Psychological study of Anger

What is anger?
“Anger is a natural part of the human condition, but it isn't always easy to handle. And when people don't handle it well, the harm they do can be visible and it can't be visible”.

Reasons of Anger in Faisalabad
There are many reasons behind anger. Some of most common reasons of anger are as follow:

• Stressed

When a man is tired he feels stress. In this situation he became anger.

• Empty emotional bank account
goes to particular event.

A man has no emotion, when he

If a man did his work honestly and his work is rejected without any reason then many peoples became anger in this situation. When many peoples travel in crowded place but they can avoid the crowed, some of peoples do not avoid the crowed and became anger. When the flights are late or delay in this time many people are anger.

• Rejection

• Crowded place

• Airplane

Most roads of Faisalabad are under construction in our daily routine life, there for traffic is jam. If

• Road construction & Traffic jam

• Many works but short time • Promotion or Reward • Break a promise • Foul language • High blood pressure This is a natural reason of anger. They can be a danger to themselves and others. Kinds of Anger ♦ Habitual Anger Anger can become a bad habit. so they feel good or relieved. ♦ Sudden Anger People with sudden anger are like thunderstorms on a summer day. They release all their feelings. They go through the day looking for fights. They look for the worst in everything and everybody. . If any person talking trash about your family what is your response? When summer season is come many peoples are anger because summer season is hot season.we are in emergency. Loss of control is a major problem with sudden anger. • Talking trash about your family • Summer season Many peoples don’t bear with foul language and they became anger. Habitually angry people find themselves getting angry often. usually about small things that don't bother others. the road is under construction or the traffic is jam then we are anger in this situation. They wake up grumpy.

at least not at first. ♦ Moral Anger Some people think they have a right to be angry when others have broken a rule.♦ Paranoid Anger This type of anger occurs when someone feels irrationally threatened by others. ♦ Deliberate Anger This anger is planned. or saying they'll do something. People who use this anger usually know what they are doing. sometimes. ♦ Sneaky Anger Anger Sneaks never let others know they are angry. they sit around and frustrate everybody and their families. They aren't really emotional about their anger. • Express it . they don't even know how angry they are. Sometimes. They like the intensity even if they don't like the trouble their anger causes them. but never intending to follow through. They believe people want to take what is theirs. such as forgetting things a lot. Or. loud speaking. People with this anger style feel outraged about what bad people are doing. ♦ Addictive Anger Some people want or need the strong feelings that come with anger. Impacts of Anger There are three impacts of anger in our research. These impacts are as follow: • Express it • Suppress it • Blame yourself In the situation of anger some peoples express his anger in the shape of fighting. They like controlling others. But the anger comes out in other forms. hits something etc. They expect others will attack them physically or verbally. and the best way they've discovered to do that is with anger and.

then seek refugee in Allah. “Anger from Shaytan. some peoples suppress his feelings. so when angry do wudu” • Change body positions “If one of you gets angry while standing he should sit. • Blame yourself Suggestions of Anger Islamic Suggestions of Anger • Seek refuge in Allah (swt) “And if an evil suggestion comes to you from Shaytan. They do not take any action in this situation. If he is still angry he should lie down” To say this hadith in other words: . He is hearing and knowing (Quran 7: 200) • Do wudu (washing specific parts of your body with water) according to the tradition of the Prophet (S). • Suppress it This type of blame is what we call guilt and not only leads to anger but also depression and a range of self-destructive behaviors. Shaytan from fire. fire is put out by water. The Prophet (S) said.When peoples are anger.

which is somewhat between walking and running. Other Suggestions of Anger • Change your environment • Talk to a friend you can trust • Play a video game & Listening songs • Think good thoughts (maybe about a fun vacation or your favorite sport) • Take deep breaths • Take a walk or exercise.    Lying down is better than sitting Sitting is better than standing Standing is better than walking Walking is better than Sa’y. .


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