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Subject: FW Conference call invita

I will plan to participate



Retired Military Analysts



Public Affairs, Officeof the Secretary of Defense

Conference Call with Senior h D Officbb
invite you to parti'cipak i i a conference cull, TUESDAY,Febrmf 6, HS7,fim 11:45-



Ms Theresa Whakn, Deputy Assistant Secretary oflkfense for African Affairs Rear Admiral Mocllcr, S p i a l Assistant to the Commander. U S Central Command and Ambassador ~ o b e n Loftis.will bncfvouon the stand iin o -~ S A f r i ~ ~ C m m a w l ....e f i n o w i l l mdiiric ih-9 'niis.... ' fU . .h . . .. mission and Areaof ~esponsibilityof the Command,as well as a rimdine for the establishment ol U.S. strategic goals for Africa.

Ms.Whalen's Biography is attached for your review. You may view RADM Mocller's
EXcgraphy o d ! ~ hn~:!'m~a~~nlA~my~t~b~Wm~odbi~~~P217. : Amba.w&r
,. ,

Loftis's biography from his Ian assignment can be viewed at: )i~p://wv,w.s~re~Qvyo~tafdale/bi.QS/ll66.$0.h.~. i call will be On-the-Record, however, in T s h order to participate, jou must agree to EMBARGO the informationyou receive on the a l l until the While House announcementon Wednesday, February 7,2007 at approximately %00 a.m. To participatem this conferencecall, pleasedial operatorto connect you to die Analystsconferencecall



r ,,


- ,

' '"?andaskthe


We hope you are able to participate.

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Midwd J. Nanlom, Jr. Major General. U.S, Army, Retired
Patton Boggs LLP

S e e M o m , February OS, 2007 5 43 PM Subject. Conferencecall Invite

- FW"""'"1OSDPAInrllttt*1'*'* F m :



Public Affairs. Office of the Secretary of Defense
Rclired Military Analysts


February 5.2007
Confcrnice Call with SeatorDoD Officials


We invite you to participatein a conference call, TUESDAY, Februq 6,2067,from 11:45-123Oa.m

M .Theresa Whalen, Deputy Assistant Secretaryof Defense for African Affair%Rear Admiral Moclla, s



Special Assistantto the Commander, US.Central Command, and Ambassador Robert Loftis. will brief you on the sand up of U.S. Africa Command. This briefing will include the mission and Area of Responsibility ofthe Command, as wellas a timeline for theestablishment of US.strategic goalsfor Africa.

Ms Whalm's Biographyis attached for your review You may view RADM Moelkr's Biography online hyp //wvyw.uavy mil/navy(^ata/b1~?/nayyb~o~pp~b~aID3'2l7 Ambassador Loftis's biography from his last assignment can b viewed at hppL/ww^ This call e htm will be On the Record- however in order to narticmte vou must a n t e lo EMBARGO the information youreceiveon the call until the white ~ouseannouncementon ~ e d n e s d aFebruary 7,2007 at ~, mpproximxtely 9:OO a.m.
To participate in this conference call, pleasedial operator to connect you to the Analysts conference call

d ask the him -8 1

~ u . i o ~ l ~ - ] o r c a l l We hope you are ablc lo participate.

Pubic Affairs
Officeof the secretary of Defense



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I w i l l be on i t .





OED P h i l t A February 0 5 , 2007 5 8 4 3 PM

Public Affairs, O f f i c e of the secretary of Defenae


5 , 2007

~ e :

Conference Call with Senior Don Officials

we invite you to participate in a conference tall, TUESDAY, i-ebruary 6, 2007, f r m
i i i ~ 5 - 1 2 : 3a . m . 0

ns. Thereaa trtmlon, Deputy AmBiatÇn Secretary of ~ecenaefor AXrican ~Etairs,Rear Admiral Moeller. S~ecialAssistant to the Cornwander, 0,s. Central Conwand, and Ambassador Robert Lofcia, will brief you on the stand up of u.S. ~ f r i c a Command. his briefing will include the miasion and Area of Responsibility of the Command, as well aa a timeline for the escabliahnienc of U.S. strategic goals for Africa.

HB. tfhalen'a Biography is attached for your review. You may view RADH Moeller'a Biography

~http://www.~vy.niil/navydata7bio~/navbio.aro?bioID-2l7> Ambassador Lottie's b i ~ r a p h y 1 him laat assignment can be viewed at: hccp://wvw.~Cace.gciv/outofdate/bio9/1/6660.htm <htcp://wvw.ç This call will be On-the-Record, however, in order Co participate, you must agree to EMBARGO the infomation you receive on the call until the white m u s e announcement on Wednesday. February 7, 200-7 at



approximately 9:00 a.m.

To pTticlpate in thia conference call, p l u a e dial


ask the operator to connect you co the Anxlysca conference call


hope you are able to participate,

Public Affairs Office of the Secretary of Defense

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Release Date: 2/4/2007

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From. Sent-

~Monday February05.2007D5 28 PM I O S PA
C a r m o s e p LCDR OSD o m PA JEW'^-lcmo m PA RE Africa Command update



n thankfl. will sand out the invite menturily.


1145-1210 we rould like eo push forward with ~ueaday,
t would be able to host the call f r m on our end? Is DASD Barber's otfiee 1. e available.

2. Bier


- DASD Whelm: attached file - RADM Moellen httpi//çwdat~/bio~/nçvybio.ç~p?bloID~ - No luck in obtaining a current one for Alb, Loftla:

3 Ground rulexi on the record; embargoed until Feb. 7 (Wed., approx 09001 White H o w announcement

Principl~ will be able to dlfcuas: Background and basis for decision to establish 0 . 3 , Africa Command Conumnd'm mission Conwnd'a Area of ~etpoiribilicy Timeline for eatabliahmnt US Stratagio goals far Afx-ica

Pe. la=



know whatever e l m you may need

thank^ and v / r , Joe


C e n t e r , Joseph L W R OSD I OTR OED PA)


Subject RE Africa Command update hi j 0 Ã § any word on thia?? we will need to get the invite out noon if we're going to be able to lake it happen. pleaae let me know.



alao, if you could please send bios for each of the principals tire would be helpful we normally send them out w i t h Che invite

hLCDR p carpenter,zs e pz 0607 PA PJ4 M ~ o Fa, IS
P :


nfrica command update

w e d like to

do military analysts on ~ u e s d a y , 6 -Feb., Ã 1 ~ 5 - 1 2 3 0 . I otherwise can2c y c h the SHE schedules to work another timeslot,

I n send you the particulars, but briefers would be: DASD (Africa Affairs) Theresa whelm RADM Robert Moellcr IAPRICOM tranmition team1 Ambassador Robert LoCtis
More to follow.

Thanks, Joe

Ms. \Vtkilan luu o Mn-awof Ani,dvyirr in NrnnniiilS~w S n d i i s rroin('iwr#cniwn iiy l'iiwrsii> anil3 Master 01 .St.icii~i- c s w in Nt~mii-iI J SuuurU) Simiegy fnim Itv I W i i Crll-. Slir Ims 11 Baii-h.1~ail An-ilr-flvr In Ittk-nuiliiiiul Ki.-latm8i.swith iiiiitnrin RusriuuSLmliusfnun t Citl+t~l"Williatrnmd Mary Mh, k Wlielun was ubno wuhwdfiw ~ i i l c o n w k t r d yew-kiiig iflkw>ihip wit11the C'oumil on I ; w l l c i w in a Guvuniim-m m 1996.


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m kmag73@W m ,, # ' Monday February05 2007 10 35AM





Subject: Re ConferenceCall Wt Senior DoD OTOdalson 02 05 07 ih

The briefers indicated they have charts. Can you email those charts?
Thanks. Bob


I 1

Civilian Defense Experts and Retired Military Analysts


FF ' F mm
Public Affairs, Office of the Secretary ofDefense


Fcbrmry 2,2007


We invite you to participate in a conference call, MONDAY,Feb111:311Qm

5,2Mt,lmm M M -



Ms. T i Jonas. USD Comptroller and Vice Admiial Stephen Stanley, D i i r for Force Structure. Resource and Assessmentfor the Joint staff will brief you on DoD's FY 08 Budget Submission, including the FY 08 GWOT request, and the FY 07 Supplemental request. (Ms. Jonas's bio is available at: hm~Uwww,çtefcnseli&,~l//EiS5/Bi~g~ap-!bxDe.taiLa5pz Bio&r&~1-&6.5. Vlew VADM Stanley's bin at. ~ ~ / L ! + w ~ ~ d ~ ~ ~ ~ l ! & ~ This call will be On-the-Record, However. to participate in this call, you must agree to EMBARGO the informationuntil 2 0 0 p.m., Monday, Febnrr} 5,2007.

To participate m this conference call, please dmoperator to connect you to the Analyst conferencecall

, ' C

. -,

iand ask the

We hope you are able to participate.



From ~ Sent:





The Surrogates office will conduct a conference call todayat 1thOOa.m between Ms.Tina Jonas, DoD Comptroller,and the RetiredMilitary Analysts. They intend to use theconference phone at our conference
tablefewthecall Please be mindful of their presencewhen you're back i that area. n Thank you.





A good read

Tnow Freik ROML OSD PA Monoay Froruay 05 2M7 7 38 AM Sm in Dorrance"ON 0 5 0 PA Wnrtnan Brian MfOSD PA M wry Officers r . t m e Meoa Coverage C

and I t h i n k t h e perspective a p p l i e ~ when discussing General Meiga request ... Note the BSD f o l k s are very quick 1:o c r i t i c i z e t h e p r e s s coverage u n t i l they are c a l l on i f -- then they quickly back off



Frank Frank Thorp Rear ~dmiral,U.S. navy

In~idc The Navy February 5. 2007 M i i i t a r y officers c r i t i c i z e Media coverage of B a t t l e f r o n t in Iraq SAW D z m -- officers discussing the ~ r a q war l a s t week c r i t i c i z e d media coverage of the b a t t l e f r o n t , arguing that the press has ignored save. U.S. ~uccessçi n t h e country. The officer^ made the connientà during ft panel session h e r e a t t h e Heat 2007 naval co"f=rer.ce. Brig. en. Michael Callan, commander of Air Force ~ p c i a o p e r a t i o n s forces and d i r e c t o r l i t o p t r a t i o n s cox ~ i force s p e c i a l o p e r a t i o m command, Bald he i s concerned =tie media i s r t o o one-sided a-n Iraq coverage. a i d e of t h e story,, he s a i d . ne noted that 1raq "i.8 l e a r n i n g t o stand" on if o m , "and t h e media needs t o t e l l t h a t H d e of t h e s t o r y , and tff d a t e they r e a l l y haven't done a good job of it.'
"AB an m e r i c a n ,



I s m a l i t t l e concerned


, , with regard

to t h e medie only t e l l i n g o m

s i m i l a r comments were made by Col. Michael Shupp, chief of s t a f f of the Pentagon's Joint improviwd Explosive Device Defeat Organization, who served SB r e g i - i e n k l camniand-i.~ o f f i r f o r the l e t Marine ~ i v i s i o n n ~ r a q i from 2004 to 2005. shupp maid t h e media ignoring the progress made by I r a q i s e c u r i t y forces s i n c e t h e United S t a t e s began t r a i n i n g i n the country. Also, Shupp anid t h e preaa d i w o u n t s accounta of bravery of the I r a q i troop^, such as t h e i r w i l l i n g n e s s t o a a s i a t Marines i n t h e s t r e e t s and t o enter a dangerous building before Marinis. Cmdr. Steven Hiaoczki, chief of s t a f f for Naval Special Warfare Group One, s a i d many s t o r i e s do net appear i n t h e press, such a* the status of s e c u r i t y i n a 1 N C x r province.
"Al Anbar i s improving. You don't gee it much i n t h e nowe, and I wish ~e could g e t the effort energized to show t h e American public what i a happening," he s a i d .



nee bean widely r e p o r t e d , he ftdded. WiBOt~ki*.id the e e c u r i t y h. a considerably since t h e expulsion of a 1 Oaeda from the c i t y .


