£njov rh¢ v¢¢k¢nd!
No progrom (New Year's Day bolloay)

Tol¢rarlng £norlonal Dlsrr¢ss
$asha Ginsburg, LCSW, ano Erin Lotz, LCSW,
[ounders o[ Wests|de u87 (u|o|ect|co| 8ehov|oro| 7herop,j
Uslng tbe pbllosopby ot olalectlcs, tbese lntenslvely tralneo D8T cllnlclans
wlll sbare researcb-backeo ways tor banollng blgbly olstresstul tbougbts
ano emotlons. Practlcal oemonstratlons ot lnterpersonal ettectlveness
skllls wlll be blgbllgbteo.
D¢nlal Manag¢n¢nr
$hari Corbitt, Ps,u, \|ce Pres|dent, Prom|ses
7reotment Centers
An lnvestlgatlon lnto several types ot oenlal prevalent ln tbose wltb out-
ot-control aoolctlve patterns. How to unoerstano your own embeooeo
oenlal processes, wbetber you are a cbemlcal aoolct, a process/se× aoolct,
or tbe spouse/partner ot an aoolct. |ncluoes practlcal suggestlons tor more
successtul lnterventlons.
Lnd¢rsrandlng rh¢ An¢nds Proc¢ss
Yerry Gatewood, MSW, ASW, Sßl Add|ct|on Spec|o||st
How oo you make amenos to someone wben lt appears tbat oolng so
may burt tbat person, especlally lt tbe maklng ot amenos lncluoes very
sensltlve se×ual olsclosures? Tbls questlon bas baunteo tbose ln aoolctlon
recovery tor oecaoes. Uslng anecootes ano otber e×amples, tbls lecture
wlll e×plore a varlety ot ways to practlce apology, amenos, ano torglveness.

Maklng S¢lIĦCar¢ a Prlorlrv
Karina Green, MA, Sßl Add|ct|on Spec|o||st
Wbat e×actly comprlses tbe notlon ot selt care? |t ls more tban eatlng
tbree squares ano gettlng enougb sleep. Flrst comes tbe notlon ot teellng
wortby ot some care, wblcb ls oltñcult wben oeallng wltb sbame, loss,
ano gullt. Hanos-on suggestlons tor belng gentle wltb yourselt ln trylng
S¢xual Addlcrlon £ducarlon
and Supporr Cal¢ndar

]anuary 2011
Tools Ior Cr¢arlng Gr¢ar¢r
1nrlnacv and Conn¢crlon
Greta Hassel, Ml7, Pres|dent o[ Lssence, lnc.
8aseo on prlnclples trom Non-vlolent Communlcatlon stuoles, tbls pre-
sentatlon outllnes ways to e×amlne unmet neeos ot couples ln recovery,
wltb an eye towaros lncreaslng botb tbe aoolct's ano partner's abllly to
create more connectlon, joy, ano clarlty ln tbelr lntlmate relatlonsblps.

MlndIuln¢ss ln Addlcrlon R¢cov¢rv
Korina ]ochim, MA, Sßl Add|ct|on Spec|o||st
Mlnotulness belps us to be present ln botb our paln ano our joy wltb greater
wlsoom, unoerstanolng, ano compasslon. Tbls lnteractlve lecture wlll lmpart
some baslc tools tor tbe practlce ot beallng ano recovery, lncluolng several guloeo
lmagery meoltatlons.

Br¢aklng 1r¢¢ Iron Dlsrorr¢d Thlnklng
Andrew Halladay, MA, Add|ct|on Spec|o||st
A practlcal e×ploratlon ot tbe negatlve core bellets tbat unoerlle
aoolctlve tblnklng, ano bow to unoerstano tbe trauma patterns tbat make
tbese bellets seem so lngralneo as to oety recovery ettorts. L×erclses tbat
belp to olscover your personal core bellets wlll be blgbllgbteo, lncluolng
tbose tor botb aoolcts ano partners.
1lvlng vlrh Lnc¢rralnrv
Michael Alvarez , MA, Ml7, Sßl 7ro|n|ng Consu|tont
Wbat can you oo wben you are not sure ot your ne×t rlgbt step? How
oo you oeal wltb protouno amblvalence, wben lt comes to managlng your
relatlonsblps botb at bome ano at work? A provocatlve e×ploratlon ot
paraoo×lcal vs. llnear tblnklng as a way to oeepen your recovery
February 2011
Featured $peakers: $asha Ginsburg, LC$W & Erin Lotz, LC$W; $hari Corbitt, PsyD; Greta Hassel, MFY;
Andrew Halladay, MA; Michael Alvarez, MFY; Donny Pauling.
914 $. Robertson Blvd. $uite 200 | Los Angeles, CA 90035
310-360-0130 | www.$e×ualRecovery.com

Lecture and support group $aturdays from 10 am to 1 pm,
$20 per person for both addicts and partners.
1aclng R¢allrv ln £arlv R¢cov¢rv
Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSA7-S, Sßl lound|ng u|rector
A llvely oescrlptlon ot bow couples can recover trom a pattern ot lles ano
oeceptlon as tbey e×plore botb lnolvloual ano relatlonsblp recovery. Uslng
bumor ano selt-olsclosure, tbls presentatlon wlll blgbllgbt ways tor botb
partners to retrame tbelr struggles wblle rebullolng trust.
1ld 1ov¢: Lnd¢rsrandlng Ronanrlc
$haron O'Hara, Ml7, Sßl C||n|co| u|rector
A powertul yet amuslng look at everytblng you ever wanteo to know about
ñ×lng your romantlc relatlonsblps, as well as an lnvestlgatlon lnto bow you got
bere ln tbe ñrst place. Metapbor ano bumor are empbaslzeo, as well as a new
way ot unoerstanolng tbe practlcal use ot 12-Step pbllosopby.
Guld¢d 1nag¢rv as
TransIornarlonal Proc¢ss
Gregory Pospisil, MA, Sßl Add|ct|on Spec|o||st
How creatlve e×presslon can empower you to olscover new lnner wlsoom.
Tbls presentatlon wlll oemonstrate bow to transtorm teellngs ot grlet ano
an×lety lnto posltlve symbols tor growtb ano recovery, wltb an empbasls on
unoerstanolng tbe sl× stages ot recovery over tlme.

