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<p><strong>Trustee Profiles</strong></p>

<p><a href="#alison">Dr Alison Beadworth &ndash; Chairman</a><br />

<a href="#joe">Joe Sharples &ndash; Company Secretary</a><br />
<a href="#barbara">Barbara Sharples</a><br />
<a href="#clive">Clive Bruce</a><br />
<a href="#colin">Colin Buchanan</a><br />
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<p><a name="alison"><strong>Dr Alison Beadsworth - Chairman</strong></a></p>
<p>Having migrated to Sussex from the Midlands, Alison now lives in Arundel and
works at Mayday Hospital in Croydon as an Accident and Emergency Specialist
<p>She is the present chair of trustees of COTE, having been an original member of
Anita Roddick's 'love team' to Romania in 1990. She had originally studied law
with Rachel Bentley, and then her association with COTE&rsquo;s early medical work
inspired her to become a doctor.</p>
<p>She also runs a small sister project to COTE called 'Iasis' which has medical
programmes in Romania, Moldova, East Timor and Brazil.</p>
<p><b>Alan Finch</b><br />
<br />
Alan Finch joined Chichester Festival Theatre (CFT) in 2005 as Executive Director
and, together with the Artistic Director, has been responsible for the programming
and management of the Festival and Minerva Theatres since Festival 06. CFT is
currently enjoying international acclaim, with Chichester productions transferring
to London's West End, Toronto and New York, as well as undertaking national
tours.<br />
&nbsp;<br />
2008 will see the opening of a new Education &amp; Rehearsal building in Oaklands
Park, alongside the Theatre, a development which Alan has led in recent years. The
new building will substantially increase CFT'S capacity to work with
disenfranchised children from across the region.<br />
&nbsp;<br />
Born in Nottingham, Alan started his career in theatre at the City's Playhouse
Theatre, and was later appointed Head of Production for Plymouth Theatre
Royal.&nbsp; In 1999, he took up the post of the Theatre Royal's General Manager,
and oversaw the creation of TR2, Plymouth's award-winning &pound;8.2million
production facility. <br />
&nbsp;<br />
<b>Andy Rush</b><br />
<br />
Andy has lived in Angmering, West Sussex for the last seven years.&nbsp; He is
married and has three school aged children.<br />
<br />
Andy's career started in marketing and he has held several senior marketing
positions including Marketing Director of McVities Biscuits and United
Distillers.&nbsp; Over the last several years Andy has also worked for Pfizer and
latterly Johnson and Johnson in senior management positions, culminating in being
Vice President for Johnson and Johnson in Northern and Central European over the
counter medicines business.<br />
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<a name="barbara"><strong>Barbara Sharples</strong></a></p>
<p>Barbara Sharples, ex Managing Director of The Body Shop At Home and Multi
Channel Operations.</p>
<p>Barbara&rsquo;s career in direct sales spans over 30 years. Barbara is
passionate about direct selling and the opportunities that it offers to women
worldwide. While with The Body Shop, Barbara was a trustee of The Body Shop
Foundation and became passionate about Fair Trade, Human Rights and Children on
the Edge. She and her husband Joe visited Romania in 2002 to see the work being
done by COTE first hand. Barbara now runs her own Direct sales consultancy
business, and sits on the Advisory Board of one of the largest Direct sales
companies worldwide. Her passion for all children who live life on the edge now
involves her in work with children in South Africa and disabled children in the
UK.<br />
<p><a name="clive"><strong>Clive Bruce</strong></a></p>
<p>Clive has been involved in commerce for the past 25 years, having worked for a
number of high profile companies. He was director of Dorling Kindersley Family
Learning and was a main Board Director of Victory Corporate PLC, the holding
company for Virgin Cosmetics and Clothing.</p>
<p>Clive is currently a director of Phoenix Trading a UK based direct selling
company. He is passionate about human rights issues, and interested in Charity
administration, governance and tax issues.</p>
<p>Clive is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and
Wales, and a fellow of the RSA.<br />
<p><a name="colin"><strong>Colin Buchanan</strong></a> </p>
<p>Colin spent almost 20 years working for Marks and Spencer, initially in the UK,
but then across Europe, finally moving to live in Hong Kong, from where he ran the
Asia Region. A move to Asia's biggest Supermarket and Drug Store Retailer - Dairy
Farm, led later to a brief period with a venture capitalist before joining The
Body Shop, where he ran the Asia Region out of Singapore. It was here that a close
working relationship developed with COTE, supporting the work in East Timor, but
later in Indonesia, following the ravages of the Tsunami. Colin now lives near
Chichester and is married with four grown up children.<br />
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<p><a name="joe"><strong>Joe Sharples &ndash; Company Secretary</strong></a></p>
<p>Joe started his business career in the logistics industry, moving to a global
industrial gases company in the early &lsquo;70s - still in logistics but in a
more specialised environment. He held a number of senior UK and European
positions. He retired from corporate business life last year and is now developing
his own business in property and spending more time with his young grandchildren
in Cornwall. Joe has been involved with COTE since 1998 when he started to support
Barbara&rsquo;s involvement in corporate fund raising for the charity. His visit
to Romania ignited a passion to make a difference to marginalised children&rsquo;s
<p><b>Mary Loosemore</b><br />
<br />
Mary has lived in the Chichester area since 1980. She practises as a barrister in
Pallant Chambers having first qualified as a solicitor after obtaining a degree in
economics and politics.</p>
<p>When she first moved&nbsp; to&nbsp; West Sussex Mary became a partner in a well
established Chichester firm of solicitors where she practiced in all areas of
litigation. Mary has specialised in family law since being called to the bar in
1992 and this has involved her in representing families and children with special
needs and dealing with&nbsp; child protection issues.</p>
<p>Mary is married to a solicitor who has a commercial practice in Worthing; they
raised their family locally.<br />
<br />
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