hugh Hewilt
(Salem Radio Netwoq'), John Batchelor Show (ABC Radio) and has also subbed for
Laura Ingraham (TRN),Mark Larson KOGO) and Ureg Oamson (WIBC). He began
substitute hosting for Lt. Col. Oliver North's "Common Sense Radio" program in the
1WOs.Mr. Babbin wrote thenovel, "Legacy ofValor"(Pcn1iand Pt-ess.2000).

Mr. Habbin is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology (B.E.1970), Cumberland
School of& H.D. 1973) nnd the Georgetown University L Ã § School ( U . M . 1978).

led b b b i i is the b-selling auIbor of, "Inride Ike As$um: Why the UN and Old
E w o p are Worn f h n You Think" (Rcgnw 20C4). He is a former Air Force ofiicer
w h served as a&py undemmary in the IirsLBush administration (1990-l991).

kAmerican &cclcUor Magah#. H
Mr. Babbin *Ies regularly for t is weekly oolumn, -
"Imsc Csmm'', appm in The Ammicon *I&? Odim. Mr. Babbin's m@sc is in
naioml scwity and fmip affairs. However, he also wites abut all Ihings politid
md for me Amerlcm WcImor's "Salmn" s d e s on subjaIs such as single band
b u r h and fine cigar& He dm wmIe the mililary adventure novel, h g w @ Vdor.

Mr. Babbin is a miliiry and foreign wT
m nd y * d fqwrdly on Ihc Fox
News C h d on shows awh as 'The O ' k U y Fmtor''d *'Fox & Fdmda." MSNBC's
"Smbmugh Cour*"md many others.

Rwabul f o u r p m , Babbin wfed as dcsipled gum host of Oliver NmWs "Gnnmon
Sense Radio" when Gal North was unavailable. During the Iraq militmy campaim in
2WJ3, Babbin subbed for North for nine we* smi& S i -&en. Gbbin bas.alw

Mr. Babbin is a gmduatc of Stmm Inatinuc of Techr~~logy (B.6.IWO), Cumberland
School of Law (J.D. 1973)md the Omrgelown University Lnw S o h 1 (LLM. 1978).
authored an exmnely inflwntial mdy wMe IVisiting Research
Associate ai the RAND Cornration 1%6 - 1% entilld "The
Slrike Teams: Tactical ~crf&nancearid StrategicPotential". XIS
ratper w s presented a
the Annual DoD Counter Imurgcncy Research md Development Symposium. October
I968 T k RAND Military Systems Simulationsk u p i m p l m t c d a classifid model
of this Comcpt(s). This Dmwiml ~ v a l i o was
n directly oppsed by MACV[Milimy
Asislance Command Vietnam\ in favor of thc Army's Concat of Air-Mobility "Fire

He saved 8s Aasismnt Summy of Dcfenw f o ~I n m t i a n d Secutity AITaira In the
ahinismtim. He 1s a graduate of Ckwp,e~~wn University (BA) end F?ineUm
Uldvusily (MA), *herehe was a W d o w Wilson Fellow. He is c u m ~ l m y idatof
l k GAMA Gxpfation, which designs wargames and cambat decisionmaking

Wen is the author ofsewn11bo!u r c l n t i ~ ' l ~ t hUnited
e S w t Millmy.
~ His
callabration wllh reIlrd Marim MajCen "FbTool" Smith, The M Up, w" a d e d
the Marine Caps Hullage p"zc fm nonfiction,a well M the Cnlby a w d f w m i l l t q
non6clion. M i w ofThe March Up, inchding =me active duty Marines, argue that the
took d o e not acamdeiy p o m y evenls at sevmi s e e s of the invasion, @cula~ly the
battle for Nmriyah. This charge a p p m to stem from the hok's quick composition.
Tellingly,the bmk cmies no source notes and it is frequently diflicult to d i m
repaled fact fmm opinion in the nmtive.
R m u M by the CIA in I973 while in the U S Nay, Wapc
Simmons became p d of m oulsideparanilttm) q d a l q x d e m

m l n Asia nockmg against. n s ~ ~ - l m r k ~ . ~ m u g g l m ,
countcrfti~m,cyber-tcnorimmd inoustrial and economic
cspiomgc He s p c h d c d d w mve:mtcl opagninsi some of