1lndlng Splrlruallrv ln R¢cov¢rv
Donny Pauling, Postor-|n-7ro|n|ng
Many people struggle wltb tbe splrltual aspects ot 12-Step recovery, otten
contuslng rellglon wltb splrltuallty. Tbls lnteractlve, tbougbt-provoklng, ano
movlng lecture wlll belp to clarlty tbese terms wblle olscusslng morallty,
rellglon, ano beallng trom se× ano love aoolctlon.
S¢xual Addlcrlon £ducarlon
and Supporr Cal¢ndar

March 2011
T¢rrv Gar¢vood,06:$6:SR| Aoolctlon Speclallst, ls a
graouate ot Cal State Unlverslty Los Angeles. Terry bas a backgrouno ln torenslc
soclal work, cbemlcal oepenoency, ano se×ual aoolctlon.

Harlna Gr¢¢n, 06$2' SR| Aoolctlon Speclallst, ls a graouate ot Cal
State Nortbrloge wltb a oegree ln Marrlage ano Famlly Tberapy. Sbe speclallzes ln
tbe treatment ot communlcatlon, lntlmacy, se×, ano relatlonsblp olsoroers as well as
cbemlcal oepenoency.
Horlna |ochln,0$ SR| Aoolctlon Speclallst, ls a graouate ot Antlocb
Unlverslty Los Angeles. Sbe bas bao tralnlng ln cbemlcal oepenoency as well as ln
se× aoolctlon. Korlna bas speclal lnterest ln treatlng spouses ot se× aoolcts.
Sharon O'Hara,0)7SR| Cllnlcal Dlrector, bas 19 years ot e×perlence
worklng wltb se× aoolcts, partners, ano se× ottenoers. Her speclal lnterest ls ln
treatlng tbe trauma tbat lles unoerneatb many aoolctlve bebavlors.
Gr¢gorv Posplsll,0$SR| Aoolctlon Speclallst, bas an e×tenslve
backgrouno worklng ln tbe ñelo ot cbemlcal oepenoency ano se×ual aoolctlon, wltb
a speclal lnterest ln tbe use ot art tberapy tecbnlques to motlvate beallng.
Rob¢rr W¢lss, /&6:&6$7ĥ5SR|
Founolng Dlrector ano Dlrector ot Se×ual Dlsoroers Servlces
at Tbe Rancb Treatment Center ln Nunnelly, TN ls a natlonally
acknowleogeo speaker, e×pert wltness, ano tralnlng protesslonal
ln tbe ñelo ot se×ual aoolctlon. He ls also tbe autbor ot several
books on se×ual aoolctlon ano regularly contrlbutes oplnlon
ano commentary tor CNN, MSN8C, N8C, ano A8C.
914 $. Robertson Blvd. $uite 200 | Los Angeles, CA 90035
310-360-0130 | www.$e×ualRecovery.com
Mlcha¢l Alvar¢z, 0)7 SR| Tralnlng Consultant, bas a prlvate practlce ln
Torrance, CA. He ls an lnternatlonally recognlzeo e×pert ln aoolctlon treatment, e×pert
testlmony, ano torenslc evaluatlon.
Sasha Glnsburg, /&6:DQG£rln 1orz, /&6: are
co-tounoers ot Westsloe D8T, a cllnlc ln West LA tbat speclallzes ln tbe treatment ot
patlents wltb a varlety ot trauma-relateo symptoms, lncluolng but not llmlteo to: an×lety,
oepresslon, PTSD, ano byper-emotlonal states ot consclousness.
Sharl Corblrr, 3V\'ls vlce Presloent ot Promlses Treatment Centers,
locateo ln Mallbu ano West Los Angeles. Her areas ot speclallzatlon lncluoe tbe
treatment ot cbemlcal aoolctlons, eatlng olsoroers, trauma, ano personallty olsoroers.
Andr¢v Halladav, 0$ tormer SR| Aoolctlon Speclallst, ls currently
worklng ln a prlvate practlce locateo ln 8everly Hllls. He bas e×perlence worklng wltb
se× aoolcts ano tbelr partners, wltb alcobol ano orug aoolcts, ano be also works wltb
aoolescents ano aoults on a varlety ot llte lssues.
Gr¢ra Hass¢l, 0)7ls tbe Presloent ot Lssence, |nc., locateo ln Santa
Monlca. Sbe speclallzes ln belplng lnolvlouals ano couples struggllng wltb aoolctlon, love
ano lntlmacy problems, to create llte-atñrmlng relatlonsblps tbrougb tbe use ot Heart
Centereo Communlcatlon skllls.
Donnv Paullngls currently stuoylng to be a pastor. Donny transtormeo
bls llte trom belng a prooucer ot pornograpby to tourlng tbe country wltb tbe XXX
Cburcb mlnlstry, speaklng about recovery trom porn aoolctlon wblle e×plorlng tbe role
ot splrltuallty ln beallng.
Lecture and support group $aturdays from 10 am to 1 pm,
$20 per person for both addicts and partners.

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