Deal Memo This is a “work for hire” agreement between (hereinafter “Company”) and

____Lynn Golovich___, (hereinafter “Consultant”), agree to the following agreement below. The consultant is to perform the duties of _____Make-up Artist______ on the production entitled _ 1) Flat Rate for Production =_________________

Flare rate includes: ____ travel days, ____ prep days, & ____ shoot days OR 2) At the rate of _ for each of ___ shoot day(s).

And ________ for each of ______ travel day(s). And ________ for each of ______ prep day(s). Company shall pay all contracts on a 30 day net payment from day of invoice. The flat rate quoted above (listed as #1) applies to 12-hour shoot days, travel days, and any preproduction. The 12-hour shoot days that are applied to work hours and do not include meal breaks. The rate quoted above (listed as #2) applies to a 12 hour shoot days which are applied to work hours and does not include meal breaks and will be pro-rated on an hourly basis for any overtime incurred at the site. The pro-rated charges will be after 12 hours: double time up to 14 hours. The company and consultant agree that the consultant will perform his services as an independent contractor and not an employee of the company and will not claim any status as an employee of the company. The consultant agrees that he/she knows and will follow all safety requirements for the job hired to perform. Consultant acknowledges that he/she’s work is a “work made for hire” and therefore company shall be the author and copyright owner of any work created under this agreement unless otherwise specified in writing by Consultant. I certify that I, the consultant, am operating with proper licenses, insurance, etc. and understand that I, the consultant, am responsible for all payroll taxes on money paid to him/her on behalf of this contract. Consultant is responsible for liability and collision insurance and deductible on his/her personal vehicle used in conjunction with their job. Use of alcohol or drugs during work hours will result in consultant’s immediate termination. Consultant will be held responsible for purchases, rentals, and expenses not approved in advance by the company.

Consultant promises and agrees that he/she will not disclose any confidential information to any person unless specified in writing by Company to do so. If company gives consultant written

including the expense for attorney’s fees to which company is exposed on account of Consultant’s failure to perform this duty. Company Prin Pictures X____________________ r Date___________ Consultant Name_____________________ Date___________ Address_____________________________________ Phone & Fax_________________________________ Social Security/Tax ID #_______________________ X_______________________________ . Consultant warrants that any unlicensed materials provided by consultant for use by company in according to this agreement will not contain any material that is protected under the Copyright Act or any other similar law. Consultant will be solely responsible for ensuring that any materials provided by him/her for use by company according to this agreement satisfy this requirement and Consultant agrees to hold Company harmless for all liability or loss. This agreement is subject to immediate suspension and/or termination (at company’s election) without further obligation on the part of the company in the event of any default of consultant or in the case of any suspension. and likeness in connection with the production for advertising and promotion without additional compensation. governmental action. earthquake. regulation. as defined in the Copyright Act. voice. consultant will do so only with the limits of that authorization from the company. act of God. strike. picture. In return company shall have the right to use consultant’s name. decree or for any other customary force majeure reason. except the “fair use” law.consent to make any disclosures. postponement or interference with the production by reason of labor controversy. Consultant has permission to show a videotape of their work in connection with seeking employment.

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