Overview of Lilith
From Hebrew Myths by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai (annotated by Christeos Pir) An essay by Jeffrey Smith (from babylon-l, collected by Renee Rosen). A good introduction to the late medieval traditions, esp. in the Zohar from the first issue of Lilith magazine. Alt.Mythology A well informed discussion esp. on the Gilgamesh fragment.

Ancient Sources for Lilitu/Lilit
Exerpt from a Prologue to Gilgamesh (may be a Lilith ref.) Apotropaic magic from Arslan Tash (Syria) 7th. c. BC Appearances in the Bible In the Dead Sea Scrolls In Jewish/Christian Pseudepigrapha In Incantation Bowls Appearances in the Talmud

Her Role in Jewish Mysticism
Exerpt from Isaac b.Jacob ha-Kohen's Treatise on the Left Emanation: Kabbalistic demonology with a somewhat different take on Lilith Origins from various Kabbalistic sources The Seductress from various sources In the pantheon of demons from various sources And her husband, Samael from various sources As God's consort Her ultimate defeat from various sources

In Folklore and Traditional Literature
Adam's first wife. From the Alphabet of Ben Sira Mirrors are windows into her world

In Modern Magic
"Of certain Jewish theories" from Aleister Crowley's De Arte Magica: As Succubus The Invocation -- A Rite of Dark Sexuality by Joseph Max & Lilith Darkchilde Michelle Bitton: "Déchiffrement d'une Amulette Juive du XXème Siècle". A translation (into French) and analysis of several apotropaic amulets, with photos. A 18/19th c. apotropaic amulet. Text, translation, and photo.

In Modern Literature
George MacDonald's novel, Lilith (browsing/reading). Alternatively the full text in one file (for searching). Various poems, mostly collected from the web Discourse In George Bernard Shaw's Back to Methuselah
The link that used to connect to Shaw's play has disappeared. If anyone knows where to find the play online, particularly with discussion, please e-mail me.

Some collected pictures [Some may or may not be of our demoness] (please write me if you have some others)

The Many Faces of Lilith
Alejandro Arturo Gonzalez Terriza: Isis, Lilith, Gello: Three Ladies of Darkness. A nice scholarly analysis of the parallels between Lilith, Isis, and the ghost-demon Gello/Gylú.

Other Sources and Comments
Renee Rosen's "Lilith Shrine" Barbara Fruschi's Lilith page [Italiano] 'Lilith' description in the Yoni collection of pages Lilith, is a Jewish feminist magazine. The site has just a paragraph or so on our demoness, but the publication has had several articles over the years.

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