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Welcome to INDIA, the land that lives & breathes CULTURAL DIVERSITY!

25% Dravidian.Here’s to a fantastic and memorable. sugarcane. English Religion: 80% Hindu. Japan.2 trillion GDP per capita: US$2.4% Major Industries: Textiles. Gujarati. oilseed. 14% Muslim. Germany. poultry. 0. 2% Sikh. UK. 1. Malayalam.4% Inflation: 5.5% Jains. water buffalo. life-changing experience! We are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Bengali. Tamil. potatoes. transportation equipment. cotton. petroleum. Marathi. Manmohan Singh GDP: US$2. machinery. mining. rice.7% Buddhist. tea.CONGRATULATIONS! On being accepted to undergo a traineeship through AIESEC Bangalore. Urdu. fish Major Trading Partners: US.200 Annual Growth: 5. 0.4% Christian. India at a glance Full country name: Republic of India Area: 3. Hong Kong. 0. goats. 2.28 million sq km Population: 1 billion Capital City: New Delhi People: 72% Indo-Aryan. cement. Here is some information you require for your stay in India. jute. 3% other Language: Hindi. food processing. Kashmiri.4% other Government: federal republic Head of State: President Pratibha Patil Head of Government: Prime Minister Dr. cattle. steel. . sheep. wheat. Telugu. chemicals. Belgium.

). with jacarandas flowering in purple majesty. . Nothing in the country is ever quite predictable. from immaculately kept Jain temples to weathered Buddhist stupas. there's history around every corner. th Located at an altitude of 920 m (3.some are only too happy to leave. The country's glorious diversity means there's an astonishing array of sacred sites. Today. Aptly named “Garden City”. and gulmohur’s lighting the roads with their brilliant orange flame.but if you enjoy delving into convoluted cosmologies and thrive on sensual overload.10C (80. abandoned cities and ancient ruins all having tales to tell. which comes in many forms and will always want to sit next to you. 2. and there are beaches to satiate the most avid sun worshipper. One notable feature responsible for Bangalore’s climate is the low cumulus cloud that covers almost the entire sky. Bangalore. while others stay for a lifetime.021 ft. it is India’s 5 largest city and the momentum of its industrial and commercial growth is unequalled in the country.“The Garden City” Bangalore. shrouding the city in a fine mist during the greater half of most days. however. getting an average rainfall of about 87cm. India is a litmus test for many travellers . with countless monuments. then it is one of the most intricate and rewarding dramas unfolding on earth and you'll quickly develop an abiding passion for it. India is going to be exactly what you make of it. clamour and diversity . is one of India’s most charming cities. the capital of the State of Karnataka.80F) Coldest months: December-January: 20. the only thing to expect is the unexpected.480 (68. one of the best things about Bangalore is the great weather all the year round! CLIMATE: Warmest months: April-May: 27.Saudi Arabia Member of EU: No India will sideswipe you with its size. Bangalore receives both the south-west and the north-east monsoons. On a personal level. battlescarred forts. it boasts of an amazing number of flowering trees and parks.80F) Evenings are cool the year-round.the city is a delight to simply wander around in. With splendid pink cassias and golden acacia’s blooming.

Mysore has some great places to visit: the Palace which has been home to royalty since 1911. The two breathtaking waterfalls named Bharachukki and Gaganachukki are at their spectacular best during . Sravanabelagola has remained a great Jain center and the goal of thousands of pilgrims who flock to see the magnificent. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary & more.5 Million. of fantasy gardens and fairy tale palaces. most locals speak English. Important places to visit in the city • • • • • • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium The Fort and Tipu Sultan’s palace Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens Vidhana Soudha Visveswaraya’s Industrial and Technological Museum Cubbon Park Places in & around Bangalore that are a must-see • Mysore (140 km). The period from June-September is considered “The Season” in Bangalore. So be prepared according to the duration of your traineeship! POPULATION: The population of Bangalore is 5. rocky gorge. • Sravanabelagola (160 km). There’s nothing like a refreshing spray of water on your face! Motor down to the Shivasamudra. It is regarded as one of the largest monolithic statues in the world. Lord Gomteswara. due to rapid westernization of the city. However. City of silk and sandalwood. LANGUAGE: The main languages spoken here are Kannada. Chamundi Hills. • Shivasamudra (120 km). unspoiled township tucked away between the large Indragiri and the smaller Chandragiri hills. Tamil and Hindi. Msyore zoo.Rainiest months: October-November. gigantic statue of the Jain saint. A little gem of calm. Srirangapattana. where the river Cauvery divides into two streams and cascades 75mts down a deep.