For 8 of his27 v a n in UK iMdIime business. Wmne Simmons. ate slm and d d
Maj. Gen.Donald W.Sheppc~I,USAF (Re&)
Maior G d W d W. Skmd USAF &L) is m i d m 1 o f m e S h e d Omm
1 n i He mired in 19% from t < i ~ m & n &ere I& ,
&ed 8s Wireaor, ~ i ; ~ a i o n a' l'
Guard. He commmdcd over 110,OCQAir National Guard pewmel, 1400aircrafl, 88
t 54 s u e s and kdtodes. He
flying units, d 250 suppml unis spread ~ o u g h o u the
oversaw pqaration and execution ofa $4.28 yearly budget. He uwked daily with all
the Air F w e Major Commandsand mngms. He testified to c o n g ~ mhsupporl of Air
N a t i o d Guard and A I Force
~ h d ~ m He
. served 8s m z l ofLk Air F o r e Council and

with distributedcommunicatio~nand distance learning capabilities

gradualins in 1962. lie served on active duly as a lighler pild in E u m p c d southcad
Asia. He depMed the w i w in l%9, after murnhg fmm the V i e m War, where he
flew 247 fighwr cornbut misions He k a m e an airlim pilot with Trans World Airlim
and taler t& nation81snleq m-et of lhe light aircmft division of Gmmmm Ameflm
Aviation Corporaion in Clevelmd, Ohio. Hc rc.entered lbe Air Force in 1974 and r e l i d
in 1998 from the Penmeon an a Maior Gmeral. Shemrd holds a Mmer of Scimce

Hc p r o v i h mililarycomrnen~on request faABC RadioNeWrk in New York and
serves as an ad hoc member of the Air Force ScientificAdvisory Bcard. He M e d his
own defense mnsulting firm and is also an assccinte with w m l WmhingIon "think
~a&s." He is a well.know~s w e r on the subject of Iedership and management for IIE
21" cemury.
onm me.
at the Trnining and Doctrine c o m r n i ~ dlleadquartm. Fort Vimmia. Hc is a
I966 p d u a t t from !he United StatcsMilitary Amdcmy and he lnterremivd a hhtm
and Ph.1). in history fmtn Duke University. Commissimed as n field artillery officer.
General Scales sewed in numemswrnmand mad staffpsitions thmughwt the Amy
H i s commands include four ariilkry bnttcria. two in Germany and tuv in Vietnnm: nn
artillery banalivn in Korea and the US. A m y Field Artillery Traininn Center. ForI Sill,
Oklalmma. He a h sewed sthe Assistant Division Commider. 2d lnfmry Division.
Eighth US. Amy. 111s decmtions include the Distinguished Smvice Medal. Silver Star.
I m i m ot'Mcri1 with four Oak Leaf Clustes. lhe l4mnze Star Mcdal. b?eritorious Scwice
Medal with four 08k Leai'Clus~emand the Air Medd. He w a r s the Senior P ~ c h t t t i ~ t
Btid*c. h e Amy Staff Badge an$ thchnger'lab. Gcnewl Scales is the principal author
d'Certoiv Vklory. t k 19% official A m y account of tlx Gulf War. His htest book,
Pirmwer in Llnzited Wur, is a 1994 vublicatim that outlincs the history of ti* suvpm
in imt-world Warn cmflicts, ~ u r i nthe i nas four wars, tiemml S& has oublisted
W A R , (Ret), US.A m y Special forces
Executive D i m t o r
National Defense Council Foundalion

Mtjor P.Andy k i n # Jr. h u been the Executive Director ofdie N ~ i o n aWen- l Ccmncii
Foundtion (NDCF). which studies and publ!shes OB Special OpWtiowLow Inieniity Conflict
(SOL10 matwi. since i 9 U . As a sidebar. toflctinto hostile areas. NDCF does refugee relief
oneratioflt for hiimnitaruin m d ¥fdcmi
..- . -o -u-m
-m~- Accftntinolv Mrsçin h i t hrrtfinfillv

suoervisedthe di'aributmn o f more than 140.5 tonsof food..but - mainly
- ,medicine,
-~ into
.c m~h.i-
areas of Latin America. Hie Phiii~ninwand Africa. He has led aver 100 Icrvoninion maker~
includmx Members of ~onoress.'themedia. and other VIP's into 26 co&I& worldwide
Before NDCF, herancunsulied vc three other high profile pold~cal.defense & foitign
iiTairs groups, and had &ea Congressmi. Affars for me Depinment of Defense p D ) ax a
GS-13 at age 29 In 1980 Messingorgan zed Vietram Vctcram for Reagan, rn 1986-88 he
wnsulicddirect y e t l h Mr Lee AtwaicrandUwrge Bush. "Jr " m me Bbsh for P m dent
m p a i g n He has worked on Capnot Hill forthe former Congressman Roben K. Dorinn & for
Congmsnian Dan Runon, botn ir regard 10 Defense issues. Additional v, he cdvi&edPresident
FiocI Rams's campaign i n the Phiuppines (1992) Funhcrmorc, he was a Consultant for OOD
11987) on Central Americanmanen and again lor me S u e Depmiwr from Aor 1 of I 990 lo
Mav of ,993 in reurd lo the Pnilimines and RutsL*Jt/NISmatter%Mf-i~inc ~- has ituchc
the US. Army Transportation School, U.S.InfantrySchool, the Central Intclli~cnoeAgency,
lkenned t t

