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Are you a Migrant or

Seasonal Farmworker?
Are you interested in:
Getting your GED?
For more information, and an application A better job?
packet, please contact:
Maine High School Equivalency Military service?
Program (HEP)
P.O. Box 390 We’d like to help YOU
Readfield, Maine 04355 transform your future!

Lauren Gurney, Project Assistant
Maine High School Equivalency Program (HEP)


Debbie Gilmer, Project Director

Readfield, ME 04355
P.O. Box 390


Maine High School

Equivalency Program
Who is Eligible? Maine HEP Services: Project Partners
 Migrant and seasonal farmworkers
and their immediate families. EDUCATIONAL and Collaborators:
 16 years of age or older and not
attending high school.  Assessment of individual skills and  Maine Department of Education,
 Have not received a high school career aptitude. Migrant Education
diploma.  Individualized learning plan.  Maine Department of Education,
 Must have worked, for either wages  Academic advising and counseling. Adult Education and Local Adult
or personal subsistence, at least 75  Vocational and college exploration. Education Providers
days during the past 24 months.  ESL available.
 Tutoring.  Maine College Transitions Program
 Any agricultural work activity on a
temporary or seasonal basis directly  GED instruction.  Mano en Mano/Hand in Hand
related to:  Technology and computer training.
 Keeping Maine’s Children
˗ The production of crops, dairy Connected
products, poultry, or livestock. SUPPORT SERVICES  Maine Migrant Health Program
˗ The cultivation or harvesting of
trees.  Eastern Maine Development
 Links to health and social services, Corporation, National
˗ Fish farms. as necessary. Farmworker Jobs Program
 The work cannot be a constant  Assistance related to financial aid.
year-round activity.  Placement following GED.  GEM School Software
 No processing activities are  Stipends to cover personal
allowable for adults, however: expenses while attending GED
˗ Youth (under age 22) qualify classes.
based on being eligible to par-  Reimbursement of childcare and
ticipate, or having participated, travel expenses.
within the preceding 2 years in  Books and supplies provided.
a Migrant Education Program
˗ National Farmworker Jobs
Program (NFJP),
Section 167 of
WIA. —> Visit us online at
Maine HEP is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Migrant Education, PR# S141A100032.