Inexpensive clothes of good quality are easily available here. The dress code for men includes formal trousers. Usually the work expected from a trainee is not very demanding.5 km from here.July-August. . dating from around 1268.leisurely parks. A popular health resort today. trousers or in most cases the traditional “Salwar Kameez". shirt and a tie and blazer on rare occasions. Bangalore.Leisure time well spent Bangalore is a city of delightful contradictions. (almost 8 hours) and Saturdays are usually not off. Work timings are normally from 9:30 a.While on one hand. gardens and lakes curiously situated in the center of the city. it was also the place Tipu Sultan and assorted royalty retired.m. The Prasanna Chennakesava temple. one of the three most famous Hoysala temples (the other two being Belur and Halebid) is situated here-It is the newest. Cinema halls and local theatre & rock concerts. it is also the city most people retire to for a sedentary lifestyle.m.-5:30 p. A sleepy village that is the sight of a spectacular Hoysala masterpiece. it is constantly bustling with activity being famous for its Shopping malls.Asia’s first hydroelectric project set up on 1905 is 1. Women can wear dresses. it is known to many as a “Pensioner’s Paradise.” Here are a couple of central spots to look out for:  Mahatma Gandhi Road (MG Road)  Brigade Road  Ulsoor Lake  Cubbon Park Work environment Companies are modern and the atmosphere is semi formal. • Somanathpur. You would usually work under someone and learn from him/her. Shinsha. A range of craggy hills (the highest peak being 1478 m) studded with the shimmering Amritha Samovar lake and strewn with walks of sylvan beauty. • Nandi Hills (60 km).

8. 5. All your experiences on your traineeship may not necessarily be pleasant. 7. Most Indian companies and organizations are not habitual of working with an international work force so you might face some challenges in the beginning i. Most of the companies and organizations in India are top heavy (the top management takes all the decisions or in some cases the director only takes all the decisions) which makes the structure not so flexible and decision-making takes a lot of time. take initiatives. Remember there is not a lot you can do to change the working style so just try to accept things the way they are.e. The Indian working style is very different from the one you are used to or you would expect in Europe or Americas. They are here not to scare you but to help you not to over expect from the traineeship and to formulate realistic expectations. but do give feedback to people around you. In most cases you are not dealing with true professionals. 6. These are a few things we would like you to keep in mind about the Indian work ethic so that you do not face too big a culture shock. The best thing would be see things for the way that they are and add a lot of your cultural perspective. 4. a week or so but this would go away as time goes. Travel . Be ready for surprises. There would be days when you have not so much work and then there would be days when the work would become over-bearing.Some hard facts Here are some facts about the Indian working style. Remember: The aim of an AIESEC internship is to learn by doing and facing a lot of challenges. people tend to take things easily. When working you have to be very proactive. 3. 1. Punctuality is not really the key word so do take it into account because sometimes people would give you appointments and they would be late. 2.

which is sending you.If you dare. People tend to stare at foreigners. The best way of handling them is to ignore them. holidays or on your days off. Credit card . and to refuse to give them anything. A section of the rural population still uses the bullock carts and horse chariots to commute. 3) International Student ID . insect repellents are cheap here. personal pictures of family. and about AIESEC in your country.If you please. sunscreen lotion. Diners are widely accepted here) . • Auto rickshaws. You should carry some personal belongings such as. Keep in mind though that clothes here are very cheap and are easily available throughout the year. a hat. monkeys or elephants too. How to pack right Stuff to carry along: Things you could bring along are a Walkman.shirts and shorts to wear on weekends. music cassettes. You would have to tell the driver where you would like to be taken. so don't be surprised! Cows and dogs are very often seen on the roads and once in a while one can spot camels. Shorts and sneakers. Master. posters. pictures. information about your country (so that you can give us a presentation). International Driving License . although you would have to well adjusted in the city with a general idea of bus routes. as well as information about the AIESEC Local Committee. Aspirin. Important things to carry: 1) Personal medicines for allergies. Do get casual clothes such as jeans. a diary. if you enjoy sports and the outdoors. Most medicines of famous drug companies available here. CD’s etc. because they are very helpful when you are feeling home-sick. Both buses and auto rickshaws are quite economical.Rickshaws are a very popular mode of transport.Travel in the city will be via • Buses.This is the most economical mode of transport. 2) Maximum 3 sets of formal wear for work. T. but watch out and be firm with them because they might try to charge you extra if they feel you are new to ways of the city. If you are claustrophobic this might not be the best thing for you because buses tend to get crowded. The roads are not always smooth and many a time they will have beggars at stoplights along with vendors. cassettes. friends. a few books (if you wish to read). (Visa. which charge you by the meter (it gets progressively higher with respect to the distance you are traveling).If you have.