Retired Army msor Gen. m v i d Grange, president of t h e M~ComickTribune eoundation, a c h a r i t y t h a t focuses on journalism, a a i d producers decide which Iraq news s t o r i e s run'on t e l e v i s i o n and are more eager t o r e p o r t mtories t h a t involve bloodshed. -Quite o f t e n w h a t s s p u t cm t d e v i a i o n is wide by producers," he s a i d . " ~ u s tl i k e



newspapera, some are biased one way or the other." Grange's remarks prompted audience member Bob Timberg, editor-in-chief of the U.S. Naval I t 1 Proceeding# magazine, to respond angrily that Grange was unfairly characterizing the media. =he conference was cosponsored by the institute and the Armed F c s C-unications and Electronics Aesxiat~on. Tinberg noted that many journaliate had been killed in rraq covering the war and that painting a media conspiracy was unreasonable.

1 frankly find it incredible that you would sit up there and speak to this audience and [say] thie old eaw about the producers," he said.
Grange apologized to Timbers. However, Grange ~aintained hie position that the media did not report some atariea. a ' I s w . , s e a some #tori=# not run because m . e j u t didnst want that .tory 1 the air," he said. Despite these eowplaints, some ofticera -id xedia coverage benefited operations. Joumaliste embedwith hi= Wrinee during the b t t l e of Fallujah did a"gocd e p O r t l ~ . ~ r Shupp said. Â¥ think part of it too wç that the media know that if they didn't stay by us, they would be the next one on the vide," ha a d d , refçrrin to g r u à § m insurgant videos of hostage slayings.

Shupp -id while jenimaliats enbedded vith the military provide good coverage, some news go through 'editing chainsm and are not produced.

He alao suggested that the media should not just cowe and go to cover battles in Iraq but alao report on successes that occur over che duration o f activity in the country, he said. Additionally, Shupp aaid the military needs to do more to tall the media of ice aucceas.
Army Lt C o l . John Nagl, conaaoding officer of the 1st Battalion of the 3 4 t h Armor at ?t. Riley, KS. had good words to Bay about the press covering thà bttlefront.
'11 my previous experience with s o w
1 the

very. very brave j l f t -iia line, I have nothing but respect for theme guye," he -id.

who really hung it a t

wiaotzki said the focus should not be so inch on influencing U S media coverage but .. Arab media coverage b e c a m e -the people we're trying to influence are the people 1 the Arab w r d ol: The united states should make a areatex effort to work with Arab media o u t l e t ~ncludinga1 Jazeera, he said.


Chris Johnson




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Subject: Can't do the can


Dear Sir ~ l This k tie Urn E-Mail from you-all In quite some time Thanks for putting me backon e l m Best MaorAndy Massing





[ ~ I C T om PA R


Fr,aay e nury02.2007 6 12 PM 'ChuckNash RE Bush t Seek Record $716 Bttonfor DefenseSpending o

Sent. Friday, February 02, 2007 5 10 PH

1 -

Looke like this baa already leaked All the beat, Chuck

Bush to Seek Record $716 Billion for Defense Spending ( W a t e l l 2007-02-02 14845 [New York)
By Tony Capaccio Peb. 2 (Bloocibarg) President George U. Bush's record request foe defense funding for 2 0 0 8 may see up i fight with the Democratic congress, keen to d n e the budget for questionable spending. ash will reweat $716 billion for defence and the global war on terror when he o-. The military submite him fiscal 2008 budget next week, according to a Pentagon d c t product of all but 14 countries. funding request is greater than the annual grcra -tic The request to Congress includes $93.4 billion in additional money for fiscal 2007 to cover COBCS of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanletan. The remaining $622.6 billion would cover the year ending Sept. 30, 2009 and include $141.7 billion for the wars. Congress has Already p-ised increased scrutiny of the additional funding request for 2007, wary that it will include icema that should be funded in the annual budget, such ie $389 million roctucstad to buy two Lockheed Martin Corp. Joint Strike fighters that won't be operational until 2012 to raplace P-16 fighters loat in 1q r. . ~herc'~ been "lean j u ~ ~ - i f i c a c i c m ~ the funding than there should be. House for Budget Committee chairman ~ o h n spratt of south cmrolina ¥ai in an Jan. 30 interview. Spratt said he and other lnumakerm are concemtd that the requests contiined ice- not of an ^'emergency' ' nature.


Increasing the Force Bush propoaea to add $7.7 billion over thia year's budget to increaae the Army by 65,000 troops and add $4.4 billion to increase the Marine Corps by 27,000 people by 2012. The budget also would add $700 million to increase V.S. e e i 1 pc. operations forces by 5.575 1 the way to à total force Of 54,367 Army, Aii Foxce mid Navy coTrroandofl, J B overall I ncrease of almost 10,000 since fiscal 2005, according to the document. "The w g e t provides the reçource needed to organize, man, crain and equip cur military forces," said the two-page summary prepared by the Pentagon comptroller. ""ttie budget provides increaaea to ~~trtantittlly iaczeaee m y and ~ a r i n e a r p capability and c i p s overall readine~~,"the summary said. Fiscal 2007 detense = d i n g will total a b u t $622 billion if Cengr=s= amrothe second half of the emergency wartime funding cequested next week. "That is more than we have went, in real, inflation- a d j u a t e d dollars, in any year iince the height of the Korean war and about $140 billion more in today's dollare than we spent at the height of the Vietnam War," Steven Kosiak, a defense analyst with the Center for Strategic and ~udgetaryAe~essinenc in Washington. said in an e-mailed çt~temcnt

defaiime budget after a post-Cold Mar low point in 1998. The basic peacetime budget for fiscal 2008 is 5481.4 billion, tir about 10.6 percent mere than Congress approved for this year. It includes $101.7 billion for ueaand $75.1 billion for a r c h and development. The cost of the wars i fiscal 2007 would riae to $163.4 billion, n $45.4 billion nore than w e approved i n fincal 2006 for wartin* spending, if Congreà approves the additional $93.4 billion. That figure is about $6.3 billion less than Ihe $99.7 billion that the pentagon estimated in ~ecemberthat it would need. 1 Previous emergency wartime requests have been readily- approved because Congress 1 eager to support 0,s. troops at war. Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England got lawmakers' attention in October with me* encouraging aervice chiefs to include in the new request any items related to the "global w a r on terror," not strictly Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress in the law authorizing defence -g n thia year rewired that the Pentagon, starting with fiscal 2008, break out the war funding request in its m a 1 budget proposal.

%=my's Request
Bush i e asking $128.6 billion in fiacal 2008 to begin the Army's eECto increase its current authorized force of 483,000 by 65,000 troops, including pereonnel expenses, and equipment, according to Pentagon documents to he released along with the budget Feh.

Machine ouna, Radios
Honey to buy vehicles, machine quaa, a-ition. radios and other gear increases to 523.8 billion from $16.8 billion chic year to accoÑnodat a larger ~ r r a y .This account would increase to $26.2 billion in fiscal 3009, That'a nearly a 145 percent increase from fiscal 2002, e t d i n g to the document^. The Array's military construction budget would grow to $4.6 billion in fiscal 2008 from 32.7 billion this ye-. The budget requests $37.7 billion to pay E training, unit dtploymenta and waaponam SYstens maintenance - - up froi $32 billion this year. That amount would increases to $40.4 billion in fiscal 2009. Amy officials have said the overall increase in this category fill cost about $70 billion through 2012. $18 billion of that for equipment. W i t h reporting by lAzeie 0'Le.w in Washington. Editor: Arthur Iiwflwfal.

Scory illustration: For more etoriee about the budget, see {NX BOD BN <QOsl
To contact the reporter on this story: Tony Capaccio at +I-202-62,-1911 or

Sent. To Subjoct





ebruary 02.2007 5 05 PM

RE Conference C l With S n o Do0 Officials on 0 . 5 07ROA unavailable due t n t o a al eir 20 o ainl


Maybe next time. Beat of luck with your conference.

Thank* for the phone call earlier this mek and this hvieatim.

I will h unable to participate for this event, but I normally would participate for ROJL. On Monday, I am working the BOA uid-winter conference at die washington m l c m notel with cow. 1ke Sfcelton as keynoter and various ~peakerx ( 3 star and Colonels) co Air Force ROA memkezs. r C f a 4 - 7 Peb so I will be out of office for almost a week until 9 Peb. All the Jim JIM STARR. Lt Col IR-t). OSAFE Air Force Director

Reserve Officers AsBociation

C T CSD PaR lms~ltol!È ' ' - * " * % , 2007 2 27 PW undisclosed-reciplenta Subject jd osd-pa is 2 feb 07conference call with Senior DOD officials on 02 0s 07
F - ~ "

Senti Friday, February 0 2 ,






Civilian Dafenae Experts and Retired Military Anxlyta



R B! O


public Affairs, Office of the secretary of Defense


~ e b r u a r y2 , 2007


Conference Call < Senior DOD Officials

we invice you to participate in ft conference call, MONDAY, February S, 2006. f 10:OO-10:30 a.m.


his call will be on-the--cord, mowever, co participate in this call, you rouat agree to t h information until 2:00 p . m . . Monday, February 5, 2007.

To participate in thia conference call, please dial
ask the operator to come& you to the Analyst conâ


w ;

hope you are able t o participate.



Subject! Re ConferenceCall \Wl Senior DoD Officialson02.05-07


civilian Defense Bxperca and Retired U i l i t q Analysta


wPublic Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense


February 2, 2007

Re i

Conference Call n t h Senior Dob Officials

we invite you co bxrcicipxce in

a conference call. MOHDAY, Fçbruç 5, 2006, £ro

l0:OO-10:30 a.m.

Ms. Tin* J-e, USD Comptroller and Vice Admiral Stephen Stanley, Director for Force Structure. Re-rce and Amsemsmmc for me Joint mcaEf will brief p u on mu's w 0 8 Budget Sutoniieeion, including the FT 08 SWOT r s , -t and the m 07 Supplemental request. W e . Jooaa'~ hi0 is available at, h~cp://£ençç/BiographyDfltail.aB BiogrtphyID-65 <http://^rtw.defttl^> , V i e w v m Stanley's blo at: htT:p://ww.;cs.içll/bios/bloscanley.hcn <h~tp:// - 1

This call will k m-she-neeord R r . to mtkipate in th~mcall. EMBARGO the information unsil 2:00 p.m , Monday, February 5 , 2007.

rn t

agree to

To participate in this conference call, plças ask the operator to connect you to the Analyst

Pleas* R.S.V.P.


W e

hope you are able to participate.






J e d & b b l n ~ w 7 O9 pM RE ConferenceCall With Sartor DoDOfficbls on 02 0507


sibjet: C0l

D PA ,--7 3:55 W LTC OSD PA FW confer nce Call With Senior Do0 Official* on 02.05.07


he a m a t e below was sent out today for ~onday's conference call with Stanley ~lçaalet me know if have any ffwtions or need anything.


Jonaa and


;. ; ;

era as0 PA Sent FX-day, February 02, 2007 2 . 2 7 PM 0 0 Subject Conference Call With Senior Dot* O f f i ~ i ~"l ~2


0 5 07

TO i

civilian Defense ~xpertsand Retired Military Analysts

From i

public affair^, office of the Secretary of Defense

Re ;

conference call with senior DOD Officials

we invite you to participate i n a conference call, HONUAY, February 5, 2006, from ~0:00-~0:30 a.m.


