Creative Writing (Gr. 6-8)
5113.204 Rm. B-111 (Art) M/W Jan. 10-Feb. 14 $45
Join us if you have a passion for writing or just want to be a better writer. This class will offer you the chance to get creative with your writing and expand on the techniques you already know. Instructor: Lauren Allen.


Fabulously Fashionable Jewelry Design (6-8) (65131.204 Rm. B-111 (Art) M/W Jan. 10-Feb. 16 $52
Come to class ready to make AMAZING jewelry from various household objects, such as: "Flower Power Headbands/Hair pins,” "Button Rings/ Earrings/Necklaces," "Paper Tube Cuff Bracelets," "Fish Hook Beaded Bracelets," and "Bottle Cap Rings." Instructor: Tonay Miller. Skip Monday Jan 17.

Homework Drop-In
5111.304 Media Center T/TH Jan. 11-Feb. 17 Free
Having trouble with today's math assignment? Forgot your English project is due tomorrow? Stop in the Homework Drop-In center and get the help you need with your assignments. Instructor: Lauren Allen. No fee for this class.

Model Making with Mr. Morris (6-8)
5130.204 Rm. C-103 Ind. Tech. M/W Jan. 10-Feb. 16 $52
Come join the fun of experimenting with making all different sorts of models. From model cars to airplanes, you can learn to make them as intricate as you want or as simple. This is a great class to join if you love to build things! Instructor: Rod Morris. Skip Jan. 17.

Steppin' (Gr. 6-8)
5186.304 Atrium T Jan. 11-Feb. 15 $36
Students will learn a new version of Hip Hop dance known as Steppin'. You will learn some of the chants and rhythmic stomping that were made popular by recent films such as “Stomp the Yard.” Together with your instructor you will create a routine and have a chance to perform it upon completion. Instructor: Cindel Farmer.

Girlz Talk (Gr. 6-8 Girls Only)
5119.304 Rm. B-111 (Art) T/TH Jan. 11-Feb. 15 $45
Do you have boyfriend troubles? Do you ever wonder why you don't get noticed? Do you just need to talk to someone who will listen and not judge? Well, Girlz Talk is where you need to be. This course deals with issues regarding relationships and everyday questions you may have. We will also give make-up and fashion tips...but don't worry, that part is the fun stuff. This is just regular girl talk with some added fun. Not only will this course strengthen your mind and esteem, but it will also strengthen your relationships too! So, if you're ready for some real down-to-earth talk, this is where you need to be! Instructor: Joann Boutwell.

VEGA Guitar Program (6-8)
5120.304 Music Rm. A-103 T/TH Jan. 11-Feb. 15 $60
The class is open to players of all skill levels from beginner to advanced in grades 6-8. Twenty lessons will be taught individually and in small groups over the period of ten weeks. The program will culminate with an ensemble performance for the public alongside instructor Chris Millner. Participants are welcomed to use their own acoustic guitar or rent one that is provided by the program for a fifty dollar refundable deposit. Chris has over 25 years of experience teaching both individual and group lessons and was the commercial guitar program head at Cal State DH before coming to Minnesota. He has worked as a professional musician and consultant for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Disney, ESPN, E! Entertainment, National Public Radio, and the American Federation of Musicians. Rental fee of $50 paid to VEGA on the first day of class.

6th Gr. Boys Basketball
5008.204 M/W Jan. 10-Feb. 16 Fee: $52

Drama Club (6-8)
5132.204 Auditorium M/W Jan. 10-Feb. 16 $45
Do you love to act? Have you ever pretended that you were a famous actor or actress? Have you ever accepted a Grammy or tried to interview your dog? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be a DRAMA KING/QUEEN. Don't worry, we can help! Join Drama Club and you will learn how to do improvisational acting, miming, and just have fun! As a class, you will also write your own play, direct it, produce it, and star in it at the end of the six-week session. Instructor: Joann Boutwell. Skip Jan. 17.

7th-8th Gr. Boys Basketball
5009.204 T/TH Jan. 11-Feb. 17 Fee: $52

6th-8th Gr. Girls Open Swim
5011.204 M/W Jan. 10-Feb. 16 Fee: $45
* Aquatic games such as water polo and water basketball will be organized each day. The majority of time, however, will be reserved for open swimming. Student must already be able to swim as this class is not intended to provide beginner lessons.

To Register: Call 328-4000, or online at www.rochesterce.org/youth
or see registration form on back

6th-8th Gr. Girls Kick Line
5081.204 TH Jan. 13-Feb. 10 Fee: $35

Registration Information
Registration begins upon receipt of this brochure. Space is limited and classes fill quickly; we encourage prompt registration. Additional times may be set up if classes fill; this determination is usually made two weeks in advance. Please call our office if you have questions on openings at 328-4000.

Parents are responsible for their student's transportation unless noted otherwise. When picking up your student from class, please be prompt, as additional supervision is not provided after class.

Community Education does not send out confirmations. Please mark your calendars. You will only be notified if a class is changed or cancelled.

A limited number of scholarships are available for selected classes. Scholarships available for students who are enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program. Please call 328-4000 to request additional information.

Class Cancellation Policy Prior to Start Date

Health Concerns

Please indicate on the registration form if your student has any medical or health concerns. The Community Education staff is not trained to adminClass cancellation must be made a minimum of one week prior to the class starting ister any medication. date for a full cash refund (unless otherwise noted in the description).

If you cancel with less than a week notice, prior to the first class, you will be issued Tax Credit/Deduction a Community Education credit on account, minus $5 processing fee and any costs The fee charged for some activities may be tax deductible. Please conincurred (including supplies, food, and salaries). In the event a Community Educa- sult your tax advisor to determine whether you qualify for an education tion class must be cancelled due to inclement weather or other unavoidable cirtax credit or deduction. cumstances, every effort will be made to reschedule. However, there may be instances when it will not be possible to reschedule the class or make a restitution Waiver of Liability Notice of funds. I understand that Independent School District #535 and Community Education are not responsible for any injury to my son or daughter, and I Class Withdrawal Policy After Start Date have my own insurance and/or I will be responsible for all services proYou may withdraw from classes of three sessions or more after attending the first vided by a health care provider, hospital, and/or ambulance service. session. You must notify the Enrichment Office, 328-4000, of your intent to withdraw prior to the second class. You will be issued a prorated cash/credit refund Send registration form to: minus a $5 processing fee and any costs incurred.

201 8th Street NW Rochester, MN 55901