What They Are Saying About Anthony St.

“What an amazing insight I have just been given and for that I thank you. As for your journey towards happiness, I hope you are running rather than walking with it. Thank you for my new knowledge. With thanks and appreciation.”
Cathi Gaughan Yorkshire, England ●

“I learned a lot from you by reading this letter to Obama. I admire you for telling it like it is, being honest and speaking your mind. I'm sorry you had to go through all that.”
Noreen Ann Jenkins Florida, DisUnited States ●

“Wow! This needs to get out publicly and inform/challenge the hearts of so many “unawares” and fearful.”
Dan Tabor North Carolina, DisUnited States

“I was tickled by the tone you take in your initial paragraphs. Very Nineteenth Century. You've got a joker in you, Anthony, a joker and a roustabout. Then you stab us in the heart...”
Daniel Essman California, DisUnited States ●

“I hear you, man!”
Craig Bak Thetford, England ●

“I must say, I felt an array of emotions while reading your aphorisms, Anthony St. John. However, in the end you will always be one of the publishers of this heart. To TheWordWarrior! And his weapons of words! Thank you for sharing. Much light and peace.”
Cindie Lynne New York, DisUnited States ●

“Beautiful work.”
Michael Carvell Illinois, DisUnited States ●

“Good suggestions for every embassy and ambassador in every country.”
Thomas Cater West Virginia, DisUnited States

“My dearest Anthony St. John. You certainly have a way with words, my friend. I love that about you.”
Cindie Lynne New York, DisUnited States ●


“Since I joined www.scribd.com this summer I have met some of the most interesting people in the world. I like your style. May we all share the fun of our lives. Whoever posts their CV with as much elan as Anthony St. John will get stars from me.”
Jed Diamond, PhD California, DisUnited States ●

“You are a hateful, spiteful, mean-spirited twerp of your own making. Perhaps you should silence yourself.”
ZakFax Rome, Italy ●

“There are some soldiers who might benefit from reading your article.”
duponthumaite Paris, France ●

“Thanks for describing and analyzing South America (Venezuela in particular) for us.
duponthumanite Paris, France ●

“Terrific respectful letter. Thanks much.”
Michael Carvell Illinois, DisUnited States ●

“Wow! I do admire such intellectual thought. But does happiness really need to be so complicated?”
Rose Texas, DisUnited States ●

“Interesting and exciting!”
manuals&manuals London, England ●

“Powerful reading.”
Michael Carvell Illinois, DisUnited States ●

“ASJ, Ah, the vitriol, the eloquence!”
Thomas Cater West Virginia, DisUnited States ●

“Thank you for your words on the “double bind,” especially in reflection on alcohol and sex among students.”
duponthumanite Paris, France ●

“Your book sounds highly irrational.”
confede Bagdad, Iraq ●

“I find this very helpful and encouraging as I go ahead facing 2010. Fight on!”
emailpaolo6976 Lazio, Italy ●


“Anthony St. John (ASJ), I enjoyed your aphorisms, as I enjoy everything you write.”
Thomas Cater West Virginia, DisUnited States ●

“Much food for thought! Keep up the good work, ASJ!”
Andrew London California, DisUnited States ●

“Anthony, this is brilliant—I love your writing and wish there was some way we could distribute more widely all the stuff you've written.”
Howard Zinn Massachusettes, DisUnited States ●

“I would like to commend in particular your observations about the penury of the Italian language, the embarrassment of US ambassadors to Italy not speaking Italian, and what can only be called the tragedy of being an Italian child. Thanks for sending these pieces to me.”
David Leavitt Firenze, Italy ●

“I think you are generalizing too far.”
Noam Chomsky Massachusettes, DisUnited States ●

“Thanks so much for writing and making available so much thought-provoking content. Glad to be subscribed.”
Chris Nash California, DisUnited States ●


“The rhythm of this (see www.audioboo.fm/thewordwarrior) was wonderful, and I loved your voice.”
Ganymeder123 New York, DisUnited States ●

“Thanks for sharing this power in staccato machine gun words.”
Phillipjonesin Melbourne, Australia ●

“I am outraged at this. However, not surprised. If you do pass from this world in my presence, I will call the Anatomy Department...I will literally raise HELL in your honor.”
Cindie Lynne New York, DisUnited States

“Great vignette. I appreciate your dense Anthony-Burgess-like prose style.”
Helen Winslow Black Oregon, DisUnited States ●