Imcr-Amncan Defense Board. Industrial College ofthe Armed Forces, and various universitin
across thecountry, m inciudc theU.S. NavalAcademy. West Point. and the U.S.Coast Guard
Messinghas an extensive background in defenseand foreign affaln. He attended William
& Maiywhile in the Amy, completinghis education ntheUnlversity of Maryland, College
Park,where he earned a Bachelor's Uegree i n Education with a minor in Political Science. He
alsoattended numerousmiiilary schools having received his Commissionat age 20 at Ft.
Benning. GA, Messingservedas an infanlry Platoon Leader, 1" Air Cavalry Division, in
Vietnam 1967. He received milimrv service awards. inclndmetwo Purolc Hems. and the
Meritorious Service Medal. He earned Gennan. ciadian, and Senior American machute wines
with 71 military jumps. Messine, who hadatotal of9yearsactive service, retired a Major from-
the Reserves 1987. He had I 8 of 21 years in Special Forcesor Special Opennons
s l m i ~ w n uwith
, the imer involving 4 >tarsof Inlei incnct collecuon(*tthcifation front DM),
inclu~ingmscr\e d ~ t yn Grenada in October 1983 and F l Salvador 198; 87 f.0 wnich he-
e di t ScrvmCommendation Medal for cornoat service there, rcceivw on 22 May
Major Messingwas on the Board ofthe James Monroe l-'oundation for ten years. He has written
o w 65 Op-Ed piecesandmagazine articles for publicationslike TheNew Ywk Times, TheLos
Afi&cs Times, The Washiii#oa Past, The Washiqfw Times,Win@ ofGold, USA TODAY,
andNavelProceeIllngs. He appears on importantnationaltelevisionand radio regularly, e.g.
CNN Cross-Fire. 60 Minutes(twcc), !any King Live, MacNeil-Lchrer, NBC. ABC, NET. FOX,
and C-SPAN. Messing~sciatedin the writing o f former PresidentRichard Nixon's book,Me
More Vietnam$. He hat received numerousaward* for couMryIcotrimunii3service, is listed in
Who's Who 1980.2002, and was awarded the MeritoriousAnti-Narcoiici Service Award by the
ColombianNational Police on 26 Feb 98. He was a DefensdForeign Affairs Advisor to the Bmh
200(1 campaign. Me~singwasadmitted into the Council on Foreign Relations24 Jan 2001 and
s a paid NBCMSNBC Defense & ForeignAffairs Coniulmnt between20 Sept.01- July 02.
Later, he became a militmy consultant specifically for MSNBC Hardball wntinuing thmuch

Additionally, kbJorMemng bus twoch~Â¥tten LT C m i l l i B. Melting USCG s 1997
U.S QMS! Gufd Academy gnduite.currently me Skipperofhe 110 fm Cutter,the KISKA in
Hllo Hsw& and LT Frederick A Messini Ill.USNR. a 1997 U.S. Naval Academy cnduate &
U ofPenn Masters rraduate in ~omoulerkiencewho isassumed to a Reserve litel unit in
Norfolk,VA. ~ajorkessinglives on a41 Fool Sftilboat the ARK ANGEL in Key West Florida.

I General Mclnerney is the founder of Government Reform Through
Technolofy, a consnlting Brm that works with hi*-tech

1 companies. GRTT conducts business with federal, state, city and
local mvernments to hc111them intmdwe advanced technolorn
the public sector,
- into
Prior to this, he was the CEO and the president of Business Executives
for National Security, a national, nonpartisanorganization of business
and professional leaders.

For 35 years. General Mclnemey served as a pilot, commander, and strategic planner in
lhc U S Air Force.

He retired from military service as Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force and
Director of the Defense Performance Review, reportingto the Secretary of Defense. He
led the Pentagon's "reinventing covenunent" effort, visiting more than 100 leading-edge
commercial companiesto assi&4e their ideas about business re-engineerin&

General Mclnemcy graduatedfrom the United States Military Academy and earned a
Master'sdegree in international relations from George Washington University. He also
attendedthe Armed Forces Staff College and National War College.

In January 2000, Lieutenant General Thomas Mclnemey. USAF
(Ret.), established his own consulting firm, GRTT (Governem
Reform Through Technology). Working with high-tech
companies who do business with federal, state, city and local
governments, GRRT helps them introduce advanced technology
into the public sector.

From March 1596, to December 1599, he was Chief Executive
Officer and President of Business Executives for National
Security (BENS), a national, nonpartisan manization of
business and professional leaders, with headquarters in
Washington, DC, BENS works to engage the business community in securing America's
future with a more efficient defense establishment. In February 2000. General
Mclnerne, m a v e d a W fmm A v ~ ~ f Week l o ~ and .&ace T~C&D magare f a
his effons on behalf of military reform as President of BEYS He has a m made
numerous appearances on National Television dix-issing Defense Reform and dunng
global military crises such as Kosovo, EP 3 incident in China and now the War on
Terrorism where he is the senior Fox News Military Analysts,

Prior to joining BENS, General Mcinemey was Vice President of Command and Control
for Loml Defense Systems-Eagan. He joined h I (then Unisys Electronic Systems
Division)in 1994 following 35 years a; apiiot, commander, and Joint ForceCnmmander
in the United States Air Force.

