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Installation/Configuration Instructions

SAP GUI for Windows

Windows ’95 and ‘98

This document contains step by step instructions on how to retrieve and install the
latest SAPGUI configuration file.

In order to be successful, your computer must be configured to access the Internet or
Intranet. Consult your TLC if you have any questions regarding web browsing using
your computer.

These instructions are for use with Windows 95 and 98 computers. They will not
work with Windows NT workstation or Windows 2000 Professional. Please see

1. Start your Windows 95 or 98

2. Close the SAP Logon or SAP
Logon Pad program
3. Locate both copies of the file
“Saplogon.ini’ in your hard
drive. They will be located in
C:\Windows AND the location
where the actual SAP
installation was placed (usually
C:\Program Files\SAPpc). If
the file is not in the second
location, do not be concerned.
HINT: Right-click ‘My
Computer’, choose ‘Find’,
enter “Saplogon.ini’, press
Installation/Configuration Instructions
SAP GUI for Windows
Windows ’95 and ‘98

4. Drag both copies to the

Recycle Bin, then empty
the Recycle Bin
5. Close all open windows to
expose the desktop

6. Double-click the ‘My

Computer’ icon on your

7. Double-click the ‘C’ icon

to open your system hard

8. Scroll, if necessary, to
expose the ‘Windows’
folder (do not open the

9. If the C window is maxi-

mized on your screen,
restore using the “Restore’
icon at the top-right cor-
ner of the window. Move
the window to expose
Network Neighborhood

10. To locate new

configuration files, use
Network Neighborhood, to
connect to your local NT
Server’s Netinst folder or
go to ETS01:SBBC (as
guest using password
guest). If Saplogon.ini is
not on your server, and if
you choose to download
from ETS01, open
Network Neighborhood,
open ‘Entire Network’,
open ‘Microsoft Windows
Network’ (if given a
choice) open ‘ETS”,
double click ETS01 and
finally double-click SBBC
Installation/Configuration Instructions
SAP GUI for Windows
Windows ’95 and ‘98

11. Navigate to /Windows


Double-click the Windows


Double-click the
Application Folder

Double-click the
Presentation Folder

Double-click the Sapgui


12. Locate the two files

‘Saplogon.ini’ AND
‘Services’ in the sapgui

13. Place the new configuration


Drag both ‘Saplogon.ini’

AND ‘Services” files from
the server window to the
Windows folder in ‘C’.

Answer ‘Yes’ to Confirm

File Replace.

14. Close All Windows

15. Reboot your computer