=in* Joiiu, USD Comptroller And Vice Admiral Stephen Stanley, Director for Force Structure, nesource and ~ueççme for the ~ointstaff will brief you on DoD'B W 08 i requaat. ~ u d g à §sumixaion including chft EY 08 OMOT request, and thd r 07 Supplem~ntal 1 . JonAB's bio is available at: h t t p : / / w w w . d e f e n s e l i n k . ~ i l / / B i o ~ / B i o ~ r a p h ~ ~ ~ U . a ~ ~ ~ ? BioqraphyID-63 <http:/fwww.defençelink,mll/ni08/BiographyOetail.~apx?BiographyID-65 . Stanley'!) bio at: httpr// :

V i e w VADM



we hope you

are able co participate.




from: sent:


aieve aimorcage RE ConferenceCall WHh S n o DoD Officiate on 02.05 07 eir

Ocigi~u.1Mesoage----Promt Steve Strobridge 1nxilto.Steve




; 3 ?




Conference Call With Senior

Ofticiala on 02.05 07

I will be a participant for
thanks very much,

HOAA ifi the

conference call, and çgrà to the einb*rgo


One Powerful Voice.*

or every officer at every stage of life

ça career



Civilian Defense Sxperta and Retired Military Analyst-*


Public Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense


~ebruary2, 2007




Conference Call with sanior DOD Officials

We invite you to participate in a conference call, MONDAY, February 5. 2006, tram 10:00-10:30 a.m.

Ha. Tina Jonaa, USD Comptroller and Vice Admiral Stephen Stanley, Director for Force Structure, Resource and Aaaeeament for the Joint staff will brief you on Dm'# FY 08 Budget Gubniiseion, including the Ft 08 SWOT request, arid the Ft 07 Supplemental request-, (Ms. Jonas's bio ie available at: http;//wwv.defensalink.rail//Bioti/BiographyrÈtail.aapx . BlographyID-65 <http://www.deEenselink.inil/Bio3/BiagraphyDetail.aspx?BioqraphyID-6S> View VADH Stanley's bio at: h~;tp~// chttp://www.jca.nil/bioe/bio_atanley.html~.I

This call will be On-the-necord. ft-r, to participate in this call, you mist agree to EMBARGO the information u n t ~ l3:00 P.m., Monday, February 5, 2007.

We hopà you are able to participate,





To SubJMt:

C T OSD PA R Friday February 02,2007 3 45 PM 'Barry Posen RE Conference Can Wth Senior DoO Officiatem 02 05 07

Thanka for the quick response Mr. maen. we look forward t o having you join us on the c a l l . Have a great weekend!

I intend t o participate.

Thanks. Posen

TO t

Civilian Defense Experts and Retired Military Analysts

From: public Affairs. o f f i c e of the Secretary of ~ e f e n s e


conferanc* c d l with senior ~ o o f f i c i a l s c

M invite you to participate in a conference c a l l . MONDAY, February 5 , 2006, from e

ub. ~ i n a ~onaa,USD cmptroller and vice ~dmiralStephen Stanley, Director Eor FM-ce itruceure, Resource and Aamesment for the Joint acaE will brief you on DoD'e PY 08 udget submission, including the FY OB GWOT request, and the FY 0 7 supplemental request. I , Jonas's bio ia available at:£en~~lin) BiographyID-65 chttpi//çil.a~px?BiographylD-65 View VADM Stanley's bio at: http://www.jcs.inil/bi03/bio-~tanley.html htp://w>.ni~.jc~.mll/bio~/bio~tanley.html*. .I

This call will be On-the-Record. However, to participate in this call, you muse agree to EMBARGO the informttion until 2 : 0 0 p.m., Monday, Febniary 5, 2007,

TO participate in this conference call, pleame dial ' and aak the operator to connect you t o the Annlyat conference call

I W w




07 3:44 PM


Thanks f o r t h e n o t i c e . Maybe next time! Have a g r e a t weekend.

Iruiltoiw.*int* 02, 2007 3:28 P Subject: Re' conference Call With Senior Don O f f i c i a l s en 02.05.07

9 . 1




2 Fç 2007 2 2 7 PM Conference Call With Senior DoD O f C i c i a l ~ 02.05 07 on


C i v i l i a n Defense Experts and Retired Milltçx Analysts f f n i r e , Office of t h e Secretary of Defensi


February 2, 2007 centereno. c a l l with senior DM 0 f f i a i a l m

W i n v i t e you e


t o partieipata i n

conference c a l l ,


February 5 , 2006. from

This c a l l w i l l be on-thç-Record H-v.r, EMBARGO t h e intonnation u n t i l 2-00 p m
u k tho

to p ticipte hia . Monday,n rFebruary i5n t2007. c a l l , , % r

you must agree t o ? $ ~ : % ~ ~

To p a z t i c l p a t e >n t h x s conference c a l l , please d i a l ~ ? operator t o connect you t o tha AnÈ1y. conference c a l l


we hope you are able t participate o

Check out the new ftOL <http://pr.ttwola.cow/pi-0~0clk/1615326657x4311227241x4298082137/aol? r ~ d i r - h ~ t p t 3 A t l Q t 2 ~ t 2 ~ o l t 2 ~ c m k 2Moste c-ehen~~ive ~~ ~ol~ set of free safety and security coola, Eree access to millions of high-quality videos from across the web, f r e e AOL nail and mare.


^p,,'* From Sent To Subject: H i s s Eaglftn,

,--*,-'-zÈ...(. ,. ;-^ -4
'CTR OSD PA Fnday Februafy 02,2007 3 43 F N '

Eaglen Mackenzie'

RE LOOK Confe-CaltWth

SenlwOoO Oftaate on 02 05 07

Thanks for the quick RSVP. We're happy to have you join us

I would l i k e to participate

in the call. Thank you,

Mackenzie Eaglen senior Policy Analyst for national Security

The H e r i c a q e Foundation

RÃ o

sent ~ c  £ d à ‡ y ~ ^ b r u *0i2 , 2 0 0 7 2 . 2 7 PM Subject Con'crence Call u i t h senior DOD 0 f f i c i a . s on 0 2 05

i W 'D " f i l t 0 F ' ^ 1 t " W" l n "



civilian Defense Bxperta and R e t i r e d ~ i l i t a r y -1yçt

Front :

Public Affairs. Office of the Secretary of Defence


February 2 , 2007


conference d l 1 with senior DoD Officials

W invite you t e o 10:OO-10:30 a.m.

participate ID a conference call, MONDAY, February 5 ,



Tina Jonas, USD Comptroller and Vice Admiral Stephen Stanley. Director tor Force Structure, Resource and A~aeesnientfor the Joint staff will bries you on DoD'8 FT O m including the FT 08 WOT rewest, and the FY 07 Suppl-mil request.. Budget Submi~eion, H e , Jonas's bio is available at, httpi//www.dcfen~elink.i~il//Bio~/BiographyDeCail.aspx? BiographyID-65 <http://www.defenaelink,mil/Bios/Biogi-~phyDetail.aspx?BiogrftphyID-65> V i e w VADM Stanley's bio at: http://w~w, <;> ,J


This call will be On-the-Record. However, to participate in this call, you must agree to EMBARGO the informtion until 2 : 0 0 p.m., Monday, February 5 , 2 0 0 7 .

To partxipate in thls conEerence call, please d da-lai aflk the operator t o connect you to the h l y s t conference call

Please R.S.V.P. t

r call him a

we hope you are able to parcicipace.





Friday February 02 2007 341 PM



sctilee G M , C ~ W ~ RE Conference C l With Senior OoD Officials on 02 05 07 al

he cull starts at 1000 am so it would probably be beat to call ~ h a n k afor the quick RSVP in 5 minutea early also, I would like to ask you to please mute your phone to help eliminate background noise I hope you find the information on the call helpful We are happy co have you 301.0 >n

- origiul
o m


Schlee, G

Michael Imillto~mSChlee


conference call with senior DCD Officials on 02 05 Of

I agree to the embargo. What t i m should w call?


Civilian 0-fa-

Experts and Retired Military hullyatm


Public Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defeire


February 2, 2001

Re i


Call with Senior DoD Officials

We invite you to piiticipçt in a conference call, MONDAY. February 5, 2006, from 1O:OO-10:30 a m .



us. in* Jonas, USD Comptroller d Vice Admixxl stephen Stacley. Director for Force Structure, Resource and Assessment for the Joint staff will brief you on DoD's Y'f 08 ~udgetBubmiseion, including the FT 08 GWOT request, and the EY 07 suppleinental rçqueat M s . Jonas's hi0 i0 available at:: http!//"w.defen~elink.(nil//Bic.~/BiographyDet~il.a~p~? BlogrtphyID-65 chttp://www.defen~elink.inil/Blo8/BiographyDccall.a~px?Bio~raphyID=6S~ . Vlev VADM Stanley's bzo a t : n t ~ p : ~ ~ w . j c ~ . ~ i l ~ b i o s / b i o ~ e t a n l e y . h c ~ l <> .I

To participate in this conference call, pleaseid -la and ask the operator to connact you to the Analyst conference call



W hope you are able to pavticlptte. e



=hanks for the quick rsvp we regret he'll be unable t o join


thia t i m e

Maybe next

Admiral Jeremiah will be unable co participate.


C i v i l i a n Defense Experts and Retired M i l i t a r y Analysts

Piihlic A f f a i r s , O f f i c e of t h e secretary of Defense



2, 3007


ConferAice Call w i t h Senior DoD Officials



Ms. T i 1 Jonaa, USD C m ~ t r o l l e rand V i c e Admiral stemen Stanley. Director for Force sctucture, Resource a n d ~ ~ s e s s m e nfor the Joint scatf w i l l brief you on now= FY on t Budaet Submission, including the FY OB GWOT remeat. and the FY 07 Su~~leniental reoueat.

Thia call will be On-the-Record. However, t o p r t i c i p k t e i n chi* c a l l , you must agree to EMBARGO the infomation until 2:00 p.m., Monday, Pebruary 5. 2007.

participate i n t h i s conference c a l l , please dial aak the operator co oonnect you t o the Analyst conE


rn* Jç McCaunland f

Thanka for the p i c k RSVP Sir


happy to have you on the call

I w i l l be there





or the Secretary of Defena*


February 2 , 2007



Call w i t h Senior DoD Officxalc

we invite you t o partidpate in a conference call, MOBIOAY, February 5, 2006, from

1 0 r 0 0 ~ 1 0 ~ 3a.m. 0



Ms. Tina Jonan. USD Cottptrollex uid Vice Admiral Stephen Stanley, Director for Force s i r e , Resource and ~ ~ a e a m e n c the Joint staff will brief you on D m ' s PY 08 for Budget Submission, including the PY 09 QWOT request, and the PT 07 Supplemcncttl request. Ws. Toms'e bio im available at: h t t p : / ~ ~ . d e f ~ ~ ~ l l n k . r n i l / / B i ~ ~ / B i ~ r a ~ h ~ e t a ~ l . e ~ BiographyID-65 ~£enaeliiik.i>il/Bioa/Bio~aphyDctçil.aapx?BiographyID=6 . View VADM Stanley-B blo at: ¥c .)

This call will

However, to wrcicipate in
2:OO p.m..

agree t o EMBARGO


Holiday. February

To participate in this conference call. please and u k the operator to connect you to the Analyst conference call

w hope you are able to parc-icipate e



From: Sent70-






RE RSVP for Mr Frank8 Campbell

Thanks for the quick rsvp

Please l e t Mr

Campbell know we're happy t o have tun.