“A clever blend of cynicism and romanticism.”
Luddite California, DisUnited States ●

“I could scream in the words of your eloquent and magnetic dreamy spell of Princehood—Wordsmithism. You have a way of making the most idiosyncratic while remaining very deep—an affirmation that is most pleasing. Aware of the painstaking truth. I love your way. Thank you for sharing. And beyond, such style.”
ClynneH New York, DisUnited States

“To one of the last gentlemen—Sir Anthony St. John”
ClynneH New York, DisUnited States ●

“You possess such tact and refinement that provides an insight into personalities and situations with such radar persuasion.”
ClynneH New York, DisUnited States ●

“I read with great surprise your writings and I must say that I was truly impressed and pleased. Beyond offering you applause for your books, I hope you do not run up against more 'misfortunes alla italiana' like the ones you have already suffered, and I wish that your future writings will concern themselves with positive 'adventures' that I am sure you have found and will find in Italy. Cordially...”
Tamara Mancini Prato, Italy

“I wish to thank you for two hours of very enjoyable reading that my girlfriend and I passed together Sunday afternoon reading your writings. We have concluded that you are a magnificent critic. Unfortunately, in Italy the best critics do not find listeners who will pay attention to them.”
Carlo Folli Prato, Italy ●

“Some people speak, others think and still others think and speak. And, few individuals think, speak and act. You are among those who do all three! My compliments to the “agitator” of ideas.”
Massimo Bucaioni Sesto Fiorentino, Italy ●


“You melt my heart.”
ClynneH New York, DisUnited States ●

“You honor women magnificently.”
Daniel Essman California, DisUnited States ●

“I think the whole of Europe and North and South America will benefit from the pearls of your Solomon's wisdom.”
Strategicus Publications New York, DisUnited States ●

“Sometimes your articles scare me.”
Deirdre Pirro Firenze, Italy ●

“Nationality does not depend upon a passport, but the way one sees, feels, reacts and understands. I see that you are not an Italian!”
Monica Colombini Prato, Italy ●

“My dear Anthony St. John! I wish that you enjoy a very long life. I want you to know that I think you are an eccentric character who will live until 18 February 2060! You have to be embalmed and saved forever. You have to be put in Gli Uffizi in Firenze for all the world to see. In that way tourists from al over the world will be able to see the man who walked among us here in Italy and who understood us better than anyone else.”
Gianfranco Pieraccioli Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

“Friendship is superior to all things human. Who looks at a true friend sees himself or herself. Therefore, those who exist are present. The poor are rich. The weak are strong. The things most difficult give life to the dead. And so, with honor and memories live our friendship. Thank you.”
Marco Nanni Firenze, Italy ●

“You are truly a great opinionist!”
Stacey Enersen Honolulu, United States ●

“Sometimes I hate you! Because you want to make me become an adult by speaking about politics, war memories, actuality... Sometimes I love you! Because you make me return to my childhood. And you make me cry! You are not normal!!!”
Katya Di Bella Bologna, Italy ●

“Enjoyable reading...Philosophical...Ironic...Pungent...Anti-conformist. You are a fighter. What else can I say about you! You are truly an original! No one can imitate you!.”
Vania Prato, Italy ●

“You possess points of view which are indeed unique. Brilliant reflections. Your ideas are great for those of us who refuse to accept the hackneyed ways and normality of human life.

With great respect...”
Antonio Morrocchesi Certaldo, Italy ●

“You are an enigmatic person. Curious...Eccentric...Extravagant. You are extremely inventive. You have a strong desire to better the world. And this is important because people such as you allow us never to die!!!”
Sandra & Elisa Firenze, Italy ●

“You are the biggest ball-buster I have ever known! You ruin the lives of happy women who want only to occupy themselves with the lives of their families...women who want to be just housewives and have many children. At the same time, you make me appreciate your sincerity, spontaneity and kindness.”
Virginia Sesto Fiorentino, Italy ●

“You are a great Marxist! Maybe the only American who likes Bertinotti. You hate progress. Yet you are always bemused with it. You are the most curious person I have ever met. You enter whatever on-going conversation. And you always offer something by being cheerful and natural. I want to offer this advice to anyone who comes in contact with you: Run!”
Massimiliano Sesto Fiorentino, Italy ●

“You possess a mastery over your mind. You are a rebel. Whimsical. You roam. You are on the way towards happiness.”

Firenze, Italy



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