Oeneial Mclnemey retired from military service as Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the
Air Force and as Director of the Defense Performance Review (DPR). reporting to the
Secretary of Defense. In that capacity, he led the Pentagon's "reinventinggovemrncnt"
effort, visiting more than 100 leading-edge commercial companies to assimilate their
ideas about business reengineerin&. The DPR was part of Vice President Gore's
National Performance Review on Reinventing Government, which focused on making
the government perform better at less cost -- a fundamentalBENS objective

. . After his commissioningas a second lieutenant in 1959, and completion of pilot training
In 1960, General Mclncmcy served in numerous key Air Force assignments and had
extensive military command mid overseas experience. A command oilot with more than
4,500 flying h o k , he completed four toursof duty in Vietnam. night reconnaissance
missions during the Cuban missile crisis and air escort missions in the Berlin Corridor.

General Mclnemey earned a bachelor of science degree from the US Military Academy
in 1959 and a master's degree in intcmalional relations from George Washington
University in 1972. He completed Aimed Forces StairColiege in 1970 and the National
War College in 1973.
Jeffrey D.McCausland
CarnegieCouncil Senior Fellow

Dr Jeff McCauslandIs Director of the Leadership In Conflict Initiative at Dicklnson College. As
a Senior Fellow, He leads the Carnegie Council'swork on one of its three theme areas, Ethics,
War, and Peace

He completed h k active duty service In the US. Army (n 2002 culminating h k career as Dean
of Academics, US. Army War College, PA. Upon retirement Dr. Maausland accepted the Class
of 1961 Chair of Leadership at the United StatesNaval Academy, Annapolis, MD and served
there from 2002-2004. He is a graduate of the United States Mllltary Academy a t West Point
and wascommissioned i n field artillery. He is also a graduate of the US. Army alrborneand
ranger schools as well as the Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, KA. He
holds both a Masters and Ph.D. from the Fletcherschool of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts

Dr. McCausland served In a variety ofcommand and staff positions both In the U. S. and
Eurepç,lncludlrK Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control on the N t l o m i Security Coundl
Staff during the Kosovo crisis. He also worked on the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces In
Europe (CFE) as a member of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Ooerauons, US Army
Staff. the Pentagon, Following this he assumed command of a held artillery banallon stationed
In Europe and deployed his unit t o Saudi Arablafor Operations Desert Shield and Storm in
1990 and 1991.

He has both published and lectured broadly on military affairs, European security Issues, the
Gulf War. and leadership throughout the United States and over twelve countrins. He has been
a visiting fellow a t the Center for International Miairs, Harvard University; Conflict Studies
ResearchCenter, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst; Stlftung Wlssenshaft und Polltk,
Ebenhausen, Germany; George C. Marshall Center for European Security Studies, Garmisch,
Germany; and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.

He nas also s-d as a member of numerous pknels on leadcrehip and character
development. These iwldde the Cnlef of Staff A m i t s B w R bbon Panel on Training and
Leader Develooment the C i w a a e r Review Pane. lor the Sunenntcndeix. U 5 Air Force
Academy, as well as providing advice and assistance to the Chef of Staff of the Air Force's
Aerospace Leader Development Panel.

Dr. McCauslandIs an adjunct fellow a t the Center for Strategic and International Studies
(CSIS) and the RAND Corporation i n Washington. He also serves on the Board of Advisers to
the National Committee on American Foreign Policy In Ftew York and the Global Strategy
Institute at CSTS. He Is Director of National Security Affairs for the Buchonan, Ingersoll, and
Rooney law firm based In Washington, DC.

He also serves as a national security consuttant to CBS television and radio. He has been a
frequent commentator on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for CBS slnce early 2003. Dr.
Mcmsland has also appeared on NSNBC, CSPAN, CNN, and the CBS Morning Show as well as

being Interviewed by the New Yorif Times, ChristianScience Wonltor, Wall Street Journal, and
Boston Globe.


Dr. Jeff McCausland is the Director of the Leadership in Conflict Initiative at Diiinson
College. He completed his active duty service in the United Stales Army in 2002
culminating his career as Dean of Academics. US. Annv War Colleee. Carlisle Barracks.
~ennsylvania Upon r m m e n t Dr McGudand accepted the class of 1961 Chair of
Leadership a1 the Jnitcd Stales Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland and served there
from lanuan 2002 to July 2004. He is a graduate ofthe United Stales Military Academy
at West Point in 1972 and was commissionedin field artillery. He is also a & m e of
the V S Anny airborne and ranger schools as well as the Command and General Staff
College m Ft Leavcnwnh. Kansas He holds both a Masters and Ph D from the
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, TuftsUniversity