Frank B. Ired1 Campbell, VP and Managing Director C3 and Information Operatima
Peter E. Rogers, vice President B n t e r p r i ~ Logistics Solutions &

Lockheed M a r t i n Integrated Syateme

& Solutions

a , Frederick



(301) 2 4 0 - 7 2 7 1


" ,




-..b e m a g 7 3 ~


To S~bjict:

[WB ~ T OSD PA R Friday Febru
r o

RE Conference Call With Senior Do0 Officialson02 05 07


the quick rsvp. We're glad to have you p i n


I ' l l plan on joining the conferance call.



Civilian Defense Bxperts and Retired Military An-tlyflCs

public Affaix*, Office of t h e Secretary of Defense



2 , 2007




Conference Call with Senior D M Officials

we invite you to participate

i a conference call, n


February 5, 2006, from

loioo-lot30 a.m.

~udget~uhmisalon,including the FY 08 Ghwr - a t ,

. i m =onas, WSD comptroller and vice Admiral Stephen Stanley. Director for Force ~tructure,~eaourc* and A Ã ‡ Ã ‡ ~ Ã ˆ M Ã the m i n t stuff will brief you on ~ m ' FT 06 for s and the FY 07 Supplemental requeat. (Ms. ~onas'a bio i a available at: m;tp://t~ww.&

BiographyID-65 ~http://ww.defen~elin)> ,


V i e w VADM Stanley's bio at: http://www.jca.tnil/bi-os/bio~tanley.html

Â¥ehttp://www.~c~.tail/bio~/bio~~anley.htnl .I

This call rill be on-the-~ecord. However, to participate in this call. you must agree to EMBARGO the informationuntil 2 : 0 0 p . m . . W a y . February 5 , 2007,

TO participate in this coa~arencecall, please dial

and aak the operator to connect you to the analyst confer

Me hope you are able to participate,




you have dona a g r e a t job.



much and beat wishes i n your new venture...Erv


I 1

Gentlemen. 1c ~ à been m d i m ~ l n c cpleasure and ˆ y great p r i v i l t g e t o work with you over the p a s t two plus y e a r s . I g r e a t l y value t h e relacionahip I have formed with many of you and am honored to count you as friends It i s with a mixture of çxcitçmtt and udnexe t h a t I w r i t e t o l e t you know t h a t I opening a new chapter in dry career, çn M such w i l l move out a t t h e r o l l ae your l i a i s o n i n O D Public AfEaica. I h a v aecepced a p o s i t i o n am t h e Director of External S Affairs in the office of the Deputy Asoimtant Secretary of Defense for Detainee AKKaire in D Policy ( I ' m not q u i t e sure y e t how I w i l l f i t a l l t h a t on A bueinesa c a r d ! ) . I am looking f o r w r d co t h e new challenqeo t h t w i l l come with t h e job.

1 1



1 t o the Department's ~ e t e n s i o n Enemy Coinbatante. of

Pleaoa f e e l tree co continue using TO a resource should you need anything r e l a t i n g My email w i l l remain t h e same. I do , n o t have a date carcain as to when I w i l l report t o ntv new o f f i c e , but it w i l l l i k e l y be n t h i n a couple of weeks. I Once again, thank you for allowing m t o serve you t h e s e pça couple of year* e I




Great1 We look torward to having you

-----0rio'iiw1 ""sage-----

From- Chris Preble ~ m a i l t o . ~ ~ r e b l ~
S t l & r


RE. Conference Call W i t h Senior



02, 2007 2.37 PM OSD PA


o f f i c i a l s on 02.05 07


1 ~

1 be participating in this c a l l 1


Thank you.

Christopher Preble
Director O f Foreign policy Studies

The cat0 I".tit"f

Ita~aachusctt~ hve, tw

Washington. DC 20001

!America1 i s the well-wisher to the freedom


independence of a l l .

She i s t h e champion and Vindicator only of her own


John Onincy


July 4th, 1831

Z - F K - O S D PA [mail Friday, February 0 2 , 2007 2-27 subject Conference call with senior






Civilian Dafenae Experts and Retired Military Analysts


Public Atfaira, Office of the Secretary of Defense


February 2, 2007


Conference Call with senior COD officials

W invite you to participate in a conference call, e 10:00-10:30 a.m.

W M . Pebruary

5, 2005,


Me. Tina Jonas, CT3D Comptroller and Vice Admiral Stephen Stanley, Director for Force Structure, Reaoua-ee and Afeaanant for the Joint atate will brief you on D M ' S FT 08 Budget Submission, including the FT OB GWOT request, and the FY 07 Supplemental request. 1 . 0 1 ' s bio is available at: BIographyID=SS -chCtp://www.defen~elink.inil/Bios/BiographyDe~ail.aapx?BiographyID-65> View VADM Stanley's bio at: h t t p : / / w . 3 ~ ~ . m i l / b i o e / b i o ~ t a n l e y . h e a l


<http://www.jcs.tnil/bios/blo~tanley.htmla . I

Thla call will be On-the-Kecord. However, to participate in thia call, you mist agree to EMBARGO the info-tion until 2800 p.m., Monday, Pthruwy 5 , 2007-


participate in thia conference call, please dia


i R.S.V.P. to

We hope

you are able co participate.

F m


F ~

To subisft




T OSD PA R y 02.2007 2 41 PM

conferenceCaB WBi Senmr DoD OIteals on 02 05 07

Thanks fox the response. Maybe next t i m e !



conference Call With Senior Don OEficiale on 02 05


Dave Grange will not be able to participate, but thank you.

~xecutive secrçtç tor ~8 avid li. Grange, President and CEO
4 3

wccormick Tribune Foundation




~ichiganW e . , suit. IL 6 0 6 1 1




Fax 3121222 3523

Investing in our children, c-unities and country <blocked.-.>



civilian Defense Experts and Retired Military Analysts

public affair-, o f f i c e oC the Secretary of Detente




February 2, 2007


Conference Call with Senior DoD Officiale

we invite you to participate in a emfercnca call, MONDAY, February 5, 2006, fcm 10:Oo-10:30 a.m.

USD Comptroller and Vice Admiral Staphan Stanley, Director for Force Structure, Resource and Amaeaamenc for the Joint staff will brief you on DoD'c FT 0s Budget Submiaeion, including tha PY 08 O W request, and the PY 07 Supplemental request. (Ms. Joiuic-s bio is available .ti ht:tpt//çphyDetail.çsp BiographyID-65 <ç6s , View TODM Stdnley'm bio at: h t t i p : / / m . j c à § . m i l / b i c i ~ / b i o a c t i n l e y . h t m ehtcp://ww.jcfl.~~il/bio~/bio~taoley.htir>l> .)
Hç Tina J-a.


This call will bo On-the-Secord. However, t o participate in this call, you must agree to
EMBARSO the information until 2:00 p . m . . Monday, February 5. 2007.

To participate in this conrcranes call, please dial ask the operator t o connect you to the ~irlyacconference call.

. £,,Ã ,,,Ã Ã ; Ã ,,. £,,. £ and £

we hope you are able to participate.






0.30 PA


Friday Februa

A C o r d e s m a n ~ 2 37PM RE ConferenceCall Wlh Senior DeO Officialson 02 05 07

Thanks for the quick r e r o o n ~ .mjoy your trip and travel mEaty.

From Sent

Whitnrn Bryan Mr OSD PA


RE Point Paper on MilCon









r e d a y February 01, 2007 10202 AM Whitman Bryan M r OSD PA FW Point Pawr on Milcon

(g^-.l..--,V-.;,i-^^-.^a '


-...P m s



Thursday February 0 1 . 2007 10 02 Whitman, a r p n M r OSD PA Subject Point Paper on nilcon
S t

Per our hallway conversation! Attached is my point papex on Nilcon which IB a little nore d t 1 t h à ˆ the leeter. If you choose to release it to thà erçç please pase a copy to Jed BxbbLn who is not the Editor of Human Events Ha'# keen t o da A  ¥ t o r on the idea that the Congress has y à § made a huge deal out o readinearn, calling everybody and their dog to hearings and turns around and passes a CR that. potentially raductn readineat It'm o c h e r case of the right hand not knowing what eh* riqhe hand La doing




a P e t r a e u s Roundteble meetingwith rebrad mhiyanalysts
M Wed 101/21È B 45 A ~ e *l31/2007 1000 AM a



ConHrmed Retired Military Analysts; Mr. led Babbin Lieutenant General Frank B Carnobell Colonel (Tim) I. Eads Colonel John Garrett Command Sergeant Major Steven Greer Lieutenant Colonel Robert L.Maginnis Colonel Jeff McC~llsland Lieutenant General ThomasMclnemey Major General Michael J. Nardotti, Jr. Capt~in Chuck Nash Major General Donald W.Shepperi Captain Martin L. Strong Mr. Bing West Confirmed to join by phone: General Wayne A. Downing BrigadierGeneral David L. Grance Mr. Waync Simmons

(USAF, JAG) Human Events Editor (USAF, Paired) (USA, Retired) FOX News (USMC, Rdiftd) Fox Radio (USA, Retired) Fox News (USA, Retired) CNN, Fox, MEN (USA, Retired) CBS , (USAF, Retired) Fox News (USA, Retired) (USN, Retired) Fox News (USAF, Retired) CNN (LISN, Retired) (Fmr ASD) Atlantic Monthly

(USA, Retired) MSNBC (USA, Retired) CNN (USN, CIA, Retired) Fox News

5 .

hi mackenzie, thunke ç much for your interest you are indeed on our diitritmtion H a t for civili~i defense experts the invitation to toworrws roundtable meeting was limited to those on our retired military analyses list. i apologize for the coifusion, but the invitation i s not open co anyone else at t h ~ a time. we trill keep you posted on future opportunities

Please add me to your OSD public affairs distribution list. Heritage as Jim Carafano.

I work the ~ a n e issues at

Thank you,


Retired ~ilitary ~uulysts


January 29, 2007


Meeting with General David Petraeus

You are invited co attend a roundtable meeting Wednesday, January 31, 2006, at the
Pentagon with ceneral ~etraeus. the incoming commanding General of wci-national ForceIraq. The meetin3 will atart p-ptly at 8:45 a.m. and ie expeated to conclude at 1O:OO

Consistent w i t h Pentagon security procedure?, if you require an escort, it will be necessary for you to arrive at the Pentagon Metro Entrance MLT 8:lS a.m. on January 31et with two forma of I.D., one with a picture. Thoee not requiring an escort should plan co arrive a t the designated room by 8:30 a . m .

If you are unable to attend in parson, you will have the opportunity to participate via conference call. The room number and dial-in details will be provided as soon as we hear back from you regarding your participation. Pleaae be clear on your RSVP if you intend to participate In person or v i a phone.

He hope

you will be able to participate.


office of the Secretary of Defenae




Attached is a sample laemrandm chat I've used
a n d her team

.. cut and paste'


~'ve put in 2 paat one#-- m

are a huge help if you need i t toot

hi. can you show me how t o aubmit an or request?? got the m i l urlysca coming in tor roundtable tomorrow can you believe i o v e never done one?? protocol always did them, but lecdef i s not involved i n t h i s one


L - ..

, ; ;rbq
" '


Hai SD 1 0 0 7 7 . 0 9 AU



ORf for Military Analysts

good morning! we are up to 13 attendees. not sure h w many w e ' l l end up having, but since o r e about 14 hours out, i think that number may be pretty class. '
can we BCC up a spider phone in there?? a few out-of-t-m want to c a l l in for the meeting. I'll eec up the number and everything, j w t need a spider.. .

1 1

i l m , can we get a coat rack and electronics rack? oh, and i have two drivers who would lzke to be cleared for xivsz -*king. i711 send t b d r info an soon a m i get it ty &: 1 CAR you believe I've never done an orf request before?? how do 1. do that? lo1 anything else Youneed from me??

W e 3uet


need you guys to put in in ORE request Co cover the cost of the beverages mnd m so h e a 1 cake cure of the meeting.