as shirts of international quality are available for around Rs. posters and catalogues. or people stare at you with uninhibited curiosity. stationery etc. Body Language The characteristic Indian shaking of the head means 'yes' or 'I hear you' or 'I consider it'. 4) Presentation stuff on your family. that you consider very personal. Salaries & Expenses The salary covers the living expenses. a simple shaking of the head means 'No'. but make sure you bring enough money for sight seeing. Nodding means a definite 'Yes'. International brands like Konica. 250-500. and your AIESEC Local Committee. Or you might be asked questions. 5) Lonely planet (i. Kodak for all type of cameras is available here for RS100 (but if you still think that your camera is a typical one than bring the amount of rolls that will be required). with a lot of empty seats. shopping.You can also carry Traveler’s cheques. Slides. and it is also not desirable for most Indians. overpopulated as it is. fiancée. 3) Foodstuff. . Body Space Space of one’s own is often not possible in India. Just about anything to enable a meaningful cultural interaction. You will be paid at the end of the month or at the beginning of the next month Not to Get 1) The “I might need it" variety 2) Too many formal shirts. 4) Too many camera rolls. You might be on a train. travel etc. The dress code at companies does not require you to wear a suit except on very formal occasions (if ever). The western notion of privacy would leave an Indian very lonely. snaps. but to a westerner it looks like 'No'. India information travel book) it is cheaper out here. home. but the person entering chooses the seat next to you. country.e.

PAANI 9) What is your name? . The relationships are developed on the basis of trust. love. and are not a conservative lot.Aap ka naam kya hai? 10) My name is… . It's best to discover for yourself what the people here are like :o).Mera naam hai… Some important contact information India’s international code is (91) Bangalore’s national code is (080)  Airlines (Bangalore) INDIAN AIRLINES: General enquiries and bookings. what can be said about an Indian is that they are ever willing to give a helping hand. affection and respect for elders. Indians feel strongly about collectivism. The elder generations tend to be slightly less open-minded. but there are times when under the guise of helping they can dupe you. We tend to take a lot of things to beware! They are adjusting. English to Hindi Translations 1) WHAT? – KYA? 2) NO – NAHIN 3) 4) 5) YES – HAAN LET’S GO – CHALO HOW ARE YOU? . people can't be stereotyped. From that emerges the emotional nature of Indians.25221929/25221930  Railways (Bangalore) BANGALORE CITY RAILWAY STATION: Enquiry-General/Reservations: 131/132  Tourist Information . All festivals and occasions are celebrated with great pride and enthusiasm. But.People As is the case all over the world.222102634 JET AIRWAYS: Enquiry and reservations.AAP KAISE HAIN? 6) HOW MUCH? – KITNA? 7) HELLO – NAMASTE 8) WATER.

020 Where to shop  Malls 1.41519999/ 25256333 Metro Taxi. 25321683  Taxi Services: City taxis are equipped with digitised meters and are on call 24 hours a day.) The Forum. Residency Road.033 Hyderabad .25321038  Internet cafes/WIFI Hotspots Sify Internet parlour.022 Bangalore . STD Codes for the main cities of India Delhi . 2. city tours and holiday getaways: 25302222/3636.0842 Agra .25583030.located all over the city: Jayanagar. corporate travels.  Main Hospitals Mallya Hospital (Vital Mallya Road. Indiranagar.Hosur Road.0172 Mumbai .011 Chandigarh . KK City Taxi.079 Pune .044 Calcutta .  Courier Services DHL Worldwide Express. near Residency Road): 22277997/22277979 Manipal Hospital (Airport Road): 25268901/25266646. Airport Road.Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC)22352901/22352902 INDIATOURISM BANGALORE (Karnataka).080 Chennai . and Cunningham Road.0562 Ahemedabad .) The Leela Galleria. .For airport transfers.25588855 Blue Dart.The Leela Palace Hotel.

