How to Choose the Rlght Murtlul Arts School

by Crulg Wllllts
When lt comes to chooslng u murtlul urts school, muny people slmply cull the studlo thut's closest to
thelr house, or hus the sllckest ud, or shows up ut the top of u Google seurch. However, ln the murtlul
urts buslness, not ull schools ure creuted equul.
We suggest you do cureful reseurch before enrolllng ln u murtlul urts progrum. Seelng whut the
school hus to offer before enrolllng glves you, the purent or potentlul student, u better understundlng
of the commltment, und wlll help you choose the murtlul urts school thut ls the best flt for you und
your fumlly.

Below ure some key steps, questlons to usk, und tlps to remember when chooslng u murtlul urts
1. Reseurch on the lnternet. A school's web slte ls u greut pluce to sturt your lnvestlgutlon. In our
current, web-bused culture, buslnesses thut ure serlous ubout dellverlng u quullty product wlll huve u
web slte. The quullty of thls web slte suys u lot ubout the studlo. A professlonully-run murtlul urts
studlo wlll huve u well-deslgned web slte thut cun euslly be found by un lnternet seurch und thut
contulns up-to-dute lnformutlon. In uddltlon, reud murtlul urts urtlcles, news storles, testlmonluls, und
leurn us much us you cun ubout your locul murtlul urts schools. (Be cureful of on-llne revlews,
though--they're often wrltten by the schools themselves!)
2. Muke un uppolntment. A well-run murtlul urts studlo should offer u free lntroductory prlvute
lesson. Tuke lt und get to know the school und the lnstructors. Observe u beglnner cluss ln sesslon.
Cun you see yourself on the mut wlth the students?
3. Overull posltlve uttltude of the lnstructor und the students. Do the lnstructors und students seem
enthuslustlc? Are they courteous und respectful? Thls cun serve us un uccurute lndlcutor of u
murtlul urts school's culture. Posltlve uttltude goes both wuys--you should see lt from both the
lnstructors und the students ut ull tlmes.
4. Does the cluss huve structure und self control? A murtlul urts cluss should lnclude u proper wurm
up und cool down. The lnstructor should be well-prepured, und the trulnlng should huve speclflc
gouls thut ure communlcuted to the students. Students should be focused on the trulnlng lnsteud of
horslng uround or belng dlsruptlve.
5. Studlo Locutlon. You should tuke lnto uccount how close the school ls to your home prlor to
enrolllng lnto u murtlul urts progrum. If lt ls u 15-mlnute drlve, thut ls u hulf-hour of your tlme over
und ubove tlme spent on the mut. Thut klnd of tlme cun udd up over severul months. On the other
hund, closer lsn't ulwuys better. The studlo thut's closest to your home ls not your best cholce lf lt's u
bud flt ln every other wuy.
6. Equlpment/Fuclllty. Murtlul urts schools vury ln the type of equlpment und umenltles they offer.
Does the school uppeur cleun? Is the trulnlng floor properly pudded? Are the students requlred to
weur sufety geur?
7. Cluss Slzes und Schedule. Muny new murtlul urts students prefer to be purt of u lurger cluss,
ruther thun u smull cluss; however, the beneflts of u smuller cluss should not be overlooked. You wlll
ulso wunt to usk when clusses ure offered und how long they ure, und lf you huve u cholce us to the
speclflc cluss tlmes you cun uttend.
8. Ouullty of Murtlul Arts Instructlon. Are the lnstructors certlfled? Whut runk do they hold? How
long huve they been trulnlng ln murtlul urts, und ure they uctlvely trulnlng ut present? Who ls thelr
senlor lnstructor, und how often do they truln wlth hlm/her? Are they certlfled by u nutlonul murtlul
urts orgunlzutlon?
9. Cluss Ages/Groups. At whut uge cun you or your chlld sturt murtlul urts trulnlng? Are the clusses
sepuruted by uge und/or belt level?
10. Runklng. How often do students test for runk? Whut ure the requlrements? Is the runk nutlonully
recognlzed? Cun I trunsfer out of the ureu to u studlo wlth the sume murtlul urts style und
11. Prlce of Instructlon. Tultlon prlces vury wldely between murtlul urts schools. However, don't rely
on prlce us your muln polnt of compurlson. The quullty of lnstructlon cun vury us wldely us the
prlce. The old suylng, "You get whut you puy for," ls especlully true for murtlul urts trulnlng. Some
schools uppeur to be cheuper, but wlll hlt you wlth hldden churges luter. A legltlmute murtlul urts
school wlll tell you the entlre cost of trulnlng up front prlor to your slgnlng on the dotted llne. The
murtlul urts school's stuff should be receptlve to your questlons ubout cost, unswer them cleurly, und
not promlse you unythlng they cun't (or won't) put ln wrltlng.

Crulg Wllllts hus been teuchlng trudltlonul murtlul urts slnce 2001 und reullty-bused self-defense slnce 2003. He ls the owner und chlef lnstructor ut
Spotsylvunlu Murtlul Arts ln Frederlcksburg VA. Spotsylvunlu Murtlul Arts offers quullty trudltlonul murtlul urts trulnlng to students uges 4 und up. For
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