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LISTENING: Listen to the recording and fill in the gap the missing word/phrases. (0,2x 5=1)
What would we do without technology? Would we still be living in (1)_______? Probably. I think there are two
main kinds of technology. The kinds before and after computers. When we think about technology before
computers, it was quite (2)_______. It was all mechanical. Things like steam trains and fridges. At the time, that
was (3)_________ technology. But, today’s technology is really cutting edge. It’s the kind of technology that is
(4)________ as soon as it hits the shelves. I love this. It’s so exciting seeing it all happen. I love reading about
what technology we’ll have in the future, and then buy it a few years later. It’s like buying technology from
(5)_________ movies. I’d love to live to be 200 so I can see what technology is around then.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Do this exercise while you listen. Complete the gaps with the speaker. (0,2x 10=2)
A (x2) B (x2) C (x 2) D (x2) E (x2)
1. Speaker _______________ will see people dressed in amazing costumes.
2. Speaker _______________is going to decorate the venue with Chinese lanterns and projections on
the wall.
3. Speaker _______________ is worried about someone on Facebook spoiling the surprise.
4. Speaker _______________ is going to be careful of people stealing things.
5. Speaker ______________is going to listen to old-fashioned music played on an old-fashioned
6. Speaker _______________ is in one of the bands that are playing.
7. Speaker _______________ is going to taste food from all over the world.
8. Speaker _______________ is going to celebrate with the whole family.
9. Speaker _______________ is organising a party for her two best friends.
10. Speaker ______________is going to make sure there is no traffic on her street,