I've copied the dudca-in-charge hero...they can tell you how much to ask for! Do you know about how many people we are preparing food and drink for?

Thanks ao much I



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Sent: To

~ A F I S . H O I P I A

DUD-relatedcoverage tonight was light, with the main focus on the battle in Najafand "mounting" tensionswith Iran. CNN and FOX News led with sin segments, followed by MSNBC (5). PBS (2), ABC (I), NBC (I), CBS (1): Other segments discussed the continued political debate within Congress over the troop surge and nonbindingresolutions. Non-DoD coverage focused on the "Scooter" Libby trial and the '08 pmsidential c a r d i i M s President Bush's comment that the US. would "resoond firmly" to I n n led to numerousseementsover the growing tension betweentheU S snd Im. severai uixlywi kgreedthit Iran had been aiding the insurgency in Iraq, vith CBS reportingt h x Iran v u çlmd f *ling &"prox) war" in Iraq. Reports seemed convinced thsl 0 r e a s aear"ttai1 back 1 Inn" and that mere uii'imokinc tun" evidencetnut linked Iran. One m n claimed lhal the "mountain of evidence" agamst Iran would be released soon, possibly by next week Commcnmry wa* genemil, potlifve about the reiuftt oftnc "Nçp Bank:' R p n were cauilcnuly optimbtlc in eos their assessment ofthe iraqimrmy's performance and t b . 1 ~ thwart the "cult's anics,"*sone outlet reported to tiat the U S did most ofthe"n.Ilin~" A feu reoonsduamed ma SÇ this "raid" is B sim of Iraoi instaDiliIV. especially because this region WBS recently turned over toIraqi security forces. In the context o f those reports r e reiteratedcalls that the situation in Iraq may have descended Into a "civil w r " a.




David Martin (CBS) "U S officials tell CBS N e w send iiumberson puts used to make advanced exploiivc devices powerful enough to breach the W r on i n Amencm rank have been traced directly m oack to Iran These officials iiso say rocket mooclled - a d e bunchemm d assault rifles found in Irao . . . bear Iranianfactory markings." David Martin (CBS): "American failure in Iraq would be a diusrer for the US., but American success would be a disaster for Iran, 10 something h i got to give." Gen Jack K m e ret fonner Arm) Vice Cnief ofStaff(ABC): "This force r e w e d wc.1 to aforcethçwm very sizeableand was willingto fight The Iraqi iccunft forces handled thennelvc* well used theaupouicr effectnel~.We should fee! aood about it " Barbara Starr, ?&tagon correspondent:'That blunt waning from the new Defense Secretary, singing out Iran's growing involvementin the fighting Inside Iraq."-statement after be said, "consider yourselfa target...." Rep. Jim Moron (VA)(MSNBC): "We have focused our hostile efforts now towards Iran but in the meantime, ifwe are successful, what we will create is a Shiite theocracy lhatwould clearly be aliened with
., " I- .

John Burns, New York Times (CNN): "The government of Iraq has probablyturned somethingof a comer in the last few weeks "




Evening News Broadcast Coverage Report Jç.na 29,2007

DoD-relatedcoveragetonight was l g t withthe main focuson the battle in Najafand"mounting" ih, tensionswith Inn CNN and FOX News led with six segments, followedby MSNBC (5). PBS (2). ABC (I), NBC (1). CBS (1). Other segments discussed thecominuedpolitical debatewithinCongress overthe troopsurge and non-bindingresolutions. Non-DoDcoverage focused on the "Scooter" Libby trial and the '08 psidentid candidates.

President Bush'scmment that the US. would "respond finnlv" to Inn led to nimerous s e m t s o v e r the growing tension between the US.and Inn. s I anal* agmd thai Iran had been aiding the & insurgency in Iraq, with CBS reporting that Iran was already fightinga"proxy war" in Iraq. Reports seemed convinced thai there was a clear "trail beck to Iran" and that there was "smoking gun" evidence (hat linked Iran. One report claimed that the "mountain o f evidence" against Iran would be releasedsoon. possibly by next week,
Commenw was xenenlly positive a m the result! of the "NajdBaule." Repentw c ~ caitiouily b e optimistic in (heir assessment of the Iraqi m y ' s p e r f m u i c e a n d ability tothwan the "cult'sattack,"~ one owlet reportedthat the US did mostofthfr-killm~." Afew iworrs di-rod MW this"rtid"u a sign of Iraqi instability,especiallybecausethis regionwas recently fumed over to Iraqi security forces. to the context of those reports were reiteratedcalls that the situation in Iraq may have descendedintoa "civil war,"



David Mutin (CBS): "U.S. officialstell CBS Newsserial numbers on parts used to make advancedexplosivedevices powerfulenoughto breach the annor on an American tank have been traced directly back to Iran. These officialsaiso say rocket propelledgrenade launchersand assault rifles found in Iraq bear Iranianfactory markings." David Martin (CBS): "American failure in Iraq would be adisaster for the US., but American success would he a disaster for Iran. so somethinghas got to give." Gen. Jack Kcane ret. former Army Vice Chiefof Staff(ABC): "Thisforce reacted well to a force thatwas very sizeableand was willing to fight. The Iraqi security forces handledthemselves well used the air power effectively. We should feel good about it." BarbaraStm. Pentagon correspondent:T h u bluntwarningfromthe new DefenseSecretary, rns " sineim out Ia' erowina involvementin the fmhtinc inside Iran."-stitementafter he said. u v "consider yourself a target...." Rep. Jim Mom (VA) (MSNBC); "Wehavefocused our hostileeffortsnow towards Iran but in the meantime, ifwe are successful, whi we will crests is ft Shiite theocracy that would clearly be aligned with them." John Bums, New York Times (CNN): "The governmentof Iraq has probably turnedsomethingof acomer in the last few weeks."



Parenthesesbelow indicatethe banner headline thtt appeared on screen

11:Oq<:MPMJ Fox News: Soecial Reportwith Brit Home a e * on Iranian"escalation" o Focused on State Dcpt. and White Houw o Bra Baier, Chief White Home correspondent:"Wednesday. U.S. officials hi Baghdad r e expected to release a mountain of evidence that Iran has been training Iraqi insurgents and providingthem with explosivesfor sophisticated improvised explosive devices." Â (Naiaf Fieht) o Segment argued that the battle was a good xep for Iraqi military progress Mike Emanuei;"...Najafwasturned ownoIraqi forces last month and US. milifary commanders say it worked the way it was supposed to with Iraqi forces responding aggressively to a threat and calling in coalition forces for support. Too early to call this a trend, but US. officials say it is a positive sign." Q . m & & l . e lmq resolutions on




(Bush Warn I r a ) 0 Segment that outlined "escalation" with Iran 0 Focused on PresidentBush's NPRcommentsand a "downshift in the rhetoric" (Iran's Meddling) 0 Robert Gates, Secretaryof Defense: "if you're in Iraqand trying 1 kill our troops. 0 consider yourself a target." o Barbara Startthat blunt warning from thenew Defense Secretary, singlingoutIran'? involvementin Iraq..." o Star "Officials say it's a trail from Tehran, weapons, fraining,money and organization that they want stopped." ( I m Civii W a n o Jamie Mclntyrc; "The US. argues this is themodel for the fature. US. troops om front with US. soldien backingthem up whenneeded." o Mclntyre: "One thing this latest battle seems to show is that Iraq has moved from a clear. cut insurgency to what many military experts increasinglyagree is an all-outcivil war? MSNBC: Tucker Carinn -o %n Iran's inmtians in lmq 0 Mentionsof the "pattern of escalation" that led us to war with liaq and addition of second aircraftcarrier 0 Rep. Jim (VAY."we have focused our hostile efforts now towards Iran but in the meantime, ifwe are successful, what we will create is a Shiite theocracy that would clearly be aligned with them (Iranians)..."



WC: Ntohtiv N-

with B r i m Wllihmi

,.-- - .. ,

hiegiw of h i d e n t B U N S commmtott Iran
o Brian Williams: "...if it wasn't hard enough to figureout all thefadions in the fighting in Iraq, tonight there is word from a battlefield in the desert halfwayaround the world that

there is a new force to worry about uid it is beingdescribed as a cult. You may have heard ofthe big atuck yerteriay ttM left 200 Iraqis d a d They w e fighting US soldim o the" fellow Iraqis. Suite on Shiitt. Andtonighull indicationsare this group was bent on makinen bir kill before thew t h f n u e l v ~ were killed in the fioht ' v v ABC Werid NcwÃ
1 a b m the N&JafMIe o Om. Jack Keane m . former Amiv Vice Chiefof Staff- "This force reactedwell toa force that was very sizeable and willing to fight. The I n q i security forces handled about it." themselves well and used the airpowereffectively. We should feel @xd o "Iraqis may have been in the lead here, but several hundred American troops were involved and most oflhe killing ultimately done by US air power." CBS E v l n r N e w a


(Stoked by Imnl Q David Martin, national security correspondent; "Outright war betweenthe U.S. and Iran remain only a remote possibility, but they arealreadyfighdnga proxy war inside Iraq." o Martin: "US. officialstell CBS News serial numberson nans wed to makeadvanced explosivedevices powerful enough to breachthe annor on mi American tank have been traced directly back to Iran, These officialsalso say rocket propelledgrenade launchers and assault rifles found in Iraq bear Iranianfactory markings." 0 David Martin: "American failure inIraq would beadisaster forthe US., but American i s would be a disaster for Iran,so somethinghas got to give."

John Bums, New York Times: "Thegovernment of fraq haspnAablyturned somethiiig ofa corner in the last few week ...MSNBC: Hardhall with Chris Matthew s Headline o f President Bush's comment about iron PBS: Newshourwith Jim Lfhrer

. .

~ 0 f I m s<gmat n
e w with Jehn Bums






Headline and -on lm Analystsdoubtedthe "inevitable" war with Inn and saw growingpressure against Iran leading to diplomacy n N a j i f battle Borzou Daraghati. L s Angeles Times:Â¥'Frowhat we dersteid, however, the local o baqi security forces were beinerouted, bcaien, until they called for s u ~ ~ o r t a from nearby province."



n Iraq m d l m Focused on Presidmtial oolitic*


MSNBC: Ctlintdown rilh Keith Olterxann

(Battle for Iragj 0 Skeptical of Iraqi progresaand stability in Najaf


MSNBC: Joe Sfirtonneh (Rcwbliain Revolt) o Segment about resolutions against the troop SUB-& {Iranian "Invasion"of ha?! 0 Scarborough:"You can blametheproblemsyouhave inIraq on Inc..." FOXNewl: Hannltv & Ccilmt. No DoD-related coverage P N : Lçr Kini No DoD-related coverage





(5)(8 ICTR OSD PA Monday January 29 2007 2 47PM E $ OSD PA CTR Re Roundlable tnvitaibn

way in.

R To
5 : nor. Jan 29 11:32:10 2007 Subject: RE. Roundtable Invitation

Thanks ["'a ""hm

been keeping me up to date

Hot a w e if you're aware.



prom: OSD PA Sent: won Jan 29 13:02:25 2007 Subject: Roundtable Invitation


Retired Mllitury AnalyKi



Jçnuar 29, 2007


Meeting with General David mcraeue

You are invited to attend a roundtable meeting Wednesday, January 31, 2006, it the Pentagon with General PetraeuB, the incoming C-ndinff General of Multi-National ~orcem q . ~h meeting will ,tart p m p t ~ y 0:45 a.m. and im ewecwa to CO~CIU& at 10:oo at



Consistent with Pentagon security procedure*, if you require an aacort, it will ba necessary for you to arrive at the Pentagon Metro ~ncranceHLT 8:15 a . m , on January 31st with two forms of I.D., one with a picture. Those not requiring an escort should plan to arrive at the designated room by 8 : 3 0 a.m.