During his mililaly career Dr. McCausland served in a variety of command and flaff
positions both in the United States and Empc. This included Director for Defense
Policy and Anns Control on the Nalionai Security Council Staff during the Kosovo cnsis
He also worked on the Treaty on Conventional Aimed Forces in ~uroneCCFE) as a
member of the Office of the Chief of Siaff for Operations, LS Staff. t k
Pentagon Following this assignment he assumed command of a field artillery battalion
sta-ioned in tiirope and deployed his unit to Saudi Arabia foi Oocranons Desert Shield
and Slomlin 1990 and 1991. .
He has both published and lectured broadly on military affairs. European security issues,
thc Gulf War, and leadership throughwit h e United Swes and over twelve countries He
has been a visitiw fellow at the Center for International Affairs. Harvard University
Conflict Studies ~ e s e a r c hCenter. Roval Military Academv. Sandhurst. ~ t i f t u h
Wissenshafl und Politk, ~bcnhausen,'~cnkmy, ~ c n r C.
k ~ a r s h a l Ccnm
l for ~urope&
Sewriy Studies. Gmmisch, Germany; and the InternationalInstitute for Strategic Studies,

He has also served as a member of numerous panels on leaders hi^ and character
development. These include the Chief of Siaff ~ r m y ' sBlue Ribbon panel on Training
and Leader Development; the Character R e w w Panel for the Superintendent, L.S. Air
Force Academy, as well as providing advice and assistance 10 the Chief of Staff of the Air
Force's Aerospace Leader Development Pane!

Dr. McCausland is an adjunct fellow at both the Center for Strategic and International
Studies (CSIS) as well as the RAND Corporation in Washington. He also serves as a
national security consultant to CBS television and radio. He has been a frequent
commentator on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan f o CBS since early 2003. He is manied
to the former Marianne Schicssl and has threechildren- Tanya, Nicholas, and Phillip.

Major General James Maria

Maior General James A- Marks was commissioned4 June 1975 into Military Imellicence
upin graduation from the United States Military Academy: During his 29 of -
commissioned service, MG Marks has held command and staff intelligence assignmcms
including: Company Commander, 1st Battalion, 503d Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne
Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Aide de Camp, Commander in Chief,
US Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Hawaii; S3,319th Military Intelligence Battalion
(Airborne). 525th Military Intclliemc B r i d e . XV1I1 (Airborne) Cores. Fort Brace.
North Carolina; ~xecutiviofficer, 313th ~ i l i t a r yintelligence att tali on (~irbome),82d
Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Commander, 107th Military Intelligence
Battalion, 7th Infantry Division (Light), Fort Ord,California; G2,6th Infantry Division
(Light). Fon Wainwight, Alaska, Special Asiisunt to the Chief of Staff of the Amy;
Commander, 504th Military Intelligence Brigade III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas; Deputy
Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Headquarters, US Army, Europe and Seventh Army,
Heidelberg, Germany; Executive Officer to the Commanding General, Stabilization
Force, Sarajevo, Bosnia; Assistant Chief of Staff, J2 (Intelligence), United States Forces,
Korea, and Deputy Chief of Staff, C2, Combined Forces Command; Commander, United
States Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca (USAIC&PH); deployed as C2,

I Coalition Forces Land Component Command during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM; and
resumed Command of USAIC&FH. He is an Honor Graduate of the US Army Ranger
School, a Master Parachutis~Air Assault qualified, and authorized to wear the Canadian
and Republic of Korea Airborne wings.

MG Marks holds a Master ofArts degree in International Relations from the Univershy
ofVirginia and a Master of Science degree inTheater Operations from the School of
Advanced M i l w Studies. He i s a iiraduaie o f t k Mililw lmcllieenee Officers'
Advance Course, the United States Army Command and General Staffcollege, the
School of Advanced Military Studies, and the Army War College.

Major General David L. Grange

Maior General David L. Granae was born in Lake Ronkonkoma. New York.
~ f t ireceiving
r his commission from North Georgia College in December
1969, he was assigned to duty as the reconnaissanceplatoon leader with
the 2m Battalion,505" Infantry Regiment,82" ~irborneDivision.

In 1970, he volunteeredtor Vietnam and served as a rifle olatoon leader
with the 10P1Airborne Division and later as reconnaissance platoon
lender in L Companv. 75iVanoers. Dunno a Second tour in Vietnam, he
served as a reconnaissance advisor to the 81s' Airborne Ranaer Grow. He
returned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina In 1972as executive officer and
then commander of HALO and Scuba Detachments in the 3'd Battalion
Sth Special Forces Group.

After tllght school In 1974. Grangewasassigned to the 101QAirborne
Division at Fort Campbell. KentJCKy. wnere he servea as Fughl Platoon
Commanderin the 158"' Aviation Battalion. Later. hecornmanded a rifle
company in 21503 Infantry and then served as Current Operations Officer
in Division G3.

