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Pickled Apron
by Leah Williams

Sew Spoiled Pickled Half Apron

Sewing Skills needed Straight Stitching
Fabric A (Main Print) One fat quarter measuring 18” X 22”
Fabric B (white fabric) One yard
Fabric C (Pocket and Ruffle) Half yard measuring 18” X 44”
Ribbon or trims 1 yard
Working sewing machine and sewing notions

Step 1: Cutting Layout-

Fabric A- set aside it is already the
correct, measurement of 18”H X 22”W
(front panel)
Fabric B- Cut 2- 6”X 44” (ties),
Cut 1- 6” X 22” (waistband)
Cut 1- 6” X 36” (ruffle),
Cut 1- 20”H X 22”W(back panel)
Fabric C- Cut 1- 13.5”H X 6.5”W (pocket)
Cut 1- 6” X 36” (ruffle)

Step 2: Take the two ruffle pieces Fabric B (white)

and Fabric C, measuring 6” X 36”, fold wrong sides
together lengthwise, the ruffles should measure 3” X
36”. Iron and sew a wide gather stitch along the raw
edges. Pull the bobbin thread to gather each ruffle so
that it is 22” long, measuring 3” X 22”. Distribute the
fabric evenly.

Place Fabric C ruffle and Fabric A (front

panel) together. Matching the bottom raw
edge of Fabric A, front panel to the raw
edge of the ruffle, pin and sew.

Finish the seam with a serger or zig zag stitch. Press

the seam up toward the front panel and topstitch the
ruffle. Do the same for Fabric B ruffle (white) and the
Fabric B (white) back panel along the bottom raw edge.
*Add trim or ribbon at this stage. I placed ribbon on top
of the white apron panel.

Step 3: Fold the side edges of the front panel and ruffle .25”
twice and iron. Stitch down the edge of the folds to finish the
panel. Repeat for white back panel.

Optional: You can add ribbon, trims or embroidery to your

pocket before making it. One option is to gather 10” of ribbon,
placed it 1.5” from the center crease line and sew it to the

Step 4: Make the pocket by folding the 13.5” X 6.5”

piece of fabric in half and pin. It should now measure
6.75”L X 6.5”W. Sew along the 3 raw edges, leaving a
4” hole at the bottom of the pocket, to turn the pocket
right side out. Trim corners, turn right side out and iron.


Pin the pocket on the main panel, 4.5” from 4.5”

the top of the main raw edge (to the top of
pocket) and 3” from the right or left side
(depending on your preference). Sew along 3”
the 3 pocket sides, closing the bottom hole
in the pocket.

Step 5: Sew the two apron panels together

using a .25” seam allowance.

Step 6: Sew each 6” X 44” Fabric B tie to both

6” sides of the 6” X 22” Fabric B waistband. Iron
the seams open. Iron a .5” fold line along the
bottom of the waistband.

Center the unfolded side of the .5” fold Line

waistband and the apron panels
right sides together and pin. Sew
.5” seam allowance across the raw
edge of the apron.

Fold the ties right side together and sew from one end of the tie toward the waistband.
Start at the fold line and sew up to the raw edge at 2” from the end of the tie.


Do not sew the waistband. Trim edges of the ties and turn them right side out. Iron ties
and pin the waistband carefully.

Topstitch the ties and waistband.

Enjoy your new Pickled Apron!