Zf y w a-

".h "b

to atten* in pezm,,,

you .,Ill h . v e

the -rtuniey

e.2 participate " I .

conference call. The room number and dial-in decaile will be provided aa ~ o o n we hear as back from you regarding your participation. Please be clear on your RSVP if you intend to participate in person or via phone.

We hope you will be able t o participate.

Public Affairs Office of the Secretary of Dçfena



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Evening Clips-limited distro list due to email connection troubles Subject: Attachmonte: Evening News Broadcast News Coveragefor 1 25 0 7 . W

DoD-rehacoverage tonight was light and i~cluddmentionsof l Gen. Potraeiii,new funding request; forand L trouble" in Afphanitttn, and the potsibility ofwv wilh Iran ç"<atç$tToph>" CNN led witheight segfenu. folJoued Lq FOX Nc~'i(6). USNBC (4). PBS(i) ABC (I), NBC (i),CBS(O) Other segments discussed coverage congressional oppositionto (he troop surge and the non-lethal Active Denial System. NO~'DOD highlightedthe "Scooier" Libby trialand reaction to CNN's interview with Vice PresidentChency

Reports and commentary onLL Gem Petraeoscontinued show support as he was lauded for his "honett talk," to but there was discussion about aUdiionnect" between his Senate approval and its vote on the troop surge resolution.

New developments regardingthe "other war" in Afghanistan were a p r i m r y topic of discussion, as news briefs noted the increased violence, extended tours o f duly, and request for increasedfunding. Reports suggestedthat t k 'Taliban is back and al-Qaeda \s regrouping" and that NATO "is short oftroops"
was raised that the US. could ootcdalhr Durinea CNN seemententitled."Irao: NrehtmareScenario"-m be training individuals in Iraq who could k e r turn against US. and the rhission. The report armed that training is supporting Shiite -death squads," Sunni insurgents,and futureal-Qaeda members. Also on CNN,there was debate about the "on-leiha1 Active Denial System and its effectiveness for the U.S. military. Olhersegments included continued discussion reeardine the "inevitable" war with Iran. and an "a~ocalvctic"talk of foreien



Kly-ft Gen. David Grange id.(CNN):"think the Gen.Petraei~ Mll i t like It is. Hopefully he'll have the I win political backingwhere he is allowed to talk the (ruth.And can give reality as i t is on the ground... And I think with his leadership and some others thai areon theirway over there and some that are there now, we

havea shot at it." Lou Dobbs, anchor (CNN): commendthe general for serious and sober and honest talk." "1 Mohamed GI-Biradei. IAEA Director Gen.: "Stop talking h u t i military onion it would be catastrophic." Jamie Mclntyre, Senior Pentagon-pondem:" Afghanistan, the Taliban is back, al-Qaeda is g i i i p i n g . and NATO is short of troops. Those we not good trends," Bret Baier. Chief White House correspondent(FOX): "US. officials tell FoxNews that both ofthose key political benchmarks(in Iraq) are now within reach..." regarding oil profits sharingand reconciliation Michael Ware, CNN correspondent (CNN) "(Are) there enough troops... no... (are) there enough troops to alter the security environment... yes there will be change, but there is nothing being done to change the fundamental dynamics that arecrippling1heU.S. mission. .."






Evening News Broadcast Coverage Report
Jammy 25,21TO7

DoD-related coverage tonight was light and includedmentionsofU. Gen. Petracus,new funding requests for and "trouble" i n Afghanistan, and the possibilityofwar with Iran as "catastrophic." CNN fed with e i g h t s w y s , followed by FOX N e w (6). MSNBC (4), PBS(l), ABC (I), NBC (I), CBS (0). Other segments discussed congressionaloppositionto the troop surge and the oon-kthal Active Denial System. Non-DoD coveraec hichiiehted the "Scooter" Lihbv trial and reactionto CNN's interview with Vice PresidentCheney.

- - -

Reports and commentary on U. Gen. Pctraeuscontnmed to show support, as he was lauded for his
"honest talk," but there was discussion about a "disconnect" between his Senateapproval and its vote on the troop surge resolution.
Newdrvebptnenisre&i~gd*e"& d i m e i f t x i l w e r e a p n i n x r y topic ofdiscussion,unews briefs noted the increased violence,extendedtours ofduty, and request for increased funding Reports liiegcstcd ihat lhc'Taliban is tuck and al-Qfda is regrouping" and that NATO% short of troops

During a C W segtnent entitled. "Iraq: Nighmare Scowrio%coricem was r u d ttut the US. could potenliallyoc omnine iiidividicli in Iraq whocould l a t e r n i i ~ r ~ i n s t t h e Â¥n the mission The L'S report argued t h i l mining is %upporting Shine "death squads," Sunm inwrgems, and future alQaeda memoers. Alsoon CNN. there was dcoale about the nm-lethal Active Denial Synem and its c dloclivcnessfonhc U S mihuuy O t k r s à § p n l h udcdcmtinueddiscussion regardingthe "iinevitahle" war with Iran. and an "apocalyptic" talkof forctgn dignitaries. Gen. David O i r g e re^ (CNN) " thinkthçGenPdnem will mil i t like i t is. Hopefully he'll I have the political backingwhere he is allowed to talk the troth. And can give reality as it is on thethink with his leadershipand some others that are on their way over there and ground... And I some t h f arc there now,we have a shot at DL" Lou Dobbs, inchor (CNN) "I commend tnegeneral for m o u i çnsober and honest talk " Mornroed Et-Baradci. IAEA Director Gç "SloptÈ)kin&Â¥bou milnçyoptio it wouldbe catastrophic." Jmit Mclntyre, Senior Pentagon correspondent: " Afghanistan. IheTaIiban is back, alQaeda is regrouping, and NATO is short oftroops.Thoseare not good trends." Bret Btier, Chief White House conffponden(F0X): "US otXcitls tell Fm News Ihit bolhof those key political benchmarks(in Iraq) are now within reach..." regardingo i l profits sharing and reconciliation Michael Ware, CNN correspondent (CNN): "(Am) there enoughtroops... n . . (are) I o. @ enough troops toalter the security environment... yes...there will be change, but t h e r e i s n o t h i being done lo clangethe fundamental dynamicsthat are crippling the U.S. mission






Parenthesesbelow indicate the banner headline that appeared on screen




Wall &ma J-l; Senator in ief(lfl51:"WhileGen. Penieiisuys heneedlmore he d m ? . Which banMeId mmmander do you trust... so every 30 days, Gen. Petraeusand his men will have to lake their attentionaway from the Baghdad campaign and instead report to Congress on how well Iraqis and Americans are communicating with one another, among other crucial matters..." excerpt o f opinion article discussed on Fox News on "positive widencamof p r e p s in l r q o Brcl Baier, Chief White House correspondent: " U S officials tell FoxNews that both of those key political benchmarks are now within ruth..." regardingoil profits sharing and montiiimion

b y ,


, attacks in the south are un 200 percent U S commanders sav a b i t reason is that ~ 1 . . . Qaeda have bçà ~perating freely from sanctuaries across the border in Pakistancvw since Pakistan's made a deal 10 rely on tribal leaders to keep al Qaeda in check!' o Mcintyre:". . in fact, theother big problem is, just like in Iraq, the performanceoflocal Afghan security forces, especially the police, has been spotty. So, in addition tomore troops, the Bush administrationnow plans topour more money into Afghanistan. Mow than $10 billion..." -ton congressionaloppositionto Iraq policy o Report focusad on cotigreiiiorrl politics d PresidentBush



o Michael Ware, CNN correspondent:" think to this day, the fan i i lremains that the I tl daily drip feed of Americandeaths and casualtiesis by and large coming from the Sunni insurgency. The Shia militias, theShiadealhsquad,while they don't withhold, they ai not the principle target!' o Gen. David Grange ref.: "You have units that arc good; you have units that are not so good...1 think it's the same thing in Iraq." o Dobbs: "1 commend the eeneral for senow and sober and honest talk. Do you think we'll and honmjudgmnts publicly expressed...?" continueto hear honest &em 0 Gen. DavidGrange ret.: " think that Gen.Pclraeus will tell K like it is.Hopefully hell I hive the political backingwhereheisallowed to taikthe truth. And can giverealityçsi is on the ground. And Ithink tharil happen. I t is all about wili. And Ilike his comment, that it's hard but its not hopeless. Imean he's a soldier. Ofcourse it's not hopeless. Awthinc iscanable in warfare And 1think with his le~dmhloand gome other's that ai on theirway over thereand some'that arc there now. we have; shot at it." o Michael Ware: "Are thereenough troops no are there enough to alter thesecurity i m e n t yes,..there wili bechange, butthere isnothing beingdonetochange the

... ..



fundamental dynamicsthat are crippling the US. mission -conwnents on phased withdrawal MSNBC: Tucker Curbom F W & on m n g m s i m l wKms on lmq @icy m b& o FocusedonSenate committees o Tucker "Why does it takea Republican10 bethÃbreve on this issue?"- commentingon Sen. Haul's (WE) remarks reeardim the policy M with Gemge Pmki. f o r m 80-of New Ywk a e a i n s t m 0 George Pataki; "... so what we have to do i not inject ourselves in the middle of s sectarianstrike between the Shiitc and the Sunni. That is between them. but continueto go after the al-Qaedaand the other global teTTorists in provincesand other parts of Iraq..:.



1830(630PM] NBC: N i i h l h Nwith Brim W W i l (Tiwin* Point) o Segment on congressiondoppositionto troop surge ABC World News n e n t m o f i m in h d s a m e d i i o f m i A f & m i i d n CBS Evenins News  No DoD-relaiedcoverage



FOXNçws Repon Èil Shenard Smitlt Fox Short mention about increase in funding forAfghanistan -r f, o remintion
!  ¥ R i à § f Pain) Segment on the ActiveDenialSystem o



o Jamie Mclntyrc. "Wnh U.S. troopsk i n g m-waditionalmissiins... the US. mililary is looking 10 give them some non-traditional weapons 0 Mclntvre: "The militarv insists the whole idea is to ffive trooOStnomion to 1 causalities..." commenting on the Active Denial System  (The Foreonen War?) Interview with S o m e Malveaux on A f g h a n i s t o Suzanne Maiveaux, White House correspondent: "The US. mission in Afghanistan isin trouble- is what this-figure" is saying..." The tipre: Total 2007 request-110.6 billion $8.6 billion - trainingand equipping Afghan m y and p o l i o $2 billion reconstruction $14.2 billion-invested since2001 (Plain for I m 7 ) o Jack C a m , CNN anchor Senator Byrd says he's wciriedthe machinerymay have itready been set in motion for anattack insideIran or Syria." s f on fmding qwsl in Afglmwislm à (Iraa: Nilthtmare Scenario] 0 Segment argued that the US.-traincd troops i n Iraq could mm w i n i t the US. 0 Michael Ware: There'sabsolutely no doubt whatsoever, that even if America isn't training its enemies, it i s training peopfe whoare opposed to American inlfests 0 Michael Ware: "ITS clear that so farMallki hasntdelivered. No matter how manv times the administrationo American commanders have chided hm." r i.. WNBC; H d h a l i with Chris Matthews No DoD-relatedcoverage



. .







2fcm (È:WPM
FOX Hem: O'ReillTFlfiar No LbD-related coverage CNN:Pad. Z r h ~ No LbD-related coverwe MSNBC: Coontdown with Keith Olbenumm (Bark ovw I m J o Focused on congressionalresolutionsagainst war policy


m p ' w pM)
Irunwnt 0" " p n m i n m o Mike Bamicale, MSNBC contributor"hope F'midcnt Bush talks tosome people who I

MSNBC: JM S o r t f - ~ h

o Shaukat Aziz, prime Ministerof Pakistan:"...will have catastrophic results, not only in
the region, but the world."