Afler the InfantryAdvanced Course in June 1978. Grange served as tne 1"
Ronger BatlalionAdpiont, Charlie Company Commander, and Battalion
Special Operations Liaison Officer in the 75* Infantry. Rangers.

After the British SAS course in 1981. hestudied at the USMC CGSC and
then served as Squadron Commander and the Operations Officer for 1"

Grange volunteeredfor service in Korea and commandedthe 1"
Battalion,503"' Infantry. 2"" Infantry Division from 1987-1989. He returnedto
the US. and sewed as a Special OperationsOfficer with the SOCOM
Washington. D.C. office enroute to the Notional War Colieae. UDon
comdej on of tne war college, he reported to Fort Bragg os lhe Deputy
Comrnonaer of the 1" SFOD. Èwher he commanoea a Tosk Force dbr'ng
DESERT STORM. From 1991.1993, hecommanaed 75" Ranger Regiment.

In Aug. 1993, Grange was reassigned to Fort Bragg. North Carolina where
he served as DCO. Army Special Operations Command. In 1994, he
deployed to Germany as ADC, for Support and then Manewer, of the 3rd
Infantry Division. After service with 30, Grange was assigned In 1995 to the
Pentagon as Deputy Director, and then as Director, for Army Operations.

Readiness and Mobilization. In this capacilq, he was also the Director of
Military Support IDOMS) responsible tor military support throughout the
United States for notional disasters and consequencemanagement of
terrorist attacks.

In Juiv 1997. Granae redeoloved to Germany and took command of the
Big Red One andiask ~ o r c eEagle in ~ o s n i a . ~ u rhis
Grange was responstble tor C.S. forcesana operotions in Moceooniaand
Kosovo. MG Grange retired from military service in Jan. 2000

Mlliiow walifications include the CIB, EIB. Special Forces Tab. Rangerlab,
Army Aviolion Wings. Master HALO v^ings. Master Parachutist wings. Air
AssaJlt Wmgs. Pathfinder Badge. Scum Baoge. and SAS Badge. Awards
include 2 DSM. 3 SS. 2 DSSM. 3 LOM. 2 BS. ona 2 Ph.

He is married to the former Holly Getzandthey hove two sons, David and
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis
United States Army, Retired

L i e u u r n Colonel Robert (Bob)MagimGu. US Army (mired) is
an experienced and internationally known expert on national
security and foreign affairs. He currently servesasa national
security and foreign affairs analyst for Moody Broadcasting
Radio Network. Salem Radio Network, awl is a regular g u m o n
several other radio networks. He recently oxnpleed a year as a
Fox News militaryanalyst. He is a seniorsystemsanalystwithBCP InternationalLimited, an
Alexandria, VA-basedcompanywhere his primary duties involve working on multinational
programs for the Departmento f the Army. SinceOctober of 2002, Colonel Maginnis has beena
member of Secretary Donald Rutusfeld's Milnary Analyst Group.

Before coming to BCV InternationalColonel Maginnis served as the vice president for policy
with the Washmgon, DC-bascd Family Resarch Council. White with FRC, Colonel Maginnis
upervised a staff of policy experts and also served as the organization's exptrt for national
security, foreign affairs, crime prevent and drug policies. He has testified numerous times before

In his many roles. Colonel Maginnis has appearedonABC, NBCand CBS evening news shows,
CBS 60 Minincs. CBS This Momimc, ABC Good Morning America, PBS Newshour with Jim
Lehrer. MSNBC EaualTime. Hardball. Infernick and The News with Brim Williams. Court
TV s Pro and Con. fox N w s Tne 3 actor. Hannity and Colmes. and li a regular gut% on
On the Record.CWtCrossfire. LTTV Kmg Live,Talk BÈcl Love, WolfBliizer Rtpons, LAW
Edition u wed asotncrprograms, such as Donahuem d Tne Jenn> Jones Show. He (us been
quoted ma"\ times in mcwspapcri and magazinesicroisthe world such as Thr Nyw lark Time*
U.TNews d WorldReport and 7tmc Mçzann Since 1993. he has written more than 500 articles,
man* of uhicn have been nubliihed in difl mniiiiheil n e w x a n m and ma-nes nation*!&
. 7

Colonel Macinms has testified before conaresional committees on militan . m m n e l issues.
druc policy,^^^^. teen violence and hom&exuaiity. His policy Dams have been entered into


In July 1593, Colonel Maginnis retired from aft asaiginncntin the Pentagonwhere heserved as an
InspectorGeneral. He is an airborne-ranger infantry officer with an assignmenthistory that
includesKorea,Gcnniny, Alaska, and several posts i n thecontinental UniledStates. He served
in command and staffpositions in four infantry divisions from platoon to division level. The
colonel was the chief for the U.S. Army Infantry School's leadershipand ethics training branch.
He developedcurricula, taught, participatedin leader development researchand consulted with
leadersand soldiers throuehout the A m . He is the author o f more than fifty.articles oublished
in professional militaryjournals concerning ethics, leadership, and personnel matters impacting
the military. Colonel Maginnis'service in the armed forces was commended with theLegionof
Merit, one ofthe highest Army peacetime decorations, as well as with five meritorious medals
and four commendation medals.