 Supermarkets 1. 2.Indiranagar.  Fashion Streets 1.) Bombay Store.) Planet M.Residency Road.Magrath Road  Department Stores 1. Koramangala. Indiranagar.Residency Road. The Forum 2.Brigade Road Restaurants . linen and more. Music 1.) Crossword Bookstore. home accessories and more. accessories. 5.) Music World.) Fabindia.3. Hosur Road. Cox Town.) PVR Theatre.) FabMall.) Thoms Supermarket. shoes.) Inox Theatre. 3.The Forum. Indiranagar. 4.) Commercial Street 3. Garuda Mall.) Symphony Theatre.The Forum 2. MG Road.MG Road 2.  Books.) Brigade Road 2.) Bangalore Central.Commercial Street.) Landmark.) Gangarams Book Bureau. Koramangala.The Forum.  Cinema Halls 1. Jayanagar.Lifestyle 1. 2.Brigade Road. Commercial Street.Garuda Mall 3. Koramangala.) Westside. 3. Jayanagar.  Under one roof.MG Road. furniture.) Garuda Mall.Clothese.) Food World.MG Road 4.Brigade Road.) MG Road.Koramangala. knickknacks. Garuda Mall.Wheeler Road.Clothes.) Rex Theatre.

Brigade Road. Indiranagar. Brigade Road.) 20 Ft.Museum Road 3. Infantry Road 2. Indiranagar.) Painted Platters. o Indian Cuisine: 1.Cunningham Road o Ice Cream/Desserts: 1.Indiranagar. Koramangala 4.Church Street.) The Corner House.) The Only Place.Cunningham Road. o Continental: 1.MG Road.Church Street 4.) Mc Donalds.MG Road o Chinese: 1.) Subway.) Millers 46 Steakhouse. Brigade Road. High. Residency Road 4.St.) Fresco’s.) Mainland China. Church Street.Museum Road 3.Miller’s Road. 2. 5.) Pizza Hut.M.) Chung Wah. (WIFI enabled) 3.) Tandoor.) Hotel Empire. St.Commercial Street. Residency Road 2.) Thank God It’s Friday’s. Vasanthnagar.Lavelle Road.Church Street 3.) KFC.Residency Road. Koramangala. TO 11 P. Koramangala.) Three Quarter Chinese. Church Street.Forum Mall. o Coffee Shops/Cafes: 1. Koramangala.M.) Java City. Koramangala.Church Street 2.Marks Road.OPEN FROM 11 A. 3.Airport Road 2.Marks Road o Fast Food: 1.) Angeethi.) Koshy’s Restaurant. Lavelle Road . Brigade Road.Airport Road.) Barista Coffee.) The Rice Bowl-Lavelle Road. Koramangala 2.

) Athena.) Spinn. you may be expected to remove footwear. so if you want to pack in the night-fever.Rest House Road 5.) I-Bar.Gangotree. Residency Road 3. it’s expected that you won’t arrive until 9! People generally . rock pubs. trance pubs and even quiet pubs.Residency Road Things to keep in mind while out. Follow what other people are doing and ask questions if you are unsure.) HINT. Sadly.) Indian Sweets (Mithai).3. jazz pubs.) Opus.Taj Westend. hip-hop pubs. We’ve got more of these establishments than any other city in India and you really can’t get far without hitting a ‘Kingfisher Beer Served here’ sign. ETIQUETTE: In traditional Indian homes. Race Course Road 6. However.The Bangalore Party Survival Guide TIPPING: In restaurants and hotels. Church Street. KC Das. o Bars/Pubs/Night Clubs: 1. Between 10 to 15% is normal. we have them all.Bangalore Central.) Legends of Rock. most modern Indian homes do not expect this of you.The Leela Palace. Theme pubs. If you are invited to dinner at 8 pm. all fun ends at 11:30 PM. tips are pooled and shared by all working staff. Night Life Bangalore is synonymous with pubs and bars. get out early. but you can always be generous. especially if you intend to come back soon. MG Road 2. Kormangala.) The Blue Bar.Palace Cross Road 8. Airport Road 7.The Park Hotel.) Pecos. as you would in temples or mosques.Koramangala 4. INVITATIONS: It is fashionable to be late in Bangalore.