- comnieniing on themilitary option

bg&&krn pliticsamnd t h e w
o Joe Scarborough:" hearthat beingsaid(that the lroopsdon't sqport lhc war)... when I I talk to the wives ofservicemen... so many of them say they are . proud ofwhat their . . children, spouses, are doing o Scarborough"The thing troops arecomplainingxbm the most is themedia...they aren't showing the good things that happen every day." FOXNews:IbnniIT & Colmes aht"dwidd'tewm ~ ~ o f G P u m m. s d d i ~ v ofmop m d

. .


Mary Matalin, former adviserto Vice PtesidentChei~y: "They (congmssicmal democrats) cried and screamed for anew smegy and they are lauding, latheringallover Gen. Peuaeus who is to institute thenew stme&ywhile undermininglhe new strategy. it i s morally repugnantwhat your party isdoing to these war issues." £t!N LÇT Kine


No DoD-relaidcoverage
23:waS-30 (11:GUIl:M PM)
No LbD-related coverme




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Subject. Attachmmte: Evening Clips 1.22.07.doc

Ruff ~ r l ~r OSD PA.?W c OSD PA V L , O S D PA m ! t m n OSD PA Bryan Mr OSD PA VW kie Robert HON OSD LA*b^61 EveningClips from Mon 1/22 (4 page doc summary & hay sentiments below)

s u ~ m
Primary DoD-rebed coverage tonight was light and mentioned in connectionwith the troop surge plan. o with Sen. Warner's proposedresolirtm Congressionalcriticism ofthe plan was the main focus of c repeatedlyhighlighted. CNN led with nine segments, followed by Fox News ( a ) ,MSNBC (7). CBS (2). NBC (I), PBS (1). ABC (0) Other DoD-relatedcovera~eincludedInn's "dclimct"i n blocking U.N. inspcclora and its
missile tests and the "bloody" weekend i n iraq. Non-DoDcoveragewas dominated byindepth discussionabout the '08 Presidentialcandidates, updates in the Libby case,and previews o f President Bush's Stale oftheUnion address.


was still apparent. T h e high levels ofviolence overthe weekend in Baghdad were used l arguethatthe situation o i n Iraq was deteriorating, andsome analysts speculated that the timing ofthese attacks could be perceived a;a "State o f the insurgency" message.


.. Iran's war gamesand"bairlng" o f U N jiupeciots received minimalattention. Networks mentioned the actions of Iran as both showing"defiance" and "flexing their military muscle." One report q u e d that war may be "inevitable" with Iran ifthey develop nuclear weapons, and those recent developmentswtrh Inn "mirror" the buildup lo the Iraq war.

. . . .

K, e


Gen. B m y McCaffreyru. militBJy iinaly~t(NBC): "wiuld argue don't evertakeall Ihe m b U brigade) I out of there or we'll beenormously vulnerable to losingnot five soldiers but 5,000 logblic Soldiers some

Sen. John Warner. Senate Armed ServicesCommittee (CNN):"The purposeofthis resolutionis not to cut our forces current level or to set anv timetables for withdrawal but rather toemress the m u i r e concern* . ofa number ofSenaion (rom bothifties about the President's plan *' Michael Oren, Senior Fellow. Shalem Center (CNN)"11's notthenurnbet oftroop* but w h t they do..." Michelle Milkin (FOX)- " W e p t a tirtthtnd bokatthe hard work ofcouriteinsurgenc),Â¥n whtt we hewd from the troops a ?hi, b not romcihmg that B a shon-icnn commimnt." Richird Claike (MSNBC). "...Hiepeople they'reputting m chvgeof intetligeocea the Penman. Mtke


McConnelis DM, h v y four-star imtliigencc profesioiul. these people are gong to tell it liken is..." Joe S:arooiough (MSWC) "A military orfkia told llic fciswiatcd press that Iran's mtlmq hÈbee)çp on higtulert '

Evening News Broadcast Coverage Report

Primary DoD-relaledcoveragetonight ws light and memioned i n connectionwith the troop surgeplan. Congressional criticism of the plan was the main focus ofcoverage,with Sen. Warner's proposed resolutionrepeatedly highlighted, CNN led with ninesegments, followed by Fox News(8). MSNBC (7). CBS (2), NBC (0. PBS (I), ABC (0). Other DoD-relatedcoverage included Iran's "defiance" in biockingU.N. inspectors and its missile tests and the"bioody" weekend in Iraq. Non-DoDcoverage was dominated by in-dcphdiscussionaht the'08 Presidentialcandidates,updates inthe Libbycase, ant) previews of Presideni Bush's Slate of the Union address.

The"Republican revolt" was once again mentioned,md today'sannouncement from the House and
Senateofnon-bindingresolutions against& troopme addedto generalcriticism o f the "war plan." Reports repealed sentimentsthatmore troopswould only equal "more casualties," and basic skepticism of Prime Minister Maliki was still apparent. The high levels of violence over the weekend i n Baghdadwere used to argue that the situation i n Iraq was deteriorating, and some analysts speculated that the timing of these attackscould be perceived as a "state ofthe iiwrgcncy" message. Inn's war games and "hairing" of UN,inspectorsreceived minimal attention. Networks mentioned the actions of Iran as both showing"defiance" and 'fteuq t h e i r m i l i t q muscle." One report argued that war may be "inevitable" with Iran ifthey developnuclearweapons, and those recent developnrcntswith Iran'Wrror" the buildup to the Iraq war.

Key Serime~ts
Gen. Bany McCaffrey m,, military analyst (NBC); " would argue don't ever take all the combat I brieades out ofthere or we'll be enormouslv vulnerableto losine not five m i d i i s but 5.000 logistic soldiere some night." Sen.John Warner, Senate Anned ServicesCommitlce(CNN):"The purpose of this resolutionis MI 1 cm our forces current level ortoset any timetables for withdrawal, but rather lo expresst k 0 genuine concerns of à number ofsenaton from both pcnie; x h t the President's plan ** Michael O e n , SwKM Fellow. Shalem C e n t e r ( W "It s not the number of troops but whitthey




MichclleMalkln (FOX): got a firsthandlook atthe hard work ofcomterinsuroncy, and "We what we heard from the troops is this is DOTsomethingthat is a short-term commimciH." Richard Clarice (MSNBC):"...the peoplethey'reputting i n charge o f intelligenceat the Pentagon, MikeMcC-il as DNI, Navy four-ttarintelligence professional, these people are going to tell it like i t is.. ." Joe Scarborough (MSNBC):"A military official told theassociated pfeaathat Iran's military has been put on high ikrt."

Parenthesesbelow indicatethe twiner headline thatÑpon on screen

Fox News: S e i lReport with B r i t Home pca violmcd AI-Qada v~~ o Molly Henheberg, news cofrespOBdent "A!-Zawahi s h a d u on the internet- h was p interceptedbv the Site Institute. He said. 'Why not send 50.000 or 100.000oftfiem?Are you not aware that the dogs are pining f o r p & w s dead bodies? He goeson to urge other Muslims tojoin ajihad i n Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, and elsewher." 0 Henneberg: "One military analyst says Sun4 insurgentsare trying to ~trikea bfow before more U.S. forces arrive in the capital." o Henneberg: "One Iraqi governmentofficial said, 'US. intelligencereports convinced Maliki that the Mahdi Anny included death squads targeting Sunnis.' The crackdown was amove welcomed bv the While House." o Tony Snow, White ~ o u & correspondent: "1 lhink what you're seeing is a clear signal that the Maliki government is very serious about addressing on a non-sectarian basis the problem of those who are wing to operateoutside the law." S u m D t w ) Segment on Senate disapproval of Iraq plan 0 Sen. John Warner, Senate Aimed Services Commtaee: "me puipose ofthls resolutioni s not to cul our forces current level or to s<l any timetables for withdrawal- but rdhcrto express the genuine concerns ofa number of Senators from both parties about the President's plan " ., " % a c : ~ o l i , i m a @ , ~ s q e IOt 0 Mort Kondracke. Roll Call -If therewre à filibuster, it probablywould besuccessful and it (the resolution)would not come tom vote. Idon't know ifthere will b e a filiouilcr or not." CNN: LOTDobbi Tdlicl.1 LDcadIv Attack? o Remrt on deaths in I n (Revolt A w n s B&!Cdicism ofs m planby hum^ Sen John Warner, SenateAnnedServices Commitiee- 'The purpose of thn resolution is 0 1 1 cut our forces current level or m set anv timetables for withdraw.. b rather to u express the genuine concerns ofa lumber of Senators from both parties about the President's plan." UldSimd Headline s h o ~ ~ C h i m ~ ' s m k 1 ~ kal firnnk t " I r n ~ ~ ~ o ..OJ Dubbs. 'The Senate IntelligenceCommitUehà heard testimony lhtt d Qud* opi-mines in Inq may be planningM actackagainsttne United Statexlkdirector ofthe Defense IntelligenceAgency. Loeutwnt General Michael Maples, sud thai ¥ Qaed* documents indicate terrof~sis be planninglo use student v i s s wnh which to enter the may coumn Tn.1. of course is the samemethodcmolovcd ov lhe 9'. I hi~ackers " 0 Lou Gbbs: "Iran todayescalated itsconfrontationwith the rest of world. Iran has barred 38 United Nations nuclear inspectorsfrom entry into Iran The decisionappears to be retaliation for the U.N.'s limited sanctions againsi Iran for its nuclear weapons program And separately, Iran has begun a new series of milrtarymaneuvers,including the use ofshort-range missile tests. The rwcuvcrs are taking place in a remote area southeastofthe capital ofTchm." Iflierviwabout Irqg Michael O m Senior Fellow. Shatem ("enter-"It's not the number oftroombut what they do..." o Oren "This is not analegoustoVieturn.,." -coinmenling onlnq


. .





No DoD-related coverage
o Programfocused on Presidential candidates 1.950 ( : 0 PM) 63

NBC: Niebth N e w with Brian W i l l i n i s
S s m ~ ~ U ~ ~ v i o in I cq lm e m o Mike Boencher, news contSpondert:"have to tell you thisviolenceprovidesagrim I s backdrop a U.S. troopsarrive here, inofereinforcements, and they find that they arc in the middle o f a civil war." o Gen. Barry McCaffrey ret.,military i w l y s t "1 wouldargue <ton1everlakeall the m b a t brigadesout of thereor we'll beenormouslyvulnerableto losing not fire soldiers but 5,000 logistic soldiers somenight" ABC WniM News
Coveragefocused on violence in Iraq CBS Evenine News (Buildup Backladi Segmd on new CBS poll againsttroopsurge o Jim Axelrod, WhiteHouse-pondCTt: "Anew CBS News poll dovetoils with the senator's criticism. Two-thirds o f Americans now oppose the Idea ofa troopsurge 75% o w think the war is going badly, including 56% of Republicans.And 50% o f Americans go even further, saying Congress should cut offfunding for the surge. o Axelrod: "Well. he's going to try toaddress domestic subjects. But when weasked in our poll what is the single most important issue facing Americans the Iraq war, 33%. by far and away number one.Everythingelse single digits."-when asked i f Bush will me the State ofthe Union tochange die subjccior slay focused on Iraq o Katie Couric: "Meanwhile Osama Bin Laden'snumber two is taunting PresidentBush over his planto send 21,OOOmore troops to Iraq. In a new videompe.AymanAI-Zawahiri challenged the President10 send the whole US. Amy. vowing the insurgentswill defext thm" o Sen Clinton interviewed critical oftroopsuw




FOX News: FoxkeeortwithShwrd Smith R of p e m ! r e p * 0" Iraq
a b u t S m a t m oppsitim a&sI Iraq p h lrm Shepard Smith: "Iran is apparently trying to Hex its military muscle. I t claims it's kcig ikn off three daysofwar games..." CNN: Sitmtion Room with W o l f B l r t w New CNN Poll o Bush Plan 10 Send More US. Troopstollçq "35% are I n favor. while 63% arc i n oooosition" %Q ! EW
0 -0"

. .