in the last eight months ofhis military service. Colonel Maginnis was a memberofthe Army's
study group cxamininr the hoinosexirl ban. He~.~ouas¥dviso to the Defense Department
M i i i q Working G m p on twrnosmals inthe military In inat role, he debited tne issue in the
d : s as well as spcwng in vanow f o m - inc-uding~estifyinf;before a House subcommitiee

Colonel Maginnis received his B.S. from the United Slates Military Academy, West Point. N w
York i n 1973 and a M.S. from IheNaval Postgraduate School. California, in 1983. He is a
graduate of m y military schools, inciuding the Command and General Staff Collegeand the US
Army's War College strategy course

Co onel Maguiniswas born on Ociobci 3, 1950,i8 Orlindo. Florida, am) wis raised in Alabama
California and Tennessee He and his wife tin hwe two chi dren Meghtn, a recent giçduaiof

woodbridge. Virginia since 1990. They & active membersat Calvary Baptist Church in
General Jack Keane
United States Army,Retired
0e"m.l I d K""m s e d 37 y.7, in the Amy..l.i"~toth~ rmk
iffour-anrGeneral. Molt recently, he held Ac position ofthe
Vice Chief of Siaffof the Amy. During his four yeareinthisjob
aschief OperatingOfficer ofthe United States Army, he mansgad
operations ofmore Ihm 1.5 million soldier* and civiliansin o w
l20countriesandanannual budget inexcessofll10 billim
dollam Throuehoulhistenure inthis positionthe Army has
fought and won wars In Afghanistan and Iraq, while tucponing
o u s worldwide mace ooeraliw,maintainine readiness, and

As the Vicechief of Stiff, General Keane developed and maintainedsaws.relitionshipt, on behalf ofthe
Armv, with Conzreu. the media, ooinion leaders, natlonaliecuritv oolicvmakers,and the American
people In aoing&, ne delivered o& 400 iproches in lorn ytari.~c~mm~nietting crt~calDepinmeniof
Defenseand Ann) m e i q c s Heleitired before Congru&on IS lepir~teoccaiioniontuhjeru u dowse

General K e n was *career piwoopcr who commanded a every kvel to include the 18*Airborne Corm
and FOBBragl, NC; He 101'Airbomc Division (Air Alstull)md Fort Cnnpbell, KY;a d Sv M m
Readin- TrainingCenter. He also served as the Deputy Commander-in-Chicfofthe United Stalei
Atlantic Commandpriorto becomingthe Army's Vicechief ofstaff, and was featured in Tom Clancy's

Genera) Keine is a combat veteran b v i w~ e d u a platoon leader and comptny commander in Via
N His uniwdeployed to Sonuiia, Haiti, B m i i and Kosovo.

General K- pduflted from Fordhnn University businus m h d i n 1946 with iBachelor of Science
Dtgrte in Accounting and holds m Manen of A m Degree in Philosophy (rom Western Kemucky
University. His mili~uyeducationincludesthe In- Offlcen Bask and Advanced Counes,(he Untied
w a s A m y Command and General Staff College, and the United States Army War College. General
Keane is the recipient o f an honorary PH.D in Law from Fordham University and an honwary PH.D in
Public Servke from Eauem Keauckyuniversity.

Since hisretirementfrom the Army, General b a n e IJ currently President GSI, LLC, Is aenloradvitorw
Kohlbwg, Kravis, Roberts and Co. and advisor 10 ChairmanandCEO. URS Corporation. He is a director
ofMETLtFE, Inc and General DynamicsCorporation,

General Keme serve* aaa memberofthe Department ofDefensePolicyBoard. He is aim a military
contributor and oaalyit for ABC News.

Genere1K m e is married to the former T h a w W. Doyk, They have two aihilt diildren, Matthew and
Colonel Jack Jacobs
United States Army, R e t i r e d

Colonel Jack Jacobs, who entered military service through Rutgers
ROTC, earned the Medal of Honor for exceptionalheroism on the
battlefields of Vietnam He also holds three Bronze Stars and two
Silver Stars

Jacobs was an adviser to a Vietnamese infantry battalion when it came under a
devastating fire thatdisabled the commander.Although bleeding from severe head
wounds, then-First Lieutenant Jacobs took command,withdrew the unit to safety, and
m m e d again and again under intense fire to rescue the wounded and peifonn life.
saving first aid. He saved the lives of a U.S. adviser and 13 allied soldiers.

