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FRIEDELL 2:45-4:30


Homework Drop-In Intro to Computer Program--Python

5111.301 Rm. 127 T-TH Jan. 11-Feb. 17 Free (Gr. 6-8)
Homework Help is designed with the purpose of helping students who
need to complete late work, to provide extra academic help, and/or 5101.201 Rm. 111 W/M Jan. 12-Feb. 16 $45
provide extra time completing assignments. Students who wish to stay are This class is an introduction to computer programming. We will learn using
required to get a pass from the teacher in which class they need to com- the Python programming language. Python is free and is available for
plete work. Only students with passes will be allowed to stay for Home- different platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Our class will
work Help. A snack and a work break will be given; however, those stu- present basic concepts of computer programming including memory,
dents who do wish to stay will be expected to have enough work to last looping, decisions, input and output, data structures, graphics, and more.
the entire time they are there. It is the student’s responsibility to communi- It then applies them to fun, interesting topics like computer graphics,
cate with his/her parent or guardian when he/she will be staying and to game programming, and simulations. We will be using the text book
have a ride arranged before 2:00pm on the day the student stays. Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners with
the opportunity to purchase the book and jump drive at an additional
cost. Instructor: Greg Stewert.
Aromatherapy 101 (6-8)
5187.201 Rm. 107 M/W Jan. 10-Jan. 31 $36 Outdoor Adventures at Quarry Hill (6-8)
Students will learn about Aromatherapy and explore the many healing
properties of essential oils. They will discover how they connect with the 5188.201 Rm. 111 T Jan. 11-Feb. 15 $45
oils and how to use them for their own healing. The class includes safe use This class provides students with multiple outdoor explorations at places
of oils and how to blend oils to combat different ailments. throughout Rochester. Outdoor explorations might include activities such
as: winter survival game trail, skiing & snowshoeing, ice fishing, shelter
building, outdoor cooking, geo caching, and much more! Class will load
the bus each session and travel to Quarry Hill. Instructors: Ms. Nelson and
Girls Just Wanna be Girls (Gr. 6- 6-8 Girls Only) the Quarry Hill Staff.
5184.201 Rm. 102 T/TH Jan. 11-Feb. 17 $45 
Stressed and need a place to get away after a hectic day at school? This
class is for the girls who just need time to relax and have some fun! Be-
sides smiling and laughing, you will be creating cards, notebooks, picture
frames, and much more. Instructor: Ms. Klingfus.

Year Book Committee (6-8)

5189.201 Computer Lab T/TH Jan. 11-Mar. 24 $20
This class is for students who wish to help design Friedell’s yearbook. The
class will meet 1 time per week starting in January. Watch for more in-
formation after Winter Break!! Participants will receive a free year book
upon completion. Instructors: Ms. Nelson and Mrs. Egle.

6th Gr. Boys Basketball
5008.201 M/W Jan. 10-Feb. 16 Fee: $52

7th-8th Gr. Boys Basketball

5009.201 T/TH Jan. 11-Feb. 17 Fee: $52

To Register: Call 328-4000, or online at
or see registration form on back
Registration Information Transportation
Registration begins upon receipt of this brochure. Space is limited and classes fill Parents are responsible for their student's transportation unless noted
quickly; we encourage prompt registration. Additional times may be set up if otherwise. When picking up your student from class, please be prompt, as
classes fill; this determination is usually made two weeks in advance. Please call additional supervision is not provided after class.
our office if you have questions on openings at 328-4000.
Confirmation A limited number of scholarships are available for selected
Community Education does not send out confirmations. classes. Scholarships available for students who are enrolled in the free
Please mark your calendars. You will only be notified if a class is or reduced lunch program. Please call 328-4000 to request additional
changed or cancelled. information.

Class Cancellation Policy Prior to Start Health Concerns

Date Please indicate on the registration form if your student has any medical
or health concerns. The Community Education staff is not trained to admin-
Class cancellation must be made a minimum of one week prior to the class start- ister any medication.
ing date for a full cash refund (unless otherwise noted in the description).

If you cancel with less than a week notice, prior to the first class, you will be issued Tax Credit/Deduction
a Community Education credit on account, minus $5 processing fee and any costs The fee charged for some activities may be tax deductible. Please con-
incurred (including supplies, food, and salaries). In the event a Community Educa- sult your tax advisor to determine whether you qualify for an education
tion class must be cancelled due to inclement weather or other unavoidable cir- tax credit or deduction.
cumstances, every effort will be made to reschedule. However, there may be
instances when it will not be possible to reschedule the class or make a restitution
of funds. Waiver of Liability Notice
I understand that Independent School District #535 and Community Edu-
Class Withdrawal Policy After Start Date cation are not responsible for any injury to my son or daughter, and I
have my own insurance and/or I will be responsible for all services pro-
You may withdraw from classes of three sessions or more after attending the first vided by a health care provider, hospital, and/or ambulance service.
session. You must notify the Enrichment Office, 328-4000, of your intent to with-
draw prior to the second class. You will be issued a prorated cash/credit refund
minus a $5 processing fee and any costs incurred. Send registration form to:
201 8th Street NW
Rochester, MN 55901

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