CNN:Panla Zlho
N o Don-related coverage

. .

20:0(1(1:00 PM)
Michelle Maikin interviewed o Michdlc Malkio: "We got a firethatmi look u the hud work ofcounterinsurgency, m d what we heard from the troops is this is not something that is a short-term commitment."

0 ~ocused President Bush on (Tram First. Intel later) Richard Clarke interviewed adviser: This administrationdoesn't base its Richard Clarke. former countcr-&sm


Clarke: "...the people they're putting hichargeofinielligcocealthepentagon, Mlkà McConnellas DNI, a Navy four-star intelligenceprofessional these peopleare going to tell it likeit is. .."


q News briefon Iran CNN: LMTvKi L v ie E E a d lho"$lts m ~ ~ n t ~ s asf t m Unom E! b u o John Kins. chief national coires~ondent Armed that trooos were "much more ooen in their ' =and share criticismsfor ~residentiush." o Correspondentsagreed that President Bush MI! ha- avefy difticuktimeconvincing Congressand the American people tosupport the plan MSNBC: Sc.rhoroui.h (The Cornin War wilh Iran?! o Scarborough: "A military official (oldtheassociatedpressthat Iron's military has been put on high ale*...'. 0 Pal Buchanan, politicalanalyst:" I f t i t h e US.policy is aimed i t dumping Ahmadincjad." (State ofthe Metldown)Sen. Wanicr againsttroopsurge ami discussionon Iraq o Ryan Lizza,New Republic: Claimed President Bush has "ignored" all adviceon Iraq o Reported twonegative polls on PresidentBush and Iraq War o Joan Walsh, Satomcorn:"When we surged over the summer and the fall, we saw higher casualties,and this weekend wejus* saw thesame..."



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Monday January 22 2007 3 46 PM Sent: To Ruff Eric Mr OSDPA Subjut: Jed Babbm fatledat 1545 N e w











Sent: To: Subject:

Lawrence.Dates B Mr OSD PA
Saturday, Jmiwy 20,2007 10:22AM Barbs, Milton Ml OSDPfc Ruff, Elk MrOSD PA

Fw Big personal news

: P i pardon t h i s impersonal approach, but I'lwhted you a11 Co hear - before the rumor m i l l or orese reports - that aa of HondaV, I ' l l be e d i t o r of Human Events, t h e

o l d e a t conservative journal i n America.. I,lI tà working on both t h e p r i n t and web e d i t i o i r . and concentrating on t h e i n t e r n e t aide. We'll s t i l l be working together o f t e n in a v a r i e t y of projects, though my b r i e f now encompassex a l l of politics, not j u a t the war and foreign p o l i c y . I t h i n k success may be measured by t h e number of s l e e p l e s s nights 1 t h e l i b e r a l s . Let's t a l k Boon. land subscribe t o Hunan Evenca. f o l k s . Alwave W t t n sell aubscriptiwm and ada.1. I hepe you all will consider . h i t t i n g a ~ t i c l e m . f r m t i t o time. BSBC,Jed.

'home o f f i c e ) (hone fax1



Sent: ToSubjtt-

Lawrence Dallas B Mr OSD PA
Big personal news

Guys: Please pardon t h i s impersonal approach, but I wanted you a11 t o hear before the rumor m i l l or press r e p o r t s t h a t as of Monday, I'll be e d i t o r of Humin Events, the o l d e s t conservative journal i n America, I ' l l be w r k l n g on both the p r i n t and web i t i and concentrating on t h e i n c c r n e t aide. We'll s t i l l be working together o f t e a on a variety of projects, though my brief now encompas~eaa11 of politie., not j u a t the war and foreign policy. I t h i n k success w y he measured by t h e nuniber of a l e e p l e a s night* a we C u e h e l b L e t ' s t a l k won. (and subscribe t o Human Events, f o l k s . Aluiyi g o t t a c e l l ~ u h a c r i p t i o n aand ads.!. I hope you a l l w i l l conalder submitting a r t i c l e n irm time t o time. Beat, ~ e d .





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8Èn To-

Abbott. CatherineCOL OSD PA Fnday,January f9,2007 5 43 PM

R u t Enc Mf OSD PA

Subject- Jed Babbh called

I I I I I 1 I

Col CatherineAbbott



From Sent


Whnnun Biyan MrOSD PA
3 33 F U
RE Bio request


He said he sent it, but I never got it

h i air, did you ever get a responee from we. ncy with the electrons on the bio??

-----OriginalMessage----From' Gordon Cucullu tmailto colonelgord 2007 1223 PM $ m o : ; y p r ,

i f




Do you have a b i o available on the new convening authority, judge Susan Crawford, pleaie?

Turn Bearchea into helpful donations. Make your search count.



Fro",. Sent

Re CC 19 JAN


The call was today, the 18Ch. Not sure where the mix up occurred

W1 I

"ill be on'



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- Fmm' '-~TS~IOSD PA Sent: Thursday, January18 2007 141 PM T Ruff EricMrOSDPA Subject: Jed Babbin called at 1340 Sutq Radio



From Sçnt

FW Conference Call Invite


Count me as a participant, pleame. thanks, Gordon


Gentlemen. Pleaae join us if you're WailablB.

P u b l i c Affairs



Civilian Defence E x p e r f and Retired Military Analysts
at, the secretary

of Defense

Date: January 17, 2007
Re- Conference Call with Senior DoD Officials

invite you to pirtlciptce in a conference call, TOMORROW, January 10, 2 0 6 , £ro 1 2 ~ 3 0 -1 : 0 0 p.m.

Mr. Daniel a. Dall'orto, Principal Deputy Gsnaral Counsel, and Brig. > a n . Thomas L. Hentingvay, Legal Adviser to the Convening authority in thà Department of Defense o f f i c e or Military Commi~~ions, will brief vou

on themilitary coicmissiont Manual.
This call will be On Background.


You can also find nrig

en nemingmy'a ~iographyat

htCpi//,cil/baoa/bio ~p?bioII>-7760 > <http;//www af rnil/bioa/b3.o.asp~b.i.oID-7760>
> TO

' and ]

artici te in thxs conference call, please dia ask the operator to connect you




conference call.
r e

x.9.v P.


> Me hope

you are able to participate.


To Subject:

OSD PA nure ayanuary 18 2007 1040AM

FW ConferenceCall invim
r-~vp U


pleçà add bo the


1 I

Jack Jacobs will call Jack Jacobs
Sent from my Verlion wireless BlackBerry

I 1 1 I


To Civilian Defense Experts and Retired Military Analysts

mte: January 17, 2007

of the secretary of Defense

Conference C . 1

with Senior m D Officials



we invite you to picticipicc in n conference call, TOMORROW, January 18, 2006, from 12~30-

1:oo p.m.


Mr. Daniel J. Dell'oirto, Principal Deputy Senftz-xl Counsel, and Brig. Gen. ~hamn. L. nemingway, ~ e g a l Adviser to the convening ~uthorityin the Department of Defence office o f Military c m m i ~ ~ i o n ~ , brief you on the Milicary comiçaion manuni, wi.11
This call will be On Background


convenience, Mr. Dell'Orto'a Biography can be found at. hccp://>*ww.defenÈalink.~ill//Bio8/Bioai-DhyDetçil.~Bpx?BiogrçpkID
For your


rou can aleo find rig,

en. Heitinway's Biography ac: :hct~://,



tbie conference call, pleaee d i a l p ask tht operator to connect you to the Analysts conference c a l l

we hope

you are able to participate

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From Sent:

~ AO ~ O S



Thursday January 18 2007 10-39AM

CTR OSO PA invite list fortoday's conference caN Subject: Attachments: Retired MilitaryAnalyshOutreach Gniw Namesonly.doc


hi here are the retired military analysts who were hvtod aboutan flour.

fame, IacoAecting ravp'a and should have a list for LIS In

(Asof April, 2W6)

Colonel Ken A l l d (USA, Rciired) MSNBC Mr. Jed Babbin fAF. Fonncr JAG1 American S w m t a . Real Clear Po.itics Admiral ~ e n n i s Blair ~USN.~ k i d l ~. Commander Peter ~ r o o k i a (USN. ~es-e) Heritege Foundation Lieutenant General Frank 6. Cara~bell , NSAF. Retired) , Dr J m i Jay Carafano (LTC USA. Retired) Heritage Foundation Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Cuculli. (USA. Reured) Fox News Liei-tenant General Michael P DeLong (USUC, Retired) box News ul Maior D l R. Dillon (USA. Retired) ~ e n e r aWavne A. Downinn (USA. Retired) MSNBC l 1.ieulenant Colonel Tim I. &ds (USA, ~ e t i r e dFOX News ) General Ronald Foglcman (USAF, Retired) Liculcnant Colonel Rick Francona (USAF, Retired)NBC Colonel John Gatre0 (USMC, Retired)-Fox News Lieutenant General Buster Glosson (USAF, Reined) Brimdm General David L.Granne (USA. Retired) CNN command Sergeant Major ~ t e v e i G k (USA. ~ e kFox News r i Mqor General Timothy M. Ha& (USRetired) Admiral Thomas B. Hayward (USN, Retired) - Former Chief of Naval Operations Colonel Jack Jacobs (USA, Retired) MSNBC Admiral David E.Jeremiah (USN, Retired) General Jack Keane (USA, Retired) ABC General William F. "Buck" Kerntn (USA, Retired) Leilier Newshour Colonel Glenn Lackev NSA. Retired) Admiral Thomas jo&h Looez N S N Retiredl Lieutenant Colonel ~ o b e r t i~ i i n n i (sl J ~ ~ . ' ~ e t i r eFox News, CNN,BBC, Radio . d) Major Gmeral James "Spider" Marls (USA. Retired) CNN Dr Jeff McCaisiand(Colonel, LSA, Retired) - CBS (mostly radio) Lieutenant General Thomas Mclnerney (USAF, Retired) - Fox News Malor Andy Mesine Jr. (USAR. Retired) - Fox News M j r General ~ u t t i n Moore (USAF, Retired) ao R. General Thomas S. Moorman, Jr. (USAF, Retired) Maior General Michael J. N d o t t i . Jr. /USA-Retired) ' captain Chuck Nmh (USN, ~ e t i r e d- FOX New ) General William L. Nosh (USA, Retired) Council on Foreign Relations General Glem K. Otis (USA, Retired) General h i t p h Ralston (USAF. Retired) Lieutenant General Erv Rokke (USAF, Retired) Maior General Robert H.Scales. Jr. (USA. Retimi) - Fox News General H Hugh Shellon (USA, Retired) Mator General Donald W. Sheonerd (USAF. Retired) CNN ~ieutenant Colonel Carllon ~ h k v o o d (USMC, ~ e t i k d ) Mr. Wayne Simmons (USN, Retired)- FoxNews Major General Perry Smith (USAF, Retired) Captain Martin L. Strong (USN, Retired) Captain Robert R. T i m k r g (USMC, Retired) US Naval Institute Maior General Paul E. Valleiv (USA. Retired)-Fox News ~ o i o n e John Warden (USAF, Retired) l




General Lurry D.Welch (USAF, Rahed) Mr. Bing West (USMC, Retired) - Atlantic Monthly, Freelance Writer General Charles E.Wilhclm (USMC, Retired) General Ton Wilkerson (USMC. Retired) US Naval Institute



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