Jacobs served on the faculty of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the National
War College in Washington,D.C.After retirement,he founded and was chiefoperating
officer ofAulo Finance Group. As a managing director of Bankers Trust Co., he led
Global Investment Management to $2.2 billion in assets and later co-founded a similar
business for Lehman Brothers. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relationsand
is a director of the Medal of Honor Foundation. He is also a military analyst for

Steve Grecr retired from the United States Army after serving 20
years as an Airborne Ranger and Green Berct. Recruited by Fox
News Channel, his on-air "War Room" analysis helped shape
publicopinionas thecoalition invaded Iraq in early 2003

An expert in Soldiering,his commentarycontinues to raise
awareness of the challenges facing American troops in the war on
terrorism. With more than 400 interviews on FOX,CNN, NBC,
and National Public Radio, Greer's insight and passion for serving anation at war is
heard around the world.

Greer is the sole enlisted member of the Office of the Secretary
,of Defense
- analvst m.
Through wprecedcmed access to senior government officials his insight is fresh and
powerful. As a senior fellow at ihe National Dcfcmc Council Foundation he has mct
n t h senior covernnunt officials in Hail., Israel, Kosovo, Morocco, Iraq, Kuwail, Cuba
and the united States conducting research on the War on Terror

Additionally,he serves on the Center for Security Policy military committee in
Washington, D.C.and is a Professor at American Military University. He graduated
from Liberty University in 1991 and received a Master of Arts in Land Warfare from
American Military University in 1998. His Doctoral dissertation at Capella University
focuses on national defense education and asymmetric warfare studies.

He L& R tour-time competitor in the gri~lmgLieulenam General David E Grange, Jr.,
Best Ranger Competition and ihe only Sergeant Major in the world to compete. At 33
yearsofage he was selected as one of the youngest Sergeants Major in the Army He
speaks at and supports special venues throughout the country carrying the voice of free
Americansto those who need to hear it most.

~ w 7 CTR OSD PA

SublÇct RE Conference Call with S<nior mD Offioalsm26 07

, These say tuao.. ..

subpct conference call w i t h senior DOD officials on 2.6 0 7


To: ecired Military Analyses

mblic Affairs, office of the secretary of Defe-

Date: Tuesday, February 0 6 , 2007

Re: Conference call with Senior Don Officials

We invite you to participate in a conference o i l , Wednesday, mbruary 0 7 , 2007, from
0630-0900 ET.

Major General Hunzeker, con~umdero f the Civilian Police Assistance Tran~itionTeam, will
brief you on current statue of operations r e g d i n g civilian security fozcea. This call
fill be On-the-Record.

To participate in c h i n conference call. please dial
aak the operator to connect you co the ~ n a l y t acon
we hope you are able to participate

From. Chuck Nash hash&?^

m Can't mate this but will be there for leh 0900 Africa C o d call.
All the best.

R wrote:

To RediedI Military Analysts

Fmm -7
Public Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Date: Tuesday. Febni~y06.2007
Re: Conference Call with S a b r Doll Oflkub

We invite you to participatein awnferencecall, Wednesday, February 07. WO7,from
083M91W ET.

Major General Hunzekcr, Commanderof the Civilian Police AssistanceTransition Team,
will brief you on current status of operations regarding civilian security forces. This call
will be On-the-Rcconi.

To participate in this wnference call. please d ask
the operator to wnnect you to the Analysts w

We hope you are able to participate.
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Subjoct:R E Conference Call with Senior DoDOfficialson 2.6.07

Admiral Jeremiah w1H still be on travel and unableto join in.

To: Retired Military Analysts
&,": pmveq
Public Affairs, Office ofthe Secrettly of Defense

Dale; Tuesday,February 06,2007
Re: Cimfcrente Call whh Senior DoD Otiiciala

We invite you to participate in aconference call, Wednwday, February 07,2007, from 9939-
0900 ET.

Major General Himaker, Commanderof the Civilian Police Assistance Tmuition Team,will
brief you on cuCTcm siaius of m i i o n s regaming civilian sccunty forces. This call will be On-

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THanks. !4ease count me h. Should be able tojoin a mupk o f n h f t late.
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To: Retired M i l i w Analysis

EaW Tuesday, Februa~~
Re: Confemnee Call with Senlor DoD O ~ ~ b
We invite you to patiaipte in a conferenced l , W e d n a d ~Febnury
, 07,2007, fmm 0830-091NEE
Major Omml H m k e r , Commander of he Cinlisn Police A s i m c e Transition Team, will Mef you
oncumnt s m s d o~cration%regding civilim w c d t y f a $ . Thtscall w i l l k On-the-!&cord.

w e hope you CSI able to p a ~ Â ¶ ~ c ~ m

From F!II'I LTC oso PA
Sent Tuw&F9bmav 0% 2007 0 ?SAM
sub]^ RE [Fwd Cmferenm call ~nwte]

original nesaage-----
Prom chuck mash Inailto na8hc
05, 200

Aha I

in, -
cwference Call xm~tel

a budget w e s t i o n
could you refer me t o a
All the bemt,
i s t b r e .-me
or ami17? Thanks1
in Timaan offrice I shmld contact?

we hope You are able t o p a r t i c i p t e .