) It would be a very good idea to grab a bite before you go.minimum 12 16. We’re fairly conservative here. 7.2 to 8 15. Mineral Water (1 liter) .) 1. non-brand. It is not necessary to wear Indian attire.500 to 2500 12. it’s better to be on the watch. Sugar (1Kg) . DRESSING: Bangaloreans dress informally.60s 10.14 9. you could try asking for a discount if your buying a larger quantity.16 5. Audio Cassette (English Titles) . Phone Call .13 18. Dinner also signals the end of a party so don’t expect to linger long after. in a smaller. BARGAINING: Most stores these days have fixed prices and may look you askance if you ask for a deal. Fare (Auto Rickshaw) .30 4. But women need to watch out for skimpy clothes. CRIME: Considering the population of Bangalore (nearly 7 million and growing) our crime rate is relatively low. Soft Drink .60. shopkeeperrun establishment.100 above 17. Tooth Brush .International (1 minute) . Tooth Paste .drink until dinner is served (often not till midnight. and if you dress like the women you see.15 3. That’s as far as men go.25 2.). Butter (500 Gms. But as with any growing city and disparate income levels.26 14. Cigarette Pack (10) -25 above . Bread Loaf . Fare (Local Bus) . Tea (250 GMs) . especially if you’re traveling alone at night. Petty thievery and chain snatching are rare. and in Rupees (Rs. you won’t be stared at. Eggs (1 Dozen). Beer Bottle . Shaving Cream Tube . Milk (1 liter). However. PRICE LIST OF SOME BASICS Please note: all the figures are approx.15 6. Suits and ties are not necessarily the norm at business meetings.10 8. one pint. Shoes (leather) .30.15 13. even if they are considered normal in other parts of the world. Laid back is fine. Shoe Polish.30 11.58 19.

Registration When you are in India with any other than a tourist visa (i.10-15 AIESEC's responsibilities to you • Arrange accommodation and assist you about shopping and other necessary facilities. 24.g.payable on the 5 of every month. Though we will assist you in finding the right kind of stuff that you need. longer than 6 months).20. you have to do your registration with the FRO (Foreign Registration Office) within two weeks of your arrival. which are situated centrally within the city. Please note we will help you wherever needed and would be more than happy to assist you. The monthly rent is Rs. help with the registration. anything extra will be your responsibility. 21. 22. You would also be required to pay an initial deposit of Rs. However we are not your guardians! Whatever the situation. Accommodation AIESEC provides you with accommodation in our trainee houses. Camera Film Role -100 Shirts (Local)-350 to 850 Jeans (Pepe. 5000/. 23. your place may have only basic furniture.e.which is refundable when th . who would most likely be a fellow AIESEC trainee.5000/. Levis)-1200 Lock & Key. Wrangler.35 above Soap . • Provide information to you and help you whenever we can. • Provide activities that familiarize you with Indian culture and lifestyle • We will provide you with names and telephone list of the AIESEC members in Bangalore as well as information about upcoming activities.10 above Hair oil -20 above Blank CD’s. e. 25. 26. You might have to share a room with 2 other persons.

it is extremely well connected due to the Airport Cab and Bus service. check out www. It offers its travelers. What we expect from you Please notify us well in advance of your exact arrival date and time (in 24hr format) and with which airline/flight number (or ship or train or bus or on foot . For more information on the airport. It is extremely efficient and economical (It costs roughly Rs. Jakkasandra block. The bus service offers luxury air-conditioned buses to various parts of the city. all the facilities one might expect of an international airport including business centers. Airport Information Bengaluru International Airport is a 4. Koramangala.560034 th President: Ankit Chowdary Phone: 9844551425 Email: ankittc@gmail. India Official Address: th #168 8 ‘A’ Main. The Cab service is very convenient although it is much more expensive than the bus. 5 Cross. etc.050 acres international airport serving the city of Bangalore.) you are coming. which is 40 km (25 mi) from the city. It opened its doors in May 2008. tax-free shops and entertainment centers. AIESEC in Bangalore. Although it is located at a considerable distance from the heart of the Trainee and Reception Information Manager: ..bengaluruairport. anything that you expect us to to give us feedback • Help us help you -this is only possible if you talk to us about any problems. • Initiate opportunities for cultural exchange & discuss your problems with AIESEC members • Do your job whole heartedly and to the best of your abilities • Fill in the traineeship reports we will give you.. we will help arrange for alter accommodation for leave after the traineeship. The airport is located in Devanahalli. If the trainee flat is fully occupied. any questions you have. Most European airlines arrive in the middle of the night. Bangalore .180). so please be careful about the date! We will be there to pick you up.

NOTHING can fully prepare you for the wonder & excitement that defines the Indian Experience!!  Hope you have a truly incredible time with us in India!!! AIESEC in Bangalore .com Hope this guide gives you a clearer picture of what India has in store for you! Nevertheless.Ankit Bhauwala Phone: +91 9916490920 Email: ankitbhauwala@gmail.